New Amsterdam (2018) s04e02 Episode Script

We're in This Together

1 Previously on "New Amsterdam" Why'd you tell everyone we were a couple? - Yeah, okay, look - We agreed you were going to treat me like everyone else.
As your newly minted psych residency director, you will be on this ward with real patients, and you will have me in supervision as your teacher.
You and your girl work things out? We did, but still figuring out some details.
You want someone to replace Dr.
Something tells me Dr.
Sharpe is not replaceable.
Don't let her go.
- Did you find my replacement? - I'm going with you.
Oh, God, I forgot to ask what Brantley said when you told her that you were leaving.
Brantley? I'm sorry, who's Brantley? - I'm not familiar.
- Aw, Max.
I'm gonna tell her.
I'm gonna tell her, I just I'm just trying to have my replacement all lined up, because I don't want to give her a full-blown heart attack.
Oh, wow.
Sparing Brantley's heart palpitations have never been a top priority for you before.
Better late than never? Okay.
And what about Luna's grandparents? Do they know? I'm working on it.
We leave in six weeks.
Okay, Helen, come here, come here, come here.
I am gonna tell them, okay? I'm gonna tell everyone.
I'm gonna tell strangers.
Maybe even tomorrow, but not tonight.
Because tonight, all I want is dim sum in bed with you.
You are going to get dim sum - Really? - And then some Ooh.
- Once you tell everyone.
- Oh, I see.
- Bye.
- Have a good day.
Hear ye! It is that time of year again, folks.
It is the Harvest Festival tonight at the rooftop garden.
Please join me for free drinks.
The broccoli is coming in hot.
Oh, yeah, she just turned it down flat.
Casey, have you ever seen such ripe, tender heads pressed up against one another like that? - What? - The thing, man, tonight.
You coming? Yo, if I give you some of the best gossip ever, can I skip it? - No.
- Come on! Damn it, I gotta tell somebody.
It's just too good.
I just saw Max and Helen totally making out over by the ambulance bay.
But no, they're Yeah, they're friends.
- They're good friends.
- Yeah, that were suckin' face.
They're overly physical communicators.
- They talk with their hands.
- Are you telling me that you had never any idea what was going on between them? Casey, although it is a blessing and a curse, behavioral analysis is my superpower, okay? If there was ever any romantic inclination between Max and Helen, I'd have been the first to suss is out.
Okay? Now just shush.
Come tonight.
Eat broccoli.
I Thanks for the lift, best boss ever.
Yeah, well, don't thank me just yet.
Uh, Iggy is having his weird harvest thing tonight, and as your awful girlfriend, I am forcing you to be my plus-one.
- Sounds great! - Does it though? Good morning, Dr.
Morning, Dr.
What's with the smile? Oh, I guess my 6:00 a.
spinal fusion surgery has got me really, really happy.
Ah, well, that would sound strange, but suddenly I find myself very excited about my pelvic laparoscopy.
Assuming you'll walk with me.
I passed my elevator about 30 seconds ago.
I'll try to keep you entertained.
Well, you set the bar really high last night.
You more than cleared it.
I have a few hours after work, and maybe if you're free, we can You just can't get enough, can you? What's up? I'm late for my surgery.
Yo, what'd I say? It's unclear if you know this, but I am actually a very busy surgeon.
Well, I have a job offer for you.
- But I already said no.
- Not to the job I'm about to offer, and spoiler alert, it is the best job that we've got.
What's better than the chair of oncology? Medical director of New Amsterdam.
Uh! No.
- No.
- No? And, had I known this is why you wanted to meet again, I would have saved you the trouble.
Um, maybe you're Maybe you're in shock at being offered the very prestigious position of medical director at America's first public hospital? Dr.
Luke to neonatal.
Luke to neonatal.
Nah, I feel pretty levelheaded about it.
Would you would you tell me why? Because I killed for this job.
I mean, I love this job.
This is the greatest job in the entire world.
Catastrophic emergency, Max! That's your answer, in a nutshell.
Makes sense.
Okay, would you do me a professional courtesy and just think about it and take the day and get back to me maybe? - Maybe? - Max! Okay! Go.
- Yes? - Go, go.
I'll think about it.
Thank you.
- What was that about? - Uh, I'm not sure.
Oh, Max, why didn't you just tell me? Oh.
Um, I don't know.
I was just looking for the right time, and, uh It's our ICU, Max.
If it's understaffed, I need to know before something like this happens.
You're talking about our ICU.
Totally makes sense.
I completely agree.
We are understaffed.
We should have five attendings per shift.
We're barely getting by with two.
And now those two, Dr.
Perez and Dr.
Agata, - are down with food poisoning.
- Oh.
And there's no backup, no one to cover.
So you're saying no one's running our ICU? This is why I keep telling you we need more doctors, Karen.
COVID burnout is real.
You'd think they have more sense of duty to this hospital than to just leave.
Well, it's not just about sense of duty to the hospital.
I mean, these people face all kinds of stress for this hospital; they've had to question every priority, every value they've ever had.
Not to mention, some of 'em fell in love, you know.
Finally put love first for once instead of denying it for so well, maybe, I don't know.
Uh, we need doctors.
That's what I'm saying.
Triage nurse to the ER We have 22 patients, two transfers on the way, at least nine procedures piling up on the to-do list - Oh, right, and no doctors.
- Then shut it down.
Send these patients to other hospitals.
They're too sick.
Some of them won't even survive transport.
Can't we farm them out to other areas of the hospital? No, they need the specialized care they can only get here.
If this ICU fails, the whole hospital goes down.
We gotta make this work.
How? Who's gonna take over? I will.
- Somebody help us over here.
- What happened? We were out fishing to celebrate his retirement.
Bluefish, stripers, some tuna.
Terry, they don't give a damn about the fish.
You never know what's important.
- We go every year.
- We get all set up.
- Nice new hooks and everything - Terry, for the love of God.
And when we got to the dock, all of a sudden Joe just stops talking.
- Okay.
- Which is alarming, because Joe never shuts up, like, never.
It's like the man gets paid by the word.
- No offense, buddy.
- He's gonna be okay, right? Hey, Joe, do me a favor.
Can you lift your right arm? Is it numb? Is it tingly? Yeah, it looks like he's having a stroke.
Let's get him a CT scan.
Do you sell what you steal? - No.
- So why steal at all? I don't know.
The things I take, I don't even want 'em.
It's crazy, but in my head, it's not stealing.
But Kevin, where's the empathy? You are stealing.
Imagine if it were someone you loved.
What if you stole from your dad? All right, I'm gonna pause you right there.
Uh, Miguel, amazing.
Great job bringing Klepto Kevin to life, man, killin' it.
Oh, gosh, it's such a great role.
You were born to play it, clearly.
Chitto, I'm sorry I cut you off back there, but there was a big-time tactical error that we need to talk about.
- But he was opening up.
- No, yeah, I realize that.
But try not to focus on what he was saying, more on how he was saying it His voice, his demeanor, his tears.
Does all that suggest a lack of empathy? Crap.
Also, in last week's reading, we hit on the common parental archetypes of kleptomaniacs, and the big one was - Withholding parents.
- Exactly, withholding parents.
So when you're withholding empathy and shaming him for his dad, in Kevin's mind, guess who you are? His dad.
Okay? Good luck building that trust back.
This is This is transference 101, yeah? Okay.
All right, guys, come on.
Let's lose the long faces.
Getting adjustments is good, as long as take what you learn here and you apply it to your real-life patients.
All right? That goes for everybody.
So why don't we move past these, um these rookie mistakes and, uh, crush one? Miguel, ready to drop in, find your center? Chitto? Take two.
Kevin, I think Okay, I'm gonna jump in right here.
- Have you considered - No, not not quite.
No! Oh, no! Mamma mia, no.
That was definitely a choice.
Guys, guys, come on.
Listen to one another.
No, no, no, no, no.
Definitely not that.
Cut! Nope, change tact.
Mm, no, okay, that's it.
That's it.
That's enough.
- Any notes for me? - No, Miguel.
You're perfection.
Heart attack during a symphony concert last night.
- And this bruise? - Oh, I fell out of my chair when the chest pain hit.
- Oboist screamed.
- Oh.
And people say symphonies are dull.
She's had several waves of chest pain overnight.
Should I increase her IV nitro drip? Uh, yes, let's do that.
Will do, Dr.
- I may be out of practice.
- Oh, you? No.
- I bring platelets.
- Great, thank you.
Today is gonna be kind of a day.
I heard.
And Wilder, did she say yes? Uh, she said no, quite a few times, actually.
- But I did - Dr.
Sort of convince her to, um, think about it.
We still have 19 patients left on rounds.
Platelets are for Bay Five.
Cop Copy.
So I hear you got into a nasty fight with a mountain.
Must have fallen, I don't know, 60 feet.
Oh, my God, how terrifying.
My partner and I, we've been climbing together such a long time.
Do you know, is he here? Um, I haven't seen him.
He may have been taken to another hospital.
Could you find out? His name's Garrett Turner.
- He got it way worse than me.
- Of course.
Uh, Helen, two more just rolled in, and I got an acute leukemic in Bay Six.
- Can you take a look? - Max, why didn't you pull in some help from another department? Uh, which one? They're all understaffed.
If I can keep us afloat long enough for Perez and Agata to recover Max, that was me saying I'm in.
I'm staying.
I would kiss you, but - I need to talk to someone.
- Oh, I know.
Me too.
It's amazing, isn't it? - What is? - Max and Helen.
I mean, finally.
All that sexual tension just brewing for years.
Wait, weren't they already a thing? Are you kidding? No.
But Casey said they definitely are now, so.
Okay, great.
Well, they're two adults.
Nothing's standing in their way.
It's no big deal.
How do you enjoy any movie ever? Okay, look, the, uh, woman I'm seeing, I said I was excited to see her, and all of a sudden she just froze me out.
Like, I don't even know what I said.
Mm, I'm gonna stop you right there.
I'm gonna save you some time.
The thing about women is they just want to hear two words.
"I'm sorry.
" That's it.
It's a silver bullet to any argument.
I actually could have saved myself three hours of processing last night if I followed my own advice.
Bloom, Casey needs you.
O2 sat's dropping.
- CT scan? - Negative.
Isn't a stroke, and he's crashing fast.
Okay, we're back to square one.
I need more information.
Give me some history.
Nothing happened out there on the boat? No, nothing.
Well, how's he been feeling? Has he been sick recently? He's had some back pain, but that's all of us.
- We work in construction.
- Yeah, if you're collecting a paycheck, you're in pain.
What else? Think! I mean, he had the flu or something last month.
- Is that what you mean? - Yeah, yeah, he even called out sick, stayed home a couple days.
Yeah, and that's not like Joe.
- Post-viral myocarditis? - Worse.
Given the arm numbness, post-viral Guillain-Barré syndrome.
His whole nervous system is shutting down.
- Carla has V-fib.
- Pulseless VT.
Let's start chest compressions.
Come on, Carla.
I need help over here! Hello? We're losing him! Anyone? Clear.
I got a pulse.
No pulse.
Going again.
He's back.
- She's back.
- Carla, are you with me? - I think so.
- Good.
What the hell, Max? - We're getting through it.
- This isn't short-staffed.
- This is not staffed.
- I know.
What do you want me to do? I'm not gonna close our doors.
You need to ask for more help.
Who? Whose help am I supposed to ask My help.
You should have asked for my help.
Well, I wanted to, but what about your residents? They're fine.
They got Walsh and an iPad.
I'm staying here with you.
Sleep with the boss, ride to work in a limo.
Girl, give me that gig.
Yeah, how late you think she got to sleep in? Must be nice is all I'm saying.
It's more of a town car than a limo.
Hey, it isn't personal.
Then what is it? Just be aware of your privilege, okay? Privilege? I'm not privileged.
Six months ago I was living in my car.
Well, you've come a long way, baby.
That iPad with all the emergency medicine textbooks downloaded on it, we share one of those between the three of us, so we have to study in shifts.
Yeah, and we share a cruddy studio in Morris Heights, three buses away.
You know, we have to wake up at 4:00 a.
just to get here on time.
That the Littmann 3M? I can barely hear a jackhammer with this thing, let alone a heart murmur.
But it's all I got.
So just know, from where we're standing You're looking pretty privileged to us.
I want to get it even more.
Tell me what it's about.
Own your feelings.
There's a pressure inside of me, and, uh When I see something that I can take, it just builds and builds.
- Man, that sounds really hard.
- Pause.
Why did you interrupt me? I was being empathetic.
That's what you told me to do.
Your impulse is correct; the timing is bad.
I'm in the room with you.
I can read these decisions.
Okay? All right, so why don't we explore that pressure that Kevin mentioned? How does that make him feel? You don't know, because you cut him off before he could finish telling you.
If you had let him finish, he would have told you that it makes him feel like he wants to hurt himself.
If you cut him off, if you If you slam that window of honesty, that could be it, that could be his life.
Got it? Okay.
If a patient is trying to share with you, listen.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Drop back in.
Here we go.
So there's a pressure, builds and builds inside of me, and if I feel like if I don't take it, something awful is going to happen.
You know, it sounds like this is rooted in conflict with your father.
No; Way, way, way too soon to drop the dad bomb.
That came out of left field.
That's You can't you can't have a patient's epiphany for them.
Your job is to gently guide them to it.
You got it? No, I don't got it.
I have been working with patients for months.
I've helped people.
And real patients let me talk for more than five seconds.
I can see that I've upset you.
I know this is hard.
All right? But believe me when I tell you it is so much better to be stopped before you make the huge mistake.
All right? That goes for everyone.
That's all of you.
Not just you.
And based on what I've seen in here today, from now on, I'm gonna be sitting in on all of your actual sessions.
And if you're going down a dangerous path, I will jump in.
I'll be there.
All right? Now, I know that seems like a lot, because, quite frankly, it is.
And I promise you guys, one of these days, you will thank me for it.
Okay? Why don't you take a break.
Next resident, please.
Come on, next resident.
Don't be scared.
Come on in.
Uh, where are all my residents? They walked out.
Look, I know you're mad, but I just want to say I'm sorry.
I really I really am.
- You're sorry? - Yeah.
For what, exactly? I am sorry for earlier.
Earlier? Like, when I said that you couldn't get enough, I wasn't implying that you were, like, a nymphomaniac, or that your husband couldn't get the job done.
This has nothing to do with my husband or sex.
You treated this like I'm committing adultery.
Right, and I did not want to make you feel that way.
Although it is adultery, isn't it? That's what you think this is? I mean, well, you are married and also sleeping with me.
It doesn't change the fact that I'm the other guy.
Of course it does.
I'm not screwing you behind my husband's back, Floyd.
I'm in a relationship with you.
At least I thought I was.
Hypertensive patient going down fast.
Uh, yeah.
Hey Carla, how you feeling? - "Flight of the Bumblebee"? - That's right.
Reminds me of you, running around here nonstop.
Yeah, I hear that one's a nightmare for orchestras.
Oh, yeah.
It's a beast.
But I can play it in my sleep.
Bet you can.
I'm gonna start you on diltiazem drip to level out your AFib, okay? Yeah, it goes all over the scale and never lands anywhere.
All that Sturm und Drang for nothing.
Hypotensive patient, Bay Four.
- Triple A about to blow.
- Carla, I promise you, this is not for nothing.
Ah! - Already on it.
- Ah, my leg.
Okay, swelling and bleeding are up.
Oh, it hurts, Doc.
The platelets we gave you to clot your blood have made things worse; we need to reverse course and give you blood thinners instead.
I'm bleeding and you want to give me something that's gonna make me bleed more? It sounds backwards, but it works.
And if it doesn't? Dr.
Sharpe, your leukemic patient's febrile.
Be right there.
I'll be right back.
Victoria? Have you seen any nurses? - I'm looking for my Triple A - Yep, Bay Four.
Transfer from the seventh floor, GI bleed.
- Tachy and hypotensive.
- Uh, I'll take it.
Hey, how's life? Triple A in Bay Four.
- Let's go to Six.
- On my way.
Transfer from the ED.
Pneumonia on BiPAP.
Heading for a tube fast.
- I've got this one.
- What are you doing? Triple A in Bay Four! Gonna need an intubation kit and a vent, stat! - You gonna take the new admit? - I'm surgery.
Who's got the new admit? He's got V-tach.
All right.
- Young man, can you speak to me? - Yes, yes.
Is ICU down? Okay, I've got this.
Just take the Triple A in Bay Four, and tell Flores she's up.
Since when do you work the ICU? Since there's no one else.
I don't get it, Gladys.
I just don't get it.
That's not true.
I do, I get it.
I get nobody likes having their mistakes pointed out, you know.
But to just get up and leave? They just left! They fell short! I mean, I'm doing my job.
It is literally my job to correct them.
Oh, bullpucky! That's a little harsh and old-fashioned.
Your job isn't correcting them.
It's to help them become better doctors.
And since every last one of your residents left today wanting to throw out their career or throw you out a window, what's more likely? That you got a room full of dunces or that the person falling short today is you? Mm.
All right.
I hear you.
I guess that maybe I am falling a little bit short of everyone's expectations.
Including my own.
But that doesn't change the fact that these are doctors.
They're treating real people with real issues, and I can't just risk them failing.
But Iggy, they will fail.
I mean, when you were starting out, didn't you? Dr.
What are you doing out of bed? Your ruptured spleen could blow any minute! Did you hear anything about Garrett, my climbing partner? He's at Baptist.
I don't know anything else.
I'm waiting for a call back from his doctors.
Now, come on.
Come on.
- We were rappelling.
- Mm-hmm.
We were tied on to opposite ends of the same rope.
Going too fast, overconfident.
I got snagged.
I came off the line.
Garrett fell.
I I hit a ledge, but he just kept going.
He just fell such a long way.
I just need to know.
I'll call them again.
I won't be using these anymore, and I will be taking the bus to work from this point on.
Okay, so I guess you'll be finishing your residency never? You have given me access to wonderful things, things I've never had before, but I And I like them, I do.
I really, really do.
I feel like there's a "but" coming.
But I'm becoming like a different person, a person with privilege.
Bay Eight, Bay Eight.
How do you think half the people here got ahead, myself included? Yes, I am a super sweet Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Take this, take this.
Yes, I am a super sweet doctor with a super sweet bedside manner, but easy access to textbooks, top-notch equipment, a good night's sleep Those things make you better.
Not a single one of those residents would give up those things if they had them, so why should you? I've always scraped by, done the best I could with what little I had.
Now all these fancy things you make me feel like that's the reason I'm successful, like I didn't earn it.
ER physician to 3, stat.
- ER physician to 3, stat.
- It's Joe.
Heart rate's slowing.
It's not GBS.
What am I missing? - Symptoms? - Back pain, ocular ptosis, aphasia, respiratory failure, arm weakness, now bradycardia.
Descending paralysis? He was out on the boat with his buddies.
Bring me everything he had out on the water.
Why are you still here? Because where the hell is everyone else? Also a very good question.
What you got? - Persistent V-tach.
- Carotid pulse is good.
Yeah, but I don't have a radial pulse.
Let's check for bleeds.
Clavicle's out of alignment.
Oh, the seat belt must have dislocated his clavicle, pushed it into his shoulder, and now it's blocking the brachial artery, which is irritating the left atrium.
Okay, yep.
Okay, I'm gonna sit you up here, Ferris, okay? I know, I know.
All right.
You're gonna feel a tug.
One, two - Let this go.
- Whoa.
- Thank you.
- All right.
You all right? - Clavicle's back in place.
- Pulse is good.
All right, cool.
Yeah, go, I got it from here.
Oh, yes.
Yes! This is amazing, because you wouldn't be here in person if the answer was - No.
- No.
Really? I wanted to tell you in person.
The answer is still no.
Uh Listen.
Um My brother, Adam, my younger brother, he's a paranoid schizophrenic.
He's been in and out of facilities most of his life.
But since the pandemic, he's been living with me.
It's changed us for the better.
He is my priority now, not my work.
New Amsterdam deserves a medical director who's gonna put the hospital first.
Nurse Foster, please dial 819 Speaking of.
- It's Carla, BP bottomed out.
- Up the Levophed.
- Maxed out.
- Dobutamine? All the pressers are maxed out.
We have no room to move.
Okay, then, um then we do an intra-aortic balloon pump.
That takes the entire ICU staff in the best of times.
Does this look like the best of times? We're doing an intra-aortic balloon pump.
Max, you should have closed the ICU and transferred Carla hours ago.
Now it's too late.
You can't put in a balloon pump alone.
Carla can't live with a blood pressure of 60/40.
She needs helping; I'm helping.
I don't know how to do anything else.
All right, well, if we're gonna do this, she needs to be maximally oxygenated.
- Thank you.
- I need you.
- Intra-aortic balloon.
- Here? Yes.
You'll need ultrasound guidance.
- Right now? Yep.
Where's the rest of the team? What you see is what you get.
That isn't enough access.
Ventricular assist.
Prepping an arterial cutdown.
Sliding in the trocar, and now threading in the balloon.
All right.
Here we go.
A little further.
How's placement? South of the subclavian artery.
North of superior mesenteric.
Floyd? Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Ah, come on, you can do better.
Now we're talking.
What are you all doing here? Don't worry, gonna have you playing your flute again in no time.
But not "Flight of the Bumblebee.
" How long have you felt like this? Always.
My sister thinks I'm the one that has it together.
My sister is so brave.
She's so free.
I envy her, and I hate what that does to us.
What should I do? Well What if you're the one who has it together? Joe, how often do you change the leaves? What? It's got to steep.
I let it sit there a few days.
- That's how you got botulism.
- Botulism? - What? - Yep.
The bacteria was growing in your thermos in these chamomile leaves.
Oh! Wait, wait, wait, wait, Joe almost died from chamomile tea? That's a pretty rough obituary, man.
I mean, chamomile? Yeah, they got it on tap at my yoga place.
Yoga? Joe.
Who hurt you? It's called self-care, Terry.
Doc, tell him.
Yoga is great.
He's right.
- You should all give it a try.
- Yeah.
Can any of you big lugs bend down and touch your toes? I didn't think so.
I wrote my resignation letter over the weekend.
This past year's just just been too much.
Too much grief, too much suffering.
I never felt like I could do enough up here.
Today was supposed to be my last day.
I get it.
I'm just sorry it was like this.
I'm not.
You, the other docs, your friends, man, pitching in, holding things together I mean for the first time in a long time, I felt like we weren't alone here.
So you're thinking maybe maybe Eh, I'll stick around.
Thank God.
I can't fill another empty spot because my list is too long and you're too good.
So I've been thinking about what you said earlier.
- You have? - Yep.
Not a chance.
I am not gonna let you give up all the important things that you need to get ahead.
- But - Because I'm gonna give them to all the residents.
New iPads, new equipment, all of it.
Everyone deserves a level playing field.
You're gonna pay for that? For everyone? No.
You are.
Because you are gonna start paying rent.
So you don't think for a second that you don't deserve all the wonderful things that you have.
Not for a second.
Iggy just described this year's harvest to Brantley as "buxom.
" I'm sorry, Lyn.
And this time, I know what I'm apologizing for.
I made this about sex Because I thought that's all I was allowed to have.
But it's killing me because I do want more.
I want something real.
I I want to hear stories about people I don't know and will never meet.
I want to walk out of terrible plays with you and laugh for years.
I want all of you.
And if I can't have that, then We can have all that.
Yeah? Just Not here.
Then let's take a walk.
See where we end up.
Wrong roof.
Guess you already knew that.
My patient's climbing partner, Garrett Turner He didn't make it.
They were out on this massive rock face together, tethered but they they just got out of balance with each other.
Look, I know that I didn't ask you to come to London.
That was your choice, and I am really excited that you're making this move with me.
But it's like we're tethered together and we're climbing the same mountain and we're on the same rope.
And I I actually don't know if I trust you Like, to to be my partner.
You're not preparing to leave.
You're not even telling anyone.
And because we are in this together, I, um I fear that you you're gonna take me down with you.
We should go.
They're waiting.
Well, well, well, look who decided to show up together, huh? So apparently today is the day when I get everything wrong.
Y'all do make a cute couple.
Yeah, but what's your, like, couple name? Uh, Helmax? Goodsharpe? I can't believe I actually care about this.
This is amazing.
We have a little announcement to make.
Speech, speech, speech! Just say it already! You guys aren't making this any easier.
Sharpe Dr.
Sharpe and I are leaving.
We're leaving New Amsterdam and we're moving to London.
It's so nice to hear from you.
I'm a little busy at the moment.
Can I call you back? New Amsterdam? Well, I'll have to think about it.

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