Nisekoi (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Three Keys

1 Are you Mari?! I had sworn to myself that I would never speak that way in front of you.
But to think that was precisely what made you remember me, Raku-sama That's rather ironic, isn't it? It's starting to come back to me.
I actually did make friends with a girl who talked like that, many years ago.
I'm really sure she was frail too.
Yes, our first meeting was during that summer ten years ago, Raku-sama.
That summer ten years ago? That makes you the same as Onodera and Chitoge Episode 15: Three Keys Our first meeting was during that summer ten years ago, Raku-sama.
As I was very frail when I was a little girl, my father brought me to a sanatorium in the mountains, where the air was fresh and clean.
It was another day of boredom for me in my hospital room.
But then Since I'd always been so delicate, I'd never quite had the chance play outside with other children.
Oh? So your name's Marika, huh? Well, my daddy always calls me "Mari" anyhow.
"Anyhow"? "Mari" it is, then.
When you heard that, you started coming to my room every day, Look! bringing me back little things you'd found on the mountain, as souvenirs, and showed me such a good time.
Wow! That's amazing! She's right.
I do remember doing that, years ago! Your kindness made me so happy, Raku-sama.
And then one day, my father asked me Mari, have you taken a fancy to that young'n? Just say so, an' I'll make him marry you.
Really? Say, Rakkun.
Tell me, Rakkun, what kinda girls do ya like? Huh? Girls? Um, I dunno.
Well, girly girls, I guess? Like, ones with long hair and stuff.
Starting that day, I went right to work! All the lessons and practice that I used to hate, I threw myself into them! I mastered the proper manner of speech and acquired an education! It was full speed ahead for me to become the ideal woman that you sought! That was all I did for so many years, just to meet you once more.
Our promise was the one thing that kept me going.
Please forgive me for speaking as if you have an obligation to me.
It's just that I wanted so desperately to convey how I feel.
We had that photo taken when we were about to part ways, so that we would never forget our cherished promise.
She did it for me? She loved me that much, then? To me, it hardly meant anything at all.
Who knew it was so important to her? I Well, please don't feel so badly about it.
I'm fully aware that wanting you to remember me was my own self-indulgence.
Therefore, you don't have to force yourself to remember me anymore.
What? Oh no way! Wait right there! I'm gonna concentrate with every nerve in my body! I appreciate the gesture, but it's really all right.
Instead I want you to take me in as you see me now: everything about me.
The Marika who became such a lovely girl for your sake.
I want you to see that.
I'll flaunt myself to you, and I've made up my mind about it.
From here on in, I'm going to make sure you don't forget me! So anyway, first things first Oh, Raku-sama, you have a grain of rice on your cheek! Huh? Where? An unforgettable memory That's the first one.
Well, then, Raku-sama.
I'll see you at school tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day! Huh? Miss Marika, what about your medicine? I don't need it! I feel much better now! We've met before, ten years ago? Yes, your father certainly said so.
He said you two were pretty close, too.
Can't you remember anything? No Not at all By the way, why is your face so red? Do you have a cold? No, it's nothing But from the moment that I first saw you, I did get the feeling that we could be good friends, Chitoge-chan.
No way! Me, too! Me, too! Wait, why did you wait so long to tell us something so important? Well, the thing is, I couldn't find the right time! And? These are the keys in question? I never dreamed that you'd have a key like this, too, Kosaki-chan.
Same here.
I wonder what this means.
We all met Darling ten years ago, made some kind of promise, and now we all have keys.
What's going on? How should I know? As far as I know, I only made the promise with one girl.
So what was that promise about in the first place? I can't remember, no matter what.
Me neither None of you remember what the promise was about? You mean, you remember? Well, but of course, it could be none other than a promise of marriage! What? Am I wrong? I just assumed it was the same for the rest of you, too.
That was the promise I made when I bade Raku-sama farewell.
Although he may not remember that! Darling, didn't you say you made such a promise when you said goodbye? Don't you think she's the one? W-Well, I don't know about that Like, there's still a lot we don't know Marriage? Is it possible that I made such a bold promise with Ichijou-kun, too? If If I did I knew it was some kind of important promise, but I never would've thought Well, then why are there three keys? You should know, right? The truth about this promise Oh, you didn't want to tell us, right? How about just a little hint? Let me see I apologize.
That I don't know myself.
Yeah, but you— You were totally bragging about how you knew the answer! Yes—no, I am very, very sorry.
To be honest, I am also astonished.
I never knew that there were others apart from myself with keys.
Today is the first I have heard of it.
Though I do recall that in our conversations, you had mentioned another playmate of yours.
Then this "truth" of yours Needless to say I was referring to how much I was in love with you when I made that promise! I know only what concerns my own promise, after all.
Nothing more.
So that means one of these keys is real, and the others aren't.
If that's the case, then we're stuck waiting until your locket is repaired, right? Well, in any case, I am the one who shall wed Raku-sama.
After all, we've already shared a kiss.
A kiss? Wait! You can't fool us anymore.
I know you're just saying that to— Wait—you two kissed? No, no, no! No, no! It was so sudden! I had no way of resisting! So you did kiss! Lowlife scum! I can't believe you! You filthy beast! Kissing a girl you've just met.
Hey, it wasn't really a kiss! Her lips just touched my cheek, that's all! Well, considering who's more appropriate for Raku-sama, it's only natural, I think.
Well, well! You're one to talk, after making a move on my darling! You thieving cat.
Well, at least cats are more endearing than gorillas.
I'm more suitable for Darling! No, I am! Whose side are you on, Kosaki-chan? What do you think, Onodera-sama? Uh, um Well, I Oh, yes, before you answer Tell us, how do you feel about Raku-sama? Perhaps you're thinking that you might have promised to marry him years ago, and possibly that you and he— It's possible that I might have made such a promise years ago, but for now I think of him as a good friend.
Is that right? In that case, let's be friends! No way! Kosaki-chan is my friend! Good "friend," huh? Well, that's a bummer.
Now, now, why so uptight? You certainly are a stingy gorilla.
So Ichijou-kun and I did meet in the past.
Then, that makes him my first love.
Kosaki-chan doesn't need a thieving cat like you for a friend! But what if Ichijou-kun loves Chitoge-chan? Oh, my! What a loud voice you have, Gorilla! Oh, man, you make my blood boil! What's so funny? One of those girls is the one I made the promise with? What a barbaric gorilla you are! But the one I love now is Onodera.
My feelings right now and my feelings from the past, huh? Well, it is all but settled that my key is the genuine one.
Raku-sama and I are bound by the red thread of destiny— Yeah? So why didn't he remember a thing about you, then? Don't you gimme that hogwash, now! What was that? I don't know.
Whatever are you talking about? No, nothing at all! And so, Raku-sama, will you be so kind as to meet my father tomorrow? I told you, you need to come by at least once to pay your respects.
We also have to decide on the date of our engagement.
Wait, what are you trying to get at? Didn't I make it clear that I had no clue that I had a fiancée? Yes, I am well aware of that.
However, that doesn't mean that our engagement has been annulled.
And besides, we just might see the good in each other for the first time once we've become husband and wife! I'm not even old enough to get married yet.
Listen, Tachibana-san, do you not think that you're being rather shameless? In front of his girlfriend, even! Oh, my, forgive me for being so remiss, Kirisaki-san.
Thank you for always being so kind to my husband.
Who are you calling your husband?! He never even acknowledged the engagement in the first place, did he now? That means it's invalid! Oh, that is no obstacle.
Parents have been arranging engagements for their children since time immemorial.
If that upsets you, you'll have to take it up with my father.
What are you going to do? Well, what choice do I have? The way she steamrolled over me, I can't ditch now.
Looks like you haven't given up being an indecisive bean sprout! Well, what do you expect me to do? If you go ahead and show up at her house, you're going to come back with a wedding date all settled.
Wh-What is it? It's just that, lately your acting could fool even me.
Wh-What's that supposed to mean? I mean, it's like you're possessed or something.
It's just that if my people found out that you had a fiancée I-I'm not doing it for myself, but if they were to find out I know, right? If he finds out, who knows what that Four Eyes will do to me? Listen up.
You're gonna stand up to her father and have him call off the engagement, all right? Like it's gonna be that simple.
Now, then, Raku-sama, welcome to my home! The entire top floor of this building is my home.
The entire floor? By the way, Tachibana My, my, did you call me Tachibana? Please feel free to call me Marika! What kind of guy is your dad, Tachibana? You said he was the police commissioner, right? So he's probably pretty scary, huh? Oh, no, far from it! My father is a very kind man! He even calls me "Mari," and he's constantly worrying about me.
I'm sure that you'll like him, too, Raku-sama.
Ah, home already, Mari? That was quick.
Oh, my, Father! I was just about to summon you.
Whoa, scary! Her old man's face is so scary! For a second there, I thought he was a yakuza! Actually, he's even more imposing than any yakuza! Father! This young man is my fiancé, Ichijou Raku-sama.
Isn't he gorgeous? Yes.
Um It's a pleasure to meet you.
Yo, I Sorry, I mean I Ah, so you're Ichijou's son, huh? You've grown up.
You're starting to take after your old man, I'd say.
Just have a seat.
Let's have a nice, long chat.
Is your old man doing all right? Y-Yes.
See this scar? Uh, um, it looks really cool! Were you injured on the job? Like a badge of honor? Your old man gave me this scar many years ago.
Now that you're the spitting image of your father, looking at you is making it throb all of a sudden.
What the hell were you thinking, Dad?! Well that was also the day we acknowledged each other's power.
We may have been on different sides, but we did bond enough to drink together, man-to-man.
But to this day, my dream is to toss that bastard behind bars! S-Scary! This old man is beyond scary.
He's way more like a yakuza than any of our guys! There's no way in hell I have the balls to tell him to call off the engagement! Well, let's set aside such trivial matters for now.
Time certainly flies! My Marika is old enough to get married now, huh? I'm sure that you've cared deeply for her all this time yourself.
Well, of course I— Raku-sama tells me that he had forgotten all about me.
Hey, you! Come on! You plumb forgot?! Hey! What in blue blazes are you sayin'? I see.
You were never told about this engagement, is it? Damn that scumbag How dare he treat a promise between two men so lightly! Next time I see him, I'll make him pay in full! But if that's the case, there's one thing that bothers me.
Of course you're not in love with another girl right now, are you? No, of course not— Oh, he has a girlfriend.
Oh, come on! Girlfriend? Did you come callin' here when you done got yourself a girlfriend? Whoa! Wait! Wait! Wait! Father, please calm down.
He isn't the one to blame here.
Despite everything, I'm fine with the situation.
I have made up my mind to steal him from his girlfriend.
Otherwise, I would not be worthy of being joined with him in marriage.
If you say so, then I have no objection.
By the way, are you always close to my daughter like that? What? No, this is just Marika's one-sided— R-Rest assured! Our relationship is nothing but honorable and virtuous— Oh, my! Look at you, Raku-sama! There's no need to be embarrassed! After all, we've shared our first kiss already.
Come on, do you have to go blurting out— Look, you Don't you reckon you should be gettin' into that stuff after you've gotten to know each other a lil' more? Huh? Oh, my, this won't do.
To think that I haven't even offered you tea yet.
I'll be right back with it! Her timing's awful! H-Hey, come back here.
Don't leave me alone, please! Oh, crap, what am I gonna do? This is beyond bad! I have to find a way out of this! I've gotta think of a good excuse.
That girl my Marika From time to time, even though it's years later, she'll still boast about what you were like back then.
Like, something like this happened, or we talked about such-and-such The most trivial things, even now.
All that clutter you left behind in her hospital room back then, she still treasures it all to this day.
She still talks like that about what happend back then? From here on in, I'm going to make sure you don't forget me.
Well, it does seem to make her happy.
I'm sorry, Marika-san's dad, but right now Right now, there's someone else that I'm in love with.
And it's not Marika-san.
It's not that I dislike Marika-san, but I've cared for that girl for so long.
So, I'm really, really sorry.
So you finally done gone an' spit it out, huh? You're still a young'un, so it's not something you can just be practical about.
Ain't no need to beat around the bush like that right now.
So that girl, is she your girlfriend? No, actually, you see What is she then? What are you, a philanderer? I'm not, I'm not, I swear I'm not! It's just really complicated, all right? Oh, well, what the hell.
But a promise is a promise.
Sooner or later, you're gonna make my daughter happy, okay? You keep that in mind, boy.
Mari is quite a handful, you know.
Oh, man.
I wonder if I did the right thing.
How did it go? Your conversation with my father? He's a great dad, all right.
I could sense just how precious you are to him.
He is a little scary, though.
I'm so glad that you seem to have hit it off! After all, someday he might become your father too.
It never ceases to amaze me how pushy you can be.
I gotta tell you, I'm impressed.
Why would you carry it so far? My, my! Do I really need to spell it out for you? Nothing in this world becomes yours if you do not move to acquire it.
It's the same with romance—your only hope is to be aggressive.
It's like she's talking about me.
All I can do is to make an effort to express my feelings, and make an effort to change myself.
Raku-sama! Please enlighten me again.
What kind of girl do you prefer now? I know I can transform myself in any way, as long as it's for your sake.
Please, your wish is my command.
I wouldn't say I have a preference.
I think you're cute enough the way you are now, Tachibana.
The fact that you've put in all this effort for me makes me happy, and I think you're an amazing girl.
That's not something that just anyone can do.
And besides, whether your hair is long or short, whether you talk like you do now, or like you did back then, either way, I think you're a sweet girl.
Springing something like that on me out of nowhere Now I'm in a pickle! No Um! D-Don't look this way, ya hear me? Don't look this way! Hey! Come on! It's like you've turned into a different person now! Are you embarrassed, by any chance? I ain't embarrassed by a long shot! Just stay away from me, ya hear? Father! Raku-sama was forward with me! What's that? Forward? What in tarnation did you go and do to my daughter? I didn't do anything! Mistress, is something wrong? No.
Another one! Wasn't that your tenth one?