No Ordinary Family s01e04 Episode Script

No Ordinary Vigilante

Every story has a beginning.
We were just an ordinary family until Hold on! Oh, my God! Something extraordinary has happened.
Aah! You can jump just over a quarter mile, can lift 11,000 pounds.
I'm fast.
I can hear people's thoughts.
I've got, like, the super-brain.
Why haven't you told mom and dad? You saw 'em.
They were proud of me for, like, the first time.
So you turned your garage into what every secret crime-fighter needs a lair.
Don't you see? I can finally make a difference.
I think I liked us better when we were just dysfunctional.
So how's the costume working? Stop calling it a costume, George.
It's just a hoodie.
You're not wearing the glasses? No.
Or the mustache.
That thing was real hair.
It cost me 37 bucks.
I'll pay you back.
I'm just trying to protect your identity.
If enough people say they got busted by Mr.
Clean, it's just a matter okay.
I'm bald.
I get it.
I stand out.
They teach you those observational skills in law school? Just keep the hood up.
How's it looking out there? Hell of a lot different than it looks during the day.
Yeah, well, welcome to Franklin Park only place in the city you can get poison ivy, crack, and sexually assaulted all at the same time.
Are you sure that you wanna be doing this? You heard the crime report.
Seven attacks in here in the last month.
But going on patrol I mean, that is a whole nother deal, Jim.
Jim? Jim, what is that? Hey! Leave her alone! Don't come any closer.
Or what? Hey! Stop! Come back here! You were out late last night.
Well, crime's up all over the city.
If the cops don't care, someone has to.
Hey, J.
, remember, I'm gonna pick you up after school.
You and I will go out and buy our gear for this weekend.
What kind of male bonding experience am I being excluded from this time? J.
and I are going camping.
A little reward for his terrific grades.
So the reward is spending Friday night with dad in a tent? Remind me to flunk my midterms.
In a twisted turn of events, the mugger was shot by an unknown assailant and delivered right here, where he was patched up and promptly arrested.
Police would not comment when asked if this was the work of a vigilante.
That is awesome, dad.
Was that you? No, it wasn't me.
I wouldn't shoot anyone.
Eat your breakfast.
Because it'd be pretty cool if it was.
Okay, everyone, grab your backpacks and meet me out front.
What? I said I didn't shoot anyone.
So you're saying you weren't there? I'm saying I didn't shoot anyone.
Jim, we've been through this.
Look, I'm not happy about this hobby of yours, but I understand why you need it.
You know, but J.
He worships you.
So? So I don't want him worrying about you, and I certainly don't want him emulating you.
Look, I'm just trying to keep the city safe.
Well, then try to stay off the news while you do it.
I don't get it.
You used to complain that Jim didn't have anything in his life.
Now that he finally has a thing, you're gonna complain about that? I was hoping it'd be a hobby, like model airplanes or stamp collecting.
Oh, trust me, you do not want to be with a stamp collector.
Their fingers are sticky, and their tongues are always dry.
Did you lock up last night? Yes.
Is my family's research put away? Ish.
Call security.
I don't get it.
Who would want to break into your Hello, ladies.
What are you doing here? Your little plant is a high priority, which means the brass want all their top players on this.
So congratulations, Dr.
Looks like we're lab partners.
Should I still call security? I'm telling you, sophomores never get invited to Bailey Browning's party.
So? Why can't we just show up? 'Cause it's exclusive.
The only way to know where it is is to get invited.
It's like a catch-22 or something.
Oh, please.
Come on.
Admit it, Daph.
You wanna go just as much as we do.
Yeah, maybe.
I got $7.
Uh I hope they didn't notice me pull a $50 from the register.
Maybe we can just beg Bailey to tell us where the party is.
You know what? There may be a way we can find out where that party is.
Detective Cordero.
I have a comp of the, uh, shooter in Franklin Park.
The, uh uh, witness Didn't get a very good look at him.
This the guy who shot the meth head who was robbing an innocent woman? You want me to arrest him or offer him a job? We've got real criminals in this city, Powell, so forgive me if I move the guy who took out a felon to the bottom of the stack.
I used to think the cops in this town were just lazy, but it's worse than that.
They don't care.
You know what? Pull up some mug shots.
Maybe we can find ourselves a match.
Jim, the cops have to prioritize their cases.
Maybe we should prioritize ours.
I mean, who's it gonna hurt if we let this one slide, the crackhead community? "Let it slide"? Till what, he kills an innocent person or someone's kid gets killed in the cross fire? No.
He's dangerous.
He has to be stopped right now.
We can't let him run around Yeah, fighting crime? George, this guy's not me.
He's a vigilante.
Which is a fancy-sounding word for what you do.
Hey, I might be fighting crime, but at least I'm not committing them.
I'm playing by the rules here.
Rules that we're making up as we go along, Jim.
Hey, you know what, George? If I have to explain it to you, maybe it's better if I just handle this one on my own.
I'll pay for it! Yes, you will! It's ingenious, actually, going for the "B" not so high that you arouse suspicion, not so low that your previous work seems like an anomaly.
I'm not cheating, Mr.
You expect me to believe that one morning you just woke up and decided to apply yourself? I guess you survive a plane crash, and you kinda approach life differently.
I guess so.
A B-plus? Seriously, man, whatever it is you're on, can I get some? Hit them hard, buddy! Hit them hard! You need a ride? No, my dad's picking me up.
We're gonna go get our gear for our camping trip.
That's cool, man.
My dad's always with his new girlfriend.
All right, later.
Set! Come on! Hello? Hey, J.
How you doing? Fine.
Are you running late? Look, you know how I've been looking forward to our little camping trip together, but But you're blowing me off.
I'm just postponing it Until things slow down a little bit.
Yeah, sure.
I feel terrible, but they need me around here.
My, uh, my particular Listen, I'm sorry.
Whoa! J.
? Everything all right? What? Um, yeah.
Dad, look, I gotta go, all right? I'll see you at home.
Jim, you know how much he was looking forward to this weekend.
I know.
I was, too.
But I talked to him about it.
I told him, look, as soon as I get this guy, I'll have plenty of time for camping.
Yeah, until the next guy.
Good morning.
Oh, hey, kid.
About yesterday Look, I told you, it's cool.
Worked out for the best anyway.
I'm gonna join the football team.
The football team? Really? Well, that's that's great.
I really think I can help out this year.
Assuming coach Baskin lets me try out, but Are you sure about this? Yeah.
Why wouldn't I be? Well, because, you know, you'reShort? Jim.
And the guys on the team are all Jim.
Bigger than me.
And you just never showed an interest in it before.
You remember how often I would ask you to toss the rock with me? You couldn't care less.
So when you wanted me to play, it was okay, but now that it's my idea, it's a bad one? No, no, no.
It's just Football? Really? I mean, do you think you're cut out for it? So you think you know what I'm cut out for, dad? Because I don't think you have a clue.
I've been racking my brain, and his name's Andrew Meyers.
At least I think it might be.
What made you change your mind? Come on, man.
Every Batman needs his Robin.
A few years back And I remember this because it was my first week on the job at the D.
's office Meyers' son was shot and killed.
Cops arrested a suspect, but we couldn't make a case, so the perp walked.
A year later, same suspect is gunned down.
Shooting still unsolved.
Witnesses say the guy was wearing a gray baseball cap.
So you think Meyers took out the guy that killed his son, and he liked it so much he didn't stop? That I don't know, but one of our investigators says Meyers spends most of his time at a little bar on the south side.
Well, maybe we should pay Mr.
Meyers a little visit.
Should I drive or do you want me to just hop on your back and we could I'll drive.
Probably better.
- Coach Baskin.
- J.
, hope you're ready for that midterm today.
Another decent showing and a "B" might be in your sights.
What can I do for you? The football team.
What about it? I wanna play.
Uh, J.
, no offense you're a sweet kid, but, uh, you're the size of my daughter.
Maybe you always knew you were gonna be a history teacher and a football coach or maybe you realized your calling later in life, but our dreams don't always happen on schedule.
So I'll make you a deal I ace that midterm, and you let me try out for the team.
What do you say? Don't be too obvious, but he look like the guy from the park? I don't know.
I'm not sure.
It's hard to say.
You're gonna talk to him, feel him out.
The one thing criminals love to do is talk about themselves.
You make him comfortable, you get him to open up.
Same idea as when you were single You think of it as a blind date, but with a sociopath.
What? Coffee, please.
Fan of the game? No.
Uh, J.
That's my son He's, uh, he's never been either.
Now all of a sudden, he wants to join the team.
Nothing predictable about kids, huh? One day you're their hero, and then Soon enough, they want nothing to do with you, and you may never get the chance to be their hero again.
Take care of yourself.
Uh, thanks.
That's so quick.
You think he's the shooter? I just think he's a guy who wants to be left alone.
Katie, I thought you said you hid the research on the family.
I did.
Yeah, but what about these lab results? This is the blood analysis we ran on Jim and me.
No, that's the breakdown on your south American wonder plant.
We're supposed to send it to the board as part of your progress report.
This nucleopeptide sequence it's the same abnormal chromosome that we found in Jim's blood, in my blood, in Daphne's Katie, do you know what this means? Oh, my God.
Whatever's making this plant special It's making us special, too.
Am I interrupting? Uh, what? No.
We We are just We're talking about our periods.
We're talking about work.
Our periods of time in which we like to work.
I can't believe you two beat me for the research grant.
No, totally, we should.
If Mike found out, he would kill him for real.
Um, hi, Bailey.
Uh, do we know each other? No.
I mean, uh I know you, but you probably don't know me.
That's what I meant.
Who is this girl and why is she talking to me? I'm Daphne Powell.
I just wanted to say I'm super excited for the party this weekend, and if I can bring anything It's by invitation only.
And if you weren't invited, then you don't know where it is.
Oh, I totally know where it is.
It's at Alec Koster's house.
You're right.
So I guess we'll see you there While we're all raging at Paul Steptoe's house.
See you there.
See ya.
You sure you okay? 'Cause you're usually a lot chattier when you're on patrol.
No, I was just thinking about what you said the other day.
You really don't think I'm just like this vigilante? Oh.
One fight and you're gonna throw it in my face forever? No, it's just I thought we were different than him.
I guess not.
George! Go! Oh no! Meyers? You! You killed him! Powell.
This is Edward and Alice Costigan, the couple that witnessed the 1-8-7 in the park last night.
They've got a description of the perp for you.
I'm sorry.
I have some allergies.
H-have a seat.
Be right with you.
Little man yeah.
P-pads go the other way around.
There you go.
All right.
Listen up.
Listen up.
We're gonna be working with a new playbook today.
But that doesn't mean the defense should go easy out there.
I want everybody's best.
You hear me? Yeah! All right.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Yeah, baby! Let's go! Whoo! Girls' locker room's that way.
You earned your shot, but are you sure you wanna do this? Boy, it's game time, baby! Let's go! Yeah! Whoo! Yeah! Yeah.
All right.
A deal's a deal.
Let's go.
Interesting stuff.
Glad I found this before Katie hid it.
It's no wonder you two are so secretive.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what you Drop the act.
It's all in here.
Your research isn't exactly confined to your very old plant, is it? Look, I can explain.
All that data is correlative Spare me.
I've been around the nucleotide block.
What I can't figure out is why you'd waste valuable time studying the inconclusive data of a washed-up scientist.
As if you didn't know.
This is Dr.
Douglas Volson's research.
He discovered this chromosomal mutation years ago, before Global Tech canned him.
Volson? When I discovered it in the archives, it was unattributed- a word of advice, doctor? Concentrate on your plant Or your funding might find its way into the hands of a more worthy party.
So if you give me a description of the suspect, I can create a composite.
Although I-I understand it was pretty dark that night, so you - probably didn't- No, no.
We saw the man very clearly.
He was right in front of us.
Can't wait till you guys nail this bastard.
I'd recognize him anywhere.
Bless you.
Yeah, that's better.
Um, okay.
Let's begin.
The, uh, shape of his face, was it more angular? No, it was more round, like a ball.
Big, fat, meaty face.
And, uh, his approximate age? He sounded pretty youthful.
No, he was middle-aged, definitely.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
No spring chicken.
How about his hair? A big, full head of hair? Oh, God, no, no.
Not at all.
No, not at all.
No, it was it was thin.
It was very thin, long hair.
All right then.
Very good.
Very good.
Now we're getting somewhere.
Back to the face.
Sort of, uh, medium lips.
Yeah, what are those, um, uh, uh, what are they called? The, uh like you, what you have.
Me? Cupid's bow.
She said your lips, not Angelina Jolie's.
What, is this your first day? What's the problem, Powell? Everything okay here? Why do you look so worked up? Uh I'm just passionate about my art and, uh, when I'm passionate, I I sweat.
Your wife's a lucky lady.
Hike! We're going to the party.
Impossible! Yes, it's possible! It's at Oh! It's at Peter Steptoe's house at 8:00.
And she just what, told you, just like that? Yeah, just like that.
Amazing! Uh, and speaking of amazing Wh Oh, my God.
That's my brother.
Reynolds! Out! Okay, Powell.
One snap.
Ready to show me your stuff? You're putting him in? Couldn't do any worse than you.
, red-dog right.
Are you serious? What a twerp.
Hey, small fry.
Stay behind me.
All right, cool.
Blue 34! Blue 34! Come on, brain.
Do your super thing.
Set! Powell! Okay, I'm not promising you any game time Probably none, in fact but whatever crazy thing you just did, you just earned yourself a spot on this team.
, I almost get lying to mom and dad about having your giant brain.
You want them to be proud of you, like you did it all on your own.
But, really, J.
, football? I-I The last time I checked, you weren't exactly coordinated.
You want to know something crazy about football? Sure.
It's all math.
Yeah, tell that to the guy whose neck I can't see past in health class.
What is a football? It's a prolate spheroid, which means a simple vector analysis can be applied to formulate its predictive trajectory.
Um Now I know what you're probably thinking Big whoop, J.
This is nothing more than graduate-level Newtonian mechanics, which is basically just a derivation of the laws of Kepler.
But I am telling you, an ordinary differential equation supports this.
Uh, okay, boy genius, do you mind simplifying that for us regular people? What it means is you don't have to be big or fast or athletic to be a great football player.
You can just be you.
It's not that we don't applaud his improvement, but when a student like J.
turns around his performance at such an alarmingly rapid rate, we can't help but consider that there are other factors at play.
Face it.
Your kid's on drugs.
That's my son you're talking about.
I'm sorry.
I-I don't get it.
First J.
fails, and you tell us that he's got a learning disability.
Then he does great, and you tell us what, he's doing too well? How else do you explain it? He's 4'5", 80 pounds, and joining the football team?! Mr.
Please, can you just tell us what you think is going on with our son.
Well, we can't know for sure, but there are certain attention-focusing, performance-enhancing drugs that could account for his spike in grades and social activities.
It's it's actually more common than you might think.
Drugs? I'm I'm sorry.
I can't imagine J.
's changed so much in such a short span.
You have to ask yourselves If it's not drugs, what secret is he keeping? I can't believe this.
, calm down.
We just want to ask you, I-if something was going on, you you'd come to us, right? Did your parents ever ask you if you were on drugs when you went out for the football team? That's entirely different.
When I was your age What? Say it, dad.
You weren't like me? J.
, there might be things about you that That are special and you're not aware of.
You think I have powers.
What, to get decent grades and throw a football? It's possible.
You might not even realize it.
Hey, you look me right here.
And you tell me you don't have any powers.
I wanna believe you.
I do.
You're right.
I do have powers.
For the first time in my life, I am finally good at stuff because I believe in myself.
It'd be real nice if you did, too.
Well, we had to ask.
Did we? Jim.
What is this? What's going on? Considered a suspect in the Franklin Park killing.
Please contact the local law enforcement Uh, yeah, uh, uh, yeah, that's me.
I, uh I wanted to tell you about that, but I Look Someone saw me at the park.
I tried to change the sketch around, but I couldn't.
I-I'm sorry.
Okay, forget forget- forget about the park.
You're not here.
I know what it looks like to be obsessed with your work.
I'm not obsessed.
Come on.
You you canceled a camping trip with your son.
You don't even know if he's on drugs because you don't know him anymore.
Look, I-I'm not saying I was the perfect parent, but I'm here now, because I almost lost once.
Nothing is more important to me than those kids But when I do my job, that's important to me, too.
You know what? You can't always have it both ways.
You're gonna have to make a decision about what kind of person you wanna be Do you want to be a parent or do you want to be a vigilante? You notice anything weird about this sketch, Powell? I, uh Forgot to autograph it? No.
When I close my eyes and I squint, I think that the guy in this sketch looks a little bit like you.
The guy in that sketch is not our suspect, this guy is Andrew Meyers.
Now we got two guys in here who like to play detective.
You know, I'm gonna assume it slipped your mind just then that I'm an A.
The man's 16-year-old son was murdered with two gunshots to the head.
Yeah, we know this already.
Yeah, but did you know the shooting occurred in Franklin Park? Call me an over-reaching prosecutor, but that is more than enough to bring Meyers in for a lineup, see if the vic can I.
, and if she does, it sorta makes you a hero, doesn't it? Fine.
We'll bring him in.
Okay, so here's how it's gonna work.
The victim's gonna come in, see if she can I.
the suspect out of the lineup.
Yeah, except we don't know if the suspect is actually guilty.
Hey, look, as long as they're suspecting him, they're not suspecting you.
Besides, I think he's the guy.
I don't know.
I-I looked Meyers straight in the eye.
I'm not sure if he's the vigilante.
Well, that's the problem.
- You looked him in the eye, and you like everybody.
- No, I don't.
With the possible exception of Cordero, yeah, you do.
It's just part of your Jim-ness.
You you see the world the way you are.
I see the world, too.
You know what I see? Robbery, rape, murder.
Take it from me, as an attorney, people suck, even the people who don't appear to suck at first glance suck? Yeah.
Vic didn't pick him.
He walks.
We're gonna keep pushing, right? Get a search warrant for his home, maybe? I'm telling you, this is the guy.
I think you're right.
But he walks for now.
There is no way we're cool enough to be here.
Sure we are.
But he so isn't.
! What are you doing here? What?! You told mom you were going to the movies with Declan.
So? You told mom you were going over to Megan's tonight.
Look, when you get busted Which you will you're gonna be grounded for your entire life.
Why do you even care? I care because it's another lie, J.
! It's another one of your secrets that I have to keep, and I kept it when you lied to mom and dad because you loved how proud of you they were.
But this the football team? You're abusing your powers to impress new friends.
Well, you don't need to be a genius to know that you couldn't have even gotten into this party unless you used your powers.
But I am still me, J.
That's the difference.
You're a total fraud.
What are you doing here? Later.
! This party's invite only.
How did you even know where it was? You mean after you let me think that it was at Alec's house? Not to mention the strict no sophomore policy.
Oh? Well, my brother's here, and he's a freshman.
Who's on the football team.
So unless you and your friends learn how to throw a spiral, I want you out of here.
And we have a strict "no losers" policy.
Bad news, baby.
We're tapped out.
No more beer.
Party's over.
For some people, definitely.
You know what? I could get you some more.
Really? How? Hi.
I'll take this, some fruity gum, and a keg of beer, please.
Something German, perhaps.
Yeah, no problem.
You want some meth, too? Hmm.
Uh, I'm gonna need some help getting that keg to my car, too.
So you think I'm just gonna sell you booze, huh? 'Cause that's what guys who work in places like this do? No, I think you don't want your boss finding out that you're dipping into the cash register.
Look, I don't know where you got the idea I'm lifting cash I know you are.
Well, can you prove it? Because if you can't, it's your word against mine.
On the other hand, you are an underage girl trying to purchase alcohol, which is definitely illegal.
And which I think I can prove.
So give me a minute while I give the police a call.
I Mm.
No cell phone, no music, no laptop.
No TV.
Might as well say good-bye to the outdoors, too.
You know what? You can just say good-bye to everything Sit down.
Because you are never leaving this house again.
No One week for lying, one week for buying alcohol Attempting to buy! A week for getting arrested.
Oh! It was just a warning! What were you thinking? I wasn't thinking.
I read the convenience store guy's mind and and then I tried to blackmail him.
Blackmail? Wait.
This might require a whole new set of punishments.
I was just trying to get the kids to like me.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't even drink! Hey, you're late.
Uh, Declan and me The movie ran longer than we thought.
What's going on anyways? This doesn't concern you, J.
Just go upstairs now.
Daphne, how are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of your mouth again? I didn't drink! I swear.
I just used my powers to get into a party - that I wouldn't have been able to get into otherwise.
- Oh.
I know it's a crazy scenario no one in the entire would be able to relate to.
She's telling the truth.
She didn't drink.
And how would you know that, J.
? What, you can read minds now, too? No, it's 'Cause I was there.
Jim, we had a system before.
Yeah, yeah, I'm familiar with it.
You went to work, and I was the one who dealt with the kids.
Look, this is what happens to them when we're not around.
Our 14-year-old is sneaking into high school parties.
Our daughter was arrested.
Ah, it's just a warning.
Look, you're right.
You were right.
I haven't been around as much as usual.
But I've just been caught up in this crime-fighting thing.
I understand, Jim.
But our kids need you here.
They need a parent here.
I mean, they needed you all those years, and I was the one who covered.
When is it gonna be your turn to be the one who's here? Hello? Hey, it's me, Katie.
So remember how you asked me to look into Dr.
Volson's research? I did.
Katie, please.
Now's not a good time.
Go home.
Go to bed.
No, no, no, trust me.
You are going to want to hear this.
So I found out he was working predominantly with somatic gene therapy coupled with recombinant D.
So he was working on vaccines? Not just that.
He was isolating vulnerabilities in the D.
strand, and then he was attempting to create patches, like sort of like genetic spackle.
I mean, it was cutting-edge, really.
But then his research It just sort of stops.
I mean, the guy just disappears.
Where'd he go? So I'm like, where is Dr.
Volson? So I do a public record search.
I do a social security match.
I comb the Internet for property histories.
I even called my ex at the FBI to have him cross-check the F.
Now I have to have drinks with him Katie.
Please, get to the point.
The point is that I have searched everywhere on earth for this guy, and I have finally figured out the reason why I can't figure it out.
It's 'cause Dr.
Volson isn't on this earth.
Volson is dead.
You want another? The undercover cop, back again.
I'm not a cop.
I'm just a guy like you, a guy who cares.
Well, if you care about finding the vigilante, you've got the wrong guy.
I-I wish I could believe that.
I-I really do.
It but it doesn't matter what I think.
See, 'cause the cops think you're the shooter, and that means they're gonna come after you hard.
Turn yourself in.
Look, I get it.
I understand how people can get lost in their lives and suddenly find themselves doing things they never imagined possible.
I get it.
I have kids, too Hey, I don't have a kid.
Cleaning up the park is not gonna bring your boy back.
So that's what you think? Huh? You think I'm trying to get revenge on whoever killed my son? I lost Jack a long time before that.
I lost him You know, I was so busy at work.
I lost him 'cause I didn't see the signs.
Everything seemed so important, and none of it mattered.
He needed my help, and I was so caught up in what I was doing, I Missed my chance to save him.
I was his father, and I should've been there.
So You think I blame the world for what happened? I blame myself.
I did it.
I killed my son.
You love your kids so much, then what the hell are you doing here with me? Why aren't you at home with them? Morning, everyone.
Okay, no one has anything to say to me, and that's fine, 'cause I want you all to listen.
Daphne, you abused your powers because you wanted to feel good about yourself, and you didn't give a damn about the consequences.
As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm guilty of the same thing.
J You don't have powers, so you took the feelings that we all had, of feeling different or or damaged, and you did the very hard work of making yourself feel special, like we all do.
Is that right? Yeah, dad.
That's right.
See, now J.
's the example of what we all need to do.
We can't rely on these crutches we have available to us.
We have to take these crappy feelings and turn them into positive action.
And what J.
did, that's That's a superpower in and of itself.
So even though you lied to us about where you went last night, you did it because you felt like your efforts had been unappreciated, unnoticed.
And, J.
, I never want you to feel that way again.
We're sorry to assume that it was drugs or anything else, J.
And we don't want to make the mistake of assuming that we know all of who you are Or that you're done becoming a man you're gonna be.
So We're all gonna go to your football game tonight.
Technically, I'm grounded.
You're going.
On one! All right! Oh, God, dad.
Really? Hi, J.
! I'm proud of you, kid! Okay, Powell.
You ready to show me your stuff? See what you got.
They're putting in J.
? Go, J.
! All right, J.
! Go.
! Go, J.
! * I know you with your heart of blue * * You take your troubles and release the sound * * Into the open, up from the ground * * These words unspoken, you sing aloud * * Words can be strong like the beating drum * * Like 10,000 voices that call together * Freeze! * "A" is the ailment, and "B" makes it better * Drop it! Drop your weapon! * Your life in letters * Stop! * Mmm ba ba, life in letters * * Life in letters * * B, C * * Life in letters * * Come on * * Set * * Me free * * Life in letters *