Northern Rescue (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Dividing Line

1 You can run all you want in life but when you're running so you don't have to face the truth a truth, any truth eventually, it has a way of making you run right into it so you can't help but face it.
What the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing? Okay, listen, whatever you think you just saw isn't what you think you've just seen.
Whatever you thought you just said wasn't English.
Think about it, why would I smash my hand, huh? Oh, my God, that's what I think I just saw? No, no, I'm just saying that's not what That's not what I was doing, okay? Well, that's reassuring.
Do I think that I just saw you playing homeless? Huh? Peeing in the trees? No, that is not what you just think you saw.
Homeless? I was on a walk.
In your pajamas? Don't deflect.
And how does that compare to what I think I just saw? Because I'm still trying to find the words to explain what I didn't just see.
Okay, okay, I I got kicked off the team, all right? You you what? I wanted it to look like I smashed my hand in practice.
You can't tell Dad.
Why didn't you just fake an injury? - You can't just fake - Yeah, you can.
Any of you guys seen my keys? I got to find a place to keep these from now on.
What's up with you two? You've got a team run this morning, and bed-head? Ever heard of a brush? Come on.
Let's go, you're gonna be late.
Maddie, you seen my keys? No.
Dad, I don't feel so - good.
- good.
What's going on with you two? Amateurs.
Taylor's acting pretty weird, huh? Don't deflect, okay? Come on, you're gonna be late.
Are you kidding me? Ay-yai-yai.
Maddie Oh, hey, found 'em.
- Where were they? - Just on the chair right there.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
That kind of morning.
Dad I think I need a mental health day.
What? I'm not trying to dodge a test or anything.
It was Aunt Charlie's idea.
What exactly does that involve? Not going to school, basically.
Yeah, sure, no problem.
- Really? - No, get dressed.
Hello? Good morning to you too.
I thought you opened at eight? Oh, yeah, I, uh, I slept in.
I didn't see your car outside.
You out in your trailer? No, I I crashed at Jan's.
Late night, party girl? Yeah, sort of.
What's this mental health day Taylor's talking about? Oh, shoot, is that today? That's today.
I That was my idea.
So it's a psychological day off or something? Yeah, something like that.
I mean, I just felt bad for her, you know? She seemed so stressed out.
She seemed like she needed a break, so Sorry, I didn't mean for her to miss school.
Kid works hard.
I'm fine with it.
I just don't want to make it a habit.
Okay, great.
So, I should bring her by The Slice, or Uh, sure.
Yeah, I'm gonna leave now.
Okay, see you in a few.
Okay, see you in a bit.
Why didn't you tell me there was a post of you fainting going around? Not like anything can be done about it now.
Didn't know you cared.
Yeah, I guess I've kind of been in my own world lately, huh? Well, I'm gonna find whoever posted it, - and I'm gonna make - Please don't.
It'll just make things worse.
Just let me handle this myself.
Can I at least talk I can stand up for myself.
Besides, we're running out of money for bail.
Okay, too soon.
And don't forget, I was the one who chased the boogeyman out of your closet when you were little.
Thanks, but I'm not little anymore.
Yeah, I know.
Promise me you won't say anything? Pinkie swear.
But first, you have to promise me if anybody messes with you again, you'll come to me, okay? I promise.
Okay, good.
We're getting near the end of the season so we've gotta up the cardio.
- Hey, Coach.
- That's what's gonna make a diff West.
Thought I was pretty clear about you not being on the team anymore.
- Uh I'm sorry, Coach.
- I'm sure you are, but that's too little too late.
Look, you're welcome to try out again next year if you want, okay? Next year? What am I gonna do till then? I don't know, talk to a counselor.
I'm sure they'll find something for you.
Probably a study hall or something that doesn't care whether you show up or not, but right now, the wrestling team is using the track, so I'm gonna need you to get off it.
Come on, give me a couple of laps, guys.
I hear Chess Club's looking for some pawns.
You're late.
Yeah? You're parked in my spot.
I was working on my truck.
Still with that truck, huh? Hey, relax, I'm out of here anyway.
Where's he going? 911 for Turtle Bay Search and Rescue.
Go for SAR.
I'm going to patch you in with a potential crash victim.
We're still geolocating the signal, but it's close to you guys.
Okay, go ahead.
Hello? TIB SAR, Commander West.
What's your name? Tabitha.
- Hey, Tabitha, you hurt anywhere? - No.
But my dad is.
He's bleeding a lot, and he's not moving.
Is he breathing? Yes.
Breathing loudly.
Is that good? That's very good.
- Any smoke, fire? - I don't see fire, - but there's smoke.
- Okay.
Any other vehicles around you? No.
We're not on a road.
Can you come now? Okay, well, do you see any signs, any road markers? Not really.
Just trees.
Tabitha, what kind of car are you driving? We're not in the car.
Hurry! I don't understand.
Where are you? Uh, the call's coming from Grand Island.
We're in a plane.
What the heck is this? All right, made my junk your treasure.
Oh, my God.
Where do you find all this stuff? I'm a collector.
I find beauty in things forgotten.
Oh, please, you're a hoarder, just like me.
Um, It's not hoarding when you plan to sell it.
Well, enjoy it, 'cause I went from having no place to put anything to no place at all.
- Any word from the insurance company? - No.
They're still working on it.
"Is it me or is it his sign?" A Dating Guide to Astrology? - An oldie, but a goodie.
- Not for Mental Health Day.
Uh, are you ever gonna tell me how dinner with the "A" word went? Uh it didn't happen.
He flaked? Shocker.
What happened? Good morning.
Hey, Ray.
Thanks for coming so fast.
Sure, it's what I do.
So, it's a sink you want me to look at? Yeah.
I'll show you.
Hey, Jan? Do you think you have any books on mechanical engineering? Engineering, huh? I knew you were cool.
- She's all yours.
- Awesome.
Thank you.
Think I'm ready to start building.
Hey, Ray any chance I could borrow a screwdriver and some pliers? Hello, lovers.
Why so serious? Uh some kids at school are trolling Maddie's sister.
- This is her? She fainted? - Yeah.
Why? What happened? I don't know.
I think she just stressed herself out.
Yeah, it was pretty bad.
They didn't say why? Low blood sugar, probably.
She's fine physically, I'm just more worried about her emotionally.
Oh, some moron misspelled "loser" in the comments.
Pretty ironic.
Yeah, she's smart, but she can't handle this kind of stuff.
Okay, so we put a stop to it.
This is war.
That's what I said.
No, I promised I wouldn't interfere.
I wish I hadn't, but I did.
Okay, who posted it? Um - SuperFabBossGirl.
- Wow.
What I really need your guy's help with is finding that address I asked for.
Yeah, I'm on it.
I mean, I found this guy using Tor, but it'll take some time.
I have to use the deep net.
I'm gonna pretend like I know what that means.
Wait, Gwen, what are you doing? You can't.
I promised I wouldn't.
Yeah, you promised, I didn't.
What did you expect? Gwen.
By Zodiac, that's got to be at least 45 to an hour out.
It'd take the Coast Guard at least an hour to get out there, maybe even two.
Well, how about a chopper out of Fairfield? Hey, I'm on with them now.
Uh, Search and Rescue here.
What's your ETA on getting a chopper out to Grand Island? Okay.
They said maybe within 30 minutes.
All right, well, that settles that.
Makes more sense to let them take it.
No, no, no, bad idea.
They're never gonna be able to land a chopper with all that marshland.
We gotta go.
John, they're better equipped than we are, and can handle it far more effectively than we can.
Plus, what if we leave and a call comes in? You a little tired? Do you need a nap? - What the hell's going on here? - Yeah.
Alan, let's go.
We're going.
Yeah? Yeah, yeah, we're going.
Come on.
- Alan, sit down.
- Okay.
You okay? Let's go.
- Next time.
- Yeah.
Next time See that clearing over there on the left? - I got it.
- We should tie up there.
The crash site is within a mile.
No, a mile's too far.
We're gonna go around the point, hit Miller's Cove.
I wouldn't recommend that.
I've seen some boats banged up badly against the rocks when the wind shifts.
Let's hope the wind doesn't shift.
Why do I feel like there's more to the story? Uh, what subject are we on again? Just wanna make sure I'm answering the right question.
Ha! You are really avoiding this.
Maybe I just don't want to talk about it.
"It"? There's an "it"? No.
But if there is, you'll be the first to know.
That's not going anywhere.
Let's have a look.
Ta-da! Hmm.
That's, uh pretty cool.
What is it? It's for my sister.
She's been really bummed, so I made her this light-up photo selfie booth so she can snap away her heart's content.
Hey, uh, we should build one of these for your little penguin.
That is an awesome idea.
I think we deserve a selfie.
Uh okay.
All right, what what do I do? - Just smile and look at the camera.
- Okay.
Hey, guys, come on, we're taking a selfie.
Where do I look? - At the camera, right there.
- Oh.
- What are we doing? - Okay, just let me - A selfer.
- get on to my camera.
Oh Taylor, let's get rid of the notifications.
I'd rather know what people are saying than wonder about it.
Right, but not on Mental Health Day.
Who posted this? We should get it taken down.
Please don't.
It it'll just make things worse.
- Hey, guys, could we just have a sec? - Yeah.
- Sure, I was just gonna finish up.
- Yeah.
You okay? Fine.
You know, I think this was a good idea today, for you to just relax and decompress but tomorrow But tomorrow I go back.
I know.
I remember I had this incident happen to me when I was in junior high, where I, um I burnt my eyelid with this curling iron, and I had to wear an eye-patch for, like, months.
The whole school called me "Pirate Char.
" True story.
It's not funny.
Those were dark days.
Point is, have you ever heard anyone call me that? - No.
- Right.
Because people forget about stuff and they move on.
And they will for you too.
It really doesn't feel like that right now.
What's the worst that can happen? Let's see.
The whole school could point, tease, and laugh endlessly.
Look, I think sometimes with stuff like this the best thing to do is to just deal with it head-on.
I'm ready.
For what? To go back.
Right now? Well, tomorrow's not gonna be any better, and if I wait any longer, I might change my mind.
All right, let's do this.
You know, I've been thinking about it more, and I don't think Maddie would want you to do this on your own, so - Oh, you're right.
Good cop, bad cop.
- No, that's not Does anybody here know who SuperFabBossGirl is? Hmm.
Hey, SuperFab.
Who? Oh, you know exactly who I'm talking about.
Let me see your phone.
Come on, sign in.
Let's go.
Oh, would you look at that? SuperFabBossGirl.
Gwen, Gwen Look, I don't like bullies.
My parents sue parents who have kids like you.
So delete it or I'll have you bankrupt, okay? Okay, Gwen, that's enough.
- Don't need any more drama.
Let's - Wait.
And let's keep this between the two of us.
Pleasure doing business.
I'm sorry.
Tabitha? Tabitha? I think my dad's dead.
Is Charlie around? Sorry, you just missed her.
Oh, darn.
It's Ray.
- Oh, hi.
- Yeah.
Hockey player.
Yeah, we know each other.
Oh, yeah.
Do you work here? No.
Yeah, no.
No, just fixing the pipes for Charlie.
Oh, that's nice of you.
- Best get back at it.
- Wow.
Anything I can Alex.
Do we know each other? Jan.
Charlie's friend? We went to high school together.
Yeah, wow, you look so different.
Uh, is that for sale? They're antiques.
What about this one right here? Sure, it's real gold, real diamonds.
Real diamonds I'll take it.
For who? - What? - Uh sorry.
It's, uh it's for Charlie.
Expensive habit.
What do you mean? Buying this type of thing for all the women in your life.
All the women in my life.
I'll assume you meant that as a jab.
Not my fault if the truth hurts.
People think I'm a playboy.
I get it.
Maybe I deserve it, because you know what? I was that kind of guy at one point.
But when I was with her it was only her, 100 percent.
And now seeing her again has been it's been You know what? Forget it.
How much do I owe you for that? Um that'll be $2,500.
Probably should have asked sooner.
Yeah, well, when you're only buying for one woman, you can spend more.
All right, you deal with her, I'll check the plane.
Hey, how you doing, Tabitha? You all right? My name's Paul.
Can you squeeze my hand for me? Got a nice little cut there, huh? Okay, we're gonna take care of you.
Got a pulse! I got a pulse.
It's weak, but I got one.
- Tabitha.
- Tabitha's fine, you hear me? Your daughter's fine.
Hey, you stay with me.
Stay with me.
Tabitha, what's your dad's name? William.
But people call him Will.
All right, Will, you stay with me, okay? I can't feel my legs.
Stay with me.
We're gonna get you out of here, you understand? Listen, he says he can't feel his legs, and I got a ton of blood in here.
We got to move him.
All fixed.
Ah, thank you so much.
It's what I do.
Don't know if Jan already mentioned, but a guy stopped by asking for you.
What did he want? Well, I assume to see you.
He's my ex.
- Oh, he's your ex, huh? - Yeah.
Are you sure he knows that? Thanks, Ray.
It's what I do.
A scalene triangle has three unequal sides and angles.
Now, an isosceles triangle Taylor, so glad you could join us.
Since you're up, would you help me with these handouts while I grab the others from the office? Thank you.
My name is Taylor West, and And I'm an alcoholic.
And it wasn't my choice to move to this town but I did.
I was scared I would be made fun of and I was right.
I worked way too hard trying to impress people who I didn't even know.
They say I shouldn't be embarrassed that I fainted, but I am even if I won.
I was scared to come to class today, but my aunt made me realize that I should be proud.
So I was hoping we could put this whole fainting thing behind us.
Please? I wouldn't have posted that video if you hadn't been so mean to Raji.
It was you? Drop the whole pity party, and tell your goons to back off.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Your sister's friends threatened me.
I guess you don't like being around while your dirty work's being done.
That's not true.
She's she's lying.
Oh, yeah? So delete it or I'll have you bankrupt, okay? Okay.
- Taylor? - I have to go.
T Give me the collar.
All right.
Come stabilize the head and neck, okay? Careful.
Let me get in there.
Here we go.
All right.
Here we go.
Three Okay.
Got it? Beautiful.
- All right, we're on.
- Okay.
We're on.
Oh, boy.
Pressure dressing.
Hurry! One more.
Okay, we got to control this bleeding.
Come on, come on.
Alan, what's the ETA on that chopper? They think they can wheels up in ten minutes.
Wheels up? They haven't left yet? Oh, no, no.
We got to go now.
We got to move him right now.
Hold on, let's be smart about this.
Chopper can get him to the hospital in 20 minutes.
EMT's over a half hour away.
He could bleed out, you understand? I'm making the call.
We're going.
We had a hard enough time getting ourselves up the hill.
- Imagine trying to get him down.
- Exactly.
Where are they gonna land a chopper? Let's get him on the board down to the boat.
If the chopper's there, we go with the chopper, right? If not, we're taking him.
- Two.
You good? - Got it.
He's got no pulse.
I'm gonna shock him.
Clear! - Will, we're getting close.
- Hang on, Will.
Still no pulse.
I got to shock him again.
Clear! I can't handle this place anymore.
Boredom drives everybody to butt into each other's lives.
Aren't there more concerning problems in this world than my sister's spelling bee? Okay, well, if you think about it, I mean, is any problem really bigger than the other, or isn't it all just relative? I didn't know we were having that kind of conversation.
What kind of conversation? Deep.
Hey, by the way, I never got a chance to thank you.
For? Not backing down when Gwen dared you to kiss me.
Why would I? It was a dare.
Yeah, I know, but you could've, like, said no, or Yeah, sure, but what's the fun in that? Good call today.
Could've gone either way, though, no? What do you mean? Well, Simmons could've been right.
Your gut against his Well, I'm the commander.
Somebody had to make the call.
Don't be so hard on him.
You know, it wasn't easy for him to step down once, you know you came.
Step down? What are you talking about? Oh.
Oh, I assumed you knew.
Knew what? Um Harry had told Simmons that he had the job until Simmons heard that you were interested, and you know, someone with your résumé he stepped aside.
Yeah, I I didn't know that.
- Um - Yeah, later.
Any updates on our guy? Nothing yet.
Listen, I, uh I heard that helicopter ended up being delayed another hour, so you were, uh You were right and, uh I'm sorry.
There's really no need to apologize.
Yeah, how'd you figure that? Because I got lucky, right? I mean, it could've gone either way, let's face it.
If they were able to land that chopper, I'd be the one apologizing to you.
Yeah, but they didn't.
Isn't that the point? Look, I'm the commander, right? I had a decision to make.
I went with my gut, this time I was right.
Next time, hey who the hell knows? Well, I appreciate you saying that.
You were great today.
You saved that guy's life after he flatlined.
- It was awesome.
- Yeah, we make a pretty good team.
I think so.
- So we're good? - Yeah, we're good.
All right, well, I'm gonna go home and pass out till Tuesday.
I'll, uh, take care of your paperwork.
Oh, I know.
Oh, you scared me.
What are you doing? - I heard you, uh, came by my place.
- I did.
You want to come in? I don't have a lot of time, so Come on.
Have you eaten? Let me make you something.
Why are you here? Come for a fight? What? No.
What's your problem? I I wanted to talk.
Not interested.
Why do you hate me so much? You've been a stuck-up arrogant prick ever since you got here.
You think you're better than us.
Yeah, we get it.
You're John West's son, and were born in Boston.
You know what would really impress us? If you put in the work, jockstrap.
You may be fancier than me, but you still got to work just as hard as the rest of us.
Fancier? Well, I didn't see it that way.
Look, you're a pretty good grappler, all right? And I'm sorry if I came across like a jerk, but I wonder if we could work together, maybe you could teach me something.
What do you want me to do? You're off the team.
I was wondering if you could help me get through to the coach get back on the team.
Listen, my dad's gonna kill me if he finds out.
And what's in it for me, Trout? You could take some of your aggression out on me.
Teach me some things.
Completely off the books, all right? No detentions, no nothing.
- No strings? - I will beg if I have to, Jason.
Come on.
Maybe another time.
For now no strings will have to do.
Ah! What the hell, man? Ow! Fists look like a fight in the halls.
A head-butt's a natural injury.
Now, it looks like you've been to practice.
See you tomorrow, jockstrap.
Okay, what I'm gonna want you to do is, uh, close your eyes.
Close my eyes? Just do it.
- Alex - Open it.
Wow, this is beautiful.
Like you.
May I? Here.
I remember the first time I saw you in school.
You remember that? I do.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Yeah, so do I.
I was speechless.
No one else has ever done that to me before.
Come on.
You've had millions of girlfriends.
Never loved any of them.
I tried but no one compared.
A toast.
- Toast.
- Okay.
To you and to me not messing it up this time.
Yes, I will drink to that.
And to a future.
Our future together.
Horrible timing.
I'm sorry.
- Go ahead, take it.
- Hold on just one second.
Hey, what's going on? Where are you? Okay, I'm on my way.
- What's going on? - I'm sorry, I have to go.
- You're kidding.
- It's one of the kids.
It's I'll come back, okay? I promise.
- I'm really, really I'm sorry.
- Okay.
It's all right, I get it.
I get it.
It's Hey.
Is anybody home? How could you? What I I told you I could handle it, and you didn't listen.
Listen to what? You may be my sister but you aren't my friend.
Get out.
- Taylor, come on - Get out.
Get out! Hey, guys, what's going on? What happened to you? It's fine.
Intense practice.
I zigged, he zagged.
You know the drill.
Battle scars, I love it.
Hey, you sure that doesn't need a stitch? - No, no, it's fine.
- Nice going, kiddo.
Hey, where's your sister? She's having a moment.
What now? I don't know.
Ask her about it.
Taylor? Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay? - Yeah, just doing homework.
You didn't answer your phone.
I know.
But look what I got for you.
Lots of goodies.
I want you to teach me how to do your hair.
Please tell me this isn't a bad idea.
This isn't a bad idea.
Come here.
If you don't live your truth, it'll eat at you and it'll find you, whether you want it to or not.
"Am I crazy to think there's hope? I know better.
We've all agreed that this is it.
She's ready, but I'm not.
Is that selfish, or is that because I love her so much? Mom's gone.
She'd been sick for so long but her passing only took seconds.
One breath in and the next breath gone.
You know, when I go out, or I look on the TV, I'm expecting that everyone should be grieving like I am.
But they're just laughing and going on about their day like nothing's happened.
She brought me here, into this world and now she's gonna leave.