New Amsterdam (2018) s04e04 Episode Script

Seed Money

1 Previously on "New Amsterdam" All my patients, all their despair, it just becomes a part of me, and I'm not going to see patients anymore.
Sharpe and I are leaving.
We're leaving New Amsterdam.
We're moving to London.
I'd like to introduce you all to the new medical director of New Amsterdam.
We go way back, don't we, Max? Listen, Karen.
Yeah, uh, Karen, would you just stop walking for one second? Why? So you can ask me to reconsider hiring Veronica Fuentes? No, so I can beg you.
Plead, grovel.
She is the exact wrong person for the job.
She's far more qualified to be medical director than you are.
Maybe on paper, but I trained under her.
And look how wonderful you turned out.
Despite her.
I have seen her in action.
She is ruthless, corporate, financially motivated.
- Like, like, love.
- She's not one of us.
She completely lacks the New Amsterdam spirit.
Unlike you, Max, the board had to consider the future of this hospital, and we were thrilled when Dr.
Fuentes accepted our offer.
She's here to stay.
Where's my desk? Oh, I just thought the natural light was better on this side of the room.
Oh, you thought the light was better there? That's that's lovely.
I am still the medical director of this hospital.
My decision stands, and I happen to like my desk on the shady side of the office.
Max, put on some sunscreen, and let it go.
I want you to spend the next five weeks passing the torch.
Bring Dr.
Fuentes up to speed.
From this point on, I want you two joined firmly at the hip.
Oh, just like old times, except back then, you were a bit more in the background.
Yeah, this isn't gonna work.
Wow, seems like the only one lacking that New Amsterdam spirit, Max, is you.
As it turns out, you'll get the chance to collaborate right off the bat, thanks to this.
- A generous donation - I got it.
From Steve and Susan Gerlach, philanthropists and longtime hospital donors.
They've gifted New Amsterdam with attractive land in East New York worth $10 million.
That's right.
I want you and Veronica to decide what to do with the land.
What if we can't agree? I don't care if it takes a thumb war.
- Figure it out.
- Bye, Karen.
- Thanks, Karen.
- Bye! Pardon me, thank you.
Make a hole.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Babe, surprise! I got you a bagel.
Where's Leyla? You just missed her.
She went home about ten minutes ago.
Hey, since she's gone, can I can I have that bagel? Turkey, egg white omelet, spanakopita, and two joes to go.
Right here.
You can keep the change.
Does your wife want honey or agave? Oh, actually, the queen accompanying me isn't my wife.
She is my lover from a blossoming and healthy polyamorous relationship.
It's fine.
It's fine.
Here's your spanakopita, Dr.
Well, I know you clown, but I can't help it if she saw the vibe in us.
Oh, our vibe, huh? And you are embracing our vibe? What's there not to embrace? I mean, love is love is love.
Hey, look, we do us.
Attached at the hip with a total corporate shill.
In a dictionary under "corporate shill", it says, "See Veronica Fuentes' LinkedIn page.
" Mm, she is cagey, that one.
However, her superpower seems to be the ability to thoroughly get under your skin.
That's why she does what she does.
She she smiles, you know, and she tells you what you wanna hear, and she plays nice.
- Stroke, stroke, stab.
- And? And I have five weeks left to leave a lasting impression on this place.
To stir up some good trouble, you know? And despite my best effort, Veronica Fuentes is gonna come in and undo everything that I've fought for.
Funny enough, I, too, have just a little over a month in which to affix a lasting imprimatur on the oncology department.
It's fancier than the way I said it.
I've put my heart and soul into oncology.
I'm gonna leave it ship-shape in Bristol fashion.
- Good.
What? - A well-oiled machine, dear.
So while you're busy stirring up good trouble, I will be dotting my Is and crossing my Ts, updating patient files, replacing old equipment, even sprucing up my office.
By the time I leave New Amsterdam, I'll have everything in perfect order.
We're very different.
I need your help, 'cause I am going crazy.
Leyla is working nights this month, and we go days without seeing each other, and it is making me insane.
No, you're missing your girlfriend.
That sounds perfectly normal.
No, not like this.
I mean, this is like a like a need.
Like like a craving for her smell and her touch.
Okay, let me ask you this.
Have you lashed out at Leyla? Have you blamed her unfairly for things? No, no.
You abusing your power at work at all? Adjusting the work schedule to make your life a little easier? Okay, so that is a slippery slope, my friend, one that you've skied down before.
Oh, God.
God, I'm making Leyla my new drug, aren't I? Well, I don't know.
I mean, I wouldn't slalom down that hill just yet.
I mean, you're willingly acknowledging your behavior.
That's huge.
That's a big step, right? You've worked really hard to be here.
So I would say, uh, hash it out with your sponsor, and focus on your triggers.
Yeah, thank you.
You're right.
Yeah, you got it.
Uh, and you know, if you ever wanna get back in the saddle, you know, seeing patients you still got it.
Hi, Doc.
You wanted to see me? Ah, Adena.
Please, do come in.
So you know how I'm trying not to leave any unresolved department issues? - Sure, sounds like you.
- Yes.
And I found a list of people who had had mammograms who were identified as having dense breast tissue, but who didn't follow up on the letter that they received.
I found your name on that list.
You mean that letter where they say you have dense breast tissue, but we couldn't see everything? Yeah, I get it every year.
So why didn't you follow up? Was I supposed to? Okay, to rely solely on mammograms when you have dense breast tissue could place you at higher risk for undetected breast cancer.
Now, an ultrasound or an MRI is the best way to establish a definitive baseline scan.
Well, when you put it that way, it sounds a bit more motivating.
And you've worked in oncology for 15 years.
I have a feeling that every patient on that list needs to be having this conversation.
Now, where do we keep the files with the letters like yours in? Technically, they're not patients, so we just kind of keep their files in limbo land.
She's over there.
Name's Carrie Logandorffer.
Has she vomited any more bowel or blood? Not since the ultrasound.
I still have no idea what's causing the shadow on her abdomen, she hasn't passed anything.
Just breathe, Carrie.
This is Dr.
He'll handle it from here.
Hey, Carrie, and you must be her coach.
Jessa Wilkes.
We're in town for dance regionals.
We were practicing, and then all of a sudden, Carrie collapsed.
Then she started vomiting.
Scared us half to death.
Her parents are on the way.
Okay, Carrie, I'm gonna touch your stomach, if that's okay.
Have you experienced any other symptoms besides pain? Oh just kind of dizzy.
Okay, yeah.
We're concerned you might have some blockage in your belly area.
We're gonna take a look at that.
Okay? All right? I'll keep you posted until her parents get here.
Okay, thank you very much.
- Feel better, Carrie! - Bye! Stay strong, girl! I'm still waiting on your medical file, but do you know if you have sickle cell disease or the trait? Trait? I'm I'm sorry.
Sickle what? Sickle cell, it's common among African-Americans.
What? No, I'm not Black.
Hey, I owe you an apology.
I had no idea who you were when I had you bounced out of the ED.
Oh, it's like being back at CBGB's.
So look, about this little donation that we got - Uh, you heard about that? - Uh, yeah.
And if you haven't figured out what to do with it yet I'm figuring that out right now, actually.
Actually, we're figuring that out.
- What you got? - Yeah, but talk to me.
Okay, I honestly have no idea who to look at.
Anyway, what about an elevated urgent care facility? Better equipped with an ED resident rotation? Ooh, I like the sound of that.
Yeah, we will take it under consideration.
But not before you consider a geriatric drop-in center.
Ignatius Frome.
We've met before.
Sorry, you heard about that too? Seniors are just so often neglected.
It causes higher rates of depression, homelessness, and I thought this might help stem the tide and foster connectedness, you know? - Yeah, uh, Iggy.
- Yes.
Oh, hi.
- Lame-duck, huh? - No, no.
Active duck.
Oh, Dr.
I'm Dr.
Lyn Malvo.
I'm Dr.
Agnes Kao.
Chair of obstetrics and gynecology.
- Chair of neurology.
- Impressive.
The new boss did her homework.
Old boss still here, gang.
I heard we picked up a new satellite property Uh, yeah, the land is actually already spoken for.
- But I have a great idea.
- As do I, Dr.
Uh, still here, gang.
Good, because a new birthing facility would be optimal.
The lack of quality prenatal care has severely affected birthing outcomes in this area of the city.
And there's a lack of neurologic care.
The area is rife with chronic illnesses that often expresses conditions like seizure and stroke, and if I had neurological screening and rehabilitation there, and we reduce our hospital census.
Killer idea, Kao, right next to my drop-in center, right? Plenty of room.
These are all wonderful, wonderful ideas, I have to say.
- Dr.
Fuentes - Not you too.
Totally controversial, but I think laser-tag would go gangbusters there.
That and Dr.
Reynolds wanted me to suggest a elective surgery center in case, you know, you didn't go for laser Guys! Love all your ideas, really.
I don't know when this became Land-grab Tuesday, but the decision for how this land will be used will be made the New Amsterdam way, meaning it won't come from us.
No, it'll come from the community.
We'll reach out directly to the people and we'll find out what their greatest needs are.
That's what I was gonna say.
While this land may be our project, it is not our focus.
We're here to talk to the community about their needs and their concerns, and we're here to listen.
Think of it like an intelligence-gathering mission.
Okay, well, that being said, they definitely do not need another Chicken O'Cluck.
Well, whatever decision we do make, these people and whoever is still working for New Amsterdam will have to live with it for a very long time.
So I think it's very important that we Welcome to Desmond Park! - Hi.
- How can I help? Oh, well, that's sort of my line.
Friends call me Domino.
Whether it's direction, confection, connection, I'm all about satisfaction.
Yeah, consider me your plug, amigo.
Oh, my gosh, that's so cold.
Domino, I'm Max, medical director of New Amsterdam not her.
So you know this area pretty well? Yeah.
Know it? I grew up here my whole life, man.
Anything you want I can get, and if I can get it, you probably don't need it, yeah? Anyway, seven bucks for waters, each.
I mean, look at this place.
The kids make do, but they shouldn't have to.
Build a playground into whatever it is that you're building.
So safer spaces for kids to be kids and for people to actually gather.
Yeah, and maybe a closer OBGYN clinic.
It's hard to get the time off to get to the good one.
It's, like, 11 stops away.
What we need is a homeless shelter.
My wife and I founded this church.
Fed and clothed at least a fifth of the folk in this neighborhood.
A fifth? That's a that's a lot of pressure.
How are you and your wife holding up? My wife's passed.
I'm so sorry.
That's hard.
I I can't even imagine how it would feel to lose the most important person in your life.
The most valuable conduit to your flock.
That's that's a lot.
What kind of a doctor did you say you were? It's like a broken record.
That's the third Chicken O'Cluck in five blocks.
I guess this area is known for its "round-the-cluck" coverage.
You know, you may have fooled some of our employees with your faux charm, but don't forget, I know exactly who you are.
Max, it's been ten years.
Please give it a rest.
Free of charge for the lovely medical director.
- She's not - Oh, Domino, you spoil me.
- Thank you.
Hi, fellas.
- Hi.
Uh, we just wanted to talk to you guys about any ideas you might have health-wise about what the neighborhood needs.
Definitely better jobs.
- Okay.
- A gym would be really nice.
A strip club.
- I mean, you guys asked.
- For your health? - Strictly for my health.
- Okay.
I'm gonna get another chair for Dr.
Max before he gets all up in his feelings, all right? Thank you.
- Ooh.
- You okay? Your foot all right? His diabetes is acting up.
- Come on.
- Type one or two? Two.
It used to happen when I forgot to take my pills, but I've been on it all year.
You gotta rest it, and it'll be okay.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Who's next? Helen, to what do I owe this pleasure? Dr.
Ketner, hello.
Do you have any idea how many of our patients have kept up to date with their mammograms, but still have no idea whether they might have breast cancer? Well, if I had to guess Yes, this many.
These many people were sent a vague letter from your department telling them that they have dense breast tissue, but that their mammogram might not actually be telling them the whole story.
Well, that's not good.
No, that's not good.
That's why radiology is gonna reach out to each and every one of these people explaining exactly what dense breast tissue actually means, and then bringing them in, for ultrasounds or MRIs, as indicated.
Nothing would delight me more.
Place will be humming 24/7.
We just need you to get new referrals for each of them.
But it's still just a breast screening.
It's only more targeted.
And insurance considers it a diagnostic exam and they require it.
Right, 'cause why draw one straight line when four crooked ones will do? I will get this sorted, and you you will be hearing from me.
Bilateral kidneys, normal.
10 centimeters and approximately 160 grams.
No explanation for the pain? No.
Let's move north.
Gall bladder, liver, all look normal.
Retract laterally.
- Ooh.
- That doesn't look normal.
Her stomach's distended.
Ah, pills.
Looks like the cause of her pain.
A suicide attempt? I don't wanna talk about it.
No, we are going to talk about it.
Yelling at her isn't helping, Holly.
Are you kidding me? Our kid just tried to kill herself, Clark.
Okay, let's let's take a deep breath.
I know this is a lot to digest, but I think it might be best to call in a psychiatric evaluation.
I wasn't trying to kill myself.
Then why else would you take a bunch of pills? I don't know.
That's not a real answer, honey.
Not for this.
Carrie, look.
Self-harm is serious.
I wasn't trying to hurt myself.
Why don't you believe me? We want to.
You're not just giving us anything to go on.
They're skin lighteners.
The pills.
I wanted them to work faster, so I just took a whole bunch.
There's a lot of unchecked hypertension.
- Rampant childhood obesity.
- Very few outlets offering emotional support services.
Good jobs was a running theme.
Heart disease everywhere.
What they really need is a whole other hospital.
Well, the city's not gonna foot the bill for that.
Then what's our next best option? Max? Ooh! - Ah, ah, I'm good.
- Okay, easy.
I'm good.
I got it.
I got it.
No, no, no.
Just have a seat.
You okay? Here.
We're gonna take a look, okay? It's badly infected.
We can't leave him here.
- Call transport now.
- I'm fine.
We're taking you to New Amsterdam, okay? There's cheap fast food on every corner, but if you want a fresh head of lettuce, you gotta take two buses.
You know, that's why this area is so full of chronic medical conditions.
There's no nutrition.
There's no food options.
Well, there's nothing we can build to fix that, Max.
Sure, there is.
We're gonna give this neighborhood exactly what it needs.
We're gonna build a grocery store.
Welcome to New Amsterdam.
Seriously, a grocery store? Look, I'm all for giving unexpected objects to our patients.
Next time a guy comes in with a heart attack, we should give him a little tinker toy.
Your snide mockery of original ideas, I have so missed that.
Oh, please, like you've changed.
You're still the same idealistic, noble dreamer - Guilty as charged.
- Wasn't finished.
- Oh.
- You know, your naivete was awfully cute when you were in your 20s, Max, but now that you're smart enough to know better Well, Desmond Park was redlined by the government, depressing the investment, making it impossible for anyone there to own anything.
You know who could afford it, funnily enough? Fast food restaurants, and now it's a fast food swamp.
Okay, I think you're skipping the part where this healthy And when I say "healthy", I also mean "expensive" Grocery can stand to make any money at all in an economically depressed area.
Well, that's the best part.
It won't have to because it'll be nonprofit.
Oh, just when I thought your idea couldn't get any worse.
Here I was, all these years later, hoping you'd changed.
Oh, that's not fair.
My hair's totally different.
It's not a joke.
It's an opportunity to make a lasting difference in people's lives.
You were there today.
You met them.
What do you think they want? An overpriced care center for after they get sick or for us to help them not get sick in the first place? We're doing it.
No, we're not, Max.
Really? Watch me.
I need a full debridement kit, general surgery, and an OR now.
My bike, somebody's gotta watch it.
- It's all I have.
- Someone grab his bike.
Ah! Ah! I'm hitting bone.
Okay, Domino, your foot is infected really bad.
You're gonna fix it, though, right? I can't, my friend.
Look, the surgeons are gonna come, and they're gonna take you to the OR, where, most likely, they're gonna have to amputate your foot.
What? No, no.
- What are you talking about? - I'm sorry.
- You are in safe hands, Domino.
- No.
Hold on a second.
Bloom, hold on a second.
Bloom, please don't let them take my foot.
Bloom, please! Please, Dr.
Bloom! Not my foot, Dr.
Bloom! Please! Nokic, go back to where we picked up Domino and grab his bike.
What do you want me to do with a bike? You pick it up, and you put it in your ambulance, and you know what? It better be here by the time he wakes up.
Go, now! Thank you.
But you have such beautiful skin, Carrie.
We've always told you that.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around why, kiddo.
You being adopted means that we chose you for who you are.
Remember? Just tell us where you got those pills.
Probably on the Internet.
and Mrs.
Logandorffer, uh, I'm gonna need to run a few more tests on Carrie.
Can you leave the room for a few minutes? Thanks.
Are the tests going to hurt? Just another blood draw.
But you looked like you could use a break.
Yeah, we're all kind of crazy, and this is It's a lot.
You know, Carrie, based on how you're dealing with race, I'm still going to order a psych consult for you.
I know I'm mixed race, Dr.
My bio mom's white, and my bio dad's Black.
That's why I look the way I do.
And you're tired of the way your skin looks? Only when it causes a problem.
Like when people stare at my family or at the dance tournament.
Did something happen there? Why do you care? Because you're my patient, and you don't know me, but sometimes it makes it easier to say stuff.
We were changing, and I forgot my leggings in the van.
Coach Jessa let me go get them, but when I tried to get back into the dressing room, this judge lady stopped me.
I told her I was with the Dancing Dells, but she said that there was no way I could be with them.
And she just wouldn't let me in.
Then, like, forever later, Coach Jessa came out, and she was mad that I took so long.
Well, did you explain what happened? Yeah, but she said that the lady had just made a mistake.
No big deal.
But it felt like one.
I just I just wanna be like everyone else in my family.
- Oh! No! - No, no, no! Okay.
All right, don't panic.
This isn't bad as it looks.
We'll just we'll shove it back inside the box, right? They're supposed to be alphabetical.
Oh, my God.
What? Okay, yeah, this is horrendous.
I started thinking today about my legacy, and now life has provided me with the perfect symbol for it.
Cautionary tale for paper cuts? A big mess that everyone else has helped clean up.
Oh, please.
You are not messy.
You're drawn to mess.
You're dating Max, are you not? - You're right there.
- Yeah, I know.
But the ironic thing is that's one of my favorite things about him.
- Oh.
- When something isn't working, he creates a mess on purpose, right? To force people to pay attention so that something gets done, and if some people don't like it what he is "supposed" to do, he doesn't care.
It just rolls right off him.
How does he do that? I mean, I suppose step one is being a tall, hot, straight white guy.
Doesn't hurt.
I just called him hot, didn't I? I'm just I'm just saying, you know You know what I'm saying? I'm saying we all know that when women are disruptive, let alone women of color, they're labeled crazy or difficult or a bitch.
And when Max does it, he's a maverick with dimples.
Man, who couldn't I have been if I wasn't petrified that the powers that be wouldn't approve? Well, if you want that legacy, you may have to find out.
You should charge by the hour.
Just saying.
It's time to make a big, old messy mess.
Okay, then I'll just I'll take care of this, I guess.
Yeah, no problem.
- No.
- Just listen.
- No.
- Are you gonna say - anything other than - No.
Okay, I don't get to explain? I don't get to make my case to the board? You're about to say no again, aren't you? None of it, Max, because you don't make the decisions anymore, not unless Veronica is behind each and every one.
And since I conspicuously don't see her here joined at your hip as mandated, no new hires, no new programs, and just so I'm perfectly clear, no grocery stores.
Hi, you've reached Dr.
Leyla Shinwari.
Please leave a message.
Hey, hey.
I I know you're sleeping.
I saw last night's ED census.
I just called, uh because I miss you.
I know that's weird and, um, very creepy, but just I miss the smell of it.
I don't know.
It's I don't know, like, you, warm and rosy, fresh out of the shower.
I can't I can't stand being away from you.
Oh, whoa.
Unnecessary roughness on the vending machine.
The doctor declines the penalty.
What's up, man? You having a bad day? It's just a patient.
It's not worth talking about.
- Skin lighteners? - Yeah, this kid is obviously struggling with profound self-hatred.
Yeah, well, I mean, before we label it, let's try and remember she's a 13-year-old transracial adoptee, right? One who almost died, Iggy, 'cause she's surrounded by no one who looks like her and has learned to hate the color of her skin.
How is this anything other than that? Yeah, but you're applying your life experience and your identity to hers.
Yeah, because I have no choice, and the way she looks, neither will she, right? Well, yeah, perhaps.
But that's her journey, right? Not a retread of yours.
Identity formation is about boundary testing.
It's about struggle.
And for her, it looked like changing the color of her skin, which is extreme, yeah, but it implies that she knows there's a difference, which strangely is healthy.
Make it make sense.
Yeah, okay, that was a little verbose.
You said yourself just over there that she is being raised bereft of people who look similar to herself.
- Right.
- Right? So she could have just as easily denied that there was any difference whatsoever and grown into a cratering reality and just crushing her.
You know, frankly, these are complex issues for any teenager to deal with, right? So they need to be around people who are safe for them to be vulnerable with.
Like another person of color who can relate to the things she's going through.
Yes, and you are her doctor.
And a Black man who has lived through some things.
I mean, someone's gotta help her through the terrain.
I agree 100%, but not you.
My brother.
Ah Damn.
Thank you.
Yeah, and man, if you wanna, you know, role-play it out or whatever, talk about it more, I'm here.
Do I have breast cancer? Is this their way of telling me? Big plans! I've seen "Beaches".
I'm just gonna Excuse me, please.
Ladies! Thank you.
And thank you all for your patience.
I look forward to sitting down with each and every one of you and going through the breast screening options in detail.
Please try to stay to one side of the hallway, okay? Everyone to your right.
We can't block this area.
Okay, ladies? We need to talk.
It's like the last few minutes of a sample sale out there.
Why would you e-mail them letters explicitly saying that they could have cancer? Because for years, they've been receiving confusing letters, so I told them the truth, albeit provocatively, to get them in the door, and now they have a real choice.
Being petrified or very petrified? Look, half of our patients are flying blind on their breast health, and we have to change that.
But we are obviously not equipped to do that.
You see this line? That is just today.
Well, then we outsource.
There's already a scan van doing this kind of work.
We help them scale up.
We could send scan vans out across the city.
We could make it easy.
Patients walk up.
They get their mammogram.
If they need the extra screening, they get it on the spot.
No waiting, no new referral, and no extra charge.
It's a radical and noble idea, Helen.
Very Max of you.
But these things don't happen overnight.
Okay, well, maybe I can get the ball rolling before I leave and then pray that my successor keeps this a priority.
How does Max do this? You have to accept that you may lose as often as you win.
And from here on out, there's gonna be a lot more losing.
Max Do you know why they hired me? 'Cause you're building too many grocery stores.
Under your leadership, New Amsterdam is running a deficit of 21 million per quarter.
That is $84 million a year.
COVID dried up all your most profitable revenue streams, and profit margins are down overall.
Less profit equals more care.
What else is the money for if not to spend it on the people who don't have it? Yet not all patients.
In your efforts to end systemic racism and bias, you have unfortunately alienated so many of your white patients.
If amplifying other voices is so threatening, then maybe Max, your lobby looks like a progressive piñata just exploded.
There are so many memorial plaques and so many apologetic commemorative poems.
I mean, you might as well be getting a checkup at a Bernie Sanders rally.
And if money is all you care about, then why don't you just turn New Amsterdam into a private hospital and shut the doors on anyone who can't pay enough to live? I will take that under consideration.
I think that's a good idea.
I have a lot of good ideas for New Amsterdam, including what to do with that land in Desmond Park.
I am gonna sell it to the highest bidder, and I am going to put that money into our endowment.
Great, so not a single cent is gonna go to patients or research or new facilities.
I already have an offer.
From who? Unifell.
Huge corporation.
You might know them as the parent company of Chicken O'Cluck No, hear me out.
They want to build a factory.
What does that mean? More jobs for the community.
Making the very food that's killing them.
There's no way I'm signing off on that.
I don't need you to, Max.
I'm gonna wait you out, and then I'm gonna undo every bloated program, every underfunded clinic, and everything that you've built on very shaky ground.
It's coming down.
You know, all I've tried to do is create a place where people can heal, people who have nowhere else to go.
A places where they can heal physically, psychologically, emotionally, and I think I think I've been successful with that.
Oh, Max I have never in my entire career replaced a successful medical director.
She shouldn't suffer any long-term effects based on our tests.
- Oh, thank God.
- Thank you.
She's lucky.
I mean, kids are resilient.
Uh But I would be remiss if I didn't share my concerns about her identity struggles that that caused this.
I mean, she's gonna need help navigating through that, and as the only biracial child in your family We're very aware that we're raising a biracial child, Dr.
And we don't treat her any differently than the rest of our children.
Yeah, but she is different.
Very different than her whole family, and the predominantly white community you're raising her in You make that sound like an indictment.
You might be feeling that, but I'm just stating a fact.
I mean, do you know what happened at her tournament? A bigoted official didn't believe Carrie was with her team when she tried to rejoin them, and then her coach dismissed her experience of the encounter.
Called it all an honest mistake.
It sounds like Coach Jessa was clumsily trying to handle an awkward situation.
Right, but in the process, she racially gaslit your daughter.
She knows she can talk to us about anything.
There's nothing we can't talk about.
Yeah, but you can't put this on Carrie, Mrs.
I mean, she's a child.
It's your job to talk about race, right? I mean, how else is she gonna get comfortable talking about it? We just don't wanna make a mistake.
You say one wrong thing Everyone gets so angry.
Well, but you gotta be willing to make those mistakes.
I mean, we've all lived long enough to know that there will be anger, but you need to get over your own discomfort for the sake of your child.
Surgery went as well as we could have hoped.
Just below the knee.
Don't worry.
I got your bike and all your merch down in the ED.
Yo, one of my boys needs a new pair of earbuds, so See if he needs a new bike too.
Domino, I know this is shocking, but you could have died out there on the sidewalk.
You're gonna recover, and we're gonna help you.
Seeds? What am I supposed to do with these? Plant them.
Your diabetes got out of control because medication alone can only do so much.
You have to completely change the way you're eating to have a fighting chance.
Leafy greens, legumes, lean proteins Healthy living.
What, I'm expected to be Farmer John now? Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that I was talking to the guy who made 50 bucks off us in five minutes flat.
Bringing you an opportunity, but if that ain't you anymore All right, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
No reason to put that kind of energy out there.
Okay, well, that land out in Desmond Park, they are gonna build something on it.
But honestly, that's gonna take some time.
Yeah, with inspections, planning, those permits gonna take longer than a G train on Sunday night.
In the meantime, who's to say what happens on that land? Maybe somebody plants some vegetables, sells the rest for a very Say no more.
If it makes dollars, it makes sense.
Thank you.
Oh, come on.
I made plans.
Healthy living.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh I know you're not really doing the whole therapy thing.
- That's okay.
Come on in.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Actually, come on.
Come on over here.
Some stuff for you.
There we go.
Dust it off.
Grab a seat.
What can I do for you? Um, yeah.
Am I, um I mean, uh Did I ruin this place? No.
God, no.
Why would you think that? Because, uh, I don't know.
I guess You should go.
Mm, just a little longer.
Mm, no, ma'am.
I play by the rules.
I gotta take this seriously, for you and for us, all right? You're right.
And since we are a loving, rule-abiding polyamorous couple Claude deserves to know.
Why? What what changed? I fell in love with you.
I think you nailed it.
Nailed it? Really? Are you mad? Hey, you helped someone today.
Only because Adena felt bad and got an ultrasound out of pity.
She's negative, thankfully, but to get that one scan, I literally terrified thousands of patients in the process.
Yeah, there's that.
It's not exactly the legacy I had in mind.
If it makes you feel any better, think I'm gonna be remembered as the medical director who nearly bankrupted America's first public hospital.
You know what? That's not nearly as bad as what Veronica is gonna do.
She's gonna sell this place for parts till there's nothing left.
You know what? We still have five weeks.
You wanna get into some trouble? How much trouble?
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