Northern Rescue (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Bear

1 Yeah, baby, I'm 15 minutes out.
No, Donna, I'm not back-roading.
Bye, sweetie.
See you soon.
[BEAR SNORTING] Jesus Christ! [CRASHING] [MADDIE] Man plans, God laughs.
Mom used to tell me that.
I guess she was right.
Life didn't really work out the way she planned.
Does anyone check the mail around here? Despite knowing that, she'd still make big plans for all of us especially for me.
She was always pushing me to pursue my art, my writing.
I used to get annoyed by it all, but now I see it a little differently.
Like little nudges she's still sending me from beyond.
I'd ask you if my package came, but I'm not talking to you right now.
Tux, your treats are here.
Tux? [MADDIE] Even though I know not to plan anything fate finds a way.
Fate always finds a way despite any plans I may or may not have had.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] They got my blood up in their veins "Hey, what's with the strange breed?" They is my family They is my family They might be crazy But they is my family You can't get to them Unless you get through me, yeah You mess with them You mess with me [JOHN] Hey.
I got you something.
Oh, this is Wow.
Thank you, thank you, these are great.
- Nice, huh? - Yeah.
Try 'em on.
- What, right now? - Yeah.
Of course.
I want to make sure they fit for the big match coming up.
You know, this whole thing you're doing with wrestling, the whole, you know, commitment, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really impressed.
So? Yeah, they fit great.
They look great on you.
Oh, and, um found your yearbook.
That's a nice mullet you got there.
[LAUGHING] What are you doing with this relic? Huh.
Haven't seen this thing in ages.
Waffles are ready.
I got to run.
I got, uh coffee duty.
All right? See you later.
Well, that was close.
How's your guilt? You want to stay out of it? Thanks.
Syrup? No? - [JOHN] What's up, Ray? - Hey.
Closed? You know, I'd take it personally if I didn't think she got herself a man.
So, uh, you here for the pie? Coffee.
Ooh, how's Snowball? - Who's Snowball? - You know, Snowball.
The penguin.
- Oh, Tux, yeah.
- Tux? That's what you're calling him? That's what we're calling her.
He's a girl? Oh.
Yeah, I never understood it.
They left him her behind.
I tried calling them for months, nobody would answer.
Never could catch it, so I just started leaving food behind.
Did you say something about Charlie having a boyfriend? That hockey player guy, Alex, came looking for her.
But I'm not one to gossip.
[CHUCKLES] [ALEX YAWNING] You'd be a penniless ninja.
- You leaving? - I'm late.
Don't go yet.
This is the second morning in a row I've been late.
I'm gonna get fired.
[CHUCKLES] You're not gonna get fired.
You own the place.
I gotta go.
[ALEX] Hey.
Just promise me you're not gonna have any more of those annoying second thoughts.
I gotta go.
I don't - I don't know how to do this, Taylor.
- Do what? Everything.
Life, all of it.
So when are you gonna tell Dad? No matter when I tell him, he's gonna freak.
"Hey, so, Dad, I got in a fight with the coach, kicked Bangkok in the balls, oh, and then this babe convinced me to skip practice, and now I'm off the team.
" "Great job, son.
" What are the chances of you getting back on the team? They're not great, but not impossible.
I tried talking to Jason.
Why? I don't know.
I was trying to break the ice.
Looks more like he tried to break your face.
You're hilarious.
Any other bright ideas? This was never my idea.
With or without Jason, you need to keep training.
Um maybe I could help.
Just until you get back on the team.
You're 12 years old, all right? You're a book nerd, and you know nothing about wrestling.
I don't even know why I'm listening to you.
Your only friends are robots and a stupid penguin.
- At least I won my championship.
- Oh They won't even let you play in your stupid game! [ENGINE STARTS] Hey, you forgot your shoes to sell your stupid lie! [ENGINE ROARS] [HIGH-PITCHED WHINING] Hey, Tux.
There you are, buddy.
Look what I made you.
Look what I made you.
- It's okay.
- [TUX CHITTERING] It's okay.
[LAUGHS] What do you think, Tux? You like it? [LAUGHING] [TUX SQUAWKING HAPPILY] - [CAMERA CLICKING] - [LAUGHING] Oh, hey, Maddie.
What are the odds? [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] It's good to see you.
You're [CLEARS THROAT] Maddie, it's You look nice.
- In fact, this is your golden ticket - Who are you talking to? No Um No nothing.
No, I was actually just passing by, and I thought I'd pop in and see what you were up to, If you had any plans or anything.
I actually have to meet Gwen down at the marina.
I need to go talk to her.
She's just been way too bossy lately.
Lately? Yeah, she could work on that.
She dragged me into my sister's business, and now Taylor won't even talk to me.
She literally taped a white line down the center of our room.
- Stop.
- Yeah.
I didn't know people actually did that.
But, to be fair, I think Gwen means well.
Really? 'Cause she threatened a 12-year-old.
Who does that? Does she realize how wrong that is? - I could talk to her for you if - No, it's okay.
I should just do this by myself.
Well, do you want to do something after? Sure, what'd you have in mind? Wouldn't you like to know? You and your surprises.
What can I say? And what is this? Don't Don't, it's not even Don't.
[GASPING] Did you make this? - Yeah, it's - [MADDIE LAUGHS] I just thought it'd be a nice way to make up for that first date we had.
Date? Oh, you mean the boat thing? No, that was actually fun.
Well, this is gonna be way more fun, okay? But you got to be there by 5:00 p.
Okay? It's very time-sensitive.
No later.
Okay I'm intrigued.
Well, listen, I'm not doing anything right now.
Can I drop you off at the marina? Yes, actually, that would be great.
- It's about time.
- [GASPS] Oh, my gosh, don't do that to me.
Is it your day off? No, I came by earlier to get some coffee for the crew, and you were closed, so I just, you know, wanted to make sure you were okay.
I'm okay.
It's just traffic.
Traffic, yeah.
Let me get your coffee.
Nice, uh necklace, by the way.
That come with a ring? What is that supposed to mean? This guy what, he's gone for years and all of a sudden he's buying you jewelry? That's a little harsh.
Well we know how that ends, Char.
Oh, do we? You're the one that told me to call him.
Yeah, to sign the insurance papers, not to jump into bed with him.
Who says I'm jumping into bed with him? Well - It's none of your business.
- That's a yes.
Why do you care? We couldn't say this guy's name around you for years, and all of a sudden, he's back in town, he's back in your life.
What's next? He wants to settle down and start a family with you? Think about what happened last time.
He's not ready at all for something like that.
He was ready.
We were ready.
We were having a baby.
I was pregnant and we lost the baby.
[SIGHS] I, uh, I'm sorry, Char.
I just Sarah never said anything to me.
Yeah, obviously.
That's why he took off? He's different now.
We both are.
So I hope you're right.
Me too.
[SARAH] Dad's gonna be back soon with the girls.
Are you sure you don't want to stay and roast marshmallows with us? Oh, we've been planning this thing for a while.
So [SARAH] Mm-hmm.
That's a pretty nice outfit for a movie with Josh.
Well, uh Yeah, we're meeting Jen and Kate.
Kate and Jen.
Is Kate the one you're writing the song for? She's a lucky girl.
If you, you know, want an audience to practice on, I'm all ears.
[SCOUT CHUCKLES] What, you gonna make your mother beg? Come on.
[CLEARS THROAT] Hush, hush, girl Don't you worry about a thing now You may be lost, but I'm not leaving Not the way you got me feeling Hush, hush, girl Let your hand fall in mine now Maddie was gonna finish the last line.
I've been trying to do it myself, but - Mind if I have a look? - Yeah.
All right, so it seems like it's about being in love, maybe for the first time, and all the risks that go along with that.
It's both scary and wonderful at the same time, right? Play me that last bit again.
Let your hand fall in mine now What about something that has to do with trust, taking chances on love? "Chances," that's good.
Uh Well, what rhymes with chance? - Dance.
- Prance.
- "Dance," so much better than "prance.
" - It's a bit better, yeah.
- Just Yeah.
- [LAUGHING] Let's try it.
Hush, hush, girl Let your hand fall in mine now If you go and take a chance If you let me have this dance I love it.
That's great.
You and Maddie can be the West Stripes.
Well, I mean, yeah.
- Okay, play it again for me.
- All right.
Hush, hush, girl Don't you worry about a thing now You may be lost, but I'm not leaving Not the way you've got me feeling Hello? Gwen? Boo! Welcome.
Kind of sexy you just let yourself in.
It's like you're a cat burglar.
- Are you a cat burglar? - No.
I mean, maybe a little.
I have a surprise for you.
Is that a thing in this town? Do you like massages? I mean, yeah.
Like a chair massage, in here? No, silly, like an actual masseuse.
I hired two of them so we can get pampered at the same time.
Oh, okay.
Uh, I don't have that long, though.
What are you doing here? Let me make it real simple for you, okay? Charlie she's my family.
You're good to Charlie I'm good to you.
If you're not good to her, then you and me, well that's gonna be a problem.
- You understand? - Yeah.
Charlie says you're a changed man.
I hope that's true.
You okay? I'm just heading into a meeting.
- How quickly can you be here? - [JOHN] Here? Where's here? - On the Nordic Trails.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- I found an injured bear.
- A bear? You get the hell away from that thing, you understand? Far away.
- [LOUD STATIC] - [SCOUT] It won't hurt me.
It's dying.
We need to help it.
[CALL BREAKING-UP] Stay away from that bear.
Drop me a pin.
I'm on my way.
- Dad, are you there? - [ALAN] Yes, you bought coffee.
Simmons, grab the shotguns.
- [JOHN] Scout? - Is everything okay? My son's out on the Nordic Trails, he ran into a wounded bear.
Scout? Scout? Dad, are you there? Hey, call Wildlife, make sure they know we got a wounded bear, - you track our signal.
- You got it.
Scout, can you hear me? You ever fire one of those things before? - Scout? - Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
- But, yeah, of course I have.
- Scout? Hey, listen, Alan, you're eyes and ears as always, okay? - Roger that.
- [SCOUT, FAINTLY] Dad? Scout, if you can hear me, make sure you drop that ping.
We're on our way.
- You're welcome.
"I named a galaxy after you"? Please tell me those aren't for me.
Ah you can have one, I suppose.
It's okay.
Hormones, right? Well, I prefer Henry.
What's up? Uh, I was wondering if you could help me with a surprise I'm planning for Maddie.
[WHISPERING] You've got some nerve.
I've got some nerve? You humiliated me in front of the entire class twice.
You made fun of me in front of the entire audience.
Do you know what the decimal said to the fraction? "You gotta split.
" [LAUGHING] I tell that joke to all the chatty little girlfriends in here.
[BOTH] We're not friends.
[WOMAN] Uh-huh.
I understand that you both have a penchant for words, so let me spell this one out for you.
One more peep out of either of you, you're going to be asked to leave and hand in your library card.
Clear? [BEAR MOANING] [SARAH] You okay? What's on your mind? [HEART MONITOR BEEPING] [SCOUT] What's gonna happen? Oh, wouldn't you like to know? Are you really gonna die? Well, we're all gonna die eventually.
That's not what I mean.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.
I want you to prepare for that.
How? By just doing what we're doing.
Talking, spending time together.
What's gonna happen when you die? I don't know.
Are you are you still gonna be able to hear me, see me? If there's a way, I will find it.
How will I know? Well, I will send you signs and signals.
You'll know.
Like what? Like Like when the sun hits your face, you know, in that special way well, that will be me.
And when you find a quarter that'll be me.
When it's your lucky number that'll be me.
Now, if you don't brush your teeth, that's you.
[LAUGHS] If you ever want to talk to me, just go for a nice long walk.
Find a quiet space, and you just tell me everything.
And I will be listening.
I will be listening.
Come here.
[SOBBING] Hey, boy.
Come towards me.
We have to save her.
A wounded animal is far more likely to attack.
Please, step aside.
No, you can't.
You can't.
Good on you for finding the bear but I hit it and I have to put it out of its pain, so please You shoot her over my dead body.
[BEAR MOANS] [SIGHS] [TAYLOR] For the record I've never felt more humiliated in my life than when I saw that Boomerang and all those senseless comments.
I didn't post it.
Stacey did, and only after you dissed me on stage.
I refuse to argue about something I did while barely conscious.
Well, I refuse to argue with somebody who makes excuses for their mean behavior.
I'm not making excuses, I'm clarifying.
There's a difference.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] You two my office, now.
[MADDIE] You ruined things between me and Taylor.
How so? I told you not to mess with it and you did, and now I'm dragged into some plot that involves threatening a 12-year-old.
Sorry about that.
This is so cute.
Stop! I'm serious.
You're so busy playing by your own rules that you don't realize what you do affects other people.
You hurt Taylor, you hurt that other girl, and now you've hurt me.
Okay, so, what do you want me to do about it? I want you to apologize.
I already said I'm sorry.
Not to me, to Stacey.
I don't care about bullies, so sorry.
[SCOFFS] Says the bully.
Excuse me? Are you blind? You bullied a bully.
Yeah, but she deserved it.
Where is the lesson in that? I was trying to do something nice for you, protecting your sister.
It's what friends do.
But I get it.
I really am sorry, and I'm happy to talk to Taylor.
- And Stacey? - Yes, and the bully.
Now, for the love of God, can you please try this on? It's from France.
- I do love the pattern.
- Uh-huh.
Try it on.
["HAPPY JUST TO BE ALIVE" PLAYING] Sunshine opens up my day A cool breeze blows along my way There's no time to work, It's time to play I don't know why you brought your backup.
We both got ourselves kicked out.
My backup? She's my friend.
I don't see you surrounded with a ton of those right now.
I'd rather have no friends than a friend like Stacey.
[STACEY] At least I play by the rules.
You're a cheater.
What are you talking about? I bet your sister found a way to get those spelling words ahead of time.
I mean, who knows how to spell "curiosikitty"? Chiaroscurist? I didn't.
We both got that wrong.
- She's right.
- I'm just saying, Maybe you should prove you're not a cheater.
- How? - A spell-off.
Or are you too afraid about it without your sister here to cheat for you? I'm not a cheater.
Okay, Taylor, your first word is "fainted.
" Syncope.
Smooth move, Stace.
Something harder, please.
Okay how about "enthused"? Um that's not a word.
Is too.
Okay, conjugate it.
What? I'm enthused, you're enthused It, he, she is enthused.
Yeah, so? [CHUCKLES] "Pediculous.
" Okay.
Okay, "xanthodontous.
" X-A-N-T-H-O-D-O-N-T-O-U-S.
Your turn.
" Nice one.
No one's heard of that.
Well, not exactly no one.
- Two people have.
- Yeah.
C-O Oh, no, not again.
Stacey, get some juice from my bag.
Taylor? Taylor, can you hear me? Taylor? [TAYLOR] Psych! Sorry, couldn't help myself.
I probably deserved that.
Hi, I'm Taylor.
Want to be friends? Only if you never do that to me again.
Okay, I won't, I promise.
Well, not on purpose at least.
Pretty clever.
You weren't too bad yourself.
We have to put her down, or she's gonna hurt you or somebody else.
- She wouldn't do that to me, okay? - Please.
[BEAR MOANING] I won't shoot her.
Just stand behind me.
I don't believe you.
I got blood.
[ALAN ON RADIO] Hey, John? Scout's phone last pinged within a quarter-mile radius of your position.
Copy that.
Yo, found more blood over here.
Where the hell are you, Scout? What are you doing here? I was about to come in, but I stopped to jot something down.
Where you headed? - Uh, bank, deposit.
- Can I join you? Okay.
You look great.
Thank you.
What are you thinking about? I'm thinking about the future.
What about it? In what way? Us.
And? It's just, I've, uh been really loving the time that we spend together.
Me too.
I want a fresh start.
Meaning? I want to build a home together.
Well, you mean rebuild.
Yes, rebuild.
But not here.
I want you to move away with me.
- Move? - Yeah.
My life's here.
Well, make your life with me.
What are you running away from? It's not running, it's just This place is the past.
This is where we grew up.
Listen, don't you want something different? Away from this small town, from the gossip? I don't know.
I mean, everything I have is here.
My business, my my family now, the kids.
Just think about it, okay? Okay.
- Go deposit.
- Okay.
[ALEX CHUCKLING] [TWIGS BREAKING] Scout, get away from that bear now.
Let's go.
Dad, he's trying to kill her.
Okay? I understand.
Son, get away from that bear now.
We we gotta do something.
Come on, Dad, please.
We got to try.
Get behind me now.
The chances this animal has of surviving are slim to none.
Putting it down is really the only humane thing to do.
We can't let them.
Mom needs us.
[TEARFULLY] We can't let her die.
I wanted to save her.
I miss her.
[JOHN] I miss her too.
We all do.
Like Simmons said, this is the humane thing to do, do you understand? [SCOUT SNIFFLES] Yeah, I'll take care of it.
Come with me.
Let's go.
[BEAR SNORTING] [JOHN] It's gonna be okay.
Let's go home.
[SHOTGUN BLASTS] [MADDIE] So I got a college application in the mail today.
- Already? We're not even seniors.
- Yeah, I know.
You gonna send it in? I don't know, maybe.
I think my mom wanted me to.
It was addressed to both of us.
- Could just be junk mail.
- Yeah.
So, hypothetically if someone you cared about was holding onto a secret that you knew was important and you had access to their diary, would you read it? Like a boyfriend? Sure.
Like, if I thought my boyfriend was cheating on me, and he left his computer on with his messages open for me to see, hypothetically, of course - Yeah, would you read them? - Absolutely.
Nobody in their right mind wouldn't.
So, uh, is this about your boyfriend? Who? - Henry.
- Henry's not my boyfriend.
- Are you sure he knows that? - What do you mean? I mean the kiss.
- That was nothing.
- Truth or Dare? Come on.
It was a game.
A game that does not require you to use your tongue.
Come on, think about it.
I don't think Henry feels the same way.
Okay, first of all, didn't use my tongue.
- Okay.
- And Henry and I are just friends.
Let's say he wanted to be more than friends, what would you do about it? I don't know.
Would you break his heart right to his face, date him for two years out of pity, or just completely forget about him? I wouldn't forget about Henr Oh, my God.
What time is it? We have to go back to shore right now.
- Oh, missing date night? - Shut up.
Okay, I guess I'll cancel the massages.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah, I'm okay.
Thanks, Dad.
Yeah, right, son.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Have you seen Henry? Um, earlier.
Why? Nothing.
I'm an idiot.
Forget it.
What's going on? Nothing.
You know, at some point, you got to deal with this, right? I thought we were just friends, but he wants more.
I don't know what to do about it.
It's not like I asked for this.
I know you didn't ask for it, but I mean, it's pretty obvious he's into you, right? Let me ask you something.
Who do you call when you're bummed out? Henry.
Who makes you laugh? Henry.
- Who's always there for you? - Okay, I get it.
Sounds like a pretty good guy.
He is.
I just don't feel that way about him.
Then you need to be honest with him.
You need to just tell him.
But I don't want to hurt him.
You're gonna hurt him more if you string him along.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm really glad you called, you know.
My wife's been asking about you a lot lately.
I mean, she was really torn up about what happened.
I mean, everybody was torn up [SIGHING] Look I'm sorry I haven't called you, okay? - I'm just not good with this stuff.
- Hey, I appreciate it.
Means a lot.
- Thanks, Bobby.
- Thanks.
So how's things going in the wrestling room, huh? How's Scout looking? Aw, shoot.
You don't know.
Um I had to throw him off the team last week, John.
What happened? He just started turning into this real hothead.
You know? Like someone I know and, uh, he just didn't really leave me any choice.
- Did you give him a warning? - Yeah, I gave him three.
I tried to be as patient as I could considering everything he's been through, but I can't have one set of rules for him and one for everyone else.
Of course, of course.
You think there's any way he could possibly earn a way, you know, back on the team? Yeah, sure, but if you don't mind me saying, I think you've got to let him find his way back.
Yeah, yeah, I know I know the drill.
[KNOCKING] I found your wrestling shoes out in the driveway today.
I I was looking for those.
It was brave, the way you handled that bear today.
I'm proud of you.
Why didn't you tell me you got thrown off the team? [STAMMERING] I wanted to, I just didn't Hey.
I know you're going through a tough time.
It's totally normal.
It would be weird if you weren't based on everything we're all going through, right? I don't mind you messing up.
I just don't want you lying to me, okay? I want you to trust that you can tell me the truth no matter how hard it is.
Does that make sense? Yeah.
No secrets between us.
Okay? I want you to be able to come to me and say anything.
Right? Okay, yeah.
Thanks, Dad.
Bring it in.
Love you, Dad.
I love you, son.
[TAYLOR] Scout, have you seen my Join in, all right.
We both know you want Oh, okay.
[TAYLOR LAUGHING] [MADDIE] The problem with ripping Band-Aids off is that once you do it it never sticks the same way it did before.
[INAUDIBLE] [MADDIE] And you can never predict how bad it looks underneath or know when the wound is fully healed.
Therein lies the tough decision of knowing when to rip.