No Game, No Life (2014) s01e06 Episode Script


1 My name is Jibril.
What can I do for you, new king and queen of the Imanity, Sora-sama and Shiro-sama? You know us? That makes this easier, then.
I'll just tell you, then.
I want this library.
You want my library? That's so very sudden.
Steph, the Flugel were god-killing warriors, right? Th-They're supposed to be! I must look like a pigeon that took a bean-gun to the face— the visage.
Interesting She said it over.
Listen, the way you talk reminds me of a certain famous person, so if you're doing it on purpose, stop.
What? I had thought it an avant-garde and unique way of speaking, but somebody got there ahead of me? Is it worth getting upset over? Let's get back to the point.
You want my library.
Does that mean that you want to challenge me to a game, human? Yeah, that's right.
I see.
Before the introduction of the ten pledges, the Flugel collected severed heads.
However, now that murder is forbidden, we value knowledge above anything else.
It's no exaggeration to say that books containing that knowledge, and the place where they are held, are as valuable as one's life.
Since you're telling me to bet my life, what are you offering to bet in exchange? More than 40,000 books from another world.
That's filthy.
It's okay, Shiro.
In our business, that's a prize! F-F-Forty thousand That's quite a prize.
Where do you have Inside here.
I got them to study for quiz games.
Dictionaries, medical books, philosophy books It's full of information from our world.
Are you telling me you're from another world? Yes.
That's impossible.
Hey, what's she talking about? Um If you were going to summon a living creature from another world, you would need a massive amount of power to keep them here.
Even the Old Deus would find it extremely difficult.
I don't really get it, but I can prove it.
Look at this.
Not sure if you can read it What are you saying? I can speak every one of the over 700 languages— A language A language I don't know? An encyclopedia from a world I don't know? All that knowledge inside this little board? 40,000 books of it! H-Hey! You're drooling! You're drooling! Excuse me.
I see.
I am indeed interested in this thin board, but it is a fact that I still can't trust that you're from another world.
So what do we do? Let me check your bodies.
Check our bodies? Why would you do that? What are you checking, anyway? Your erogenous zones.
Do it as long as you like.
And then keep doing it! You changed your tone too fast Brother 18-and-up only That's right! Then just don't take off the pants.
And since I'm letting you touch my erogenous zones, let me touch yours! What are you saying? There's no way— Sure.
That's perfectly fine.
What?! It is?! Hey Yes? Do you not enjoy the way it feels to the touch? No, it feels wonderful.
Surprisingly so.
But What is this? I just feel a little betrayed.
Is this not one of your erogenous zones? I'll just say that admitting so would hurt my manly pride.
And I'll add that I was hoping you'd touch me somewhere else.
But All of our power comes from what are called our Spirit Circuits.
Our wings, where those collect, are a very erogenous Master of Touch-Type H-Games When you touch them so precisely like that You like that? Right here? What are you doing?! Sister, I'm just touching her wings.
Right? Right.
It's super-healthy.
What are these two doing? She's a god-killing weapon! My investigation reveals no spirits whatsoever in your bodies.
In other words, you two aren't even strictly defined as "life" in this world, but you have the appearance of Imanity.
So that makes us What? Unknown! Unknown You are the unknown! That's the source from which new knowledge is born! There is nothing in this world as wonderful as the unknown! Well, I guess I can assume we've proven we're not from this world? That's right.
Please forgive me for assuming that you were mere Imanity.
Mere Imanity Of course, I'll accept the game.
But I don't really have much that's worth 40,000 books from another world.
I told you, I want the library— How about I bet "everything I have"? Seriously? Lucky me Will that be all right? Yes, we want full rights to you, personally.
Thank you! Oh, can I add in that you have to come by for tea once in a while? I want to know more about you two.
You're talking like you've already won.
Then if we win, we can add an extra demand of our own, yes? Yes.
You won't win, of course, but if you do, then whatever you want is yours.
The game will be shiritori.
But not normal shiritori.
We'll play Materialization Shiritori.
Materialization Shiritori? Yes.
The rules are simple.
Just like normal shiritori, Use a word that's already been used If you use a word that's already been used, Use a word that's already been used Fail to answer for 30 seconds fail to answer for 30 seconds, or cannot continue, you lose.
Use a word that's already been used Fail to answer for 30 seconds Cannot continue Can words be in any language? Yes, but fictional things that don't actually exist won't count.
Flight Stone Materialization Shiritori And remember, we're playing Materialization Shiritori.
Tallow If you say something that's here, it will disappear.
Whale If it's not here, it will appear.
I'm sure you know what this means.
Of course, once the game's over, everything that's happened will be undone, so don't hesitate to show off your knowledge.
Got it.
Okay, Shiro.
Come over here.
We'll do this together, like we always do.
That's fine.
You're powerless humans, so enjoy yourselves and try not to die.
What? W-Wait Die? You can't directly cause a player to die, that is, to be unable to continue.
Then I don't need to be here, do I? That's only dangerous for— Now, then Yes, let's begin the game.
Come and get us.
Listen to me! Steph, sit! Pet Dog for a Day Now I can't run away! I've had it with this! You may have the first move.
Pick any word you like.
Let me see Okay, I'll start with Hydrogen Bomb.
Hydrogen Bomb What's this? Bkulians! Self-destructing on the first move? Hydrogen Bomb That was Bkulians, a highest-level sealing spell.
(Eternal Fourth Protection) Bkulians If I hadn't been nice enough to protect you, the game would've ended here.
Nice enough? Gimme a break.
Bkulians! I just took a gamble on the obvious fact that you'd think ending the game in a single move would be terribly boring.
I see.
Still, I had predicted as much, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to stop you from continuing the game.
I'm glad you understand.
Try not to bore me, please.
Don't worry.
I won't bore you.
(Eternal Fourth Protection) Bkulians Spirit Circuits.
Spirit Circuits Well, you certainly wasted no time.
It's a word I just learned.
What? Is that a problem? No, it limits my physical abilities a bit and prevents me from flying, but I still have spirits in my body, so there's no problem.
If anything, it just makes me a little uneasy Oh, like when your cell phone can't get reception.
Cell phone? Reception? Do they have something to do with that thin board? Close! Close! Close! Your face is too close! If you beat me, I'll tell you! Brother, I think she's Yeah, this is getting even more fun.
Hey, Jibril.
Your move.
Spirit Circuits Th-That's right.
I'll do an easy one.
Stallion Stallion Okay.
Nether Regions.
Nether Regions Well? Wh-Wh-Wh— What the hell are you thinking?! I'm getting a little tired of all this dust.
Let's have some fun.
Beach Beach.
It's very pretty, yes, but it's rough on someone who never leaves home! Beach Okay, Hooter-nub! Hooter-nub I'll play along, then.
Hooter-nub Bikinis Bikinis.
Jibril, you don't understand at all! If you want bikinis, you need to get rid of the clothes first! I see! I'm sorry, I couldn't understand what you were getting at.
Would you two at least try to take this seriously? Bikinis Whatever.
Sea bag.
Sea bag Let me see, then Sea bag Gale How about "gale"? Hey, what are you doing?! It all worked out in the end, Jibril! Steph's not wearing panties, so without the bikini, this would be 18-and-up only! But a glimpse of a bikini beneath a skirt is pretty good, too! I'm glad to hear it! And now, it'll be complete! Gale Every girl's clothes! Every Girl's Clothes No! How do you like that, sister? No private parts at all! And we've still got the shoes, knee socks, and collar! In other words, it's even more excellent than pure nudity! Clearly suitable for all-ages! Very healthy! Moderately sexy, but not dirty at all! We should call this The "Super Healthy Space!" Brother, Omega Good Job! What are you trying to do here?! Hey, Jibril, do you get hungry? Mantle.
Mantle Don't worry about me.
Unlike you powerless Imanity, we don't need to eat.
Mantle Eccentric moth comic Eccentric moth comic.
Let's be together! I see.
But you get tired, right? Eccentric moth comic The sun'll come up soon.
Think you could just surrender? Crust Crust.
If you're tired, feel free to lose deliberately.
Crust I've had more fun than I expected to get from a weak Imanity.
Timepiece Timepiece You keep saying "weak" and "mere," and it's getting on my nerves.
Evil creature.
Evil Creature Well, to a mighty rank 6 like you, I'm sure we at the bottom must look like ants.
I'm saved But who decided that ants are weak and powerless? I apologize.
I hadn't considered that you Imanity would consider yourselves anything but weak.
If you think long life and toughness gives you power, you're the stupid one here.
You're saying I'm inferior to the Imanity? My feelings towards you are best described as curiosity, not respect.
Don't forget that I could end this game any time I like.
Evil Creature Eye fuel.
Eye Fuel And that's why you're weak.
That's what makes you an empty-headed academic.
Empty-headed academic? Yup.
Empty-headed academic.
It means you don't know how things work in the real world.
Empty-headed Academic Remember that.
Obviously, I know what that phrase means.
What makes you think I'm an "empty-headed academic"? Instead of respecting the unknown, you're merely curious.
It's time for a lesson.
Now you'll learn how weak you really are.
Steph, thanks for the hard work.
If you hadn't kept all the dangerous things off us, we couldn't have won.
You think you've won? So, Steph, this'll kill you a little, but tough it out, okay? Huh? Eye fuel Lithosphere Lithosphere! Lithosphere.
The surface of the planet.
Because you didn't understand what it meant, I was able to erase the mantle and crust that I had strategically named first.
You fail to fear and respect the unknown.
That's what makes you weak, Jibril! I see.
That's why you got rid of the Spirit Circuits to cripple my wings.
It has a core temperature of 6,000 degrees, and a surface temperature of 3,000 degrees, I suppose.
I see you're still trying to kill me.
I won't let morning come yet.
Lithosphere Eos lumo.
Eos Lumo Eos Lumo Oxygen.
Oxygen You stopped me from breathing, but it's useless.
Oxygen Still, I'll have a little more fun with you.
Nodes Nodes Damn it Sepia.
Sepia You're making this easier than I thought.
Sepia Okay, then.
Air Once the air comes back, I can breathe Why? I was right! Jibril doesn't know atomic theory! You thought if you couldn't breathe, all you had to do was bring back the air, but all I got rid of was oxygen.
The rules say that what's there disappears and what isn't there appears.
Okay, then.
The other gases disappeared and oxygen came back.
In other words, all that's here is oxygen, a deadly poison at a far lower pressure than your own body that your body can't absorb on its own.
But it's no different for you.
What? Circular breathing.
This is the big difference between you and us.
Let's go, Shiro.
Air Real Atmosphere Real atmosphere.
Atmosphere The zero-pressure environment created by the disappearance of the atmosphere will cause the air inside you to expand and burst.
You didn't know why we got rid of all the air in our bodies, did you? Still, it is useless My voice? You can't speak in a vacuum.
Use a word that's already been used Fail to answer for 30 seconds Cannot continue If you can't answer in 30 seconds Fail to answer for 30 seconds I lose, then.
I see.
It's a shame you're just Imanity.
This time I'll answer you with thanks and respect.
Real Atmosphere Empty-headed Academic Do you understand? This difference is a wall that the Imanity will never be able to overcome.
You have no way to answer me.
In the end, you will lose because of the soundless world and burning land you created.
I've won.
Empty-headed Academic Coulomb's Force When Coulomb's force vanishes and all that's left is nuclear force that draws atoms together, the result is the astronomical phenomenon that normally only occurs by the gravitational collapse of supermassive planets.
A hypernova, capable of destroying stars dozens of light years away.
It's got a temperature of 50 billion degrees Celsius, rivaling the dawn of creation.
Just try and survive that, Flugel! So that was it.
He's right.
Even if I die only a fraction of a second earlier, I still lose.
That first explosion was simply to see if he could use words his opponent didn't know.
That explosion gave him all the information he needed.
Everything that happened after that was simply a farce to keep me distracted.
The game was over after the first move, wasn't it? People from another world— no, the Imanity They are a terrifying race.
I died.
Oh, welcome back.
You used me as a decoy, and then you killed me! You monster! The inhumanity! I mean, in-Imanity! Steph, beg.
Still a pet dog for the day This is still going on? To Sora and Shiro, "Today" means "Until they go to bed" Still a pet dog for the day Well, I'm sure you have some complaints, but if it weren't for you, we would've lost.
Thanks, Steph.
I lost completely.
No matter how well you tried to tempt me, there was no guarantee I'd answer with "empty-headed academic.
" You're insane, aren't you? I'm challenging God.
I couldn't do that if I were sane.
Challenging God? It was Tet who called us to this world.
The only option we have is to beat him.
So, Jibril, in accordance with the pledges, everything you have belongs to us.
Oh, and the books on my tablet were just bait.
You can read them all you want.
You can keep using the library, too.
Oh, my dear departed master! Artosh, the one who created us.
At last I have achieved our long-held dream of finding someone worthy to serve as our new master.
An Imanity, who looks down on the elves, and on me, and who will overturn everything we think we know.
My master, my lord, I, Jibril, member of the Council of 18 Wings of the Exceed Rank 6 Flugel, offer everything I have to you.
I will find no greater pleasure than carrying out your will.
Yeah, leave it to us.
Right, Shiro? Yes.
Leave it to us.
Wait, how long am I supposed to keep acting like a dog? Sacrifice I used to be a gamer like you.
Then I took an arrow in the knee Stop!