New Amsterdam (2018) s04e01 Episode Script

More Joy

1 Previously, on "New Amsterdam" We can never be more than this.
Tell me you know that.
I'm offering you a promotion.
Deputy Chair of Surgery.
Reynolds, Dr.
Lyn Malvo, my wife.
Floyd's gonna be my new right hand man.
You want Dr.
Shinwari on your ED.
You want a fifth spot? Are you talking about a bribe? I could lose my medical license, I could go to jail! Did you have anything to do with this? It was all you.
Mina got into King's College in Cambridge.
I put you down as her emergency contact, and I think that if you would just meet her - Not on your life! - Mom! This place, what happened? Last month our medical director packed up and left.
Now we're fighting to hold on.
All my patients, all their despair, it just becomes a part of me.
And I'm not going to see patients anymore.
- Ow! - Are you okay? Mm-hmm.
Your place is huge.
- Do you want a tour? - No.
Hey, how are you guys? Look at all this good food right here at the hospital.
We got carrots, potatoes, French fries Daddy's favorite.
Oh, broccoli, yummy.
We got just about everything we need here, kiddo.
We're back.
This is a nice change.
Hugging is the new biting.
Hey, monkey! Mwah.
Bye! Yeah, none are really jumping off the wall for me.
You know what, forget white.
Why don't we try a nice sunny yellow? Something upbeat.
Oh, I gotcha, how can I help? - Oh, thanks so much.
- Sure.
Gonna be kind of a slow transition into pants, isn't it? - Dr.
- Hi! It's me, Simon, from podiatry.
- Simon, you got huge! - Right? I started lifting weights between Zoom patients, and 18 months later New Amsterdam needs an employee gym.
New Amsterdam needs an employee gym.
18 months of Zoom appointments has not been kind to me.
Melvin, you look great.
I gained 20 pounds from snacking between Zooms.
Did you know thighs chafe? Dr.
Metzger! Are you surprised by all the great changes we've been making lately? No, Dr.
Goodwin, this isn't my surprised face.
This is my, "I can't believe I have to shower every day", face.
Alright, so I know that first days can be a little bit scary.
But I assure you that this is a safe and nurturing learning environment.
Also we ordered new desks for you guys, so As your newly minted psych residency director, we will be spending an awful lot of time together.
We'll be working very closely together for the next year.
We will be on this ward with real patients, and you will have me in supervision as your teacher, your protector, your sounding board, your overall psych Sherpa on this amazing journey we're about to embark on together.
You know, here at the hospital, they heal the body.
In this ward, we heal souls.
Okay, listen up, newbies.
I'm Dr.
Lauren Bloom, head of the emergency department.
Which means do not come to me with your personal problems.
Don't complain to me about your schedule.
And don't expect me to care if your pet is sick.
Chief Resident Walsh will field your questions and let you know when you screwed up.
If you find yourself in the position where I'm the one who's telling you you've screwed up, you're gonna know it's bad.
Questions? Good.
Look, I know your internships were a long hard slog, and right now you probably feel like you're seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm here to tell you, that is not daylight.
It is a train.
So grab a donut and get to work.
Okay, so, I'm Dr.
Mark Walsh And just so we're all on the up and up, Resident Shinwari is my girlfriend.
Morning, partner.
Is it, though? Nurse Kamoe.
Would you be so kind as to crank up Dr.
Reynolds' legendary playlist? I wake up crying Love the soul, but this is not time for slow jams.
Next cut, please.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's not warm when she's away It's a good song.
It's a woman, isn't it? No.
Look, Claude, no one wants to hear about my love life, all right? Team? She goes away Okay.
Maybe there was a woman, but it wasn't right for either of us.
So I ended it.
And now I'd like to just move on.
Floyd, if you really care for this woman, you need to find a way to make it work.
Anytime she goes away It's not that simple.
I know, I know, I know, I know So the hottest thing on your hotlist, which I would still prefer to call your schedule, is your meeting with Dr.
She's been waiting for 30 minutes.
Yeah, um, sweet Sandra Fall.
I don't want you to focus on my schedule or my meetings anymore.
Given that's the entirety of my responsibilities, what should I focus on? Joy.
I want you to focus on joy.
Can you walk me through what that might look like? Finding it, seizing it.
That's what this new beginning is all about, refocusing on what truly matters.
Re-examining our lives to maximize the joy, the beauty, the people that we love, and nothing should distract us from that noble goal.
May I have your attention.
There is a fire in the building.
Maybe we start that joy thing tomorrow? What the hell happened? We don't know, everything's on fire, it came out of nowhere.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Get out of here, go.
Is this even real? I have thought of nothing but you and this for so long.
Thought it, but didn't know how to say it.
Or maybe I was afraid to.
And now it just feels like I have a future again.
With you, just like this.
I should never have let you in.
Could've been worse, Dr.
Luckily the sprinklers got it before the fire got to the gas lines.
You're sure this is arson? 100%.
We found multiple points of origin.
Got these patterns here on the wall, traces of accelerant.
What about the security cameras, did they catch anything? Cameras would have caught something if they'd come through this way.
But they didn't.
Whoever did this knew the layout.
Could be a supplier, or Or someone who works here.
Goodwin? Um, excuse me, thank you.
This may seem low priority That criteria has changed.
But you still have your 10:00 with Dr.
Wilder and it is now 11:15.
Can you tell her that the hospital's on fire? And maybe we could reschedule? Clearly that information did not compel her to leave.
Thanks for your patience.
- The ED's clear.
- Thank you, gentlemen.
Brandon? Hi.
Well, yeah, it looks like you've got gout.
That's, like, some old-timey disease, right? Fancy people, sitting around eating all day? Yeah, not so much anymore.
Just like halter tops and headscarves, young people are bringing it back.
Nah, I shouldn't be up in here with no gout.
I'm an athlete, I'm in shape.
You know, my team was in the Final Four just ten years ago.
- Wait, Brandon Dover? - Yeah.
I bet against you in our March Madness pool.
You cost me fifteen bucks.
24 points, seven assists, five rebounds.
You know I was supposed to be the next Derrick Rose? - So why'd you quit? - I didn't.
Basketball quit me.
Candy Storell, vaccinated.
Multiple fractures, lacerations, concussion.
Fell backwards off the fire escape while taking a selfie.
At least she was doing what she loves.
Walsh, let's get her to Trauma One.
Turan, can you take over with Brandon? He needs two doses of ibuprofen every five hours and three doses of Colchicine every eight hours.
Write it down so he gets the timing right.
We're less than a year away from needing our own selfie wing.
What do you got? Let's hear it, people! It looks like a tib-fib fracture.
Some intense reactive inflammation.
Placing a chest tube to evacuate a pneumothorax.
- Shinwari? - Arm is irrigated and sutured.
Nice job, everyone.
Patient is stable and ready for X-ray Too slow! You guys are gonna need to be much faster because the next patient that comes in is not gonna be so straightforward.
Nice job on that arm lac.
All right, let's mobilize for radiology.
Trauma One's a busy place, gotta clear the room! Department policy is to have a general surgery presence for all restricted bowel procedures.
I know the policy.
Your husband sent me to assist, so Then assist.
You wanted to keep it professional, we can keep it professional.
- What was I supposed to do? - Let go.
I couldn't, I can't, not when I have to look your husband in the eye every day.
I mean, let go of my hand.
Now I have to scrub it again.
That's my bad.
While the fire department does their thing, I want your department to create a psychological profile of the arsonist.
Uh, okay, yeah.
But that's a really specialized field, right.
Well, what do you mean? Is there no one on staff who specializes in arson or pyromania? No, no, there is.
Just they're not They're not exactly on staff.
Well then, where are they? Common Room two.
It's so good to see you again, Dr.
Just talk to me.
When you spoke about the future What, was it too soon? - No, it made me sad.
- Sad? Hey.
Why? Just talk to me.
When I was in London, I had this profound feeling.
I was getting Mina settled, being there for my mom, it all just felt so I felt so exposed.
But in the best way.
It made me realize just how much of myself that I put away.
Packed it up, crossed an ocean to become someone else in a place where I have no history.
It was self-preservation, but what's left now? Of me? Being home broke me wide open and I came spilling out in a way that I don't have any interest in boxing back up again, because it felt right.
I felt right.
You can take some time off.
You take a leave of absence, you can take whatever you need.
Max, I need to go home.
For good.
We need to push all elective surgeries.
Any patient that can be transferred, transfer them, and let's double up on security.
- They've already doubled it.
- Then double it again.
Wilder, I see you're getting more use out of this office and I do.
You really have a thing against filing cabinets.
Just prefer a non-traditional approach to organization.
Max Goodwin, medical director, very sorry to keep you both waiting.
When I heard the building was on fire, I did consider fleeing for my life.
Yeah, well, turns out the fire department counts on that.
Except, I was too curious as to why you wanted to meet with me.
What, uh, well Oh, just, okay.
Here's the thing, I'm in a bit of a pickle, a delicate situation.
I'm trying to replace someone in oncology.
Who's leaving? Dr.
Helen Sharpe.
Holy no! I'm not interpreting that.
I have a mouth like a sailor, but Ben is a prude.
It was very explicit.
She's in London, and no one at the hospital knows, so there's a bit of secrecy.
Sharpe is the best there is.
I have always been humbled by her passion, her intelligence, and also, let's face it, she's super foxy.
Well, I don't know about I mean, I don't, we're not Yeah, they're They're big shoes to fill, there's no doubt.
And I'm only a size seven.
But I do make up for it in other ways.
I e-mailed you Dr.
Wilder's CV.
Yeah, I see that, thank you.
Listen, you come very highly recommended by a lot of good people, but what I'm looking for is basically impossible to find.
Sharpe not only has our oncology and hematology departments, but she also chairs a cancer research clinic that, which wow, I see you do as well? The Murtha Cancer Center at Walter Reed Hospital, where I currently practice surgical oncology.
That's very impressive.
Fellowship at NIH, studied at MD Anderson, and recipient of The Order of the Star of Ghana? Oh, I was doing Medecin sans Frontieres outside of Accra, and I saw a few ways to tidy up the irrigation system while I was there.
The badge itself, it's really quite lovely.
Sometimes I'll just wear it out.
Um, wow.
You are literally uh, what am I trying to say? Again, that's why I waited out the fire.
I'm very glad you did, because you are hired.
Let's introduce you to Chairwoman Brantley and we'll get the paperwork started.
The parking is really a nightmare but I think we can find you a spot at the top I can have other photos brought in for you if that's what you need.
You know what I need.
I'm not taking you to a burn site.
That is off the table.
Would you profile a patient from a pile of photographs? That's entirely different.
Fire is not alive.
Fire consumes oxygen, reproduces and moves quickly.
That's more alive than a lot of my cellmates.
It's too dangerous.
What am I gonna do? Escape from the fleet of armed guards? Burn the place down? I'm not a supervillain.
No, no, no, I mean, it's too dangerous for you.
For a pyromaniac, fire is a drug, and for the six years since you were arrested, you have been sober.
Taking you to a burn site would be like sending you off on a bender.
All your progress will be You will not shrink me.
You are not my analyst, I am not your patient.
And my progress is none of your business, is that clear? Yes, Mary.
It is clear.
How calm you sound.
How reassuring.
But that little Iggy mind is in there scheming away, trying to figure out how you can reach me.
Help me heal.
That that was true when we first met.
My job was to analyze inmates.
But right now, I assure you, I am just here for your help.
You're not trying to shrink me? Uh-uh.
Protect me from the only thing I love? Your love killed 13 people, Mary.
Fire is not love, fire is rage.
We're done here.
The accelerant is homemade.
That means he's educated.
It's a medium petroleum distillate, which is uncommon here, but typical in Northern Europe where he's likely from.
And I say he not only because of the distance the gas was tossed, but because of the jagged pattern of how it fell.
You need strength to toss the canister like that, and anger.
Now imagine what I could tell you if you got me out of here.
Brandon Dover, 28-year-old male with extreme abdominal pain, low BP and heart arrhythmia.
I just released him.
Brandon, Brandon, can you hear me? Did you take the meds we gave you? Yeah.
It hurts.
I need a surgical consult.
Trauma One.
We got a bleeder! Got it, suture.
Appendix, liver, spleen, arteries, they all look fine.
They're rock hard.
Ischemic loop of bowel? No sign of thrombus or infection.
Well, he came in for gout, we gave him medication.
It didn't help.
But what if the pharmacy screwed up his meds? Maybe he didn't have gout.
I saw the crystals myself.
Okay, well, what if he did take his meds but maybe he took too many? Why would he OD on Colchicine? Lyn, can we talk? Professionally? Personally.
So what're you gonna do? Give up on your practice, and your patients, and everything that you've built here and go back, and what? - Maybe you should leave.
- No, I won't.
You won't? You won't know how long I've waited to be right here? Now that I'm here, I'm not just gonna leave, just talk to me! Let me try, please let me fight for this.
Okay, all right.
The clinic that I took my mom, they need a new medical director and And they want me.
That's great.
I'll go back and forth every other weekend.
It's what, a six hour flight, why not? You can do the same, we'll be frequent flyers.
We can't have a long-distance relationship without ever having had a short-distance one.
Listen listen to me.
Why not? Why not? I'm here.
Now that I've held you and I've kissed you and I've humiliated myself in front of the entire neighborhood.
How have you humiliated yourself? Hey, New York! I love this woman and now she's trying to dump No, I'm not gonna I'll keep going, I swear to God - I will keep going - No, shh.
Please, Max, stop.
I'm not gonna stop until you tell me - that we're gonna try.
- How? I London, New York, back and forth, Tunisia, I don't care.
Anywhere, as long as we're together.
What about Luna? She can come with me.
She's young enough, it's fine.
It'll be an adventure for her, it'll be an adventure for all of us.
I just want you to say that you're willing to fight for this.
Because if you don't, I'm gonna run through these streets butt naked.
I'll do it.
Literally, I'm taking my pants off right now.
- Here they go.
- No, okay! - Completely - I love you.
I love you.
Do everything you can to secure the hospital.
Police, FBI, call it all in.
- Max.
Max! - Yeah, I'm sorry.
I We're here to help.
All O2 tanks and all other flammable gases need to get disconnected and someone's gotta go around and ensure that all your fire doors are latching.
I hate to ask, but - You don't have to.
- Thank you.
Tell me you got something? Um, well, Miss Wheeler's not exactly compliant.
Iggy, if we don't find this person someone's going to die.
Now get back in there and do whatever you can.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
How you guys holding up? No signs of concussion.
Just a few scrapes and bruises.
Lauren, I hate to do this, but you need to put the ED on diversion.
- On it.
- Claude, let's go over your schedule, see what surgeries we can push.
Sure, I'll be right back, okay? If you hadn't been there I just wanted to apologize.
It's passed, Floyd.
No, no, it hasn't.
I thought we could go back to being friends.
But whenever I'm with your husband, all I do is think about you.
And when we're together, I just keep thinking about him.
You don't think this has been hard on me? He may like you more than I do.
Something's gotta give, Lyn.
Look, either I step down, or Or what? Okay, I need every patient transferred or discharged.
And why isn't Brandon Dover on anti-colchicine fab fragments yet? He is, I just haven't had time to update his file.
How'd he mess up his meds so bad? I have no idea, considering we gave him such explicit instructions.
Bloom? Hey.
I'll just go update that file.
Just go.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
- How's your first day goin'? - Are you serious? It's bad enough you gave me a medal for cleaning out a wound, but why'd you tell everyone we were a couple? Yeah, okay We agreed to wait until they got to know me as a resident.
You were going to treat me like everyone else.
But you're not like everybody else.
You're a fully trained doctor.
They're just a bunch of kids pretending to be doctors.
I would have complimented them too, had the situation been reversed.
But the situation can never be reversed because the other residents aren't sleeping with their boss.
Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I just I was just trying to work my program, you know? Put it all out there.
There's this saying, it's you're only as sick as your secrets, and Lauren? You know what, you were right.
You were totally in the right, and I am wrong.
But I think I know what's going on with my patient.
Must have been zero visibility.
Everywhere you look, just flames, smoke.
Black and orange, orange and black.
Ah, the doctor disapproves.
No, I'm concerned.
You're scared of me.
You have been since you walked into my ward.
The only thing I'm scared of, Mary, is the damage being done to your psyche.
You treat murderers, rapists.
You're alone in rooms with people who could snap you like a twig, and I don't think you break a sweat.
And here you are acting like the nice woman of a certain age is going to take a bite out of you.
Which one of us do you think is having a damaging psychological experience? You know, Mary, patients try to drag their doctors into their pathologies all the time.
When I practiced, there was a weekly occurrence.
But, I hate to break it to you, it's not gonna work.
You said when you practiced.
Why'd you stop? I have an eye for sore spots.
Think I'd make a good shrink? We're done here.
Tell me why you quit and I'll tell you who set the fire.
I needed a change.
The hours were terrible, they were killing me.
I'm giving you a choice between being honest with yourself and watching this place burn.
Why are you making this about me? "She's not too far gone! We can help this woman, we can save her!" You said that at my trial.
- Mm-hmm.
- You yelled at the judge.
You demanded he put me in your ward, not prison, because you could save me.
Iggy, the White Knight, knew everyone can be saved.
Now you've quit.
Now you've left everyone to rot.
Why? When does the White Knight stop trying to save everybody? When he stops believing that people can be saved.
Out of here.
Fire isn't rage, Dr.
Want to know what it is? God writes in pencil, fire's his eraser.
It's not for anger, it's for pain.
That's your profile? The arsonist is in pain? Just like you.
Just like me.
Thank you, Teresa.
I'll catch up with you in a minute.
Hey, so, it was a mistake to bring Mary back into this.
It definitely set her back.
Now the best I got out of her is that the arsonist is trying to erase something.
Erase what? I don't know, I have no idea.
Is there anything that connects the location of the two fires? - Anything? - Not really.
I mean, one was a COVID overflow unit and the other was an auxiliary space for neurology.
And what was it used for last? It was our second COVID overflow unit.
Where else did we annex for COVID patients? Max! Max! Everybody out, now! - When do you fly out? - I have my final interview with the board of directors next week.
They said it's just a formality, but - I'll go with you.
- Really? Yeah.
No, no, wait, sorry, can't that week.
That's Luna's first week of pre-school.
Oh, right.
Yeah, no, definitely cannot miss that.
Why don't you come the following weekend and then I can fly back with you? - Perfect.
- Oh, no, sorry.
That weekend is my visit to Cambridge to visit Mina.
I'm trying to broker a truce between her and my mother.
- Yeah, you gotta do that.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, no problem.
Then you fly back and we will spend the following weekend together.
Um, isn't that the weekend that you usually have your conferences in Colorado? The ones that you're always trying to get me to go to? - You are correct.
- Mm-hmm.
And this is - Crazy.
- Crazy.
There's gotta be one weekend that we can spend together? Of course there is.
- Yeah.
- Let's let's not do this now, 'cause I don't want to ruin this.
It's not ruined.
It's just a scheduling thing.
It's gonna work.
I want it to, Max.
I really want it to.
And it will.
That's your name, right? You lost someone? Your wife? I can imagine what that's like.
Can you? Working in this hospital and not being allowed in that room.
Just to say goodbye.
Because of protocol, rules.
She was in our COVID unit.
Right, the one that burned down today? You mean, the room you asked me to make "sunny" by covering it up? That room, where my wife died? That graveyard you asked me to erase? I understand.
And I'm sorry.
But above this room was our third COVID unit.
Bet you knew that already, but did you know that it's back to being our daycare center? Where my daughter was playing.
- If anything happened to her - That's him.
Don't move.
I might want to burn it all down, too.
Let's go.
Um, I need to correct something that I said to you earlier about protecting you.
I can't.
I can't protect you.
And the truth is, no matter how much you prepare, how solid your boundaries are, there will always be patients that just consume you.
They will ruin family dinners, they will doom first dates, and you'll dread seeing them because they scare the ever-loving hell out of you.
The thing that I failed to mention about the whole healing souls thing is that it comes with a hefty price tag.
It's a piece of your own soul.
So the patient is Mary W.
She is a 60-year-old psychopathic pyromaniac who exhibits highly manipulative and sadistic tendencies.
She's being transferred here today from the corrections ward because she wants our help.
But I don't see patients anymore.
You do.
So do I have any takers? Brandon, I think I know why you messed up the dosage.
When I was younger, nobody cared about my education.
As long as I could ball.
Not the school, not the coaches.
I was their meal ticket.
It's always been that way, even throughout college.
Nobody wanted to hear about my dyslexia, couldn't even get it diagnosed.
When I blew out my knee, that was it.
I couldn't play, couldn't keep my scholarship.
Couldn't read.
Okay, here's my card.
So you can recognize my number when I call you.
This ain't your problem, Dr.
Once your issues out there become a problem in here, it's my job to fix it.
You left the O2 sat meter on the counter.
It always has to go back on the wall in the receptor where it belongs.
The next time an asthmatic comes in, sucking for air, I can't be hunting around trying to find it.
You got that? Am I making myself clear? Yes.
Yes, Dr.
I'll put it back from now on.
Look who's back in action.
Nurse Kamoe, I believe this calls for music.
Hey ma, what's up, let's slide, all right Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Let me guess, you and your girl work things out? We did, but still figuring out some details.
And we gon' get it on tonight Yo now I was downtown clubbin', ladies night I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess this interview didn't go quite as smoothly as your others.
Well, there's definitely more smoke damage.
Yeah, look, we're criminally underfunded.
We are always in the red.
We've got unfilled repair orders from 1973.
And I'm losing more doctors and nurses from burnout than I can even keep up with.
So, I get it, if you want to say no.
- Max.
- Max.
You don't build a good hospital with money.
You build it with good people.
And you have that in spades.
I would love to work here.
You would? That's amazing! But I can't accept.
You want someone to replace Dr.
Something tells me Dr.
Sharpe is not replaceable.
Whoever follows in her footsteps will be a disappointment.
My advice? Don't let her go.
But it was certainly a memorable interview.
Oh, hi.
How was your flight? It was sad, upsetting.
More joy.
That's what I told myself.
That's what I learned.
If anything, over these last 18 months, that's what I need.
And that's you, you're my joy.
Did you find my replacement? No one can replace you.
But I think I found someone to replace me.
What? I'm going with you.
More joy.

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