Nisekoi (2014) s01e14 Episode Script


1 I-I-I have a fiancée? And what do you mean, she's coming tomorrow? Well, the thing is I'd forgotten all about it myself, but I carelessly promised an old pal of mine over drinks, see.
So this young lady has grown up thinking that she has a fiancé.
And now that she's old enough to get married, she's dead set on coming to see you.
It looks like she'll be here tomorrow, so would you mind keeping her busy? H-Hey, wait just a second! Then why can't you just talk it out and fix it that way?! This is your fault in the first place! It's not as easy as it sounds.
Things could turn into a real pain if I upset her dad.
Doesn't matter! Why would I marry a girl I've never met?! Oh? But you have.
Remember that photo you were looking for the other day? She's the girl.
I'm really sorry, but I'm counting on you! You can't just spring something on me like that.
I just hope things don't get all weird.
All right! Everyone, listen up! I know it's out of the blue, but I've got a transfer student to introduce to you! Another transfer student? So I hear.
This class is getting a ton of transfer students.
Okay, come on in, Tachibana-san.
Hello everybody, nice to meet you.
My name is Tachibana Marika.
I do look forward to studying with you all! Wow, we got another hottie! Jeez, can you believe this class? A model? Is she a model? I'm so glad that I'm in this class! Wow! She's so gorgeous! I wonder if I was like that myself.
Spring has come! I feel like I've seen her somewhere before.
Come on, you guys! Calm down, calm down! Raku-sama! I've missed you all this time! Episode 14: Ordeal What the hell? The transfer student just threw her arms around Ichijou! Hey! Wh-What's the big idea, all of a sudden? "Raku-sama"? Oh! Please forgive me, Raku-sama! It's just that I've dreamed about this moment for so long! Excuse me, Tachibana-san! Are you an acquaintance of Raku's, by any chance? Oh, yes.
I am my beloved Raku's fiancée.
F-Fiancée? My fiancée is her? When my dad said she was coming today he meant that she's transferring?! Come to think of it She does resemble the girl in the photo.
You vixen! Distance yourself from Ichijou Raku at once! He's Mistress's H-Her Her boyfriend, I'll have you know! Boyfriend? Right? Isn't that right, Mistress? Oh, right.
Actually, right now he's my darling, you see.
Yeah, that's right, actually.
So sorry, but I can't be with you.
"Darling"? Hell yeah! Kirisaki-san just threw down the gauntlet! Whatcha gonna do, fiancée? I would make you far happier than this gorilla of a woman, Raku-sama! I didn't quite catch that.
Hold it in, Chitoge! You wench! How dare you insult Mistress! Oh, my That won't do.
If you point such a dangerous object at me, you'll Charge! Whoa! What's going on? What's this, what's this? I apologize for the commotion.
As it happens, my father is the police commissioner.
Moreover, he's quite the over-protective parent.
Police commissioner? Now I get it! That's why my old man said Things could turn into a real pain in the ass if I upset her dad.
Police VS Mafia Complicated Situation Another war? Damn it! Kill me now! You can withdraw now, Honda.
Yes, ma'am.
Fall back! What am I gonna do? This is my fiancée and the girl I made that promise with? Perhaps it's due to all the excitement, but I feel light-headed.
I happen to be extremely frail.
Raku-sama, would you be so kind as to escort me to the infirmary? Just the two of us, please! T-Talk about faking it! Now, then! Let's hurry, Raku-sama! You seem totally fine to me! Who the hell does she think she is?! Nurse's Office Thank you very much, Raku-sama.
I feel much better now, thanks to you.
Well, you're welcome.
Now, then, Raku-sama.
We are alone at last.
What date would you like to set for our wedding? Wedding?! No, slow down! Time out, time out! Sorry! I'm gonna come clean about everything now.
The fact is, I didn't even know I had a fiancée until yesterday! And besides, I don't remember you at all.
Doesn't the same go for you? Someone you haven't seen for ten whole years I might as well be a stranger to you.
Plus, your dad never asked you if you wanted to marry me.
Doesn't that upset you? Not at all.
I am in love with you, Raku-sama.
It's not because my father decided for me.
For the last ten years, I have held no one but you in my heart.
Do you even remember what happened ten years ago? Yes.
As clear as day.
Then you remember that promise, too? Promise Yes, of course I remember, Raku-sama.
Then it's her after all?! Therefore Raku-sama! Please marry me! Whoa! Hold up a second, I said! Now, then, Raku-sama! Please remove your clothing now! Hey! Cut it out! Whoa! Not there! Oh, so you like it there? Not there! Jeez, hold up! Hey! What do you think you're doing, you two? It's not what you think! I swear, it's not what you think! We just ended up like this while I was fighting her off! You animal Die, scumbag! "Scumbag"? Sorry, what did you just say? Hey, Onodera! Come on, just hear me out! I swear I didn't do anything—Onodera? You obscene bean sprout! I'll annihilate you! Just as we'd feared, he had no recollection of you, Miss Marika.
Nor of your promise.
No matter.
If he insists that he doesn't remember, then I shall jog his memory.
I, alone, am fated to be with Raku-sama.
But when I stop and think about it, it's so obvious that moron wouldn't have the guts to do something like that.
So why did I let it get under my skin? Maybe punching him was overkill.
I guess it wouldn't hurt to apologize.
Morning! Raku-sama! Good morning! I told you, don't cling to me in public! Huh? Oh, my! Look at you, so bashful! Why can't we be clingy? Why am I hiding? Listen, I'm having to suffer thanks to your actions! All the girls are avoiding me and whispering about me, and the guys just carpet bombed me playing dodgeball in P.
Die, Ichijo! Why do you get all the babes? Oh, my Just as I thought, you're so popular, Raku-sama.
It's so alluring! Um, did you hear a word that I said? Oh, but I want to spend more time talking to you.
After all, we were interrupted more than once yesterday.
Therefore, Raku-sama, why don't we go on a date tomorrow? As luck would have it, it is a holiday.
What? A date? Not happening! Not happening! Remember Didn't I tell you? I have a you know, a girlfriend.
Remember? Oh, so it's not possible then, is it now? After caring for you all this time If my father should hear of this, I know not how far he'll fall into despair! If this triggers a raid on us All right, all right, all right! Actually, I meant to say that's exactly what I wanted to do! Oh, my! Really? That makes me so happy! A date? Oh, man, how did I end up here? But if you look at it another way, this may be my chance to ask about what happened ten years ago.
In the end, I never told Kirisaki about it, though.
Wow, she was vague about where we'd meet.
Sure, she said I couldn't miss it, but— What's going on here? Where'd this horde of police cars come from? Was there some kind of incident? Oh! Raku-sama! Good morning! I've been waiting for you! Oh, you're all free to go now, officers.
Enjoy your holiday.
Have a nice day! What am I gonna do? Seems like the girl who's got her eye on me is a real piece of work! Are we really going to follow them? Of course we are! Aren't you worried at all? Who is that? A model? Never in his wildest dreams would it occur to him that I'd be dressed so stylishly! I've got to monitor his actions, and report to Mistress! That's right! I'm not doing this because I need to know! It's for Mistress's sake! Um, excuse me? Could I ask you for some directions? We're trying to go here.
Do you know how to get there? That was one gorgeous-looking girl just now.
A celebrity, maybe? He didn't recognize me at all.
Come on! Come on! Would it kill you to recognize me even a little bit, you clueless bastard? In this get-up, no one will realize it's me! Uh, you there! Would you mind coming over here so I can ask you a few questions? Hey! Hey, you! Come back here! This place looks expensive! Excuse me, Raku-sama! Yes? All right.
Say "ah"! Hey! What are you doing? Oh, where's the harm? It's a perfectly natural thing for a fiancée to do.
Were you thinking about your girlfriend, perhaps? No, I wouldn't say that I just don't understand why you would choose a primate such as herself.
Hey, don't be like that.
It may not be obvious, but she does have her good points.
I bet that the two of you could get to be good friends.
No, unfortunately I don't like girls with long hair.
But you've got long hair yourself! Now, then, Raku-sama.
I have the sudden urge to speak with you alone.
What are you— This way, Raku-sama! Hey, where are we Kosaki, somewhere along the way they disappeared! To think that I actually lost sight of them Sheesh I thought it was an emergency because you broke out into a run all of a sudden! Forgive me.
Raku-sama, isn't there something you'd like to ask me? Oh, yeah.
It's about this My, this brings back memories! So you still had such a photo in your keeping? Silly me! You do remember me, after all! I am so moved! You've got the wrong idea! Phew! I came this close to losing sight of them.
I wonder what they're talking about? Sorry, but all I remember is the fact that ten years ago, I made a promise with a certain girl.
Would that girl be you? I admit that I know every answer that you seek, Raku-sama.
The truth about that promise made ten years ago What did she just say? I would be happy to reveal it to you, but in return Would you agree to break up with that girlfriend of yours? Wh-What kind of condition is that? What's he gonna do? That's not gonna happen.
I'd never be able to abandon her for my own selfish reasons.
I'm sorry, but I can't agree to a condition like that.
Is that right? What a lovely answer.
I think I might be falling even more in love with you.
But now I'm even more discontent allowing someone else to have you, Raku-sama.
Especially Someone who has the poor taste to eavesdrop on other people's conversations! What?! Chitoge! This is just an um infidelity investigation, an infidelity investigation! Is that something you'd investigate on your own? More importantly, what did you mean by that? The truth about the promise made ten years ago? Oh, you mean that? You see The truth is, he and I are the ones who met and made that promise ten years ago! And therefore, I'd very much like you to break up with my fiancé as soon as possible.
Your fiancé? Th-That's never gonna happen, you know! After all, I happen to be that boy's girlfriend! Oh, my If I may be so blunt, I don't believe that you're the right woman for Raku-sama.
Wha— Now, then, Raku-sama! Shall we continue our date? Or would you rather continue with our interrupted kiss right here and now? What?! We never kissed! Oh, is that right? Good for you, darling.
You found the girl you made a promise with that you've been searching for all along! No Listen He can just do whatever! In the end, it wasn't me who made that promise with him! Wow, I'm so relieved! What a load off my chest! But But why Why does it irritate me, then? What's she so pissed about? All right, Raku-sama.
Now that the intruder has left, where shall we go next? Oh, please forgive me, Raku-sama.
It is really most unfortunate, but I just remembered an urgent errand that I must run.
I am deeply grateful to you for spending time with me today.
I had such a lovely time! Hey, wait a second I'll see you at school, then! Hey! What just happened? That made no sense.
You're so frail, yet you choose to push yourself so hard.
It's not something that I can't handle.
You must've stayed out in the sun too long.
Why didn't you wear your hat when you went out today? You know as well as I do.
If I had, it would've hidden my face.
I I want my beloved Raku to see me more.
I'm going to bring you some medicine.
Please rest here a moment.
Are you all right? Oh, my, Raku-sama.
What brings you here? You forgot this.
I'm glad I caught you.
Well, well! How considerate of you! So are you okay? Oh, dear.
So you saw me, then? No need to worry about me.
I just had a slight dizzy spell.
So what you said about being frail That was true? Did I ever tell you such a thing? Well, if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine.
You're worried about me, then.
That makes me happy.
Excuse me, but may I ask you one thing? What is it? Raku-sama, what is it that you like about that girlfriend of yours? Her speech is foul, she has a terrible temper, not to mention her violent tendencies I can't imagine what it is about her that you're so drawn to.
Stop right there! You're wrong about her.
Calling her "foul-mouthed" is a compliment.
She's downright vulgar! She's as quick to throw a punch as a two-bit gangster, she's got mountain gorilla-level power, she keeps exploding for no clear reason, and it seems like her only agenda is to constantly taunt me! In that case Even so She does show her good side sometimes.
She has absolutely no way with words, and more often than not, I have no idea what's going through her mind.
But deep down, I think she's someone I can trust.
Oh? Is that right? But! If only you'd remember me, Raku-sama, then I'm sure Oh yeah, about that I just can't seem to remember you no matter how hard I try.
I mean, I don't think I've ever met anyone who talks like you.
So why do you like me so much, anyway? I don't remember if I ever did anything that would make you like me this much.
That's the part that I really don't get.
So you done forgot even that, huh? What was that voice just now? Where'd it come from? So you done forgot even that, huh? How couldja just up an' forget somethin' like that? I've had feelings for ya for the last ten years, and there ain't a single blasted detail that I don't recall! Rakkun, you Because you said you only liked them girly girls with long hair I went and grew out my hair, and I done fixed the way I talk! I worked hard to change myself, goshdarnit! Finally! Rakkun You think yer gonna get off by sayin' ya done forgot everythin'? Y-You That accent of yours just now You're not No way! Mari? kimi ni utai kikasetai koto There's something I want to tell you kowarenai you ni daiji ni shisugichatte sa But I've been holding it too dear, afraid it might break kyou mo meeru wo tsuzutte wa mata Today I write you a message again kuuhaku de nurikaete chigitte shimau no Only to wipe it clean and discard it konna itsumo wo fukitobasu kikkake wo A chance to break this cycle maneku bakari no yubisaki wo Lies in my fingertips That I'm holding up with my hand tenohira de kasanete ima wo kaeru koto wa tsurai koto mo aru kedo Changing the status quo can be painful tatoe piisu ga sorottemo But even when all the pieces are gathered kono te de michibikanakya I still need to put them together myself daiji na ima wo tebanasu no wa kowai yo ne As much as I'm scared to let go of the present I cherish demo machinozonda subete wa soko ni aru no Everything I've been waiting for is there soko ni aru no It's all there