No Game, No Life (2014) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Wh-What What have you done? King! Foolish king! You gave your servant a cruel order to slay his queen.
How can you bear to let your people see you tremble in rage? Queen! I cannot ask you, or the knights who lowered their swords out of love for you, to turn against your comrades, but it is clear to see that your king has been struck by madness! I believe that you are the only one who can lead your people now! Do you not agree? Queen Make your choice.
I'm glad to see you standing, my brave, honorable queen! And you righteous warriors who overcame the enemy's mind control to obey your queen! You are the only ones who can end the oppression of this mad king! Is this A revolt.
The appearance of a third force Then that was Sora's goal? I told you.
I'll win without fighting.
Grandmaster Win without fighting? Yes, that's right.
If they don't have the wisdom to do that, I don't think they'll be able to save Elkia from its current predicament, Stephanie.
But We Imanity are the weakest race in Disboard.
But that's why we come up with our own ways to face the strong.
We become wise.
That's what your grandpa thinks.
Grandfather There must be someone out there with that wisdom.
Someone who knows that strength because they are weaker than anyone.
That's We do not seek blood! We seek what everyone seeks: peace! All forces, assist the red queen's troops.
Surround them.
Don't let anyone die.
You traitors! The red pieces are protecting them.
It won't be easy for them to kill their former comrades.
They beat my elf magic? What race is helping them? If I let someone like that take over this country Hey, mad king.
Did you know? It's possible to end a real war before the king is killed.
You don't have any way to win.
This is how you win without fighting? Sora! Surrender? I won't let you have this country.
Our country belongs to us! All forces! Sacrifice your lives to slay the enemy king! Kill all the traitors and march forward! Brother This is what happens when you back a weakened enemy too far into a corner.
Yeah, I know.
It's not working.
There's no way to win without fighting That's why I did it.
Rule by fear.
It's a strange thing.
Throughout history, for some reason, the lives of such rulers have always ended in the same way: Assassination by someone who isn't even part of a combat unit.
Our world isn't as nice a place as yours.
When it comes to war and killing, we have far more expertise than you do.
Th-The winner of this battle is Blank! Your grandpa believes someone like that will appear.
Someone who knows strength because they are weaker than anyone.
Someone who can face true strength because they are weaker than anyone.
They will be the hope, and the potential, of Imanity.
Potential? That dress suits you well, Stephanie.
This'll do, right? This is what your grandfather believed in.
Sora Your grandfather was right to believe in Imanity.
Now no one will call him a fool.
Right? Yeah! Thank you! I'm truly grateful, Sora Shiro There, there.
What kind of trick did you use? Trick? You're not going to tell me that Imanity beat elf magic unaided, are you? Sure I am.
It's the truth.
Is that a problem? Honestly, I didn't think the idea of getting the elves to help Imanity was a bad one.
Then But I don't like the way you think.
Doesn't the idea that we can't survive without the elves' protection seem a bit self-deprecating to you? But Imanity have their own way of doing things.
Just like how we were able to win because you were convinced to the very end that we were enemy spies.
That can't be.
There's no way a mere human can defeat magic! If that's what you think, that's fine.
That just means that's your limit.
I'll tell you something: Whether we're up against elves or gods, Blank never loses.
Don't underestimate humanity.
What?! Do you have any idea how much t-trouble I went through to get the elves to help me? Wait L-Look I didn't underestimate anyone! I was serious! Brother, you made a girl cry.
I was serious It's my fault? I wasn't underestimating anyone Even though you don't have a girlfriend.
Even though you're a virgin.
I'll never accept this! I'll expose your secret! Now, this man, Sora, has won all his games in the tournament.
Is there no one left to challenge him? Then, in accordance with the last wish of the former king, I crown Sora the new king of El— HOLD IT! Again? It's not Sora.
It's Blank.
The two of us are Blank together.
You've got two kings.
Unfortunately, we can't do that.
The ten pledges require us to specify a designated representative.
There can't be two of them.
Then we'll split it up.
I'll be the king in name only— OBJECTION! If you become king, you can make a harem.
You won't need me anymore.
A harem? Wh-What are they doing? If it's going to be in name only, I'll be king.
Then I'll have no objections.
All right.
Then, starting over— OBJECTION! Wait a second, my sister.
It's rare for you to make a joke like that.
Will it start raining spears next? I'm super serious.
I won't hold back, little sister.
Today's the day I will win! I will win! — Three Days Later — One more round Presently 500 Rounds 158 Losses 158 Wins 184 Ties Look! A butterfly! Sora vs.
Shiro [Blank] Total Lifetime Score 3526744 Rounds 117080 Wins 117080 Losses 1186584 Ties Just admit defeat already! You've got such pretty wings! You're the one who said "two wins in a row.
" I want wings, too! I can fly! I can fly! Why can there only be one king? Brother Pledge seven: A light! I see a light! A shiny golden light! Pledge Seven: Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority.
Conflicts between groups will be conducted by designated representatives with absolute authority.
It doesn't say there has to be just one, does it? That felt like it took a long time.
It's all your fault for not paying attention.
Your face is red.
She's exposing so much skin, her face is red? I didn't let her wear anything under it.
Did you have to tell him that? Why are you making me wear this? Old King's Clothes Steph's Old Clothes We have to wear formal stuff.
It's not fair if you don't.
Well, I don't mind the 2D effects that show she's clearly not wearing panties.
What are you talking about? More importantly, you need to do your jobs! Since we haven't had a king for so long, our domestic affairs are in complete turmoil.
You handle the internal stuff.
Hey, I'm trying to do this with no equipment.
Don't use traps.
It's more efficient this way.
That won't work! Unfortunately, due to the decline of Elkia, there are rumors that some of the ministers are collaborating with other countries.
As the new king, you need to make sure— That's it? If that's the problem In accordance with the pledges, we will now play rock-paper-scissors, and you will all deliberately lose.
I will play scissors, and you'll all play paper.
Whoever loses will be forbidden from presenting false reports or arbitrary messages.
We're taking advantage of the rules of the pledges.
Now there won't be any spies.
Here we go.
Aschente! As you can see, our country's provisions are in dire straits.
Got it.
You're going to do the following.
Yes, sir.
Um We'll introduce crop-rotation-based agriculture.
You'll have one field, with Wheat, root crops, barley, and pasturage.
You'll rotate the crops in that order.
Yes, sir.
What exactly are "treasury bonds"? I'll give you the details later.
You'll issue these bonds and make the banks buy them.
That'll give us a budget.
Y-Yes, sir.
Now we just sit back for a few turns and see how things go.
J-Just who are you? You handled all our domestic problems so easily Yeah, I'm the type who does all the domestic stuff at once when I play Civ.
Good thing I downloaded a ton of guides to study for quiz games.
That's not fair, Brother.
It's cheating.
Don't call me a cheater in a world that officially allows cheating with magic.
It's time.
So, I guess it's finally time.
It's beginning.
Are you really wearing that? Yeah, this is what I feel most relaxed in.
Now, then Let's do this.
I ♥ Humanity Hello, everyone! You're nervous, Brother.
Shut up.
We're both scared to death of crowds.
Normally, I'm just holding it in.
My beloved citizens No, my fellow Imanity.
We Imanity live in a world where war is forbidden by the ten pledges, yet we've lost again and again, and now all we have left is Elkia, our last city.
So I ask you now: Why is this? Is it because the last king failed? Because we are the lowest ranked race? Because we can't use magic? Because we are fated to die, helpless? No! In the ancient war, the gods, the elves, the warbeasts, all the races fought, and we fought among them and survived! Why is it that this whole continent was once ruled by humans? Is it because we are a race that specializes in violence? We can't use magic like the elves, nor are we physically strong like the warbeasts, nor do we have the longevity of the Flugel.
Why were we able to rule the continent? Is it because we were masters of war? I tell you it is not! We fought and survived because we are weak! In every time, in every world, the strong polish their fangs while the weak polish their wisdom.
Why are we in such danger now? Because the ten pledges have broken the fangs of the strong, and they have learned to polish their wisdom.
The wisdom and strategies that we, the weak, once monopolized The power to survive The strong have gained them all! And that brought us to this state! Answer me this, everyone! Why do you bow your heads? I repeat, why do you bow your heads? We are the weak! We are the weak, just as we have always been! Yes, nothing has changed at all! The strong may imitate our weapons, but they will never master them! Because at the heart of our weapons lies a cowardice born of almost humiliating weakness.
This cowardice has given us the wisdom to escape from magic.
This cowardice has given us the wisdom, born from learning and experience, to predict the future itself! I say a third time.
We are the weak! We are the proud weak who have, throughout history, torn out the throats of those who sit back and boast of their strength! We declare now that we, as Elkia's 205th king And queen have taken the throne! That's the piece given to a race's representative to stand for everything that race is the Race Piece.
We hereby declare that we will live as the weak, fight as the weak, and as the weak, we will destroy the strong! As we once were, and as we will always be.
Accept the fact that we are the weakest race.
Accept that we are the weakest race, one that can become anything because we were born with nothing! Now, let's begin the game.
You've suffered enough, haven't you? You've endured enough humiliation, right? The wait is over, my fellow Imanity.
As of this moment, my country, Elkia, declares war on every other country in the world.
What?! Let slip the dogs of war! We're taking back our borders! Wh-Wh-What in the world have you done?! Would you relax? You're scaring me.
Steph is creepy.
How can I be calm at a time like this? Declaring war? Are you trying to destroy this country? Didn't I tell you not to be so trusting? How are the other nations going to view the fact that we took out the elves? They'll think we're backed by a race more powerful than the elves.
Yes, that's right So, until they know who that race is They can't attack us? Yup.
Everybody's going to start suspecting everybody else, and nobody will be able to make any rash moves.
That's why we took the risk to declare war.
And we'll be able to shore up the home front without doing anything.
They put that much thought into it Blank Maybe those two really can We've gone from a tiny game room, to a crappy inn, to Steph's room, and now the royal chambers.
This might be the hardest one to relax in.
The Flugel They have great longevity and high magical capability, and they live on the giant floating phantasma Avant Heim.
With their great thirst for knowledge, they play games to obtain books from all over the world.
I feel like we could win them to our side.
We've got knowledge from another world to use as bait.
Wh-What was that? Brother Looks like things are starting to get fun! It's the kid who calls himself God.
Oh, please! I don't call myself God.
I am God! And my name's Tet.
Again? How do you like my world? Are you enjoying it? Yeah.
You've got good taste.
Our god insists on remaining a bystander.
He could learn from you.
Really? Our enemies can use magic, and we can't.
Our only remaining territory is one city.
Our situation is appallingly bad.
And to protect the name of Blank, we can't lose a single game.
That's the world we're in.
What do you think? It's wonderful.
Right? Looks like I was right to call you here! But I'm generally a bystander, too.
I don't favor any individual race.
But I told you before, didn't I? Everything in this world is decided by games.
I see.
In other words, even the title of One True God is decided by a game? That's right.
That's why I set it so there were exactly sixteen races.
Each side on a chess board has sixteen pieces.
In other words, defeating all the races gives you the right to challenge God, huh? I love the way your brain works.
You pick things up so fast, it's hard to believe you came from another world.
But are you sure you should be smiling right now? It's Blank's policy to be #1 in whatever game we play.
That's why I was sure you'd try to win the right to challenge me.
Did you forget you lost to us at chess once already? That's right.
But I won't lose next time.
Hey, God.
Call me Tet.
Okay, Tet.
You'd never lost before, had you? The god of play was so very, very upset at his first loss, he just had to bring us here.
Am I wrong? Interesting.
Why do you think so? Because I know exactly how you feel.
Blank doesn't lose.
But we've both lost to each other many times.
You're not allowed to quit while you're ahead.
I was right to choose you after all! That's right.
I won't let you quit while you're ahead.
Next time, I'll win.
That's the reason.
Are you disappointed? Nope.
I'm actually relieved it's not some noble reason like saving humanity.
Okay, I'm heading back.
Hey, Tet! Thanks for letting us be reborn.
This is the world where we belong.
Thank you, God.
See you soon.
This time, on the chess board.
Isn't Tet Sora! Shiro! Was that Tet the One True God? Yeah, why? Wh-Wh-What's going on? You said you beat him in a game, didn't you? Forget about that.
Just get us down from here.
And for the time being, for the sake of form, this is what I'll write: That doesn't matter right now! Once upon a time Conquer the World We'll start by conquering the world And our ultimate goal is to beat God.
I'll tell you the story of the newest myth.
Weak Square We sure had fun last night, didn't we? Yeah! We were up all night playing games!