Northern Rescue (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Making Lemonade

1 So much for fresh starts.
It was an old house.
Stupid electrical.
You got insurance, right? Yeah, but that doesn't help us right now.
I promised you guys a place to live.
It's not your fault.
All right, look.
When we rebuild, Maddie, you can have the entire basement.
Okay? Scout, I had a friend drop off an ATV for you.
- Nice.
- Seriously? - Don't mess with me, Aunt Charlie.
- I'm not.
Guys, we're gonna survive, okay? We'll get through it.
As long as we're safe and we're together, we're gonna be okay.
Charlie, I have news.
And a dolphin.
It's Taylor, right? Thank you.
Who are you again? I'm Jan, resident hairstylist, antiques dealer Junk shop.
How would you kids love a pool? How about two pools? Pac-Man? Ping-pong? What about bumper boats? What are you talking about? - What are we doing here? - Okay, just keep an open mind.
Hi, everybody.
Right this way.
Right through here, folks.
Step right on in.
There we go.
Charlie, we were all so gosh darn torn up about you losing your place, we just felt this was the least we could do.
- It's different, to say the least.
- Yeah.
Now, of course, it's only temporary, you know, just until you find a new place or, you know, get your old place fixed up.
Yeah, that's not gonna be happening any time soon.
Well, listen, you come on inside and you decide, huh? Right this way.
Dad Just come on.
Just give it a look.
Come on.
Come on in, folks.
- Isn't that something? - Okay.
It's, uh not perfect, but once you see the living quarters, I think you'll agree it's got a certain quirky charm.
Here we go.
- Awesome.
- Holy crap! Make yourself at home.
The place closed recently.
The owners fled the country.
It's quite mysterious.
The caretaker, Ray, he's been looking after the place, keeping everything clean and running.
You know, in case the town finds another buyer.
You know, it was a research facility as well as a park.
Yeah, your marine biologists lived right here, kids.
There's an area with bunks, and the main living area, of course.
In fact, you have the run of the whole place.
Yeah, the whole place.
Yours if you want it.
What do you think, Charlie? I don't I don't know what to say.
Say you'll stay.
This place is awesome.
We know Scout's vote.
Ah Let's do it.
That's jim-dandy.
Good, now all you have to do is feed the seals.
I'm kidding.
Welcome to Turtle Island Bay, mister.
Your SAR volunteers are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.
- Me too.
- How many bedrooms did you say it has again? Oh oh! We have an apartment for Charlie, her own little place.
Don't worry, Char, we'll figure something out.
It's okay.
Kind of always wanted to live in an RV.
I'd prefer an Airstream.
It's it's cute, right? Contemporary.
I like it.
Of course you do.
You like everything.
Not everything.
Kind of building an ongoing resentment for you right now.
Don't laugh.
Plug your nose.
It's not good.
Sounds like a sparkling water museum.
No wonder it closed.
Well, aren't you just full of unicorns and rainbows today, huh? Which reminds me, you've got a therapy session tomorrow.
Don't forget.
Tomorrow? Thought it was "next week" tomorrow.
No, "tomorrow" tomorrow.
Let the healing begin tomorrow.
Morning, morning! Good morning.
Big day, people.
- First day of school.
- First day of your new job.
Taylor, this oatmeal's still raw.
"Thanks for making breakfast, Taylor.
I really appreciate it.
" I just mean, if you're gonna do it, do it right.
Come on, bus will be here soon.
Great! The bus.
Sounds like we're in a chain gang.
You could always walk.
Also sounds like we're in a chain gang.
Can't wait to fight for the top bunk with my sharpened spoon.
Guys? Guys, guys, guys we're not alone, okay? Come on.
What is he talking about? Wait for it.
Tell me we're all seeing this.
Oh, my God, a penguin! Can we keep it? He looks pretty comfortable.
Jan forgot to mention this.
That's the bus.
That is a penguin.
I hate to break up the penguin party, but you can't be late on the first day.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
But penguin trumps bus.
Hey, don't forget, you got therapy today, okay? How can I forget when you keep reminding me every eight minutes? Hey, Dad? Um, you and Mom, you were high school sweethearts, right? Yeah, that's right.
- Thought that stuff's only in fairytales.
- Want to hear something wild? I was younger than you when I met your mother.
What's up? Um, nothing.
Don't miss your bus.
All right.
John? - Paul Simmons.
- Hey.
John West.
- Welcome to your new command.
- Looking forward to it.
- It's not much to look at, but it's home.
- Hey.
Do you think these guys are qualified? A little light in experience.
Well, they're volunteers.
I got a questionnaire in there.
I need some more information.
Questionnaire? Keep in mind, if we ever get ourselves in a pinch, - we call the Coast Guard.
- They still out in Morristown? Yeah, about 20 miles out.
What's their response time these days? They got it under an hour, give or take.
- An hour? - Yeah.
That's not good.
We got to do something about that.
All right, well, let me introduce you to the team.
All right, guys, file in, grab a chair.
Floor's yours.
My name is John West, I'm your new search and rescue commander.
Anybody here ever save a life? Anybody like to? Great.
I will teach you SAR, I will teach you marine rescue, I will teach you all to be invaluable assets to this community.
Look, it's not gonna be easy, okay? It's gonna be exhausting, and, quite frankly, some of you, at times, are not gonna be happy.
But I say we whip this team into shape so the Coast Guard has to come to us when they're in a pinch.
Sound good? Yeah.
Whoo! All right! I got a questionnaire I'd like you to fill out.
Alan, you want to hand these out, get some pens? Hey, John.
You sure that's a good idea? What's that? About the Coast Guard coming to us when they're in a pinch.
What is that? Well it'll be grueling, but, uh, I've done this before.
Right, okay.
When was the last time you worked with volunteers? Never.
All right, just saying you might want to You wanna go easy on them at first.
I'm not worried about it.
Are you? No.
So we're good? We're good, yeah.
So how does this work? You want me to say something profound? - Cry? What? - I know this is court-appointed but if you let it, it might help you.
I'm just angry.
Why? Life.
Everything in it.
Look, my mom died recently.
I'm sorry to hear it.
That must be tough.
But I suspect it's more than that with you, this anger.
You do, do you? Yeah.
Mom dying, that's one thing.
It hurts, you're afraid, but the type of outburst you had that comes from a deeper place.
Am I right? Maybe.
Let's just say I know things.
Like what? Things that could hurt a lot of people.
Everyone treated my mom like a saint, but she wasn't.
If your mom was still alive, what would you say to her? I hate you.
Those are strong words.
That's what you'd say? Not strong enough.
How dare she? How dare she what? Die.
I'm pretty good at this.
I want you to do something for me.
What, like meditate or something? No.
Let's shake this up a bit.
Come with me.
So I want you to start a journal.
God, seriously? You want me to write about my feelings, crap like that? Yeah, crap like that.
I found there's a big shift from talking about something to writing about it.
What do I write about? You, what you're feeling, what's happening, our sessions.
The fact is, there's no right or wrong.
I just want you to write and see what happens.
Deal? Does doodling count? Sure.
Let's start with that.
So life out of the big city.
How's Turtle Island Bay treating you so far? I live in a fish tank.
It's a small town, I get that.
No, I mean I literally live in a fish tank.
How is it? - Delish, as always.
- Good.
You, uh, you by yourself today? Yeah, I'm struggling to keep staff here.
Everyone's bailing on me, moving to Morristown, or even further.
Maddie I was thinking.
Oh, boy.
- What? - Nothing.
You want to make some extra cash, you should come work for me.
- Really? - Yeah.
After school, weekends.
I think that's a great idea.
How many hours are we talking here? Well, why don't we start after school? Couple hours, help me with the dinner rush.
What rush? Mean! Hey, did you talk to Coach about the wrestling tryouts? Yeah, Coach came up to me today, asked if I was interested.
I guess being the son of John West has its perks, huh? What are you talking about? You're way better than I was at your age.
All right, well, I'm trying out later this week.
Coach says, you know, if I'm good enough, I'm in.
You're good enough.
You can go all the way this year.
What is this, an after-school special? Son tries to win dad's affection with the sport he always dreamed of playing.
- "Dreamed of"? - It's gross.
Try district champ, okay? - Mm-hmm.
I'm sure.
- Besides, I'm proud of him.
I'm proud of all of you.
Maybe not Maddie so much if we're being honest.
- Thanks.
- I'm just saying.
None of us are hanging our hat on you taking us to the Promised Land.
You should shut up right now.
I'm sorry, one second.
- Hey.
- Where's he going? - How you doing? - I don't know.
So, what do you think? You want the job? Sure.
What have I got to lose? - Cool.
- Awesome.
Hey how'd therapy go? None of your business is how.
I don't go to therapy.
I'm not nuts.
It's not funny! Scout West.
Yesterday, I asked you to put it away.
You don't put it away today, I will make sure it is banned for good.
He's probably texting his mommy.
What'd you say to me? You got a problem, pretty boy? No.
You're gonna have one in a second though.
- Boys, enough.
- Say it again.
Say it again! - What are you gonna do? - Boys, take your seats.
Now! Scout.
Come back here right now.
How's this? Go.
Time! - What's that? - 2.
18, 2.
All right, not bad, not bad.
Anything under 2.
45 is a pass.
So let's go.
Your turn.
Come on, chop-chop-chop.
Let's go.
Journal Bags of ice.
We get a blender - we get some piña colada mix - Yeah.
and I'm talking a Hawaiian night on the boat.
- That'd be cool.
- That sounds fun.
- Yeah.
- You down for that? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Be right back.
- Poetry? - No.
It's a to-do list.
Oh, it's just you look like a poet.
Was that your pick-up line? I'm not interested.
Yeah, that was pretty lame, right? Pretty lame.
You know what, why don't I Hi, I'm Henry.
I saw you in class.
I saw you too.
Can I sit? I thought I said I wasn't interested.
Oh, no, yeah, you did, but it's not gonna stop me from being nice to you.
- Not too close.
- Okay.
How's this, new girl? I can stomach it.
Hey, I like your rings.
Thank you.
How's living in a fish tank? Are you stalking me now? No, my family just used to own the land it sits on.
"Used to"? Yeah.
It's a long story, but, I mean, if you're interested, it's a good one.
Why don't you pull your pen back out? Thanks for the ride.
- Come on, Alan.
- Grind it, Alan.
- Grind it! Let's go.
- Push! Push! Push! Finish! Finish! Finish! There you go.
That is not good.
Worst time yet.
Sorry, boss.
It's I don't want excuses, Alan, I want results.
Perform like that on the job, you get yourself killed, not to mention an innocent civilian or one of your teammates.
- You want that? - No.
Now, nobody passed.
Not one of you.
You can't pass this, how do you think you're gonna perform in a real-life situation? Now, take five.
You come back, everybody does this again, you understand? Everybody.
You can't get in under three, sorry, you're out.
Go easy on them, they're running on sand.
That was easy.
Nobody passed.
They can't pass this, we need a new team altogether.
Ha! - That's not gonna be easy.
- Why's that? These are all the volunteers we've got.
The worst time was 5.
40, that's double the time that's permitted.
That was Alan.
You trust Alan with your life? Okay, Alan's got the flu, he's hopped up on antibiotics, and he's a single father, and he's still here.
I mean, look at him.
On top of that, he was the only one able to handle the emergency calls during last year's freak storms.
He coordinated everything.
He took initiative, he tracked it all like a pro.
So, yeah, that guy I trust him with my life.
We gonna have a problem with this or am I the only one that wants these guys at their best, huh? All I'm saying is if you push them too hard, we're not gonna have any volunteers left.
Well, then help me get them into shape.
Charlie, what's up? Scout's missing.
What do you mean missing? Since when? I don't know.
Something happened at school and he took off.
His teacher called to see if he came home.
Listen, keep the girls with you.
Don't tell them anything.
I don't want to scare them.
Okay? - Okay.
- Don't worry.
I'll find him.
- Hey.
- Where's the fire? - What, too soon? - Your brother's missing.
- Wait, what? - What? - Scout? - Shoot, I wasn't supposed to say anything.
Your dad went looking for him.
- Did anybody try his cell? - Yeah, I did.
He's not answering.
What about his location sharing? What is that? You're kidding, right? Nobody thought about this? Guys, your dad still uses a flip phone.
What are you doing? It's loading.
- What's loading? - Be patient.
Last known location is the school.
And his phone is turned off.
I rest my case.
I think I know where he might be.
All right, let's go.
- Have you guys seen our brother? - Dark hair Taller than me.
- No? - No.
- No? - No, sorry.
Where are you, Scout? - Scout! - Scout! Check around the back.
Scout! Welcome to Boston.
Beacon Street is our first stop.
Beacon Street.
Alison! Alison! Scout, you're you're soaked.
I needed to see you, okay.
You weren't answering my texts.
How did you get here? I took a bus.
From Turtle Island Bay? Wait.
I had to tell you I love you.
All right? And I'm sorry how things ended, I really am.
I just I needed to say goodbye.
I love you too.
- But this isn't gonna work.
- I know, I know.
I just I needed you to know that, okay? - You could've FaceTimed me.
- You weren't answering.
I didn't Alison! What the hell are you doing? Scout, is that you? Sorry to bother you, sir.
I just, I needed to say something to Alison, that's all.
Does your father know you're here? Come on! Scout? Hey.
Any news? No.
The girls okay? Yeah, they're fine.
They're inside.
They're safe.
How are you holding up? Not great.
Well, I'm here for you.
We're certainly here because of you.
What is that supposed to mean? Char, this whole goddamn thing is a mess, okay? It's a mess.
- What thing? - Everything.
Coming here.
It was a bad idea.
Okay? We live in a fishbowl, my SAR team can't even save a cat up a tree, Scout's missing And that's my fault? All I am trying to do here is help you, John.
When you have kids it gets way more complicated.
You wouldn't understand.
Sarah was right.
What's that supposed to mean? She used to say you would be the perfect person to call if she was trapped in a car, but emotional support not so much.
You're, uh you're really gonna bring up Sarah now? I can bring up Sarah any time I want, John.
She was my sister.
God! You've always been just completely caught up in your own crap.
What are you talking about? Everything I do is for everyone else.
Yeah, for complete strangers.
No, I also do what is right for my family.
And how's that going for you? - You - Hey.
Uh we found him.
He went to go see Alison in Boston.
He's on a bus back home now, and he'll be here by the morning.
Thought you guys would want to know.
- Thanks, hon.
- Thanks, Maddie.
What else did she say about me? Traffic on the twos, weather on the fives, and news on the tens.
I'm gonna leave you with this old number.
Enjoy your day.
You're listening to 92.
7 FM.
When I'm with you You make me feel That we will never part Your coffee, madam.
Thank you.
And when I kiss you Ooh.
Do you remember when we were in high school and we would play hooky? Mm-hmm.
Don't you wish we could play hooky from the kids right now? You say that as I'm walking out the door? You are the one Love you, bear.
That comes to me I love you more.
When I am When I'm feeling low Have a good day.
You're right there You make me see That this is love that we know Hey, Dad.
Okay, I'm I'm so sorry I scared you.
I just I needed to see her.
I love you, son.
I love you too, Dad.
TIB SAR, Commander West.
Repeat that, please.
- Simmons? - Yeah.
A climber down at Widow's Bluff took a tumble.
He can't get out.
We got to roll.
Alan? - What's up, boss? - How you feeling? Well, strong as an ox, but my knee keeps doing this clicking Good.
I don't need your knees, I need your brain.
I'm told you're a master coordinator? - Yeah.
- Okay, we got a storm rolling in that could get dicey for us.
We need you at the helm to be our eyes and ears.
Cool? - Done.
- All right.
Hey, Simmons, saddle up.
Did you start the journal? Yeah, I did.
Not really sure what to write about.
Just start writing.
Whatever needs to show up on the page will.
Is there anything you want to talk about today? Yeah.
My dad.
What about your father? He's a good man, but he's so blind - to everything around him.
- Yeah.
- Help! - Hey! We're gonna get you off there, you understand? Don't move! Okay.
All right, Simmons, take the rig up top on the service road for the extraction.
I'm taking the path.
It'll get me there quicker.
What do you mean? He's trying so hard to be strong for us, but he hasn't dealt with my mom's death himself.
What about you? Have you dealt with it? I don't know.
It's my dad I'm worried about.
He loved my mom more than anything and I worry now that he's lost her as a path for his love.
He's poured that love fully into his job instead of us.
The way he looked at her, the way he treated her I don't see that anymore.
Don't worry, buddy, we're gonna get you off here real quick.
All right, Simmons, we got a compound tibial fracture with rapid blood loss.
We got to move quick, all right? Send the basket down now.
When she died a big part of him went with her, and it just scares me.
- Why does it scare you? - I don't know.
Sure you do.
I'm afraid I'll lose him too.
What makes you think you're gonna lose him? He's search and rescue.
He risks his life every day saving people.
Hold on.
Have you told him how you feel? No, he's got enough going on.
Maddie, it's not your responsibility to parent your father.
No, but I haven't made it easy for him.
It's the reason I'm sitting here.
You've got stuff in your own life you need to deal with.
Maybe that's where the anger lies.
Where? In the fact that you've never told your father how you really feel.
I mean the deeper stuff.
The stuff that scares us.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Ow! Morning.
Aunt Charlie, does this look okay? Adorbs.
I told you.
All right, everybody, family meeting in the living room.
It's tough, everything.
There's nothing we could do that's gonna bring Mom back.
She knew this was gonna be tough on us.
We talked about that.
I also know that her drive and her perseverance lives on in all of you.
She would want you to live your lives.
She would want you to pursue your dreams.
She would also want you to let us know if you're gonna wander off in the middle of the night to go chase some girl down in Boston.
I'm sorry.
But I think she would think it was pretty cool, actually.
You followed your heart.
We are a team, we are a family.
We need to stick together, no matter what life throws at us.
This isn't gonna be easy without Mom.
But you know what? We're gonna be all right.
We're gonna do this.
We're gonna be just fine.
Hey! Hi, Tux.
- Aw.
- Come here, buddy.
- Come here.
- Wait, Tux? You named him? You named that thing without us? First of all, it's not a thing.
It's an African penguin.
And, no, bonehead, that's her name.
He's a she.
How was I supposed to know that? Am I the only one who walks around this place with their eyes open? "Naughty penguin of the month.
" How appropriate.
A little cliché, if you ask me.
Are we sure we're related to her? Ha! I ask myself that question all the time.
Come on, Tux.
Let's go.
This is our new normal.
Hi, buddy.
I live in an aquarium in Turtle Island Bay.
Everyone here is painfully normal.
I feel like I'm the crazy one.
It's like I said from the beginning.
I know what's eating at me.
I just don't know how to tell my father.
- Let's go, come on.
- All right, there you go.
Push! Push! Push! Let's go! Come on, Alan, you can do better than that.
Let's go, come on.
All right, there you go.
- Come on, push! Push! You got it.
- Time! He works so hard to bring out the best in people.
My fear is that what I'm about to say will bring out the worst in him.
Hey, Mads.
What's doing? I was just wondering if I could talk to you about something.
Sure, of course.
Um, I just wanted to make sure that I could come to you for anything, and you're not gonna judge me.
Um I'm not really sure how we got down this track Dad? Dad, we need groceries, okay? I'm training right now.
We need milk.
We're just having a little chat, okay? Can - Yeah.
- Just give us a sec.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- We need more milk! - You were saying? - Never mind.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mads, please.
What? What were you gonna say? I, uh I just wanted you to know that I worry about you and, um, I don't want you to do anything stupid.
It sucks, and I'm sure it's really complicated, but my mother and I love her.
I need to say that for myself first.
But she was having an affair and then she died.
That's what I know.
That's what I saw.
So how do I tell my father without breaking his heart?