Noragami (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Bidden Calamity

1 I seriously gotta wear this junk? Quit complainin'.
Hey, check it out, Yukine! This seems cute! "Capypa Land" That's lame Then I'll wear it! Why do I still feel physical stuff like this "Yuki" even though I'm long dead? "Noragami" I'm holding a loaded gun in one hand I'm coming for you on foot, while you stand there shaking Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock All you've done is speed up this panic Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock I'm coming for you, with no sign of stopping Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock There's a boundary between end and beginning Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock But we've come full-circle Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited for the sound of the door being kicked down Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited There's nothing to be afraid of now Holding my loaded gun I kick down the tightly-shut door The muzzle kicks back at point-blank and perforates my yesterday's self After taking the despair of, "Good night," my tomorrow's self sets out on foot Let's meet up again tonight "Café-Restaurant Most" Let's eat here today.
What is this? You said you're hungry, so I got ya some lunch.
This is lunch? You're my Regalia! What your master says, goes! Regalia, huh Yep! A Regalia respects, worships and serves at his master's beck and call! You can at least serve some tea! We don't even got a place to serve tea.
I won't have you talking back to me! I demand obedience! Ack! You're ripping my hair out! - Quit it, you little furball! - I never would've guessed that being a god means drifting around town, sleeping in the corner of some old shrine to avoid attention, and picking through garbage for everyday items.
Delivery God Yato - That's the first thing you do? - It's missionary work! For jobs that never come.
Are you sure you're a god? What's with that look? I'll show you what I can do.
Chapter 3 I Bidden Calamity Welcome! Hiyori's offering me some food! How nice and charismatic of her, wouldn't you say?! This is totally extortion.
Once you're done, I expect you to finally listen to my request.
Welcome! Have you decided? Three glasses of water, Miss! Huh? Oh! I-I'm so sorry! I thought people can't see you because you're not human? It's not like that.
We're not invisible, we're just hard to notice.
People can see us.
Now let me ask you, how many waitresses are there here? Huh? Oh.
No looking.
Umm Two? Huh? Four? It's just like that.
Yukine and I blend in with the background just like the two waitresses you didn't see.
Once noticed, we're seen as people but then we're soon forgotten again.
My apologies! Like, you don't remember everyone you've ever passed on the street, right? Since we're from the Far Shore, it's like that, but stronger.
You certainly do eat a lot, though.
Never waste an offering! An important rule! You're going to make yourself sick.
I'll be okay! Gods don't poop! Thank you very much! Urgh! He has some nerve! Err, umm Thanks for the food.
Not at all.
I'm Hiyori Iki.
You can call me Hiyori.
How do you know him, Hiyori? Umm, well - I'll take all this candy.
- I sometimes lose my body now - I mean, it is free, y'know? - so I'm hoping he can fix that.
Sucks to be you.
Umm, what about you? How did you? What did you used to do before you were Yato's Regalia? I dunno.
"Yuki" I do know that I died But all I can recall is suddenly being in his hand I don't remember anything from when I was alive.
I dunno what to expect now, either.
You're that sardine thief! - Atta boy.
- Do you like cats, Yukine? Probably.
Cats are cute, aren't they? I like them too! Yukine! You just had a dirty thought, didn't you?! Listen, Yukine! Just so you know, gods and Regalias share mind and body! Huh? As your master, I sense all your wicked thoughts, you know! Huh? What the heck are you talking about? Umm, what do you mean you share mind and body? Man.
Kids in puberty can be such a handful.
Shut up, idiot! Who are you calling an idiot?! Is that really how a generous god is supposed to act? Hello! Fast, affordable, and reliable! Delivery God Yato, at your service! Yukine! We got a job! Let's get going! A job? Aah, wait! What about my job?! You came too?! If you got a problem with that, then help me already! A tail?! Who are you?! You called in a fake job to set me up?! "When the east wind blows spread your fragrance, o plum blossoms.
" P-Plum blossoms! "Even without your master, do not forget spring.
" Th-This is one of Sugawara-no-Michizane's poems! Could it be?! Lord Tenjin, the god of learning?! Oh? You figured out who I am? - O, god! - Wha?! I'm impressed, little spirit.
It's a bit of a "golden-oldie" as far as poems go.
It's in all the schoolbooks! Well, that's distressing.
Aren't there copyrights and such? - They expire 50 years after death! - Oh, I see.
- Such a godly aura! - So god-like! Oh, my.
Really? You're the total opposite of Hmm? Yato.
What is this little one called? He's called "Yuki.
" As Regalia, "Setsu.
" As a person "Yukine.
" Yukine.
You've only recently become a Regalia, yes? As a Regalia, you need not prostrate yourself.
Huh? Tsuyu.
Indeed, young one.
'Tis disgracious to bow to another god in the presence of the one you serve.
May you learn that.
Wow! You have lots of shrine maidens too! - I'm Ayu! - I'm Nayu! - I'm Miyu! - I'm Moyu! And we're the Tenjin Sisters! They're all my Regalias, actually.
Providing for them is a difficult task of its own.
Real gods are on a whole different level! I'm a real one too! So? What do you want?! Ah, yes.
I have my hands full, you see, it being exam season and all.
Please let me get into the school I want.
Please let me pass my entrance exam.
So I was hoping you could take care of some Phantoms for me.
I mean, you have nothing else to do, right? I do know that you sleep in my shrines without permission.
I'm willing to let you join my Tenman Group, you know! I could even make you a branch manager! But you'd prefer to have your own shrine, yes? In that case, here! Oh, I'm sorry.
I only have a large bill.
Can you make change? Oh? A little low on change, are we? Even here there's an income gap? This must be why the world's an unfair place.
You had change all along! Now, then.
Show him the way, Makoto.
"Makoto" My Lord.
Mayu is yet new to these parts.
I would suggest another guide.
But - This better not be fake.
- Mayu happens to know Yato very well.
Tomone?! "Noragami" I am not Tomone.
I'm Mayu.
Tomone! Y-You joined this big shot?! My name is Mayu.
Excuse me I was once Mr.
Yato's Regalia.
Oh, really?! Wh-What was it like?! How did work go?! Did he actually do his jobs?! What about food, clothing, and housing? Is he really an unemployed, jersey-wearing drifter?! He was homeless, jobless, wore a jersey, and called himself a god.
Give your former master some credit, Tomone! It's Mayu! Don't call me by my old name! It's distasteful! You complained and complained about me touching you, but now you're some geezer's smoking pipe?! - You've been blinded by money! - I'd gladly team up with anyone but you! A-An ex-girlfriend? No! Ex-wife, then.
You're on pretty bad terms.
It's not like that! Either way, you got a sour relationship.
Excuse me You asked Yato to kill some Phantoms, right? Are Phantoms that bad? Why do you need to get rid of them? "Disorder among people means disorder in the heavens.
" Huh? Ms.
Hiyori, was it? I can't say I approve of involving yourself with our matters.
You can easily interfere with us or with people.
The other day someone offered an unsettling wish plaque.
I really want to get into college, for my friends in heaven now.
-Natsuki When I looked into it I learned that two people have already ended their lives.
Why would they do that? This area is often plagued by Storms.
The Phantoms they bring cling to people and take control.
Filled with heartache, Lord Michizane erected a barrier here, but people can still carry deeply rooted spirits through it, which makes complete purification difficult.
Such a waste of precious life So we just need to defeat these Phantoms that possess people? Yes! Hiyori? People are dying because of this! Don't you want to put a stop to it?! If someone wants to die, let 'em die.
Huh? You're still as scummy as ever! Umm I don't think that's the right attitude to take! If a soul's willing to commit suicide, it means it's been possessed.
It can't even become a Regalia.
Doesn't matter if it's already dead or still alive.
There's no savin' it.
H-How can you say that?! Isn't that your job?! Welp, I'm outta here.
Hold it! He paid in advance! You sure it's okay to let her run off like that? Man, what a jerk Yukine.
It's time for your first job.
What do I have to do? Come when I call for the Regalia, and revert when I call your name.
Just that for now.
Yato If someone wants to die, let 'em die.
You're just awful! Passing Local Shin-Kiba 15:16 10 Cars 4 Doors Don't wanna get a job but don't wanna go to university either Sushi Roll Kick! You're in big trouble for making people do bad stuff! What is that? - One of us? - Halfway one of us - A train will be passing by on Platform 1.
- Let's take her - Please remain behind the yellow line.
- Yes Let's take her with us Come here Come this way Wait! Jump! You okay? Man.
You'll die if your tail gets cut, remember?! Now just stay put! Yukine.
Our real work is coming up.
I got an E on my practice exam This sucks Take it E-Z Take it easy! E-Z! Come here and take it E-Z Easy Take it E-Z Easy - The answer's easy - It's E-Z Easy We're taking out that Phantom.
Don't wuss out, Yukine! No prob.
Easy Easy - Oh, no! We're not gonna make it - Yes, we will! Easy You who would desecrate this land of the rising sun! With my advent, I, the Yato god lay waste with the Sekki and expel thy vast defilement! Rend! Yuki! That's enough! Revert! "Yuki" You cut too well! You said people who want to die should just die but I guess you do help them after all! It ain't like that.
But I refuse to let anyone die in front of these guys, if I can help it.
"These guys"? Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.
If a soul's willing to commit suicide, it means it's been possessed.
It can't even become a Regalia.
They're all so young and innocent If suicide isn't how they died then Regalias are people who still want to live.
So having other people waste their lives in front of them was something Yato couldn't stand.
Hiyori? Yukine, you perv! - Did you do something to her?! - No! I-I'm okay! Some leftover fragments got in my eye, that's all.
Huh?! That's not okay at all! Aah! Don't rub your eyes! Stay calm, Hiyori! Take deep breaths! Will that really help her?! Use it.
It'll warm ya up a little.
Capypa Land For your very first job, you did pretty good today.
Huh? No matter what happens, I promise that I'll call your name Ah You have a jagged-edged heart You hurt everything that you touch and you glare at everything in the world That look in your eyes says, "Here I am!" Someone laughed and that's why you put up that border line In which case, I'll hold your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, just hold my hand tightly and don't let go I want you to know you're not alone anymore Yukine.
What's the difference between butter and margarine? - Their ingredients? - Bzzz! Their names! You can't even solve a simple riddle like that?! On the next Noragami: "Where Happiness Lies.
" - Yato is totally obnoxious.
- Hang in there, Yukine! Next Episode I Where Happiness Lies