Night Sky (2022) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Come here, Luce.
Whoa, hey, hey.
Lucy, come here.
Come here.
Watch out for him.
Come here.
- Hey, this is private property, bud.
- I I'm Jude.
I'm the Yorks' new caretaker.
I was just walking.
Caretaker? - Huh.
- Yeah.
Hey, um, real quick.
Uh What's it like working for those two, anyway? - Oh, I just started.
- Hey, uh, they're kind of strange, though, right? - You know? - They seem normal to me.
You ever see them go out at night? To that shed? I should probably get back.
Nice meeting you.
Where you been? Oh, I was, uh, I was just out for a walk.
Oh, I saw a-a guy with a a big dog.
Yeah, you best steer clear of him.
In fact, stay away from all the neighbors.
People are nosy.
Want a cup of joe? Oh, no, thank you.
Oh, come on, now.
I make a damn fine cup of coffee.
So, Irene tells me you're searching for your father.
Well, that's a big deal.
Strange how memory can come and go, hmm? Even in a young man like yourself.
Oh, good, you're both up.
I have a plan for today.
Oh, I'm sure you do.
We're going to the library.
A former student of mine works there.
She's a lovely girl.
She's gonna start us off in public records.
I'm not sure my father's gonna be in any records.
Oh, everybody's in something.
You go ahead and get ready.
- Let's get my things.
- Okay.
Thank you.
You bet.
Did you try a reverse image search with this? No, - we did not.
- Okay.
Uh, let me have a few minutes? - Thank you, Marianne.
- Oh, anything for you, Mrs.
Told you.
I'm gonna step outside for a bit.
Oh, don't you want to see what she finds? Seems like you two got it covered.
I don't think he likes me very much.
Oh, he's grumpy to everyone.
Well, this guy she hired, he's a little shady.
For starters, he says he can't remember anything.
You mean he can't remember how-how you like things done? No.
No, I mean he says he can't remember where he came from, how he got here.
And then I-I found this bloody knife in the in the downstairs bathroom that he's using.
Just a little paring knife, but still So, you think he maybe hurt somebody? Well, I don't know.
I mean, I think maybe he hurt himself.
So, wh-what do you have - in the bag there, Mr.
York? - Yeah.
Got his fingerprints all over that.
Maybe get some DNA? I'm telling you, I-I don't know - what you're gonna dig up on this guy.
- Mr.
I can't just run somebody's fingerprints and DNA without cause.
Cause? Well, I haven't even told you - about the weird shit I found in his sink.
- In his sink? Yeah, yeah.
Some-some kind of metallic, shiny Like nothing I'd ever seen before.
Uh, circuitry, maybe? Look, Irene told me that you're having some trouble.
Okay? All right, well, you-you seem kind of upset.
- What did Irene tell you? - How about this? How about I'll get one of my guys to drive you home.
Oh, come on, Tom.
You You don't have to babysit me.
I'm not senile.
I'll tell you what, we get murdered in our sleep, I guess that's on you.
Oh, there you are.
Uh, believe it or not, I got a hit on the image.
It's from the Farnsworth Clarion.
June 2005.
Oh, how about that, Jude.
Your father made the local paper.
Well, um, kind of.
How can you be arrested for not having a place to sleep? Well, you can be arrested for a lot of things.
Oh, there you are.
I thought maybe you'd forgotten about us.
Clearly, I didn't.
You want to see something? That's Jude's father.
That's a mug shot.
"Defendant claimed to suffer from amnesia.
" Well, I guess it's genetic.
Shall we? Hey, Mr.
Tambourine Man ♪ Play a song for me ♪ I'm not sleepy ♪ And there is no place I'm going to ♪ I wonder if my father's still around here.
Well, it's certainly possible.
You know, maybe this afternoon, we could post some signs Speaking of this afternoon, uh, there is a big pile of wood out back just aching to be split.
Maybe Jude could take care of that for us since he does work for both of us.
Do we really need firewood in the summer? No, it's okay.
I don't mind.
I like labor.
- He likes labor.
- Clears the mind.
Too dead for dreaming ♪ Hey, Mr.
Tambourine Man ♪ Try to sleep a little more.
I've been awake all night.
You should rest.
We've got a big day in front of us.
Mm? I'm sorry I couldn't tell you.
So many secrets.
So many rules.
No one allowed in the chapel.
I get it now.
- Morning.
- Hope you slept well.
- Yes, thank you.
- Uh, - should we get started? - Yes.
So, Toni, how you like it up here in the good old U.
of A.
? It smells weird.
That's just low tide.
Or the refineries when the wind blows just right.
You must go to New York all the time.
Me? Not really.
I have everything I need right here.
Check it out.
I spend a lot of time in here.
I can see it.
What is that? It's a computer.
Not like you're used to.
She's old but mighty.
She can navigate.
Does a lot of other things, too.
You got that card? Yes.
Might be a minute.
So, what do you think? Some pretty big improvements since last time.
Don't touch that! It's logging on to the telecom grid.
It's a l-legacy system.
- It's looking for a signal.
- What signal? Do you guys like fishing? The snapper are really biting today.
Okay, here we go.
What are those? Serial numbers.
For what? Okay.
Somewhere in there.
All this area? - No, it's impossible.
- It's - I can't work with that.
- I don't know what to tell you.
It's an artifact signal.
I can reduce your search area, - but - But what? I'd have to tag along.
I'd have to check on some old cell towers.
That wasn't the plan.
Look, let me sh let me show you how I'll do it.
I don't get it.
What are we looking for? We're just going to pick something up.
This is our ride.
It'll keep us incognito.
And it's customized.
Now, I will show you how all of this works, but first, you have to pinkie swear that you will never tell another soul.
Okay? Okay.
Oh, and by the way, you are my apprentice now, so look around, but don't touch anything yet.
- Listen to me - She doesn't know anything - about what we're doing, does she? - No.
She's too young.
You really think that's a good idea? Not even a word to her, Nick.
Okay? Hey, it's It's really good to see you.
I really appreciate you letting me stay here last night.
Are you kidding me? I mean, it's so good to see you.
It's been, like Like, what, how long has it been? - Almost ten years.
- And you were so smart to, like, leave this town.
I mean, I, you know, I check out your Facebook, and I see you doing all of, like, these cool things and hanging out with, like, fancy people.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I don't know about all of that.
Oh, come on.
You don't have to downplay it.
I just I don't think it's what I expected it to be.
I never knew it was possible to be so bored and so stressed at the same time.
And I get these migraines.
God, it feels like someone is hammering a nail - into my forehead.
- Jesus.
You should stay another night.
You need a break, girl.
Yeah, well - Come on.
- I guess so.
He can't keep up like this.
I thought this would tire him out.
He doesn't look tired.
No, he likes labor.
It clears the mind.
You have been in a mood since the library.
Yeah, well, maybe it's 'cause you told the chief I'm senile.
What are you talking about? You know darn well.
I went and saw him this morning.
Is that how you got rid of him the other day? Told him I'm just a doddering old fool? "Oh, he gets confused.
" Is that about how it went? It's the only way he would leave.
Oh, cheese and crackers, Irene.
You throw me under the bus.
It's-it's like you're choosing this guy over me.
I am not choosing him over you.
That's ridiculous.
He's not Michael.
And he never will be.
You think I don't know that? Look, I'm gonna help that young man because it's the right thing to do.
And I'm sorry, but I will not give up on that because you feel threatened.
All right, I'm gonna just take a little drive.
Don't wait up.
Jude? Come on in.
Break time.
- This is really good.
- Thank you.
I like to put in some diced celery.
My mother taught me that one.
Why are you being so secretive, Jude? I don't know what you mean.
I think you do.
There's nothing that I can say that I haven't said already.
I But you haven't said anything.
Thank you so much for the sandwich.
And thank you for everything that you've done for me.
But if you're not happy with the way things are, I can I-I can leave.
I'm not asking you to leave, Jude.
I just want us to be honest with each other.
I want to trust you.
I want to trust you.
- Chandra.
- Hello, Mrs.
I'm sorry to bother you, but may I come in for a moment? I really enjoyed reconnecting with you the other day.
I-I kind of felt like it was a sign from the universe.
You're too kind.
I just had some time, and I-I wanted to visit Sadie.
No, I-I'm serious.
I-I just feel like it was a message, you now? "Have faith in your potential, Chandra.
" A-And I've already made changes.
I'm transitioning to freelance.
You know, I want to help clients that I like.
You know, good people.
So, have-have you ever considered having someone around to help out with chores? You know, shopping? My rates are reasonable, - and - Sorry.
Hi, Mrs.
Can I get you or your guest more tea? Oh, Chandra, this is Jude.
- Hi.
- You're not gonna believe this, but we just hired him as caretaker.
Isn't that something? That is something.
I do not need anything.
Thank you so much.
- I should probably get back to work.
- Mm.
Thank you, Jude.
Well, uh, i-in case any of your friends need a helping hand, I live right in town, and I have a card now, so Yep.
So, um, may I use your restroom before I head out? I just have I have had too much tea, I think.
- Oh, of course.
- Okay.
- It's right through there.
- Okay, thank you.
Well, it was nice to see you.
Stupid fucking kid.
Give me a break.
Well, we're living here in Allentown ♪ And they're closing all the factories down ♪ Out in Bethlehem, they're killing time ♪ Filling out forms and standing in line ♪ - You got to know that one.
Come on.
- Shh.
Are we going to see New York? No, sorry.
We're heading the other direction.
Hey, there-there's plenty to see where we're going.
You're in for quite the adventure.
I've never been more than 80 kilometers away from my house.
Well, I have a feeling you're gonna do a lot more traveling in your future.
Why? Just comes with the territory.
I-I really want to sleep.
Could you be quiet for a moment, at least? - Thank you.
- Sure thing, Stella.
Hey, uh, could you get me a Diet Coke? There's a There's a built-in cooler in the back.
It's the other one.
Got to stay lean, mean and full of caffeine.
- Come on.
- Know what I'm saying? Jude? Can you get the phone, please? Hello? Is this the York residence? - Yes.
- Is Mr.
York around? No, he's-he's not here.
This is Dale at D&H Pawn.
I'm-I'm calling about the gold coins he showed me.
I got a guy who's super motivated.
I think Mr.
York should talk to him.
Wait, are you his son? - Yes.
- Well, let me give you this guy's number, okay? Twelve in the side.
You don't have to call it, Frank.
I'm not playing.
Force of habit.
So, how's business? Fantastic.
You got a great place here, buddy.
Don't ever close.
Not till I'm in the ground.
Then they'll probably just turn this place into some hipster coffee shop with baristas.
Or a microbrewery.
What is the world coming to? Oh.
Excuse me, Frank.
Seems like I got a customer.
Place is filling up.
- First time in? - Yeah.
well, I'm gonna need a credit card, some ID, but This okay? Yeah, sounds good.
Hello? - Is anybody there? - Gabriel? I think you have the wrong number.
What do you know about the coins? Are they yours? If they're stolen, that's not my concern.
I just want to see them.
- Jude? - Where are you now? I have I have to go.
Hold on.
Fiat voluntas Dei.
Jude? Oh.
Who called earlier? Um, there was nobody there.
Probably some telemarketer.
I am, uh, retiring early tonight.
Oh, and this is for you.
You're doing a lot of work for us, Jude, and you You deserve to be compensated.
Thank you.
- Well, good night.
- I-I will finish - the dishes, as well.
- Oh, sure, sure.
Oh, and, uh And when you're ready to talk, I'm I'm here.
Good night.
Yeah ♪ Motoring ♪ What's your price for flight? ♪ In finding Mr.
Right ♪ You'll be ♪ Hey, what can I get you? Uh, I'm-I'm lost.
Uh, you in the mood for a beer or a cocktail? Uh Let's try a beer.
But I'm For flight? ♪ In finding ♪ I need to find this address.
Do you know how I can get there? Don't you have a phone? No, I lost mine.
All right, hold on a sec.
You know, I was thinking about it.
I don't really want a big wedding.
Why waste all that money, you know? Wait, but I thought you weren't dating anyone seriously.
I'm not.
I'm just thinking ahead.
That's right.
What is he doing here? Who? That guy in that ugly jacket? He's my grandparents' caretaker.
I'll be right back.
- Is he single? - Please.
I didn't take you to be a karaoke fan.
In finding Mr.
Right ♪ Hey, look, I'm sorry if I was short with you yesterday.
My grandparents didn't tell me that they hired anyone, so It's-it's no problem.
No problem.
Hey, do you You want to do a shot with me and my friend Katie? Uh what's a shot? Boilermaker.
On your neighbor.
What's that for? Oh, just being neighborly.
You any good? At pool or drinking? I'm terrible at both, actually.
You know how to play nine ball? Yeah.
I think so.
You rack.
I got seniority.
So did your wife kick you out, or Let's just say I threw myself out.
How about you? How's the campaign going? You get all those signatures? Uh, no.
I dropped out of the race.
Already? Yeah.
They claimed that I forged a signature on my petition.
Did you? Yeah.
Just one.
Come on, don't act like you don't know.
You're the one that filed the complaint.
No, I didn't.
I'm glad somebody did, though.
Well, look, I'm sorry, all right? I-I just was mad at the way you shot me down.
But, I mean, I wasn't gonna win, anyway, you know.
It was too much glad-handing for me.
Good game.
Hey, um, another round? No, I ought to get going.
Aw, don't go.
Let's have one more round.
All right, well, I'm gonna go get us another round.
And you you don't go anywhere.
Okay? Okay.
She's my friend from middle school.
I haven't seen her in a really long time.
Hey, I-I thought you were heading to Chicago.
Why did you stay? You're not staying to keep an eye on me, are you? You seem suspicious.
Why? Should I be? All right, we are back.
Hey, let's get people up on their feet for this next one, all right? We've got karaoke veterans Rhonda and Jerry doing one that requires no introduction.
Just let the beat take you away.
Hey All right, gang, down the hatch.
Whoo! Cheers.
Can we go dance? Let's go dance.
Come on, come on, come on, - come on, come on.
- Uh, no, no, I Okay.
Come on.
- Come on, it'll be fun.
- No, I can't, I can't dance.
- No.
- Just sway.
Just You'll be fine.
They're walking in time ♪ They got the beat, they got the beat ♪ They got the beat ♪ Yeah, they got the beat ♪ Gentlemen.
- Byron.
- Frank.
Mm, mm.
So how long have you been married? Uh, seven years.
Jeanine would say it's more like 70.
You still in love with her? Sure.
I am.
Most days.
I'll tell you the God's honest truth.
No man loves his wife any more than I do.
We've been to hell and back.
I love her as much as the day we married.
Geez, you're gonna make me tear up, Frank.
T-Thing is, though, sometimes I'm just not sure it goes the other way.
And that, that just That guts me.
I wasn't her first choice, Jeanine.
She was engaged to some other guy.
A chemist where we worked.
He got sick, and he died.
So I was her consolation prize.
- Whoo.
- Oh, come on, now.
You're a You're a catch.
Really? Oh, you You son of a bitch.
Fuck it.
Let's play some pool.
- Come on.
- Why not? Hey, what, um - Hmm? - Whose rack is it? I-I can't remember shit.
Randy, more beers, on him.
Franklin? Franklin?! Jude? Jude? Okay.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
Come on! Eh, I could probably drive.
No, no.
You are shitfaced.
Well you're absolutely right, yeah.
That's right.
Hey, Franklin, um, I I have a confession.
Okay, well, I'm not a priest, so No, I need to say this, okay? I need to say it.
I I underestimated you.
Well, I've been playing pool since before you were born.
No, not about that.
Not about that.
I saw it.
Last night.
The shed door was open.
It's a damn good conversation starter, whatever the hell it is.
It's just a bomb shelter left over from the Cold War.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I have never seen a bomb shelter look like that before.
I mean, look, it - It impressed the shit out of me.
- You know what? I'm just, I'm gonna walk home.
No, come on.
Buddy, I already saw it.
I can't unsee it.
Saw what, exactly? I don't know, but I want to.
Look, how did you even go about building it? Who says I built it? Whoa, so it's not man-made? - No, I I didn't say that.
- You kinda did.
You're just, now you're just trying to spin me around.
T to build something like that would require tools and metal alloys that aren't exactly available at Home Depot.
You know what? Maybe it's time for me to call the cops and tell 'em about all your trespassing.
Okay, yeah, all right, all right.
I'll just make sure and tell 'em about the alien ship - under your backyard.
- It's not a ship.
Then show me what it is.
Thank you, guys.
Have a good night.
How about that! Fantastic.
Gonna be tough to beat, but who is up next? Who do we got? Come on.
Who's Hey, here we go.
All right.
Let's give him a round of applause as he makes his way to the stage.
All right.
What's going on, man? What's your name? Jude.
All right, all right.
Had to think about that one.
I think we know what's coming, folks.
Let me guess, "Hey Jude"? What? Is that the song you want, buddy? Oh, no, no, no, no, I You don't know this song.
It was me, I grew up with it.
It's just me singing.
This is exciting.
Jude here is gonna do something a cappella.
So let's hear it for Jude! Sacris ♪ Solemniis ♪ Iuncta sint guadia ♪ Et ex praecordiis ♪ Sonnet praeconia ♪ Recedant vetera ♪ Nova sint omnia ♪ Corda ♪ Voces et opera ♪ Whoo! Yeah! Well, okay.
That was a That was a thing.
Thank you, dude.
All right.
Uh, this feels like a good time for a break, doesn't it? So take a break.
We'll be back in 15 minutes.
- See you then.
- Hey.
Uh, everybody is looking at me.
That was really stupid.
That was beautiful.
It was weird, but it takes a lot of courage.
I know about your father.
I'm so sorry about what happened to him.
You've had a lot to drink.
No, I-I grew up without my father.
Um I mean, it was different circumstances, but it's it's tough.
Yeah, it is.
You know, all I had was a single Polaroid.
You know what, let me go find Katie.
Stay here, um, and we'll get you home safe.
Go ahead.
You want to see how it works, don't you? Yeah.
Hang on.
Just hold your horses.
Go ahead.
Oh, my God.
Look at this thing.
You scared? You look petrified.
Scared of what? You ready? Sure.
- Fly me to the moon.
- Moon? Heh.
That's for amateurs.
Come here.
Stand right here.
- What, here? - In the circle.
Just Are we there yet? Just No, it does it on its own.
And then, and then the humming sound and the lights.
Did I forget something? Oh You had me.
No, for one cold, hard second, I believed you.
No, it's not Something is wrong.
This has never happened before.
You're a crazy old bastard, Frank.
Hey, but you're funny.
You're funny.
Okay, I gotta give it to you, you're funny.
- You punked me real good.
- Byron, I'm not joking.
Just quit while you're ahead, man.
You know? You win, okay? You win! Hey, we'll see you around, spaceman.
Shit! I knew it was a sex dungeon.
I knew it! I knew it.
How's it going? Is Michael gonna win the pinewood derby this year? I don't think so.
And we got into a little thing.
He, uh He says some kids in his group make fun of him.
- About what? - Don't know.
Figured he would tell you when he ran in here.
He didn't run in here.
Michael! Hey, buddy.
You're getting us worried.
He would not run off by himself.
Michael! Michael, please say something.
- I'll grab the truck.
- No, I'm gonna call the police.
Irene Come here.
Come here.
You can't do that.
You scared me.
Hey, where you headed? Hey, stop.
Stop! Stop! Police!
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