No Game, No Life (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Weak Square

1 Looks like the first piece will be moving soon.
Question: Do you desire the destruction of the Imanity? Or have you finally decided to act? Really, spying on people isn't a very commendable hobby Question: an event fluctuation was detected just before the new king of Imanity was crowned.
We assume this heralds your intent to join the battle: yes/no? You guys are so boring.
The fallen gods The first in the ranks of the Exceed, the Old Deus.
I'm not on anybody's side.
You guys can just keep playing your idle games.
They're coming.
They're coming all the way up here.
There was a time when I thought that those two could save Elkia.
But now Ever since they took the throne, they've given all the work to me and the ministers, and they spend every day playing games.
We're moving.
If you need something done, ask Steph.
Today's the day Sora and Shiro's House Today's the day I'm putting a stop to this! Hi— Hi-yah! My eyes! My eyes! Wake up, you two.
Weak Square It's time for you to do your job as kings.
How? This room was in the perfect location, out of the morning sunlight! It's already afternoon.
It's 36:00.
The middle of the night.
What kind of clock do you follow?! You've got those valuable books scattered everywhere Take them back to your grandpa's room.
That room is yours now.
That's been the king's room for generations.
You can't just move out! The bed's tilted, though.
It's hard to sleep in.
Futons are the best.
Why are you going back to sleep? It's embarrassing to think that you're the king who controls the destinies of three million Imanity! Embarrassing? If you want to think that, that's fine.
That's just how you see things.
But neither in our old world, nor in any other, will Blank ever do any work! Don't underestimate humanity! Humanity If that's humanity, then it's better off dying out! My patience has finally run out! Sora! I challenge you! You want to play a game with me? Th-That's right.
Five: The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game.
Pledge five: The challenged party has the right to decide the rules of the game.
Are you serious? Yes B-But there's no way the best gamer in human history would choose a game where he has an advantage against someone like me, right? Fine.
I'll let you pick whatever game you like.
So what are we betting? If I win, you will become a decent person! Decent Person U-Um I see If the ten pledges are absolute, then they can grant wishes like that! Then Please, Steph! Instead of making me a decent human, make me a fulfilled one! Fulfilled? Being fulfilled is far better than being decent.
Let's do it right now! I'll do everything I can to lose! Brother, you're not allowed to lose to anybody but Shiro! Sister, would you stand between your brother and fulfillment?! Blank is not allowed to lose.
No! It's impossible for me to lose to Steph in an honest game.
Hey! Steph! Y-Yes?! I'll bet on the one-in-a-million chance, no, the chance that can only be described with imaginary numbers, that you'll win! Now you've gone and said it.
The game we'll play is Blackjack.
I'll be the dealer, and you can be the player, I suppose.
A sigh filled with despair! And she's not even interested anymore! Look, blackjack is 100% a game of chance! Your cheating and little tricks won't help you! Now get ready! Aschente! Aschente! You fell for it.
A game of chance? That's not how I'm going to play! That's right.
You can cheat as long as your opponent doesn't find out.
I've been practicing this trick in secret, and I'll use it to knock you down a peg! My granddaughter, the weak must use their wisdom to defeat the strong.
That is the hope of humanity.
Humanity humanity This is the potential of humanity, which my grandfather believed in and Sora showed me! Hit.
I'm just getting started.
Okay, it's time for the last round.
I think we know who's going to win, though.
Blackjack is one of the rare games where the player has an advantage.
What of it? Dealer Player The dealer has to draw another card whenever he's below 17, so he has a high chance of going bust.
But you haven't had that happen even once.
Pretty impressive luck.
Has he just given up? He didn't even look at the cards.
Looks like the game's over.
Yeah, it's over.
With a natural blackjack, you get back 2.
5 times what you bet.
I win.
No The potential of humanity Steph, my granddaughter Grandfather! If your opponent is another human, you're just screwed.
Wha— Grandfather?! Grandfather! What a hollow victory Fulfilled people are just an urban legend anyway.
I refuse to accept this! How did I lose? Huh? Wasn't blackjack a game of pure chance? Card counting.
Card coun— What? You turn the cards into numbers and count them.
Cards between two and six are +1, ten and above are -1, and seven through nine are 0.
You count the numbers of cards that have been played to mathematically find a numerical probability for what will played next.
Scales Scales So you use math in a game? I didn't know that was possible Wait, isn't that cheating? Cheating refers to things like the forced shuffle you were doing.
You noticed? It made counting much easier.
He used my own cheat to beat me? Whoa, where are you going? Work.
Remember those policies you proposed yesterday? I have to meet with the nobles who oppose them now.
That took longer than I thought.
I guess I'll go act like a king for once, then.
I'll get you for this! Don't think you can get away with such tyranny against nobles! Former nobles.
Your titles, your land, your money, holdings You lost it all.
Well, a quick reformation like this meant people like them were sure to show up.
I'm honestly surprised it took this long.
Still, the way you did it was just mean.
I'd worked so hard to keep them under control peacefully Huh? Keep them under control? I used the data from the large-scale experiments we'd conducted on the lands belonging to the royal family to distribute the commercial rights to the major noble factions that back my family.
I used those successes to keep the other major nobles in check, and quietly split off the smaller groups to slowly whittle down power of the opposition.
If I'd won over those last few guys that just showed up, we could've had a complete and bloodless victory over the entire opposition! Uh, is something wrong? I-I don't think this is possible, but Steph are you actually not an idiot? What did you think I was until now? I mean, Steph you're a Steph, right? Are you using my name as a derogatory term, or am I imagining it? Am I imagining it?! Shut up, Steph.
You're just a Steph.
That is possibly the most unfair insult in history! In fact, I graduated top of my class at the most prestigious academy in the country, and I have connections with every major family through my former classmates.
She graduated high school and has lots of friends If you think about it, she's a princess and has a lot of money And she has big boobs S-Sora? Shiro? We didn't decide what we were going to make you do for that last game, did we? We're doing it now, Steph.
No mercy.
W-Wait— No! Th-Th-There are t-t-too many people! Shiro, don't let go of my hand, no matter what! Same to you, brother! It was your idea to come to town, Sora.
What's going on? We've got something we need to do.
Wait, is everyone looking at us funny? That's because I'm dressed like this! Of course they're looking! Woof.
Couldn't you have come up with a better demand than this? Steph, paw.
Woof! I can't disobey! That's the rule.
In accordance with the pledges, you're our dog for the day.
She's a Dog for a Day No, your outfit is weird but they seem scared.
It's because the king of Elkia is walking around with someone dressed as a warbeast, woof! Wait.
You're dressed like a warbeast? "Exceed rank 14.
Their territory is one of the three largest nations, the Eastern Federation.
They possess superior senses and physical abilities, as well as a sixth sense that allows them to read minds!" In other words, the Eastern Federation is an Eden composed entirely of hot girls with animal ears?! No, there are men and elders, too Okay! That's it! That Arcadia is mine! We're going after the animal girls! Right now! Wait! They're one of the three biggest countries in the world! Conquer the animal girl kingdom.
Silence! You and your false ears shall not stand between me and the real ones! The animal girl kingdom is waiting for me.
Brother, first Oh, that's right.
Okay, let's go, sister.
Wait a sec— You're leaving me here? We didn't find a thing.
This country is weird.
This isn't that good.
There's a shortage of goods like sugar.
So Steph's cookies were good because she was able to make the best of what she had.
I found you! Oh, Steph.
Where did you go? What do you mean, "Oh"? You left me in the middle of town dressed like this and then you just forgot me?! Steph, forgive me.
You make me sit and tell me to forgive you? That's basically brute force! This is no good.
I need to do something about these two.
But if I'm going to beat them in a game, it needs to be a game that really is pure chance, where math doesn't play a part.
Then Sora! One more match! Beg.
Seriously? What are we betting now? Beg.
Of course, for the sake of the country, I'll bet the same thing I did this morning, and make you a fulfilled human! Steph, I believed in y— I will accept on behalf of Blank.
If you lose, you must do one thing I tell you to.
No my sister! That's fine.
We'll compete to see whether the next person to go down that alley is a man or a woman! Best out of ten.
Aschente! Aschente! vs This doesn't make sense! Do you really think the people who go down that alley have no goal in mind at all? Shiro applied the data on time-based sex ratios, occupations, and employment rate for this area to the general trends I observed.
Do you always take these things so seriously? That's a silly question.
When it comes to games We're always serious.
And so, I'm taking your panties.
I'm really ruined forever now, aren't I? Hey, Shiro.
This is actually depressing to watch.
I'm just 11 years old.
I'm a kid, so I don't understand.
You seem like you're in a bad mood.
You're being pretty brutal on Steph.
I am not.
I'm just getting started! I haven't shown my true strength yet! No, you're showing everything right now.
Here I go! Aschente! Aschente! Ghost Leg What she bet Shawl Super-Spicy Russian Takoyaki Roulette What she bet Shoes The Game of Life What she bet Bra Rock-Paper-Scissors What she bet Glasses Glasses Steph with Animal Ears One more one more match! You don't have much left to lose.
A temporary defeat is nothing, if it leads to ultimate victory! I'm starting to understand why Elkia ended up in such a bad state.
This time it'll be pure, 100% chance! How many seconds before those birds take off? Fine, I'll let you bet first.
How many seconds? Aschente okay, 30 seconds! Then I'll take three seconds! Hey! That's against the rules! You never stated a rule like that, did you? Steph, give it up.
Why? Why can't I win? I'm doing this for Elkia, for Imanity Why can't I even win once by chance? Steph There is no such thing as luck in this world.
Rules, prerequisites, psychological states There are any number of invisible factors that combine to produce an unpredictable but inevitable result.
The victor of a game is decided before it even begins.
There is no chance.
For example, what's the probability of drawing the ace of spades from a deck with no jokers? It's one in fifty-two, right? Normally, yes.
Brand New But what if it's a brand new deck? The positions of the cards in a new deck are generally always the same.
If you take out the jokers and draw the very bottom card It's the ace of spades almost 100% of the time.
B-But That's right.
I didn't say a word about it being a new deck.
In other words, you didn't know, right? That knowledge turns the probability from 1.
92% to 100%.
In other words, the person with that knowledge is the inevitable victor.
That's the reason you and Imanity have kept losing, and the reason we're at a loss for what to do.
At a loss? We don't have enough information.
Before we can invade the animal girl kingdom, we've gotta deal with the fact that we don't know their weakness.
All we know is that they've got a sharp sixth sense.
They can read minds.
If that's true, bluffs and strategy are useless.
It's not even a game.
I've read every book and paper in the palace and found nothing, and there's not a single bookstore or library in this town.
Does this nation even care? Has he been looking for information about this world ever since he was coronated? Only an idiot starts a fight he can't win.
But we have to do something or we'll get nowhere! Even if it means sacrificing ourselves, we need to do what we can for Elkia right away One screw-up and we're finished.
This country and the Imanity are in just that bad a state.
Don't forget that.
They weren't just playing around without thinking.
They took the fate of three million Imanity on their shoulders and I didn't even realize it.
Well, I guess you were able to keep things from breaking down completely, Steph.
I was wondering why there was so little resistance to our reforms.
I guess you were keeping it in check.
You're a smart girl, Steph.
That seriously helped us.
Sora! Shiro! Well, you know I hope we can keep working together, Steph.
Right! I agree, woof! But that doesn't change the fact that we're stuck, and we lack the key to the one door out that I can see.
What? It got dark Wow.
Laputa really exists! That's Avant Heim One of the Phantasma.
The second ranked Exceed? Phantasma: Exceed Rank 2 How the hell am I supposed to play a game with that? Brother, look up there.
Yeah, the best thing would be to bring those Flugel in that flying city around to our side But how do we get there? Base! It didn't fall.
The servers here are better than in our world.
If you're looking for a Flugel, there's one near here.
About five years ago, it showed up in the National Elkia Library.
It beat my grandfather in a game and won the library and everything in it.
Oh, you had a library? You bet your knowledge? Are you an idiot?! That's humanity's only weapon! Steph, sit.
No, please! People are watching! The Flugel.
Exceed rank six.
Created during the ancient war as a front-line weapon to kill gods.
I can't believe there was one so close.
Sora, are you really going to challenge a monster like that? The knowledge about this world that this god-killer has is the only way we can get anywhere.
If you don't want to come, you can stay.
I-I'll go! Steph, the Flugel traditionally only play one game, right? Yes, according to records That's fine.
Time to start conquering the world, then.
Now, where's our angel? That's not even close to an angel.
That's death itself.
Excuse me, you people? What do you want in my library? Oh That ruined it.
Interesting Death should not have taken thee, Steph.