New Amsterdam s01e08 Episode Script

Love Hurts

Previously on new amsterdam Wasn't sure i'd see you again.
I hate to leave things unfinished.
The shaman told me i'd feel it here in my heart.
Forget the past, yours in particular.
I've been beat up before.
this was scarier.
Of course, now that you and sara have done the deed, Maybe you are mortal.
I just want you to take care of yourself.
No unnecessary risks.
you promise? I promise.
I get it.
there are things in your past you can't talk about.
Everything fades away.
Turn back the hands of time.
It's definitely an original renoir.
It's timeless.
I've been thinking about death a lot.
I thought i'd lost you.
New york state penal code 245.
Is this a test? Bans public nudity.
Unless you're breast-feeding.
Well, i use a pump.
You should be taking it easy.
I heal fast.
You got lucky.
That bullet hits two centimeters in either direction, I'm looking for a new partner.
But it didn't.
Burnett thinks you should take sick days.
Thinks you're pushing too hard.
I agree.
All i need is to go back to work.
The best you'll get is limited duty.
You'll be on a desk.
No crime scenes, no active casework.
Whatever you guys think is best.
I'll be right there.
Floater in the east river.
hell's gate.
No rest for the wicked.
Take it slow.
ok? Yes, mother.
How'd they find her? Fishing boat saw her stuck to one of the pylons.
Is there any id? A library card.
martine shane.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Bad way to die.
Ten minutes ago, you're taking your kid to school.
And now this.
Didn't know you had kids.
You don't think i'm the maternal type? I didn't say that.
Well, you're right.
i'm not.
But i'm just saying, Every kid has a mother somewhere.
'course i'm not too sure on him.
I thought you talked to him.
I did.
last night.
Then why is he here? Dissociative behavior.
Common aftereffect of trauma.
Don't stop for me.
Hell's gate.
Almost looks the same as it did.
You put a thousand simoleans in the kitty.
You get five grand back.
You are a natural con man.
Wait 'til i get home, tell the missus.
Don't tell her everything.
Don't you worry.
momma didn't r raise no fool.
Mebbe i could stay another day, we could do this again.
I knew it! You grifters tried to con me.
It was all on the square.
Yeah? that's my money.
It used to be.
now it's ours.
I don't want no trouble.
Then give me back my money.
Go to hell.
Yeah? that's where you're going, bub.
Here it is.
i don't want it no more.
You're too chickenass to shoot someone.
Yeah? Oh, god.
Oh, god.
You leave new york, rube.
And never come here again.
Beat it! I see your face again-- You won't.
i promise.
Go! scram! The cackle-bladder.
It never fails.
There's one born every minute.
Where do you go when you do that? It's like you're here but you're not here.
That's because i'm there.
No bathing suit.
Guess she wasn't going for a swim.
Who swims in the east river? Hundred years ago, everybody.
The biggest problem was the currents.
She could have been dumped in jersey and ended up here.
Missing ring finger.
Toes as well.
This little piggy went to the fish market.
Amsterdam, this is not your case.
You're off the street Until the doctor says you're ok.
Marquez needs me.
Don't flatter yourself.
Give me your radio.
I can't believe you don't trust me.
Don't make me kick your ass.
Go home.
±¾×Ã份ù©ñ§ï°½»á÷£¬ñï½ûóãóúéìòµóãí¾ new amsterdam s01e08 -==ææàãðü×Ãä»×é==- ·­òë: ð£ô: ê±¼äÃá:su So what now, johann? You were up all night.
How about sleep? I thought you were on a shift this morning.
The hospital canceled.
I'm sleeping in.
And so should you.
Even miracles of modern science need rest.
Surviving that shooting wasn't a miracle.
It just wasn't my time.
A bullet perforates your heart.
And a week later, you're completely recovered.
That's pretty miraculous.
I've seen you die twice now and come back to life.
Oh, cops have nine lives.
Not the cops i know.
Maybe your cells are swimming in mgmt.
Maybe all your stem cells are pluripotent, i don't know.
I just know i hate going to bed together and waking up alone.
Yeah, i should have called.
It's like when you got shot.
When i woke up, for a moment, i thought you were gone.
I'm here now.
I have a cure for what ails you.
My family has a house in montauk.
And i have off a couple days off next week.
I'm kidnapping you.
I'm on a case.
i talked to eva.
She said you'd be on limited duty at most.
Doctor knows best.
She's pretty ripe.
The gases.
You want menthol? No.
Love this stuff.
'course i'm doing twice as much nicotine as when i was smoking.
But hey.
my lungs are clear.
What about hers? We did a float test.
Not a lot of water in the alveoli.
She was dead before she hit the water.
How? Strangulation.
Fractured hyoid bone.
Someone had some powerful hands.
The skin between the fingers a week in the water? Depending on the temp, but that's reasonable.
This missing finger? a predator? Thanks, mank, for the report.
A desk jockey's job is never done.
Your partner thinks he can play me.
Welcome to my world.
You ok? You look a little green.
I'm fine.
just peachy.
Yeah? i'm going to get some breakfast.
Eggs over easy.
Soft and runny.
Some hash browns, with hot sauce.
And pancakes with blueberry syrup.
Anybody want anything? Coffee.
You hungry? It wasn't the smell.
i've got food poisoning.
Let's hit the vic's apartment.
I'm not feeling so hot myself.
I got irritable bowel syndrome.
Why don't i fill in? Gee, would you, john? Yeah.
I'll cover for you with burnett.
I mean, i'd really appreciate that.
What'd you give him? knicks tickets? Box of cohibas? a free colonic? It's my fault.
How so? Martine didn't return my calls.
I should have known something was wrong.
When was the last time you saw her? A week ago.
She was sort of living with this guy.
Who? carl browning.
He's a big money guy.
Commodities broker.
he lives on a yacht.
And he's, um What, kayla? I only met him once.
But i didn't like him.
The way he ordered martine around, Treated her like a possession.
I mean, i know he had a lot of money, But i didn't understand what she saw in him.
Did martine have any family here? She moved here from terre haute When she lost her folks.
Was she an actress? She was really talented.
Noel coward.
private lives.
I was there opening night.
Not martine's production, another one.
So what's the play tonight? The smack? Too familiar.
The tip? Too risky.
The huge duke? Too complicated.
The wipe? the last turn? the hot seat? What's the con? Johnny.
Come on.
no time for romance.
You've got debts to retire.
The tat.
With a dame at the table? Makes the grift better.
It's about time.
I called it in almost a week ago.
Are you guys on the slow train? You called it in? What, is there an echo here? I talked to a cop.
He said they were going to send somebody over to collect evidence, But nothing happened.
We just found the body, sir.
Whose? Martine shane.
Martine? Isn't that what you called about? I called about a break-in.
Martine's dead? But why didn't you call the police when you didn't hear from her? You don't know martine.
She's--she was unpredictable.
That's what made it good with her.
Did you fight? Everybody fights.
Did you ever hit her? You think i killed her? Talk to my lawyer.
A ramsden sextant.
Much truer than the astrolabe.
Navigational tool.
We used it during the war? Doubt it.
that's from the 1700s.
It's worth a fortune.
Oh, i know.
I was referring to the revolutionary war.
Amsterdam, let's go.
Gps is a cheat, don't you think? For real sailors? I use it all the time.
Then it would have recorded Where your boat was last week.
Take martine out a lot? You mean did i throw her overboard, detective? You'll have to get a warrant to find out.
Now get off my boat.
And don't mistake this for caring what you think.
But i loved martine.
We were engaged.
She was it.
Here you go, frances.
Thank you.
Good night.
You're very good at that game.
It was my lucky night.
confidence games take skill.
You are a con man, mr.
johnson, Or whatever your name is? a grifter.
Look, miss, my wife's in labor.
You're not married.
you're not the type.
You think you're the gnat's whistle, don't you.
I don't want any trouble, lady.
What do you want? I'm an actress.
I like someone's who's good at playing a role.
You could use a few pointers, though.
Well, maybe you could show them to me in person.
Maybe i could.
As for what i want? Half your take will do.
Ain't you got no shame? No.
What if some kid walked, saw you in your particulars.
He'd get what he deserved for sneaking into a closed facility.
That's what you're doing.
I have a key.
From 1935.
So, what you going to do? About what? You know what.
the doc.
She came by the bar, looking for you.
She's a good woman, no doubt.
But she didn't do the trick.
I don't know that.
You were dead and then you weren't.
Like it or not, you're still immortal.
Maybe we need to get married, formally, In the eyes of god.
God don't have nothing to do with this.
I like being with her.
Whether she "does the trick" or not.
This ain't like your other women.
With them, you didn't know for sure the one was out there.
Now you do.
Just because you look older, omar, doesn't mean you are.
I can do without the advice.
This ain't fair to her, john.
What are you going to do when you realize That the right girl was someone else on that subway platform? You just going to dump sara? I told you.
I don't know she's not it.
You can keep playing that role with me if you like.
But can you play it with her? Doesn't she deserve the truth? I checked the dispatch system.
Anonymous male caller reported a dispute On browning's boat last week.
And the gps records showed the boat was taken out On the day martine disappeared.
Sounds like a ground ball.
i hate baseball metaphors.
Fyi, i told burnett you're at psychological counseling.
Wishful thinking.
You asked for a warrant Coffee? Get your own.
Refreshments aren't included.
I mean, what you do.
You broker coffee.
I trade coffee futures.
Not interested in the past? The past is for suckers.
I thought that tradition had passed.
I'm a sucker for tradition.
Yeah? Me, too.
Come on in.
I haven't been in this building in years.
Used to be you could have your meals sent up By dumbwaiter from the dining hall downstairs.
That must have been a very long time ago.
You must have been a baby.
Martini? You have your own stash? My own private bootlegger.
How do you take it? Just look at the vermouth, don't pour it.
To actors.
Whatever their profession.
So what's your moniker? Confidence men always have a nickname, don't they? Johnny on the spot.
I like that.
That's a good name.
Smells like bleach.
You're not going to hurl again are you? Maybe he used it to clean up the blood.
You can't cheat an honest man.
You think that's true? You asking me? I don't know many honest men.
We found this towel in the bathroom.
Even odds, vic's blood.
You're wasting your time.
Guys are always working on the boat.
One of them probably cut himself.
We'll soon find out.
Don't go too far, mr.
I think you can.
what? Con an honest man.
If you're good at it.
There's no magic.
We use psychological profiles, In-depth questionnaires, An extensive database, And then we put people together who have similar wants and needs.
That's the problem.
there's no magic.
You don't believe in matchmaking? Well, it's a romantic shell game.
Lonely men are easy marks.
Excuse my partner.
What he knows about relationships wouldn't fill a thimble.
Are you single, detective? You might want to try out our service.
Oh, please.
don't waste your time.
So what can you tell us about martine and carl browning? They met through you? It's a terrible tragedy.
I still can't believe it.
browning was a client.
He met martine at one of our events.
They seemed happy.
We'd like to see their files.
Unfortunately, i can't do that.
You can't or you won't? In my business, confidentiality is everything.
The people who seek us out are of a certain station And they depend on our discretion.
We can go to court.
We have psychologists on staff, So our clients are protected by doctor/ patient privilege.
That's a stretch.
As cops, we know a lot of reporters.
We can choose to give them details of your involvement, Or you can depend on our discretion.
What do you want to know? Let's start with anybody else martine went out with.
We were so good together.
We had like a binary thing.
I don't understand.
The usual base 2 system is a positional notation with a radix of 2.
It's how computers work.
Zeros and ones.
So what happened? We crashed.
You asked her to marry you? Twice.
I opened myself up and she laughed at me.
That make you mad? Well, we'd been going out for three weeks.
How would you feel? I loved her, but i can't believe she's gone.
I always thought we'd end up together.
She filed a restraining order against you.
Says you stalked her for months.
I needed to prove it to her.
That you loved her.
When you find the right person, you have no choice.
You do what you need to do.
All my songs are about that.
It was never going to work.
We had different interests.
Have we met before? I have one of those faces.
Martine and i went out a few times, Antique shows, that sort of thing.
She was bored.
There was no click.
that's who you look like.
Who's benwaar? Turn-of-the-century furniture maker.
I've sold a few of his pieces.
Very hard to find.
My god, you're a dead ringer for him.
When was the last time you saw martine? Oh, let's see.
first week of september.
I remember because it was right before the break-in.
You were burglarized? And they had good taste, too.
Stole the silver, left the plate.
Took the lynch-bages and the moutons, left the rotgut.
Robbed me blind.
Your hunch was right.
All the guys martine went out with were ripped off.
Right after she stopped seeing them.
Pros? evidently.
In and out fast.
Seemed to know where the valuables were And the security codes.
There had to be an inside man Or woman.
Our victim was a thief.
So who wasted her? One of the jilted lovers? Possibly.
I still like browning for it.
He found out she was playing him and then he killed her.
On our way.
Let's ask him.
Browning just tried to kill himself.
You should be in the hospital.
You're concerned about my well being.
I'm touched.
You want to tell us why you did this? Get lost.
Guilt too much to live with? My only regret is not cutting deeper.
That way, i wouldn't be here talking to you.
browning, your fiance wasn't who she seemed to be.
We think she was part of a burglary ring.
She used the dating service to meet wealthy men And rip them off, including you.
Must've been brutal, huh, carl? To find out martine didn't love you.
That she stole from you.
that she was using you.
You don't get it, detective.
I knew she was a thief.
She told me everything.
I didn't care.
Even after she ripped you off.
If she ripped me off.
And i'll never believe she did.
Why'd you do this? I miss her.
Isn't that enough? I found a buyer for it.
It'll fetch a pretty penny.
It's not for sale.
What're you gonna do with it, wear it? I'm thinking of giving it back.
Well, now i know you're bent.
That dame chiseled in on our play.
Now she got a nice chassis, but come on.
There's something between us.
Johnny on the spot's in love? You told me--only saps fall in love.
When you get tired of looking around, It's easier to say that.
She's a mark.
she's different.
Then why'd you steal the pin? Don't kid yourself, kiddo.
Everyone's a mark.
Heard about your shooting.
Wrong time, wrong place.
I got shot once myself, right in the ass.
Couldn't sit down for weeks.
So, what do they do? sit me behind a desk.
So what's the deal? These high-end burglaries you're working, We think they're related to a homicide.
How? The victim went out with all the marks.
The theory is she met them through a dating service, Gained access to their apartments, Keys, security codes, you name it.
So who killed her? one of the marks? Maybe.
Well, we've already recovered some of the items.
Fenced by a turd named ray de la cruz.
What stone can he be found under? He's in the wind.
there's a want card out on him.
But if you come across him, watch your ass.
He's armed and dangerous.
What a coincidence.
so are we.
I'll talk to you.
Unless de la cruz is hiding under your desk, You got nothing to worry about.
Where do you think you're going? Therapy.
I'm working through my feelings of homicidal rage.
You think this is a game, amsterdam? You could put your partner in jeopardy.
I want you off the street.
give me your weapon.
I wouldn't want you to use it on the wrong person.
Like you? His name is ray de la cruz.
He's a fence, deals in high-end goods.
Keep your ears open.
I need to run him to ground.
Thanks, omar.
gotta go.
skoll? Got a minute? For you, detective, i've got two.
Can we walk? I'm meeting someone for lunch.
Some bad news.
We have evidence that martine shane was a thief.
That she used your service to meet wealthy guys and rip them off.
That's not possible.
We do thorough background checks.
How'd she come to your attention? I don't recall.
a reference, i think.
I'd have to check my files.
I just can't believe she'd do that.
She had nothing.
A waitress from nowhere who wanted to be discovered like a thousand other girls.
We offered her a life.
I'd really like to know who gave you that reference.
I'll get back to you.
ok? Hello, kayla.
I was wondering if i could take a look around.
I'm running out.
Actually, i have a client.
Union of mind and body.
Created during wwi to help wounded vets.
Worked for me.
I'll only be a minute.
A thief? That's ridiculous.
People aren't always what they seem.
Do you know how martine got into soul mates? The owner, i think.
I can't remember her name.
Inga skoll.
She spotted her at the restaurant where she was working.
Did martine ever talk about inga? Not that i can remember.
How about her dates? She talk about them? Not much.
She knew that i thought it was sort of silly.
I mean, martine didn't need a service to get men.
They found her.
I'm sorry, i'm really going to be late.
You were good friends? I thought we were.
But as you said, people aren't always what they seem.
Do you mind if i take this with me? The blood on the towel we found In browning's boat is a match with our vic's.
Burnett wants us to pick him up.
Can't help you.
i'm on desk duty.
Since when has that made a difference? And burnett is playing with my gun.
Take santori.
[cell phone rings] Hey, omar.
what've you got? Ray de la cruz.
nice-looking dog.
he's a fighter? More of a lover, ray.
We need to talk.
Go on! finish him! go on! Get him off of me.
Get him off of me, come on! Get him off of me! I don't care much about me.
but you shot at my dog, ray.
You really shouldn't have done that.
Ok, ok.
i'm sorry.
i'm sorry.
Look, he'll kill me.
Yeah, but he'll hurt you first.
No smoking.
I want a lawyer.
You'll need one.
Resisting arrest, possessing stolen goods, murder.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up, man.
What the hell you talking about? She probably looked a little better Before you tossed her in the river.
Martine shane.
what happened, ray? You get in a professional dispute? Wait a minute.
i'm out there doing a little business.
I didn't kill nobody.
I don't know her.
You were fencing goods from her jobs.
I never seen her before.
Who'd you deal with? You know someone named inga skoll? Look, man, we did it by drop, all right? They would contact me by a pay phone.
I never knew her name.
But it was a woman? The best thieves are always women.
Are you ok, john? Go back to sleep.
Already up.
You don't exactly seem like the high school reunion type.
Searching for a murder suspect.
She could be in this class.
under a different name.
Well, she'll still be there in the morning.
I know you didn't kill her.
He does? what about the bloody towel? The towel was planted.
That was the point of the break-in.
Not to rob you.
to frame you.
Took you long enough to figure that out.
it reminded me of something in my past.
A burglary that wasn't a burglary.
So who did it? So who did it? Must have been one of the thieves.
What did the burglars take? exactly? Not much.
some cash that was lying around.
A watch.
an old patek-phillipe.
Some diamond cufflinks.
Is that it? A few things of martine's.
Nothing valuable.
This little friendship ring, you know, the irish kind A claddagh ring.
yeah, yeah.
Once i gave her the engagement ring, She didn't really wear it anymore.
Tell me about the engagement ring.
Three carats, flawless clarity.
A real beauty.
Now it's at the bottom of the river.
She ever talk about her former lovers? She knew it'd make me crazy.
It's not like i had illusions she was a virgin.
I just didn't want to hear.
Once i heard her fighting with someone over the phone.
Sounded like an ex.
Don't think he was too happy about her leaving.
Now i know how the guy felt.
Now that you know my whole story.
I know nothing.
you're a complete mystery.
You know my moniker.
Only my close friends and the bulls know that.
So what about you? Are you really olivia behrendt? Paula dorn from grand rapids, michigan.
Ah, your scars.
Does each one come with a story? What can i say? i'm easily hurt.
Falling for a grifter is a recipe for heartbreak.
Ditto with actresses.
You never know what's real.
Well, this is real.
Detective amsterdam.
where is he? He asked me to meet him here at 4:00.
It's been half an hour.
He'll be here soon.
Are you single, detective? There are some guys out there who might find the cop thing a turn-on.
Thank you.
i'm celibate.
Who the hell do you think you're talking to?! You think i give a rat's ass About what happened to you last week? Huh? what, am i supposed to cry for you? You know, just because you almost died? well, boo hoo.
Go to hell.
Always trying to be the hero.
Never listening to what anybody says.
Getting killed is what happens to cops like you.
Her what do you know about being a cop? You only play at being one.
Sitting in your little office reading your little reports, You second-rate bureaucrat.
Amsterdam! Thing to me, huh? Come on, hombre.
come on.
You don't like it because i don't play the game.
I won't kiss your ass.
Which isn't that great, by the way.
The way you twitch it around here, You'd think it was one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
That is it.
you are on suspension Get him out of here now! You want my badge, little miss sunshine, you got it! Calm down, john! Get out of my way.
Detective? Not anymore.
Where the hell's a cab? Where are you going? To the nearest bar.
I've got a car.
A white wine.
Your best single malt.
bring the bottle.
You're not serious.
Do i look serious? Hey, john, come on.
Do we have to go somewhere else? I'm sorry about what happened.
I don't need your sympathy.
I'm about to break the case And that bitch can't stand That i'm a better cop on disability Than she is on her best day.
Happy times.
You said you were about to break the case? Let's stop playing charades, inga.
Or should i call you susie? I don't know what you're talking about.
Sure you do.
you set it all up.
The burglaries.
You were ray de la cruz's contact.
That's not true.
And you know what? i don't care.
A couple hours ago, maybe.
But not now.
I don't care that you used to be susie bartkowski From jersey, that you've been sued three times, That you're up to your ass in debt, That you spotted the marks and martine got you in.
What do you want? I have a piece of information.
And i'm--i'm willing to sell it.
Go on.
Browning keeps a safe on his boat.
Inside it there's an emerald pin That napoleon gave josephine, or some such crap.
It's worth millions.
Browning bought it for martine As a "symbol of his love.
" Now, because of our search, I got the combination to that safe.
And the new security code to the boat.
Care for another drink, detective? Why not? Hello, kayla.
You bastard! you set us up.
This is entrapment.
Well, actually, it's what's known in the trade as a long con.
I knew about inga.
I just had to make sure about you.
You killed martine.
I loved her.
That's why you killed her.
Because she stopped loving you back.
You're crazy.
You even cut off her finger to get the ring That was the symbol of her betrayal.
That's where the bloody towel came from.
you have no proof.
We will once csu is finished.
My guess is they'll find traces of martine's blood At your place and probably her engagement ring.
Saved it, didn't you, kayla? She hurt me.
that's not a good enough reason.
Nice work, detective.
Particularly the drunk scene.
Apple juice.
Been in aa for years.
Personally, i thought the fight with sarge was overplayed.
How'd you know about us? Psychological profiles, in-depth questionnaires, An extensive database.
Then we match the likely perps with the victims.
No magic to it.
you really are a romantic.
Amsterdam, i only have one question for you.
Did you really mean what you said about my ass? So how did you know? Well, it turns out inga and kayla Went to the same high school in jersey.
I saw a picture of them on their class reunion website.
As juvies, they'd gotten into some trouble together But under different names.
Now, when inga came up with this scam, they needed a third party.
Who better than kayla's girlfriend? It's funny.
Inga set martine up with possible marks.
She just didn't count on her falling in love with one of them.
Well, men and women.
It's a crap shoot.
I've told you, i wasn't stealing it.
I was putting it back.
So you're saying you stole it before.
Yes, but-- don't explain.
It doesn't help.
Should have known better.
Once a grifter, always a grifter.
I think you should leave now.
You're not calling the bulls? Why would i? I care about you.
i care about us.
There is no us.
since it means so much to you.
I don't want it anymore.
Don't worry about it, johnny.
It's only paste.
It isn't real.
Just like you.
No bag? It's casual, but not that casual.
I'm not going.
So this is it.
I told you i wouldn't lie to you.
What do you call what you've been doing the last couple months? Sara.
No, i want to know.
I told you the truth.
And you didn't want to hear it.
That you were 400 years old? That omar was your son?! I mean, what's next? Little green men that live in your shoe?! I don't expect you to understand.
You're right.
i don't.
not even a little.
You're either a congenital liar or delusional.
That bullet, when it went through your heart, it killed something.
It killed us.
Is there someone else? No.
But you had to think about it.
That's for hurting me.
Where are you going? As far away from you as possible.
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