No Ordinary Family s01e03 Episode Script

No Ordinary Ring

Every story has a beginning.
We were just an ordinary family until Hold on! Oh, my God! Something extraordinary has happened.
You can jump just over a quarter mile, can lift 11,000 pounds.
I'm fast.
I can hear people's thoughts.
I've got, like, this super-brain.
So you turned your garage into What every secret crime-fighter needs A lair.
Don't you see? I can finally make a difference.
It's done.
How'd you how to find me? How hard could it be? Remember back in school when you had stuff on your mind, you used to come out here and try to hit balls into the ocean? Now you're hitting 'em over the ocean.
It's a little more than stuff on my mind, George.
My family's developed superpowers, and the only friend I had at the police department was found dead last night.
And what good are having these abilities if I can't protect the people I care about? You just can't protect everyone all the time.
Well, I can sure as hell try.
How about protecting yourself? Oh, you forgot, didn't you? Remember what you were told? If you are not there on time tonight, you are a dead man.
I'm late.
Very late.
I'll clean all this stuff up.
Go! Never get tired of that.
Okay, with the distance you're covering, it shouldn't take you that long.
You got a clear landing on the Westbourne hotel.
You just tripped over the roof again, didn't you? You know what? You serious gotta start working in some finesse, man.
A little less black eye, a little more peas, a'ight? Okay.
One minute to 7:00.
I'm here, and I don't see it.
Go right, but hurry.
The clock's ticking.
Excuse me.
Coming through! Excuse me.
Whoa! Hey, man! Out of the way! Excuse me.
Any second now Heads up, heads up, heads up! Hey, almost there.
I made it.
Tell Steph I'm on the way.
I told you you'd make it to the tuxedo shop on time.
Dad, where have you been? You missed the entire wedding.
Well Powells, so glad you could come.
Oh, you look beautiful.
Oh, we wouldn't have missed it the world.
Daphne, J.
, it seems like just yesterday I was babysitting you, - and now - And now you're married to some superrich stud.
It's true.
Honestly, I have you guys to thank for this.
- I mean, years of babysitting Daph and J.
J - Oh.
Watching the two of you, I remember thinking, what they have That's what I want.
See you on the dance floor? Yes.
So what about it, Jim? When was the last time we danced together? Yeah, go, dad.
Come on, dad.
Let's see what you got.
You know I don't dance.
No, I know you don't like to dance.
Have you forgotten our wedding? Have your toes forgotten our wedding? Whoa! What's going on? It's some sort of power outage or something.
Everybody, freeze! Watches, earrings, pearls, jewelry on the ground! If it's worth anything, it goes in the bag! Stay down.
Stay down.
Aah! Open up your purses and empty out your wallets.
Wallets, cash.
Let's go, let's go! I don't got all night! You.
Your watch.
You! Listen up! Justjust give me a minute.
This is not a negotiation! This is a robbery! Let's go! Let's go! No, honey! I can handle this.
Without someone getting caught in the cross fire? Let's go! In the bag.
Earrings, too.
Let's go! Stay down.
You! Barbie.
The ring.
Come on.
Put the ring in the bag.
No, Steph.
Let's go.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Get out of here! Go! Go, guys! Where's dad going? Hey, dad, where did you run off to last night? Well, I just Went to call the police.
Why didn't you use your powers? I mean, you could've stopped 'em, right? Well Because he knew it was too dangerous.
Right, honey? Right.
Look, it's the cops' jobs to catch the bad guys.
It's your father's job to Draw them? Bye, guys.
Love you.
Bye, sweetie.
Have a good one.
Bye, dad.
I'm finally doing something that I'm proud of.
What's wrong with letting our kids know that? What's wrong is making them lie awake at night wondering if their father is gonna come home alive.
You know, you wouldn't be saying that if I was a cop.
Well, you're not a cop, Jim.
You're just some very strong man Who's putting himself into dangerous situations who doesn't know what to do once he gets there.
Oh, where are you going? To figure out how to get your ring back.
Quite the winning streak, Powell.
Must be your incredible teaching skills, sir.
Seems like last week you were just as clueless as I was.
Yeah, well, it was like I just woke up one morning, and it all made sense.
Wish I could've woken up with you.
You know what I mean.
Um, Sara.
I could help you study sometime.
Anytime, actually.
You know, just say the word, and I'm sure I'm free.
Not that I'm always free, you know.
I mean, I am All right.
How about Friday night? I'd ask what all those tingly things that you're feeling are, but that would imply that I care, and I don't.
Just came to give you these.
More homework? I just finished two reports for you last night.
You know, this is blackmail.
Hey, anytime you wanna tell mom and dad that you've been lying and the only reason you're doing so well in school is because you have genius powers, let me know.
Until then, get crackin'.
Hey, Daph.
I heard about your family's plane crash.
So crazy.
It feels like we haven't talked in, like, forever.
Yeah, I've just been busy, um, readjusting, I guess.
You wanna hang out after school? Please say yes.
I really don't wanna be alone right now.
I-I'd love that.
Um, you wanna come over after school? Okay.
Your hand looks so weird without your wedding ring on.
You know what? I heard a couple of the I.
guys asking if you're single now.
Tell them I'm happily married to a man who can beat up their entire department.
You got it.
The board is throwing their funding behind you and that plant of yours.
You're kidding.
Oh, my God.
King, you don't know what this means to me.
And me.
I help.
Because the grant is so substantial, Global Tech will be taking out an equally large, uh, insurance policy on you.
Insurance policy? Yeah, you just need to take a standard physical, initial a few paragraphs.
Uh, Dr.
King Don't worry.
You're worth every penny.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe for the first time ever, yes.
A physical means that they're gonna draw my blood.
Which is chock-full of anomalies since the accident.
And once they test that blood, they're gonna discover that I'm not normal, meaning once they do, they're not gonna fund my research.
You'll be the research.
It was so dark.
I didn't get the best look at the robbers.
So what'd the cops say when you showed 'em your sketches? Oh, they complimented my shading technique.
What do you think they said? They told me to butt out and let them handle their business.
It'd just be a hell of a lot easier if everyone knew what I was doing.
Easier how? You reading those comic books? There is a reason that those guys have secret identities.
'Cause the minute someone finds out it's you, it's over.
Somebody gets robbed and you don't stop it Jim's fault.
Can't be in two places at the same time.
Somebody gets killed Jim's fault.
Kid gets hurt just trying to be like you So that's it? I gotta lie every day for the rest of my life? I'm a lawyer.
Trust me.
You get used to it.
Check this out.
Third high-end wedding hit this month.
With the score these guys are making, probably not the last.
Meaning? Meaning you don't return the tux, Jim.
We got some weddings to crash.
That's from our trip to Brazil.
Your parents seem so happy.
Her parents are so perfect.
She'd never understand.
You okay, Megan? Yeah.
Thanks for having me over.
It's been forever since we've hung out.
Why can't mom just forgive him and come home? For what it's worth, my parents may seem really happy, but they have their own problems, too.
What are you talking about? Your parents aren't they splitting up? How did you know that? Were you going through my stuff when I was in the bathroom? No, I wasn't.
I You just looked like you needed somebody to talk to, so So you just happened to guess exactly what was going on in my life? I gotta go.
Hi, Megan.
I thought Megan was staying for dinner.
Everything all right? I have to tell somebody about this, about me.
Okay, honey, we're here.
Anything you want to talk about no.
Not you guys.
I have to tell Megan.
She thinks I'm a freak.
No, honey.
She doesn't think you're a freak.
And if the wrong person found out about us I-I'm sorry.
Some things are better if they stay a secret.
But that's not fair.
You and mom got to tell your friends.
Why can't I tell mine? Your father and I have talked about it, Daphne.
And you're right.
You do need to talk to someone, so Uncle George and Katie are here to talk Or listen or whatever's on your mind.
I'm so hungry.
How about somebody offering a cracker or a piece of cheese or something? Oh, my God.
Daphne can read my mind.
I don't wanna talk to your friends about my feelings.
I wanna talk to mine.
And I'm pretty sure I have nothing to talk about.
Well, we'll talk about how that makes you feel, J.
I'm here for you, man.
I'm here for the both of you.
So So you're telling me that we have one of two options.
We can either talk to your lab tech Or your best friend who you confide in.
Air it out, Daph.
I'm a vault.
You can tell me anything.
Anything but that puberty stuff.
Just pass right over that, please.
Look, Katie is bound by medical oath, and George has been your father's best friend for half his life.
And Megan's been my friend since kindergarten which is more percent of my life.
Or whatever.
I'm sorry.
We just can't risk it.
I won't say anything to anyone ever.
May be excused? I have homework to do.
Uh, that went well.
Will there be food? Here's your A.
history essay.
I went off on a few irrelevant tangents about Roosevelt's violation of laissez-faire economics.
Wanted to make sure no one accuses you of cheating.
All right.
What's the favor? What do you mean? I can read minds, remember, J.
? Right.
So there's this girl Sara Berg.
Will you find out if she likes me? With your, um I'm not gonna use my powers to hook you up like a plot from one of mom and dad's old John Hughes movies.
Please, Daph, just this once, for me And your 10- to 12-page, single-spaced report on "the Iliad"? Dr.
King, do you have a moment? For you, Dr.
Powell, I might even have two.
It's about the funding for my research.
I've worked we've worked so hard to get to this point, and the idea that it all rests on some insurance physical Well, I mean, it just doesn't seem fair.
You're nervous.
I get it.
Uh, you know, we're all nervous when it comes to medical testing.
No, no.
You don't understand.
It's essentially a formality.
We already have your blood sample.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
You have my sample? Well, I don't have it, but our lab does.
You you gave it to them this afternoon, remember? And once they test it in the morning, you'll have your funding, so stop worrying.
You had a "Sophie's Choice" Your family or your research and I did not want you to be haunted by that decision like Meryl Streep was.
So you took the physical for me? I had your I.
badge, and the nurse was so sweet.
She didn't ask any questions.
She just took my blood and listened to my heart, and I thought you would be happy about this.
Katie, a part of me is touched, but when I was hired here, my blood was drawn, analyzed.
Part of my employee screening.
And now they'll compare my old sample with my new one, and when it is, it's a felony.
Questions, inquiries.
Your job and possibly mine.
It's okay.
It's not a big deal.
They won't be testing your blood My blood until tomorrow morning, so we will just have to Get to it first.
Oh! Oh! I'm so sorry.
It was an accident.
I-I think my brother's in this class J.
Powell? J.
! Yeah.
Um, he's helping me with my homework.
Oh, you must be Sara.
He's he's mentioned you.
God, I hope he doesn't like me.
You know, he's always talking he's-about his classmates.
God, I hope what do you think of J.
? He's nice for a major tool.
He's great.
Super helpful.
Um, I gotta go.
See ya.
I can't believe we're actually doing this, George.
You can thank me later when we get Steph's ring back.
Thank you.
Check out the bling.
They practically opened their safety-deposit boxes to get right for this affair.
It's a perfect place to hit.
Excuse me.
Huh? I don't believe we've met.
I'm Lou, Kristen's father.
I'm Jim.
We're with the groom.
Oh, you must be one of Pete's friends from medical school.
I'm one of Pete's friends from medical school.
Hey, congratulations.
Thank you.
Lovely affair.
Thank you.
Doctor? See, all that practice lying to Daphne is paying off.
Come on.
We gotta blend in, and the best way to do that at a wedding is on the dance floor.
Let's go.
What? Now I see why you can't land worth a damn.
You dance like you're trying to escape angry villagers.
What? Excuse me.
Excuse me, doctor? Jim! There's someone here that wanted to say hello to you.
Hey! Pete, how are ya? Congratulations.
Feels like it's been forever.
I'm sorry.
Do I Do I know you? Oh, hey, man.
Pete, what, you What, you don't remember us now? George.
Med school.
And you both went to my same Yeah, well, I mean well, I dropped out, 'cause I just realized, you know what? Dermatology wasn't my thing, but this guy is an artist with a scalpel.
I had a mole once.
He slices it off.
Whoop! Like tuna sashimi.
It was a little mole.
- And I invited you? - Look, bottom line is, we just love you, bro.
I'm happy for you.
We love you.
So proud.
Go now! What is he doing? Huh? The cake! Oh, my God! The cake! So where you guys registered? If you wanna get better at this crime-fighting thing, we're gonna have to keep you from crash-landing on rooftops and missing fire escapes.
Really? And how you gonna do that? By working on your finesse I.
, giving you some.
This will help you land better.
"Dance Mix U.
"? "Booty Quake Hits of the '90s"? Dancing will teach you how to, you know, be more aware of your body and and show you how to move it in a more controlled way.
This way you can catch the bad guys, blend in at weddings, and look good doing it.
George, I don't think this is a very good idea.
Oh, I know, but the key to this whole thing is just feeling the beat.
You feel that? Do you feel that? Yes, I feel it.
Okay, good.
Now what does it make you wanna do, huh? You wanna tap them feet, right? Tap your foot, bro.
Tap your feet.
Nice tappin'.
Commit to it.
Unh! There you go.
Unh! Okay, good.
Now just lean.
All right.
Yes! Yes, tap your feet.
There you go.
Unh! Okay, good.
What does that make you wanna do, huh? Makes you want to turn, right? Turn with style, baby.
Turn, baby, turn! Yeah, just turn! Nothin' a little spackle can't fix.
Dad? Daphne.
Uh, hey, hi.
What are you doing? I-I was just learning some moves that George was teaching me for the next time your mom and I are invited to a wedding.
Check it.
Oh, don't do that.
What do you want, Daphne? Um actually, I wanted to talk to George.
Oh, hey, sweetie.
That's great.
Okay, not to rush you, but retrieving that blood sample is just a tad time-sensitive, you know, if we wanna stay employed or, say, out of jail.
Sorry, Katie.
I've never had to plan a break-in before.
All right.
So where is the blood sample being kept? Lab A.
Well, A.
-15 is black key card access only.
We can't use my card.
It'll I.
So we just have to get our hands on another key card.
Who else do we know who has code black access? I knew it was just a matter of time before you lost interest in Dr.
Powell's prehistoric plant.
Well, uh, after the staff meeting last week, I realized you and I have never really talked about your work with polypeptide folds.
I had no idea you cared.
What? Of course.
For example, um, how did you solve the problem of plasmic resistance? Well, it's actually quite unexpected.
What you have to do is linearize the structure to permit the addition of chimeric plasmids.
Oh, my God.
That is genius.
Did they just did they just kick the A.
on? So glad we have a little chat.
So your dad said you needed some advice.
Yeah, with J.
He asked me to mind-read this girl that he has a crush on and see how she feels about him Oh.
See, mind reading, super-jumping I'm wingin' it, all right? Girl problems- now you're in my wheelhouse.
You sure? I was the flower girl at both of your weddings.
I suck at marriage, but I am great at dating, so what's the problem? Shoot.
The girl J.
likes thinks he's a total loser.
And you don't know how to break the news to J.
? Easy.
No sense in letting him get hurt like that.
But I have to be honest with him.
Says who? Just tell him that she's not into guys like him, you know, like, she only dates astronauts or, like, oceanographers.
Just pick something that J.
This way, it's not personal.
Okay, uh, were you really teaching my dad how to dance? Whoa.
Look at the time.
Oh, man.
Gotta get back to work.
She can read your mind.
You two have been spending a lot of time together ever since everything happened.
Alabama Montgomery.
Alaska Juneau.
New Mexico Santa Fe No, Albuquerque.
I was talking to George, and it was like he was covering, keeping a secret for him.
Who cares? Did you mind-read Sara yet? What'd she say I mean think? She likes you.
She thinks you're really cool.
And? Y-you're just not her type.
W-wait a minute.
What do you mean, I'm not her type? I didn't know she had a type.
I could be her type.
Mm No, you can't.
What do you mean? What What type of guys does she date? Jewish ones.
She only dates Jewish guys? Uh, I don't ally know.
It's what she said or thought.
You're breaking into the lab? I don't have a choice.
I have to get that blood sample back.
Ah! J-just like I have to get your ring back.
That's a piece of jewelry.
You don't have to put your life in danger.
It's more than that.
At least, to me it is.
You're stopping a felony, and I'm committing one.
Remember when we used to have movie night? Hey.
Be careful.
You, too.
Uh want one of these? No, thanks.
You know, when you were little, I used to arrange the slices to look like a lion's mane.
Yeah, when I was, like, a baby.
I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm 16 now.
Daph, no matter how old you get, you'll always be my baby.
All right.
I said it.
Hey, George.
What's up? There's another wedding tonight.
Belle Pacific Hotel.
Place is just begging to be hit.
I-I got it.
I'll be there.
I-I gotta go.
It's a work thing.
Now? What kind of work thing? Uh, it's time-sensitive.
Uh, description of a perp is still fresh in the witness's mind.
It's best that I take advantage.
Uh, okay.
Where are you going? Belle Pacific Hotel.
Dad you wouldn't lie to me, right? You always tell me the truth? Always.
Oh, God.
Well, you do know that I'm the one going in, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
I just, you know, wanted to feel like a part of things.
So what do you say you wanna help me break into a highly secured research facility? I thought you would never ask.
So here's the plan.
You'll swap out this blood sample, the one you used last year as a control for your genome research, with my blood locked up in the A.
-15 lab.
Got it.
Before you go in, you need to make sure you know exactly where you're going.
There are surveillance cameras everywhere, so once you start running, the one thing you can't do is stop.
As soon as you enter the building, you'll be in camera sight.
Well, a person moving at normal speed would be, but luckily, you'll be moving quite a bit faster.
Just remember, it doesn't matter how fast you're going if you're inside something slow, so go past the elevators and use the stairs.
Now at the bottom of the stairs is another guard, Sal.
He enjoys gas station burritos, conservative talk radio, and staring at your boobs when he thinks you won't notice, which, again, at your speed, won't be a problem, but the card reader is located on the wall directly behind Sal, and swiping it won't be easy.
If you slow down, it's a Kodak moment.
You're a lifesaver.
I would totally fail if you weren't here.
I'm performing a mitzvah.
It's, uh, what we do.
Ow me what you got.
Um very close, but "x" equals 5, not 42.
I just need a "c.
" Maybe could you give me an easier problem? Yeah.
No, totally.
Let's, uh, try to find something.
Uh and uh What is what is this doing here? Uh, it's a song of Solomon poem I loved as a boy.
, um, can we just study Please? Um, yeah.
No, sorry.
My bad.
I was, um, just, you know I, um, gotta keep an eye on the clock.
I'm already late for shabbat dinner.
Sha-what dinner? Blessing the candles.
Reciting the kiddush.
How can you not know what shabbat dinner is? Maybe because I'm not Jewish? Then why do you only date Jewish guys? Wh-what are you talking about? Uh I should go.
Where are all the cops? They don't have enough manpower to get everywhere.
You see anything interesting? Girl in the pink look like she got a little Thandi Newton/ Sanaa Lathan thing going on.
About the robbers, George.
No, nothing yet.
Focus, George.
I'm Hey.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not a very good dancer.
You gotta blend in.
This is what you do to blend in.
No, no, no.
Just do what I taught you.
Come on.
There you go.
There you go.
You're feelin' it now, right? I'm feelin' somethin'.
There you go.
Everybody down! Right now! Who wants to go home? Who wants to die? Let's go! Get down! This is it, man.
You know what you're gonna do? I'm gonna see a man about a ring.
That watch, now! In the bag.
Come on, you! Jim! Uhh! He's wearing some kind of kevlar! We got the cops here.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Excuse me.
Daphne? Dad? Uh, sweetheart, I can explain What are you doing here? Did you get shot? Just not right now.
I have to go.
Dad Come on, boys! Let's get a move on.
What Unit 1724, arriving on scene.
Okay? Ohh.
What the You lied to me.
You stood there, looked me in the eyes, and said you were going to the precinct.
I was Just after I stopped a robbery.
Look, you're 16 years old.
You're supposed to be thinking about clothes and school and boys, God help me.
I'm your father.
It's my job to worry about you, not the other way around.
I have always been able to count on a few things J.
saying stupid stuff, mom always talking about work, and you always being honest with me About everything.
But now you're lying to me, and you won't even let me tell the truth to anyone.
You're right.
I am 16 years old, dad, and I'm tired of being the only one who has to keep secrets around here Yours and mine.
Where where are you going? To tell Megan everything I can do.
Daphne, no.
You can stop bullets, dad.
Try stopping me.
Jim! You have to let her go.
And let her tell someone about what's happened to us? Imagine if you didn't have George and I didn't have Katie.
Megan's a kid.
We don't know how she's gonna react to this.
I mean, she's not mature enough to understand.
We have to start trusting her, Jim.
And what's the point of keeping our secret if it's just gonna drive her away? Yeah, George.
We got a problem.
You need to get down to the precinct.
* Sit down beside me and stay awhile * * Let our hearts do their parts * * With wine and words to meet the hours * Hey, Megan.
I want to apologize for being such a freak lately.
You just did.
I'll see you in school.
There's something else, too.
I want to tell you the truth About how I knew your parents were getting a divorce.
It may seem really hard to believe.
I-it's even more difficult to say But here it goes.
The truth is What the hell is going on, George? I had that guy nailed, not to mention all the all the witnesses at the wedding.
Who basically saw nothing.
was messy.
It was dark.
They were wearing tuxes like everyone else.
There's nothing to hold him on, unless you wanna charge him with obstruction of a hood.
But you said they recovered the getaway car.
Yeah, but the perps were nowhere near it, and with nothing to link the evidence back to them, we have no case.
But, George, then you have to make a case.
That's your job.
You have to figure out a way to Jim.
Jim! We have to let them go.
That's how it works for us mortals.
Some you win.
Some you don't.
The system is not perfect.
I know that.
Maybe with some practice, a little luck, we'll get 'em next time.
The bad guy gets away, I lose my daughter's trust, and it's not a total loss? I mean, how can you That's Steph's ring.
One of the uniforms found it at the scene.
I thought you might want it.
Traitor! Blasphemer! What are you talking about? When Korach betrayed Moses, God opened up the earth and swallowed him in a gaping hole of hellfire! I'm sorry.
I-I don't know what I'm doing with this stuff.
I just hear things.
Even when I was a little dim, I never expected you, of all people, to set me up like this! I was just trying to protect you.
Yeah? Well, you suck at it! J.
! I don't need this tsuris.
What the heck was that about? Long story.
So how did Megan handle it? She didn't, 'cause I didn't tell her.
I told her I overheard her mom talking about the divorce at the supermarket.
So Yeah.
I lied.
I just didn't want things to change between me and Megan.
I wanted to be normal again for that one minute.
'Cause once you know someone's secret, it's It's all you can think about sometimes, you know? Uh, at first, maybe.
It's all I think about with you.
Oh, Daph.
Whenever you go out, all I'll be thinking about is, where are you going, and who are you fighting, and what kind of danger are you in? No, no.
For me, these powers They're finally allowing me to be the person that I-I've always wanted to be.
I know that sounds weird coming from your dad, but it, uh, sometimes Sometimes even us parents haven't figured out who we are yet.
But, listen, nothing's going to happen to me.
You understand? Nothing.
Can you promise me that? No, I can't But that's just something we're gonna have to live with.
Yeah? You needed to see me? Have a seat.
I-I'm curious, w-were you in the building last night? Me? No.
Someone used your key card to access the medical lab.
Do you know who it was? No.
Nothing showed up on the surveillance tape.
I'm sure it's just some sort of glitch in the system.
I'll have security look into it.
That's all, Francis.
You know I don't like surprises, but how much further? Well, actually, we're right about Here.
It takes six months to get reservations here.
Well, true.
That's why we're going somewhere else.
And much more exclusive.
I know how much time you spend worrying about my powers.
I just thought We should spend a little time enjoying them, too.
Oh, and I have something for you.
Jim, you got it back.
Cops found it at the scene.
Someone threw the bad guys off their game.
I'm not saying who.
You know, I never told you this, but that ring has got to be - the ugliest ring I've ever seen in my life - No, it's not.
- Absolutely.
It absolutely is.
- Jim, I love this ring.
When I bought it for you, I was an artist barely getting by.
The only ring I could afford was - the smallest, ugliest ring in the store.
- It's not ugly.
And when I got down on my knee and I proposed, you looked at it and you said, "That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
" And I knew I knew right then I had the right girl.
And every time I see it on your finger, I know you love me for who I am.
And I love you for the beauty you see in ordinary things.