Nisekoi (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

After School

1 That photo just now Was that Chitoge-chan? Why would Ichijou-kun have that? Don't tell me Don't tell me he actually I'm home! Welcome back, Young Master! Good work today, sir! Well, I sure got my hands on an awesome photo today! Maybe I'll frame it.
I'd better make sure Onodera doesn't see it, though.
So I still don't know which one's the girl I made that promise with.
But how am I supposed to figure it out? Man, if only I had a photo of her, almost like this one.
I bet it would at least give me a hint.
Huh? Photos? Yeah, we should still have some.
What?! Where the hell have they been all this time?! I've turned this house upside-down numerous times looking for them, you know! Oh, no wonder you couldn't find them.
They're all locked up in the storehouse.
You're talking about the photos from that trip we took ten years ago, right? If I recall correctly, we didn't have a lot of photos from those days, but there should be just one left at the back of the storehouse.
Are you kidding me? Who knew a clue about the girl was so close this whole time? But maybe now I can get a step closer to the truth.
I think you begged me to take that photo of you and that little girl with the key.
You mentioned something about an important promise you'd made with her or something.
A girl with a key? And an important promise?! Episode 13: After School Damn it.
I searched all night, but I still couldn't find it.
Hey, Raku! What do you want, Shuu? Hey, you free after school today? How about grabbing some burgers and studying before we head home today? Why do you want to study all of a sudden? Well, you know, finals are just around the corner! I was just wondering if you had any strategies mapped out, Ichijou-kun.
Why are you acting so friendly? You're creeping me out.
"Strategies" are for people who don't prepare daily.
Sorry, but I study every night.
And besides, there's something really important I have to look for today.
Onodera's coming too, you know.
Mickey D's Welcome! And so I'm here Hey, Seishirou-chan, have you ever ordered a "Smile"? No, can't say that I have Damn you, Shuu! You were holding out on purpose! Oh, well.
That photo's not going anywhere anyway.
Going to Mickey D's with everyone after school I'm so excited! I-Is it really that exciting? Oh, wow, I've always dreamed of doing this! But it wasn't too long ago that stopping by Mickey D's after school That's the sound for when the fries are done! with Onodera was just a pipe dream.
I might be on the verge of finding out whether she's the girl I made the promise with.
Aren't the fries here delish?! Which one of them is it? My memories are so fuzzy; I just can't remember.
Yes! They sure are! I can't stop eating them once I start! I know what you mean! What color was her hair, anyway? I wonder what size we should get? Black? Blonde? Well, large, of course, don't you think? Large, huh? Yeah, you're right.
If I start thinking too hard about it, Yes.
Okay, then, two large fries Or should we get three? it starts to feel like it might've been a different color altogether.
No, let's go with four! Four! No good! Thinking about it isn't gonna get me anywhere! All righty How do you guys wanna sit? Kosaki, why don't you sit next to Ichijou-kun? That way he can help you out again like last time.
Uh Um No, no.
That's okay.
I think Ichijou-kun should sit next to Chitoge-chan, don't you? They are dating, after all.
What? I could've sworn that Onodera was acting more distant than usual just now.
Or was I imagining things? Did something happen? Nothing happened.
Something did happen.
Didn't it? You two over there.
No silent conversations! No good, no good! I've gotta get it together and study for now.
This makes it our second study group, huh? Seishirou-chan, are you a good student? No.
I'm just about average.
Claude-sama told me to "make sure that I can pass any college entrance exam with my eyes closed.
" So that much, I can manage.
Classes in Japan are such a breeze, aren't they? Yes, they are.
Wow! You two sound like you live in a different dimension! Wow, that's amazing, Tsugumi-chan! Oh, please, you're exaggerating.
Hey, Ichijou Raku! Don't tell me you can't even solve an easy problem like that! Do you still believe you're worthy of being Mistress's boyfriend despite that? Shut up, will ya? And stop looking! Well, since you're begging me Let me take a look! What?! Excuse me, Mistress! Listen up! First, in the case of this problem What the You take this, and do this, and She's being unusually nice to me today.
I wonder what gives.
Therefore, the next step is Hey! What are you staring at? Were you even listening to me just now? Huh? Yeah.
Sure, I was listening.
Why is my heart pounding? But I gotta say, you're good at teaching, Tsugumi.
I totally get it now.
O-Oh, really? Then try the rest on your own.
Right! I owe you one! Which part did she help you with? This problem.
Grin Why do you have that smug look on your face!? Are you dissing me? Looks like they're getting along just fine, huh? You think so? Hey, I just remembered.
Although studying for exams is important, we also got some English homework today! Not that there's anything to be afraid of, since we have Kirisaki-san! Oh, that's right.
You can speak English, right, Chitoge-chan? And so, Kirisaki-san! Would you mind translating this English passage? What? Sure, I can do that.
They're all counting on me! Now, then Wait a minute, George.
Just who is that woman? I wouldn't know, Anna.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, don't play dumb with me! Then tell me, whose hair is this? It's a misunderstanding! Just hear me out! Who's more important to you—me or that woman? English Teacher Creator of the text That teacher of ours! What kind of drama is this? Hey, Onodera's really into it.
She's so cute.
I-I'm fine For some reason, Onodera has the same vibe as the girl from my memories.
Onodera even said it herself.
I might be the boy from hers.
I've had enough.
I don't care about you anymore, George! As for Kirisaki No matter what, I just don't get the same feeling.
But she knows the phrase "zawsze in love," and she has a key.
Wait, don't go! If I explain, you'll see Damn it! Thinking about it doesn't do me any good, but I can't help it! All right, I just need to settle down for now.
If I can just find that photo, everything will be clear as day.
So whoever turns out to be the girl So? Which one do you like better, Raku? Well, of course that would be Onode— I asked you which flavor you liked better, chocolate or vanilla milkshakes? Uh, yeah.
Which do you like better, Onodera? Huh? I-I I prefer strawberry Oh, is that right? I like strawberry too, you know! What a coincidence! That was close! I was just about to publicly confess my feelings for her! N-Nobody caught on, right? Which do you like better? Of course, Onode— Oh, please! What am I thinking? But Putting my earlier thoughts in order, Onodera has to be the girl.
So what happened to George? Oh, sorry.
I'll keep reading! I mean, Kirisaki's way different from the girl I have in mind.
Oh, no, you're wrong about that, George.
I am the person you're destined to be with! What are you doing? That's really gross.
Anyway, there's no sense thinking about it now.
If I can just find that photo, it'll all be Found it! This must be the box the old man told me about.
Inside this box lies a photo from that day, ten years ago And once I see it, I'll learn the identity of the girl I've been searching for all this time! Which one is it? Onodera or Kirisaki Which one did I make the promise with?! Forget it.
I'll soon find out once and for all, after I take a look.
Who the hell is she? It's neither Onodera nor Kirisaki! I don't remember this girl at all! What's that she's holding? Is that a key? Meaning that This girl is the one I made the promise with? Dad! Where are you, Dad? I've found the photo! So who is this girl, anyway? Hey, Young Master.
If you're looking for your dad, he just went out.
Come to think of it, the girl in the photo Raku was talking about Isn't she the same kid? Damn it! Just when I thought I was about to learn who she was, the mystery got even more baffling.
What the hell is going on here? The photos from the field trip are ready! Come pick them up in student-number order! They're here! So it wasn't either Onodera or Kirisaki that I made the promise with? But I don't remember that girl at all.
Then I wonder if those two Show me! remember anything about her.
Come on! Oh, this is just Um Should I ask them? But neither of them know that we met years ago.
Although I'm sure I should tell them soon.
Yo, Raku! Which photos did you buy? Huh? Oh Rain, huh? Oh, crap Hey, don't you have an umbrella? Well, no.
This sucks! There was a show I wanted to watch when I got home, too.
I should've recorded it.
Want to share mine? It's not far, so I'll walk you home.
What a joke! I'd rather go home soaking wet than share an umbrella with you! Oh, is that right? See you! Yeah.
You're gonna catch a cold, you know.
The rain's coming down harder.
You're not getting wet, are you? No.
Hey! Those two are sharing an umbrella! Woooo! Shut up! Back off! What the hell are you doing? Nothing.
What's your problem? You're getting all wet, so what did you expect?! You should be thankful! What's going on? She's been acting strange lately.
How am I supposed to handle this? What's with that look on your face? You'd better not be thinking any filthy thoughts! Wha As if! Really now? I'm doing this for you to be nice! What a pervert! I told you I wasn't! Besides, I never asked you to do anything! What did you say? Don't be so cocky, you stupid bean sprout! What was that, you gorilla? Who're you callin' a gorilla— Whoa, that freaked me out.
That one was pretty close, wasn't it? Chitoge? Who knew you were afraid of lightning too? You've got a lot of vulnerabilities, you know that? Shut up! If you tell anybody, I'll make you pay! I won't tell.
But we're gonna have to take shelter for a while.
Seriously? Then I'll have to miss my show after all! Got it now? All right, how are we gonna kill time? Why don't you come up with some topic? If you don't say anything, I'll get scared again! Not that again Okay, why don't we look at the photos from field trip that we got today? Oh! Should we show each other? I'll have you know, I've got a really strong hand! What is this, a card game? Holy crap, that's a ton! How many dozen did you buy?! Um Maybe about 80 photos? So what about you? Me? I thought this might happen, so I sorted out Onodera's photos in advance! Hey, these are pretty good.
Though your face is still lame.
Lay off! Huh? This photo No way! Where'd that photo come from? I swear, I've never seen that one! Shuu! That bastard! So that's when he did it to me! No, no, no, no, no! It's not what you think! Just let me explain and you'll see! This is one of Shuu's pranks! Well, I figured as much.
After all, you wouldn't have the balls to carry around a photo like this.
Huh? Forget that, just look at this one! This one where we're all together.
Isn't it fantastic? This is Then there's this one and Oh! This one, too! kind of strange.
Well, for someone who kept a "Friend Notebook" until recently, you've really fit in with everyone, huh? Haven't I though? What do you think? Haven't I matured? Well, I have gone through a lot since moving here.
Of course I'd grow as a person.
Yeah, you're right.
Ever since you showed up, it's been one thing after another.
Though my one regret is that I have to spend the precious days of my youth as your girlfriend.
What? Right back at ya! Well, lately, I've been thinking that this fake love thing isn't as bad as it seemed.
You What exactly do you mean by Well, hey These days I've been feeling that way, too, a little Just kidding! Look at you! Did you think I was serious? You know that I'd never say anything like that.
Talk about ridiculous! Damn you You need to dial down the teasing! Moron! Well, well, look at you two.
Pretty steamy for the middle of the day, huh? Dad? I know I asked you two to fake being lovers, but don't tell me you're the real deal now! Over my dead body! Well, whatever.
Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something, so I was just looking for you.
That reminds me, Dad.
There's something I wanted to ask you, too.
Whoa! Hold up, hold up.
Mine's an emergency, so I'm going first.
I really hate to do this to you two just when you've gotten so close.
We are not close! But now there's a bit of a complication, see.
Complication? The thing is, all of a sudden, she's coming here to see you tomorrow.
She? Who's "she"? Oh, you know: her.
Her! Your fiancée.
What did you just say? I said, your fiancée! Whose? Yours! I've been waiting for this day for the last ten years Raku-sama.