No Ordinary Family s01e05 Episode Script

No Ordinary Quake

Every story has a beginning.
We were just an ordinary family until Hold on! Oh, my God! Something extraordinary has happened.
You can jump just over a quarter mile, can lift 11,000 pounds.
I'm fast.
I can hear people's thoughts.
I've got, like, this super-brain.
Any time you want to tell mom and dad you have genius powers, let me know.
So you turned your garage into What every secret crime-fighter needs a lair.
Don't you see? I can finally make a difference.
You thought you were the only one? Find out who know about him, and then take care of it.
Okay, be honest with me, Daphne.
What do you think about these sneakers? I think they look exactly like the pair you just bought three days ago.
Can we go now? As soon as I try them out.
Not bad.
They have good arch support.
I'm spending more money on shoes than gas these days.
You know, if you think about it, do you even really need a car anymore? Because a car would make a perfect birthday present.
Or the perfect incentive for you to get a little something called a job.
These are pretty cool.
What do you think? Dad, my old cleats are fine.
, you're on the football team.
I think you earned a new pair of cleats.
What if I told you I'm not as good as you think I am? For once in your life, will you give yourself some credit? You're good, really good, and you didn't need anyone's help to do it.
I'm proud of you, kid.
What's that? Earthquake.
Mom! Big earthquake.
Everybody all right? Yeah.
Help! I can't get out! Help! I can't move! Dad! What? If you pull that, it'll crush her.
Come here.
Okay, pull that straight out, and don't let it touch anything.
How do you Dad, do it! J.
, how did you know how to do that? Totally lucky guess.
Thank you.
Honey, if J.
had powers, he would've told us.
Then how do you explain that life-size game of jenga he just played? That was a guess.
It was a demonstration of advanced mechanical engineering.
Admit it, J.
's been different ever since we got back from Brazil.
Yes, you're right.
He's been working harder to compensate for the fact that his entire family has been given a superhuman gift except him.
Jim, our learning disabled son is suddenly a b-plus student and a varsity football player? All right.
Then then what's his gift? Realizing his potential? Steph, he looked us in the eye, a-and he told us nothing had changed.
Well, want to test him.
I got a better idea.
Why don't you trust him? We tried that.
Look, we have to know if he has powers.
So what are you gonna do, honey? Y-you're gonna tell your son you don't believe him, and then what, ask him for his D.
? I think I can come up with a more subtle approach.
You want me to pee in a cup? J.
, I told you, in order to research our powers, I need a control group with the same filial D.
someone who doesn't have powers, like you.
You must really think I'm stupid.
What, you want to test me because you think I'm lying to you? Ahem.
No, J.
You're the only one who's still themselves, and we need to know why.
Look, it's no big deal.
Just take the cup into the bathroom, - turn on the faucet - Mom, I know how to pee.
Look, it's just that I'm kinda late for school, and I already went this morning.
I'll do it tomorrow.
I will drop it by the lab on the way home.
Tomorrow it is.
Caramel frapp, extra whip, little mocha on top, just how you like it.
George, thank you, but we talked about this.
You did something to your hair, didn't you? I Yeah, you did.
Oh, my God.
And it's working for you, girl.
And you know what? The green, with your eyes Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Stop it.
About these cases.
Why not? You keep me informed.
I keep you caffeinated.
We're a team.
Because it's privileged information.
That is why.
You're an A.
Why don't you just talk to the district attorney? Why would I want to talk to some pruny old man when I can talk to you? George.
So tell me, what is the inside intel on crime in Pacific Bay? I'll leave you alone.
Just give me that.
But this is the last time, okay? The last time.
All right.
They haven't released it to the press yet, but apparently there was something rather unusual about that earthquake yesterday, as small as it was.
Lowered voice okay, like what? Like it wasn't one.
Excited for your big night? Mm.
I was, until I found out how many board members were flying in to honor, well, a plant.
The reception's honoring you, Stephanie.
You'll do great.
Excuse me.
There's a slight crisis that needs my attention.
How could there have been a sector 7 breach? Security was everywhere.
Three guards are in I.
One is dead.
Realize we're dealing with a deadly weapon, one that needs to be contained immediately.
No worries.
Something that powerful can't stay hidden for long.
Good morning, Katie.
Good morning.
How's it coming along Well, that doesn't look like the powerpoint presentation You're supposed to be working on for my speech.
Well, that's 'cause it isn't.
It's way more interesting.
Douglas Volson? This is the only trace of the late doctor in the entire global tech archives, and considering that he was researching the same mutated chromosome that your family has, I decided to take a peek.
And? E entire thing is encrypted with a 64-bit algorithm.
But in the unlikely event that I can crack the code, it may give us some insight into his research on superpowers.
I could really use some answers Starting with my son.
I think J.
has abilities, too.
? Mm-hmm.
Oh, my God! That's fantastic.
What does he have? Don't tell me.
No! Flying.
I knew it made no sense that none of you were airborne.
I mean, that's, like, the first thing your mind goes to.
Katie! Katie, he can't fly, all right? In fact, he's not even admitting that he has powers, which is why he's coming in tomorrow to be tested.
So he's trying to maintain his secret identity.
Most superheroes don't reveal their alter egos to their families.
I'm his mother, Katie.
Interesting tidbit most superheroes don't have mothers.
Most of them are dead or away on their home planet or something like that.
You know, there are a lot of coffee places much closer to school that are hiring.
And serve Bailey Browning and her skank friends? No, thanks.
Is that What's Olivia doing here with our English teacher? Mr.
Robbins, Olivia, hi.
Megan, Daphne.
Thought it was a coincidence running into Olivia.
Uh, what brings you guys all the way out here? Job application.
Figure it's never too early to start working for the man.
Y-yeah, me, too.
Uh, then I saw Mr.
Robbins, so I thought'd harass him about my book report grade.
Anyway, I should, um, go.
Uh, good-bye, Olivia.
And I'll be sure to take your grade under advisement.
Bye, Olivia.
Robbins, I didn't think that you lived around here.
I don't.
Huge mistake meeting her like this.
If they suspect anything, I'm screwed.
No line.
Huh? There's no line at the register.
Probably want to get that application in.
Um, bye, Mr.
Oh, my God.
They're so doing it.
What? How do you know? Duh.
Don't you know the way people act when they do it? But Mr.
Robbins is her teacher.
In more ways than one, I guess.
Listen to this.
That earthquake that you were in Yeah? The reason it wasn't felt more than a few blocks away from the store is because it wasn't a natural disaster.
It was man-made.
What? At least that's what my sources tell me.
You have sources? What, you can have superpowers and I can't have sources? This is what I do.
So what else do your sources tell you? Well, they're still sifting through debris, but investigators think it was some sort of concussion grenade.
It was no grenade, George.
No, no.
Not the kind that g.
Joe uses, okay? It's it's like it doesn't use explosives.
It actually, like, sends out an electromagnetic shock wave.
It almost killed my family.
Yeah, well, get this.
In the middle of all that quaking, the in-store pharmacy wabbed.
Thousands of dollars of meds lifted.
The one thing is, it's usually Navy seals, military commandos tossing around these explosives, not drugstore cowboys.
So, what, they're using the grenade as some sort of diversion? Exactly.
So while families like yours are at some pharmacy, stocking up on supplies mom's buying 2-in-1 shampoos, kids are begging for candy suddenly, without warning, everyone's life is changed with one simple boom.
Fearing for their lives, the customers run out, while the perp walks in and helps himself to whatever drugs he wants.
God help anyone who tries be a hero.
Another pharmacy was hit.
Pay-rite on marine.
Pharmacist is dead.
Let's go, people! Hey.
I got your pee, man.
Are you kidding me? Not here.
Is it yours? Nah.
I got stage fright.
But it's from a reliable source, though.
What's going on with you right now? My parents are all over me.
Think I'm dopin' or something just 'cause I'm on the football team.
But if you're clean, what do you need this for? Uh, my asthma meds.
High probability of a false positive.
And if that happens, I'm dead.
Well, this'll cover you, I promise.
We're gonna get 'em off your jock once and for all.
All right.
Thanks, dude.
I owe you, big-time.
See ya.
You owe me.
Oh, here comes Olivia.
I'm gonna launch a light investigation.
Megan, don't.
You're the opposite of subtle.
Oh, hey, Olivia.
So weird running into you at that coffee place way on the other side of town.
Wh-what she means is, first you run into Mr.
Robbins and then.
We run into you.
They so don't get it.
I guess.
I mean, me I'd go anywhere to meet Mr.
Robbins for a cup of coffee.
Subtle! Look, if you guys think there's something going on between us, you couldn't be more wrong, okay? They can't know about this.
God, I hope they just leave me alone.
Sorry, Olivia.
Megan had too much sugar at lunch.
W-we should get to lineup.
Excuse me.
Any updates? As you know, my family and I were on-site for the first robbery, so we're pretty curious.
It looks like another concussion grenade.
This one took out the pharmacist, shattered his spine.
Guy was dead on impact.
Any leads? Yeah, we got a surveillance tape we're analyzing.
Well, maybe I could take a look at that.
I don't you know, sketch the guy? What part of "we have him on tape" didn't you understand? Just trying to help.
We gotta get our hands on that footage, George, figure out what kind of lunatic we're dealing with here.
I'd help if I could, but I'm currently in between sources at the moment.
Cordero won't let us anywhere near it.
He's got it locked away in evidence.
What? What? Seriously? Uh No, n-n-n-no, no, no, George.
Yeah! No, no, no, no, no! I can't break into evidence.
Even if I could get past the lock, I'd be seen.
Not if you were moving fast enough.
Just George! Stephanie would never help me with something like that.
You cannot be too sure.
You never know until you ask.
Absolutely not.
Just because you've decided to clean up the city doesn't make crime-fighting the family business.
I understand.
George and I will figure something else out.
Yeah, we'll probably have plenty of time to plot strategy while Jim's behind bars.
Huh? Excuse me? Actually, jail isn't where they'd put someone like Jim.
More of a government research facility with that "Area 51" kind of vibe uh bright lights, metal slab.
You're a scientist.
You know the drill.
What are you talking about? What is he talking about? Uh, that's a pretty good question.
What Jim isn't telling you is that that surveillance tape, currently in the precinct's evidence locker Jim, I will not keep the truth from her any longer! I cannot! It's of your husband here using his powers.
Oh, Jim.
Stephanie He did not want to tell you, but I can't lie to you.
It was just a matter of time with all those risks you've been taking.
I'm not the only one around here taking risks.
I will get that tape for you, but just this one time.
After that, you are on your own.
What? Hey, just because you won't lie to your wife does not mean that I can't.
What's she gonna do if she finds out, make me sleep on the couch? We got it! J.
! I'm sorry.
I didn't notice you there.
I've been spending hours trying to crack the last wall in this encrypted data code.
Anyways, I come bearing this.
This is the sample for the control group? Yes.
Looks complicated.
Complicated? "Inception" made more sense.
I'm gonna take this to the lab before it starts to smell like my college dorm in here, okay? Hi.
Sure is hot out there today.
Busy, busy, huh? Must've blown open.
Let me get that for ya.
Next time, you're on your own.
I think that went pretty well.
Oh, yeah? Which part? The part where you deceived my wife into committing a felony? You mean that part? Here you go.
Check out Mr.
Special Ops here.
That our guy.
That's not our guy.
That's our girl.
Thanks for your help with that thing yesterday.
Couldn't have done it without you.
So were you on the tape? Uh, no.
As it turns out, no.
Uh, got lucky.
Okay, anybody wants a ride, now's the time.
, I want to hear about your game this weekend.
All right.
All right.
Bowls in the sink.
Oh, crap! Oh! Oh.
No, uh, it's all right.
It's all right.
You can't be crying over spilled milk, can you? Daph? Mom, with these powers, what do I do if I should accidentally overhear something that I shouldn't? Well, if it involves your father, me, or whatever I was thinking when he got out of the shower the other day Ew.
Gross! Uh I think Olivia Schaeffer is sleeping with Mr.
Your English teacher? Uh, are you sure? That's the thing.
Olivia didn't exactly confess.
In fact, she denied it.
But you read her mind.
This just isn't fair.
I just wanted a job, not to get stuck in some after-school special.
Oh, honey.
You're right.
It's not fair.
And we didn't ask for these powers, but we've got them, so now we have to do what's right.
So I should say something? It's a very serious allegation.
You have to be absolutely certain.
Her name's Rebecca Jessup.
Police already have an A.
out on her.
Spent a year and a half in prison for writing bad checks.
Got out early for good behavior six months ago.
No history of violence.
No history of drug use.
This doesn't make sense.
Doesn't have to make sense.
She's stealing drugs.
She was probably as high as the pizza delivery guy when she dreamed up this plan.
Nah, it's a good theory, only the drugs she's been stealing don't get you high.
She stole carbamazepine.
Says here it's an antiepileptic drug.
Why the hell is she doing this, George? Hi, Katie.
I got your message.
You wanted to see me? J.
, yes.
Thank you for coming.
Do you notice anything different about this lab today? No.
No? Okay.
Well, I'll tell you.
It contains one less unsolved algorithm Thanks to you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
, yesterday when I took your specimen for testing, you cracked an encrypted file in seconds, and that can only mean one thing.
You came back om that trip with superpowers, too.
You're a genius, aren't you? Here's what I don't understand, though.
Why would you lie to your parents about it? Oh! Oh! Uh, sweetheart, what are you doing here? Math tutoring with Katie.
You do that, too? You're amazing.
I saw the Volson file.
You cracked the code.
To be honest, I didn't think you could do it, but, wow, you are a genius.
It was no problem.
She's being way too modest.
You are being way too modest.
Truth is, I don't say this enough.
You are a tremendously gifted scientist, and I am so lucky to have you working beside me.
I will see you at home later.
Great job.
Thank you.
Okay! That feeling that you're having now That's the reason I didn't tell my parents about my secret.
Because if they know that I have powers I'm not special because of me anymore.
I'm just this kid with a mutated gene, you know? Okay.
, I'll cover for you for now, but you're gonna have to tell her the truth, and soon.
Oh! I-I got your test results.
Well, you can go ahead and give 'em to her, because I know for a fact that they're normal.
They are.
Except for one minor detail.
, you're pregnant.
Robbins, can I speak to you for a second? If you need more time on your "Pride and Prejudice" paper, just please no.
It's not that.
I I need to talk to you about Olivia.
What about her? Why were the two of you meeting so far away from school Alone together? I told you, it was a coincidence.
I bumped into you, too.
What, are you gonna read into that? Please, Mr.
Robbins, I'd like to believe it's that simple, but Look, Daphne, I know you have Olivia's best interests at heart.
I do.
But I would never get involved with one of my students.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I thought all this lying would end when I stopped sleeping with her.
You have my word.
See you next class.
I got J.
's test results back.
And? Well, according to Katie, he's normal.
See, I-I knew it.
I knew our boy would not lie, not not like that.
Wait a minute.
Something tells me you still don't believe him.
Call it a scientific hunch or mother's intuition, but but he's just not the same boy he was before we took our trip.
Yeah, but you tested him.
Katie gave you the results.
Hey, look, I don't want to be right about this, all right? You, me, and Daphne every day we are faced with some new moral dilemma because of our powers.
Do you think I want J.
to have to also? I'm sorry.
It's George.
Might be something, you know, important.
Hey, George.
I got three words for you robbery in progress.
I'm kind of in the middle of something with Steph right now.
Let the let the cops deal w Jim! It's another pharmacy.
If the pattern holds, there's gonna be another grenade.
No one else can do it! It's gotta be you.
Fifth and main.
Go! Now.
She's probably leaving the pharmacy right now.
You need to get to her before the cops do.
Rebecca! Stop.
I know what you're doing.
You stay away from me.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I know you won't.
That's why there were no bomb fragments, no explosive residue.
She's the weapon.
First a teleporter.
Now a human earthquake.
Why do bad guys get all the cool powers? My powers are cool.
She must be hard-core, too, 'cause you're supposed to be more powerful than a train.
It's a locomotive, and I think you're confusing me with someone else.
Uh, she could make these, like These sort of waves that, like with her hands Some sort of shock waves or something.
Shock waves.
I know.
Cool power.
Hey, yeah, but why is she using it to steal epilepsy meds? Maybe she's trying to control her power somehow.
Oh, jeez.
Hey, no sudden movement.
You might have a concussion.
Ought to get Steph to check you out.
No, I can't tell her what happened.
Why not? As far as Steph knows Superpowers just run in the family.
I haven't told her there are others.
Wow, and you think that I'm the one that's good at lying to your wife.
Hey, J.
I thought you said the pee you gave me was 100% pure.
It is.
100% pure girl.
Dude, I didn't think it mattered.
It's just It does when the girl is pregnant.
What? What? It's not like you're the one who got busted.
No, no.
Dude, that pee that I gave you belonged to my girlfriend.
What am I gonna do? Man, my life is over.
It's not that bad.
We used protection and everything.
It's gonna be okay.
Condoms are only effective If women are fertile application of standard deviation actually raises your odds of pregnancy to J.
Yeah, buddy? Stop trying to make me feel better, man.
Daphne! What are you doing here? Oh, I was just dropping off a note for Mr.
I have a question about the European history exam.
You ever hear of e-mail? I gotta go.
My mom's making me meet with a college counselor.
So lame.
I don't get it.
Blueprints of some building.
What are architectural blueprints doing on Volson's computer disk-osaurus? You know what? Maybe we're missing something.
Do me a favor.
Run another decryption.
I doubt Volson went to all this trouble just to protect some blueprints.
Uh okay.
I'm just, um Gonna run this algorithm again Like I did the first time All by myself.
Just do what you did before.
Uh Okay.
This is the thing.
I had a little help.
Katie, it's nothing to be embarrassed about.
It was a tough code to crack.
And I don't know what he did to crack it.
Katie, who cracked the encryption? Jim! We need to talk.
About? The lies that someone in this family is telling.
Here's the deal Your son has superpowers.
My what? What are you talking about? Well, for lack of a better term, he has a genius-level intellect.
Technically, it's just heightened cognitive function facilitated by rapid somatic transfer between neurons.
! Wh-why didn't why didn't you tell us? Look, when I started to get A's and play football and stuff, I don't know, I just What does playing football have to do with your powers? Everything.
Football is all angles, trajectories, velocity.
I see it all my head.
That's how you made the team.
Don't you get it? This is the first time in my whole life that you guys have actually been proud of me! That's not true.
Yes, it is, and I didn't want you to think that it was because I had powers.
I wanted you to think that it was because of me.
So you lied to us? All right.
Why aren't you more angry about this? What? I am.
Sort of.
Uh Honesty is complicated where our powers are concerned.
Yeah, as far as other people finding out, but this is our family.
There shouldn't be any secrets between us.
And you should not be using your abilities on the football field! Why not? It's an unfair advantage.
It's called cheating.
Dad! So no more football.
Until when? Until you either lose your powers or forever, whichever comes first.
No, this isn't fair.
I am not leaving this team.
No way! Jim.
What? Everybody in this family uses their powers.
I am, too.
And you guys wondered why I didn't want you to know? Wow.
You were a really big help there.
Great parenting.
I You know what? Just get dressed.
We're gonna be late at the reception.
Look at this way.
A-at least now we know the reason J.
didn't get powers is because He got powers.
Yeah, but he couldn't even tell us about them.
What does that say about us as parents? Well, as parents, we're breaking totally new ground here.
We should've had this contained days ago.
She's off the grid.
There's no way to track her until she uses her powers again.
Actually, I think I found her.
Thank God you're okay.
I was worried.
You should be.
Robbing pharmacies Killing innocent people for what? I want my life back.
I want to be normal again.
Those pills don't work.
Nothing does.
You should've come to me.
I could've helped.
By locking me up again? Rebecca.
Maybe this is who I am now, but at least I can stop you from doing this to anyone else.
Transport her back to the dormitory, and Do it quietly.
Saving lives has always been the cornerstone of global tech research.
Countless people from around the globe have been cured of debilitating afflictions And have gone on to live healthy, productive lives.
I am so fortunate to be a part of this continuing legacy with my own research into this extraordinary plant, the trilsettum coronis Put her in the back.
A species whose D.
is unlike any other.
Oh, my God.
It's an earthquake.
Some kind of What's going on? It's my very first earthquake.
And it's already over.
Everyone okay? Whoa.
Oh, my God.
Tell Stephanie I'll be right back.
Rebecca, stop! I-I don't want to hurt you.
I just I just want to talk to you.
How are you still standing? You should be in a morgue after what I did to you.
Yeah, well, we're a lot more alike than you might think.
Highly unlikely.
You're one of us, aren't you? They got you, too.
One of who? Who got us? Look, if you can bring yourself to trust me, I can help you find the answers you're looking for.
You can't help me.
I can't do that.
Trust me.
Of course they'd send someone with powers.
It's the only way they think they can capture me.
Hey, Olivia.
Principal Ackerman talked to Mr.
Robbins today about an inappropriate relationship he's been having with a student.
Megan knew nothing about it.
Olivia, I'm sorry I went behind your back, but I was just trying to protect you.
You don't know anything.
He was taking advantage of you, Olivia.
By dating my mom? What? You might have the perfect family, but for me, seeing my mom happy and having a nice guy in our lives meant something Until they broke up.
He was taking me to coffee that day to basically say good-bye.
He was always so nice to me, like I had hoped a father might be.
I am so sorry, Olivia.
I didn't know.
Now he's humiliated, and everyone thinks I'm having sex with my teacher, so thank you so much for trying to protect me.
Olivia, I'm sorry! I Jim.
Jim, do you hear me? Honey.
Honey, open your eyes.
Not sure that's the word I'd use.
Who did this to you? Steph, there's something you need to know.
's not the only one who's been lying And I'm sorry.
Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm I'm fine.
I'm perfectly fine.
I promise.
Now I can be furious with you.
Why didn't you tell me there were others out there like us? It seemed like a lot to process And I didn't want you to worry any more than you already do.
I'm a scientist, Jim.
I can handle the fact that the world is filled with strange, inexplicable things.
Why did she come to global tech? No, it's not global tech.
It's Volson.
Look, uh, I've been tracking this scientist, uh, Douglas Volson.
He was experimenting with chromosome mutations a lot like ours.
Now who's keeping secrets? Volson is dead.
And his research has been mothballed.
Rebecca must not have known that.
Well, whoever this Volson guy is and whatever he was working on was clearly dangerous.
You need to leave it alone.
Look, the whole world is dangerous From renegade scientists to superpowered criminals, even regular criminals.
And we can't control any of that.
The only thing we can control is how we deal with it.
And how we teach our children to.
Robbins? Daphne.
You probably already know this, but I'm the one that wrote the note.
I just thought I I saw the two of you, and then you were both ying things that made me think I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
Don't be sorry for looking out for your friend.
It's look, it's what I was trying to do, too.
But you you still can.
You can still be there for Olivia.
I can't.
Look, I-I still have my job, but these kind of allegations have a way of following you for a long time.
I guess we'll both have to be a little bit more careful next time.
Mom already said I can play, so if you're here to stop me I didn't come here for that, kid.
I came to apologize.
Look, I hate that you lied.
I hate it.
But if I did anything to make you feel like you're not good enough, I'm so sorry.
Dad, these powers and what they allow me to do It's like I'm living someone else's life someone cool, someone smart, someone that I've always wanted to be.
I get that, more than I'd like to admit, but these powers they they also trick you.
They trick you into thinking y-you're only special because of them, and that's not true, and that's not fair, either.
So what, are you gonna tell me that by playing with them tonight, it's cheating, right? Yeah.
It is.
It's cheating yourself.
You think you need them to become this person that you want to be, but I think you can do it on your own, J.
I just wish I wish you'd believe it, too.
Powell! Game time.
Let's go! Church 22 right on 3! Break! And one! You know, I-I was so sure that what I was hearing was true, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
Doing the right thing isn't always so simple, with or without powers.
Is that really what you think? Oh.
No, no.
Do not read my mind, especially during heart-to-heart talks.
Come on.
You're in.
Go get 'em.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
What? They're putting J.
in the game.
They are? Really? Yeah.
They're putting him in.
All right, everybody.
X-jet 25 sidewinder on 1.
Break! All right, J.
! All right.
Blue, 25! Blue, 25! Set! And one! Pass! Pass! He's breaking.
What? Why didn't he just throw? Break! Go! I got 20.
Sorry, J.
You almost had it.
No, I didn't.
The guy almost decapitated me.
Yeah, but if you got around that corner, you were home free.
I appreciate it, dad, but what's the return policy on the cleats? Hey, if you kept the receipt, we could trade them in for baseball cleats.