Noragami (2014) s01e02 Episode Script


1 I've changed.
Ever since the day I met that guy who calls himself a god.
I guess even without my body, I can still touch things.
"Noragami" I'm holding a loaded gun in one hand I'm coming for you on foot, while you stand there shaking Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock All you've done is speed up this panic Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock I'm coming for you, with no sign of stopping Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock There's a boundary between end and beginning Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock But we've come full-circle Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited for the sound of the door being kicked down Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited There's nothing to be afraid of now Holding my loaded gun I kick down the tightly-shut door The muzzle kicks back at point-blank and perforates my yesterday's self After taking the despair of, "Good night," my tomorrow's self sets out on foot Let's meet up again tonight Ms.
Iki! Hiyori Iki! Yes?! Huh? Was I asleep? Ms.
If you're still not feeling well, you should go to the nurse's office.
I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
Chapter 2 I Snow-like - We're doing 800 meters today! - No way! I'm so sleepy I've been like this ever since that accident.
But it's not just drowsy spells They say it's gonna snow today.
- Snow.
- What? Snow? S-Snow.
Let's go, Hiyori.
- You're gonna be late.
- Oh, right! No one else sees it.
It's a being that dwells beyond people's sight A Phantom.
Snow I wonder why I can see them now Hiyori.
Hey, Hiyori! Oh, again? Man.
When did she learn this Insta-Snooze trick of hers? A closet martial arts nerd and a performance artist still in school Talk about having a lot on your plate.
You know, maybe we should pick out some underwear for her next time.
Yeah, something that's not too shocking.
- Something bland, huh? - Nah, something cute! Boy, this is tough Still This is fun in its own way! I'm a bird! A flying, flying bird! There are Phantoms everywhere.
Lurking in the shadows.
Soaring through the sky.
Resting on people's shoulders.
They come in all shapes and sizes, but they're all denizens of the Far Shore, devoid of life.
The only ones who can see them are young children, animals and those like us in the divide between the Near and Far Shores.
A black haze So that's a "Storm"? An air of gloominess that Phantoms like I get bad vibes from it.
Yato said that possessed people turn gloomy and lose control of themselves.
Still why hasn't Mr.
Yato contacted me in, like, forever?! Oh, if it isn't Ms.
Hiyori Iki.
What can I do for ya? Don't give me that! You promised you'd make me all better! I know, I know.
I'll get to it eventually.
I'll solve your problems! Exactly how long is "eventually"?! It's been two weeks now! Some unexpected stuff happened! Stuff I gotta deal with first! I can't help right now! Are you really a god, Mr.
Yato? How rude! I'm the real deal! Could any human do this?! You should treat me with awe and wonder! If anything, you seem suspicious, wearing a jersey and a weird bib.
You shouldn't judge people by how they look! Didn't your parents ever teach you that? And this is a fluffy-fluff scarf! Fluffy fluff? Look.
That girl's mumbling to herself.
Something sad must've happened to her.
So, how are you any different from Phantoms? Huh? I mean, you're invisible to most people, right? Phantoms are the exact same way.
I'm actually from the Far Shore; I wasn't born from a person.
I'm a god of war, born from a wish.
Huh? If anything, I'd say you're more like a Phantom now.
Huh? Not again! When did that happen?! Ha ha! You're a ghost! This isn't a joke! But seriously, this bare form of yours isn't safe at all.
Be careful.
As a living Phantom, you'll really stand out.
They'll come for you.
They'll come to corrupt and consume your soul.
And when you're possessed by a Phantom, you'll lose who you are.
You won't hesitate to cross boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.
For what you'll find beyond is the pleasure of a living hell.
In that case, please fix me already.
Yeah, I know! We made a contract! Y-You paid your 5 yen! A-And I intend to keep it! I'm gonna save up looots of money and build a big shrine! By the station! With a wife! And a separate bath and toilet! All in my own, personal shrine! "Me" Lord Yato! Am I massaging your right leg to your liking? What about your left leg? Mm! It's most agreeable! I am an almighty god! Now, go pick the peanuts out of some mixed nuts and bring them to me! Here you are, Lord Yato! I like it I like it! So, when will you do my job? Huh? Geez, get off my back.
I already told you to sit tight! You've been saying that since last week, Mr.
Yato! Huh? Really? Then say, "Lord Yato!" ten times in a row instead of "Mr.
Yato!" Say it without messing up and I'll consider doing your job Besides, who seriously calls a god "Mister" anyway? "Yato" it is, then.
A-Anyways, I'm not at 100% right now! I can't go all-out! Not until I find a Regalia.
Wait, what's a Regalia? Regalias serve as weapons for gods.
With a Regalia, I can cut down anything.
Oh, so that's why you're completely useless right now! You used to have one, though, right? - Did you lose it? - Huh? No, she qui I fired her! Regalias are people? Yeah.
They're spirits.
Spirits Hello! Fast, affordable, and reliable! Delivery God Yato, at your service! You need help? I'll be right there! Wai! Urgh! Sheesh, that guy Youths Who Refuse to Work!! I ain't at my 100% potential yet.
I'll get a job if my parents keel over! Youths Who Refuse to Work!! Look, Hiyori.
It's a useless member of society.
He's scary-wary, isn't he? He's one of those useless members of society who Mother told me never to associate with.
But it's not like I have anyone else to turn to.
What should I do? Pave your own fate with your fists! My lord! The great Tono! Yeah! I can't rely on others for everything! I gotta take matters into my own hands! That's it! I'll find him a Regalia! Excuse me! Would you like to be the Regalia for a guy named Yato? Umm, excuse me! A Storm There are lots of spirits there! I bet at least one will hear me out! "Noragami" Wow.
Toilet paper, huh? Yep, if you stick it on the wall you can get all the mold out without having it drip everywhere.
To really sanitize it, I'd leave it for half a day before rinsing it off.
Wow, you're a pro, all right! Pro? Seein' as you rushed right over at this hour, maybe I'll ask for your help again sometime! Yes! Please do! Well, I leave it to you! Oh, do you happen to have an old toothbrush I could use? Huh? The mold's particularly thick around here.
Thanks a bunch, kid! You not only fixed the leaky faucet, you cleaned everything else! Not at all! I feel bad payin' just 5 yen! Here! Consider it a tip! I'm supposed to be a god of war.
So why am I replacin' rubber seals and cleaning out mold for chump change? Well, it's not so bad! At least I got a drink out of it! Guess I'll just crash here at ol' Tenjin's place.
Looks like business is boomin'! "Going in's easy as can be; leaving is what will scare thee.
" Yeah! It's especially stormy tonight Oh, come to think of it, what am I gonna do about her job request? Urgh Hiyori Iki Her Man, what a pain Man, what a pain Yeah.
How can I help you? Oh, sorry to bother you this late! Umm I've found a R-Regalia for you, actually Huh?! What are you talking about? Wh-What do you think of him? 'Lia Reg a lia Run for it! Regalia, my eye! B-B-But you said Regalias are spirits! That's an ordinary ol' Phantom! A twisted ball of emotions and curses! Isn't it obvious?! Yes! I thought so too at first, actually! Smells nice! But you said not to judge things - by how they look! - Nice smell! This is how you follow my teachings?! Don't try so hard! A-A-Also, just as a side note! I just lost my body! Try harder with that! Hiyori! O-Oh, yeah! I forgot I'm actually a pretty good fighter in this form! It's okay now! I can fight it myself! Come and get me! Now! Jungle Sava Run! Your hand, it's not looking so good.
- Are you o? - I'm fine.
Don't touch me.
It'll blight you, too.
Blight? It's a kind of defilement.
One that spreads.
And unless you exorcise or cleanse it, it'll stay there and eat away at you.
Smells nice.
Also, about your rear-end.
Huh? That ain't a tail.
It's a lifeline that connects your physical and ethereal forms.
Nice smell! If it gets cut you'll die! No way! You mean I'm not wireless?! That's your worry?! Listen! You're not cut out for fighting to begin with! Don't try anything like that again! But you can't do anything all by yourself, right?! Get off my case! I've been trying to find one! My own Regali A boy A kid who looks to be in his teens A difficult age Smells nice.
- Yato! - He'll do! Huh?! Smells nice! You, with nowhere to go and nowhere to return I grant you a place to belong.
My name is Yato.
Bearing a posthumous name, you shall remain here.
With this name, I make thee my servant.
"Yuki" With this name and its alternate, I use my life to make thee a Regalia! Thou art Yuki! As Regalia, Setsu! Come Sekki! A sword?! Yato! Ya Yato! You who would desecrate this land of the rising sun! With my advent, I, the Yato god lay waste with the Sekki and expel thy vast defilement! Rend! That's so Was he just crying? I brought my body back! What are you doing? Cleansing the blight.
Water healed it?! I got something out of this, at least.
It was a lucky thing we ran into an uncorrupted spirit.
The blade's the perfect length, too.
Wow, so this is a Regalia! It looks nice! It's not so much a sword as it is a naked blade.
Name's Yuki.
Yuki Less formally, Yukine.
Huh? Wha? Huh? I-It turned into a person! Yukine.
I'm Yato, your master.
I've summoned you from the Far Shore to serve as my Regalia.
I permit you to serve and remain by my side longer than kin.
Put this on.
You've nothing to fear anymore.
Forget that.
It reeks of sweat.
Oh, in that case, take mine It's cold.
Can we get indoors somewhere? Hey.
You listenin' to me? No matter what happens, I promise that I'll call your name Ah You have a jagged-edged heart You hurt everything that you touch and you glare at everything in the world That look in your eyes says, "Here I am!" Someone laughed and that's why you put up that border line In which case, I'll hold your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, just hold my hand tightly and don't let go I want you to know you're not alone anymore You should put on my fluffy-fluff scarf if you're cold, Hiyori.
Thank you! But I'm okay.
On the next Noragami: "Bidden Calamity.
" Err, no, really, take it Next Episode I Bidden Calamity No, thank you.