Notorious (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Friends and Other Strangers

1 Previously on "Notorious" I need to report a homicide.
Breaking news Sarah Keaton, wife of tech billionaire Oscar Keaton, is dead.
Julia George tells the world what really matters.
She produces the number-one cable news program.
Julia: Someone wants me to believe that Oscar beats his wife and has a mistress.
Let me run point on Oscar's case.
- I said "No.
" - Jake you were in love with his wife.
Anything you say to me, you can say in front of him.
We've been friends since we were 8.
I have orders to arrest your client for the murder of Sarah Keaton.
I found Sarah's brother.
You'll come on the show? Yeah.
I want to tell the world the truth about Oscar Keaton.
I need a graphics check.
Double the font size and switch to all caps.
- You're all set.
- This is gonna be good.
- Man: 10 seconds out.
- [Beep] Megan: Louise, Alan Wells is an exclusive.
- Photos are teed up.
- Copy that.
Man: And in three two [Dramatic theme music] Tonight, an exclusive interview with Alan Wells, brother of Sarah Keaton, whose husband Oscar has been arrested for her murder.
The court has denied bail, so Mr.
Keaton will remain in jail until his trail.
Alan, let's get right to it What do you want our viewers to know about your sister? Sarah had the kindest heart, always saw the best in people.
Sounds like you two were close.
We were, but more recently we drifted apart.
Sarah knew I was no fan of her husband.
Oscar Keaton.
You two had a falling out? I didn't like the way he treated my sister.
What do you mean? When she married Oscar, I thought Sarah had found her soul mate.
Then he became consumed with building up his company, working 24/7.
And when he came home, she said he was moody and short-tempered.
It seemed like nothing Sarah did was good enough anymore.
- [Beep] - He teed it up.
Ask him.
Were things ever violent between them? She never mentioned any physical abuse.
First photo's loaded.
Alan, we received some photos the other day Disturbing photos And we'd like your thoughts.
This first picture is of Sarah.
Were you aware Oscar may have assaulted your sister? I always, uh suspected things were worse than Sarah admitted.
But she told me she wanted to make the marriage work.
Sarah may have been committed to her marriage.
It doesn't seem like Oscar shared that same commitment.
Alan, do you think Oscar Keaton is guilty? Yes.
- I do.
- ‭[Scoffs] Oscar Keaton killed my sister.
Julia: Let's go to commercial.
Alan, thank you for being here tonight and sharing your thoughts.
We'll be right back.
Man: And we're clear.
Where are we at with those photos? I need to know who sent them.
I've been working on it, but without a return address I hit a wall.
Do you have, uh, the envelope they came in? Yeah, it's on my desk.
Why? Let me take a shot at it.
Go for it.
But keep me posted.
Hey, were you watching the show? Yeah Headed to see Oscar now.
Ella is tracking social media.
The hash tag "OscarIsGuilty" is trending.
What are you gonna do? Well, I guess that depends on how Oscar answers my questions.
Great show tonight.
The clips are already running.
What do we got for tomorrow? They found the black box from the missing Euphrates Air flight.
How about a round table? By tomorrow, a dozen round tables will have aired.
I'm close to landing the astronaut story.
But it won't be an exclusive.
"The Today Show" already booked her.
I've got a source He heard that David Baxter, the U.
solder captured in Afghanistan, was beheaded.
There may be video tomorrow.
I hope you're wrong, but if you're not, we'll edit it and put it on the air.
I don't want to air it.
I'll make sure it's vetted.
Julia, I'd rather not.
What else do we have? Let's wait and see what we get tomorrow.
Hey, could you spot me 100 bucks? I'm meeting the girls at a strip club.
I want to make it rain.
I think I've got some 20s in my desk.
No singles? Drew, Erin Work the overnights.
I want new ideas in the morning.
Hey, boss.
What's up? Uh I just got a call from a friend at St.
Michael's Hospital.
Trinity was found unconscious after his concert at the L.
Sports Center.
Oh, my God.
Found him in his dressing room, possible stroke.
He's in a coma.
I want to run a tribute segment tomorrow.
No, he's not a segment He's a whole show.
The guy got his first Grammy at 16.
His worldwide tour drew bigger crowds than Bono.
There's only a handful of artists that have influenced fashion and culture like Trinity.
And I'm sure I'll hear all of that on every other news network.
So find me something no one else has.
How could you let Alan say all that stuff about me on LHL? You're supposed to protect me from crap like that! And where did they get those photos in the first place? I don't know, and it doesn't matter.
When Julia first showed them to me, I said the same thing.
So you knew about the photos and you didn't say anything? [Exhales sharply] You haven't been sober enough to discuss much of anything.
Besides, a real man doesn't hit his wife.
Happened one time.
Find yourself another lawyer.
No, Jake It was five years ago, okay? I was drunk.
Sarah found out I was having an affair.
With the woman in the photo.
She threatened to leave me if I didn't straighten up, so I got sober, I broke off the affair, and she forgave me.
Jake, I didn't kill Sarah.
You're the only person who can prove it.
As we speak, the police are getting warrants to search every inch of your life.
Any secrets They will find them.
I can't protect you if I don't know what's coming, so what else is out there that could bias the public? Nothing.
[Sighs] I swear.
Everyone has secrets.
What don't you want me to know? It's not illegal.
I've been having an online relationship for the past couple of months.
You've been sexting with a stranger? It wasn't just about sex, okay? We talked about, you know, things, problems at home, at work.
What's her name? Her screen name is SweetVicki.
I don't know her real name.
I need to talk to her before the media tracks her down.
Where can I find her? I don't know.
We've never met.
That's the whole point.
Do you have pictures of her on your laptop? There's a file called "Third Quarter Projections.
" Okay.
I hate myself for the way I treated Sarah.
You're not alone.
Julia: Fine.
Thanks for letting me know.
"Good Morning America" booked Trinity's wife.
I really wanted that interview.
- Julia - And get this Last year Trinity had a benefit concert in Ethiopia, and he offered to pay for the education of every child at a local orphanage.
I want video of those ki You need to see something.
This is from the first side of Trinity's three-day benefit here in L.
[Keyboard clicks] Why am I watching this? Trinity raped that woman.
Where'd you get this? The victim.
She's a friend of a friend.
She's reliable.
We can't do a tribute.
We can't praise this man.
He's a monster.
Woman: Few performers command the crowds that music legend Trinity draws.
As vigils continue, his wife Jasmine speaks.
My husband Trinity is a fighter.
[Cheers and applause] I've known that since the day we met, and that is how I know he'll wake up.
Okay, now watch this.
that what you give to others will be given back to you.
I keep thinking this can't be real.
Trinity's always been one of the good guys.
Is he really this cocky son of a bitch who think he can get away with sexual assault? What's the victim's name? I can't tell you.
We can air the footage as long as she's not identified.
Where did she get the tape? No idea.
We're gonna run with it, right? Get a forensic video expert to verify that this footage has not been altered, and get a neurologist to make sure that this woman is actually unconscious and not acting.
If those two things check out we'll air it tonight.
he could be there for me.
Thank you for being here now for him.
[Cheers and applause] Thank you.
[TV shuts off] Alan.
Thank you for taking my call.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
[Exhales sharply] You're kidding, right? You're defending Oscar.
The only reason I'm here is you said you wanted to talk about my sister.
Fair enough.
Have a seat.
I studied a case in law school.
A doctor was falsely accused of killing his wife in their home, even though he swore another man did it.
The police rushed to judgment, the husband was convicted and spent 12 years in jail before the real killer was found.
[Exhales sharply] Yeah.
It was turned into a movie.
I've seen "The Fugitive.
" Nobody even looked for the real killer, because the whole world had already condemned the husband.
You keep stoking the media fires against Oscar, and Sarah's real killer will never be caught.
Yeah, nice try, but I'm not gonna stop talking.
I don't want you to stop.
I want you to get out there every day and remind people that an amazing woman's life was tragically cut short.
Just don't encourage the police to limit their search to one man, 'cause as hard as it may be for you to accept, Oscar did not kill Sarah.
She talked about you sometimes.
You broke her heart.
And for that I am eternally sorry.
You really want to help her? There is nothing I want more in this world than to find her killer.
You and me both.
Look, no promises, but I'll try to focus on Sarah and not talk about Oscar as much.
Thank you.
[Knock on door] - Yeah? - ‭[Door opens] Did you know track down the origins of an envelope if it's stamped with a Pitney Bowes postage meter? - I did not.
- ‭Yeah.
So I tracked the meter to a Speedy Mail in Burbank, then convinced the clerk to show me the store surveillance footage from the date of the postage stamp.
How'd you convince him? Offered him a twenty.
What did the footage show? Check it out.
That's Levi Young.
He's Oscar's Chief Technology Officer.
Why would he send me photos incriminating his best friend? No clue.
Dude clearly doesn't understand how to be a bro.
I did good, right? You did great.
[Door opens, closes] Jake: So, Ella, any luck finding Oscar's online girlfriend? We need to talk to her as soon as possible.
I found the photos Oscar mentioned, and when I did a reverse image search this is what came up.
SweetVicki's real name is Vicki Tolliver.
She's an actress.
I put a call in to her agent to track her down.
[Sirens wail in distance] Thanks for coming in, Levi.
I wasn't going to, but I told Oscar you called and he asked me to find out what you wanted.
Have you seen these photos before? Saw them on your show.
And before that when you mailed the to me? Why'd you do that? I'm leaving.
If you don't talk to me, I'll assume that you're trying to sell out your employer.
That's news now that Oscar's been arrested for murder.
Oscar's my business partner.
I've got no beef with him.
I don't need to prove that to you.
True, but you sent me those photos for a reason, and I've got a theory.
With Oscar in jail, you're the acting interim CEO of Paraspot.
If the board sees Oscar as a liability, maybe you'll get the job permanently.
I don't want his job.
Come on the show and say that.
But either way, I'm running the story.
It's your call.
I sent you three photos.
The third one was Sarah in bed with your friend Jake Gregorian.
If you run a story about me, I'll take a copy of that photo to one of your competitors.
It's your call.
See you around.
[Door opens] [Knock on door] How'd it go? You putting him on tonight? No.
Not yet.
But I'll figure out some other way.
Julia, we're 10 minutes to air.
Let me guess Louise is locked in her office? No, she's actually early to set.
She's excited about tonight's show.
Let's go.
Tonight An update on rock star Trinity.
He remains in a coma at St.
Michael's Hospital.
The entire world has been praying for the recovery of this man who has changed lives not only through his music, but also through his philanthropic endeavors.
Go in tighter.
But we have a shocking, exclusive video that calls into question the myth of the man.
It's time for the world to decide whether Trinity is an icon or a predator.
Cue the video.
This disturbing video, which appears to depict Trinity raping an unconscious woman was captured several nights ago at the L.
Sports Center.
Here to discuss its validity are Neurologist Dr.
Gina Matheson and Forensic Video Expert Stephen Lake.
Let's start with you, Mr.
We live in a technological age.
We can't always trust what we see.
Is this video authentic? I can confirm that it's a continuous recording without edits.
It contains proper metadata and artifacts at the beginning and end.
This video is the real deal.
Matheson, let's talk about the victim.
Obviously, we can't see her face.
Is it possible she's just acting? She's unconscious, Louise.
How can you be sure? If you notice her arm, it's at an unusual and uncomfortable angle.
The muscles are flaccid.
That's not consistent with being conscious.
Obviously, I can't say if drugs or alcohol are responsible for her altered state.
It doesn't matter.
What we're seeing is real.
This is a heinous crime.
Stop the interview.
Are you kidding? Look at the phone lines.
- They're all lit up.
- End the segment right now.
I find that highly unlikely Louise, good night your guest and toss to a break.
Matheson, Mr.
Lake, thank you for being with us tonight and sharing your insights.
We'll be right back.
Since when do you pull the plug on one of my stories, especially one that only we have? I'm protecting the network.
This is the kind of story that is gonna generate buzz and win awards.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but those are two of the reasons why you hired me.
Trinity could sue WCN for defamation.
It's not defamation if it's true.
Is that video horrific? Absolutely.
But Trinity is a huge asset to Pinnacle Enterprises.
That's what this is about, protecting WCN's parent company? They own his music catalog.
They're underwriting his current tour.
The video is already out there.
Other news outlets are gonna pick it up.
Not if the video is discredited.
Louise's interview is compelling, and the evidence is convincing.
Come on, Julia.
During Hurricane Sandy - an unverified Twitter account posted - ‭Oh, God! that the New York Stock Exchange was under water and teeming with sharks.
News outlets actually carried the story.
People will believe what we tell them to, and that tape will be ripped to shreds.
Oh, and you're gonna write an apology for Louise to read at the top of tomorrow's show.
Forget it.
I'm not sorry about anything.
This isn't open to debate.
This is my show, and I'm gonna produce it as I see fit.
You're a brilliant producer and an asset to this network, but you're going to apologize or you're fired.
[Door opens] Shut your mouth, baby, stand and deliver Wow, you are really terrible at this game.
Yeah, but I can kick your ass at pool.
Which is why we're playing darts.
Pinnacle's smear campaign is in full force.
I've already seen two reports stating the victim was just some deranged fan who slapped together a manipulated video - to slander Trinity.
- [Scoffs] I was right to air that video.
Then don't apologize.
I want to keep my job.
Then apologize.
Hey, Bru-Dog, can you turn that up? Yeah, sure.
Woman: shocking video that seems to show Trinity raping an unconscious woman was aired earlier today on "Louise Herrick Live.
" As experts debate its authenticity, his wife, Jasmine Saunders, has called an impromptu press conference.
That video is a fake! [Cheers and applause] She's good.
Yeah, but it's not an act.
She actually believes he didn't do it.
- Who are you texting? - Megan.
I want to meet the victim and convince her to be on the show.
Doesn't she want to remain anonymous? Yeah, but that video is real.
I don't want her dismissed as some crazed lunatic.
And Trinity's wife should hear from the source that he's a predator.
[Cellphone chimes] Megan's way ahead of me.
The victim's name is Alexa.
I'm meeting her tomorrow morning at 9:00.
Megan already talked her and explained the situation.
Megan knows you.
Will you come with me? I think she'll be afraid of backlash from Trinity's people, and I want her to feel protected.
No problem.
But you got to say it first.
What? Just say it.
Stand and deliver - Jake's the God of Darts.
- ‭Ahh.
All hail the God of darts.
Was that so hard? Boy.
Shut your mouth and run me like a river Megan went out on a limb for me with the video, so I owe her.
That's the only reason I'm talking to you.
We're hoping you could just tell us what happened.
I'm the head of HR at the L.
Sports Center, so it was easy to get a backstage pass.
I've always been a huge fan of Trinity, and when we met, he was He was so down-to-earth.
He said his throat was sore from the show, so he invited me to his dressing room to have some tea.
[Voice breaking] Who says "No" to an invitation like that? [Sobs] I drank a couple sips and started feeling woozy.
[Exhales sharply] The next thing I knew, I woke up alone.
[Sniffles, sobs] My skirt was ripped and hiked up around my hips.
E-Everything hurt.
Did you go to the E.
? Yes.
I found out that I had been drugged with a combination of, uh, Ketamine and GHB.
[Exhales sharply] The doctor said that it was an unusual combo.
I was lucky that it didn't kill me.
Were the police contacted? [Exhales sharply] No.
[Sniffles] I didn't want to talk to anyone.
I I just wanted to go home.
[Exhales sharply] I sent you that video so the world would know what happened.
But Megan told me your boss is making you apologize for it and say it's a fake? Yes, but if you come on the show, we will play your interview instead of the apology no matter the consequences.
[Breathes deeply] If it was just me, maybe What do you mean? [Sniffles] I have no memory of what happened.
But I knew that there were security cameras backstage.
One of the security guards is a friend.
I asked him for the footage, and he violated protocol to give it to me.
If that gets out, he'll get fired.
He'd have a beautiful lawsuit for wrongful termination.
I'll take his case on contingency, sue for punitive damages.
Okay? I'll do it.
I'll go on the show.
[Sighs] [Sighs] [Elevator dings] [Indistinct conversations] Hey.
So, Megan, it's pretty cool how I tracked down Levi, right? I mean, who would have thought he mailed those photos to Julia? No one likes a bragger.
But, yes, I was impressed.
It's just too bad Julia couldn't convince him to come on the show.
About that Any chance you have Levi's home address? It's in the story file.
Wait no.
Absolutely not.
What? I know you trespassed onto the Keaton property.
I know you took that picture of Sarah.
You can't do anything like that again.
Course not.
I learned my lesson.
I'm working another angle.
Really? Hey, you were the one who said I had to impress Julia to get ahead, right? True, but, Ryan, promise me you're not gonna do anything stupid.
Scout's honor.
That's not the Scout Salute.
It's "Live long and prosper.
" If you say so.
Thank you.
Somebody's early.
We're not due at LHL for another couple hours yet.
I'm not doing the show.
Alexa, look, it's it's natural to get nervous.
Now, I'll be in the control room with Julia the entire time.
You will love Louise.
That's not it.
I just I can't do it.
Did Trinity's people approach you? Did they threaten you? You tell me what happened, I can help you.
They paid you to keep quiet.
I have to go.
[Sighs] Alexa Alexa, wait! Alexa, don't! Come on! You and I are going to the valley.
The valley? Oscar's sexting friend SweetVicki is shooting a movie in Northridge.
I'll drive.
Julia, it's me.
Listen, our friend Alexa She just pulled out.
Someone get to her? Yep.
I'm afraid so.
Thanks for the heads up.
You got it.
I love how big this makes my boobs look.
- Can I wear it on the air? - [Chuckling] No.
I want to see her in the Mouret.
- Alexa's not doing the show.
- What? Jake thinks Trinity's people paid her off.
After what she's been through, I can't judge her.
Do you think she played me? Do you think she only agreed to go on the show so she'd have leverage for a payday against Trinity? I don't know, but it doesn't matter.
We still need a new show.
[Sighs] Any word on the beheading video? We already rejected that.
And, anyway, Drew's source hasn't called him back.
Uh, that's stunning.
It's a "Yes.
" Tell the bookers I want them in my office in 10.
We have a huge hole in tonight's show, and there's no way I'm gonna apologize.
I can't.
Take a look at this call log.
Maybe you won't have to.
[Indistinct singing] Baby, all the dreams we had for a life together I'm sorry.
They'll never come true.
One dream still can.
Man: Cut! [Bell rings] I swear she had legitimate credits.
I believed her as a nurse.
You must be the lawyers.
Yes, I'm Ella Benjamin, and this is Jake Gregorian.
We don't want to take too much of your time.
We, uh I just wanted to say how grateful my client is that your online relationship has remained private, and we're hoping it remains so in the future.
Yeah, sure.
Who's your client? Well, uh, you've been texting each other for months.
You may know him as Studly Do-Right? Doesn't ring a bell.
Is he a Capricorn? They do not like people all up in their business.
Uh, here are some of his texts, and, uh, pictures you exchanged.
I've never seen that penis before, sweetie.
I never forget a penis.
- It's a gift.
- I'm confused.
I've got a big online following.
This isn't the first time somebody pretended to be me to start an online relationship.
It's classic catfishing.
He's cute, though.
If he wants a date, just tell him to call me.
[Giggles] This was a huge waste of time.
Yeah, that's not the problem.
Oscar's been sharing his deepest, darkest secrets with someone for months, and we have no idea who.
So, are you gonna tell Oscar his sexting partner isn't the woman he thinks she is? Not till I find out the real identity of SweetVicki.
I went back through his laptop.
I couldn't find anything probative.
You know what we need? Somebody tech savvy Somebody who can comb through his texts, see if there's any way to ferret out the real sender.
Somebody loyal to Oscar, somebody who won't disclose any corporate Intel they might uncover.
He won't help you.
You made him look like a murder suspect on LHL.
Only for a little while.
I'll talk to him.
He doesn't hate me.
Good luck.
[Sighs] Levi's not home.
What are you doing here? My job.
What are you doing here? Julia wants Levi back on the show, but he said no.
Figured I could turn up some dirt on him so he can't refuse.
And how exactly are you doing that from outside Levi's house? Jump in.
I'll show you.
Levi's running two Wi-Fi networks.
This one's his corporate account with a massive firewall, but this personal network is begging for my attention.
Wait You're hacking into his home computer? How else am I supposed to help my boss? I'm in! This is a terrible idea.
I'm taking initiative.
You're committing a crime.
Potato, po-tah-to.
I can't be a part of this.
Fine by me, but what if I told you Levi was the one that sent my boss the photos that LHL aired yesterday? Sarah abused, Oscar having an affair.
Really? ‭Yeah.
Don't you think your boss would love to get a look at this computer? [Keyboard clicks] Downloading now.
How long does this take? A few more minutes.
I don't understand why you take chances like this.
Everybody thinks I'm in on a pass because of my dad.
I got to prove myself.
So you got a boyfriend? You did not just ask me that.
What, too personal? Too weird.
You're stealing files Not a good time to ask a girl out.
I wasn't asking you out.
Why else would you want to know whether or not I had a boyfriend? I like to know things.
[Police siren chirps] Well, this isn't good.
[Police radio chatter] You have to stop downloading.
I'm not done.
He's gonna see what you're doing.
- Kiss me.
- ‭What?! Officer: Hey, Romeo.
[Knocking on door] Over here.
[Exhales sharply] Sorry, sir.
What can I do for you? Got a call from a neighbor, said you were casing a house.
No, sir, I was just showing my girl the kind of house I'd buy her someday if she forgave me.
What did you do? I'm an idiot.
It's hard to pick just one thing.
From the looks of that kiss, she's all in.
Don't screw it up.
Now get out of here.
Yes, sir.
[Exhales sharply] Cool.
I'm staving.
You want to get something to eat? [Engine starts] [Sighs] - Where's Julia? - Already in the control room.
You don't You don't have to stand so close to me.
Uh, you're the one standing close to me.
This is my spot.
Yeah, somebody has some boundary issues.
Julia, breaking news Trinity's awake.
Hospital hasn't released him yet, but he's out of the woods.
I'm on it.
Louise, we're gonna add something to your top of show.
Check your pocket screen.
Moments ago, LHL learned that Trinity has awakened from his coma.
He will remain under observation, but his doctors are cautiously optimistic.
Yesterday, we aired a disturbing video that showed Trinity sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.
On behalf of myself and Julia George, the show's executive producer, I'd like to offer our viewers an apology.
Because while that video was shocking, it didn't tell the whole story.
Tonight, we plan to rectify that error.
After we aired the video, we received over a dozen calls from women claiming to have had non-consensual sexual encounters with Trinity that were strikingly similar to what was broadcast.
So far, five of those claims have been substantiated.
Tonight, those victims have come forward.
What the hell are you doing? Producing the show.
You know, Darin, if, uh, you don't want this story, I'm very happy to take those women to one of your competitors Tell their viewers that WCN is more concerned with corporate profits than letting the truth come out.
Look at them.
One of those women could be your be your wife or your daughter.
We have the power to make sure that Trinity doesn't assault any other women.
That has to be more important than corporate profits.
emboldened by that courage to tell those stories.
If anyone asks, I was out of the office at a meeting.
Let's start with you.
Tell me about how you first met Trinity.
Woman: It was backstage at a concert.
It's the same way we all met him.
We were fans.
When I saw that tape on your show, I couldn't believe it happened to someone else.
Go to hell.
I hope you rot in jail.
- [Sighs] - [Door opens, slams shut] I'd like to thank each one of my guests tonight for their honesty and courage.
It's been my honor to bear witness to your stories tonight.
I hope this is the first step in justice being served, and that by telling your stories you can find some measure of peace.
[ Beep ] Go to a break.
I'll wrap up after this break.
I think drinks are on you tonight, Jules.
Julia, your guy at the hospital called you back, sent you a copy of Trinity's tox screen.
He didn't have a stroke.
Apparently, he was drugged.
Ketamine and GHB.
And with a mix like that, Trinity's lucky to be alive.
I got to go.
Julia, the beheading video came in.
It's been authenticated, and standards approved it with the requisite edits.
Are we the only ones who have this? Just us.
Trim the top, so we're at 15 seconds, and when the knife comes down cut to black.
Got it.
[Beep] Louise, we're ending the show with breaking news.
Your teleprompter has fresh copy.
Got it.
Didn't Louise say she didn't want to air this video? But it's an exclusive.
She loves a scoop.
It's up, Louise.
Man: 4, 3, 2.
LHL has a breaking-news exclusive concerning missing American soldier David Baxter now confirmed dead.
Baxter was beheaded by the insurgents who kidnapped him several weeks ago.
A warning This footage has been edited for broadcast but will still be upsetting for our viewers.
Don't do this! Please don't! Please! No, no, no, no! Let's talk, okay? Let's talk! Let's talk! What do you want? What do you want? I can pay you whatever you want, okay? Listen, I have a wife.
I have a wife.
I have a wife.
Her name is Sofia.
A boy.
A boy! [Scream echoes] Louise, you're on.
Louise? Updates on this story will be posted throughout the night on LHL online.
Good night.
Man: And you're clear.
I've got a line on one of Baxter's platoon mates.
I want him for tomorrow's show.
Both of them are alive.
His mother lives in Alabama.
Hi father's in Houston.
You self-centered little bitch! Don't you ever do that to me again! [Knock on door] Go away.
Julia: Louise, I'm so sorry.
I want to make things right.
Just tell me why you're so mad.
You gotta believe in luck.
What? When I was a reporter embedded with the 43rd Infantry in Afghanistan, there was a U.
interpreter with them Pascal.
It wasn't his job to worry about navigation, but he always carried this compass.
His father had it in Vietnam and came back in one piece, so Pascal said it was his good luck charm.
In the middle of that Godforsaken place, he told me, "You gotta believe in luck.
It's what brought us together.
" How could I not fall in love with a man like that? One day, I went to a forward operating base with a combat team.
Pascal tossed me his compass so I'd be safe.
And I was.
But he was taken hostage by insurgents that night.
They beheaded him.
[Compass claps shut] Why didn't you tell me that? Honestly [sighs] you've always been a little judgmental where my personal life's concerned.
That is not true.
You think I'm just some ditzy party girl when I'm not on the air.
You never thought to ask me why? Why the booze? Why the drugs? Why the endless parade of men? If you weren't so busy looking down on me, you'd understand.
Life is short, and I don't believe in luck anymore.
I believe in distraction.
I believe in work.
I don't want to think about Pascal kneeling in some filthy room begging for his life! You took that away from me tonight.
Louise, I'm so sorry.
[Chuckles] How many years have we worked together? Eight.
How many times have I asked you not to run a story? Once.
I get the show always comes first, but this one time, [Voice breaking] I was hoping our friendship would be more important.
[Knock on door] You ready to go? [Clears throat ] Hell, yeah.
It's way past margarita time.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Laughs] [Door closes] [Door bell chimes] [Dog barks in distance] [Sighs] Hi, Alexa.
You know, Trinity was drugged with a cocktail of Ketamine and GHB.
It's the same combination you ingested, right? I'm guessing you're not surprised by that.
May I come in? Now, I'm here to help you, but I have to ask, did you drug him? Alexa, I'm your lawyer now.
I can't reveal anything you say to me.
When I looked at the security footage, I saw Trinity put the drugs in my tea, saw how he waited until I was unconscious before I watched myself get ra-raped.
I hated feeling like some helpless victim, so I went backstage the next night to confront him.
When I got there, half a dozen women were partying in his dressing room, and it hit me He didn't care what he had done to me.
[Sniffles] He was too busy picking the next girl.
So I pulled the fire alarm and ended the party.
I couldn't follow him around the country, so on the last night of his L.
concerts I spiked his tea.
I thought I used enough to kill him, but he didn't die.
And then every news station started running stories about Saint Trinity.
I couldn't take it.
So, you sent Megan the video? He had to be stopped.
But, you see, Alexa, I'm I'm confused.
I'm pretty sure you took money not to go on the air.
I did, but the money isn't for me.
I plan to use it to support other women who want to sue Trinity.
Could you help me with that? Trinity will be going to jail, but we can sue his estate.
I like that.
Trinity didn't pay me off.
Who did? Pinnacle.
WCN's parent company.
[Scoffs] They were protecting their asset.
Well, Alexa, that's not going to work out too well for them, is it? Nothing here seems blackmail-worthy.
No bizarre fetishes, nothing spankable.
Nobody can be this boring.
Check that folder marked "Family Photos.
" No.
Well, what's this? [Sighs] That's the woman Oscar was sexting.
But that doesn't make any sense.
Why would Levi have the same photo? Maybe they were all friends.
Oscar said he never met her.
Let's check Levi's chat history.
Didn't see that one coming.
Oscar: That's her.
That's SweetVicki.
You found her? Yes and no.
That's a picture of SweetVicki, but you haven't been texting with that woman.
I don't understand.
You've been texting with Levi Young.
He was pretending to be SweetVicki.
That's not funny.
No, it's not.
And why would he do that? He's my friend.
He's my business partner.
I've known the guy since we were 8 years old.
He was catfishing you, Oscar.
Why would he do that? I don't know.
But I promise you this I am damn sure gonna find out.
Hey, Julia, it's me.
Happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Merry Christmas.
It's not even December.
Suppose I were to combine the gifts of every gift-giving holiday into one spectacular mega-gift? Don't tell me.
Another client paid you with a racehorse? Even better.
Picture this Tomorrow, LHL, an exclusive.
With who? Oscar Keaton.
The prison interview.
You're serious? Absolutely.
You never have to give me another gift again.