Northern Rescue (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Qué Sera

If you search online "what is family?" you get the following "A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.
" Sounds super simple, right? I'm the oldest which comes with all the responsibility and none of the glory.
Gonna be cold out there, John.
Want us to wait while you grab your blankie? [MADDIE.]
Dad's kind of like a real-life action hero.
Let's roll! [MADDIE.]
The guy literally saves lives for a living.
My brother Scout is the classic middle child.
Flies under the radar trying to find his place, but it's kind of hard when he's totally forced to live under my dad's shadow.
My baby sister, Taylor.
Total genius, which is super annoying, even though I try not to let her know I think any of that.
And then there's Mom.
Our rock.
But right now, it's super complicated.
I guess that was us - Get him out.
- the Wests.
A family.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Or at least a version of.
Simple, right? - Wests are the best.
- Well, not so much.
Taylor, enough with the tinkering.
Finish your homework.
I suck at Singapore math.
Oh, honey, in my day, math was math.
You're gonna have to ask your dad.
He's on night shift, so I'm stuck with you till the morning.
So you can code, and you can build those little things, but you can't do Singapore math? Coding is a different language.
It's not the same thing.
Honey, I am terrible at math.
It is literally the reason why you were born.
Besides, we both know I'm just gonna search for it anyway.
Maddie, out of the fridge.
Dinner is almost ready.
Come on.
Hey! [GROANS.]
- Hey.
- Hi.
Living in a past life Hey.
There she is.
You're gonna love this weed.
- Yeah? - This is from the same stuff that got Chris Bosh's mom arrested.
Prove it.
- Okay.
- You all right? - Yeah.
I don't wanna be Another name on your list It's useless, I should know better [COUGHING.]
Just another joyride Well, I don't need another heart attack You say you're such a good guy That you deliver But I don't want to Stick around for your tricks I'm past it I should know better But I don't want to be Another game that you quit [POLICE RADIO CHATTER.]
Yup, just inside.
They got my blood up in their veins "Hey, what's with the strange breed?" They is my family They is my family They might be crazy But they is my family You can't get to them Unless you get through me, yeah You mess with them, you mess with me [BANGING.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, where's your sisters? What happened? Goodness, what happened? Guys, what happened? [CRYING.]
She was making dinner.
She just - What's going on? - She collapsed.
They rushed her away as soon as we got here.
I don't know what's going on.
All right, listen, listen.
Everybody just relax, okay? Breathe.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You hear me? Fine.
I'm gonna figure this out right now.
Hey, you just admitted my wife, Sarah West.
I'll have a doctor come talk to you.
Right, but is She's okay? [RECEPTIONIST.]
You're gonna have to wait for a doctor.
Charlie, it's fine.
We don't even know what's wrong yet.
There's nothing you could do even if you did come tonight.
Look, your sister's tough.
You know that, right? I mean She's gonna be fine.
I got to go.
The doctor's here.
- Mr.
West? - Yes.
- How's my wife? - She's stable.
Okay to see her? We should talk first.
Your wife came in tonight because her vital organs are shutting down.
She has the flu.
Flu-like symptoms.
Once we stabilized her, we did some imaging, and noticed a thickening of the omenta.
We've scheduled a biopsy.
We need to wait until the results come in definitively.
The imaging looks malignant.
Love you.
Hey, West.
- You okay? - Yup.
Do they know what's wrong with me? They're still trying to figure it out.
They have no idea.
But you're gonna be just fine.
Right? Yeah.
So, apparently, I'd make a terrible sniper, - according to Mercenaries in Motion mag - Shh.
When did you get here? Thirty minutes ago.
They said I could come in.
I couldn't just stand around and wait.
You know me.
So, what have they told you? Still waiting on the biopsy results.
- Something about sending it off to Ohio.
- How is she? Like a rock star.
Well, if you mean laying in bed all day, hooked up to an IV full of awesome drugs, then, yeah, you're a total rock star.
Must be serious if my baby sister drove all the way from Turtle Island Bay.
Well, you know I have an obsession with hospital vending machines.
Come here.
- [SIGHS.]
- [SARAH.]
It's okay.
Yeah, that's where they send the lab work, remember? I [JOHN.]
Hey you're gonna be fine.
What if I'm not? Well, then we'll fix it.
With magic.
I learned a new one for you.
Tough crowd.
It's the morphine talking.
She's been drifting in and out.
Thank you.
So, did you tell the kids yet? I don't see any point until we're certain there's, you know, something wrong.
Well, I'm here, okay? I appreciate that, Charlie, but you have your own life, right? I mean, what about that guy you're seeing? What's his name? The one He was a sailor, I think.
After Alex.
Ah! Don't say the "A" word.
Burns my ears.
Oh, yeah.
He turned out not to be a sailor, he just happened to live on a boat - with his ex-wife.
It was great.
- Ouch.
Honestly, being here right now is pretty much the only thing in my life that's keeping me from adopting a therapy pig.
- Super long story, don't ask.
Let me help you, okay? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
I gotta go.
All right.
I'll grab the kids.
Take them out for beers.
Thank you.
There's no easy way to say this.
The biopsy results came back positive for cancer.
That's why we sent your lab work to Ohio.
We can't determine where it started.
What we do know is that it's metastatic.
What does that mean? Stage 4.
It's spread everywhere.
In situations like this we want to make sure patients and their families have a chance to know their options.
So what you're saying is that she's gonna die, right? That's what you're saying? So, there's nothing we can do? There's no other options? We're just supposed to stand around and just do nothing? - If you want a second opinion - Yes, of course, we want a second opinion! - That's exactly what we would like! - John, please! John! How long do I have? How long do I have? Less than you'd like.
You doing okay? When someone keeps asking if you're doing okay, it makes you feel not okay.
Look don't tell anybody that I said this, but I cried last night thinking about what you're going through.
And for the record, I mean, I've only cried like like three times in my life where I didn't get hurt.
Did they, um they say how long your mom has before, you know She's a walking time-bomb.
Could be three days, could be three months.
Did you talk to your old man yet? No.
I'm not gonna say anything.
Maddie, you got to tell him.
What? He needs to know.
It'll kill him.
It's not gonna change the fact that she's still gonna die.
Well, if you don't get this off your chest, it'll kill you.
I can handle it.
I can see that.
What? Hey, Maddie.
Maddie, come on.
Hey, Maddie! [SARAH.]
Maddie, sweetheart you need to know that none of this is your fault.
Why would I think it's my fault? Okay.
Do you want to talk about it? Maddie - Maddie - Look, I'm sorry you're sick, and I'm sorry that you're gonna die, but there's nothing I can do about that except for maybe cry when it happens.
Sweetheart, we need to talk about this.
Talk to me.
- Maddie - I mean, how could you? [SOBBING.]
I don't even know what to say.
How could you to us? To Dad? I can't.
I just I'm sorry.
Will - Will you - I need you.
We need you.
Okay, honey, look, I'm sorry.
Let me explain, okay? Just Hey, I didn't know you were here.
She's just The promotion, any word? No word yet but it's looking good.
Do you know what popped into my head this morning? - What's that? - The county fair.
That damn county fair.
Move over.
That damn fair.
I spent every last dime I had for that prize.
Turns out you don't even like bears.
I'm petrified of bears, but you were so determined to win a prize for someone you just met.
I was.
I was.
I love you, Sar-bear.
I love you too.
We're gonna get through this.
You know that, right? I know.
But we need to talk about what's coming.
I know.
Not now.
- When? - I don't know.
We might not have soon.
You know what I want? What? For us to be back at that crappy fair.
- Okay.
- Right? It's been good, John.
Love you, Sar-bear.
Oh, I love you too.
Thank you for this food, and for Aunt Charlie for being wicked awesome.
And for Mom.
Thanks for keeping her with us.
We need her.
- Amen.
- Amen.
All right, people, let's eat.
It's gonna get cold.
Isn't salad supposed to be cold? Aren't you the little comedian? Dad, are we seeing Mom tonight? She's a little tired.
We're gonna give her a break tonight, okay? Where's Maddie? Judging from how angry she was, getting her hair dyed, or a tattoo, or something.
Or both.
You sure you have enough bread there? [MADDIE.]
Life is just nuts.
One minute, it's, "I'll see you tomorrow" then the next she was gone.
We didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.
It happened so fast.
Son of a [YELLING.]
Maddie! Maddie! Scout! Scout.
Scout! - Where's your sister? - I don't know.
I don't know.
She didn't come home from school, okay? God.
I made dinner, by the way.
Okay? There's there's leftovers.
You mean that torched chicken down there? Taylor says the carbon gives you the added benefit of a natural cleanse.
Did she also mention to you the added benefits of cleaning up? - I I was gonna do that later.
- Yeah, now.
Okay? I'm tired of coming home to a disaster, okay? Okay.
Excuse me.
It's after three in the morning.
What the hell are you thinking? I wasn't.
Isn't that the point Occifer Dad? And you're drunk too.
That's just perfect.
Don't forget high too.
You left your brother and sister home alone.
Didn't realize I was the parent all of a sudden.
If so, I'm gonna need the car for, like, most of the day tomorrow.
I know you're going through a tough time, - and I know this - No.
You don't know anything about me.
You don't know anything about anything especially Mom.
Why would you say something like that? Hmm.
Go to bed, Maddie.
I'll deal with you in the morning.
Yeah, good idea, Dad the morning.
Good night.
Be patient.
Her mother just died.
You know, if you push her, you're only gonna make it worse.
How much worse can it get than her coming home drunk and high as a kite? I know, but she's gonna make mistakes, right, and she's gonna learn from them.
No, she needs to know there's gonna be consequences for her actions.
You sound like my father.
Please, don't say that.
Yeah, you do.
Look, do you want me to come back there? Or better yet, you guys should move up here.
Hey, guys, guys.
It's the lower bearings.
The lower bearings, yeah.
Come back there? I'm about to be made commander.
Why would I come back to Nowheresville? Well, I know you're angry, but just try and go easy on her, okay? Listen, Charlie you don't understand these things, okay? You're you're not a parent.
Right? I gotta go.
Good idea before you say something incredibly insensitive.
I hate seeing you like this.
Scout, I've known you since the sixth grade.
You're not okay.
This isn't you.
Just everything is different now.
Everything reminds me of her, even things that never used to.
It's like she's always there, but she's not.
I don't know, I just I really don't know who the hell I am right now.
You're the co-captain of the wrestling team.
The only decent team at our adorably crappy school.
And a lot of people care about you way too much.
That's who you are.
- Wait - What? I've wanted to kiss you since since the sixth grade, when you pushed me into that snowbank? - That push was a kiss.
- Okay.
So, what took you so long to make the second one? [LAUGHS.]
I'm here for you, Scout.
No Taylor, you okay? Taylor? Taylor! [SCHOOL BELL RINGING.]
Really, Jack? I'll see you later.
What the hell is going on with you? - Me? - Yeah, you.
No, you know, I don't think I can do "us" right now, Jack.
Hey, what ? What do you want from me? Huh? Look I'm sorry that your mom died but it's not my fault.
You Thanks for coming in.
Have a seat.
I'll be straight with you, John.
They went a different direction for SAR Command Sipowicz got it.
That was my job.
Command has been leaning away from technical leaders and more towards uh, let's say, personableness.
You and I know that I was the best man available for that job.
I earned it.
You're a fine leader, John, and at your best, you lead by example, but at your worst, you distance yourself.
You tend to focus only on the technical aspects of the job.
So, that's it? Don't worry about the promotion, John.
Use the time to focus on your family.
Hey, Tay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's What's wrong? I choked on my math test.
It's like my brain just up and left my body.
Come on, it couldn't be that bad, right? [SOBS.]
Oh, hey, come here.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's go talk about it.
It's okay.
You don't understand, Dad.
I didn't answer a single question.
In fact, I ran out of the room.
I forgot my bag and had to go back, and everyone laughed at me.
Total brain cramp, huh? My life is over.
I'm sorry.
Before you know, when Mom was here and you were having a tough time what would she do to make you feel better? She'd make me a Nutella sandwich.
The old Nutella trick.
Why didn't I think of that? Come on.
One Nutella I'm okay.
It's not the same.
Watch this.
Nutella, bread It's moldy.
Let me try this.
A-ha! I miss her, Dad.
Hey so do I.
Tah-da! You're so not Mom.
I know.
You know that you can talk to me, right? Not really.
Why not? You're like a robot.
You give me the correct advice but not the right advice.
Correct advice sometimes will Exactly.
Let's just talk to Miss Gelb and see if she'll let you take the test again.
Right? What if she says no? If she says no, she says no.
If you took it again, you think you'd ace it? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
So let's give it a shot.
You got nothing to lose.
Miss West, come with me.
- Dad, I can explain.
- Explain what? You assaulted her.
Now one person's injured, and you just got out of jail.
It's not my fault.
It's not your fault? Whose fault is it? I'm tired of it, Maddie.
I'm tired of all the selfish, destructive behavior - you're putting me through.
- Putting you through? For a search and rescue guy, you sure do like to play the victim.
Victim? I just lost a promotion I deserve, burned through every penny we have, lost my wife, and my kids are actively rebelling against me.
You don't understand.
Understand what? - You stay out all night, I let that slide.
- Dad! You get drunk, smoke weed, and God knows what else.
Are you having sex? - I'm not answering that.
- Don't answer that.
Now you get arrested for assault? I'm tired of it, Madeline, you understand? I'm fed up.
- Your attitude sucks.
- My attitude sucks? I can't believe you.
How old were you when your mother died? Hey! Don't you dare use your mother as an excuse to throw your life away.
They're gonna throw you out of that school.
So I'll go to a different school.
What if the judge puts you in juvie? You think about that when you busted that girl's nose? Or if her parents sue us and take everything from us? - Which isn't much, by the way.
- Dad, stop! It's not like you're a beacon of support.
You never talk to us, you talk at us.
At least Mom would listen.
I screwed up, okay? I'm a kid.
- I'm allowed to make mistakes.
- Mistakes? Yeah.
Misdemeanors, no.
What would your mother think of this? This isn't about Mom! You don't know the half of it.
Half of what? I know you two had your issues, but you've got to pull it together.
I'm talking to you, Maddie.
You have to pull it together.
Yeah, well, maybe it goes both ways.
- I'll wait out here.
- Yeah.
There you go.
- [MAN.]
Thanks, Charlie.
Yeah, of course.
Charlie? How's the rhubarb today? Uh, same as always delicious and untouched.
- I'll have a piece.
- Great.
Hey, um, can I ask you something? Is it true you're retiring? [CHUCKLING.]
I've been in charge of search and rescue up here for 25 years, saving lives for 40.
I think it's about time I took that trip to Brazil I've always dreamt about.
- Nice.
- I'm out of here next month.
- Do they have a replacement? - They're still looking.
It's hard to find good people to work up here.
Why, you know someone? Do you remember my brother-in-law? Big John West, yeah.
He's the best athlete this town has ever seen.
Why? - You look like your mom.
- I feel like a fraud.
What's taking so long? Kathy's family has agreed to drop the charges.
- Great.
- But there's a catch.
- Like what? - If you go to counseling.
Counseling? - Like therapy? - Yes, like therapy.
This sucks.
Maddie, going to juvie sucks, okay? This is a gift.
She'll do it.
Well I'm honored, Harry, but to be honest, I'm really not looking for a new post.
You're qualified, John.
You're overqualified, actually.
It's a small SAR.
It'd be just you and another guy, Simmons.
He's cocky, but he's good.
All the rest are volunteers.
I don't know.
It's a big move.
This town has taken a few hits over the years.
But it's a good town, John and it could use a good man like you.
That's all I'm saying.
Well, I appreciate the offer, Harry.
I won't keep you waiting long.
Okay, John.
All right, thanks, Harry.
What's this all about? Look who decided to show up.
What do you guys think about moving? What, like a bigger house? I want the basement.
No, no, I'm talking about Turtle Island Bay with Aunt Charlie.
Turtle Island Bay? No way.
That just rhymed, didn't it? There's no way, I I have a girlfriend now, so What? I do, okay.
- "Alison" Alison? - Yes.
Wasn't expecting that.
- This is all a joke, right? - No.
- I'm totally serious.
- I cannot believe you're doing this.
- I think it's a good idea.
- Oh Of course you do.
You agree with everything that Dad says.
No, I don't.
- Don't be a jerk.
- Who says "jerk" anymore? Just 'cause I'm not interested - in spending my life in juvie - I swear to God Enough! Enough, please, okay? Listen to me.
I am trying my hardest to hold this whole thing together and I know Mom being gone has been tough on all of us, so please But you don't actually care about our opinions, like, at all.
Of course I care about your opinion.
But you need to know all the facts first, right? They offered me a job.
I can't believe you'd do this without talking to us first.
You just ruined my life.
We can't stay here anymore, okay? It just We can't afford it.
It's too complicated.
What are you saying? Look, it's a chance for a fresh start, okay? They offered me command of my own search and rescue.
Okay, when? When's this happening? The end of the month.
So, the kids didn't take it very well? [CHUCKLING.]
I was expecting to bat zero, and I went one for three.
That's .
333, Hall of Fame numbers.
You're losing me with the baseball metaphors.
I've got Taylor on my side.
Which is good, because she's gonna be home the longest.
The other two, not so much.
John, it's the best decision.
You'll see.
I promise, okay? It's gonna be great.
It's gonna be great for you, it's gonna be great for all of us.
I sure hope so.
'Cause it's scary, you know, when you feel like you're losing your kids.
Alison, please.
You're not gonna lose them not forever, at least.
You're sure we can come stay with you for a while while we're looking for a place? [CHARLIE.]
I wouldn't have it any other way.
You guys are family.
I feel like we're finally starting to turn a corner, you know? [LAUGHING.]
We better be.
It can't get any worse, right? Thanks a lot, Charlie.
It means a lot.
You got it.
We'll talk soon, okay? I don't want to see you smile I want you in the morning Before you go performing Tell me something I don't know And lead me to the place Where no one ever goes You know you're beautiful But that ain't half the gold treasure in your soul What you got? 'Cause I want it all With your fingers in my mouth I fail to see your faults So please don't let me fall So please don't let me fall [MADDIE.]
You know that saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Well, that's a really stupid saying.
You know you're beautiful But that ain't half The gold treasure in your soul What you got? 'Cause I want it all With your fingers in my mouth I fail to see your faults So please don't let me fall So please don't let me fall Don't let me fall Don't let me fall Don't let me fall Don't let me fall Don't let me fall