New Amsterdam s01e07 Episode Script


Previously on New Amsterdam i never did like that idea.
ohh! meeting the true love and then die.
watch out! you keep that up, you're going to die young.
do you believe in true love? of course now that you and sara have done the deed, maybe you are mortal.
he's got this bizarre sense of humor.
this weird past lives thing.
ohh! let the good times roll.
i can't be with you, john.
there's some dark secret you won't tell me.
i'm 400 years old.
omar is my son.
i have an aversion to being lied to.
clearly the whole 400-year-old thing didn't go over so well.
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! i wasn't sure i'd see you again.
i hate to leave things unfinished.
boyfriend's name? danny.
who's the kid? his son, bobby.
shouldn't we wait for the negotiator? he is the negotiator.
all right.
fall back.
get out of here.
i'll kill him.
i swear to god i will.
going to the game.
taking your boy.
nothing like it.
everything else just fades away.
all your troubles-- stay where you are.
i'll do it, i swear to god i will.
expensive tickets.
all those bills, she told me she didn't want you to go.
she told you? before they took her to the e.
i thought i killed her.
well, you hurt her pretty bad, danny, but she'll be ok.
nothing permanent.
nothing--nothing that can't be fixed.
we got here just in time.
you know i saw the greatest game ever played.
giants and the colts for the championship.
yankee stadium.
tittle, unitas.
sudden death overtime.
the first one ever.
ameche scores on a one yard plunge.
colts win.
what a game.
never forget it, long as i live.
you could go to a game like that.
you and bobby.
turn back the hands of time.
she'll forgive you.
she loves you, right? just you and him.
at the game.
like none of this ever happened.
i'm just gonna run to the kitchen, ok? go on, buddy.
no, no.
cross the t's on this for me.
where are you going? back to bed.
that's not your phone.
we're just dreaming.
no, it's all right.
of course, i'll be right there.
you ok? my ex-partner, in the hospital.
didn't even know he was sick.
you're in a hurry to get home, remember? it's hard to forget.
didi? john.
i am sorry to drag you out at this hour.
how bad is he? well, they've run some tests.
he's rallied.
they're gonna let him go home in the morning.
he's anxious to see you.
took you long enough.
nice to see you, too, andy.
thanks for coming.
it's been a long time.
three years.
welcome to homicide.
it's a ride and a half! let's get the opening gambit out the way.
look at you, john, you never change.
ok, your turn.
you look good.
lose some weight? funny.
the leukemia diet.
end stage.
strict, but effective.
i'm sorry.
i didn't know.
a couple weeks left, if i'm lucky.
listen, the past two or three years, i know i been outta touch.
i called.
i know.
didi always said you'd call back.
i was sick.
ok, i was hiding.
you could've reached out.
i'm reachin' out now.
to you.
cheer up.
i'm dying, true, but you get to help.
how can i help you, andy? you get to solve a murder for me.
murder? what murder? mine.
my murder.
-==ÆÆÀÃÐÜÀÖÔ°ÇãÇé·îÏ×==- ±¾×ÖĻ½Ã¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ÓÀºã´«Ëµ µÚÒ»¼¾µÚ7¼¯ -=ÆÆÀÃÐÜ×ÖĻ×é=- ·­Ò룺¸ÃÈËid Уԣº¸ÃÈËid ʱ¼äÖ᣺ÆÈÕ¥þÈË×é ¼ÖÆ£º¸ÃÈËid andy gleason was shot in the line of duty three years ago.
how is that murder now? they never took out the bullet.
lodged near his heart.
he's still breathing.
well, not for long.
lead poisoning, from the bullet.
caused the leukemia.
that is for the m.
to decide.
when he dies, the d.
might reclassify the shooting as a homicide, so you're thinking, what,why not get started now? yes.
amsterdam, your desk.
where you work actual murders.
not murders that are not murders yet.
he was my partner.
whose case was thoroughly investigated.
no leads, no suspects, no arrests.
am i right? that's what i thought.
now, you got actual homicides to work.
so work 'em.
hey, look who's here.
look who the cat dragged in.
good to see you, man.
can't believe you still got a job.
place can't function without me.
callie burnett.
hey, sarge.
andy gleason.
heard a lot about you.
all good, i hope.
andy, eva, my partner.
andy gleason.
the first partner.
eva marquez.
nice to meet you.
any relation to eddie marquez? my father.
good man.
give him my regards.
can you get a cup of coffee for an old detective? black, two sugars? you got it.
well, i see you traded up for somebody better lookin'.
actually, he's had a few partners since you.
doesn't matter how many you've had, you never forget your first, right, johnny? it's true.
i certainly won't.
how long did you last? with him? almost two years.
must be a record.
how's my case coming? you guys working hard, or hardly working? you haven't told her.
john? andy, let's talk over here.
your boss.
she on board with this? totally.
i'll make it happen.
that bullet killed me, as sure as we're breathing.
murder in slow motion.
i need to know who did it.
find my killer, john.
before i die.
hey, need some help, pal? i know my way around.
they said you were young.
you don't look so young.
i got a late start.
9/11? yeah.
there are worse reasons for becoming a cop.
someday you'll tell me what yours were.
hot dog, extra mustard.
not much, baby.
we're supposed to get the new guy today, but i guess he's running late.
that or he just don't give a fig.
no, 'sposed to be the real deal.
top of his class, fastest promotion to detective in department history.
you're that smart, wouldn't you want to check in with your new partner, first thing? why would you wanna screw up, right outta the box, right? yeah, exactly.
you wanna say hello, be friendly, pay your respects.
why go outta your way piss off your partner first thing? anyway.
chicken sounds great for dinner.
i'll get some corn on the way home.
love you, too.
oh, what a gal.
andy gleason.
john amsterdam.
the new guy.
i'm your partner.
welcome to homicide! it's a ride and a half! transferred out of here in spring, 2004.
firearms investigation.
this informant tipped me to some guys in greenpoint selling ak's out the trunk of their car.
i tried to bust 'em.
so somebody shot you, killed the two arms dealers, took the guns and money.
wasn't exactly my shining moment.
how much money? 10, 20 grand, not much.
informant's name was nazir.
nazir? first, last? only.
been up north, doin' three and change for shakedowns in brighton beach.
paroled a couple weeks ago.
that's why you're all hot and bothered with this now.
that, and my doctors say i'm dyin'.
brighton beach.
russian mafia? nazir's more of a freelance weasel.
he's not even russian.
chechen or something.
why are you so focused on nazir? i think he was the shooter.
well, why would he take you out? why not just rip off the dealers? he didn't expect me to be there.
i got there early.
i didn't trust his information 100%.
i thought you didn't see the shooter.
it had to be him.
he was the only one who knew.
was i unclear about my instructions, detective? no.
then what's all this? andy's case file.
yeah, i know what it is.
why are you working it after i told you not to? my fault, sarge.
i backed him into a corner.
traded shamelessly on our friendship.
i didn't think he had any friends.
well, i do.
i'll give you to the end of the week.
if you don't have anything by then thanks, sarge.
end of the week.
not much time.
it's generous.
i may not last even that long.
i'm gonna go rest.
hey, call me when you find nazir.
you got it.
you really are friends.
you sound surprised.
gives me hope.
andy and i.
got along great.
from day one.
ok, where did the blood spatter come from? it's not an exit wound.
there isn't one.
wanna bet? shut up and find the slug.
that blood didn't have feet on it.
it didn't walk out of his body and climb up the wall.
actually, it did.
it expirated.
the word is "aspirated," hotshot.
that's when you breathe it in.
blew out of his mouth and nose.
that's not how we do it.
find the slug.
come on, search.
take a look for yourself.
you got lucky.
you still got a lot to learn.
yeah, nazir's one of mine.
but i'm carrying 160 cases.
it's always the case load.
i got a handful of parolees i'm trying to track down, and this guy's one of them.
you want us to congratulate you for only losing a few of your cases? when was the last time you saw him? right after he got out.
his intake interview? and then you lost him? so it's been what, two weeks? about.
you don't know for sure? i could violate him.
get a warrant.
has he violated his parole? not technically.
don't violate him.
find him.
do your job.
find nazir.
so you were andy's partner at the time.
i was.
we looked into it every which way.
never found the shooter.
good looking dog.
bayou retriever.
you have no idea who.
a stick-up.
turf war.
rival gun runners.
we went down all the roads.
andy's dying.
i know.
i'm sorry to hear that.
i wish i could give him an answer, but there isn't one.
andy thinks this snitch has-- nazir, nazir, nazir.
it's a broken record.
now he's got you playing the tune.
like i didn't check him out in the first place.
i spent hours on nazir.
you know andy.
a dog with a bone.
right, pup? where do you think you're going? thought i'd go look for the guy the witnesses said killed him.
by yourself? i don't think so, lone ranger.
catchin' bad guys, andy.
that's the job.
i know what the job is.
it's not flyin' solo, being reckless, goin' off half-cocked, tryin' to be a hero.
there's a reason they give you a partner.
you ok? i'm fine.
this is where it went down.
walk us through it, so we can take you home.
i'm not dead yet.
i didn't say you were.
i was busting these two bandidos when somebody ambushed us.
hands in the air.
you tried to apprehend them by yourself? my partner was in court, processing a perp through the system that night.
you couldn't wait for backup? tip was hot.
catchin' bad guys, that's the job.
right, john? this guy goes off the reservation, they give him a medal.
not only that.
i get to ride shotgun, too.
where have you been? greenpoint.
look, andy, go inside lay down.
ok? i'll be up in a minute.
i get carsick in the back.
he wanted to show us what happened.
he got shot.
he's dying.
that's what happened.
he asked me to find out why.
i couldn't say no.
i only have a few days left with him.
that's all i care about now.
why does all the rest of this matter so much? are you still working? not getting any traction.
three in the morning.
i just finished closing out.
can't stop.
time's running out.
andy? he's dying.
right in front of my eyes.
i'm sorry to hear that.
you were a mess, that first year on the force.
so angry.
about what had happened to your city.
knockin' down doors, takin' names.
andy pulled you through.
he was always worried i'd get myself killed.
little did he know, huh? it's ironic.
he's dying and i'm finally starting to feel mortal? something's definitely going on with sara.
well, if she really is the one time feels more important? lighter.
not so endless.
like there might be less of it for me.
been thinking about death a lot.
and for the first time it scares me.
welcome to the human condition.
like the man said.
everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
i told you, my cousin mikhail, i don't know what happened to him that night.
that's ok.
i love shooting.
he's so good at this.
the monkey.
he's callin' my name.
i told other police.
i don't know what mikhail was doing when he got killed.
you didn't know he was selling guns? i didn't know he was selling guns.
this is like noah's ark.
almost like there's a trick to it.
i know how all the flats are gaffed.
you are carny, not cop.
i've been both.
sometimes i can't tell the difference.
promise, you don't come back? you cannot say who told you.
mikhail and sasha, they worked for viktor brodsky.
viktor brodsky.
thank you.
why would a player like viktor brodsky be involved in a nickel and dime arms deal? well, maybe it wasn't nickel and dime.
it's gonna be hard to get to.
you're right.
maybe we should just give up.
it's a great idea.
we're looking for your boss.
not here.
they had dog racing around here.
right down the block.
back in 1879.
no dog racing here.
we are closed.
you know these guys? sasha zhukov.
mikhail casparian.
1911, they switched.
from dogs to cars.
now, cars, they're a lot harder to root for.
3 years ago, not the best day of their lives.
never seen them.
you haven't even looked.
can i use your phone? my cell's on the fritz.
we are closed.
phone out of order.
i do not give permission.
if you see viktor brodsky, ask him to call me.
all right? that's russian for "will do.
" what was that about? what'd you get? phone number.
viktor brodsky has a little brother.
they're very close.
big mistake, big mistake.
hey, easy, ivan.
big mistake.
i want phone call.
a neighborhood bookie? what's next? mah jong.
don't you have cases to work? he's got a point.
this is a homicide unit.
good news.
we're working a homicide.
i am memorizing faces.
don't threaten me, boris.
i want a phone call.
call my brother.
let's find you a phone.
sasha zhukov.
mikhail casparian.
i don't know them.
they worked for your brother.
who told you that? a reliable source.
is mistaken.
i don't know them.
you wanna look again? they were robbed and killed working for your brother.
i know nothing about these men.
what's going on? this guy makes book out in brighton beach, detective marquez is asking him-- stop.
what is going on with you? this gleason thing, it's getting to you.
just working a case, sarge.
you are wound so tight you're gonna pop a gasket.
short on sleep.
you got a visitor.
he don't look happy.
you want to see me, you steal my brother.
ivan's running an illegal gambling establishment.
victimless crime.
you family man? you've got no idea.
i think you have many, many people you love.
are you threatening me, mr.
brodsky? no.
just drawing contrast between us.
me, i just have my brother.
i want him back.
what's your interest? the detective that tried to arrest them is a friend of mine.
he got shot, too.
i want to know who shot him.
whoever killed mike and sasha.
they worked for you.
at one time.
not that night.
i don't know who they were working for that night.
not for me.
i want my brother back now.
i don't know how we missed that.
two gun dealers named sasha and mikhail connected to the biggest russian mobster in brighton beach? oops.
we ran the names by organized crime.
they didn't make the connection either.
as far as we know, they were freelancers.
they were working for brodsky.
and skimming behind his back? kills them without blinking.
brodsky? i don't care about brodsky.
nazir worked for brodsky once in a while.
everyone out there works for brodsky.
maybe nazir tipped brodsky.
nazir shot me.
not brodsky.
we'll find him, andy.
better find him soon.
you guys ok? fine.
john's just not used to using real china.
i'm a little clumsy.
nothing broken.
just, um, let me know if i can get you anything.
sure, thanks.
i hope you brought your appetite.
i made two of these.
might not be enough.
he's legendary.
eats like there's no tomorrow.
this is what you need, hotshot.
a woman like this.
except there aren't any more.
broke the mold.
viktor brodsky says stay out of brooklyn.
john? john.
are you ok? yeah, i'm all right.
you know, if you're not better by the morning oh, i heal fast.
i have amazing powers of recuperation.
yes, i know.
so who were they? is this some case you're working on? some muggers.
you hadn't saved me, they'd have taken my wallet, my car keys.
saved you.
i like the sound of that.
hold still.
i've been beat up before.
yes, i've seen the scars.
this was scarier.
maybe because you were here.
i just want you to take care of yourself.
no unnecessary risks.
you promise? i promise.
your people beat me up last night.
is this smart, detective? mikhail and sasha were going into business for themselves.
you had them killed and my friend shot.
they were going behind my back.
a little here, a little there.
dipping into till, you call it.
how much that night? one million, or so.
not much.
sets a bad example.
i didn't kill them.
i would have.
someone else got there first.
how did you know what they were doing that night? confidential informant.
nazir? nazir sells sasha and mikhail to me, to your detective friend, and maybe to someone else.
the shooter.
three times, same information.
only in america.
my friend thinks nazir was the shooter.
not nazir i know.
you let me go now.
i promise i won't kill you here.
bad for business.
you are dead man.
how does it feel? ah! where did you come from? what the hell are you doing? you coulda got killed.
i coulda been killed.
thank you.
i didn't do it for you.
i did it for me.
i lost too many friends when those towers came down last year.
went to too many damn funerals.
damned if i'm going to yours.
officer request backup.
you could've got yourself killed.
maybe i could have.
i thought we were partners.
we are.
brodsky told us there was real money involved that night.
those guys were selling junk outta the trunk of their car.
handguns, ak 47s.
i was there.
you sure? i saw it.
10, 20 grand, max.
the hell with brodsky.
find nazir.
ok, andy.
we'd better be going.
don't wanna tire you out.
thanks for coming.
say good-bye to didi for us.
will do.
please don't get up.
i can see you to the door, for pete's sake.
everybody think i got both feet in the grave, insteada just one.
they're keeping him overnight.
can i give you a ride home? no, thanks.
they're gonna let me sleep in the room.
bless him.
it's what he did for me when i was sick.
you were sick? a few years ago.
i had cancer, john.
stage 4 lymphoma.
they gave me six months to live.
what happened? if you had six months to live.
i went into remission.
it was a miracle.
when was this? the remission? yeah.
oh, a couple months after andy got shot.
now he's the sick one.
and i'm fine.
except i'm not fine without him.
i know.
sometimes i think he loves me so much that he figured out how to take my cancer away and give it to himself.
i'd do that for him if i could.
was this before he went to firearms investigation? well, it had to be, because you two were partners at the time.
he never said a word.
i asked him not to.
andy was more upset than i was, i think.
he spent hours researching, drugs, treatments, anything that would give us more time.
did he find anything? found a doctor in brazil, but our insurance company wouldn't cover it.
how's gleason? can't do anything else for him.
how long now? a few days, at the outside.
i'm sorry.
i know you promised him.
i'm gonna go through the case file, see if there's anything else i can find.
one of my snitches spotted nazir near the mermaid museum.
ever been on it? the cyclone? i'm not so good with heights.
amusement park's been sold.
gonna build condos.
that's new york.
sentimental bastard, aren't you? cyclone's landmarked.
it's not going anywhere.
there he is.
nazir! stop! stop, damn it! damn, damn, damn! this way.
ain't done nothin'.
why you chasing me? why you running? ' cause you're chasing me.
you maggot.
i'm gonna violate you back to prison so fast.
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! what have i done? calm down, calm down.
you have no right to lay your hands on me.
bruises or no bruises.
your choice.
you call that a choice? it is not proper for a woman to be alone with man who is not blood relative or husband.
don't think of me as a woman.
that would be hard.
i can smell your perfume.
don't think about that.
think of me as a police officer.
think of me as the person who's sending you back to prison.
it would be safer for me in prison.
who are you afraid of? brodsky? he said there was a lot of money in play that night.
this was no nickel and dime street corner deal.
a million dollars.
i don't know nothing.
tell us what you know.
we'll protect you.
you can't protect me.
andy gleason thinks you were the shooter.
i have alibi for that night.
brodsky said you tipped off someone else.
i want lawyer.
you don't get a lawyer.
you're a convicted felon in possible violation of his parole.
i'm not.
you can't hold me.
he's terrified.
when you mentioned the money, he almost had a stroke.
he's scared of brodsky.
he's scared of someone.
i'm gonna check out nazir's alibi for the night of the shooting.
ok, you're scared of heights.
i'm fine.
job like this, you gotta find a place to cool out, get some perspective.
nothin' to be ashamed of.
i'm not scared.
too bad.
if you were, this would be extra good.
remind you you're actually not bulletproof.
up here, everything fades away.
time, other people, the world.
just the size of everything.
this job, we get haunted.
we see the worst things, we get taken over.
forget about a whole career.
i've seen it happen to guys in a second.
last september even if you are actually bulletproof, you need a partner.
that's my point.
i know you, andy.
you never would've gone in without your partner.
didi got sick.
you needed money.
you transferred outta homicide to fiu.
guns, cash.
a chance for a big score.
you went there to rip those guys off, not bust them.
she was dying, john.
you would have done the same thing, you had somebody you cared about that much.
maybe i do.
then you must understand what i did.
you gonna arrest me? for what? trying to rip off some russian gun runners? is it gonna come out? well, if we catch the shooter, it will.
i'll lose my pension.
didi will have nothing.
maybe you shouldn't have stirred this pot.
i'm dyin'.
want a little justice.
catch the guy who shot me.
come on, andy.
you wanted the money.
nazir got popped right after the heist.
you went to prison.
you thought maybe you could get it back.
leave it for didi.
that money must be long gone by now.
a man can dream.
it's nazir.
close range.
through and through.
csu's on the way.
i remember when there was no csu.
of course you do.
you looking for the slug? good luck.
let's see if it matches the one in andy's chest.
is it a match? looking through the case file, i found something.
something that should have been there but wasn't.
nazir's alibi.
you're sure? it isn't there.
williams said he spent hours with him.
so, it got me thinking.
about who was where that night.
thanks for meeting us out here.
no problem.
you said you had a break in the case? you heard nazir got popped? we found the slug.
now all you need is the gun to match it with.
longshot, right? needle, haystack.
for some reason i'm feeling optimistic about that.
jeez, andy, you look rough.
you look fat and sassy.
can't complain.
you lured me out here.
off my death bed.
so where's nazir? nazir's dead.
dead? how? somebody shot him.
what am i doing here? where's the guy who shot me? you're looking at him.
what? what kind of crap is this? you were the shooter, joe.
the stick up guy.
you took everybody down.
hands in the air.
you were my partner.
that's right.
i was.
well, come on, andy.
you know me.
you ripped me off.
they're lying.
you weren't in court that night.
you removed nazir's alibi from the case file.
pretty thin.
thick enough for a search warrant.
we find your gun, we'll have ballistics, too.
the slug in andy's chest, nazir, the two shooters.
where's my money? easy, andy.
it was for my wife.
she was dying.
where's my money, joe? it's gone.
i spent it.
i'm sorry, andy.
i didn't want to shoot you.
i was just trying to make a score.
i didn't know you'd get there first.
you really want to kill him? go ahead, andy.
now's your chance.
you're never gonna answer for it.
not in this world.
that's right.
didi will.
he's a piece of trash.
he betrayed me.
he's still your partner.
cleaned in the last 24 hours.
you're not the only detective around here with mad skills.
i know.
look familiar? found it at your house.
it's on its way to ballistics.
let's go.
my worst nightmare.
a cop, in prison? the gift that keeps on giving.
so, andy? take you home? i'll never see this again.
one more favor.
gotta ask you something.
whatever she needs.
you know i'll take care of it.
i know.
had to say it.
make sure.
still scared of heights.
a little bit.
me, too.
i always was.
that's why this is my plac the fear.
keeps you in the moment.
in the moment.
you're right.
up here, everything fades away.
turn back the hands of time.
aren't you curious? what i just dropped in the mail? i figured you'd tell me if i needed to know.
divorce papers.
seriously? signed, sealed, and delivered.
you're a free woman.
that calls for a celebration.
how's it feel? honestly? sad.
regrets? a few.
but i did it my way.
andy and didi, they were married for 23 years.
at the wake, she told me how they met.
look out! somebody help! you take a picture every year? for the last 160 years or so.
ever since they invented cameras.
of course they didn't call it times square until 1904.
thank you for showing me this.
i wanted you to understand.
i do.
now i can go.
i wish you didn't have to.
this is a good thing.
you made me mortal.
only to lose you.
we should have had more time.
we will.
when? in the sweet bye and bye.
promise? promise.
a drop in the ocean a second to end all time one stop in the yellow sky but you mean the whole world to me you're a light so let this be bless this time stay one more day please, bless this day stay one more day i thought i lost you.
stay one more, stay one more stay one more day just one more, just one more just one more day ÆÆÀÃÐÜ×ÖĻ×é »Ó­¼ÓÈë