Night Sky (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Driving Lessons

1 I told you I'd help you, then you ran off.
Now look where we are.
I didn't do anything wrong.
You know, they didn't even want to let me talk to you.
Please, get me out of this place.
Every second I am not looking for Gabriel I'm sure he can wait just a little bit longer.
What do you want from me? The truth.
Just tell me the truth.
You know, coming here, I thought I was finally free.
A couple of days locked in your guest room, and now I'm back in a cage.
- Who kept you in a cage? - You wouldn't understand.
Well Wh-why don't you let me try? They control everything.
What we eat.
When we sleep.
How we think.
We were completely isolated in some compound in the middle of nowhere.
You know, to them, it's just a way to protect the secret.
What secret? The same one you have under your shed.
There's more of those, by the way, a lot more.
Who built them? I'm not sure.
But they're very old.
And the planet? You've seen it.
It's just a wasteland, where things go to die.
Well, that can't be everything.
There's got to be more to it than that.
You're thinking too small.
Those things, they don't just go to the planet.
They all connect to each other, like a network of doorways.
That's how I got here.
That's how Gabriel got here.
Through the doorways? I have to find him.
If I can find him, I have a chance.
I can start a new life.
If not they will send people.
Dangerous people.
Where did the blood come from? When I escaped, someone saw me.
He tried to stop me.
I had no choice.
He would've If they find me, they'll kill me.
You have to come back tomorrow, ma'am.
Besides, it can't be good for someone your age to be out this late.
Well now just let me be the judge of that, please.
And this can't wait.
Look, he's young, and he's had too much to drink.
Can't we just let it slide? He was stopped for public intoxication.
He was arrested for fleeing from an officer.
He's new in town, - and he was scared.
- He has no ID.
He refused to give me a last name, a date of birth.
Novatny? Any relation to Eric? Uh Yeah.
He's my dad.
Is he? Well, I taught Eric at Farnsworth Senior High.
Wasn't he, uh, in law enforcement, too? Just retired after 30 years.
Oh, well I helped him write his essay when he applied to the academy.
And here you are, following in his footsteps.
Oh, he must be so proud.
He's been known to brag.
Well, I knew your dad was a man of character, even in high school, much like that young man that you have locked up back there.
He doesn't deserve this.
Besides, you wouldn't deprive an elderly couple of their caregiver, now, would you? And I can, I can pay his ticket right now.
You must've been a tough teacher.
Let me see what I can do.
Have you ever read Emerson? No.
Who is that? Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I used to teach his essay "Compensation.
" It was about the balancing forces of the universe.
Not in physics, but in the soul.
"There is always some leveling circumstance," he said.
When Michael died, I I suffered an exceptional pain.
I thought what we found in the backyard that thing, that was our "leveling circumstance.
" But I guess it wasn't so unique after all.
But yours is unique.
You don't have to say that.
No, I mean that.
Something brought my father to your backyard which led me to you.
It was meant to be.
Well, if that's the case, can you please not run away again? I wasn't running away.
Chandra took it.
I know she did.
So, what was your plan? Just knock on her door at midnight and ask for it back? You mind if I ask you Oh, for heaven's sake.
He's supposed to be watching his sodium.
Not at all.
Well, at least I won't have to explain where we've been.
Should I help him upstairs? No, let him sleep it off.
He smells like a distillery.
Come on.
You'll thank me in the morning.
I have to get it back.
We'll get it tomorrow.
I promise.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'm telling you, this assignment is a big deal.
- Oh, my gosh, Michael.
- And she's gonna say that it's not, but it is.
And so well deserved, Leslie.
The traveling will be an adjustment, but it's a good company.
Not everyone gets to rep cancer medication right out of the gate.
Yeah, that's very impressive.
It's only because there's been a lot of turnover lately.
- I just got lucky, that's all.
- Oh, come on.
Enjoy it.
All your hard work, those late nights at the library, it's all paying off.
Hey, we never would've met without late nights at the library.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
You went through a lot of hardship to get here.
Don't joke like that.
I'm just proud of you.
Did Michael tell you about the photography class? A professor saw his pictures behind the reference desk and invited him to audit a class.
It's just birds.
They're not even that good.
I I take them on my breaks.
I like them.
People like them.
People like birds.
But thanks.
Aw, that remind you of us? Vaguely.
Should we tell them? Mom, Dad.
We're engaged.
That is fantastic news.
Thank you.
I'm so happy for you two.
Thank you.
And, uh, got some more good news for you.
I'm moving out.
Gonna get out of your hair.
You can finally have the guest room back.
Moving back to Chicago? Yeah.
It's time for us to start our new life, together.
It's quantum entanglement.
That's my working theory.
Anyway, yeah, believe me, I've studied it a lot.
Einstein, uh, referred to it as "spooky action at a distance.
" He didn't even believe that teleportation was possible, so Spooky action? What's he talking about? It's just theories.
Oh, it's not really a theory.
I've been taking this online Spanish thing, so there's no talking behind my back.
- Okay.
- Okay? But how does it actually work? Particles.
Invisibly linked over massive distances.
They're disconnected, but somehow bonded, like us.
I know it it sounds impossible, but it's just a matter of progress.
Think about it.
For instance, th-there's no more records.
There's no more tapes.
There's no more CDs.
Every song ever recorded is floating around in the ether.
Uh, unseen cloud of tiny particles, enveloping us everywhere we go.
If you had told me when I was ten, listening to-to-to Naughty by Nature on my Walkman, I'd have told you to stop sniffing glue, but here we are.
That is progress.
It's progress.
That's, uh that's the principle, anyway.
Who made it? The the progress? Who, or what? That's the trillion dollar question.
What does that mean? Well, you know where those things come from, right? Obviously, not from around here.
Okay, the point is, it works, and it's God's gift.
That's good enough.
Here's the cell tower.
Fuck me.
That is a tall one.
Do you really think this will work? It'll show up on the grid.
What will? Wh wh what are you doing? Got to do some recon to locate the package.
What's the package? Just something we have to pick up For Grandpa Epi's friend.
I assume you've done this before? Yeah, plenty of times.
In my head.
Gonna wish me luck? Good luck.
Why do you hate him? Nick? No.
Don't lie.
I don't hate him.
No, it's Nick's a screw up, OK? He doesn't take things seriously.
He makes a mess.
And then other people have to clean up his mess.
What do you mean? Nothing.
Forget it, my love.
Y'know I thought this trip was gonna be fun.
My mistake.
You always wanted to see the States.
Now, here we are What United States? All I've seen is Nick's trailer and a few highways.
You're forgetting the hot dog.
It tasted like dirty socks.
That's disgusting.
Oh, cool.
What are you doing? No! Don't even think about it, Toni! For Instagram.
Don't post that! What are you going to do? Teleport me to my room? Shit.
What? I'll be back.
Stay here.
Listen to your music.
Hey, there Kevin.
Right? What are you doing here, ma'am? You can't park here.
It's a restricted area.
It is.
I didn't know it.
I-I didn't see any sign in here.
Do you work for the phone company? Uh I work for the phone company.
- Who are you? - Lick skin hold hand ♪ - I'm an animal ♪ - Yes.
That's why we stopped here.
Get clean sinner man, I'm a cannibal ♪ Got it.
Ah! - Son of a ! - What the Breathe heavily, payphone ♪ Ultralight beam machines that need melody ♪ I've got the tag, kept the receipt ♪ Day in, day out, rinse and repeat ♪ Summon the sound, keep them all keen ♪ Lay it all out, I am ready to feed ♪ Animal instinct still in me, while on the beat ♪ Holy shit! You okay? - Yes! Carry on! - Giving off heat ♪ I'm an uncommon element, pleasure machine ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ - Bang the drum ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ - Bang the drum ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ - Bang the drum ♪ When we get on the beat, it's like ♪ We bang them drums ♪ - I want to bang my drum ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ Until the morning comes ♪ - Until the morning comes ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ I want to bang my drum ♪ So, did it work? Next stop, Illinois.
- Until the morning comes ♪ - We bang them drums ♪ Want to ride shotgun ♪ You ready? I don't want to be late.
Yeah, just give me a sec.
What, the coffee not helping? Well, you got what you wanted.
Go to the pool hall, have some beers.
Not a whole keg.
When Randy dropped your car off this morning, he said you were palling around with Byron last night.
You must've been drunk.
I'll be in the car.
Well I wasn't expecting that.
What? Irene, you've gained three pounds.
And I bet it's solid muscle, from all those leg lifts.
Your blood pressure's down, too, and I see color coming back to your face.
Are you feeling better? I am.
And I think you're right, Sandra.
It's-it's time to stop using the chair.
I-I was worried maybe she'd been doing too much.
Well, I'm not saying we're out of the woods yet, but I'm encouraged.
Whatever you're doing, keep it up, and let's see you again in two weeks.
Did you even hear what Dr.
Mareese said? I couldn't have done this without you, Franklin.
Pretty sure your new zest for life has nothing to do with me.
So now you're angry because Jude is actually helping me? I'm not angry.
I'm-I'm concerned for your safety.
He's got you wrapped around his little finger.
Hello? Anybody home? It's me.
Uh Hey, Denise.
I'm sorry.
I didn't think anyone was home.
You left this jacket at the bar.
Where are my grandparents? Uh, doctor's appointment.
Shouldn't you be at stuff like that? Yeah.
I kind of had a a long night.
I don't normally drink.
Well, I am certain that no one in Farnsworth has ever heard karaoke like that before.
You plan on taking that show on the road? I don't think the world is ready.
Hey, is this your book? This is your dad, right? You want to know something weird? My grandma told me that she bought this book herself.
I mean, that-that's strange, right? Maybe, uh, maybe she was confused.
Your dad's not, like, in witness protection or something? No.
No, we escaped from a cult.
Ha, ha.
Very funny.
And I'm like, really? Like, getting in there, even the drummer's worried.
Look at this one.
Katie posted it.
I can't believe I did that.
You're really feeling it there.
Oh, my gosh, look, even the drummer, he's weirded out.
So, uh, other people can-can see this? - This is - Yeah.
You two having fun? Hi.
I Uh, h-how was the-the doctor's appointment? It was good.
I'm on the up and up.
That's great.
Oh, I-I didn't mean to interrupt.
I just I just wasn't expecting to see you here today, Denise.
Oh, yeah, I decided to stay in Farnsworth for a couple of nights, very spur-of-the-moment.
Hey, where is Grandpa? Okay.
Came here to gloat, spaceman? You want to see something, for real? Here.
Get that film developed.
Oh, sure, sure.
Just some space pics? Selfies with little green men? Come on, joke's over.
Let it go.
Look, I might be an idiot for letting you in on the biggest secret in the world, but I'm not some joke.
How come you never developed them? Well, how come anything? Irene.
She saw me taking those pictures and made me promise to destroy the film, but I-I thought we might need it someday.
Last resort.
If you're pulling my leg again, Frank Just develop the film.
Well, hey.
There's the best shop assistant I ever had.
Even when you could barely see over the table.
Maybe I, uh, took the wrong career path.
Uh, Nana said you were out here, so Yeah, I just had to return some tools over at Byron's.
- Your neighbor? - Yeah.
Yeah, we buried the hatchet, I guess, kind of.
Wait, now, aren't you supposed to be in class today? Uh, they have administrative meetings or something, so no.
Well, that's lucky, for me anyway.
I got something I could use your help with.
You want to take a drive? They're leaving.
I'll get my keys.
- Mrs.
York? - Chandra.
Do you have a minute? Um Actually, I-I'm sort of in the middle of something.
Now's not a good time.
Jude, could you wait in the car, please? I'd like to speak with Chandra privately.
I have some concerns.
About Jude, actually.
Well, we can't have a private conversation out on the stoop, can we? Come in.
This is quite an eclectic home you have.
It was just me and my mother here for a long time.
She was quite the collector.
Now, it's just me.
Oh! I love this little guy.
What's his name? Uh, Winston.
He was my mother's dog.
At the end, she made me promise to keep him around the house.
It was in her will, actually.
Did you hear that? What? No, I didn't hear a thing.
So, what did you say that, um, we should be careful to watch out for? Well, the caregiving business is just full of crooks who want to take advantage of older folks, and references, they're worthless.
You know, half the time, you're just you're talking to their mother or best friend.
Speaking of best friends Oh, Winston.
Winston, you are such a treasure.
Well, just maybe don't touch him.
- You are so - Oh, no! - Oh, I'm so sorry.
Oh, dear.
- No, no, no.
It's fine, it's fine, - it's fine.
It's fine, it's fine.
- I'm so, so, so Oh Just I got him, I got him.
Please, don't touch him.
No, no, of course not.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
Oh, Winston, I'm so sorry.
- Please, don't touch him.
- Oh, yeah.
Now, he was her handyman, but still.
You let these people into your home.
He stole thousands.
- Jude! - How did you get in here? Where did you get this? Where did you get this? Jude, I asked you to wait in the car.
- Who sent you? - What? - Who sent you? - What what are you talking about? - Get out of my house.
- You're one of them.
- I'm one of who? - Irene, she had this in her room.
- That's mine.
- And this, this is a tracker.
- No, no.
- We all have them.
Are you mental? That was a gift from a patient.
- Give it to me right now! - Stop lying.
- You're lying! Stop lying! - That's enough.
You know, she's got a whole bunch of things upstairs.
- It's all stolen.
- No.
Those were gifts from patients.
Chandra what's happened to you? You think they even noticed? I'm the one who took care of them.
I took care of them day and night.
I fed them, I bathed them, I changed their fucking diapers.
And they didn't even know my name, so They owed me.
I'm telling you, she's one of them.
No, she's not.
No, no, no.
She may be a liar and a thief, but she's she's not after you.
I'm sorry that I misled you, Chandra, and I'm sorry that life has brought you to this point.
You were a good student, and I liked you.
I don't need your pity.
Well, then, I won't give it to you, and I don't think I like you very much anymore, but I will forget this entire incident if you just tell us where you got that necklace.
All right What do we have, old man? Okay Nothing.
Nothing I'm so stupid.
What the Oh.
Oh This was my father's.
I'm sure of it.
And you had one, too? Yeah.
Uh It's to make sure we don't escape.
Well, a necklace doesn't seem like a very good thing to use as a tracker.
You could just take it off.
Yeah, you I guess you're right.
What's that thing? So, this one, it's-it's sort of a key.
Will it bring my coffee table back? What happened to your coffee table? Never mind.
Oh, I forgot how much I love to drive.
Oh Will you teach me? Put it in drive.
- Okay.
- Right here.
- So you just pull it back? - Yeah.
- Uh, this one? - Yep.
Now take your foot off the brake and gently press on the acceler Oh! Okay.
That's okay.
Don't be chicken.
You can go a little faster than this.
- Faster? - Yeah, faster.
Good job.
You mind doing the honors? Do I remind you of him? Course you do.
But, like, how? Well, your dimples.
The way you smile.
You got the same sweet tooth.
You're both stubborn as an ox.
But kind.
Grandpa, I don't think I'm happy.
Well, what's wrong? Lots of things.
Why don't you start by telling me about just one thing? I have this pit in my stomach.
And it's work.
It's school.
I just I don't want any of it.
And every morning, I wake up, - and I just feel so - Slow down.
I feel trapped.
In my own life.
And I think I want to drop out of school.
Well, that's a big decision.
You don't think I should do it? I didn't say that.
I If you're asking for my advice I can I can just tell you that you really just got to learn to trust yourself.
I want to.
I do.
I just I'm scared.
What if I leave and that feeling is still there? And what if it's because I'm like him? - Hey.
Hey, hey.
- And I'm just gonna No, no, no.
You are not You are not destined to repeat anything.
- You understand me? - Okay.
You make your own path in this life.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Everyone's always talking about Nirvana like they invented the wheel, but the Melvins were just as influential.
- Did grunge even hit South America? - Hey, take that exit.
What? Why? That's, like, an hour out of our way.
Just do it.
All right.
Whatever you say.
Pull over.
Another guy you need to tie up? What? Your mother says, "Pull over," we pull over.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
So, go.
Ready? It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
No! - Hey.
- Epi, I'm not going back.
Please! Please, stop.
I don't want to go back.
We take no joy in this.
But it's our duty.
We had to do it.
She was an Apostate.
Nick, why do you have all those guns? Can't be too careful these days.
And having guns makes you more careful? You want to see? Go ahead.
Go on.
- You ever shoot one before? - No.
Sounds like there's a lot of things you haven't done.
You know, your dad's a crack shot.
Y-You know my dad? Your mother ever talk about him? No.
No, not really.
She said that they didn't know each other.
How about that? You know, the, um The trick to aiming is you have to know which is your dominant eye, the left or the right.
And what is he like? - I want to know.
- No, I'm I'm sorry, kiddo.
I I really am.
I'm sorry.
Then tell me something about him.
Don't fuck around like that.
It wasn't loaded.
What happened to you? Let's go.
We need to make up time.
Come on.
What the fuck? "Reptilian " "Impossible.
" "Or is it spiritual?" Whatever you decide now, I got your back, okay? - Okay.
- I love you.
I love you, too.
- Okay.
- Drive safe.
- Byron! - Oh, shit.
Does a closed door mean nothing to you? I-I couldn't wait.
Would you turn that thing off? All right.
I got to show you what I found.
You're gonna flip.
Does this look familiar? This was in a journal from a missionary in Argentina.
Guess what year.
You don't say.
It's exactly the same.
There's just got to be a way we can get this thing working again.
Well, my guess is it didn't just quit working after 20 years for no reason.
You've had this thing for 20 years? Wow, Frank.
Shine that light right here.
Is that blood? Oh, my God.
What is that? What did you do, Jude? W wait, Jude? The caretaker? Y you told him about this, too? Yes, when I saw him in the woods, I knew he was hinky.
Just a weird vibe.
Wait, you saw him in the woods? What was he doing? Well, he was just taking a walk.
Hang hang on.
Someone's coming.
- Get out of here.
- Oh.
Hey, honey.
We were just out for a drive.
Such a nice day.
Come on.
Come on, Lucy.
Where was he, Luce? Lucy, come here.
Oh Oh, Lucy.
Oh, my God.

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