New Amsterdam (2018) s04e03 Episode Script

Same As It Ever Was

1 If you were going to move to another country, you wouldn't tell me at a party, right? You still upset? Not that they're together.
I mean, that part could not have taken any longer.
But moving to London? What about the hospital? Max is the glue.
He holds us together.
New Amsterdam survived before him.
It'll survive after him.
Plus, they have a new deputy chair of surgery who's kicking ass.
You know he was the first person there to believe in me? You know, I've never said this out loud before, but he's kind of my hero.
- He's not dying.
- Feels like he is.
- And Helen - She was always there whenever I needed a friend.
First Vijay, now this? What's next, Gladys? It's oh God, I can't even that's not It's too much, too fast.
What if the new medical director goes back to the way it was? I mean, do I quit? I just I don't know.
Stop talking.
Yes, ma'am.
I think I can help.
How am I gonna survive five days without you? Relax.
They don't need your anxiety, they need your support.
Just be happy for them.
Why should they be the only ones having - exciting new sex, right? - Right.
This is the morning song! Sing along.
Come on.
- It's Miss Abigail.
- But is she in the apartment? Just on YouTube.
I think we're fine.
I think we have five minutes.
Let's get this day started with today is Waffle, waffle, waffle.
- Oh, dear God.
- One sec.
Waffle, waffle, waffle.
You want waffles? Who wants waffles? - Me.
- You do? Do you want extra gooey syrup? I think so.
Let's get some.
- Looking for the six? - I'm I'm sorry, what? It's all good.
Tourists always get confused, but this isn't a subway entrance.
- It's actually a hospital.
- You don't say.
Guessing you already knew that.
Well, it was the hundreds of people walking around in scrubs that kind of tipped me off.
Do you happen to know where there's a Dr.
Max Goodwin? You know what? He's off campus today.
But I can take you up to his assistant.
Oh no need.
No need, Dr.
? - Reynolds.
- Dr.
Besides, I think it's best that Max not be here for this.
Welcome to the NovaCo Five-Borough Science Fair.
I'm Ron Elgin, chief advancement officer for NovaCo.
And I'd like to introduce our judge for the festivities.
Let's give a warm welcome to Dr.
Max Goodwin.
Thank you guys.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you to Ron and to NovaCo for putting this together.
This is amazing.
When I was your age, I built a can crusher for my science fair, and it was not the coolest.
I didn't win, but it did crush cans like nobody's business.
So I'm very excited to see what neat things you guys have come up with.
Let's judge.
It's about automated segmentation for color quantification in African cichlid fish.
Question: Should I still be the judge if the only word I got there was fish? I got a college lab to let me use - their 3-D printer for accuracy.
- Oh.
Good for you.
Looks expensive.
Wow, even the old volcano guy is crushing it.
This is amazing.
Smoke and everything.
Even dinosaurs.
Very cool.
Picking a winner won't be easy.
Yeah, what about a 14-way tie? Is that a turnip? - I grew it myself.
- Not the flashiest entry.
You'll change your mind when I tell you how this turnip's - gonna fix the world.
- Okay.
Imani Moore, bring it on.
So this is a smart suture.
It's what most American hospitals use.
It's coated with sensors that are like tiny thermometers.
Infection raises temperature, so when your wound's heat goes up, it uses smartphone technology to alert your doctor.
We have these at our hospital.
They're super cool, right? Unless you live in a place where your doctors can't afford smartphones.
Then the smart suture's a dumb piece of thread that knows you might die but can't tell anybody.
Yeah, that does seem less cool now.
Suture number two: No sensors, no thermometers.
Made from a common turnip.
And it knows if you have an infection just as fast as the fancy one.
Infection doesn't just change a wound's temperature.
It also changes its pH.
And the natural pH level of a turnip-infused suture will, upon infection, change color.
So when it does, you go to the doctor.
See, smart sutures need phones, high-speed Internet, 1,800 microscopic thermometers.
I just need a root vegetable.
Imani, this could save lives.
How did you come up with this? I'm a first generation immigrant, Dr.
Surgical site infections in impoverished countries are nine times higher than in America.
That's some ripe you-know-what, so I'm gonna fix it.
, if I win, I plan to use the prize money to help pay for Banneker Medical School, which would get me a big step closer to my goal.
And what is that? Like I said, I'm gonna fix the world.
Any new life-changing announcements - I should brace myself for? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I just spent my first full night at Max's.
And it was eye-opening.
Okay, if you think I can be bought off by salacious gossip The man snores.
I'm on, like, zero sleep right now.
It's not just the snoring.
He's messy.
He's really messy.
Like, Luna is the clean one.
And he's disorganized.
His place is cramped.
My closet is bigger than his entire apartment.
But to be fair, your closet It's amazing.
And to top it all off, he was out of toilet paper.
I mean, is this my life now? My God.
At least you're not freaking out about the little things.
I was so busy falling in love, I forgot that being together actually meant living together.
Maybe you should dump him.
At least then we get to keep at least one of you.
It's just a thought.
Here is your medal for first place.
And perhaps better yet, your check for $50,000.
I can't believe this is happening.
It's about to get better.
Follow me.
Ron, I'd like to introduce you to the future, Miss Imani Moore.
Great project.
- Thank you.
- And because NovaCo's underwriting all of this, they can make your idea a reality.
And New Amsterdam wants in.
We'd like to preorder $35,000 worth.
How does that sound? I gotta call my parents.
Max, NovaCo already produces a chemically based smart suture.
Yeah, but this is totally different.
I mean, it uses turnips.
And after all of the R&D that went into our sutures, they'll never cannibalize those margins with a similar product.
But you own her concept.
So what are you going to do with her research? To be honest? Shelve it.
Shelve it? She still won, Max.
It's a great honor.
She should be very proud.
Wandy Agliar in the house.
- Look out now.
- Are you always this peppy? Yes, I am.
What are you gonna do about it, huh? So how's my star resident today? What what are you doing? You out there mending hearts? - Changing lives? - Actually I'm only a modernist on the surface.
Deep down, I'm really just Jung at heart.
Oh no you didn't.
Oh, my God.
You know you get extra points, for puns in this department, right? - I didn't know there were points.
- I have a chart in my office.
You have a point chart? - Yeah.
- Sorry, Gladys, is Dr.
Agliar our powerhouse or what? Sorry it's actually about one of your patients, Olivia Torres.
Olivia? I just saw her yesterday.
Why? What happened? She committed suicide.
Tyler Grace, 35, penetrating gunshot wound to his shoulder.
Shooting at a supermarket near 123rd.
- The guy had an AR-15.
- You're about to be swamped.
Okay trauma one, let's pull Leyla and Roxana to assist.
On it.
Roxana, Leyla.
Male, 40s, GSW to the abdomen.
- Walsh.
- On it.
- Go with him.
- Let's go.
Female, 52, GSW to both legs.
Okay, keep her moving.
Keep her moving.
14-year-old male, single GSW lower left leg.
I need the ED cleared.
Let's move him in there.
I need surgery down here now.
- Another shooting? - We're getting slammed.
When does it end? I need to take this one up for a CT scan for a CTA.
Bloom, we can't get the patient ventilated.
You're with me.
- What's the problem? - The bullet The bullet shattered the scapula, the ribs, - and the clavicle.
- And dropped the lung.
We're having difficulty oxygenating him.
Okay, let's place a chest tube and get him to the OR.
Floyd, what is it? I know him.
So because I won, NovaCo's just gonna bury my research.
I know, I know, but hey, 50 grand for med school.
- That's a big deal.
- For myself.
How can I feel good about that when I was trying to foster global health equity for millions of others? Look, this sucks.
If you're trying to break the system, you're gonna run into this feeling a lot.
Trust me.
But ask anyone who's changed the world.
They'll tell you the same thing.
You got to be bold.
It's not about when they say no.
It's about what you do next.
Hmm, you're right, Dr.
Oh, that's very bold.
I was kind of thinking maybe you just had another idea.
I'm in the world-changing business.
So let's be bold together.
How can I help? - Oh! - Oh, my Sorry.
- Pardon me.
- No, I'm sorry.
Helen, I just heard the news.
Big change.
Oh, um, yes, well it, um, it was time.
Wait, so is the oncology department really in that much trouble? No, of course not.
The department is fine.
I have to apologize.
Do we know each other? No, no, no, no.
I'm the one who needs to apologize because you don't know me from Adam.
Oh good.
I know everything about you, though.
- Excuse me? - Dr.
Helen? From the telly.
- I'm sure it's really bad but - Course.
But I have a question.
I couldn't help but connect the dots.
So Max is moving to London, and you're moving to London.
- So the two of you - Yes.
Well, that's good.
That's good, then, that you're both leaving.
Really? And why is that? Well I mean, because he's clearly your superior At work I mean.
And that could get you into a lot of trouble with HR, so Excuse me? I didn't catch your name.
Well, the flood of patients has finally subsided.
We're back under control.
Hey, how did Leyla do back there? This my life now? Spying on your girlfriend for you? Obviously.
Spill it.
What can I say? She has excellent technique.
Her experience shows.
Okay, don't test me, Casey.
I will break you.
- Who ran the trauma? - Roxana.
And who attempted the initial intubation? That was also Roxana.
So Leyla's just gonna fade back? Let everyone else shine? No way.
No, she has to step it up.
Glad you dating a resident hasn't made things weird around here.
Today was rough.
You know, I remember losing a patient my first year out of med school.
Gabriel Amato.
I still remember our last session.
Just leveled me all the way down.
I had to take an entire week off.
So anyway, I wanted to let you know that I read your SOAP notes from your sessions, and it is so abundantly clear that you knew your patient's underlying issues and you were treating her conditions, all of them.
Wandy, you did you did everything right.
I know.
Oh you oh, you do.
I mean I wrote my thesis on cognitive behavioral therapy.
No no, I know.
Yeah, I read it.
I just, um - Losing a patient is, um - Tragic.
- Yeah.
- Yes, but as they say, you can be the best cardiologist in the world, and you'll still lose some patients to heart attacks.
Yeah, that's not the comparison I would make.
We're clinicians, Dr.
We're not their friends.
Intellectually, it's a loss, certainly, but I still have a full afternoon of other patients who still need my help.
Are we done here? Oh, yeah, okay.
Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Picture it: Turnips as far as the eye can see.
By the way, how many do you think you're gonna need? Around 95,000.
Wow, okay.
We may have to find some more balconies.
- And there they are.
- Mom, Dad, this is so cool.
These are your folks? Wow I'm Max Goodwin, medical director.
It is an honor to meet the people who created this incredible, passionate, talented, young woman.
Have you come to check out her new venture? No they're here because of this, curtesy of NovaCo Pharmaceuticals.
Turns out they also heard about your little venture, and now they're suing for breach of contract, $550 million.
Well, we'll just see what our legal department has to say about this.
They aren't suing your hospital, Dr.
They're only suing our daughter.
Heads up.
Make a hole.
Coming through.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Patient with a GSW to the right thorax.
Here for a thoracotomy with a subsequent vascular and chest wall reconstruction.
We're gonna lift on three.
One, two, three.
Wait, this this Dr.
Reynolds, when you're done scrubbing in, we'll be ready to go.
They have a strong case.
This morning, our daughter was valedictorian.
She won the biggest science fair in the state with a cash prize that would help pay for med school.
And then you encourage a child to throw her life away.
I'm not a child.
And if NovaCo wants to sue, let's go to court.
You're not going anywhere.
You're grounded.
What I'd give to be able to ground you, too.
I'm sure you would.
Listen, we're gonna figure this out.
Okay? I can call Banneker Med School right now.
I promise you they're not gonna care about some ridiculous lawsuit.
Goodwin, NovaCo's on the board at Banekker.
Really? Wish I had that information before I said that.
Um There are a lot of other great schools.
And NovaCo's on the board of just about all of them.
They're gonna make sure our daughter never gets in anywhere.
She's not from generational wealth.
This was her shot.
All I can say is that until I make this right, I'm gonna be by your daughter's side.
No, you'll be by her side for the next five weeks, and then you're leaving the country.
We do business with NovaCo.
I know their top people.
I can get them to back off, but only if Imani agrees to leave her turnip sutures back at the science fair.
- Let it go.
- She will.
- Thank you.
- Hold up.
Dad, I'm 18.
This is my decision.
This is my life.
Look, making the world better's hard but I learned it's not about when they say no.
It's about what you do next.
Whatever you think I should do next, Dr.
G, I'll do it.
I hope you don't think I'm being too forward.
I do not.
I'm glad you're speaking right now.
I hate elevator silence more than anything in the world.
You're Dr.
Ignatius Frome, chair of behavioral health, - right? - Yeah, yeah.
So much for being incognito.
Um, I couldn't help but notice that your nurse-to-patient ratio on your ward is very disconcerting.
Yeah, it is.
I know, right? But, I'm sorry, what's your name? I didn't catch it.
13-to-1 ratio, to be exact.
- You counted.
- I did, yeah.
Unfortunately, those numbers puts your department at the bottom of most of the New York State public hospitals.
- So - Yeah.
Why Yeah, you know, I've written HCC, and I've petitioned the board, and at this point I would do anything to get them to take me seriously.
- Anything? - Yeah.
Yeah, anything within reason, you know.
Well, you know, I used to work at this hospital that, for legal reasons, I can't really name.
But we had the exact same nursing shortage on our psych ward, and we fixed it overnight.
Overnight? How did you find the nurses? Oh, no, we didn't.
We cut the patients.
Oh, this is me.
Very nice to meet you.
Yeah, yeah, you too.
Take care.
You, too.
- You paged me? - What? Yes.
Yeah I did.
Um, I need you I need you to reassign all of Wandy's cases.
Clear the decks.
- All of them? - Yes.
Do it, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Why you letting the other residents take the lead on every procedure? Are you spying on me? You are the most skilled resident in my ED, but you don't act like it.
It's like you're stepping up to the plate and you're gonna strike out looking.
Okay, you gotta take some cuts.
Give the ball a ride.
- Is that basketball? - Baseball.
- Hmm.
- Never mind.
Look, I was like Roxana when I was a resident.
Cutthroat, driven.
She's gonna take every advantage she can, which is why you need to show everyone just how capable you are.
I mean, where's the woman who pulled off a renegade needle decompression? Where's the woman who pinned me down in bed this morning? She's right here.
Well, then show them.
Stop keeping how amazing you are all to yourself.
Okay, I will.
I will ride the ball or whatever.
Maybe you're more of a hockey person.
We assume you've come to comply with our demands.
Sign this, and the suture matter will be settled.
No, thank you.
So you're choosing a trial against the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the country? No, absolutely not.
That sounds terrifying.
No, we'd like door number three.
That's the one where we don't fight because we're working together.
You could sue this 18-year-old girl for half a billion dollars that she doesn't have, or you could walk out of here with a vast, new, untapped market: The entire developing world.
Think about it.
There are over 100 countries that can't afford your smart sutures, but they can afford turnips.
You can improve health care for half the planet and turn a profit while doing it.
I don't know how you could say no to that.
We'll see you in court.
Wait, wait, wait.
Um, don't do this.
This could change the world.
And this is the clause in the science fair application which states that NovaCo owns the winner's IP.
We can sell it, sit on it, we can put it in a cookbook.
And that's Imani's signature.
Next time, read the fine print.
Bullet's out.
Blood pressure's dropping.
- Bleeder? - I don't see it.
Well, it must be something else.
Myocardial infarction? I was thinking adrenal crisis.
- Could be a renal - There, look.
Piece of the bone fragment from the scapula must have penetrated the diaphragm and lodged into the abdomen.
- Like a small dagger.
- Yeah.
- Hang a unit of blood.
- And push calcium chloride to help the clotting.
Wait, stop.
Would you rather go with TXA? Sorry, no.
No, no, no.
Just, um Push the calcium chloride.
I'm gonna go and grab Dr.
Hartman to assist.
- Not now.
- It's important.
Like your love of kickboxing important or like a patient is coding important? If I'm forced to choose, somewhere right in the middle.
That woman has been hanging around - our ED for the last half hour.
- She with a patient? Nope, just walking around, taking notes like that dude in "Moneyball".
What the hell you doing here? You know what? I don't even care.
Okay? You're a walking HIPPA violation, and maybe you've been living on a desert island or a I don't know the International Space Station? But, uh, here on Earth, we've been dealing with a mass global pandemic, so we don't really take too kindly to strangers just hanging around the emergency department of a public hospital.
So take your failed screenplay, or whatever the hell it is you're writing, and, uh, get the hell out of here before I have my bouncers throw you out.
You must be Dr.
Thank you.
When were you going to tell me? Uh, Karen, listen Were you waiting to give a pedestrian two weeks' notice or just shoot me an e-mail when you and Max were somewhere over the Atlantic? I wanted to tell you, but it was never 100%.
So instead you just blindsided me in front of the whole hospital.
- That was selfish.
- Damn right, it was selfish.
And incredibly romantic.
I'd throw flowers at you myself if I wasn't so pissed.
Well, if it's any consolation, I have no idea how I'm gonna live with the man.
He is chaos personified.
A whirling dervish of unbridled optimism.
Always overreaching but, more often than one might expect, somehow making the world just a little bit better.
And yet never quite remembering to cap the toothpaste.
I don't know.
Everything just seems It seems so out of control.
There's a thousand reasons you two shouldn't move in together, and a thousand more why you shouldn't move to London.
But only one reason to do any of it.
So if you're thinking about how he squeezes the toothpaste this early on, maybe it's because you know it's a mistake.
For what it's worth, I'll take him off your hands in a heartbeat.
So that's it, then? They win? It's over? Yeah.
Oh, but I did get something.
Might cheer you up.
What is this? One share of NovaCo stock in your name.
It's worth exactly $17.
- Okay? - You're officially disqualified from the Five Borough's Science Fair.
Students are prohibited from having any kind of financial relationship with NovaCo or its subsidiaries.
You gotta read the fine print.
- So that that means? - Volcano guy won.
And you get your idea back.
You get your ide No? It's great news.
Why? No one's ever gonna buy it.
I could create 50 game-changing innovations, but no big pharma company's gonna sign on to make less money.
How can I fix the world when the people in charge want it to stay broken? Well, you could, you know, go rogue.
Do it indie style together.
I mean come on, the roofs of New Amsterdam are calling.
Are you really leaving in five weeks? Uh Yeah.
And can you promise me that the next medical director will keep my turnip farm going? No.
You know, you taught me something important, Dr.
When someone says they can change the world, don't listen.
Cardiogenic shock, likely anterior wall myocardial infarction.
Sending labs including troponin and paging cardiology.
Placing central line in case we need pressors.
- Okay.
- Use ultrasound guidance.
Don't need it.
Your patient is hypotensive, Dr.
That's a tough placement, you're gonna need it.
I actually won't.
Okay, that wasn't a suggestion.
I said use ultrasound guidance.
Yes, and I disagreed with your assessment.
- So I'm doing it my way.
- And risk a pneumothorax? There's always a risk, and you know it, even with ultrasound.
But it is less of a risk.
We have the technology for a reason.
- Use it.
- You can use it with your patient, but I'm not using it with mine.
Okay, that is it.
Shinwari, step away from the patient.
I need to focus.
Leyla, this is not what I Got it.
Hand me the introducer.
I trained in Kashmir when the killing of a Hizbul Mujahideen militant caused an uprising, and we had to learn to do every procedure in the dark or during a mortar attack.
So all of this technology, all of these crutches, they only get in my way.
Bone fragment lacerated multiple arteries.
As soon as I suture one, another bleeder breaks loose.
Where the hell's my backup? Artery.
Not lacerating.
Lyn? What are you doing here? - Where's Hartman? - Hartman? Why? I'm here to remove a bullet fragment from a patient's uterus.
What the hell? Is something wrong? I'm just Give me a second.
You okay, Floyd? Sorry, it's just Okay, I'm good.
You benched me? Uh, we can discuss my decision if you calm down.
I did everything right, Dr.
Those were your exact words.
And now now I'm being penalized for it? You lost a patient today, and I'm concerned that you are not processing your grief.
Why, because I'm not reacting to it the same way you would? Taking a week off, wallowing in it? You are one of the brightest residents I have ever worked with, but if you can't be honest about your feelings, how can you be there for your patients? So so what, you you want me to say that what happened today freaked me out? Sounds good.
Let's start there.
Okay, it did.
Of course it did, but I can't let that in.
- I can't let it even get close.
- All right.
I want to try something, okay? - An exercise.
- Dr.
Frome - Just an exercise.
- Dr.
Frome, - I'm not your patient.
- Listen, close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Now take a deep breath in.
And then slowly exhale.
Now, just for a moment, I want you to acknowledge what happened.
Actually let it in.
Is this what you wanted? Wandy, these are your feelings.
So what? I can't feel like this every time a patient has a setback.
What in the world would make you think this way is better? God.
This has been going on for a week.
One mass shooting after another.
I don't know how he handled it.
This has been going on for a week.
Gladys, can you put these cases back on my rotation, please? Sure.
Who should I assign them to? - Wandy.
- I see.
You helped her.
You worked your Iggy magic on her.
No magic.
- So what changed? - Nothing.
Not a thing.
I just I can't expect her to have all the answers when I don't have them myself.
- Oh shoot.
- What? I didn't know that having all the answers was required of us.
Maybe I should pack my bags and go knit with my retired aunts in Tallahassee.
That's a really strange alternative, but okay.
And I know Raul doesn't have all the answers, so he should probably stop training the nurses.
Clever, thank you.
I get it.
I mean, you didn't actually think you had all the answers, did you? Uh, yes, I did.
Did Wandy think she had all the answers? Yeah, I think she did.
Then it seems like a lot changed today.
Or I could assign these cases to a really wonderful shrink I know.
Wandy's ready.
Rahul Nagendran and I go way back.
And I'm telling you, the guy just loves it when I show up out of the blue and just rock his world.
He sure didn't see happy to see you.
No he didn't.
Uh, excuse me.
Is that aloo tikki? Thank you very much.
Oh wow, that's so good.
Holy moly.
You know, I hate to admit it, Max, but you were right.
This proposal is phenomenal.
It's exactly what we look for in our students.
I forgot to mention, Dr.
Nagendran is the dean of Columbia's college of arts and sciences.
Imani, I'd like to offer you a full scholarship.
Shut up.
Are are you serious? In addition to our thorough science curriculum, we offer classes in microfinance, entrepreneurship, and even marketing.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I probably should get back to my daughter's wedding.
Of course.
Um, Rahul - Yes.
- Thank you.
You did all this for me? You earned it.
Now you learn how to take your idea to market all on your own.
And then, and I truly believe this, you're gonna fix the world.
There was so many this week.
I couldn't keep them all straight in my head.
I mean the nightclub shooting after the high school shooting and then the warehouse shooting.
And Monday was that shooter at the grocery store near my place.
I see him around my neighborhood all the time with his wife and his two girls.
He was just picking up groceries, just living his life.
It could've been you.
It could've been me.
It's everywhere.
I used to feel outrage.
You know what? I used to think it didn't have to be like this.
We don't have to live like this.
But now, it's like we traded one pandemic in for another.
Here's an idea: Your place tonight.
I wish But it's not my night.
So we make an exception.
Meet me downstairs.
In here.
Whoa, wait, whoa.
That was so freaking hot, I can barely contain myself.
You're not mad? That's the woman I fell in love with.
Okay, here's a baseball reference for you.
When we get home later, you're not gonna be striking out.
It's just that tonight, I have plans with Roxana, believe it or not.
After I stood up to you, she invited me out with the other residents.
I just had to show them who I am.
Thank you.
Well, I guess we're just gonna have to make do here.
But if you ever do that again in my ED, war-torn Kashmir will feel like a vacation compared to the hellfire I will bring down upon you.
But more of that in private, please.
How are you? Your place or mine? - You're scaring me.
- Okay, can I, um - I just have to say - Mm-hmm.
That all day, I have been thinking about our living situation.
Situation does not sound great.
No, that's because it's not great.
Your place is just so, um It's, uh, it's it's cramped.
And don't take this the wrong way, but you're not exactly a neat freak.
Plus, there's all of Luna's things perched everywhere you look.
There's no privacy.
Our London flat wouldn't be any larger, which means something has to change.
Um I have made a unilateral decision.
We have to get used to this.
I am moving in with you.
Kind of thought that was going in a different direction.
I'd be lying if I said that wasn't somewhat intentional.
Well done, 'cause you kind of nailed me.
- Thank you.
- Are you moving in? Yes, but there will be tidying.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm a little emotional.
I'm sorry, this is I'm just so damn happy for you guys, and I'm - I'm gonna miss you both.
- Get in here.
Just get in here.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
I'm glad you all are here.
Oh, because you want to You want to bring it in.
No, because I'd like to introduce you all to the new medical director of New Amsterdam.
Really? You hired her? Good to see you, too.
We go way back.
Don't we, Max?
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