Notorious (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

The Perp Walk

1 We start with breaking news.
Previously on "Notorious" Megan: Julia George produces the number-one cable news program.
We have his attorney Jake Gregorian with us.
What the hell is going on? Jake: I haven't talked to Oscar, but I can assure you this is just one giant misunderstanding.
That could not have gone better.
The show's already trending.
[Sighs] I got to plant the seeds of doubt before the country rushed to judgment.
Someone killed her.
She's dead.
Keaton, you're still a person of interest in Sarah's murder.
Jake: We entered, called out for Sarah, and that's when we found her body.
Jake, you were in love with his wife.
I loved you, too.
I should go.
- We have a deal.
- To never lie to each other.
To never lie to each other.
Let's go.
It's been 36 hours since Sarah Keaton, wife of Internet mogul Oscar Keaton, was found dead in their Pacific Palisades home.
Police have officially ruled her death a homicide.
Sources inside the LAPD have confirmed Oscar Keaton is a person of interest and has been asked to remain in Los Angeles.
Moments ago, Oscar's lawyer, Jake Gregorian, held a press conference on the courthouse steps.
I can state with absolute certainty that Oscar Keaton would never harm his wife, the woman he loved.
I'm demanding a bona fide manhunt in the search for Sarah Keaton's murderer, and I'm asking the press and the public to respect Mr.
Keaton's privacy during this trying and painful time.
[Reporters shouting] I will not be taking any questions.
"LHL" and "LHL Online" will keep you posted on any and all developments in this tragic story.
Nice job, Louise.
Online's been blowing up.
That segment's gonna get half a million views.
Happy to help.
- Hey.
- Lady in red.
- Look at you.
- [Laughs] Sean and I are going for martinis at the Chateau to talk about his new album.
Hi, Puff Daddy.
How you doing? I'll be back at 5:00.
Uh, the show starts at 5:00.
I need you for hair and makeup.
I'll have her back on time, don't worry.
[Laughs] [Chuckles] [Elevator dings] Hey, Julia, you have a second? Uh, sure.
What's up? You asked me to figure out who e-mailed you that photo of Sarah's dead body.
We need to find the sender.
I'd like to bring in someone who works here, someone I trust.
But keep it on the down-low.
Whoever sent that photo could be involved with the murder.
Oh, and Megan.
I need you to find me Sarah Keaton's brother.
His name's Alan Wells.
- You want him on the show? - You bet.
Sarah's parents are dead and he's her only family.
Not to mention a few years ago, he and Oscar Keaton had a very public falling out and no one knows why.
Every news producer is gonna be chasing him.
I'm on it.
Jake: Sarah, come on.
Make a wish, blow out the candle.
Okay, I'm thinking.
[Sighs] It has to be perfect.
I love you, Jake.
I love you, too.
[Knock on door] Yeah.
Abby Rollins is in the conference room.
She was referred to us by the Foundation for Missing Children.
I know who she is.
I'll be right there.
I can assign the case to another lawyer.
No, I can do it.
You're more upset about Sarah than you're letting on.
You're doing your best to hide it Bradley, thank you for your concern.
Jake, I know you crawl all up inside yourself when you're in pain.
- Mm.
- But I'm right here, man.
Talk to me.
Okay, fine, punch me.
Hard as you can.
What? When we were kids, it always made you feel better.
Come on.
Abs of steel, baby.
Hit me.
Show me what you got.
I am not hitting you.
At least not today.
Look, Bradley, I promised to help the foundation, and I want the case.
[Door closes] [Both chuckle] I woke up when I heard a noise coming from my baby's bedroom.
I went to check on him and his window was open.
And Noah, my son, was gone.
That's when I called 911.
But the police have no leads.
It's been almost two days.
The police asked Abby to talk to me.
I run the outreach program for the Foundation for Missing Children.
I thought maybe you could help.
I'll do anything to get Noah back, but I don't understand why I need a lawyer.
Well, Abby, uh, your story's already national news.
You need somebody to coordinate your statements between the police and the press.
We've been fielding dozens of interview requests.
CNN, MSNBC, "Nightline.
" There are news vans outside her home, but she doesn't want to go on TV.
No, no.
The more people who know your story, the better the odds of finding your son.
I understand, but I'm scared I'll freeze up.
And I get panic attacks.
Abby, in the case of a missing child, every second counts.
It's been two days.
We'll need you to trust us, take a deep breath, and for Noah, share your story.
On behalf of everyone at "LHL," you have our deepest sympathy.
[Sniffles] Tell me about the video you brought today.
It's from three weeks ago.
Noah had just turned 1.
Cue the video.
And go.
[Speaks indistinctly] Is that good? [Gasps] Oh! Smile at the camera, Noah.
Absolutely adorable and heartbreaking.
Viewers, please, if you've seen baby Noah or have any idea who's taken him, make a call now.
Get to the baby's dad.
What can you tell us about the baby's father, Troy Marshall? My ex-husband is not in the picture.
He's been in jail since before Noah was even born.
I'd rather not talk about him if that's okay.
Abby, what do you miss most about Noah? The way he looks at me in the morning when I pick him up out of his crib.
The way that he smells after his bath.
And the way that he smiles and the way that he cries.
[Cellphone beeps] [Voice breaking] The way that he feels in my arms.
I want him back.
Julia, I got to run.
Thanks again for putting Abby on.
When Oscar Keaton is ready, I want his first interview.
How could I say no to you? Jake.
How are you holding up? You know never better.
We need to pick up line 3.
It's a guy who used to date Abby and he wants to talk to you.
Right now? Trust me, he seems legit.
This is Julia George.
You're the Executive Producer? That's right.
My name's Kyle Warren.
I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought you should know.
The guest on your show, Abby Rollins, I used to date her till about a month ago.
Okay, why are you calling me? Abby Rollins doesn't have a child.
We all love him so much.
Everything she's saying is a lie.
From the bottom of my heart, please return my baby.
Every day there's a headline I appreciate you meeting me.
For obvious reasons, I'm skeptical, so I thought we should talk in person.
Of course.
I printed out some photos of me with Abby.
We met online about six months ago.
Got hot and heavy real fast.
Even went on a few long weekends together.
You ever spend the night at her home? Multiple times.
There was no baby.
So, why tell me and not the cops? Well, I saw her on your show and I thought you'd want to know.
Otherwise, I want to stay out of this.
Abby wasn't happy when we broke up.
And I moved on with my life.
When you say she wasn't happy She wanted more than I could give her.
Can I keep these? Yeah, sure.
Oscar: Jake, you have to do something.
Police won't let me back at my house.
I need to get back in there.
Why? Why do I need to get back into my own house? Oscar, listen, you have plenty of money, okay? You're staying in a beautiful hotel suite.
In the meantime, if there is something specific that you need from your house, I can petition the court.
I want to go back home because it's where I feel closest to Sarah.
Okay? [Sighs] How about a drink? Scotch any good? [Sighs] You quit drinking.
Come on, I need you to stay strong.
I stopped drinking for Sarah.
Now she's gone, so, uh, cheers.
Let's go over your timeline again.
- Hmm? - I was at my hotel.
Sarah called.
She said she was scared, that she wanted to see me.
By the time I got to my house, she was dead.
Stabbed to death on my bathroom floor.
That's the timeline, Jake.
Are you okay? What's up, Levi? We were supposed to meet for lunch.
Your office told me you came here instead.
- You're drinking? - Mm-hmm.
Levi, if you don't mind, I need to talk to Oscar alone, please.
Anything you say to me, you can say in front of him.
Been friends since we were 8.
Legally I cannot have him in this room and do my job.
His presence alone invalidates the attorney-client privilege.
Excuse me.
Detective Matthews is in the lobby.
He heard Oscar's here and he wants to talk to him.
Great, let's go say hello.
Oh, hell no.
Oscar, that is not going to happen.
Why not? I have nothing to hide.
You cannot talk to Detective Matthews with scotch on your breath.
Not now.
Levi, would you please take him to his hotel room? Use the back exit, take the service elevator.
Wait five minutes.
Tell Detective Matthews that Oscar is not here and then follow him to his hotel.
Keep a close eye on him.
If he does anything or goes anywhere in public, I need to know about it immediately.
I'm on it.
[Sighs] [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Hey.
Jake, we need to talk.
What's up? In person.
I can come to you, or No.
No, actually, I need some air.
I'll I'll head right over.
Louise wants to see you in her office.
She says it's important.
With Louise, it's always important.
[Knock on door] Come in.
Hey, you wanted to see me? This is Luke.
We're playing strip poker.
I've been trying to lose, but I'm so darn good at this game.
What do you need? I wanted to let you know I won't be attending Sarah Keaton's funeral.
Wait, that's it? You're not asking me why? You're not concerned that other news personalities will be there? My absence would be glaring.
Yes, it would.
Fine, I'll go.
But on one condition.
I get to pick the main cameraman who will be covering the funeral for "LHL.
" Let me guess, Luke.
You're a cameraman? Yes, ma'am.
Well, actually an assistant cameraman.
This would be my first major assignment.
Well, if Louise thinks you're ready, then who am I to argue? I won't let you down.
[Gasps] Look at that.
Another full house.
So, what's so important we had to meet in person? I have a credible source that says that your client, Abby Rollins, doesn't have a child.
What? That's absurd.
You saw the video on your own show.
She sent over a dozen photos.
Not to mention who would lie about a baby? Why would my source lie about Abby? Okay, uh I'll set up a meeting and you can ask Abby that yourself.
Why couldn't you tell me that over the phone? I wanted to discuss a more sensitive matter.
[Clears throat] The day after Sarah was murdered, I got this envelope in the mail.
There's no return address.
And these few photos.
[Sighs] Someone wants me to believe that Oscar beats his wife and has a mistress.
Well, there's There's no evidence that Oscar gave Sarah these bruises.
And this photo, this could be Photoshopped.
I mean Or from years back, maybe before Sarah and Oscar were married.
When was this photo taken? Jake.
[Clears throat] This photo has nothing to do with the case.
Hey, it's me.
I'm not gonna tell anyone about this, - I'm not gonna put it on the air.
- Oh.
I was with you the night that Sarah was murdered.
I saw you turned inside out, and now I-I know why.
You had that photo for a few days.
Why didn't you say anything, Julia? I wanted to give you some space, and I thought you would come and talk to me about it when I should go.
Jake, I'm talking to you as a friend, not as a producer.
You know, I'm gonna give Abby Rollins a call.
We're all gonna get together, and you can accuse her of not having a baby.
- How about that? - Jake.
- Jake! - Julia.
I've got an update on the e-mailed photo of dead Sarah, and you're not gonna like it.
Our tech can't track the photo's origin because it was sent through an anonymizing service used to protect the identity of the sender.
The sender really doesn't want to be found.
Yeah, but our tech was able to determine that the photo was routed through our own server at "LHL.
" You're saying whoever sent the photo, they work here? - [Sighs] - This is bad.
Legally, we don't have to alert the police.
But this makes me nervous.
Off the record, I have a colleague who's a former NSA techie.
If anyone can figure this out, he can.
Do whatever it takes.
Nothing is more important.
Now, switching gears, I found Sarah's brother.
He's at a restaurant a few miles away.
Ryan's keeping tabs.
Text me the address.
I'll head out now.
Excuse me, Alan? I know you don't know me, but could could I have a moment of your time? Who are you? My name is Julia George.
I'm the Executive Producer of "Louise Herrick Live.
" I am so sorry about your sister Please go.
I want to help you.
I've seen your show.
You prey on people's misfortune.
Your sister needs a voice.
I'm asking you to leave me alone.
You remember the O.
Simpson trial? Of course.
Tell me something about Nicole.
Everyone knows she was a celebrity's ex-wife, but did you know that she opened her home to strangers on the holidays? She loved baking.
She had an infectious laugh.
Nicole's own sister regrets that the public never got to know the real Nicole.
This is your chance to make sure that doesn't happen to your sister.
Does that usually work? Is that how you get people to To come on your show and pour their hearts out? To cry in front of millions of strangers? You don't care about me or Sarah.
If you'll give me the chance, I can make the whole country care.
How do you sleep at night? Hey! Hey.
Oh, it's you.
What the hell are you doing here? I was sleeping.
In my office? Well, I tried sleeping on Louise' sofa, but it smelled funny.
Why are you here so early? I had to get photos for a meeting with Jake, but that's not the point right now.
My God, how entitled do you have to be to sleep in your boss's office? I have nowhere else to go.
Your dad's the network president! Go home to his home.
I can't.
My dad treats me like Like I'm the help.
[Sighs] So, I kind of lied and I told him I found a place.
Honestly, I spent all my cash in Europe, and until I get a few paychecks, I won't Ryan.
Get dressed and get out of my office.
These are photos of me and Kyle, an ex-boyfriend.
Why are you showing them to me? Julia spoke with Kyle, and he told her that Noah doesn't exist.
That's crazy.
Copy of Noah's birth certificate.
Now, why don't you tell us why Kyle didn't know about the baby? Tell her what you told me.
I didn't want to introduce my son to a man unless I thought he was gonna be the one.
How'd you keep him a secret? Kyle said he slept at your house on multiple occasions.
My sister has kids.
There's evidence in every room of the house.
I'm a nurse.
I work long hours, so oftentimes my mom takes care of Noah.
He spends more time at her place than mine.
When Kyle would come over, she'd take the baby and I'd clean up.
I don't have much money.
Noah doesn't have a lot of stuff.
I don't know what else to say.
Abby, thank you.
Appreciate you coming.
If you hear anything I'll call right away.
You satisfied? I'm just getting started.
Your client met Kyle on a dating website.
That's his profile.
Read the highlighted section.
Uh, "Seeking a woman who can make me laugh.
Enjoy intimate dinners at home.
Not looking to have kids.
" Maybe Abby wasn't trying to protect her baby.
Maybe she didn't want Kyle to know the truth.
Maybe the baby was an impediment to her dating life.
What are you suggesting? Come on, Jake.
Remember Susan Smith? She allegedly killed her two boys in order to stay with a man who broke off the affair because he didn't want kids.
I'm suggesting what no one wants to admit That maybe Abby got rid of the baby and made up the kidnapping to disguise what she did.
We're done here.
If I'm right, Abby wouldn't have wanted to come on my show.
She wouldn't have wanted the attention.
She probably resisted, told you she had stage fright, but you backed her into a corner.
You practically forced her on "LHL.
" Am I close? Your job is making you so jaded, Julia.
Abby is desperate to find her baby, and you are turning her into a monster.
Shame on you.
Shame on me? I made your client sympathetic to millions of viewers.
I'm just trying to get to the truth.
You are looking for a story where there isn't one.
Jake, when you can't defend your clients, you turn on who's ever attacking them.
I have work to do.
[Slams folder] [Elevator dings] Megan, I need you to get me an address.
[Cellphone ringing] What's up? Jake, Oscar left his suite.
He's at the hotel bar and he's still drinking.
Get him back upstairs.
I'll be right over.
[Cellphone beeps] If it suddenly comes back to haunt us I know I I did my best I'm so sorry about your grandson.
Abby says dozens of viewers called that number.
Unfortunately, n-none of the calls panned out.
It's common.
People think they see something and they want to help.
Noah's rattle.
I was looking for that.
Do you have children, Ms.
George? Not yet.
Maybe one day.
God's greatest gift.
The only thing better than a child is a grandchild.
My daughter says he's alive.
I believe her.
He's coming home.
- [Cellphone vibrates] - Oh.
- [Cellphone beeps] - Sorry.
[Sighs] Solicitors.
Could could I ask you a delicate question, Ms.
Rollins? Anything.
Is Abby a good mother? Of course.
I understand Noah spent a lot of time here.
I work from home.
Abby has a full-time job.
- [Cellphone vibrates] - Oh, sorry.
[Cellphone beeps] Ms.
George, Abby was a bit of a lost soul before the baby, but when she got pregnant, she she put her life together.
Not all women are meant to be mothers, but Abby, she blossomed.
You should know that Noah was her whole world.
If we can't find him, her life is over.
Thank God.
Where is he? I'm right here A prisoner in my own hotel suite.
By the way, I thought I hired a lawyer, not a babysitter.
Why don't you put that down, Oscar? I think you've had enough.
You don't get to tell me when I've had enough.
You have no idea what it's like to lose the woman that you love.
[Breathes deeply] I know that Sarah wouldn't want you drinking, Oscar, I know you have the police and the press breathing down your neck, and I know I need you sharp and focused.
I pay you to be sharp and focused.
Ella, would you please get Mr.
Keaton some water? Yep.
[Sighs] [Clears throat] You know, Oscar, you're right about one thing I am not your babysitter.
I am your damn lifeline.
You have no alibi, you were covered in blood, you were having marital problems, and you have a motive.
What motive? Sarah was the one who hit and killed that kid.
For 48 hours, you took the heat.
You were angry because your own wife was gonna let you go to jail for a crime that she committed.
No, I loved her.
I forgave her.
That's all that matters.
Well, if it was that easy, Oscar, you would not need me.
Come on.
I need you to sober up.
I got to ask you questions, Oscar.
What questions? [Sighs] Did you know that Sarah had purchased a fake passport and was headed out of town? Hmm? Apparently not.
That's okay.
For now, the police don't, either.
They are going to rush to judgment because the public is demanding their villain.
Now, either you can listen to me, your attorney, your friend, or you can participate in your own character assassination.
The choice is yours.
I'm angry, Jake.
I'm really angry.
[Sighs] You know what? So am I.
Come on.
I'm gonna go back down to the bar.
I'm gonna have another drink, and I'm gonna write my wife's eulogy.
Megan: Julia, I've been trying to reach you.
I just visited Abby's mom.
I have another theory Me first.
I've got an update on the e-mail sender.
The anonymizing service used has a traffic counter on its website.
There were markers on the counter that correlate to the Megan, what are you trying to tell me? That e-mailed photo of Sarah's dead body came from someone who works here.
I now know who.
Ryan? My friend tracked the photo directly back to his cellphone.
He took the photo and he sent it to you.
What the hell were you thinking? Is this still about me sleeping in your office, 'cause I promise I won't do it again.
No! No, Ryan.
I know you took the photo.
Of Sarah at the Keaton household at the crime scene.
Are you out of your mind? I went to the Keaton's house hoping to get some fresh material for the show.
You know, some B-roll for the hit-and-run story.
I was in the backyard outside the master bathroom, and I looked in the window and that's when I saw her.
It was awful.
So, you decided to take a picture? That's why I was there.
Why did you send it to me? It could incriminate you.
The police could think you killed her if they knew about it.
But because of me, you had the story of Sarah's murder before anyone else.
That's That's a good thing, right? It's criminal.
I should tell the cops, or at least your dad.
[Scoffs] Wait, did you send me the other photos? The The ones that came in the mail? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You've lived your life with this great big safety net, and that's not the real world.
I kind of feel like you might be firing me.
- Am I fired? - I don't know.
I need some time to think about it.
How'd it go? We can't tell anyone.
No one can know that that photo came from an "LHL" employee.
Got it.
Jake's in your office.
[Door closes] I've been really, really angry lately, Julia, but I'm not angry at you.
I know.
I was in love with Sarah.
It was eight years ago.
We were crazy about each other, but I was all about my job.
I wasn't ready to commit.
And by the time I smartened up, she'd moved on.
We agreed to be friends.
She even introduced me to Oscar, which is how I became his lawyer.
And the night before she was murdered we slept together.
It happened, and, um I'm very sorry that I didn't tell you sooner.
It's okay.
You're telling me now.
[Chuckles] Julia, I have a question, and it's been bothering me.
You knew that Sarah had been murdered before I even called 911.
How? I can't answer that.
Because I have to protect my source.
Julia, please.
That information has nothing to do with Sarah's murder.
Don't you think I should be the judge of that? Answering that question is not gonna help with the investigation.
You have to trust me, okay? Okay.
About my client, Abby Rollins, I-I cut you off.
[Sighs] If you think there is actually a possibility that she could've had anything to do with the disappearance of her child, I want to hear you out.
I visited Abby's mother, and while I was there, she received three phone calls from Folsom Prison.
As it turns out, that's where Abby's ex is incarcerated, and he's up for parole.
What does that have to do with the missing baby? In California, all outgoing calls by inmates - are recorded, right? - Right.
Right, inmates don't have a right to privacy, so Can you get recordings of all the phone calls by Abby's ex over the past few months? Let me see what I can do.
I'll let you know when they've arrived.
[Cellphone ringing] - [Cellphone beeps] - Hey, what's going on? Jake, the bartender cut Oscar off and he started a fight.
A patron recorded it on his phone.
Damn it.
Ella, I need that video.
I paid the guy 100 bucks and he deleted it.
But Oscar's a mess.
I'm scared what he'll do next.
[Sighs] Where's he now? Levi showed up and they took off.
I followed them for a few miles till he ran a red and I lost them.
[Sighs] Call Detective Matthews.
Tell him I'd like to meet him at my office as soon as possible.
Why are you talking to the cops? Well, let's just say I've had enough of Oscar.
[Cellphone beeps] - [Knock on door] - Come in.
Ryan, I'm not ready to talk yet.
Yeah, I kind of wanted to get ahead of it, uh, make a plea on my own behalf.
I was defending my actions before, and I should've just said I'm sorry.
You're the boss.
I know that.
I love this job.
I don't think I've ever loved anything as much.
I was really hoping you'd give me another chance? Why do you love this job? What's so exciting about what you're doing here? You.
Me? I love this job because I get to work for you.
Five years ago, you showed up to a family dinner, and in front of everybody, you called my father, your boss, an ass.
He was paying the female editors less than the men.
I'd never seen anybody stand up to him before.
And ever since then, I guess I kind of wanted to be more like you.
All right, you're not fired.
But find somewhere to live that is not my office.
Yeah? You screw up one more time and you're out.
[Door closes] Bradley: I'm not leaving your office until we have this out.
I've given you your space, but we're gonna talk about Sarah, like it or not.
[Sighs] Brad, it's fine.
I am no longer asking as your brother, but as your partner in this firm who is concerned about your relationship with our client's dead wife.
Now, you and Sarah dated eight years ago, but obviously she meant more to you than I'd realized, so what aren't you telling me? [Knock on door] Uh, come in.
Detective Matthews, thanks for coming by.
I got a call you wanted to see me here? Bradley.
I was just heading out.
You might want to have a seat for this one.
What's going on? Ella made it sound urgent.
I want to clarify a statement that I made at the crime scene.
I told you that Oscar and I arrived at the house together.
And upon further reflection, I now recall quite clearly that Oscar arrived at the crime scene before me.
Why are you telling me this? Well, as an officer of the court, I'm bound to do so.
Also, I'd never want to be accused of obstruction of justice.
Jake, I'm gonna have to pass this information on to my lieutenant.
I don't want special treatment, Ken.
But I do want to thank you for coming by.
[Sighs] Troy: Abby, I'm only in here 'cause of you.
'Cause you made me so damn angry.
But I forgive you, babe.
When I get out of here, you and I are gonna get reacquainted.
Like it or not, that baby, he's mine and I'm coming for him.
Abby: You stay away from Noah! Troy: My lawyer says I'm getting out on parole, and my first stop is your place.
Abby, um Troy has a parole hearing this afternoon.
Is there anything you want to share with us? We want to help you, but you have to tell us the truth.
Where's your baby? Everything got so out of hand.
I didn't want the media attention.
I didn't want to hire a lawyer or to go on TV.
I just wanted to keep Troy away from my son.
Where's Noah? No, Troy's been calling me and my mom for months, threatening us.
I knew that if I took off with the baby, Troy would eventually find us.
I don't care so much about myself, but Noah, I had to protect him.
Where is your son, Abby? Where is your son? There's a woman at church.
I told her the whole story, and she offered to help me.
She said that she could find him a good home and no one would ever have to know.
So, you pretended he was kidnapped to protect him from your ex-husband.
So that he could never hurt him.
My ex is a bad man.
He broke my nose, my arm.
I know that this sounds stupid, but I was desperate.
I just never thought that my story would become such big news.
I never thought that anyone else would care about me.
I'm so sorry.
Abby, Troy will not be getting out of jail today.
How can you be sure? I sent a copy of these recordings to the parole board.
Threatening phone calls are a form of verbal assault.
New charges are being filed.
How long will he be in jail? Long enough for your son to be all grown up.
[Sighs] Thank you.
I can get Noah back now.
[Sighs] That might not be so easy.
Abby, you lied about the kidnapping.
If the truth came out, you'd be charged with obstruction, and the woman from your church, the one who helped you, she'd be charged with conspiracy.
My God.
Please, there's got to be something you could do.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have good news to report.
At 2:00 p.
this afternoon, "Louise Herrick Live" received an anonymous tip that baby Noah had been left at the side entrance of St.
Catherine Church on Third Street.
[Cameras clicking] "LHL" then reached out to Abby Rollins, the baby's mother, as well as law enforcement, who were immediately dispatched to the church.
The child was found unharmed and in good health.
Rollins is ecstatic to have her child home.
She's asked me to extend her heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation to each and every one of you who did everything they could to bring little baby Noah home.
However, at this time, she's asking for privacy and will not be issuing any further statements.
Good day.
So, the cops aren't going to pursue the case any further? As far as they know, the alleged kidnapper returned the baby unharmed, and since Abby doesn't want to pursue legal action or even talk to the police, the case becomes a pretty low priority.
[Sighs] I hate wearing black.
Everyone says it's slimming.
I think it's boring.
You look great.
We're going to Sarah Keaton's funeral.
I won't be able to take calls.
Text me if you need me.
Luke, keep the camera running for the whole service.
I don't know what we need for tonight's show or in the future.
Got it.
We'd rather have too much than not enough.
That's what I always say.
Oh, my God, Louise, we're at a funeral.
And, Luke, after the service is over, shoot as many guests as possible.
For all we know, the killer could be among them.
Sure, no problem.
Sarah: I loved you, too.
Bradley: Jake.
Jake? Let's sit down.
Jake? I slept with her, Bradley.
The night before she was killed.
I I slept with Sarah.
That's what I hadn't told you.
[Sighs] Oscar: Five years ago, this incredible woman walked into my life.
She was everything that I wasn't.
She was sweet, polished, sensitive.
But mostly but mostly, she was really kind to e-everyone.
Has he been drinking? He hasn't stopped.
Uh Screw those cards.
Did you approve the eulogy? Yes, and now he's going off book.
Sarah was complicated.
Which only made me love her more.
And, yeah, you know, we we had problems.
[Tires screech] What marriage doesn't have problems, right, but [Indistinct conversations] Jake.
Jake: What's going on? This is a private venue.
Oscar's trying to bury his wife.
I have orders to arrest your client for the murder of Sarah Keaton.
Hey, no! Oscar.
No cuffs.
If he goes peacefully, we won't need them.
[Cameras clicking] There are cameras on you right now.
You're gonna lean into this microphone and you're going to say, "I love my wife and I had nothing to do with her murder," and then you are gonna quietly go with the detective.
If you resist in any way, he's gonna cuff you and he's gonna stuff you in the back of that squad car.
That's what people are gonna see on the news tonight instead of our sound bite, which is what we need.
Come on.
[Sighs] Friends and family, I loved Sarah with all of my heart.
And I have nothing to do with her heinous murder.
Excuse me.
[Sighs] I'm, um I'm Jake Gregorian.
I'm Oscar's friend and his attorney.
Let me start by saying it is a shameful act to arrest a man at his own wife's funeral.
Obviously the D.
is interested in a perp walk and plans to try this case in the media.
You know, when the D.
's office has insufficient evidence, they always resort to stunts like this to influence public opinion.
Oscar did not I repeat, did not kill his wife.
He is innocent.
You planned this whole thing, didn't you? Your client started drinking again, he was a loose cannon, and you needed to find someplace for him to sober up.
Somewhere he wasn't a liability to himself, where he wasn't a liability to your defense, and a jail cell is out of the spotlight.
I also needed to begin Oscar's defense, and, uh, what better way to garner the sympathy of potential jurors than having them witness a grieving husband arrested at his wife's grave site? For that matter, where's the one place I can make a statement without being bombarded by questions? At a funeral.
Have a nice night.
Give me a second.
Excuse me, Ms.
You were talking to Jake Gregorian, Oscar's lawyer.
Yeah, does that bother you? What bothers me is that Oscar showed up drunk at his own wife's funeral.
What bothers me is that eulogy was a joke! H-H-How can I help you? Are you going to put Jake on your show? Are you gonna give him a pulpit so he can convolute the truth and make Oscar look like a victim? I have a story to tell, and I have to interview the players.
My offer to you still stands.
I'll do it.
You'll come on the show? Yeah.
I want to tell the world the truth about Oscar Keaton.
[Engine starts]