Neumatt (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 NETFLIX PRESENTS When was the last time you were really happy? Now! And you? I don't know.
I'd like to get your expertise.
But you can't just go like that.
The farm's free of debt.
In one go.
He pressed me to the floor You should've reported him! I know what it's like to pour your milk away when no one will take it.
And that's what'll happen to us if we oppose the milk price reduction.
But that's bogus! Our survival's at stake.
How big is your apartment in Hamburg? I need space.
And I also need you.
I'll sell the farm.
But we can stick together.
Granny, me, Michi, and you.
I just can't do it anymore.
Dad said you have to help me.
I did my part.
No! Stop! No! Stop! Morning! Hello.
There's the access.
They'll go along here.
First, we'll tear down the barn, then there'll be enough space.
A pity.
Dad also had to give up his farm last year.
That's the Outer Alster Lake.
And there's the Inner Alster Lake with the Jungfernstieg.
- Okay, where are you? - Here.
Come here.
There's the Schanzenviertel.
And here's my apartment.
That? Not bad, dude.
Boss? Got a problem.
The couch won't go in.
Know what? I'll leave it here.
I no longer need it.
- Beautiful, isn't it? - Yes.
Will you sign that now? Everyone signed, Michi, Sarah, and I.
- Did Michi come here? - No, I went to him in town.
He says hi.
WAIVER When I see the notary this afternoon, he'll need this waiver.
I'll do it in a minute.
- Good morning! - Morning! You can leave it here, if you like.
I'll take care of the sale.
Thanks for your help.
The last milk from Neumatt.
Come on, I'll show you something.
Come on! It's four years old, in top condition.
I'm living in it now.
What do you think? It even has an integrated bathroom with shower and lots of space inside.
If you want, we can leave at once, wherever you want to go.
- "In every end there's a beginning.
" - "Magic.
" - "There's magic in every beginning.
" - Exactly! We've been stuck between mountains for centuries and forgot how to think big.
Hamburg's just the beginning.
I want to go to Asia.
More people, more money, more budget Who's that? Probably my brother.
He tried to phone me.
- Aren't you going to let him in? - No.
Does he know we're flying today? You're copping out.
We all have our own lives, okay? He has his and I have mine.
Got it.
You signed.
Of course.
You met Mom in secret.
You damn thieves! The farm belongs to me.
If an heir to a farm wants to carry on with the farm, then it may not be sold.
That's the law! I want to carry on with the farm.
I did my part.
Lolo, you fucked up.
The cows will all go away.
Our cows! Yes.
That's how it is.
Milk continues to flow.
It's in peoples' fridges.
That's what counts.
But they're your cows.
You chose them yourself.
- We made their name signs.
- Yes.
But that doesn't mean anything.
Listen to me.
You're not a farmer.
And you'll never be one.
SUPER SUMMER MIX All right, come on, kids! Everybody's feeling so hot You know, it's like livin' in a jungle All you wanna do is rock and roll and Angie, look! Look what I found! From the past.
What are you doing? Are you crazy? Tidy this up at once! Did his family live in Uster? My dad? He's from Uster, isn't he? What's that? NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMEN Wow! I knew Katharina had something to do with it.
Come on.
Is that all you're taking? - You wanted stuff for the apartment - You know what, you can burn everything.
What? I knew you weren't really a good mom, but accepting a bribe It's so disgusting! Come on.
Can we talk? They intimidated us when it was clear you were pregnant.
Kurt really tried.
What did he try? He contacted his parents.
They threatened us if we'd use the word "rape.
" They had money and an expensive lawyer and we What, "and we"? We were some stupid farmers? I thought it was best to let matters rest and accept their offer.
Yes, for you.
They bought their freedom.
And you never said a single word.
That was a mistake.
But without that money we couldn't have paid for your studio.
What? That was their money? Everything okay? Is it because of Katharina? It's shit if you can't trust your own mother.
I trust you.
What do you think? I thought I'd do something new.
The studio's just stressful.
Why? It's your studio.
You built it from scratch.
Maybe you're right.
We've earned this! We're past the lowest point.
Your presentation was very convincing.
Thank you.
Brilliant performance.
- I'm Reto, by the way.
- Caroline.
I suggest we start the next phase.
To establish Berno more widely in the market, I'm thinking of launching an oat milk product line.
We need a product to supplement cow's milk.
Pro Latte won't be enough in the long run.
You're quite right.
But you need a long-term strategy for that.
- Exactly.
- Oat is interesting.
And attractive for young urban customers.
Such a product line would make you less dependent on famers and possible milk strikes.
- Absolutely.
- But we managed to get what we wanted.
The farmers are back on their farms.
Just playing with ideas.
What if we didn't need any cows in future? - That would be possible with oat milk.
- Exactly.
Milk will eventually turn into a luxury.
Or into the new smoking.
I think people will always drink milk.
And that it's good for us.
Recently I met a former colleague from Nokia.
Mike, relax.
For a long time they thought, "We are the market leaders for mobile phones.
" "We have 43 models.
Nobody needs a touch screen.
" "Who wants to charge a weird smartphone every day when our battery lasts a week?" They couldn't imagine that access to the Internet was more important than the phone itself.
Milk's not a fucking phone! What was that just now? I was just talking about milk.
If Teichmann wants to go into oat, we support him.
Berno's an enterprise with growth potential.
I want to establish the two of us as long-term partners.
Got it? Yes.
- Where to? - No idea.
Just away from here.
Hey, you.
You'll definitely find a farmer to buy you.
And you too.
That's quite normal, Olympia.
All that lives dies eventually.
It's not as painful as we think it is.
Joel, you were right.
There's something I need to do.
Say goodbye properly.
We'll meet afterwards.
So long! I just wanted to tell you that Mom and I are going to town.
- You don't have to do this.
- I won't be maligned.
- Have you started packing yet? - What's there to pack? The "modular hotel service package" includes everything.
I could help you.
I won't leave here.
I'm staying here.
I'm leaving now.
Okay, Granny? It's pretty green here.
It's even nicer inside.
Come on! The manager said we'll have sun in here in the morning.
In summer too, when the sun appears behind the apartment block.
This is your room.
Or The bigger one.
I'm happy.
What do you think? Don't pretend to be interested in my view.
When we have the money from the sale, we can think it over in peace.
It's just something temporary to start with.
Are you in? I don't want to live with you.
WELCOME - Okay? - Yes.
HEALTHY - ATHLETIC - MOTIVATED Cool! What are you doing here? - Shouldn't you be on a plane to Munich? - Hamburg.
Oh yes, Hamburg.
- Got some sticky tape for me? - Yes.
Stand around in the rain and eat fish sandwiches.
It'll be fun.
RE-OPENING Will you take over for a moment? Okay, what do you want? Want me to wish you a good trip? I just wanted to To sell was the right choice from the start.
For all of us.
Says you who always means himself when he says "us.
" Hey! You got what you wanted! Lots of money for your studio.
Should I say thank you because you got tired of your latest toy? I'm trying to make peace with you, even if you sabotaged me the whole time.
You want to make yourself feel good before you piss off.
You won't get it from me.
Could you hold this for a moment? Say, are you still in contact with Urs? - Which Urs? - The friend you used to hang out with.
The one I studied with? I mean the Urs who raped Mom.
I swam through the night Just water and me To reach the island where happiness lives I saw it afar, a dot in the sea And I fight against the waves And my unrest CALL FROM JOEL BACHMANN I think I'm starting to understand why you can't just give this up.
Until I went to boarding school, we moved at least eight times.
As soon as I made some kind of friends, we moved away.
To have a real home is really special.
Hey, Mike, time's getting short.
Our plane leaves in almost four hours.
What's your plan? Shall we meet at the airport or should I get you at Neumatt? Please call me.
Lorenz? Haven't seen you for a while! - What are you doing here? - Waiting for you.
- The holidays are coming.
- My last ones.
Next year I'll be a farmer.
But one without a farm.
Almost like me.
My mom wants me to move to Winterthur with her.
But I've just decided to stay here.
How will that work? I don't know yet.
Mike, I'm driving towards you.
I'll meet you in 20 minutes at the intersection near Neumatt.
VOICEMAIL You used to always have hot chocolate.
We never had that at home.
- Stop it! - Fuck, they'll tear it down anyway! I love my family.
I want them back.
Stop it.
Stop it.
You wanted this from the start, right? Döme, no.
Why did you come back? My life was so good without you.
I have to go.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Listen to me.
You're not a farmer.
And you'll never be one.
I hate you.
I got the suitcases and handed over the key.
The estate agent will transfer the rent deposit.
Are you listening? - Do you think I'm a superficial guy? - No.
- To the airport, please.
- Yes.
I'm the champagne guy, partying with other champagne guys and not realizing anything.
A farmer wanting to be something better so much that he betrays his family.
You're great.
And I'm here for you.
When you have your own farm.
What's this? I can sign here that I'm officially too stupid to have my own farm.
Show me.
Give me that.
Where's your signature? Here.
It's just a piece of paper.
Life goes on, even if you give up Neumatt.
Granny! Jessie's gotta go soon.
I want you to meet her.
- I think you'll get on well.
- Leave me alone.
See you soon.
This is Katharina Wyss.
Schnyder, the investor representative.
- Hello, Ms.
- Hello, Mr.
I always thought you had a boyfriend who had an accident.
Your great love.
They annoyed me in class.
I got bigger and bigger and didn't know what to say.
Then I read a piece of news.
"Young man killed in motorcycle accident.
" And my tragic story was born.
I should've noticed.
I've gone my way.
And you'll go yours.
If I can do anything for you, please tell me.
We're family after all.
- Turn back! - I can't turn here.
- Please, just turn back.
- What's the matter? - Mike, what are you doing? - Stop at once! We'll miss the plane! Mike, get back in.
I really belong here.
You belong to me! Your words! You and me.
That's what counts.
If you go now, it's over for me.
We're ready.
Schnyder? Von Gunten.
Ursula? Ms.
I note that the following persons are present.
The seller of Neumatt, Ms.
Katharina Wyss.
For you.
The representative of the buyer, Mr.
Armin Schnyder, and our municipality president, Ms.
Ursula Halter.
What's the matter? - Have you signed yet? - We're just about to.
Put me on speakerphone.
I can't now.
Just do it! My eldest.
- Hi, is the notary there? - Yes, von Gunten.
What can I do for you? If it's not urgent The federal law governing agricultural land protects my forced heirship and I demand that I take over the farm.
Hello, do you understand? I revoke my consent to the sale.
May he do that? You may not do that, Michi.
It's too late! Now.
Stop this at once.
I'm sorry.
The federal law governing agricultural land applies only if the heir runs the farm himself.
I know that very well.
I run the farm myself, so I have to be protected by law.
In that case, he's right.
Mom, I'm back.
Don't think I'll help you.
Hi, hello.
As you all know, we wanted to sell the farm because of the distribution center.
The sale fell through.
But I'll go away anyway.
I'll start a new life.
I'll live in town.
Okay, so we'll go on from where we left off last time, verses one to three, and the second bass with a bit more spirit this time.
Also in the quiet places.
- Already better! - Let's do the combination again.
Hello, is this Ms.
Sutter? Do you have a son called Urs? - Know what - We'll see.
You can do that better.
This time I'll stay.
I promise.

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