Notorious (2016) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [Moaning] I've got this thing Gonna blow your mind Pulling your string Helping you unwind - Oh! - [Chuckles] I've got this thing - Gonna tie your tongue - [Exhales sharply] - Welcome back.
- That's what I call a homecoming.
[Gasps] Damn.
What? What's wrong? Our quickie went into overtime.
You got to go, now.
I've been gone for two weeks.
I missed you.
Take the night off.
If I take the night off, the show takes the night off.
And Louise would not like that.
I got, got I-I-I-I got it I got it, I got it I-I-I-I got this thing That was fun.
Yes, it was.
But we can't have sex again.
At work, ever.
Consider it a celebration.
My boyfriend is now a federal judge.
You sure like saying that, don't you? I'm proud of you, Your Honor.
[Knock on door] Julia, we have a problem.
Louise is locked in her office.
I'm on it.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Julia.
- Betsy.
Thanks for inviting me back on the show.
Of course.
Just a heads up, Jake Gregorian's your counterpoint, and he's gonna give you a hard time on the enforceability of the new paparazzi laws.
I can handle Jake.
If he hits below the belt, so will I.
That's what I like to hear.
Aha, looking for you.
Darin, what do you need? Meet your new production assistant.
Uh, interviews are set for Thursday.
As the network president, I saved you the trouble.
Hey, I'm Ryan Mills, and I really appreciate the opportunity.
- Your son? - Ryan's your man.
Sure, he might've spent the last few years tooling around Europe trying to find himself, but he's back and ready to work.
- [Slaps back] - [Sighs] Is there anything I can do for you? Get a latte for Sergeant Betsy Powell.
- She's in the green room.
- No problem.
And submit the receipt to your dad.
Yes, ma'am! "Ma'am.
" Woman: That's my kid, and that should be illegal.
[People shouting] Get out of his face.
Megan, line one's for you.
- Take a message.
- He sounded pretty insistent.
[Telephone beeps] This is Megan.
Oh, wait.
Slow down.
[Knock on door] Louise? Let's go! Hair and makeup is on their way up! Come on! [Lock beeps] - It's creeping in sweetly - [Louise laughing] It's definitely here Now it's a party.
My boss is here.
You have seven minutes.
Julia, this is Imran, my boyfriend.
We've met.
I introduced you last week when he was promoting his album on your show.
Hi, again.
I like your vibe.
I think.
[Laughs] Come on, Lou.
Sex in your office minutes before air? Not okay.
I'll be ready.
Don't worry.
Hey, boss lady.
How do you like your meat? - [Laughs] - The shallower it grows The fainter we go Into the fade out line Nick, are we good? Julia! Is Jake here yet? - Three minutes out.
- Listen, I have something.
Greg, we moved your segment up to C-block.
- Julia - Can I get a graphics preview on 14? Copy says "Governor Gary Brown," and the man's name is Jerry.
I have something big about Oscar Keaton.
- The tech guy? - Yeah.
His car was spotted on traffic cams at 2:00 a.
at a hit and run.
15-year-old boy's in critical.
Police were just dispatched, but Oscar's barricaded himself inside his home.
Big-ass standoff in the Palisades.
- Does Jake know? - I don't think anyone knows.
Billionaire flees a crime scene, and his attorney happens to be a guest on our show tonight? Karma is real.
Are we throwing out the rundown? You bet.
Jake can't know.
If he finds out before he's on the air, he'll bolt.
Ooh Hey - You could call me Jay - Call me Jay - 'Cause you're my Beyoncé - 'Cause you're my Beyoncé - Consider me danger - Danger Tell me, what do you say? Tony: My man Jake! Hey, Tony.
How's your grandson at Loyola? Made the Dean's List three semesters in a row.
- Wow.
- Jake, I need you in the chair now.
Give me a call when he needs an internship, okay? Talk to you later, buddy.
Ah! I'm being assaulted.
I got witnesses.
Hey, hey Ooh, yeah [Clears throat] So, um, I saw your boyfriend's confirmation on the news.
Shook hands with the president.
- Don't.
- What? I know what you're thinking.
How could you possibly know I am thinking that he is a boring elitist - and you could do way better? - There it is.
You know I'm saving myself for you, right? Oh, I'm in.
Let's go to Vegas for the weekend.
- Hell, let's make it a week.
- You're impossible.
- [Elevator dings] - [Whispering] I am so possible.
Louise is waiting.
[Indistinct conversations] Cutting it a little close, huh? You know, I saw the show's new billboard on Sunset.
You look radiant.
Manuel, have the chopper go lower.
Man: We're live in 20 seconds.
Louise, we're throwing out the rundown.
Fix your earring if you copy.
Oscar Keaton has barricaded himself inside his house, and Jake doesn't know.
Read your pocket screen.
Man: And in 5 4 3 2 Good evening.
We start with breaking news.
An arrest warrant has been issued for Oscar Keaton in connection with a hit and run that's left a 15-year-old boy, Nathan Lloyd, fighting for his life.
Keaton is the founder of Paraspot, a microblogging service with over 100 million registered users.
Just a few moments ago, we learned that Mr.
Keaton is resisting arrest.
He's with his wife, Sarah, and Paraspot's Chief Technology Officer, Levi Young.
We have Keaton's attorney, Jake Gregorian, with us tonight.
Jake, what the hell is going on? I haven't talked to Oscar, but I can assure you this is just one giant misunderstanding.
Don't let him off the hook, Lou.
What kind of misunderstanding leads a client to evade law enforcement? If Oscar were guilty, I wouldn't be here.
- I'd be with him.
- Ask him about the traffic cam.
If he's innocent, how do you explain the video footage that places Oscar's car at the scene? Does this video footage capture the image of the driver? No, it does not.
No, but I don't dispute that Oscar's car was involved in this tragic accident, but Oscar was not behind the wheel.
Maybe his car was stolen, and the creep took it for a joyride.
After all, there have been three break-ins at Oscar's over the course of the past two years, but I'm sure you know that.
Oscar is surrendering.
We have it live.
I've just been told that Oscar is being taken into custody.
We have a helicopter on the scene.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
[Panting] Keaton is perhaps one of the most famous names to emerge from the recent dot-com boom.
Growing up poor in East Palo Alto Whoa.
he received a scholarship to Stanford University.
You're looking at Oscar Keaton being escorted to a squad car in handcuffs.
How could you ambush me?! It's breaking news.
I'm doing my job.
The next time I have a story, I'll go to Greta.
You know what? I'll go to Diane.
You know I will.
Oh, man.
[Chuckles] That could not have gone better.
The show's already trending.
[Sighs] I got to plant the seeds of doubt before the country rushed to judgment.
- I owe you.
- Are you kidding? We're the only network with live coverage.
Every morning show will be running our clips.
Why'd you have Oscar barricade himself inside the house? Would you have thrown out the rundown if he had simply been taken into custody? Probably not.
If you ever do that to me again, I will come after you, so help me God.
Sorry, I'm looking for the green room.
- I have the - Go.
I got to run.
Tell Louise I went to go see my client, who surrendered peacefully.
And tell your boyfriend he doesn't deserve his new job, or you.
[Door closes] Jake.
Thank God.
How'd it go? Before anyone said you were guilty, we got to tell the world why you're not.
I need to know who else had access to your car.
We know it wasn't stolen.
I'm not stingy with my keys.
It could've been anyone.
And just to be clear, you're still clean? No booze, no drugs? I have a five-year chip in my pocket.
I'm sober, Jake.
You know I didn't do this.
I'm gonna need Sarah to confirm that you were home all night.
I've been sleeping in the guest house.
You guys okay? Yeah, we're working through some stuff.
There is something.
In my car under the driver's side floor mat, there's a compartment, and there's cocaine inside.
Oscar, you just said It's not mine, okay? It's a friend's.
We did an intervention.
I took his stash so I could get rid of it.
Excuse me.
Uh, Detective Matthews, we're not done.
Jake, I'm sorry.
The boy, Nathan Lloyd, died 20 minutes ago.
Keaton, you're being charged with second-degree murder.
[Door closes] So, what happens now? You listen carefully and you do exactly what I say.
We need to talk.
We talk every day.
- Have you seen her yet? - Seen who? Come on.
Not yet.
Given the circumstances, I have a suggestion.
- Hear me out.
- The answer is no.
Let me run point on Oscar's case.
- I said no.
- Jake.
You were in love with his wife.
[Sighs] A long time ago.
I am not just speaking as a partner.
As your brother, this is a bad idea.
I've been handling Oscar's legal affairs for years.
Yes, but now we're talking murder two.
This case is different, and you know it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, fine.
Convince me you don't have feelings for Sarah Keaton, and I'll let it go.
- [Knock on door] - Excuse me.
Councilman Davis is in the conference room.
He seems upset.
Come on, Bradley.
Let's go.
Councilman, why are you wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt? I was at a sorority costume party 12 years ago.
My girlfriend was Daisy Duke.
I was Bo.
From "The Dukes of Hazzard.
" Boss Hogg, General Lee.
We're familiar with the show.
- How can we help? - Out of context, this photo makes me look insensitive at best.
- And a racist at worst.
- Yeah, exactly.
Look, a bartender from the party e-mailed it to me, threatened to go to the press if I didn't pay him 100 grand.
Councilman, we know this photo does not reflect who you are as a man or as a politician.
Thank you.
But if it gets out Your career's over.
And the election is what, four weeks away? Yeah.
Bartender's timing is perfect.
Excuse me.
Jake, Oscar's been processed.
- You should head to the courthouse.
- Thanks.
Councilman, bottom line, extortion is illegal.
We'll set up a meeting.
We'll try to scare the guy off.
Oscar Keaton's bail hearing has concluded, and we've learned that his wife has paid the bond.
- Man: There he is.
- [Indistinct shouting] Jake: Client has nothing to say.
Keaton, have you been offered a plea deal? Mr.
Keaton, did you hit that boy? - Excuse me.
- Is it true you'd been drinking? Oscar, do you have anything to say to Nathan Lloyd's family? Excuse us.
This accident was a tragedy.
While I'm innocent of the hit and run, my prayers go out to Nathan's parents.
Excuse me.
[Indistinct shouting] Man: This is your opportunity to make a statement.
[Shouting continues, camera shutters clicking] Jake: Thank you.
Thank you.
[Indistinct conversations] Oscar: My prayers go out to Nathan's parents.
That went great.
Even better than we rehearsed.
No one else talks to the press.
Right now, that's the only sound bite out there, so it's the only sound bite the news can play.
Thanks, Jake.
Oscar, uh, don't answer your phone unless you know who's calling.
- I just want to go home.
- No way.
No, the press has your place surrounded.
There's only so many times you can say "no comment" before you look guilty.
We're gonna drop you at the Beverly Palm Hotel.
Bungalow number three is under Ken Williams.
What about Sarah? If I go with you, it'll just attract more attention.
She's right.
Is there anything I can do to help? Anything at all? Actually, there is.
You got exactly one job to do here today.
That is convince the world that Oscar is a hell of a guy.
No problem.
Levi, you never know what future judge or juror might be watching.
[News intro music plays] Man: 10 seconds out.
You ready to do this? Louise is gonna lob him a softball and then throw him on defense.
I'm not sure what sport she's playing, but it sounds like good TV to me.
Man: And we're live in 3 2 Tonight, my guest is Levi Young, Oscar Keaton's boyhood friend and an executive at Paraspot.
Levi, you were with Oscar during the Palisades standoff, weren't you? Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a standoff, but yes, I was there.
- Oscar's a generous - Get him to talk about Oscar's car.
Yeah, we're on the same page.
And you've been working together how long? 13 years.
I hear Oscar owns a fleet of luxury automobiles.
He's a collector.
Oscar is a really great guy.
He drove Oscar's i8 at least once a month.
Get to the i8.
Have you driven the i8 recently? You're asking me about the car from the accident? You've driven it, right? I'm sorry, what? Mr.
Young, where were you two nights ago, the night of the accident? She smells blood.
Why would you ask me a question like that? It's a reasonable question.
Tell Louise to get a look at his keys.
They're in his pocket.
Jake, you didn't.
That's so transparent.
My client needs reasonable doubt, Julia.
Louise, he may have an i8 key on him.
May I see your key chain? If you have nothing to hide.
Viewers, this is a BMW i8 key.
[Scoffs] No, that's It's not mine.
That's not my I drive a BMW, but that's not my key.
Levi, is this the key to Oscar's car, the car that killed young Nathan Lloyd? I I don't know.
Cut to commercial.
We'll be right back.
- Man: And we're clear.
- [Bell rings] Great job, Levi.
You son of a bitch, you set me up! Relax.
You'll be fine.
That's not even Oscar's car key.
Huh? Like I said, anything for a friend, right? [Indistinct conversations] Hey, Megan, right? Can I ask you something? Guess I have time for my boss's boss's son.
What's up? I don't want to fetch lattes forever.
How do I advance around here? Dude, you've been working here for like five minutes, and you want a promotion? I want to get ahead on my own, not because I'm your boss's boss's son.
Ryan, what do you think Julia does all day? She produces the show.
She produces the news.
The number-one cable news program.
'She decides what the country cares about.
She creates heroes and monsters, victims and villains.
Julia George tells the world when to pay attention and what really matters.
Help her do her job, and she'll notice you.
So you're feeling tied up to a sense of control And make decisions that you think are your own You are a stranger here, why have you come? Why have you come? Lift me higher, let me look at the sun Look at the sun And once I hear them clearly, say Gray fitted suit, stud earrings, close-toed shoes.
Let me guess.
You're an attorney.
And you're a fashion expert? Three sisters and my mother's a lawyer.
You're cute, but I'm reading.
"The Economics of Corporate Law.
" You don't give me five minutes, I'm gonna ruin the ending.
One drink.
It's amazing, right? [Chuckles] [Cellphone chimes] Your phone's been blowing up.
Your girlfriend is gonna be pretty mad.
Don't have a girlfriend.
It's my dad.
Seven texts, two e-mails, and one voice-mail about Sunday dinner.
Should have moved to the East Coast.
I got to answer mine.
Hey, boss, what's up? Jake: The police are done with Oscar's car.
I need you to go with Bradley to the impound lot.
I'll be right there.
Thanks for the drink.
I got to go.
[Scoffs] My pleasure.
You think the cocaine's still in the car? The LAPD leaks like a sieve.
If they found drugs, we'd have heard.
[Car alarm beeps] So, I heard about the councilman's case.
The man's up for reelection, and a 12-year-old photo could change everything.
Why not just pay off the blackmailer? If a politician pays to protect a secret, he'll be writing those checks the rest of his career.
[Siren wailing in distance] Got it.
[Laughing] So, I got under the sink, and water is shooting everywhere.
I'm drenched.
What did you do? I got into the crawl space and I shut off the valve.
No, you didn't.
I had to.
Otherwise the whole house would've flooded.
I'm impressed.
Maybe the next time the pipes leak, it'll be at our house.
You know, when we're ready.
I'd like that.
[Cellphone chimes] Sorry.
Damn it.
The D.
's requesting an emergency bail hearing.
Right now? I got to go.
I thought we'd go back to my place.
I made dessert.
Really? I defrosted a pie.
That counts.
Sorry, honey.
Justice calls.
notice me Here I wait Hey, you're working late.
Just filling up the Oscar Keaton file.
It's gonna be all Oscar all week long.
Fancy at the office.
What's up? Dinner with my boyfriend ended early.
Official judge business.
Why do you have a file on him? Oh, he's a news maker, right? - Let me see it.
- I'd rather not.
What aren't you telling me? [Sighs] I had no idea your Eric was Eric Jessup till I saw him in your office.
Julia I recognized him from my old job.
At the escort agency? I wasn't sure if I should say anything, but I also didn't want you to get blindsided.
Was he your client? Only once Five years ago.
I called my friend who still works at the agency.
Eric goes by the name Henry Wolf.
He hired two call girls in D.
last week, the night before his confirmation.
I'm so sorry.
I need some air.
[Insects chirping] [Engine shuts off] [Sighs] Are you kidding me? Ryan, what are you doing at my house? - I have something to, uh - How do you know my address? Please, take a look at this.
That's one of Jake's associates.
Yeah, Ella Benjamin.
And I'm pretty sure she's holding cocaine.
I followed her to the impound lot.
It was in Oscar's car.
It's a good video.
You have to go.
Send me the video.
And good job.
What's it gonna take to keep that video off your show? An exclusive with Oscar by Friday.
[Laughs] Absolutely not.
How did you get it? I won't wait for tomorrow's show.
I'll put it online right next to a link to Ella's bio on your firm's website.
That video's irrelevant to the hit and run, but it could destroy Oscar's career.
Come on, Julia.
You know me.
We don't lie to each other.
I believe you.
But I have to make the decisions that are best for my show, not your clients.
I can give you Sarah Keaton.
But for Thursday's show.
That was quick.
You wanted Sarah all along.
Have a nice night.
This time I'll act immediately [Breathes deeply] Of struggling, of struggling - [Indistinct shouting] - Are you here to visit Oscar? [Camera shutters clicking, shouting continues] Woman: Will you be making a statement tonight? [Indistinct shouting] Of giving in, of giving in This time, I'll keep away from you There you are.
Sarah: What's going on? Is Oscar all right? I need a favor.
I'd like you to be a guest on "Louise Herrick Live.
" It'll help Oscar.
Trust me.
Remember Spain? Of course.
Took that train from Salamanca to Barcelona.
Only the first six cars were gonna stop in Madrid, so we had to jump while the train was still moving.
Yeah, you did not like doing that.
[Chuckles] You held my hand.
I've never trusted anyone like that.
If you want me to go on that show, of course I'll do it.
Whatever you need.
[Chuckles] Will you stay for a glass of wine? That night in Barcelona, you came to bed wearing nothing but my blue tie.
[Giggles] And I had never been more in love in my entire life.
[Both laugh] Well, it was your one good tie.
[Laughs] That's not what I meant.
I loved you, too.
You know, I should, um I should go.
[Knock on door] Hey.
What's going on? Are you okay? You sleep with prostitutes.
Julia, what are you talking about? Henry Wolf hired two prostitutes to the Willard Hotel Tuesday night.
[Door closes] What is happening right now? What's happening right now is that I have proof you paid for sex the night before your appointment to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
You gonna tell anyone? Are you serious? Those are the first words out of your mouth? Julia.
- I love you.
- Stop.
I do.
I'm gonna forget about you, Eric.
I'm gonna forget I ever cared about you.
I'm gonna forget you ever mattered to me.
But every day you will wonder if today is the day I share your disgusting secret with the world.
I might wait until you run for Congress.
Or the night before your confirmation to the Supreme Court.
Who knows? I will forget about you.
But you will never forget about me.
That is what is happening right now.
[Door opens] [Line ringing] [Cellphone vibrating] [Ringing continues] [Cellphone beeps] Julia.
You're here early.
Imran booked us a suite at that new hotel in Malibu.
I'm in charge of supplies.
So, you're raiding our kitchen? Gonna need sustenance.
[Cellphone vibrates] LAPD.
I got to take this.
Hey, Betsy, what's up? Okay, I'll be right there.
Jake: The councilman's time is valuable, so let's cut to the chase.
Extortion's a felony.
We want the photo destroyed.
No one's extorting anyone.
If councilman Davis doesn't wish to purchase the photo, my client will simply offer it to the highest bidder.
I'm sure TMZ will be interested.
They can run it as a, uh, public service.
Bradley: Mr.
Newsome, you own that fancy new wine bar on Third, don't you? I do.
And when you pay me the 100 grand, I'll be adding an outdoor patio.
[Scoffs] Well, love a man with a plan.
- Mm.
- But here's the problem.
If you sell that photo to anyone, we'll sue you for breach of contract.
We'll argue damages in the exact value of your bar.
Excuse me, but exactly what contract did my client allegedly breach? On the night of the party, he worked for a catering company hired by Phi Delta.
The company signed a non-disclosure agreement binding all employees from disclosing personal information, including photos.
I wasn't an employee.
My roommate had a hot date.
I subbed in.
No one noticed.
Hence, my client isn't bound by this contract.
You have till end of day.
[Car alarm chirps] I came as quickly as I could.
The LAPD isn't releasing this till they get their ducks in a row, probably tomorrow morning, but I owe you.
My heart's racing.
What is it? Security footage from a house two blocks from the Keatons'.
It was captured 20 minutes prior to the hit and run.
Look who's driving Oscar's car.
Oscar's wife.
Sarah Keaton was the driver.
[Cellphone vibrating] Hello? I need condoms and a bottle of Baileys.
Come again? I'd go buy them myself, but Imran's paparazzi's crawling around the hotel, and This is completely irresponsible.
No, completely irresponsible doesn't involve condoms.
Julia, men can have sex with anything that isn't nailed down and no one judges them.
But if I go downstairs to buy condoms, I'll end up in Us Weekly with the caption "Cougar Pounces.
" That's not good for the show.
And the show always comes first, right? Fine.
You win.
I'll send the new P.
Love you.
[Cellphone beeps] [Elevator bell dings] Julia wants to talk logistics about Sarah's interview tomorrow.
If I tap my pen three times I interrupt and change the topic.
I know the drill.
Thanks for coming.
I need a moment in private.
[Indistinct conversations] You.
You work here? I do.
And I was hoping to see you again.
- I never got your number.
- You followed me.
You met me at the bar, pretended to hit on me, and then you followed me.
That's how Julia got the photo.
[Sighs] All true, and seriously, I owe you.
You're an ass.
You would've done the same thing for a client or to impress your boss.
And I wasn't pretending to hit on you.
Come on, let me take you out to dinner.
Who knows? Maybe you can turn the tables and use me for something.
And what could I possibly use you for? Whatever you want.
I want Sarah on the show tonight.
We had a deal for tomorrow.
She's not gonna be available tomorrow.
What do you know? The police are issuing a warrant for her arrest in the morning.
She drove the car.
No way.
I saw surveillance tape.
She'll be on the show tonight.
She'll be on the show tonight.
[Door opens] - Why would I lie to you? - Cops have evidence.
The night of the accident, I was in bed by 10:00.
I took a sleeping pill with some herbal tea and I drifted off.
I swear, Jake, on my life.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What kind of sleeping pill? It was an Ambien! I take them once in a while! What does it matter? Ambien affects the brain.
In rare cases, it's been known to cause sleepwalking, sleep eating, even sleep driving.
Oh, God.
I killed that boy.
Listen to me.
If you confess before you're arrested, we'll control the narrative.
Now, tonight you will go on "Louise Herrick Live" and you will tell the world what you just told me.
[Knock on door] [Muffled music playing] [Volume increases] You're not room service.
I'm the new P.
I have the, uh items you requested.
It's really nice to meet you, Ms.
Would you like to come in? I have to get back to the studio.
You know, where I work now.
Maybe next time.
Make them wheels roll [Laughs] [Chuckles] Julia, Jake is playing you.
What are you talking about? He's playing you.
He's playing us.
When you told me about Sarah's Ambien defense, I went to the pharmacy closest to her home, figured I'd get some B-roll for tonight and maybe talk to the pharmacist.
They're under oath not to disclose.
Yeah, and she wouldn't talk to me.
But then I turned on the charm with the store manager, and Megan, what are you getting at? Sarah bought the pills the day after the accident.
Maybe she was just refilling her prescription.
My source checked the PDMP database.
It was Sarah's first ever prescription for that drug.
I think Sarah hit that boy, and Jake figured out a defense.
You son of a bitch.
I am so tired of being lied to this week, and you of all people Slow down.
What's going on? Sarah Keaton wasn't on Ambien, and you concocted some ridiculous defense and I almost fell for it? - We have a deal.
- To never lie to each other.
To never lie to each other.
So, I am looking you in the eye and I'm swearing to you Sarah was on Ambien.
She filled her prescription yesterday, and it was her first.
[Sighs] You didn't know.
Sorry, Jake.
It's been a rough couple of days, and I'm not just talking about work.
Is your boring, elitist, federal judge giving you problems? Yeah.
Well, say the word.
I'll kill him.
Or at least have the DWP shut off his water.
Don't worry.
Sarah will be on your show tonight.
I am not gonna go easy on her.
For all I care, throw her to the wolves.
Man: A bombshell in the Oscar Keaton case tonight, only on "Louise Herrick Live.
" - [Knock on door] - Julia, have you seen Sarah Keaton? She's not in hair and makeup.
She was supposed to be here at 4:00.
We're on in 20 minutes.
[Cellphone rings] - Hey.
- Jake, where is she? I spoke to her an hour ago.
She was on her way to the studio.
[Cellphone beeps] I'll call you back.
Oscar, what's up? I need to see you.
I'm at my house.
You shouldn't be there.
Sarah called me.
She told me to come over here.
Just get over here, okay? Now.
I just checked with valet.
Sarah's not here.
- [Cellphone vibrates] - Uh, text from Jake.
He can't reach her.
So, we have no show and 10 minutes.
We are sitting on a huge story.
What? - No.
No way.
- What's going on, guys? [Sighs] I recently found out that my ex-boyfriend, federal judge Eric Jessup, has sex with prostitutes.
Jules, that makes him a public figure creep.
- We need you in my chair.
- It's not gonna happen.
If you don't want to do it, we support you, but We have other options.
We've been promoting a big show all day.
We need something big.
The show always comes first, right? Man: Two minutes to air.
You're all set.
[Sighs] I'm not sure I can do this.
You're a tough-ass bitch.
You can do anything.
[Cellphone chimes] Hello? Oscar?! Oscar: Jake! She's dead.
Someone killed her.
Julia: Oh, my God.
[Cellphone vibrates] - Yeah.
- Jake, it's me.
I think Sarah Keaton's been murdered.
I'm about to go live.
Do you have a comment? [Line ringing] Dispatcher: 911.
Please state your emergency.
I need to report a homicide.
[Siren wails] [Indistinct conversations] Louise: Only a few minutes ago, we learned that Sarah Keaton, wife of tech billionaire Oscar Keaton, is dead from an apparent homicide.
She was scheduled to be a guest on our show tonight.
Police are responding to a 911 call from Jake.
Police responding to a 911 call from Jake Gregorian, her husband's attorney, are now arriving on scene.
Jake: Front door was open.
We entered, called out for Sarah, and that's when we found her body.
Is that accurate? I tried to save her, but we were too late.
[Stretcher rattles] [Whimpers] [Sobbing] ongoing investigation into last Sunday's hit and run that killed 15-year-old Nathan Lloyd.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's about Sarah.
We can now confirm that an arrest warrant was about to be issued for Sarah in connection with that accident.
Why wouldn't she have told me? I would've supported her.
I would've done anything for her.
Keaton, the D.
dropped the hit-and-run charges, but you're still a person of interest in Sarah's murder.
Make sure he doesn't leave town.
"LHL" will continue to bring you up-to-the-minute news as this story unfolds.
[Oscar sobbing] Sarah: I loved you, too.
I've never trusted anyone like that.
[Line ringing] Jake.
I've been calling.
Have you seen the news? Sarah's dead.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? I'm heading back to the office.
I'll see you there.
[Sighs] Look, I hate to ask, but are you with Detective Matthews? Yeah, he's on the scene.
Why? All right, I've got an idea how to help the councilman, but we'll need Matthews.
All right, you get everybody together.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Detective, you got a minute? I'm on my way to brief my lieutenant.
Uh, are you a fan of Councilman Davis? - What? - The councilman.
Supports the union, got you guys unlimited overtime on your last contract.
I got a favor to ask on his behalf.
Thank you.
What's going on? We'd like you to meet Detective Matthews.
Newsome, are you aware that furnishing alcohol to a minor is in violation of B&P code section 25658? What kind of a question is that? Well, it turns out Daisy Duke was the social director of Phi Delta and kept a video diary of the party.
[People shouting] - I'm not stopping.
- Whoo! There is your client serving alcohol to an underage Daisy.
She was 19.
- That was 12 years ago.
The statute of limitations has run.
You know that.
Cassie, normally I like dancing with other lawyers.
The push, the pull.
Hell, I get off on it.
But given my day, I have neither the time nor the patience, so let me be perfectly clear about exactly what I think of your blackmailing, sleazeball client! My brother is trying to say that although the statute of limitations may have expired, the Alcohol Beverage Control Board won't like the looks of that video.
Your client's liquor license is up for review next month.
Are you threatening him? We're simply letting the authorities know that your client has a history of serving minors.
Consider it a public service.
[Sighs] - We'll destroy the photo.
- And we're done.
Thank you.
I can't You okay? Uh Yeah.
I know how much Sarah meant to you.
- Whatever you need.
- I can't.
Not now.
- Jake.
- Yeah.
I know where Sarah was going on the night of the accident.
What? 48 minutes before the hit and run, she made a call to a residential landline.
The route from the Keaton house to that location goes right through the crash site.
Text me the address.
I'm heading out now.
- Julia.
- What is going on? Let's go for a ride.
[Knock on door] What do you want? We're here about a woman named Sarah Keaton.
Never heard of her.
She's dead, so whatever you're hiding Drugs, sex We don't care.
We're not cops.
I don't mouth off on other people's business.
Buddy, if you close this door, you're gonna be hearing sirens in about five minutes.
Last week, she, uh, placed an order.
She was in a hurry, paid double.
Jake: Claire Gibson? Why'd she want a fake passport? I don't ask questions.
Look, she was supposed to pick that up a few nights ago, but she never showed.
We done here? Um can I keep this? How much cash you got? Jake: I thought I knew this woman.
But I have no idea why she'd need this.
She She must've been afraid of something or someone.
I know Sarah was your friend, but Whatever it is that had her so freaked out, I need to know why she why she couldn't tell me.
Why didn't she trust me? It's been a long day.
We should get you home.
I need to go to the office.
I got to concentrate.
I need to work.
Jake, whatever happened to Sarah, you'll figure it out.
I'll help you.
I'm here for you.
You know that, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I know.
Why don't you let me drive? Okay.
Couric: Police confirmed this morning that Sarah Keaton was about to be named their prime suspect in Sunday night's hit and run.
It was "Louise Herrick Live" that first reported on Keaton's involvement in that deadly crash.
Sarah Keaton was, of course, married to O Morning, ma'am.
You can call me Julia.
Why didn't she trust me? I thought I knew this woman.
[Knock on door] I didn't mean to startle you.
I'm sorry I was a downer last night.
Can I take you to breakfast? Unless you're busy.
Um I'm good.
Let's go.