Night Sky (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

The Caretaker

Mm That's left them four games under .
They have their ace taking the mound tonight.
He's carrying a 5-2 record with an ERA near the best in the league.
First pitch is at 7:05 Central, and this promises Morning.
Got something to pawn? Wondered if you could tell me - something about these.
- Hmm.
Well, okay, then.
Came to the right place.
- May I? - Mm-hmm.
Looks like you got a genuine Spanish doubloon.
See that shield right there? Mm-hmm.
Guarantee every time.
Spanish doubloon.
So, are they rare? Oh, doubloons have been made forever.
Some are rarer than others.
These, my guess 1700s.
But But what? I can usually tell where they're minted.
These, not so much.
You think they're stolen? Why? Do you think they're stolen? Do you remember meeting me before, Toni? You were only about yea high.
Probably not.
It's been a long time.
Now look at you.
Your perdisco should be coming up.
Perdisco? What's that? Go give a treat to Marmalade.
I need to speak with our guest.
But I need to speak with our guest in private.
You don't seem to share much with your daughter.
It's different now.
She wants friends, Internet, freedom.
All the more reason for her perdisco.
That will change her mind, to see where she comes from.
Why are you here? To see llamas? I can't be your first choice.
Why so humble? You have experience.
This is a special assignment.
You should be honored.
It's her son.
Find him.
She's trusting you to take care of this, so Take Toni along.
She's ready.
- It's time.
- That's my decision to make.
Is it? You were her age when Epi took you on your first trip.
Are you saying that was wrong? She's not like me.
Maybe not.
But she's not just your daughter.
She's next in line.
You cannot waver.
It's too important.
Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated by all of us.
- I don't want to bring her.
- No? Well, if you don't take her with you then maybe I'll take her with me.
Got the clothes you wanted.
Thanks, honey.
These aren't from Marshalls.
What's wrong with the thrift store? Let's just give him some of Michael's clothes.
- I bet they'll fit.
- Irene, I said I don't want to do that.
He can wear what I bought.
But let's stop treating him like a prisoner, okay? - Well, finally up, I see.
- Good morning.
How are you feeling? Better.
Well, it's good to see you up and around.
Uh, one thing, though.
Um I'm really hungry.
Potato pancakes.
- And sausage - Mm-hmm.
And what's "schny-tzel"? It's a cutlet.
Pounded, breaded, fried, gravy on top.
Very good.
Okay, uh, one of those, too, please.
- Thank you.
- Healthy appetite on this one.
Who's next? I'll have two eggs over easy, turkey sausage and orange juice.
And could you bring us, uh, a plate of apricot kolaches? You haven't eaten breakfast in months.
It all sounded good today.
Just coffee here.
Don't want to go bankrupt.
So, Jude, uh, any memories coming back? No idea why you're in Illinois or what you were doing before? Any thoughts about when you might be moving on? What? Oh, you know, it occurs to me, too, he never suggested we call the police or doctor or anything.
I wonder why that is.
Here you are.
Oh, thank you, Magda.
It looks delicious.
Jelinek's has been here forever.
I only remember it closing once.
There's the pool hall.
Franklin's friend Randy owns it.
Hey, maybe he'll take you there sometime.
But watch out, he's a bit of a pool shark.
Don't let him beat you gambling.
Yeah, it'd be a real shame to lose those gold coins of yours.
You, uh, feeling all right back there? Oh, for Pete's sake.
I think he just ate too much.
Spent $60 on that breakfast.
All because Jess hit "reply all.
" Hey, Denise, we're gonna go grab lunch downstairs.
- You want to join? - Oh, uh, no.
I've got to finish these for Mark's group.
He needs them by 1:00.
Impressive stuff.
- Nice work.
- Thank you.
Did they like the comps for the debt restructuring? We all did.
Saw some of the new ideas in there as well.
Your ideas, I assume? Yes.
Uh, nothing too groundbreaking, but Do you like it here, Denise? Of course.
Why wouldn't I? We're developing a new in-house research group, and I think they could really use someone with your drive and talent.
What do you say? Mark, I-I still have a year left of my MBA.
I-I don't We can work around your schedule.
It's a serious time commitment.
But I think you're up to the challenge.
And it'll pay a hell of a lot better than what you make as an intern.
- Mull it over.
- Okay.
- Let us know by the end of the week.
- Yeah.
We want to get this group up and running quickly.
Uh-huh, thank you.
Jude? No rush in there, but in case you don't like your new clothes, I've washed your old ones.
Thank you.
Thank you for washing my clothes.
But I-I think I prefer the new stuff.
I can see that.
Sit down.
Have some ginger ale.
There you go.
Just relax and watch whatever you want.
Except one of those phony courtroom shows I hate those.
Oh, that's okay.
I I didn't really watch much growing up.
It was it was really strict.
I guess some memories are starting to come back.
That's wonderful.
Just don't push it.
It'll come.
I always recommended this to my students.
I was sure they would love it.
It's got everything.
Car's clean.
And guess what I found in the garage? I figured you're exercising now Maybe this will finally come in handy.
You can use it while you're watching TV.
That's great, honey.
Thank you.
What are you two up to? Oh.
Uh, Irene, could you come in the kitchen with me just for a second? I want to show you something.
Story time? Ginger ale? What is going on here? He's a grown man.
Franklin, you agreed he could stay.
Yeah, that doesn't mean we have to wait on him hand and foot.
You're not his mother.
And please tell me you don't buy his whole amnesia routine.
He's scared.
Just try being nice.
Jude, my wife thinks that we ought to get to know each other.
Male bonding or some such.
- You want to arm wrestle? - Oh.
We could play chess.
That's great.
Franklin loves chess.
Byron Albemarle for Town Council.
- This is Byron Albemarle.
- Hello, Mr.
This is Lloyd over at the town clerk's office.
- Do you have a minute? - Hey, Lloyd.
Yeah, for sure.
Uh sorry, the, uh, Jazz Explosion guys are warming up for tonight, I guess.
Um Hey, is this, uh is this about discussing the debate, or No.
Uh, no, it's-it's not.
We've received a credible complaint that you forged signatures on your ballot eligibility petition.
What? That's ridiculous.
Uh, that's Goddamn it.
Who said that? Hmm? Was it Franklin York? It was, wasn't it? Why would it be Franklin York? We feel there's no need to make a legal matter out of this.
Legal? Okay.
If you suspend your campaign, I think we can put the matter to rest.
Do you think you could talk to someone about my TV? - Hmm? - Color's still a mess.
I'd buy a new one myself if I wasn't sending my whole government check out to my good-for-nothing nephew every month.
He comes in here with that baby, thinking he can butter me up.
And he does, damn it.
You are one of a kind, Roy.
Yeah, don't got to tell me.
You, on the other hand, are one of many.
You know, my arm hurts.
Did you do it right? Pretty sure.
We talked about this before.
Cherished mementos missing.
And what did you say? They were confused.
You blamed it on the patients.
This is where you explain yourself.
Please don't fire me.
Old strategy here.
I haven't seen this since my grandpa.
Leave him alone, Franklin.
Now he forges out on his own.
Well, let's see how your improvisation is.
For your sake, I hope it's better than your small talk.
I'm concentrating.
Well, not well enough, it seems.
I believe that's checkmate in two.
Good game.
You got me.
Well I got to go to the lumberyard, pick up some supplies.
Why don't you come with? I'll boss you around a bit.
Uh, sure, yeah, okay.
I'll come, too.
Well, you want us to get to know each other, right? You just stay here and keep working those legs.
Come on, Jude.
You might want to sit up front so you don't get nauseous.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Just give me something away from the kids.
Four games? Better make it five.
Also, remember to submit your presentations on Friday by 5:00 p.
I don't want any last-minute emails, okay? I'm just gonna run a quick errand.
You stay here.
Don't touch anything.
Hey, Mr.
You need change - for the parking meters again? - Uh, not today, Kathy.
Just doing something for Irene.
Must be something special.
Hundreds okay? Uh, yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
- Have a good one.
You, too.
You know much about wood, Jude? No, I don't.
I was a woodworker.
Well, that was my trade for 50 years.
Used to be another fellow around here Richard plied the same trade.
And he comes running to me one day, all excited.
He's pacing back and forth, talking about some friend of a friend who told him about a guy over in India had a grove of Burma teak trees.
well, that's-that's a rare wood.
And he's selling at incredible prices.
Richard wanted me to pitch in with him, buy the whole grove.
We could ship it over here and use some, sell the rest.
Split the profits over a bottle of top-shelf whiskey.
Sounds pretty good, right? So did you do it? I did not, Jude.
I did not.
Because it sounded too good to be true.
Richard went bankrupt.
Those trees didn't exist.
This is $5,000.
You're a good con.
You ran a good game.
You don't need to make a fuss.
The whole amnesia thing was a bit over the top, but God knows you got over on Irene.
In retrospect I wish I hadn't told you about Michael.
That was my mistake.
I won't let her get hurt again.
Take the money.
Walk away.
Don't come back.
You know, I'm not after anything.
I'm not a bad person.
I'm not gonna take your money.
Are you gonna tell Irene I ran away? Probably.
Please tell her I said thank you.
Jude! Wait.
Is he a friend of Grandpa Epi's? Kind of.
Was he in jail with him? He seems like he was in jail.
He's not going to stay, right? No.
Hey, Toni! Oh! Nana? Are you home? Denise! What are you doing here? So, you know, now that I'm here, I-I realize I probably should have called.
I'm sorry.
Well, is everything okay? Yeah.
I just missed you.
- Oh - Is Grandpa here? No, he's out running some errands.
Oh, of course.
I'll go, uh, make us some coffee.
Um, tea.
Or whatever you want.
Franklin told me what you talked about selling the house and moving.
I wish he hadn't said anything.
I I'm sorry.
- I overstepped.
- You don't need to apologize.
Um, there's something - I need to tell you.
- Hey, who's this? - Gabriel? - Uh, there was a used book sale at the community center, and-and that Polaroid was inside.
Oh, there's your grandpa.
Denise, don't be surprised.
Surprised about what? - Hey, Denise.
- Hey, Grandpa.
Hi hi Wait, who is he? That's the surprise.
We hired a caretaker.
Jude? Meet our granddaughter, Denise.
You're why we hired Jude.
We took what you said to heart.
You found someone in two days? You had a point.
We needed some help around here.
And there was Jude.
It's like fate.
Do you have training in this? Are you - even certified? - Oh, of course he is.
I-I grew up in a big family.
So I spent a lot of time caring for my elders.
Mm, so you don't mind driving two old people around all the time? Oh, I don't drive.
Franklin likes to drive anyway.
Denise, we thought you'd be happy.
Now you won't have to worry about us.
We got that ice cream with the, uh - the, uh, malted milk balls.
- What is going on? What? What do you mean? Who is that guy? Just a caretaker.
Please do not tell me you gave him $5,000 up front.
We haven't paid him anything yet.
Wait a minute, are you checking up on us? - How'd you know about that? - You were the one to tell me to put the banking alerts on my phone when your identity got stolen.
No, it's nothing like that.
You okay, princess? You look a little run down.
I'm just worried about you.
We're fine.
You wanted us to get some help, so we did.
Yeah, but do you trust him? Well, I think so.
What's he gonna do steal our Metamucil? Well, Denise, you should probably get on the road.
You don't want to be driving all that way too late.
Oh, now? I mean, I thought I could stay.
Of course we would offer, but, uh, the upstairs rooms are just a mess, and with Jude in the guest room, I don't He's living here? On a trial basis.
Uh, whatever.
You two are adults.
It's not my place.
And I do have a lot of work to get done tomorrow, so It was nice to see you both.
Uh let me walk you to the door.
Bye, honey.
Hey, um, I'm-I'm here to help.
That's it.
If you're nervous, you can stop by and check in whenever you want.
Well, you better not be lying to me, dude.
I've got enough going on already.
I'm not.
I-I promise.
They're stubborn.
Especially Nana.
Franklin's a softy at heart, but he's been a little Just just keep an eye on him, turn off the stove, and, uh, no late-night walks.
Got it? - Hello? - Katie? - Denise? - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's me.
- Did you butt dial me? - No, no, I I meant to call.
- Wow, okay.
- Um - It's been forever.
Yeah, I know-I know this sounds weird, but, uh do you still live in Farnsworth? He is an odd bird, that one.
Oh, let him be, honey.
He's helping.
I was thinking about what you said, and, uh you're right.
I'm gonna stop treating him like a prisoner.
Oh, thank you, Franklin.
I know he'll appreciate it, too.
Here's an idea.
Let's go look at the stars.
When? Tonight? - Yeah.
- Now? Why not? It'd be fun.
I don't know, honey.
I I've had such a big day.
Just feel like we haven't had a moment to ourselves since he arrived.
Uh, the dishes are done.
Is there anything I can help clean up in here? Come on in.
You've done enough.
Oh - Oh, oh - You all right? Yes.
It's my legs are sore.
Too much pedaling, I guess.
Well, we got that cream with the, uh, the, uh ibuprofen.
I think it's in the downstairs bathroom.
- I-I can bring - I got it.
Hey, what happened to that table? I thought this one was out on the porch.
Uh just a little redecorating.
Well, looks nice there.
So, how was your first full day in Farnsworth? I, uh, I hoped you enjoyed yourself.
I did.
Thank you.
Why are you so nice to me? Well, I'm a nice person.
And you're easy to be nice to, Jude.
But you don't even know me.
I guess I don't.
Not yet.
Franklin told me what happened with your son.
I I thought he might.
What was he like? He liked quiet.
He would make Franklin take him bird-watching.
They enjoyed that.
He was intense.
He would get he would get so excited about things that he just could barely get the words out.
He was funny.
But he didn't laugh much.
He was sweet.
And he was so damn frustrating.
I miss him.
I'm sorry.
Well, it was so long ago now.
Soon enough, he'll have been gone longer than he was ever here.
But, still, sometimes I I think if I could just turn my head just a tiniest bit I'll see him.
That, uh he's waiting there.
Just out of view.
Have you seen him, Jude? Have you seen him? No.
I haven't.
I guess not.
When I was younger, my father he left us.
I saw the Polaroid.
Irene, I didn't come here by accident.
I think I think my father's in Farnsworth.
Will you help me find him? Of course.
Of course I will.
"Dantes, meanwhile, went on his way.
Each step he trod oppressed his heart with fresh emotion; his first and most indelible recollections were there; not a tree, not a street, that he passed but seemed filled with dear and cherished memories.
At this spot, so pregnant with fond and filial remembrances, his heart beat almost to bursting, his knees tottered underneath him, a mist floated over his sight, and had he not clung for support to one of the trees, he would inevitably have fallen " What the What do we have here? - Mama? - Yes? What's the thing that guy was talking about? The perdisco.
It's part of being in our community.
A rite of passage.
Do you get to have a party? Kind of.
When will I do mine? I thought you weren't interested.
Yesterday you said we should leave all this behind.
How am I supposed to be interested when you never tell me anything? Grab a bag.
We're going to take a trip.
A trip? Where are we going? It's a surprise somewhere far away.
Mama? Will it be cold? Bring a jacket just in case.
- Ready? - Yes.
Let's go.
If the hotel has room service can we get shrimp? Not that way.
Aren't we leaving? Yes.
But we're not taking the truck.
You said you wanted to know about our secret? This is the secret.
I thought I wasn't ready? Prove me wrong.
Holy shit! Watch your step.
What's all this? Wait here.
This of it like an elevator Except it doesn't move.
We are the ones that move.
That makes no sense.
This is the elevator.
This is going to seem strange.
What is? What are you doing? This is how you pick the destination.
This seems like a dream.
It's like I always told you.
That we we are special we are not like other people.
We are blessed.
Many, many years ago Our family accepted a sacred responsibility.
It is our duty to take care of something something incredibly magnificent.
And you are about to see why.
Go ahead.
Come on.
What happens now? Come.
Mom, I don't know if I want to be here.
Give me your hand.
Don't be afraid.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you okay? Yes? What happened? We took the elevator! Come on.
Ready? Now I know what happens, Mom.
Where does this lead? You will see.
Where are we? Newark.
Newark? Where's that? In the United States.
The United States?! That's impossible! Now you know why it's a secret.
What a secret! How long have we had this? Oh, about 300 years.
300 years?! Hurry, we're running late.
Perfect timing.
Who is he? Perfect.
Just making dinner.
Do you like ribs? Don't worry.
He's one of us.

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