Northern Rescue (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Wake Up

I feel like I'm about to open Pandora's box.
Is it a Pandora's box? Only one way to find out.
- Hey, Maddie.
- Knock, Dad.
Can you knock? Knock? - You okay? - Yep, great.
What's up? I just came out to say good night to you and Tay.
What the heck is all of that? Don't ask.
That's all Taylor.
Maddie drew first blood, not me.
Do you think she knows she's quoting Rambo? Listen, you're sisters, okay? Work it out.
You hear me? Family is all you got.
Don't remind me.
Good night, Taylor.
Is it? - Love you.
Love you too, Dad.
Love you too, Maddie.
Yeah, you too.
Good night.
Not sure if I believe in signs, but how's that for timing? Could be the world telling me to run the other way.
And what the hell's a Rambo? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
They got my blood up in their veins "Hey, what's with the strange breed?" They is my family They is my family They might be crazy But they is my family You can't get to them Unless you get through me, yeah You mess with them You mess with me - - [SCOUT.]
Taylor, seriously, it's okay.
But I think these Japanese wrestling techniques could really help your ground game.
I appreciate it, but I'll figure it out myself.
Okay, your loss.
This brain's moving on to something else.
"Morning, Dad!" [KIDS.]
Morning, Dad! Hey, Scout, don't forget you're helping out Agatha today, okay? Right, haven't forgotten.
All right.
Maddie, you got your appointment with Dr.
- - Mmm.
I'm already there.
Hey, have you seen Charlie, by the way? She's a little caught up at the moment.
With the hockey player? Yeah, what's his deal? Are we ever gonna meet him? I'm hoping it's just a phase.
Why, you don't like him? Yeah, is he really that bad? Dad's just overprotective.
Just looking out for my family.
Okay, but do you know the guy? Let's just say when they call him a player they're not just talking about hockey.
I don't get it.
An emergency situation, right? You're out on the water, you got a man overboard.
You don't have a ring or a torpedo, you need a quick, reliable knot.
I'm gonna teach you a tugboat bowline here.
The trick is you need to be a little bit of a cowboy to pull this one off.
Here we go.
Boom comes around, this comes through tugboat bowline.
- Yo, John, we got a call.
- What's going on? Rider went over the ridge at Motorsports Park.
- Anybody else hurt? - So far all we know, it's just the one.
Hey, clean this up and meet us over there, all right.
This place has sure changed since I was in high school.
This was nothing but woods back then.
Welcome to the future, old-timer.
Lighten up there, young buck.
Oh, here we go.
Don't you worry.
We're gonna get you right out of here, okay? Alan, Rebel 1's on location, confirming one patient, ATV rider, male, still conscious.
It's too hairy up here.
We got too many riders.
Get the caution tape, cordon off the area 20 feet out from those trees all the way across to this side.
Copy that.
Simmons, watch out! [GRUNTING.]
John! John! [ALEX.]
Hey, baby, check this out.
What am I looking at? Our house.
- Yeah.
- You've lost me.
Okay, honey, look.
We can't continue to live like this, and we don't have to.
I mean, who knows how long it'll take to rebuild? So I popped online to, uh, widen the search.
Widen to what? Price, location.
This is a lot better than a pile of ashes.
And we can get good bang for our bucks down there.
Down where? Where is this? Portland.
Oregon? Mm-hmm.
But this Sorry if I got ahead of myself, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Yeah, 3,000 miles away.
Lake and mountain views.
Which we have here.
Vineyards for neighbors, a foodie scene.
Yeah, it's 3,000 miles away, though.
Look, it's amazing, obviously, but I mean, like, as if we could afford that.
Maybe we can.
This is a bank auction, okay? It's one of those unicorn listings, sliding below radar.
If we name our price, put in a bid, and hope no one bids higher it could be ours.
- Sounds like a gimmick.
- It's not a gimmick.
It could be ours.
This is the real thing.
I don't know.
You know what? This is great.
- This is - [PHONE CHIMES.]
Look I gotta go.
I'm gonna leave this here, check your e-mail.
I sent you the listing on Zillow.
It's got all the information and a video walk-through.
- Okay.
- Okay? Hi, Jan.
Don't start.
- Coffee's burnt.
You seem a little off today.
Anything else on your mind? I found a letter that my mom wrote to her lover.
- Whatever you call it.
- And? It got delivered here, so she must've sent it before she died to the wrong address, so it just took this long to get forwarded back here.
And how does that make you feel? I don't know, I couldn't read it.
What's stopping you? I'm afraid of what it might say.
You're gonna have to decide whether knowing what's inside is more important than always wondering what was.
Hello? Um Can I help you, young man? I'm John West's son.
I'm Scout, Agatha.
Been here since, like, 9:30.
- I'm volunteering.
- That's That's very kind of you.
Yeah, I'm happy to help.
That, uh man who dropped you off, he's got a tough job.
Yeah, he does.
Do you think you might want to do that someday? I hadn't I hadn't really thought about it.
Well, you should.
You'd be a natural.
Well, thank you.
Hey, Tay, what's up? Have you seen Tux? Uh, no.
No, I haven't.
I can't find her.
I'm sure she's around.
Yeah, but where? Well, she is a penguin, so, uh couldn't have gone far.
Not a dog.
Who's not a dog? Bangkok.
Can we get a doctor over here? We need a doctor.
Can we get a doctor now? [DOCTOR.]
Okay, bring me up to speed here.
What have we got? [SIMMONS.]
Okay, he's a 51-year-old male, sustained head injury, knocked unconscious by a BMX bike.
We have another victim on the way.
ETA four minutes.
Any vomiting? - [EMT.]
No, but he's lost consciousness.
Struck his head twice.
Confused and disoriented [INDISTINCT TALKING.]
John? No.
You sure? - Yeah.
No, I'm good.
- You look like you need it.
Your sister's friends with Gwen, yeah? Yeah.
She cool, right? [CHUCKLING.]
Yeah, she's cool.
I guess.
Why? Why do you think? Well, you know, we played Truth or Dare together once.
- Yeah.
- And? I don't kiss and tell.
Come on.
No, I'm serious, man.
I'm serious.
All right.
Good on you, Jockstrap.
I didn't mean it before, you know? What I said about your mom? Yeah, it's fine.
Sorry, bro.
That's tough.
I lost my dad when I was five.
I didn't know that.
You didn't ask.
Nobody does.
Sure you don't want a piece of this? [COUGHING.]
First time, eh? You're gonna get so baked.
- Slice.
- Charlie, it's Simmons.
Is he okay? Doctors are with him now.
He's unconscious.
Where is he? - Just over here.
- Okay.
He was out of it when I last saw him.
- What happened? - He got hit by a motorcycle.
Can I get a caramel iced mocha to go, please? Does this look like a drive-through to you? Does it look like I'm driving? Sorry, I'm in a bit of a mood.
Is this a "yes, I will happily get you coffee" mood, or Okay, lay it on me.
Henry's still ignoring me.
You got a kiss that casts spells.
How could I not see this coming with him? Because you're self-absorbed and only care about your own life.
Wait, no, that's me.
So coffee? Just because you can acknowledge that you're self-absorbed does not make it okay.
What would make it okay? Listening to me.
I'm so much better at that when I'm caffeinated.
I need my friend right now, and all you care about is iced coffee.
And the barbecue.
Are you still free for that? Yes, Gwen.
Thank you so much for the chat.
You're welcome.
I'm glad you feel better.
Have you seen Tux? No, not recently.
- What about Thug Life over here? - Thug Life? That's so good.
Respect where respect is due.
I will wear it.
I was going for Queen of Mean, but - I like this one.
- They double-nicknamed me.
- It's amazing.
- These were just the PG ones.
You're cold.
I see why the penguins like you.
Taylor, we have to go find Scout.
- Again? - I'll give you a ride.
Come this way.
Shotgun! - [GWEN.]
Get in.
Still no observable response to cuticle stimulus.
I'm gonna run his charts upstairs.
I want to review his progress with Dr.
What's wrong, baby? [JOHN.]
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question.
I don't understand.
It's so nice to see you.
Am I dreaming? Not quite.
No, you shouldn't What do you mean? John, you can't come up here.
It's not your time, honey.
- My time for what? - John, don't.
It's better for everyone.
Who's up there? John, don't! John! - [MOANING.]
He's not responding to stimuli.
He could be coning.
Give him 40 mg of esmolol and send him for a CT scan.
- Someone should inform the family.
I am his family.
- John? - You can't be in here.
Excuse me, is there any update? We put him into a coma in order to stabilize him while we bring down the swelling.
Coma? Yes, we had no choice.
He was going into cardiac arrest because of the shock.
But the good news is that he's stable for now.
Well, when is he gonna wake up? He's being monitored around the clock.
His body is really weak and needs to repair.
It could be days or weeks before he comes out of it.
- So, is he gonna be okay? - We hope.
It's a simple yes or no question.
Is he gonna be okay? Until he wakes up, we can't determine the extent of the damage.
Do you two have kids? No, we're not married.
He's my brother-in-law.
He has three kids, though.
And his wife? She passed away recently.
You might want to get his kids.
Hey, Jan.
Is Charlie around? I thought maybe we could grab lunch.
She ran out of here, that's about all I know.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Is this real? Portland? Look, I know I don't have the best track record.
- Well, that's an understatement.
- Jan I love her okay? Enough to uproot her life? Take her away from her friends, her family? She wants her own family.
She wants to add to it, not run from it.
Yeah this is happening.
Just don't disappear on her.
West? West, what the hell are you doing here? Uh I I I know what you said, Coach but I've been doing community service, little bit of volunteer work for my dad and I will do whatever you want me to do.
All right? I just If I can't be on the team at least let me help you guys get the win, all right? That's I just want to help, you know? That's all.
Okay, well Bangkok's got a head start on you, so - Go on, get the hell out there.
- Thank you, Coach.
Thanks! Hey, this doesn't mean you're on the team, though.
No, no, never.
Scout? Scout, are you here? Wow, so you weren't joking when you said you had a real pet penguin.
Well, the key word was had a penguin.
- I haven't seen her for a few days.
What are you doing? Basking in the teenage boy life.
Come on, join me.
It's my brother's bed, Gwen.
I know where he is.
Where? Oh, my God.
Taylor, we have to go.
- What do you mean? What's wrong? - We have to go right now.
- Can you tell me what's going on? - No.
There you are.
It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
I need to know.
Sar-bear did you do it? Did you cheat on me? I didn't.
You've always known that.
In here, John.
Dad? Dad, are you okay? Is he gonna be okay? Maddie? She's not Maddie, come down here.
John, she's not here.
Dad? Dad, are you okay? Yes.
Maddie? [BANGING.]
Dad? Dad, can you hear me? Maddie, can you hear me? - Maddie! - Dad? Dad, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Maddie! [BANGING.]
Maddie! Please What did we do to her? She only knows part of what we've kept from her all these years.
Where's the waiting room? - [MADDIE.]
What happened? - He's not gonna die, is he? He can't.
No, no, no, he's Sit, sit.
It's okay.
Your dad's a fighter, right? [MADDIE.]
Where is he? [TAYLOR.]
Can we see him, please? No, not right now.
He's in ICU.
They don't allow visitors.
Look, the doctors are doing everything they can.
What does that even mean? I know hospitals suck, okay? But all we can do right now is just breathe and relax and try to be positive.
How's he doing? [CHARLIE.]
He's gonna be okay.
You said Mom was gonna be fine, and look how that turned out.
Sweetie Stop pretending everything is gonna be okay.
If he's gonna die just Just tell us.
He's not gonna die.
Everything's fine.
We're all together now.
So, uh what are we supposed to do? Pull ourselves together and we wait.
I need you to be strong for Taylor.
- I'm so sorry I hurt you.
- I know.
No, stop.
Hey you didn't do anything wrong.
I'm sorry, okay? So what's the word? How's he doing? They either don't know, or they're not telling us.
I'm just really glad that you're here.
Excuse me, folks.
The scans were clear, and the swelling is going down faster than we expected.
These are all good signs.
So he's okay? We can't determine the extent of the damage, if any, yet.
What damage? There could be some residual issues with his cognitive abilities, but we won't know that until he's out of the coma.
Which will be when? Hopefully in the morning.
Until then, you should all go home and get some rest.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
Sorry I didn't get a hold of you earlier.
You really didn't need to come, you know? No, no, no, that's not how we're doing things anymore.
You're stuck with me through thick and thin.
I'm not going anywhere.
I told you that.
- I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
Hey, let's sit.
Oh, boy.
Look, obviously - the house, it's not - No.
I get it.
I get it.
It's far, it's not the right time.
Look Listen.
Let's just forget about the move, let's forget about the house, and focus on what's most important.
Our future, wherever that ends up being.
Just as long as we're together.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer, but, you know, just text me.
I need your help.
What? It's a letter my mom wrote to the guy she was having an affair with.
What does it say? I don't know, I haven't read it yet.
And I don't know if I'm going to, especially after everything that happened today.
So we have two options.
One we burn it.
Forget it ever even existed.
Or two, we read it and we deal with it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You can't do that.
There's a camera here.
This is a hospital.
Okay, fine, you read it then.
Are you sure you want to do this right now? Yeah.
Yeah, just tell me what it says.
Is that a check? Yeah.
For $5,000.
I mean, it hasn't been cashed.
The memo's not filled out.
It could mean anything.
Okay, well, what does the letter say? It's nothing it's a piece of paper.
So, what? This was all about money? Maddie, unless your mom was paying for some high-priced sex from some old high school fling, this really doesn't feel like an affair, does it? So, what then? She was just helping out an old friend? Yeah, it sounds weird, but we have to consider that could be a possibility.
Listen, why don't we just [MADDIE.]
What is that? Nothing.
You know what? We don't need to do this.
What what are you talking about? We've come this far.
Why don't you hand me that lighter we can just do it? Henry, what are you talking about? Let me read it.
No, listen, Maddie, you don't want to read this.
- Henry.
Give it to me.
- Okay? Let's just go back inside Hey.
What the hell are you doing? I'm being serious.
I'm trying to help you.
- Give it to me.
- Don't - Henry, give me the letter! - Mad Maddie.
I'm sorry.
- Hey - Just go home.
A state in which a person cannot be awakened.
Fails to respond normally to a painful stimuli, light or sound.
" You have to respond.
This is life and me in it telling you to respond.
I think I'm sick, Dad.
And I'm scared.
I don't want to die, but I don't want to live without you and Mom either.
Please wake up.
You have to wake up.
Good morning, everyone.
We've started to wean him off the coma induction.
He's gonna wake up? When the medicine wears off, yes.
We're watching him closely, and one of us will let you know when he's awake.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
That's good.
Will I ever see them again? [SARAH.]
Every day if you want to.
Five more minutes? Take this.
It's the key to my heart.
I love you.
It's time.
Who's the attending? - [NURSE 2.]
Uh, Dr.
But I've already paged for her.
She should be right down.
Okay, can you, uh, grab his drip for me? [NURSE.]
Yep, copy that.
- [DR.
How's his breathing? - [NURSE.]
His saturation is low.
Raise his oxygen.
Blood pressure? - Stabilized.
- [DR.
Okay, good.
- And his heart rate? - Stable.
John? - [JOHN, WEAKLY.]
- Squeeze my hand.
He's following commands.
John? - Come out of it, John.
Come to me.
John? Come to me, John.
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
Goodbye, John.
You're all right.
Where am I? You're in the hospital.
Do you know your name? My name is John West.
When's your birthday? February 21st.
Can you tell me the last thing you remember? My wife.
Where Where's Sarah? I was home.
- I I remember now.
- [NURSE.]
I remember.
I was on a rescue.
I was on a rescue with some some guy who crashed an ATV.
That guy okay? [DR.
I'll find out.
You need to rest.
You've had a pretty bad fall.
But first, your family would like to see you.
But just for a couple of minutes.
I'm not dead, huh? No, I'm glad to report you're very much alive.
My head Hey looks like you dropped this.
It's a lucky charm? [EXHALING.]
I don't know.
How long does this Shoot.
He's doing well.
But just a few minutes, okay, guys? Hey, Dad.
Hey, guys.
You should see the other guy.
Love you guys.
Love you too, Dad.
Signs they're everywhere.
Just need to look around and you'll see them.
Good or bad, they're there for a reason.
Sometimes, we ignore them 'cause we don't want to face the truth.
Other times, it's hard to tell what they mean.
Or they're so obvious, you would need to be a moron to miss them.
Tux! Hi, buddy.
You can't scare me like that.
I didn't know where you went.
Now you're back.
They're like GPS maps for the soul.
- - [MADDIE.]
Me? I should have paid attention when I had the chance.
I mean, everything tried to stop me from reading that letter, but did I listen to the warnings? So now what?