No Ordinary Family s01e06 Episode Script

No Ordinary Visitors

It's Tuesday.
Don't forget to Put out the trash? Look at you all on top of it.
Trent! Turn off the game and come in for dinner! Just once, I'd like us to eat together, like a normal family.
Eh, but we are like a normal family.
How? We watch tv.
We eat.
We talk.
Yeah, we talk about our powers.
Why don't we talk about other things, like books or politics? Or how we're gonna afford all the repairs to this place? We're not the only ones, you know.
Normal families have problems, too.
I'll get it.
Trent! Dinner's getting cold.
Oh, my God.
Aah! Tie her up now! Tie her up.
Please, stop! No! Aah! No! Stay down! Yes! Got to the next level.
I just want to let everyone know that your daughter tried to read the thoughts of a stray dog today.
I thought that my powers might help him find his home.
Aw, honey, that's so sweet.
Sweet? Okay, wait a minute.
No one else is concerned that a girl two years away from college actually thought a dog might think in English? Mm.
I'll get it.
How would that even make sense? Well, it made sense to me, okay? Surprise! Mom, dad what are you dog here? Hi, honey.
We were on our way to your father's veteran convention, and we were passing through and we thought, why not stop by and help you out for a few days? Help? For a few days? Yes.
Uh uh, kids, look who's here.
Hi, grandma.
Hi, sweetheart.
Grandpa, how are you? Well, J.
, looks like you and our pekingese use the same barber.
Allan, stop.
We just got here.
You should've called or called.
Well, we didn't want you worrying about straightening up.
We know how hard it is to keep things nice when you're so busy with work.
Allan, how are ya? Jim.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure and go easy on your coloring hand.
We really have missed you around here.
Well, hey, hey! Someone's been working out.
Uh, yeah, I'm sure you're tired from your long drive hey.
So why don't you get settled? And we will all go get their bags.
Come on! Oh, no, no.
No, no.
Stay put.
But you don't have to do that.
R-really, I mean Nope.
Got it! Yep.
We're good.
You didn't call? I know things have been a little crazy around here lately, but it's very important that we all just act normal.
What do you mean by "normal"? I-I, uh, not being super.
I mean, just be yourself, or the self you used to be before.
Okay, so you want us to lie? Wait a minute.
Didn't I just get grounded for keeping my superpowers a secret? That's different.
We're your parents.
Yeah, well, grandma and grandpa are your parents.
They kind of have a point, honey.
Kids, would you take a few bags inside, please? Look, what would be so bad for us to show 'em what we can do? You mean show off.
Okay, so what's so wrong about that? Ohh.
And let's be honest.
Your father he never liked me.
That's not true.
The man never gave me permission to marry you.
If that's not showing his cards, I don't kn what is.
But maybe if he knew about my powers, he'd finally think I was worthy of you.
But I don't need him to tell me that.
Yeah, well, maybe I do.
Look, when your mom and stepdad came to visit, I agreed not to have sex while they were in the house.
As much as I'd like to believe sex is one of my superpowers, honey, I'm pretty sure this belongs in a different argument.
You know, whatever! All right? We're not gonna tell them! All right, my father he can't control himself.
He has a few beers out on the golf course, he'll tell everyone.
My parents, my rules.
It's just for a few days.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Are the kids already gone? Uh, mom, what are you doing? Wow.
I was making a shopping list, but I see you're fully stocked.
What happened? Did you lose your job? No, actually I got sort of a promotion.
Hat so? Sorry.
I gotta take this one.
Perfect timing, George.
You mean Satan's branch of the a.
? That would be them what's going on? Well, it turns out that your house wasn't the only one invaded last night.
What do you mean? Family on Leadwell perps busted in, cleared 'em out, put the husband in the hospital.
The wife and kids are down at the station right now.
So what do you want to do about that, Jim? Sorry, folks.
Something's come up at work.
I have to go.
Honey, I thought we decided you weren't going to work while my parents were here? No, we agreed I wouldn't work in the house.
I'll be back in an hour.
Rime never sleeps.
Gotta go.
What's he got, an emergency sketch? Jim's job's very important to him.
Does he do that a lot? You know, take a call and then run out? All right, well, I gotta get to work.
, make yourself at home and have a great day.
Aren't you forgetting something? Or are you planning on running the 20 miles to work? Oh.
Wouldn't that be funny? Mm.
Hey, George.
What's up? The family's in with Cordero right now.
The, uh, Staffords.
I know them.
The boy did a show with Daphne back in middle school.
Jim Powell.
Jim, hi.
We've just I heard.
If there's anything I can do, or if Daphne can bring anything for your son from school No.
He's fine.
He was in the other room playing video games the whole time.
Never even knew they were there.
How about we let 'em go home? Well, don't you want me to sit with them, see if they can I.
the people They had masks on the whole time, so I guess there's nothing you can do to help on this one.
All right.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Take care.
See ya later.
Second home invasion this week and not a single lead.
We need to find these bastards.
Hey, hey, I-I'd love to help, but Steph's parents are in town th week.
I gotta keep everything on the down low.
You do know that if you're holding back because of your in-laws, you're letting the terrorists win.
George, they're not terrorists.
Yes, they are.
Emotional terrorists.
And they've been waging war on your marriage for yrs.
I'm sorry, but the cops are gonna have to handle this one on their own.
Look They hate your freedom! What do you mean "strange"? Is there something you two want to tell us? No, I don't think so? You went up at the end of that sentence.
Are you asking or answering? What about the damage around the house, the hole in the wall? We're doing some work on the wiring.
With your fist? N W-we're in between contractors.
That's right.
I'm surprised you can afford one, Stephanie.
I've seen your closet.
Dozens and dozens of sneakers.
You're either a shopaholic or a rap artist.
Mom, I Not to mention the trough of junk food next to your bed.
They're on to us.
They are not on to us.
They couldn't possibly guess our secret.
All we have to do is act like a normal family.
Oh, you think you can handle that? I've already told George I'm off the clock.
For the next 48 hours, this house is gonna be crime-free.
Hey, Trent, I-I heard about what happened.
I'm so sorry.
World travels fast.
It's high school.
The only thing people like to talk more about than their own problems are someone else's.
Anyway, I just wanna let you know that if you need anybody to talk to, I-I've been through some pretty traumatic stuff.
I appreciate it, but I'm fine.
I mean, I didn't see anything.
So even if I wanted to talk about it, I wouldn't know what to say.
What if the police find out I lied? So I'll see you around? She was making a rattling noise all the way down here.
Why didn't you just take it to a gas station? Because it's important to learn howto do things yourself, J.
When you find something you're good at, you'll understand.
Hand me that Ratchet.
This is a crescent wrench.
Did your dad never teach you anything? Not about cars.
Look, J.
, you're not exactly a wizzard at school, so something like a mechanic is a pretty good career.
You gotta set your sights on something realistic.
So what happens if you find out where the rattlings coming from? I'll just st out here till I do.
Sorry, grandpa.
I wish I could help.
Uh, well, at first, it was just like usual.
I heard Trent's thoughts.
But then when I touched him, it was like somebody plugged a computer monitor into my head.
I saw what he saw.
But Trent told the cops he didn't see anything at the robbery.
Yeah, if there's one thing I've learned with my powers, that just because somebody says something doesn't make it true.
So a visual component? Yeah.
Did you see what the bad guy looked like? Could you describe him to me? No, Jim.
Well, uh, it's hard to see a face.
It's kind of just all chopped up images.
Well, try to concentrate on each one age, hair color, any distinguishing Jim.
Oh! I bet if I talked to Trent again, I could see more, and then I could help dad catch the bad guy.
No, absolutely not that's way too dangerous, Daphne.
You are not doing that.
You got it? Oh, we have to tell them about our powers.
We do.
I am sick of being the way grandpa remembered me, of being the way I used to be.
, if anybody can understand that, it's me.
But it's just for another day or so.
Well, you still need a plan for the next day or so, a way to keep their idle hands ls idle.
So grandma's gonna spend tomorrow with you.
Uh, no, no.
I have spent my whole life trying to avoid at scenario.
And since J.
has been doing so well in school lately, I'm gonna write you a note so you can have tomorrow off.
Yes! What?! So he can spend with grandpa.
Yes! What?! You know, show him a good time, h-have a pizza, play some pool.
You know how he loves to play pool.
He doesn't love to play pool.
He loves to beat me at pool and take my money.
All right, which is exactly what you're gonna do tomorrow.
That way, everything will seem normal.
Plan? Plan? George, do you have any idea what time it is? Yeah, I do.
Been out here for hours, rolling the neighborhood where the home invasions went down.
Wish you were here with me.
I can't.
With Steph's parents here, it'd just be too hard to sneak out.
Be tougher to live with yourself knowing you could've stopped another home from getting hit.
Maybe that's just me.
I mean, you should hear Stephanie's dad.
He treats me like I'm the biggest loser on the planet.
Not taking that stuff personal now.
He never liked you, ever.
Remember, how I drove all the way to Bridgeport in the snow to ask if I could propose to Steph? Yeah, in your old yellow Datsun with that broke-ass heater.
Then after I asked him if I could marry his daughter, there's this long pause.
He was like, "I'd rather you not.
" I wish I could show him who I am now, all the things I can do.
George? Are you still there? Yeah, but I gotta call you back.
Man, just be cool, a'ight? Step out of the vehicle right now.
Hands up.
Do you have any cause to pull me over? I'm an a.
I got my badge right here.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Oh! Making assumptions about me based on my appearance is a breach of the fourth amendment of the constitution, which states you cannot detain an individual, even momentarily, without a reasonable and articulatable suspicion, which you, sir, have none of.
Also, familiarize yourself with the 14th amendment, which requires all citizens be treated equally under the law, regardless of the color of their skin.
Do you want me to start citing the 1954 a.
Suit white vs.
Williams or are you good? Uh, no, sir.
My apologies.
You can actually go.
I don't need your permission to go.
Badge number 680, officer Hartwick, you can go.
And drive safely.
Hey, Trent.
You feeling any better? Yeah.
So my grandparents are in town visiting, which has its ups and down, but on a plus side, grandma bakes.
Peanut butter chocolate chip.
You're welcome.
Listen, after my family's plane crash, I didn't wanna talk to anybody.
I was just so freaked out.
But then when I finally did, I was so relieved.
So I just want you to know that If you ever feel like you wanna talk to anybody, I'm here for you.
We're not killing a kid.
If you say anything to anyone, we'll pay you another visit, where you'll say good-bye to your mommy and your daddy Forever.
I'm sorry.
Can we talk? Come with me.
Your mother was very clear about this, Daphne.
We both agreed you're not using your powers for this.
But I know what the guy looks like.
I saw his face.
Forget what you saw.
You're not getting involved here.
I'm already involved.
How am I supposed to live with myself knowing I could have helped somebody and chose not to? You of all people should understand this.
All right, Daphne.
Tell me what you saw.
And this is the main lab.
Powell, excuse me.
I just confirmed the P.
results with an R.
Katie, this is my mom.
She will be visiting with us today.
Barbara crane.
It is an honor to meet you.
After all, your womb was the gestation point for scientific greatness.
Uh what a lovely, awkward compliment.
Kate, did you get your lab coat tailored? Usually, they're so boxy, but on you I do take them in a little bit.
That is so sweet of you to notice.
What are you doing this evening? Running home to your family? Oh, no, it's just me and atom.
He's my cat.
It's like a unit of matter.
It's a homonym.
You should come to dinner.
I don't ow.
I don't wanna get in the way of your family time.
Mom, will you excuse us? Katie, there's a phytopathogenic fungi samples that need your attention.
You have to come to dinner.
It'll be the perfect buffer.
Okay, you know what? She seems really nice Not at all like you've described her.
You know what? Try spending more than two seconds with her.
Mom! You know, if you think that she has assumptions about you, maybe it's because you have some about her.
I think you should try opening up a little bit.
Try it.
This laboratory is very impressive.
I'm so happy for you, sweetheart.
It's very nice that you accomplish something, with all the time you spend away from your children.
Where'd you get this from? The Stafford kid.
The same kid who said the intruders had masks on the whole time? He's lying to you or he's lying to me.
Either way, he's not telling He's a 16-year-old kid who had a guy hold a gun to his head and threaten to kill his family.
Yeah, and of all the people that he could have come clean to, he chose you.
Look, I promised him that this wouldn't go out wide.
All I'm asking you is to keep the description in house, find the perp, bust him, but don't let anyone know where the lead came from.
Are you telling me how to do my job? I'm asking you, for once, to think of the victim as much as you think of the criminal.
All right, Powell.
Thank you.
Come on.
It's not rocket science.
Just aim and shoot.
Ah, too bad.
You know, J.
, it's all in the angles.
Thanks, grandpa.
I'm sure I'll figure it out one day.
So your dad He's working a lot of strange hours lately.
Sort of.
Well, actually, I don't really know.
It a simple question.
Either he is, or he isn't.
Jim, we were just talking about you.
Glad you could join us.
Your son's down 30 bucks already.
Maybe you can lend him a hand.
Sounds like I need to lend him some money.
Man's gotta learn to pay his own debts.
Can't grow up thinking he can survive on handouts, or I don't know living off the work of his loved ones.
Pay up, kid.
Bet's a bet.
Like I always say, make a mistake, you gotta live with the consequences.
Same thing I told Stephanie the day I walked her down the aisle.
How about we play one more game, Allan? You wanna see if you can win some of your son's money back? No, I just wanna let J.
have another shot at you.
You know, practice that new technique you've been working on you know, the one you picked up down in south America.
Are you sure? Absolutely.
Rack 'em up.
I can't remember the last time we had alone time together.
Oh, maybe we should celebrate, order some wine.
You're drinking midday? Stephanie, are you okay? Work is exciting.
's doing exceptionally well at school.
Waiter? Glass of Pinot, please.
Daphne's in full-blown teenage mode, which means whatever we say, she does the exact opposite.
I wonder where she got that trait.
Your first word was "no.
" I wanted you to go to Wellesley, but you chose to clomp around M.
Without wearing makeup or contact lenses, and those townies you dated Couldn't you pick a boy from the campus? Every one of them was wrong for you.
Mom, just cut Jim a break.
That's not what I meant.
What I'm trying No.
No, you know what? It's not just about Jim.
You and dad have judged everything I've done.
If I'm successful at work, then I must be failing as a wife and mother at home.
Well, guess what? I can do it all.
What should we order? Hey, grandpa.
How much you wanna bet I can win the game in one shot? One shot? You realize you still have the three balls plus the 8 out there? Yes, sir, I do.
Hell, I'll bet you my car.
Uh, ahem, Allan, no.
I don't I don't think you wanna Keep your ears on, Van Gogh.
I got this.
No, I don't think you do.
I've been playing this boy for years.
I know what he's capable of and what he's not.
You know, you'd be surprised what the people in this family are capable of if you only gave us a chance.
My car against your summer vacation, spent working for me.
Well, a bet's a bet, grandpa.
You make a mistake, you gotta live with the consequences.
We interrupt this program to bring you this breaking news bulletin.
The police have just released this sketch of a possible suspect Whoo! Smells great, honey.
What's cooking? Oh, I don't know.
You tell me.
Please contact the Pacific Bay police department at 1-800-555-0199.
Daphne went out and got the information from Trent, came to me.
What was I supposed to do? Fail my daughter? Just ignore it? No, you were supposed to be a parent and do what we agreed to do, which was nothing.
Is nothing too much to ask of you, Jim? Do me a favor.
Just yell at me later.
I have to get down to the precinct and tell Cordero to take the sketch off the TV.
Dad, you said you were gonna handle this.
Daphne, it didn't go down the way it was supposed to.
The Detective told me he would deal with this discreetly.
I thought you were gonna deal with this.
Now it's all over the place.
I mean, what about Trent? What if what I have done has put him in danger? I will never be left to live with myself.
I'm gonna make this right, honey.
It's gonna be fine.
I promise you.
We interrupt this program with a breaking news update regarding the recent string of home invasions.
The police have released this sketch of a possible suspect.
He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.
If you have your information regarding the suspect, please contact the Pacific Bay police department You gave me your word.
Yeah, and now I'm giving you the reality.
Around here, we do whatever it takes to save lives.
We don't worry about etiquette and promises.
We worry about people.
You are a son of a bitch.
You know that? Yeah, and you let your emotions get in the way of your job.
So we both got our things.
Look, not that it's any of your business, but I've got a uniform posted in front of the kid's house.
I'm not an idiot, Powell, and this ain't my first day on the job.
The kid and his family are gonna be fine.
Stephanie, a you sure you don't need my help? No, no, I'm fine.
I have everything under control.
Everything looks so lovely.
Thank you.
Too bad it'll all be cold before your husband gets home.
Where is he? Aah! Oh.
You just made me feel all girly inside, man.
Just help me keep an eye out, will ya? Let's go.
That's the cop that pulled me over.
I oughta shimmy my way down and beat his ass.
Well, that's good, George.
Beat up the man who's protecting the house of the family that I put in jeopardy.
That's a good idea.
In most cases, crews like this take off soon as they think someone's on them.
For all we know, that sketch coming out scared 'em off.
Ah, shoot.
It's Steph.
I will let you know if something goes down here.
You got your own home invasion to deal with.
Go deal with it.
All right.
Aah! Hey! Hey, hey! Guess I'll figure out to get down from here later.
Can you pass the carrots to the boy who owns a car? Unbelievable.
You can't even drive yet.
Doesn't matter.
Maybe I'll just use it for naps.
My daughter cooked this beautiful meal, and you ruined it by being late.
Oh, Allan, it's fine.
No, she tried so hard, and it's his fault this roast tastes like a plank of wood.
Again, I'm sorry.
Got held up at work.
You know, broccolini is such an underrated, genetically cross-pollinated vegetable You seem very passionate about work lately, Jim.
I am.
I've really been hitting my groove.
Oh, nice you've found your calling so early in life.
Not a good time.
Just calling to say all is cool.
Enjoy your meal.
Good to know.
Talk to you later.
Thank you very much.
What? This? Uh ahem.
Left my light jacket at work, and the sergeant didn't want me to worry about it.
What a considerate guy.
Or maybe it's not a guy.
Maybe it's a female.
What are you talking about? Oh, what else are you gonna say? Allan.
Oh, don't make me say this out loud in front of my grandkids.
Say what, grandpa? I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, you're gonna play dumb? Don't you think we're a little past at now? Kids, maybe you can take break and give the grownups some privacy? You're cheating on my daughter.
What? Look at that! Slivered almonds.
What are you talking about? I always knew this guy was no good for you, Stephanie.
Now I have proof.
Jim is always on a secret phone call.
I saw him sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night, and it's like the guy's had a personality transplant.
Suddenly, he's happy? Maybe if you weren't so consumed with your own work, Stephanie, you would have seen the signs.
I wanna tell him.
Tell me what? The man has hated me for 18 years for no good reason, and now he thinks he has one.
I'm not having an affair, but I don't have permission to tell you what it is I'm actually doing.
I'm sorry, honey.
You know, I'm sorry, too, dad.
I'm sorry you have never liked this man, which means you don't trust my decisions.
You think I'm a bad parent.
You think our kids are unmotivated and rude, but you don't even take the time to find out what a smart kid J.
is or what an intuitive woman Daphne's becoming.
You only think you've figured out our dirty little secret, but you don't know us at all, and to be honest, I don't even want you to.
Okay, so who wants cake? Just pick me up and drop me off like a cheap date.
Oh, man.
Okay, okay, all right.
I got it.
I got it.
Uh-oh! Uhh! You know what? Once I get down from here, I'm gonna get me some super powers and whup Jim's ass.
Uhh! Uhh! This usually goes a lot faster when Steph does it.
Most things do these days.
Hey, Steph, where are you? Jim, you gotta get over here now.
I know you're in here.
You can't hide from me.
Come on out.
I promise not to hurt you or your family.
I just wanna talk.
I know you're in there.
I swear.
I never said anything to anybody.
And I know you never will.
Uhh! You all right? What happened? Uh, maybe we can just keep this between us? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
All right, why don't you tell me what happened tonight? Uh We got the perp.
You waiting up for me? Hey.
What was that for? I saw something tonight.
A huge csm*.
Two sides so far apart.
Families I mean, we start as a unit together, united.
And over time, life happens, people change, and pretty soon, you're so far apart, you can't even see the person you're sitting next to you at dinner.
That's what happened to me and my parents.
That table might as well have been the grand canyon.
But they don't really know who we are.
But part of that's because we haven't let them.
There are a lot of things I can run from, Jim, but I can't run away from who we are.
So what do we do? Maybe it's time to stop running.
Hey, Trent, I heard that those guys got arrested.
That must make you feel a lot better.
You know, if you feel like something seems crazy or hard to believe, you can tell me.
I'll believe whatever you say.
Well, last night was kinda hazy.
All I know is I got away from that guy.
I don't know how I did it.
I guess someone's watching over me.
Uhh! What happened? That was You really don't remember Anything that happened to you last night? No.
Just that I'm lucky.
Yeah, mom, dad Yes? Jim has something he'd like to tell you.
I do? Yes.
Are you sure? Yes.
You don't owe us an explanation.
Okay, um, you noticed that I haven't been home a lot, running around out and about all night.
Uh, and I get how that looks.
The truth is I've been out helping.
Doing things for people that can't help themselves.
You've been out volunteering? Oh, not exactly You've been out all hours of the night cleaning up the neighborhood.
And all those shoes and that food Stephanie was hiding was for the homeless.
It's like I always say.
If you have to brag about helping those less fortunate, the only one you're really trying to help is yourself.
See, Allan? He has been listening to you all these years.
Steph, when you ran out last night, I got out I was out of line.
I'm man enough to apologize.
No, dad, it's not Ah, ah.
We accept your apology.
Stephanie, I know I've been tough on you.
Just when I see all you've accomplished in your life, I feel like I could have done more with mine Maybe even more than just a wife and a mother.
Mom, are you kidding me? I watched you growing up everything you did for us kids and for dad It was like you had superpowers.
Sir, uh, Mr.
Crane Allan Dad I'd like to ask your permission to have married your daughter.
I'd rather you didn't.
But it wasn't up to me.
It never was.
My baby looks pretty happy, so keep doing what you're doing.
Grandma! Grandpa! Almost forgot.
Seriously? Seriously? Whoa.
It was a lucky shot.
The kid's not taking your prized possession.
You already did that.
Keep it.
A bet's a bet.
I got it.
Bye-bye! Bye, grandma.
Bye, grandpa.
Bye, grandpa.
Drive safe.
Bye! Bye! Ow.
Hey, are we really gonna keep this car? Well, I mean, it is J.
Yes! But someone has to take care of it until J.
gets his license in two years Someone responsible, someone named Daphne.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! What happened? Pull over.
Pull the car over.
I knew you shouldn't Uh Ugh.
Your father did this on purpose.
Jim, it's an old car.
I think the valve covers might be loose.
I bet J.
knows how to fix it.
Um the valve covers might be loose.
If only I had a torque wrench or I could see under the car and make sure it's not the transmission.
I love it when she does that.
Stand clear.
Here we go.
That was quick.