Noragami (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Where Happiness Lies

1 "Autograph & Handshake" Lord Yato! Please do the thing! May our fates intertwine.
Nothin' beats a good cup of saké after a long day of work! Just look at all your worshippers, Lord Yato! See? Just look at all the Yatoites! At last, the times have caught up with me How empty it feels to have your ambition fulfilled.
"May our fates intertwine" Only someone who stands at the very top can understand this loneliness! It chills my heart Lord Yato Oh, won't someone warm my glass heart? Oh, allow me! No, me! - Me! - Me! Take it easy, take it easy - There's plenty of me to go around - Shut up, already! "Noragami" I'm holding a loaded gun in one hand I'm coming for you on foot, while you stand there shaking Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock All you've done is speed up this panic Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock I'm coming for you, with no sign of stopping Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock There's a boundary between end and beginning Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock But we've come full-circle Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited for the sound of the door being kicked down Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited There's nothing to be afraid of now Holding my loaded gun I kick down the tightly-shut door The muzzle kicks back at point-blank and perforates my yesterday's self After taking the despair of, "Good night," my tomorrow's self sets out on foot Let's meet up again tonight Hooray! Offering Thanks, Hiyori! In exchange, I expect you to finally, finally, finally listen to my request! A hot dog octopus! Are you even listening?! You're not, are you?! Ugh I barely got any sleep, thanks to all your stupid sleep-talking Ah, what a great dream it was! Huh? Like there'd ever be "Yatoites.
" I'd rather flee overseas than dress in something that humiliating.
No girl would ever think this is cool.
"This"?! Who'd ever want to shake your hand? Did you know? His hands are sweaty as hell.
In that case, I'll show you what a god is capable of.
- Huh? - Huh? Every dream I have will become real.
That's because I bought this! - Some random pot?! - Some random pot?! A lady in town read my palm and said, "I'll sell this to you and only you!" She said all I hafta do is chant, "Happy-happy, cool-cool!" every day while I rub it like this! - She scammed you! - She scammed you! And this'll help me win lotteries if I stick it on a west wall! And this bracelet will help me build my dream home, and this will boost my test scores and get me into the college I want! With all these, I'll be happy-happy, cool-cool in no ti Hiyori! Jungle Tornado! Do some work for once! It's not my fault I wanna work, but I'm not getting any job calls You said gods and Regalias share mind and body, right? A god shouldn't act like this, especially after finding such a great Regalia.
You need to pull yourself together.
For Yukine's sake, too.
Go get your body.
Huh? There's someone I want you to meet.
Chapter 4 I Where Happiness Lies Sweet Saké Soba-Dango Shiruko Piping-hot Oden Ramen Asaro Super Try Fishing Gear Why are we here? Kofuku! You here, Kofuku?! Yatty! Man! Long time, no see! Wow! I missed you, Yatty! - Wh-Who's she? - I missed you too! Judging from her aura Could she be?! No, there's no way Yeah, this is Kofuku my girlfriend! I'm his girlfriend, Kofuku! Nice to meet you! Girlfriend?! Are you serious?! Anyway, Kofuku, I got a favor to ask.
Yes, Yatty? Well, I recently made a kid into a Regalia, you see But I'm still stuck in this rut, y'know? I'd like to give him something warm to eat but I can't even provide decent shelter for him yet! Oh, that's terrible to hear, Yatty! Don't worry! I'll help you out! Will this be enough? You're a life-saver! A real sweetheart, you are! Yatty praised me! I'm so happy! All right! Time to hit the pachinko parlor! I'll come with you! He's the scummiest of scum.
Bastard! You again?! Keep your hands off my lady! - A-An affair?! - A-An affair?! You hear me?! Oh, my! Don't fight over little ol' me! I'm Kofuku Ebisu's Regalia.
Base name's Kuro.
As Regalia, Koku.
As a person, Daikoku.
- Awesome.
- You're spillin' it! - Ebisu's a pretty big name, right? - I told ya to hold the lid on! - Yeah, Ebisu is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune.
- Right! But she's nothing like how she's portrayed.
What are you talking about? O-Oh, uhh, just how cute of a couple you two are! Couple? You're married, right? No.
Huh?! But earlier, you called Mrs.
Ebisu Just "Kofuku" is fine! You called Ms.
Kofuku your lady She's "my lady" as in "milady.
" She's my goddess.
- Right? - Mm! - Oh, I got a standing tea twig! Lucky! - That's just some leftover junk.
Somethin' wrong with that? I happen to like that nickname.
I-I think it's very nice! Don't look him in the eye, you guys.
Huh?! You're putting yourselves at risk.
Because, despite his nefarious appearance he has a thing for kids! Don't say it in a misleading way like that! He's okay! My Daikoku adores little kids so much that he just loves to sit and stare at them until they vanish from sight! Suddenly I'm not an okay guy anymore.
Calm down.
And don't hide him.
Are you Yato's Regalia? What's your name? Y-Yukine.
Been a Regalia long? No not really.
I just started.
I see.
And you're still just a kid, too Mr.
Daikoku - Say! - Y-Yes?! - What about you? - I'm Hiyori Iki.
Oh! So your name's Hiyorin! "Rin"? You're a regular girl, Hiyorin.
What relationship do you and Yatty have? Huh?! R-Relationship?! I don't care about that jerk! Oh, come on! Why are you so upset?! Why? Tell me! Why? Sorry.
My lady's a bit crazy.
- Are you a B-cup, Hiyorin? - Stop! She seems happy to have met someone new today.
So, what's it like living with Yato? Sounds about right.
He's not much of a people-person.
I want to change jobs! - Then do it! - Could I work here?! I'm all the help she needs.
Good point.
Oh, yeah! Yukki! "Yukki"? You should be careful.
I first learned about Yatty from some nasty rumors.
Nasty rumors? Despite how he looks, Yatty's actually a scary god.
Don't scare the kid, Kofuku.
Good news! I got a job call! Let's go, Yukine! Wait! Don't just leave me behind! Thank you for having us! Aww! You're leaving already, Hiyorin? Yato Why'd you bring those two here? Will I'm sorry, Mom.
- I hope you can forgive me - Thanks for your call! Yato, at your service! You pushed him off! No way! "Noragami" Huh? I'm already falling Man.
I'm unlucky to the very end Not so fast! Do your daily doldrums have you down, Miss? Are you torn between work and family, Sir? Have some bullies you want to teach a lesson, kiddies? I can solve your problems in a jiffy! Fast, affordable, and reliable! Delivery God Yato! Yato Call on me anyt Curse you, Hiyori! Skip the introduction and save him already! Handmade Oh, pardon my late introduction.
This is, was, my card.
He's going along with it?! Ah, so you work, I mean, worked, at an ad agency? Section EC1 Marketing Group Yes.
The company recently went bankrupt, and this is the only option I had left.
Unknown Mother Cell Unknown caller I wanted to apologize to my parents living in the countryside before I did this.
Unfortunately, I accidentally called you instead.
Ah, that telemarketing ploy Err, I mean This must be some sort of fate.
For now, could you tell me how this started? Maybe you should save him for now?! - It happened last winter.
- You're gonna discuss it now?! I happened upon a young girl.
I couldn't take my eyes off of her for some reason.
Why is it my face?! I can't help it.
You just happen to fit her age and appearance.
Ah, I see.
She was wearing stripes.
Don't look! Thinking she might be a runaway, I offered to take her to the police when Oh, you're hungry.
Would you like to get something to eat before we go to the station? No.
I'm not allowed to go out to eat.
It's a very strict rule.
But sometimes I secretly come into town anyway I could tell she had grown up in a very strict household.
This young girl wasn't even allowed outside.
She was like a bird in a cage.
You need a change of pace! Where would you like to go? And that's how we started dating.
Those were truly happy times.
You're a real-lifer?! Police! This guy has illicit sexual relations with runaways! It's not like that! We share a pure relationship! I haven't done a single indecent thing! I swear on my life! Not convinced! On the days I saw her, I took her wherever she wanted.
What do you think? It looks really nice on you.
Really? You really don't mind buying all these for me? Well, they all looked good on you, so Crap.
I hope I can last until this month's paycheck Thank you! I love you, Yusuke! - Now you're just bragging! - Stop using my face! Is it me, or is this one long fall? For me? - It's my thanks to you! - Oh, you like Capypas? Mm! But I've never been to Capypa Land.
It's the "Kingdom of Dreams and Hopes," so I'm not allowed to go What horrible parents! Let's visit Capypa Land! Really?! It was around then that things slowly began to take a dark turn.
There, there! Why?! Why are there middle-aged men wearing Capypa skins?! Did they kill Capypas?! They're just suits No, it's okay! A fairy used magic to make the Capypas all better! Never mind that! Most of our dates suffered from similar bad luck.
My job performance steadily dropped.
I stopped getting bonuses, and my meager savings dried up.
"Credit cards into cash!" But I was just so happy to be there for her So, before I knew it "Unknown caller" - I know you're in there, Mr.
Urasawa! - I was completely bankrupt.
Answer the door! I want to stay with her! But at this point, I'd only burden her too! I was planning to propose to her after she graduated! But I'm unfit to do that now! Say Do you got a pic of this girl? Huh? - Why do you ask? - There's something about this story This is her.
Kofuku?! Huh?! How do you know her name?! - I should've known.
- What do you mean by that?! Oh, I didn't tell you? She's the god of poverty.
- G-God of poverty?! - G-God of poverty?! Kofuku Ebisu is her professional name: her work nickname.
Her real name would be bad for business, y'know? Take my advice.
Just forget about that girl.
Huh? The god of poverty only brings disaster! She's the ultimate luck-killer! She's the Luck-Killing Queen! Not to mention she has a man in her life you don't wanna mess with.
Besides, Kofuku's no spring chicken.
She's way, way, way older than your mom or even your grandma.
All right! Now to sever your ties with Kofuku! - Huh? - Sever his ties?! But that means He'll forget everything relating to Kofuku.
N-No! I don't want to forget her! Absolutely not! If you don't cut your ties, you will die, you know.
I don't care! I love her from the bottom of my heart! You dumb-ass! Someone who chooses to kill himself isn't cut out for love! Hurry up! This is some serious insanity.
- All right! You're up, Yukine! - Huh? W-Wait! I've never severed someone's ties before! It's okay! I know you can do it! Have faith in me! Come, Sekki! Yuki Anything you want me to tell Kofuku? "May you live a happy life, Kofuku.
" That's all.
I've heard your request loud and clear! With my advent, I, the Yato god hereby sever your ties using the Sekki! Sunder! 1 contact deleted Are you serious? That was all my fault? I did have a little fun with Yusuke, though! - A little? - A little? Kofuku! You did all this behind your Regalia's back? It's not my fault! I was sick of you telling me I can't go here or there or anywhere! Of course I told you! You spread disaster wherever you go! Sheesh Still, you got some skills, kid! A rookie like you, severing someone's ties Oh? It's that big of a deal? Yeah.
Severing a bond is much harder than making one.
A Regalia's abilities are a big part of it, too.
Oh! It was a cinch for me, though.
That's good to hear! Looks like you've found yourself a good Regalia, Yato.
Right?! There's a reason I fell for him at first sight! Right, Yukine?! Gross! Let go! - Don't be bashful! - Q-Quit it! Sorry about everything.
This is for your trouble.
Pleasure doin' business! - Later! - Bye-bye! - Let's go, my dear Yukine! - Come visit again, Hiyorin! Of course! Let go! Umm, about what you said earlier Hmm? When you said Yato's a scary god That was just a joke, right? It's the truth.
Yatty killed a Regalia a long time ago.
And I first learned about Yatty from some nasty rumors.
Plus, since Yatty is a god of war he kills people too.
He kills people? Quit it.
That was a long time ago, when it was "kill or be killed.
" What do you mean? People's wishes are what let gods exist.
Distinguished gods enjoy constant worship and wishes.
Not so for obscure gods.
They can't even remain in people's memories.
So what do you do to keep from being forgotten? You grant any wish you get no matter whose it is.
No matter whose You were gone long.
What were you talking about? Yato.
Why did you bring me to see Ms.
Kofuku? Listen If anything happens to me, go straight to those two.
Okay? R-Right! He He smells so nice! "There's a reason I fell for him at first sight!" Hmm.
You have nice eyes.
What do you want, Nora?! No, no.
Call me by my name.
I love the name you gave me, Yato.
D-Don't tell me she's one of your Regalias too?! I'll always be waiting.
Waiting for you to call my name.
No matter what happens, I promise that I'll call your name Ah You have a jagged-edged heart You hurt everything that you touch and you glare at everything in the world That look in your eyes says, "Here I am!" Someone laughed and that's why you put up that border line In which case, I'll hold your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, just hold my hand tightly and don't let go I want you to know you're not alone anymore Kofuku.
Say "Yato" ten times fast.
Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato! - Who's the coolest guy in the world? - Daikoku! - Who's the toughest god in the world? - Me! Tch! On the next Noragami: "Borderline.
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