No Game, No Life (2014) s01e07 Episode Script


1 I hate baths Shiro! I can't wash you if you're moving around like that! No! After all that happened today, you should really take a bath, sister.
My hair gets stiff, so I don't like it.
Then why not use this shampoo? Where the hell did you come from, Jibril? This is the Flugel's special Spiritwater Blend shampoo.
Spiritwater Blend Shampoo Give your hair an elegant finish with this high-quality shampoo.
It maintains luster without damaging your hair.
Recommended by Flugel everywhere! It's guaranteed to give your hair a soft, silky-smooth finish.
So as your slave, I, Jibril, would be happy to wash your backs, Masters.
The bodies of beings from another world Stay away from her, Shiro! 18+ Her very existence is 18-and-up only! Jibril, stay.
Huh? You just sit there and watch, Jibril.
No! I can't see anything in the steam! No fair! She already has complete control of Jibril as her master.
Your brother is very impressed! I wanna be like you! You're amazing, Shiro-san.
Absolutely awesome.
I hate the fact that I'm starting to get used to this.
Wh-What is this? Sacrifice A kitchen I prepared for my masters.
Um Speph-san? It's Steph! Stephanie Dola! I have no interest in any Imanity other than my masters, so I'll call you Dola-chan! D-Dola? I've got a message for you from my masters.
I'm Stephanie! I'm Stephanie! "There's plenty of sugar and butter here, so make whatever you want," they said.
Really? With all this, I could make all kinds of sweets Wait, that means they're indirectly telling me to make them something! They're always taking advantage of me If it weren't for you, we would've lost.
Oh, really now! I see.
So this is how the Imanity experience love.
Love? N-No, it's not! You were ordered to "fall in love," not "stay in love.
" So why do you still seem to be affected? There's no end to the interesting things going on around my masters.
I'm back, Kurami.
Do you want information? Food? Or me? Clothes first, I think.
It tastes better than before.
I heard that things are getting better since the granddaughter of the previous king started putting the new king's policies into effect.
I see.
Stephanie Dola did that, huh? A puppet of a puppet.
She's as shameless as her grandfather was foolish.
The way you're upset about how you were mean to her, and secretly practicing how you'd apologize to her, is really cute! How did you know that? I mean More importantly, don't you have any information? Let me see The only other things are that the new king's got a Flugel now, and that he's interested in the Eastern Federation.
What did you say? I got a little too into it B-But this will benefit Imanity in the long term.
It's definitely not love or anything! Now, Jibril-kun.
Tell me everything you know about the Eastern Federation, this animal girl paradise I'm about to conquer.
This country is doomed already, isn't it? As you wish.
The various clans of Warbeasts were in a state of civil war for many years, due to their physical differences.
An individual known as the Shrine Priestess ended the war in under half a century, uniting the many clans into a massive naval empire and the third biggest country in the world: the Eastern Federation.
So basically, it's a country of girls with cat ears, dog ears, fox ears, rabbit ears, and all other kinds of ears, and they're all going to be mine! Okay, we'll attack and overthrow them immediately.
To do that, we need the knowledge that you've spent millennia building! Unfortunately, that's impossible.
I'm afraid that even you may not be able to defeat the Eastern Federation.
Jibril, are you saying that "Blank" will lose? No, I'm saying I won't be able to help you, because I once challenged the Eastern Federation and lost.
That settles it.
The Eastern Federation, and the Warbeasts, are backing Elkia now.
How can you be sure? You understand, don't you, Fi? Elven Garde challenged the Eastern Federation four times, and lost each time.
Well, it was those senile elders that lost, but yes.
It explains how those two beat a Flugel, and how they beat me when I had an elf's help.
If the Warbeasts are behind them, they could easily be using some trick that even an elf can't see through.
Kurami Of course that's it.
Imanity could never beat a higher race alone.
Don't underestimate humanity.
He mocked me So an elf can't even beat them, let alone a Flugel? What kind of game did you play? Their bet is that the loser will have their memories of the game wiped out.
Now do you understand? I see.
No way to beat that.
What do you mean? Eyes filled with pity Game: Rock-Paper-Scissors If your memories are wiped out, no records of what happened Memories during the game would remain, either.
You can't make a plan to beat them.
On top of that, they can supposedly read minds.
How do you beat that? Information We just told you that information is important.
I guess you really are a Steph.
No, wait.
That doesn't make sense.
What doesn't? If no one ever came close to beating them, then people would stop challenging them.
It'd be easier not to.
Little sister, that's why you lose at strategy games, even though you're smarter than me.
They've got something that lets them beat the elves and the Flugel.
They could do better if they showed a little vulnerability, lured the enemy into attacking, and then took their territory.
But Your play style is obnoxious.
Brother shock! But you're right, it's strange.
There's no way they could expand their country this much in a half century.
Right? It doesn't make sense, right? Oh, I think I can explain that, Master! Explain it? What do you mean? It was in the book.
In the past ten years, only one country challenged the Eastern Federation.
What idiotic country did that? It would be faster to show you.
Of course, Dola-chan will come with us.
Come, grab on to me, Masters.
Now, please excuse me.
Wh-What's going on? It's nice and clear today.
W-Wait! What did you just do? I teleported us.
That's right We're in a real fantasy world, aren't we? How far can you go with that? I can go anywhere in my field of vision, or anywhere I've been once.
That's a "zoom" spell.
How did the Imanity survive the ancient war against these guys? That's considered the greatest mystery in human history.
Oh, I remember the ancient war! The Dragonia, Gigant, and Old Deus storming around the battlefield, fifty Flugel banding together and barely managing to kill a single dragon, or 200 of us taking on a god and losing! What wonderful memories! But forget that.
Look over there.
Okay What's that skyscraper doing messing up the Elkian landscape? It's huge.
It's the Eastern Federation's Elkian Embassy.
That's quite a building.
It was actually the former palace, and the Eastern Federation rebuilt it.
Oh Wait, you just said "former" palace, right? Does that mean Do you remember, Master? The only country to challenge the Eastern Federation over the past ten years You're not telling me Oh, it was Elkia.
Are you okay, Brother? Yeah.
Sorry, Shiro.
Despair I'm just in despair, that's all.
Eastern Federation Modern Elkia Old Territory The elves challenged these guys and lost four times, and Elkia challenged them eight times and lost half their territory? Maybe the old king really was an idiot! What? You said before that he was right! He threw away half the country's territory for no reason! How am I supposed to defend that? Do you have any idea how much agriculture and industry we could build if we had that territory? He really is your grandpa, isn't he? Did he believe in luck, What She Bet and figure that, if he just kept trying, he'd win eventually? He may not have been good at games, but he wasn't crazy enough to gamble with the lives of three million Imanity for no reason! He was a good, sane man, unlike you two! A good, sane man? If losing half your territory for no reason makes you "sane," I'll stay nuts.
Well, he may be a good king for a people that does nothing but complain when it's their own lives on the line.
Humanity's past saving, seriously.
Every last one of them.
I don't care if you insult me, but don't insult my grandfather or the things he believed in! Hey! Steph! Brother, that was going too far.
After the unbelievable reality she just showed me, what was I supposed to do? Delicious.
It really is.
Grandfather, what is this key for? It's the key to where I keep something very important.
I know about that! I heard men collect books they can't show to other people! No, that's another key Wait, no! This is a key of hope.
Hope? Someday, I'll give this to you.
Really? Yes.
Someday, when you meet someone you can truly entrust with Elkia's fate, give it to them.
I'm not giving it to that man! May I have a word? Wh-Wh-What are you doing?! I would recommend you return to the library immediately.
That's trespassing! Immediately? I've determined that this would be best for my master, and acted on my own.
You may do as you like.
Wait! D-Don't be ridiculous! Why would I Oh, for crying out loud! Master, no matter how hard you look, I don't think you'll find anything to justify the former king's actions.
That's not what I'm doing.
I just realized something felt off.
You mean you were thinking about it for Dola-chan's sake.
I was just going back over it so I know what not to do when I challenge the animal girl kingdom! Why'd he challenge them eight times, anyway? A sane man in charge of the lives of three million people wouldn't just rush into defeat that many times.
This is the place the previous king bet the first time.
An Armatite mine.
It's a valuable metal, but with Imanity's current technology, we can't even use it, so it's worthless.
Then the second time, the third time, the fourth And the eighth.
Until the last time, when he bet the castle, the king didn't bet a single thing of value.
There has to be some reason.
Master? Why does the Eastern Federation wipe players' memories when that only hurts them? Why did Elven Garde challenge them four times? Why did the previous king No, wait! Did he stop after eight times because he'd achieved his goal? I don't have any proof, but what if he didn't lose his memories? Master I'm sorry to say this, but not all the Imanity act with the same level of thought that you do.
But some of them do.
And most of the time, they're misunderstood.
It's my duty to try and understand them.
You can say what you're thinking.
How can you believe in a lesser life form like humanity? No, I wasn't The answer is simple.
I don't believe in humanity.
Humans are lowly, stupid creatures.
Every single one of them.
Including me.
They're all crap.
Between this world and the old one, that hasn't changed a bit.
I knew it.
I can't let that man But I believe in the potential of humanity.
I ♥ Humanity She's my proof.
Some of them are the real thing People with the potential, the hope, the fantasies that can reach the gods themselves, all inside one tiny little body.
The first day I met Shiro It was eight years ago.
She was just three years old.
When she heard my name, what do you think her first response was? You really are empty.
She put together my name, Sora, meaning "sky," and the fact that I was only smiling because everybody else was, and insulted me with that double meaning.
Funny, huh? It made my heart pound.
I was so excited.
The real thing actually existed! And, even though I knew it was impossible, I wanted to be like her.
In our old world, humans could fly through the sky and travel among the stars.
I can't believe that.
Everybody, even humanity themselves, thought that.
But somebody did it.
Somebody, the real thing, made it there.
It's our job as normal people to ensure that the potential of those misunderstood ones is realized.
So that's why I need to start by believing in the old king, too.
Sora I want to give you something.
I'm sure of it.
It's his porn stash! I knew it.
My life was a mistake.
But where's the door it goes to, Master? You hide your porn in your own room.
That would be this room.
Actually, we found it a long time ago.
Remember when I said this bed was tilted and hard to sleep on? That was the start of the puzzle.
Then you just fiddle with some things and there's your secret room! This is just a failure on so many levels I leave this in hopes that you will not be Imanity's last king, but the one that will restore them.
I am not a wise king.
In fact, I expect that I will be remembered as one of the most foolish.
But I take up my pen for the king who will restore our glory.
I trust and hope that my pathetic, hopeless struggles will aid you.
I knew it.
The old king didn't lose his memories.
Unlike the elves, lower life forms like the Imanity were nothing but easy prey to the Warbeasts.
They didn't erase his memories because they wanted him to keep trying.
They wanted to lure him in and beat him? They deliberately went easy on him to make him believe he could beat them next time.
But the previous king knew that and challenged them anyway, hoping to find out how their game worked.
He deliberately gave them useless land in order to eventually take it back.
Then why didn't he tell the secret of the game to anyone? He was probably forced to pledge that he'd never tell anyone as long as he lived.
But then what was the point? But that doesn't apply after he's dead.
He bet eight times and found a loophole in the pledges, and entrusted it to a king that would restore humanity To humanity's greatest gambler.
That was why he held a gambling tournament to determine the next king? He made a bet that a human, the lowest-ranked race, would appear who could defeat the other races.
The possibility is so ever close to zero but it isn't zero.
Your grandfather was a great man who pretended to be a fool, challenged and lost, and devoted himself to finding his opponent's secrets.
This is his trust in humanity.
Your grandfather, no, the previous king He really was your grandfather.
Grandfather Grandfather That's a heavy thing he's given us.
It's okay.
You and I can do it.
See, Jibril? There are humans like this.
I ♥ Humanity Crazy, isn't it? Perhaps so.
Fake End Eastern Federation, your head would look good on the end of a pole!