Neumatt (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS Do we really want this? The high-performance cows, the technology involved, your pressure on him.
My pressure? He has to pass the exam.
He won't pass if not, even we believe in him.
I'm very sorry but I can no longer take your milk.
- But you said everything was okay? - You work for Berno.
Your dad was a farmer.
Out with you.
Out! - Piss off! - Out with you.
You have good ideas, but your ego's too big.
You'll leave the company.
Joel, you'll take on all of Mike's tasks.
Your mom can't be trusted, she's a liar.
Mom's the worst liar I know.
What are you doing? So ask her where your dad is.
Fuck you! Angie? Angie! No! What are you doing? Angie, no! The SMP serves all Swiss milk producers.
They want We've done this 100 times.
"Their vision" Their vision is to achieve unique production standards.
And how? With? "With positive image values based on lived tradition.
" Nobody talks like that! Doesn't matter.
Just learn it by heart.
Maybe I really made a mistake with the antibiotics.
Without realizing.
- Bullshit! Of course not.
- But everyone thinks so.
Michi, Mom, even Granny.
Fuck the others.
What do you think? But what if I'm just not good enough? Imagine never going back to the farm.
Never again the stink of slurry.
No cows, no broken roof Never again any hens.
We could travel with the camper.
Somewhere else every day.
You say where we go.
Angie doesn't just leave like that.
What happened? You told her something yesterday.
- I didn't say anyth - Don't lie to me! She's an insolent brat, just like you.
What did you tell her? She asked about the accident.
- So I told her that her dad's still alive.
- That's not true, is it? Wow! Where were you? Out.
For a toast to my dad.
Why? - Everyone was looking for you.
- I know.
Let's go home.
First we all want to hear what you have to tell us.
Well? Why did you lie to me the whole time? - I - What's so bad about it? You gave it a try and it just didn't work.
You went separate ways.
That happens all the time in my class.
- Because that's not how it was.
- So how was it? It was only once and then he left.
You got pregnant from a one-night stand? How stupid can you be? I didn't realize that I was pregnant, I was barely older than you.
So you only had me because it was too late for an abortion.
Enough now! Get into the car! - Forget it! - At once! Sarah, calm down! She hung out all night.
She's just growing up.
Since when do you know anything about raising kids and responsibility? Come! I'll stay with Michi.
And Lorenz and Granny.
No, definitely not! I know it was you.
You just put the blame on Lorenz.
What did you blame me for? She poisoned your milk.
Because she wants the money.
Just go.
Your character's rotten.
- Fuck off.
- Fuck off at once! - Oh, I'm sorry! - That's the third time we've had to wait.
The incline on the left treadmill doesn't work and the soap dispensers are usually empty.
- It won't happen again.
I promise.
- In Winterthur they're open 24/7.
If things don't change we'll find a new studio.
- Are you nuts? - So do that! Go to Winterthur! Hey! Hello! Hey! Where do we go for our training? Michi, we have to tell the others that it wasn't me with the milk! What are you doing? Ruining myself.
With this stuff? Why? You won't understand.
So explain.
Because I'd be too tired.
Because of the kick.
Because without it I can't get my shit together.
Because I'm at the fucking farm instead of in Zurich with my boyfriend.
So you want to take this stuff? So stop it! I'm not as strong as you.
You think I'm strong? You are, Lolo.
Your exam's tomorrow.
You'll be farmer of the year then! You're strong too.
What do you want? Tell us! I'm a farmer.
My exam's tomorrow.
I'll no longer need help.
Good on you.
I'm not a traitor.
The milk wasn't my fault either.
It was my sister because she wants us to give up.
I'm a good farmer.
I always sense when an animal's ill.
I'm the only one who can go out to pasture without a cow running away.
You've known me from childhood.
Do you really think you can't take my milk? Do you want Neumatt to perish? True enough.
Every farm lost is one too many.
Come, Lorenz.
Bring your milk.
I did it! We may deliver again! Mom? Michi? Jessie, what's wrong? Hi Döme.
I've got a sick calf.
Can you come please? Michi's here, why? - Michi? - Another beaver.
And gone already.
- Get up.
- The sunset compensates for - If you can't talk.
- We'll find another solution - No, we won't.
- Just wait Will you get him? - Anna, stay here! - Get out of the way.
Why wait? Shall I go? Anna, that won't help.
No, I'll go.
- Let go of Luca.
- Stay, please! I'm going to my parents.
You can't stop me.
Why Anna! What are you doing here? Fuck off! Anna, please! - Döme, the calf's really sick.
- Leave me alone.
- I was drunk, sorry! - Right, that's your problem! - You're only interested in yourself.
- Please come, I need your help.
It's probably an infection.
It'll need antibiotics.
I told you it would die if you aren't careful with the germs of the new cows.
- Döme! - Get the fuck out of my life! Anna! Anna! If we drove off now, nobody would notice.
In three hours we'd be at the seaside.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Anything the matter? The farm's perishing and you spit on Kurt's grave.
Your son went without asking me.
It was his decision, not mine.
My son trusted you.
As he did his daughter.
One needs a man in her bed and the other poisons our milk.
Thank God he can't see this.
Yes, just go.
No wonder your daughter acts so foolishly.
You let her get away with everything.
But if you always pander to your kids, you don't love them.
Wouldn't you like that? To blame your stupid daughter-in-law for everything? - I always had to iron out your mistakes.
- No, you didn't.
You meddled with everything, griped all day, lobbied against me behind my back.
There are rules to be followed when someone joins the farm.
Your rules.
Kurt always protected you.
"Mom doesn't mean it.
She's had a hard life.
" Not at all! You were a jealous bitch from the start.
- How dare you! On my farm! - It was never your farm.
Nor mine.
The coop needs to be cleaned.
So do it! - Hello! - Hello.
- What's that silly stuff? - Michi? Visitors for you.
Hey, Michi! Nice place! We'd like to talk with you.
That's what phones are for.
But sometimes it's best to talk in person.
Got it.
Roof tile.
No Lolo, it's okay.
Pablo will be glad to help me, right? Go on! I'd like to get your expertise, Mike.
- Up! - What do you think? The farmers will wreck you.
The Board of Directors will be pressured.
Lots of work for you.
I want you to come back.
As a farmer.
You're credible because you're affected too.
But everyone has their price.
I need clever people like you.
How much do you want? First I must pay off some debts here.
But you can't just go like that.
To be free of ties.
For you.
The farm's free of debt.
In one go.
And if Berno gets the milk price, I'll become partner.
Tomorrow's Lolo's exam.
Then he'll be the boss here.
Bye Mom.
All right.
I count on you.
Make me proud.
Good luck for tomorrow.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Stop the nonsense.
Thank you for getting me my job back.
Don't flatter yourself.
That was purely professional.
Not for me.
I'm here because of you.
You just can't lose.
So let's make sure we won't lose tomorrow.
I have a plan.
We haven't much time.
I'll tell you who plays what role.
Fine, see you next week.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Are you crazy? Hitting on my husband just because yours hung himself.
That's not how it is.
How else? You jump on his lap in front of the village.
Ursula can't we talk this over in peace? If that's a mid-life crisis thing I'm not vengeful, you know.
I know some things have turned into habits for us.
But Don't give up because of that.
Please! I love Katharina.
We want to move in together.
It was a successful day.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
I've decided to go cold turkey.
Really? Wow! How are you doing? I feel great.
- Can you be honest for once? - I am honest.
You feel great.
Cocaine withdrawal triggers depression, psychosis.
Not with me.
I can do it.
I'll prove it to you.
Just prove it to yourself.
Not to me.
Joel, can you come? Please? She's better.
You have to hurry.
I can't.
I have to look after Jessie.
The exam's the most important thing now.
Really the most important.
Do you understand? Go.
Are you feeling better? When you stop taking drugs, you see things as they really are.
And how are things? If Berno gets the milk price, more and more farms will have to give up.
Most are already at the limit.
Oh! A heart.
I thought there was only a brick.
It's not funny.
There'll always be winners and losers.
And you You're saving Berno and all their jobs.
Most farms will manage.
Yes, most of them.
That's exactly it.
Aren't we always talking about win-win? - We do the dirty work.
That's our job.
- Yes.
Meanwhile one farm after the other vanishes.
In the end, there won't be any left.
Oh, come in! - Lorenz! - Hello, Mr.
- Our expert, Ms.
- Hello.
If necessary, Ms.
Sommerhalder or I will ask you additional questions.
Each task will be graded from one to six.
Everything clear? I have to point out that this is your second re-exam.
You know what that means? Okay.
Let's start.
Good luck! Tell us about cattle trade, starting with the statutory period.
In cattle trade, the statutory period for guarantees is nine days.
If I find a flaw within this period, as the buyer I must reach an agreement with the seller.
There's the sue and labor clause.
That means I can cancel the purchase or negotiate a price cut.
Very good.
My dad used to take me along to buy cows.
He said I had a good eye.
Let's take the next question.
You went to Ursula Halter.
Someone's got to set you straight.
I only did it for you.
Do you really think you can keep me here this way? Oh no How many regional organizations of milk producers are in the cooperative of Swiss Milk Producers, SMP? Explain the SMP's mission.
- They want - They want Okay.
Next question.
Soil science and fertilizers.
What are fertilizers and why do they need to be approved? I'm sorry.
Over already? How did it go? I'm so sorry, Lorenz.
You all let Jessie die.
Why are you already back? What happened with the exam? Nothing.
Nothing happened with the fucking exam! - So it's over.
- So what? I'm just not that kind of farmer.
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
I should've known.
Dear God, please make sure my calf's safer up there with you and Dad than with me.
Please tell Dad I really wanted to look after Jessie.
Cross my heart.
Please come here.
We were at a concert, Michi, I, and he.
After the concert, Michi went home and the two of us went somewhere else.
He told me about his travels He was amusing and polite.
Then he took me home.
He pressed me to the floor Somehow I couldn't scream, I I was numb.
You should've reported him! No, I wouldn't have wanted that.
Mom, Katharina let you down.
- It was my fault in a way.
- It wasn't your fault.
- I'm so sorry! - But it's not your fault.
I'm so sorry.
It isn't your fault.
MOM I have to talk with you.
I don't know what to do.
This is Loris Schwab's voicemail.
Please leave a message.
Angie's back.
I'm sorry.
Please call me if you feel like it.
He's not here.
I want to speak with you.
What do you want? To sell.
I'll sell the farm.
No, it's my farm! Without the exam you don't get any direct payment, no credit, nothing.
It's over.
But we can stick together.
Granny, me, Michi, and you.
I just can't do it anymore.
But you have to! I no longer want to have to.
MILKING YES!! FLEECING NO!! HARD WORK YES! UNPAID WORK NO! What are you doing here? - Fighting for our interests.
- All of a sudden? Come on! We gotta storm this building! The Board of Directors is in there deciding our future over our heads.
We can't allow that! Come! Let go! Thanks, a very refreshing performance.
- Gentlemen - Quiet, let him speak! Who am I speaking to? I'm Thomas Peterhans.
We've come here from all over the region.
Dozens of farmer families.
I have the third highest yield in Switzerland.
I and all farmers here won't accept the milk price reduction.
Yes! We won't! I understand that well.
But you have to understand us too.
With a deduction of three centimes per L for restructuring, limited to two years - Who can afford that? - I might as well give up my farm! Gentlemen! We're having exploratory talks with Baden Milk Ltd.
Represented here by Caroline Moss.
Baden Milk Ltd.
stands for best German quality.
We can deliver any quantity at once.
We want no German milk! German milk is, of course, only one alternative.
But we're bleeding! We're all in the same boat.
Support our restructuring plan.
And we can all do without German milk.
Are you crazy? That's extortion! We're not voting on anything today! Come! Hey, quiet! Stop it! Turn that off, please! I want to say something.
I've done lots of things in my life.
But in my heart I am and will remain a farmer.
I gave up my city job to help my brother at the farm.
Our dad killed himself because he couldn't manage with his 25 cows and the pressure.
I know what it means when money gets short.
How it is to have to pour your milk away because nobody takes it.
And that's what'll happen to us if we oppose the milk price reduction.
- But that's bogus! - Yes! Then Berno will quit and our shares will dive.
Do we want to cut off our own leg? Peterhans thinks as an entrepreneur.
We have to take risks and look ahead.
I'll accept the three centimes.
Because my view's long-term.
I think we should cooperate with Berno.
What do you think, Peterhans? I think so too.
Our survival's at stake.
To you! You changed the course and convinced everyone.
They just got duped by what we staged.
Your speech was honest.
They realized that.
How big is your apartment in Hamburg? Why? I need space.
And I also need you.
Let me through! Michi! Let me through, I gotta see my brother! What are you doing here? You must come home at once.
Else Mom will sell the farm.
Why? I didn't pass the exam.
Dad said you have to help me.
I did help you.
I did my part.
I can't do more.

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