Night Sky (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Dear Franklin

1 Irene? Ah-ha, here we are.
Well, let me get your cane, at least.
Don't get carried away.
That's just what the doctor ordered.
You got on your dancing shoes? If I go ♪ You know I don't wear shoes in the house.
A million miles away ♪ I'd write a letter ♪ Each and every day ♪ 'Cause honey, nothing ♪ Nothing can ever change ♪ When was the last time we danced? This love I have for you ♪ It's been a while.
Mmm, make me weep ♪ And you can make me cry ♪ See me coming ♪ And you can pass me by ♪ But honey, nothing ♪ Nothing can ever change this love I have for you ♪ Whoa, oh ♪ You're the apple of my eye ♪ You're cherry pie ♪ And, oh, you're ♪ I'm surprised that old car started for you.
You know, your license expired.
- Did it? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I guess I'll have to get over to the DMV, then.
And what about you? Oh, that was just a little driving lesson.
And he was a natural.
Irene's an excellent teacher.
And just think, you won't have to drive me everywhere now.
You know, I really did miss the freedom.
Where did your newfound freedom take you? Just around town.
Oh, and we found some new leads on Jude's dad.
Seems he had a run-in with a local named Bill Dunlap.
Regular Holmes and Watson, you two.
I got a project in the workshop, uh Want to get back to it.
- Thanks for dinner.
- Mm-hmm.
Damn racoons.
Dear Franklin, let me first say, I'm sorry.
I'm not doing this to hurt you.
It's just that I've finished waiting.
Thank you very much, Mr.
We'll see you then.
That was Bill Jr.
, and he said his dad lived in the nursing home until the day he died.
- So Chandra wasn't lying about that.
- No.
And he still works in town, and he said we could stop by and see him.
Tomorrow? Yep, tomorrow.
So, do you think you can make it through one night without, uh, getting into any trouble? I will do my best.
Well, that's a good start.
I didn't see you come up.
Done in the shop already? Oh, it was so much fun dancing with you today.
What's the matter? I can't be here right now.
Do you have any idea what you're doing to us? The pain you're causing? What are you talking about? We were fine before you came here.
You sure about that? We need a room, darling.
For the night or by the hour? For the night.
Two rooms, please.
$85 apiece plus tax.
That's a lot of scratch.
Could just sleep in the van.
Here's yours, and here's a copy of mine.
For emergencies, or whatever.
No, thanks.
Let's go.
Anything good? Hmm, no.
But look! There were free shoes in the closet! Don't wear those, Toni, they're gross.
Can we go out and do something fun? No.
I saw online there's lots to do around here like shopping, - a mall with over thirty restaurants.
- No, no, no, no.
Pero no, no, no.
Not tonight.
On the way back we can do some sightseeing.
Look! Godzilla! You like this one.
I don't feel like it.
- ¿Mamá? - Hmm? Why does Nick have guns in the van? I don't know.
But all Americans have guns.
Nick wants to seem important.
He said he knew my dad.
He shouldn't be talking to you about things like that.
You're right.
You should.
Ay, Toni.
Did you ever think there's a reason I keep things from you? That I'm protecting you from something? I wanted you to have a normal life before all this.
A normal life? I'm fifteen and my mom is my only friend.
What kind of life is that? Come on, what about Ana? We haven't been friends for years since you stopped letting her come over.
Is this about the boy in the chapel? Why do you act like this isn't important? I'm just supposed to stay at home? No friends, no job, nothing? You'd have to be insane to do that! Like me? Where are you going? To the vending machine.
And when I'm back we'll watch Godzilla.
It's not just on Planet Earth.
These-these things, they exist they exist in other places in the world, - other places in the universe.
- Wait, like a planet? Like, actual outer space? - Absolutely.
- Wha Nick! Oh! Stella, you made it.
What the hell are you doing? - Me and Gina - Uh, it's Nina.
Me and Nina, we were just getting to know each other a little bit.
She's a Mets fan, can you believe it? Go Mets.
You? Get up.
- Hey, be nice.
- Shut up.
- How much? - $200.
I thought it was love.
You find this funny? What? She's not gonna say anything.
Even if she did, no one would believe her.
I was just Come on, I was just playing around.
You can't play around.
Because when you play around, people die.
Like your brother.
What have you learned? Nothing.
He's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.
It's the first face that I see.
You call that nothing? You're the last person to lecture anybody, Stella.
Your own daughter doesn't know jack shit about you.
The notches that you have on your belt.
I never should have brought you.
Yeah, well, you're-you're pretty lucky that you did.
'Cause otherwise you'd be out here chasing your own fucking tail around.
And Epi, he'd be real proud of his little girl then, wouldn't he? Fuck you.
- ¿Mamá? - What?! - What's wrong? - Come to our room.
- Is Nick in trouble? - Nick is always in trouble.
I got us some Red Vines.
They taste like plastic.
Well then I'll eat them.
You headed somewhere? There's not that much open this time of night.
I-I just wanted to look around.
At a parking lot? She really does keep you cooped up, huh? It's crazy to think it's all somewhere up there.
W-What is? So, Toni, what do you do for fun at the bottom of the world? Fun? She won't let me do anything.
Your mom's in a tough spot.
You're not a little kid anymore, you know? And what's so bad about that? You're all she's got.
She's afraid of losing you.
And so she lies to me? Until two days ago, I didn't even know that that thing existed.
Or you, or any of this.
I can't say I agree with her on that.
At least you are nice to me.
There's only so many of us.
We got to have each other's backs.
Can I have a cigarette? Don't push it.
Irene? Jude? Hey.
I-I made you some tea.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, I-I was wondering, maybe we could go and see Mr.
Dunlap today.
I'm so sorry, Jude, I just don't think I feel up to it today.
But you should go.
There's a number for the taxi service on the fridge if you need it.
Hey, uh what happened last night? Oh, it's not worth talking about.
Marriages are like that sometimes, you know? There are ups and downs.
It must be really hard for him.
You're doing so well, walking and driving.
I think he's just used to you needing him all the time.
Well, I do need him.
I'll always need him.
And he needs me, too.
Lucy, keep get out of there.
Come on.
Out, out, out, out.
She's a worrier.
- Here.
- Yeah.
Hope the, uh, couch was okay there.
You just gonna stand there and stare at me? - You're like the dog.
- I want to show you something.
Hi, Mr.
Do you want breakfast? No, no, no.
Thank you, I'm fine.
You sure? I-I made Crescent Rolls.
Thanks, hon.
Just no more sleepovers, okay? Yeah, you got it.
You are not gonna believe this.
I've seen bowling balls before, Byron.
Holy crow.
What is that thing? Your caretaker buried it in the ground behind your house.
You just got to be careful not to touch it, though.
It's, uh, trust me, not fun.
Yeah, well, don't wave that thing around.
Put it away, will you? Good idea.
- I got to go.
- Now? Yeah.
Don't you want to, you know, put it back in? And you know, get it working again? I got stuff I got to do.
More important than this? Yes.
You mind if I try? Yeah, knock yourself out.
Hi, Professor Sandhu? It's Denise.
Oh, good, you're back.
Just in time.
I got into brewing my own kombucha.
This stuff right here, the goopy stuff, it's a SCOBY.
It's a bacterial colony, and it's it's really good for you.
I just dropped out of school.
- You what? - Yeah.
I just got off the phone with my advisor.
I-I told her that I wasn't coming back.
That's crazy.
I mean I mean, are you sure? What are you, what are you gonna do? I don't know you know, maybe that's exactly what I need.
Maybe I-I'll even move back here.
To Farnsworth? What about the life you were building? That is not the life I wanted.
You think everyone lives the life that they want? I kind of find it insulting.
Not everybody here got the same advantages as you.
Advantages? You know what I mean.
Like Sarah Rush.
She tried to get into business school, and she didn't.
She couldn't get in.
That's because Sarah didn't go to class, and she hated reading, and she dropped out of Model UN - because she couldn't be Belgium.
- Yeah, well Maybe there were things about her that made her less appealing than you.
I didn't get in because of charity, Katie.
I worked my ass off.
But I guess I'm always gonna have some people in my life, people that I thought were my friends, wondering if I even earned it at all.
Excuse me.
Grandpa? Hey, it's-it's Jude.
Y-Your grandparents' caretaker.
Yeah, yeah.
I know who you are.
What's going on? I-I, uh Are you busy right now? No.
It's amazing.
I feel this huge weight off of my shoulders, and it's not just the tuition money.
Wait, they charge you money? Yeah.
But only several hundred thousand dollars, so Oh.
Well, I'm happy for you.
Couldn't have been easy, walking away.
Yeah, I guess so.
But this is the first day of something new.
And you're okay spending it with me? Hey, there.
You Jude? Yes, sir.
Uh, Mr.
Dunlap? - Oh, just Bill, please.
And - Denise.
Nice to know you.
Y'all, come on in.
Excuse the mess.
Got some small loads waiting to go out.
Thought about hiring a secretary, but I can't justify the expense.
So I was told you had something that belonged to Bill Sr.
Get out of town.
This is my dad's lucky charm.
I thought it was lost.
Someone at the, uh, retirement home had it.
Wow, I never thought I'd see this again.
I guess it was lucky after all.
Thank you.
What is it? The topic of much debate in the Dunlap home over the years.
It's a strange-looking doodad, isn't it? I was hoping you could tell us where your dad got it.
Uh, the thing is my dad might have been a long haul trucker, but he was an even longer haul bullshitter.
And this was his signature yarn.
We'd really like to hear it.
Um, story went, he picked up a hitchhiker here in town.
Said the guy was a little sketchy, like he was on the run or something.
Sure enough, a few hours into the trip, my dad realized that there was someone trailing them in a van.
But my dad knew all the back roads, so - So they got away, right? - Yeah, yeah, of course, but Okay, this is where the story gets a little out there.
Dad said that, after they lost sight of the van, the hitchhiker reached into his glove box, pulled out my dad's hunting knife.
He thought he was gonna stab him or something.
But instead, he cut this thing out of his ankle.
Banged it on the dash a few times, gave it to him as a memento.
Where'd you sleep? That all you have to say? I don't know what to say except that I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
It was a mistake.
A mistake.
Leaving the milk out is a mistake.
Missing a button on your shirt is a mistake.
This was We were standing right here.
We were cleaning up after your bridge club.
I told you Marcy Delmore was cheating again.
I asked if you were ever gonna call her out on it - Please, Franklin, don't - and you said, "No need, 'cause she never wins anyway.
" And then the phone rang.
That phone call that no parent should ever get.
And I made myself be strong for you.
Let you grieve the way you want, the way you need.
And I always believed that was the right thing to do.
But you were gonna you were gonna leave me here all alone, to go through that all over again? I was selfish.
I am selfish.
You're not.
You sat right here, and you promised me 30 more years.
And then - Franklin - What? I couldn't have promised you 30 more days, much less years.
What did you want? I just want to be enough for you to want to stay.
Okay All right.
That is what I'm talkin' What? Wait, wait, wait.
Come on.
Come on! Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got the patrol log for you, Chief.
- Ready for your sign-off.
- All right.
Deena finally broke me down.
I think we're gonna get that Jacuzzi hot tub - she's been wanting.
- Oh, yeah? She thinks it'll help with my sciatica.
Sure does hurt the wallet.
Hey, Gibby, wha what's this arrest here? Who's Jude? Oh, yeah.
Novatny was on the desk that night.
Just some drunk kid.
- Says he evaded arrest? - Apparently, it was some sort of mix-up.
Kid turned out to be the Yorks' caretaker.
York came down and cleared it all up.
Caretaker, huh? Thanks, Gibby.
Byron? Are you in here? Ah.
How was your shift? Oh, only one screamer.
Um, are you looking for something? Yeah, uh, have you seen the jumper cables? - Franklin needs to borrow them.
- No.
God, poor Franklin.
He looks so miserable.
Eh, he'll be fine.
Hey, um, I'm really proud of you.
Just making a new friend.
Even if he is the grumpy old man next door.
You gotta start somewhere, right? Yeah.
Oh, I see 'em.
They're, uh, by the box fan.
Oh, look at you, eagle eyes.
Ha, ha! Have fun.
Thanks, Jeanine.
Frank I'm on it.
Tommy, we're gonna get sick of each other - if we keep this up.
- Yeah.
York, is your caretaker here? No.
Why? I don't want to scare you Take a look.
There's some pretty serious stuff there.
Violent incidents, psychiatric holds.
So I'd like to take him into custody until we can sort it out.
Custody? Oh, this must be a mistake.
York, he's not well.
And he used false pretenses to get into your lives.
That That's enough for me.
When do you expect him back? Well, I don't.
I've already fired him.
- You fired him? - Yes, I did.
He-he was drunk, and he got arrested.
How could I take him back after that? Yeah.
Did he say where he was going? Well, he was very anxious to get out of Farnsworth.
- I know that.
- I'll bet.
Okay, well, you hang onto that file.
Now, if he tries to contact you in any way, I want you to call me.
- Okay? - Okay.
Trust me, these people are harder to get rid of than you think.
Thank you.
What's so funny? Oh, we're just swapping stories.
That salad, that looks interesting.
I usually stick to hot food in places like this.
What did he tell you? Nada.
- Relax.
- I'm relaxed.
You see that vein pulsing in your mom's forehead? - That's an indicator of hypertension.
- Mm.
You should really get your blood pressure checked, Stella.
She wasn't always like this.
You know, just a little bit older than you first time I met her.
It was her Perdisco.
- No.
- Perdisco? - Mm-hmm.
- You were there? Sure.
A lot of us were.
You know? I saw firsthand; your mother used to have a wild side.
I'm serious, Nick.
Don't do this.
What kind of things did she do? If memory serves correctly, absolutely nothing respectable.
I remember this one time, - her and Caleb - Enough! I was just a young, stupid girl.
It's nothing to be proud of.
You know, some of us grew out of it before anyone got hurt.
I wouldn't say you didn't hurt anybody, Stella.
What about Caleb? Wh-Who is Caleb, anyway? She never told you about Caleb, huh? See, that's amazing to me.
'Cause the two of them, they were, they were really close.
I can see it in this light.
It's the eyes.
The resemblance.
Get up, Toni.
C'mon, let's go! What the fuck?! - This is crazy! - Watch your mouth! You're joking.
Come on, we have to hurry.
What's going on? You're scaring me! We can't just leave Nick.
Yes we can, let's go! No, no, no, no, no.
Don't even think about it.
Wait! Stella, come on.
Don't do this to me.
Stella! Where have you two been all day? You chose the weirdest person to hire for your caretaker, Nana.
We found out where he went.
This is Bill Sr.
's delivery ledger.
June 5th, 2005.
That was the day he was released from jail.
In Enfield, Michigan.
It's an eight-hour drive.
If we leave tonight, we can get there by morning.
And Denise said she would come.
Really? Yeah.
Why not? I'm down for a road trip.
Road trip to where? Michigan.
Looks like my father went there after Farnsworth.
- Find another mugshot, did you? - Oh, come on, Grandpa.
We can all go together.
Let's take an overnight up the coast.
- Might be fun.
- No, thanks.
It looks remote.
Like a good place to lay low.
- I bet he's there.
- I hope so.
Come with me.
Are you two okay? Oh, don't worry about us, kiddo.
Does this have to do with Jude? Why does everything have to be about him? No, no, no, that's It's not all his fault.
He's just a dumbass kid.
This is between me and your Nana.
But you two are gonna figure it out, right? Boy, you'd think, after all this time, I'd have gained some wisdom about what makes a relationship work, wouldn't you? You know what, I'm gonna tell Nana that she shouldn't go on the trip.
No, no.
Nobody's gonna talk your Nana out of doing what she wants.
That much I have learned.
Well, I'll stay here, and we can hang out.
That is very sweet, but I know you want to go.
You're excited about it.
And somebody's got to keep an eye on your Nana.
Keep her away from the minibar.
You don't believe this.
Do you? I don't know.
Should I? This isn't real.
These are the-the people I was telling you about.
You know the tracker? It's not a necklace.
I cut it out of my leg.
They will do anything.
You have to believe me.
Ay, mierda.
Not sure which way to go, huh? Too bad we ditched our navigator.
Good thing I know how to work the tracking equipment.
What?! I've been watching Nick do it.
I could do it blindfolded.
Well get to it! First, tell me what the "package" is.
Or should we go pick up Nick? It's not a "what.
" But a "who.
" The "package" is a man.
One of us.
He broke the rules and it's our job to find him.
And if we don't a lot of people will be in grave danger.
That's why we can't take chances with "fun Nick.
" See? Why couldn't you just tell me that? We could have avoided this.
I wasn't sure you'd understand.
I was afraid.
There's a lot more to this than the chapel, huh? Can you work that thing or not? Don't forget your, uh, pill planner.
Oh, I'm not gonna be gone that long.
Why do you have to go at all? The night I wrote you that letter, Franklin, was the night I found Jude.
That has to mean something.
Does it? Well, I looked out at that planet for 20 years asking why.
And then the same night that I was ready to stop asking, it answered me.
You're always looking for an answer to life's great mystery.
I found mine, here in this house with you.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
I do.
And whether you do or don't, I'll be here waiting for you.
I'm gonna get you.
Oh, careful, Denise.
Papa Frank worked hard on that bird; be gentle.
Oh, it's nothing a little Elmer's Glue couldn't fix.
Papa Frank, follow me.
I have been summoned.
Children have a lot of energy, don't they? It's too bad we can't tap into that.
I could use some right about now.
You know I'm always here if you want to talk.
- I know.
- I don't even have to say anything.
I could just listen.
When have you ever held back from an opinion, Mom? Mm, late fall, 1984.
But I think I may have had laryngitis.
There's There's gonna be a review at work, and it's not gonna be good.
It's only a job.
It's not just that, though, I'm I'm trying real hard to make everything fit.
Um Leslie keeps saying we should be grateful for all we have, and she's right.
But I I don't know how to make myself feel that.
I'm so tired of letting everyone down.
You're not letting anyone down.
There are so many people who love you.
Denise adores you.
You think so? I know so.
Have you talked to, uh, Dr.
Evans? He wants to adjust my meds again.
Well, that that might be good.
- Right? - Yeah.
I mean, I don't want to worry you.
I'll be okay.
I just needed to vent.
I'm fine.
Is everything okay, Nana? Oh, uh Yeah, honey, I'm fine.
Hello? Hi, I'm calling for Franklin York.
If this is about that Marmalade of the Month Club, I told you guys to quit calling.
York, this is about the coins.
The doubloons.
They're very rare.
How'd you get this number? You called me.
Don't you remember, we spoke on the phone? No.
Wha Who is this? I'm very interested in the coins.
Tell me, how did you get them? Look, they're-they're not mine, okay? Really? Whose are they? Hey, don't call here again.
It's time.
Let's go.
All right.
What the hell is wrong with you? You'll get used to the fumes.
Come on.
Let me show you.
So, this, this is the heart, right? Makes everything tick.
But if you take it out, pbbt! Loses its charge.
Your guy knew exactly what he was doing.
He wanted to make sure we could never use this thing ever again.
Well, is it working or not? Okay.
So I figured we'd try to hit it with as much power as we could.
And all we gotta do is close the circuit, right there.
Then we just It jumpstarts it right back up.
But, uh, I figured I'd save it for you, bud.
It's gonna work.
Fuck it.
Ha, ha, ha, see? I told you.
Hey, girl.
What you barking at? What's that sound mean? Umm, I don't know.
¡Ay! What's happening?! Toni Hang on.
Are you ok? I think we're here.
Frank You okay? We did it.
We frikkin' did it! Come on.
Oh, my gosh.
So, uh, how many times h-have you done this? This'll be 857.
That's pretty specific.
Well, your entire body is about to be broken down into a trillion particles and reassembled across the universe.
It's a memorable experience.
- I keep track.
- Yeah.
- You stand there.
- Okay.
Oh, shit, I'm getting kind of nervous.
You should be.
- What's that for? - Trust me.
Does it normally do this? Here we go.
Was that it? I thought it was gonna Oh Oh, my God.
It's so beautiful.
Yeah, it is.
Oh, wow.
Have you gone out there yet? No.
No, I was always too scared.
I'm not scared anymore.

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