New Amsterdam s01e06 Episode Script


Previously on new amsterdam The shaman told me i'd feel it here, In my heart.
What did you say your name was? John amsterdam.
You meet your true love and then die? Do you believe in true love? I've waited a very long time for this.
Omar: doesn't sound too romantic to me.
Tell me about your family.
Not much to tell.
Sara, i'd like you to meet omar.
You really marquez' kid? He's a real putz.
hope it's not genetic.
Matter of fact, it is.
Your father buried it.
he wanted to protect you.
I googled you.
I can't be with you, john.
Tell me you're not hiding something.
The truth is, i'm 400 years old.
The truth is omar is my son, One of 63 children i've fathered.
i'm immortal.
they're not.
The truth is-- stop! Just stop.
Good morning, dr.
Fifth message.
Clearly the whole 400-year-old thing didn't go over so well.
I know i can sound like i don't care.
Trust me, i do.
Down to my bones.
I said what i said because-- Love in the electronic age.
What have we gotten ourselves into? Seen eva? Yeah, she's by the elevators.
With a man.
As i've said to her--you know, your lives, i don't care.
Eva and i, we understand each other.
She just doesn't know it yet.
Got a fresh case.
land of low clearance.
You know, amsterdam, you and i should some time, Because i like to show a human face.
And not a bad one, i might add, Before i show another one.
I've been through a million bosses.
They all died happy.
I'm not done.
Well, i am.
I'm not having this fight with you anymore.
You need to understand, i've got my own life.
You don't walk away from me.
I think you should take your hands off her.
I've got this, amsterdam.
I don't need your help.
I feel like helping.
Help yourself.
walk away.
He's my father.
eddie marquez.
Chief marquez to you.
I'm so sorry.
i didn't know.
I'm john amsterdam.
uh, her partner.
Yeah, yeah, how ya doing? I hear you run brooklyn north.
that's a tough watch.
Yeah, well, i guess after the eight-one, You'll go through any door.
And you'll go first.
You're your daughter's father.
We gotta go.
Eva, we're up.
We'll continue this later.
all right? I hope not.
Hey, take care of her.
Do not, ever, under any circumstances, Think you're taking care of me.
Furthest thing from my mind.
It's just--my dad and i, we have problems.
What about your parents? I'm an orphan.
That would explain a lot.
It gets you coming and going.
Where are we? Right in there.
You considering a career in urban planning? Masonic triangle.
Symbol of the triads.
Forefathers of the chinatown tongs.
Could be the killer's trying to tell us something.
I don't know what the killer's telling you.
But this body's telling me he's caucasian, 21, took a few to the chest.
Blood spatter consistent with body position.
Can i smoke? No.
1913 greenwich village Long day? Endless.
It's only the armory show.
And i've got nothing.
There'll be other shows, my love.
Remember hokusai? the japanese painter? He said nothing he did before he 70 meant anything.
It takes time, dutch.
200 years isn't enough? 200? well, then maybe you should consider another line of work.
Get out.
Dutch, we've paid her for the day.
Excuse me.
i'm a professional.
I've posed for real painters.
You be quiet.
out!now! Dutch.
Dutch, dutch, put it down.
Put it down! What are you doing? Dad! dad! What? you know this guy? -==ææàãðüàÃô°çãçé·îï×==- ±¾×Ã份ù©ñ§ï°½»á÷£¬ñï½ûóãóúéìòµóãí¾ óàºã´«ëµ µú1¼¾µú6¼¯ -=ææàãðü×Ãä»×é=- ·­ò룺âóâó lk ð£ô£ºð¡°× ê±¼äÃ᣺âóâó lu I got a call from organized crime.
They want in on the chinatown investigation.
Why? They like general tso's chicken.
What do you care? give them the case.
There's plenty more where that came from.
They can't have it.
You don't even have an id on the vic, We're close.
Yeah, so is jupiter if you're on mars.
I want this case, sarge.
all right.
i like it.
I'll go talk dirty to the feds, buy you a couple more days.
Is there anything you want to tell me? My life's an open book.
That's what i thought.
Is it me or are john does the fastest growing segment of the population? Any identifying marks? Six bullet holes.
One exit wound.
We're probably looking at five rounds.
Aside from the little setback of being dead, he's pretty healthy.
No needle marks.
Liver's a nice rust color.
Pink lungs.
I got a joke for you.
A dyslexic walks into a bra A bra.
See, he's dyslexic.
Things criss-cross Forget it.
Homework? What subject? It was in the world.
it's called a crossword puzzle.
They give you clues and the answers crisscross.
Sorry about today, rosie.
Losing my temper.
You should tell that to mother, not me.
Oh, i already did.
It's just i'm a painter.
It comes with the territory.
I have something in my mind.
When i can't get it on the canvas, it makes me crazy.
That's not an excuse.
You're right, it isn't.
Why? Why is it so important? Mozart's requiem.
He wrote it over a hundred years ago.
People still listen to it.
They'll listen to it forever.
It's our connection to the past and the future.
I don't care about mozart.
It's just old.
You're young, it probably seems that way.
But i've been around a while.
And i can tell you this, Art links us over time.
Everyone who's ever heard mozart Or will ever hear it, we're all connected.
You understand? Don't know him.
What else? you've got exactly one minute.
Help us out, detective.
No one knows chinatown like you do.
I know what i know.
50 seconds.
Give us a break.
Think i stand around all day and do interviews? 40 seconds.
I get made, i end up in the river.
How long you work undercover? Don't ask him.
Did a 10-year stint in the cia.
We think this is a gang beef.
Everybody down here wants to be a gangster.
Coke deal on mott went south last week.
Guy ran his whole magazine.
He just had a bad temper.
or something.
This kid was killed in a building owned by donald chen.
This is all chen's territory.
Made his name by inviting another tong leader To a peacemaking dinner and shooting him in the head.
You sneeze down here, chen knows about it.
Time's up.
It's amsterdam.
I need you to run a dna profile on a homicide victim And compare it to a second sample From a possible family member.
i will do.
What the hell's that? Family tree.
the kid who was murdered, I think he was one of mine.
That's some dense foliage.
This branch stops around 1910 With my son rosie.
Looks like he didn't have any children.
Or he did and i lost track of them.
I didn't think you lost track of anyone.
You know!how certain things in your life, You wish you'd tended to better? Thank you.
thank you, roosevelt, For being such a big help And let me know if we need more wine.
Oh, sacha, maria, welcome.
We're still setting up.
let's get you some wine.
Why don't you say hello to dutch? So, dutch I understand this is your cheering-up party.
Is it working? What do you think? Maybe you should read the masses.
It's going to change everything.
Change is rare and slow.
You want change? You should exhibit in my gallery.
It'd make it easier to get you into the armory show.
The work isn't ready.
It never is.
You're going in some interesting directions.
Well, i should have arrived by now.
Each painting is worse than the last.
Now i paint out of curiosity to see how bad it can get.
It isn't bad.
it's just stiff.
it isn't free.
Perhaps like the artist.
Dutch, this is alice crayborn.
She's a modern dancer.
The next isadora.
There's only one isadora.
And she has a very bad habit of speaking her mind.
That could get you into trouble.
So i've been told.
Any wine, dutch? No, no.
So how would a dancer feel about Sitting still? Looking to pin the butterfly? Hello.
I'm dutch's wife.
This is alice.
my new model.
Hey, sara.
I'm on a new cell phone plan: unlimited rejection.
We got a hit on your john doe's fingerprints.
He's a skell? he has a record? Department of education.
he was a teacher's aide.
a cop with no gun.
This is special agent lawson, fbi.
I can tell by the shoes.
He's with the organized crime task force.
I thought we agreed, this is our case.
It still is.
but the rules of the game have changed.
Your vic's name is alex spoor.
You may know his family.
They've got a little brewery in brooklyn.
Solid new england stock.
Here's a sample of some of their most recent work.
A crime family.
Born and bred.
We've had them under investigation for three years.
Harry morton, labor boss, Garroted in his car.
Elsie gennaro, 68.
Apparently she saw something she wasn't supposed to, Stabbed in the heart.
Yeah, we get the picture.
If the chinese killed alex spoor, All hell's gonna break loose.
A gang war.
I thought he was trying to become a teacher.
Doesn't matter if he was studying to become a nun.
He's one of them.
You can't escape who you are.
Hey, you're 400.
what you in training for? It's a release.
Of course, now that you and sara have done the deed, Maybe you are mortal.
In which case, you better be careful.
Well, if she's the one, then where the hell is she? The shaman didn't say much about voice mail.
What's the story with the dead kid? Alex spoor? yeah.
Well, it turns out he's part of a violent crime family.
My family.
Somehow this branch went bad and it started with me.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! It's my family, too.
People are people.
If i took responsibility for everything you did, I'd never get out of bed in the morning.
It's like, 200 years ago you beat up somebody in a bar.
And today, one of his descendants blows up a building.
You can say it's not your fault, But you're connected to it.
It's the butterfly effect.
A butterfly flaps its wings in india, And you don't get your wine shipment.
Except with me, it happens over time.
Most people don't live long enough to see it.
Because we only live one life.
One life is just the blink of an eye.
So who am i supposed to be? In your painting? You're an odalisque.
What's that? She's a virgin slave girl in a harem.
If an odalisque does well, she could become a concubine.
Must be nice to be king.
How's the work? Fine.
You need anything? No.
My god.
This is really extraordinary.
I was going to make lunch.
I don't want to break.
Maybe for alice.
She looks better hungry.
Well, here they are.
The downside of procreation.
It begins with the o spoor.
What about his father? That's as far back as we go.
But you can always ask the old man.
he's still around.
Nicholas made his name taking over the brooklyn docks.
Killed a baker's dozen doing it.
Most of that traffic runs through jersey now.
The spoors have diversified.
Drugs, prostitution, counterfeit goods.
Piers spoor, the middle brother, Killed a few months ago in a gangland hit.
Still unsolved.
Sounds like a war is already on.
What do you have on alex? Whatever alex was into, He was flying too low for our radar.
What's the connection to chinatown? Are the spoors making a move? Well, like i said, they're versatile.
I can't comment any further.
You can't comment? this isn't a press conference, is it? Since alex died, there's been a lot of chatter on the wire about the chens.
Any of that "chatter" involve a name? The name is chen.
I'll give you what i can, detective.
Last time i checked, we were all on the same team.
That's my brother.
I'm sorry, mr.
spoor, We have to ask you sooe questions.
What can you tell us about alex? Anyone he had problems with? We know this is a difficult time, But the more information we get, The faster we get it, the faster our chances are.
Do you think i care about your chances, detective? Like she said, it's a bad time.
We need your help.
You need to clear a case, that's all.
This was my brother.
We'll get whoever killed alex.
I don't want to get him.
I want to kill him.
I've got a yen for chinese.
You start a gang war, blood will run in the streets.
Theirs and yours.
Do you want to lose more family? I've already lost two brothers.
And my family's not your business.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
What do you care? Let's just say i have a personal interest.
Now, we'll get whoever did it.
But i need you to let us do our job.
One week.
I don't make deals.
It's not a deal.
It's a promise.
You ever wonder why so many new york tenements are six stories high? Water flowing from the upstate reservoirs will go that high unassisted.
Otherwise, you need a water tower or a separate pump.
You really annoy me sometimes.
Ladies, nypd homicide.
Do you recognize this man? You've never seen this guy before? no.
You recognize this man? Excuse me.
you ever seen this guy before? No.
Do you recognize this man? no.
Talk about blue wall.
we've hit the great wall.
On the contrary.
No speak.
You speak fine.
All the tourists understand you.
Maybe we should take a look inside.
You need warrant.
You steered us in.
I was shocked to find illegal counterfeit merchandise.
Ever seen this guy before? Huh? you know dooald chen? Mr.
chen good man.
Good man is he? You've been asking about mr.
chen? Is that a crime? He's flying in from hong kong!tonight.
He will answer your questions at the midnight restaurant.
Charming man.
Can i talk to you? You're a detective.
If someone doesn't return your calls, it's a clue.
What do i need to do to make this right? I asked what was going on with you, And you handed me a fairy tale about being 400 years old.
Ok, i get it.
There are things in your past you can't talk about.
It's complicated.
I know about complicated.
I was married to a reporter who worked 90 hours a week And called me every day to tell me he loved me.
Turned out he was in chelsea sleeping with a former assistant He was putting through fashion school.
Now she has her own line.
It isn't going to happen to me again.
That's not what i meant by complicated.
Look, something is happening between us.
I know that, But i have an aversion to being lied to.
So just answer me this: Have you ever cheated on anyone? What happened, happened a long time ago.
This time it's different.
Is it? Or is it different every time you do it? Rosie! rosie! I thought you were at school.
Rosie, this thing with alice, it It just happened.
it doesn't mean anything.
It didn't "just happen".
You made it happen.
You can't understand.
Why do we have to live like this? That girl.
she's She's five years older than i am.
We're--this isn't a family.
It may not be the family you want, But it's the one you've got.
You're right.
i don't want it.
Whatever happens, you're my son.
You always will be.
I like it.
The darkness.
In the old days, before edison You used fire.
i know.
Detectives marquez and amsterdam.
Nothing for us.
I understand dining with you can be hazardous to one's health.
chen, you probably know why we're here.
Alex spoor was murdered on your turf.
If there's a gang war, it will turn this place Into a ghost town.
it'll kill your business interests.
So we need to know what you know.
You remember the tong wars? Turn of the century.
The hip sing tong, the four brothers.
Must have been the year of the rat.
Your great-grandfather was a police informant.
But the thing is, they're all gone now.
All of them, forgotten.
You want to be remembered, donny? Do you want a legacy? Be a peacemaker.
How did you know about my great-grandfather? No one knows that.
I'm a cop.
As for the spoors, i don't kill boys.
When it's time to cut, i sever the head.
Get down! everybody, down! Eva, you ok? Of course.
the feds.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
it's a family gathering.
Theo spoor.
spoor, he's a cop.
Do we know each other? We might have known someone in common.
[speaking dutch] Let him in.
We have nothing to hide.
Five days left.
Went to talk to chen last night.
Funny thing.
While we were there, somebody shot up his restaurant.
What's that have to do with me? You tell me.
I don't operate that way.
No? i've seen how you operate.
I'm a homicide detective.
My best friend is that man right there.
You? i could care less about.
Well, my day is ruined.
Look, i can tell you where i was, who i was with.
But that's just conversation.
I could have ordered it done.
But i didn't.
Now, i've done things you could never understand, But i never break my word.
I understand alex had a girlfriend.
He liked the quiet ones.
Just not here.
not today.
I think it's extraordinary.
Your best.
Do you love her? It's just work.
Please, dutch.
don't insult me.
All i know is that ever since she arrived, i can paint again.
I did that for you once.
You still do.
Let's--let's move out of the village.
Lead a normal life.
It'll be better for rosie.
You mean for you.
I don't belong here anymore.
Look at me, my hair's gone gray.
I want different things.
You--you look and act the same as the moment we met.
I don't want to lose you.
Then you're going to have to make a choice, aren't you? We i.
'd the drive-by shooters at chen's.
Made a partial plate to a rival chinese gang.
Ballistics matched some of their previous work.
Spoor was telling the truth.
Well, nobody lies all the time.
how was the wake? Bet the beer was good.
You went to see spoor alone? I was in the neighborhood.
You sure you weren't "taking care of me"? Partners.
It's like marriage without the makeup sex.
What can we do for you? Picked up something i thought would interest you.
Wing storage down on mott? Alex kept a locker down there.
Well, you can't blame the kid.
With what they pay teachers these days.
So the spoors were moving in on chen.
Trying to get in on the counterfeit trade.
That's motive.
These are good.
What do you think? Gina.
Thanks for coming in.
When i talked to you over the phone, I realized it was important.
It is.
Because you have the totally wrong idea.
Alex was no criminal.
Think we got that idea opening his locker Full of bootleg merchandise.
I don't care if you found a dozen faberge eggs.
I know him.
Alex and i were together for three years.
You're aware of his family.
Of course.
Every christmas, they all watch the godfather And argue about who is which brother.
It's pathetic.
Alex hated all that.
Hated? Well, he loved his brothers, But he hated the life.
He was trying to get away And build something that would last.
But when his brother was killed, everything changed.
Piers? Alex wouldn't say much about it.
But it was eating him up.
It's such a waste.
Alex would have been a wonderful teacher.
What part of "confidential source" don't you understand? What do you care where the tip came from? It was solid.
A little too solid.
Could be somebody wants to lay this at chen's door.
Somebody who wants a war.
Like who? You're a trained investigator, amsterdam.
Let the evidence lead you where it leads you.
Don't outsmart yourself.
You've been investigating the spoors for three years, You have nothing on alex.
Then suddenly, out of nowhere, You get a tip on a locker filled with counterfeit merchandise? Sometimes you get lucky.
Woman: agent lawson? Tell me about piers spoor's death.
Gangland hit.
Probably a rival outfit.
Alex's girlfriend said that everything changed after that.
What did she mean? Maybe alex was sensitive.
Maybe you're protecting something.
Maybe you should walk away.
Why? You have someone on the inside? Was this kid working for you? Is that why he was killed? Someone found out he was on the payroll? Here's an idea: you do your job, we'll do ours.
Is that a yes? No, detective.
that's a no.
Lawson's a fed.
If he's been working this board for three years, He's heard everything that's been said in that brewery.
He's got them on a wire.
Electronic surveillance, 24/7.
I mean, he's got to know more than he says.
I'm just going to put something on that wire.
We'll see what happens.
Unless you got a better idea.
No? I didn't think so.
Are you an art lover? My great-great-grandfather was a painter.
Walked out on his family.
Or so the story goes.
You never know with stories.
over her.
Don't drink.
You're bad for my business.
Tell me, what made you decide to become a cop, anyway? I saw too many people get away with it.
Man, you're really bad for my business.
We found out who shot up chen's restaurant.
You come here to apologize? We think we're about to break the case.
Found this witness in chinatown who saw the killing.
One of those ladies who steers tourists in to buy knock-offs.
She's coming in tomorrow.
She tell you what she saw? It wasn't the chens.
She could be working for them.
We don't think so.
she was pretty specific.
You'll keep me informed? You'll be the first to know.
I told you i'd find the killer, nick.
Like you, i keep my word.
It's a family thing.
What witness? You knowow it is, lawson.
We have to protect our sources.
Did i come through loud and clear? We have been working on this investigation for three years.
And yes, we do work holidays, And you can't control this cowboy? Seems to me all he's doing is investigating a homicide.
We're supposed to be on the same team here.
Team? you've got a wire on those people And you haven't given us spit.
We give you what we can.
What about that tip on alex's stash? Was crap.
the whole thing smelled.
You better watch your ass, my friend.
One step over the line, i'm gonna have your badge.
Maybe you'd like to come over here and take it off me.
Oh, boy, a measuring contest.
We love when you do that.
Eva, what have you got? I'm not going to burn a source.
This case could have serious implications on our investigation.
I want the name of this witness.
And i want the name of alex spoor's killer.
Circle game.
lots of fun.
Special agent lawson, as of right now, we don't have a name for you.
John, take a few days off.
Go home.
What witness? No one.
i made it up.
I am so glad i could take one for you.
And you did that, why? I knew lawson had a wire inside.
I wanted to see if he'd react.
If he ignored the bait, fine.
But if he didn't, then he has something or someone he's protecting.
He bit.
You think he knows who killed alex? Alex's girlfriend said that he hated what his family did.
What if the feds flipped him? What if he was wired? You think the murder's on tape? There was no wire on the body.
We need access to those tapes.
We'd have to get a court order.
Maybe i'll go see some family instead.
You saw spoor without me again.
why? It was personal.
You did know alex spoor, didn't you? Yes.
And no.
Samantha? Rosie? The gods have smiled.
The armory show.
they liked my work.
I bought wine.
Samantha? Rosie? Dna work.
Pronounced similarity in genetic markers Alex spoor was family.
Not like you didn't suspect it.
To alex.
To alex.
A descendent of my wayward father.
Sorry we never knew you.
Your wife and your son, Why didn't you go after them, john? Try and see them? And say what? I knew i'd have to leave them sooner or later.
Better they left me.
Amsterdam? Thought you were going to visit family.
I didn't say whose family.
Hey, dad.
Your partner came to me with a problem.
I think i can help.
Whatever clears the case.
see? I told you she'd understand.
I'm not talking to you.
Maybe i owe my little girl one.
I'm not your little girl, dad.
Not anymore.
i'm a cop.
I work my ass off trying to get a tiny bit of respect.
And then you tell my partner to take care of me? Everything i've been trying to build goes down the drain.
It's a point.
So, how can you help? Thanks for coming, terry.
When eddie marquez calls, you listen.
He was my rabbi.
He saved my ass more than once.
You've been running the wire on the spoors.
From the get-go.
We're working the alex spoor homicide.
We think the feds have been holding back.
You want me to turn over discs From a confidential investigation? You're familiar with "malfeasance," terry? Say a murder was committed And you had proof as to who was involved, but you withhold it.
Any idea what you'd be looking at? So she's the bad cop? She'll kick your ass out your mouth.
Look, you have to understand, this whole thing was classified.
I mean, lawson said it was being handled at the highest levels.
Did you guys flip alex? Not exactly.
The day he was killed, We picked up a phone conversation.
The two parties agreed to a meet in chinatown.
So we followed them and recorded it shotgun.
We need to know what you've got.
If it takes a year in the courts, We'll take that year, trust me.
For you, it'll be a very bad year.
Save it, guys.
you're kicking an open door.
I'm still nypd.
I'll get you those tapes.
Nicholas! I told you i'd keep my word.
What have you got? With two days to spare.
Live from chinatown.
Tape: what are you doing? Why are we here? At first, i thought this was you, nicholas, But the voice is too light.
It's alex.
Tape: i always looked out for you.
This one's you.
I trusted you.
And you go to the feds.
Alex: i didn't go to the feds.
Turn it off.
I don't think so.
I said turn it off.
Tape: i know, alex.
you're trying to sell me out.
You killed piers, nicholas.
Don't talk to me about selling out.
Piers betrayed us.
To the chens.
So you murdered him? Yes, i talked to the feds, and i'd talk to them again.
You got to be stopped, nick.
Piers was our brother.
Not anymore.
And neither are you.
No! no! no, please! I got it wrong, nick.
It wasn't alex who was on the feds' payroll, it was you.
For years, you've been giving them stuff.
Wearing a wire.
That's how you found out alex had talked to them.
They were feeding you.
You can't touch me.
We're not the feds.
i think we can.
Kill them.
Do it.
You don't have a family anymore, nick.
Nicholas spoor was the most important source We have had in this division's in the last 20 years.
Do you know how many convictions he brought us? He also killed his brothers.
What do you think we deal with out there? They're all killers.
Alex spoor wasn't.
Now, answer me this How did nicholas know alex had approached the feds? How? It's all about protecting the golden goose.
You are way out of line here.
Special agent derek lawson.
What a happy coincidence.
I've just gotten off the phone with your sac.
Apparently, you failed to disclose Some vital information about your investigation.
Why are you talking to my superiors? I woke up feeling like today was a good day To violate the chain of command.
Or did they call me? huh.
well, whichever.
They've turned it over to opr, Who are starting their own investigation.
Of you.
You concern me.
Can this wait? You're a lone ranger.
that never ends well.
Look at lawson.
That is truly annoying.
Tell me about it.
I never got a chance uo tell you how sorry i was about alex.
Dying so young.
He got robbed.
I wanted to ask you about your father.
Rosie? He was a good man.
A teacher.
Like alex.
Family split up when rosie was 17.
Kid changed his name.
Never saw his dad again.
Rosie became a teacher? But then how did the family get into-- The depression, i made some choices.
Made a lot of money with those choices.
My children and my children's children paid the price.
You got kids? Here and there.
I hope you do better by them Than i did.
Wasn't sure i'd see you again.
I hate to leave things unfinished.
About what you said in the hospital.
Forget the past.
yours in particular.
Just answer me the following questions Are you currently married? No.
Gay? No, i take that back.
Witness protection? no.
Terminal? not sure.
Do you want to spend some time together? Yes.
Very much.
My turn.
Hungry? ravenous.
I know a little place in chinatown.
Very dark.
Very romantic.
After, there's a little gallery in the village.
I didn't know you liked art.
I used to paint a little.
You ever hear of the armory show? No.
i wasn't in it.
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