Notorious (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Tell Me a Secret

1 Previously on "Notorious" She's dead.
I have orders to arrest your client for the murder of Sarah Keaton.
That's Levi Young.
Why would he send me photos incriminating his best friend? You sent me those photos for a reason.
I sent you three photos.
The third one was Sarah in bed with your friend Jake Gregorian.
If you run a story about me, I'll take a copy of that photo to one of your competitors.
You're hacking into his home computer? You're committing a crime.
How else am I supposed to help my boss? That's SweetVicki.
You found her? You've been texting with Levi Young.
He was pretending to be SweetVicki.
Tomorrow, LHL, an exclusive.
With who? Oscar Keaton, the prison interview.
Look straight into the camera.
The viewers need to see - you have nothing to hide.
- Understood.
And, remember, this interview is about Levi.
Louise will try and bait you into talking about Sarah and the murder.
Steer her away.
Man: 20 seconds.
If you start to sweat, look at that monitor, and dab your forehead when no one's watching.
Thank you.
10 seconds out.
Julia: Louise, let's start with questions about Levi and then pivot to the murder.
I want to get Oscar on the record about Sarah.
Copy that.
And in 3, 2 Good evening.
We have an exclusive interview with Internet mogul Oscar Keaton, who is awaiting trial for the murder of his wife.
For several months prior to his arrest, Keaton was having a cyber-affair with a person he only knew as "SweetVicki.
" But in a shocking twist, he's learned that SweetVicki was none other than his own business partner, Levi Young.
We go live now to the L.
County Jail for Mr.
Keaton's reaction.
Welcome, Mr.
You and Levi Young have been best friends since you were 8 years old, and the two of you started your company in the basement of his mother's house.
That's right, Louise.
So tell me, why on earth would he do this to you? It's clear the man's trying to destroy me.
I've never trusted anyone so much in my entire life, and he betrayed me.
Levi is a genius when it comes to writing code, but I was the face of the company, and I I think he resented that.
Ask about the affair.
Cue the photo.
A few days ago, LHL received a photo of you with another woman.
Do you have a comment? It happened once.
The important thing is that Sarah forgave me.
Was this one time before or after you beat her? Cue photo 2.
From these photos, it look like you cheated on your wife, and when she confronted you, you got violent.
I'm deeply ashamed.
I've made my share of mistakes in my life.
Trusting Levi was one of them.
First, we were just sending pictures back and forth.
But then, I started sharing things with her.
him, things I should've kept private.
I can only assume Levi planned on using that information against me with the Board of Directors.
Now that I'm in jail, Levi has a lot to gain.
Hold on.
Are you suggesting Levi killed Sarah and framed you? I just know that I didn't kill my wife.
Now I'm asking the L.
to keep looking Hey, something just came in on the scanner.
A jogger found a body by the Sepulveda Dam.
It's the missing football player Jason Moore.
I'm confident they'll find the answers - they're looking for.
- Wrap.
Tease Jason Moore.
Toss to a break.
Keaton, thank you for being on our show tonight.
Thank you, Louise.
We'll take a break, and when we return, a development in the case of Jason Moore, missing since Friday.
How many times are they gonna run those damn photos? They're out there, and now, you've addressed them.
You stayed on point, you made it about Levi.
You did well.
I trusted that man with my life.
[Handcuffs click] [Door closes] And we're back in 3, 2 Welcome back.
We have an update on the case of Jason Moore, the 19-year-old California University football player.
Sadly, his body was discovered near the Sepulveda Dam in the San Fernando Valley.
Our sources are telling us that he'd been severely beaten.
Jason grew up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Van Nuys and received a full football scholarship to nearby California University.
Unfortunately, he would only play for the Falcons as a freshman.
He died at 19.
Under the leadership of Coach Phil Ryder, the CU Falcons have won three consecutive post-season bowl games, including last season's - [Cellphone beeping] - How my friends are hiding They don't even want to get close I stay lo-o-o-ow Rumors keep on flying Guess they got nowhere else to go I let it ro-o-o-oll but ultimately decided on California University so he could stay close to his mother.
The police are treating Jason's death as a homicide, although it will be days before a coroner will officially rule on cause of death.
I can't believe he's really dead.
His poor mom.
late Friday night, and never returned to his dorm.
His roommate called his mother the next day You won't see me running Oh, my blood's been running cold - Oh, God! - What? I I need to get out of here.
This is bad.
What's going on? Chloe, they're saying your brother killed Jason.
What?! That's crazy! Who's saying that? Like, everyone.
Dax, talk to me, please.
The kids on that stupid app don't know that you and Jason were friends.
There's no way the police will take them seriously.
I'm just going for a drive, okay? I need to clear my head.
I'll go with you.
No! I want to be alone.
Ain't no secrets, honey Only one way this can go-o-o We'll be right back with further details on this devastating turn of events.
Ella: I'm sorry, but Jake isn't in yet, and unless you have an appointment I am not leaving until I talk with him.
It's all right, Ella.
We're fine.
What do you want? I saw Oscar's interview.
He has it all wrong.
I went to see him in jail, but they told me you took me off the visitor list.
Oscar doesn't want to see you right now.
I just need to talk to him.
I can explain myself.
He's my friend.
I think your friendship ended when you started catfishing him, Levi.
Oh, but apparently, you can sleep with his wife and still be his lawyer.
I took the photo.
I know the truth.
Were you hiding in the bushes, you pervert? I was looking out for Oscar! You know what? Get out! Never come back here again! What? Uh, I'm sorry.
Can I help you? I'm Chloe Edwards.
This is my friend Finn.
You went to Van Nuys High School with my mom, Brenda Wilcox.
Brenda? Yeah, of course.
Uh, she was a good friend.
What can I do for you? You know that Cal U football player that was killed? Mm-hmm.
Jason Moore.
I saw him rush for 250 yards against Monroe his senior year.
Last night, my brothe was arrested for his murder.
He didn't do it.
We need your help.
So, I talked with my contact at L.
, and your brother was pulled over at 2:00 A.
They brought him in on a bench warrant, which means that Dax has been arrested before.
Last year, he was caught selling pot.
Well, apparently, he skipped a court date.
So, that's all this is about.
They're using the warrant to hold him while they gather evidence on the homicide.
My brother would never hurt anyone.
Why do the cops think he would? Because of that app, Tell Me a Secret.
It's this anonymous chat room where everyone in that room is physically located within the same square mile.
Someone in the chat room wrote that Dax was the killer.
Then everyone else piled on.
How well did Dax know Jason? We were all best friends since were 10 me, Dax and Jason.
And then, junior year, Jason grew like a foot, starting working out.
Next thing we know, he was playing varsity football.
Me and Dax barely graduated high school, and Jason got a full ride to college.
Must have been hard getting left behind.
Are you kidding? Football was Jason's way out.
We were happy for him.
After high school, Finn moved in with Dax and me.
Were either of you with your brother the night Jason went missing? No.
I was working graveyard at the Blue Door Diner.
And I was home, but Dax wasn't with me.
Where's your mom now? She lives at Gateways.
She had a breakdown about five years ago, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.
That's when my dad took off.
I've been Dax's legal guardian ever since.
Chloe, I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
Mom showed up at Dax's school when he was 13.
She was hysterical, running up and down the hallways, shouting his name.
Kids were cruel.
They said it was just a matter of time before he snapped like she did.
He's a good person.
He just uses the psycho image to keep people at a distance.
Well, I'll down to lockup, and we'll get started.
Um, you should know Dax doesn't trust people.
[Scoffs] It's okay.
Neither do I.
[Door opens] No, it's not okay.
It's the third time he's done this to us.
Oh, I get it.
He's a busy man, and his word is crap.
- [Phone receiver clicks] - Good morning.
I got your text, your voice mail, and your e-mail.
What's up? I just wanted to say, again, I am really sorry for springing that video on you.
I keep thinking about it, and Stop.
I got to vent.
You heard me out.
We're good.
Now, who just peed in your Cheerios? The former Vice President.
He's dropping us to go golfing at Pebble Beach, and I have to come up with a whole new show.
You live for that drama.
Tell me what's really going on.
It's Eric.
Tomorrow would've been our one-year anniversary.
I keep thinking I'm over him, and then I get a whiff of his cologne on my blanket, and I You miss him.
I miss what I thought we had.
And he's probably off celebrating his freedom with some stripper.
- It's not the worst idea.
- [Laughs] Hey, that cute new cameraman has some attractive friends.
Trust me.
Below the line will blow your mind.
Thank you.
I'll remember that.
Any time.
[Door opens, closes] Dax, my name is Jake Gregorian.
I'm your lawyer.
All right.
Do you know why you're here? For selling pot.
Right, for selling pot.
Now, let's talk about why you're really here.
You were arrested going south on the 5.
Innocent men don't run.
You fit the profile, you're a loner, you sell drugs.
People think I'm a freak.
Doesn't mean I killed him.
[Sighs] You know, I grew up just a few blocks from you.
Went to Van Nuys High.
I did fine, academically, except for math.
I sucked at math.
I was about to fail calculus when somebody helped me.
Your mom.
She was brilliant, Dax.
She had all these little memory games Lo-di-hi minus hi-di-lo.
All over lo squared.
Hard to forget, right? Yeah.
[Sighs] Dax, your mom saved my ass, and now, it's my turn to save yours.
But you got to talk to me, man.
All right.
Let's start with the night Jason went missing.
Where were you? [Chuckles] Where I am every Friday Trolling campus selling weed to douchebag college kids.
[Laughs] All right.
Not the most sympathetic alibi, but I can work with that.
Uh, I'll be back.
In the meantime, do not talk to anyone, okay? Hey, Jake.
I heard you were representing Dax Edwards in the Jason Moore homicide.
Homicide? As of now, Dax is only here for skipping a court date.
Well, homicide charges are being filed.
Forensics found strands of the victim's hair in your client's car.
So what? Dax and Jason are friends.
Jason's probably been in his car a bunch of times.
All you guys have, Ken, is a bunch of anonymous online chatter and no motive.
It's murder one, Jake.
You think we'd make an arrest without a motive? Thank you all for being here today.
My name is Phil Ryder.
Jason's mom, Tina, has asked me to say a few words as his coach.
Did you hear they made an arrest? Isn't that the guy who used to do those underwear commercials? Yeah, after he won two rings with Dallas.
He had a gift.
I've never seen so much raw talent.
Who knows how far Jason could've gone The Heisman, the NFL? Now we're hearing that Dax Edwards has been arrested.
Let me make one thing clear Dax Edwards is a low-life drug dealer.
I caught this kid trying to sell his crap to my players a couple months ago.
And, believe me, I put a end to that quick.
I'm sorry.
This is not about that piece of garbage.
This, here, today is about Jason Moore whose short, but brilliant life we are here to mourn.
- Hey, Jake.
- Hey.
Are you watching the press conference? Why don't they just go ahead and hang my client right there in the quad? You're representing Dax Edwards? Yes, I am, and I want to put his sister on your show tonight, get out our side of the story.
[Whispers] Find out everything you can about Dax Edwards.
- We got his sister for tonight.
- Okay.
I don't know.
I've got the Vice President tonight, but I guess I could push him for you.
Canceled on you again? I'll see you tonight.
Her son's passion for the game.
We're gonna move forward with the pep rally tomorrow.
In the meantime, my heart goes out to his family.
Nothing can bring Jason back, but I made a promise to his mother that I will not rest until justice is served.
Well, your paperwork's in order.
You take care of yourself, now.
That's the plan.
So, you want me to confirm that our client was selling drugs? Well, I'd rather Dax go down for selling pot than murder.
Good point.
I'll head to the campus and see if I can find support for his alibi.
Keep me posted.
Good news.
I tracked down the kid who created Tell Me a Secret.
- [Yawns] Kid? - Mm-hmm.
He's 21, started the app as a freshman at Princeton.
Now works from his home in Beverly Hills.
Yeah, we need to get the name of the user who started the rumor about Dax.
Don't worry.
If the kid resists, I'll put the fear of God in him.
[Elevator dings] Hey.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for a good lawyer.
See, I hacked into a computer network the other night with the help of a very beautiful accomplice.
Uh, that was a felony, and I had nothing to do with that.
[Laughs] Why are you really here? Louise sent me to get her favorite Chardonnay from some vineyard in Montesito.
Turns out they have it at the convenience store right around the corner.
Anyway, I was wondering if we could get together again sometime.
Are you asking me out? I was thinking we could hang.
I'm free tomorrow, as long as you stick to misdemeanors.
I'll pick you up.
Where do you live? Let's just meet here.
And, we're not 12.
It's not a "hang.
" It's a date.
Gregorian, I'm glad you're here.
I'm so nervous.
Call me Jake.
Take a deep breath.
It's just two people having a conversation.
Chloe, we're two minutes to air.
Are you good? Yeah, I guess.
You're gonna be fine.
You know your brother better than anyone in the world.
It's the reason why Louise is talking to you.
Megan, what is he doing here? Julia didn't tell you? Can you change it to "Coach Phil Ryder"? I want to give him his title.
You're not putting the coach on.
Excuse me? Chloe's not going on TV with a guy that hates her brother.
You can't tell me who to book as a guest on this show.
You know what? You're right.
I think we're out.
If you back out, it'll look like she has something to hide.
I don't care.
It's too risky.
Chloe: I'm doing it.
I heard what that coach said about Dax.
He doesn't get to do that.
Not without a fight from me.
A lot of things have been said about your brother, both on the news and online.
But, tell us about the Dax you know.
He's just a sweet kid.
He plays his guitar and writes songs.
When Dax was 14, he read a 300-page service manual so he could repair my old car by himself.
People are saying he's guilty.
Dax has always been different.
And, honestly, it's easy to say things on the Internet when you can be anonymous.
You think he's innocent? I know he is.
Coach Ryder, you've been critical of Dax Edwards.
That's true.
Okay, but look, I can't fault this young woman for believing in her brother.
I mean, you did the best you could.
What's that supposed to mean? Come on.
Your mom went nuts, your dad split.
You got stuck with a problem child.
You don't know anything about me or my family.
Hey, look, I'm just trying to be nice.
You're a bully, just like all those people who are saying things about my brother online.
Maybe we should take a quick break.
No, Louise, hold your horses.
I want to respond to that.
Go ahead.
The reason people are saying things online, is because our whole damn culture has gotten so PC, nobody will say it in person.
But, okay, fine, you want to take the gloves off? I will tell it like it is.
Dax Edwards is a cold-blooded killer.
- That is not - Ben, cue up the recording.
What recording? Louise, read your pocket screen.
You don't know what you're talking about! My brother is not a murderer.
We have a development in the case.
The L.
has released a recording of a voicemail Dax left Jason six weeks before he was murdered.
We're gonna play it now.
Dax: Hey, douchebag, Chloe just old me what happened.
I don't know who you think you are now, but stay the hell away from my sister! That is your brother's voice, right? Yes, but it's not what it sounds like.
Did you have a sexual relationship with Jason Moore? What?! Of course not! Go to commercial.
She's an adult.
Let her answer the question.
Why is your brother threatening the victim to stay away from you? I'm sorry.
I-I can't do this.
[Door closes] You know how they say crazy runs in the family.
With these people, it's running a 4-minute mile.
We'll be right back.
What the hell is wrong with you today? You blindsided her, you blindsided me.
I'm doing my job.
Chloe is not a celebrity, Julia.
She's not a criminal.
She is a young lady who's trying to help her little brother.
I don't think it would've hurt you or your show to, I don't know, maybe give us a head's up.
[Door opens, closes] Chloe! Chloe, wait! Chloe! Jake, I saw the show.
Chloe okay? I'm not sure.
Can't find her.
She's not answering her phone.
You know how she said she had an alibi? Yeah, she was working at a diner.
Well, I talked to her manager.
They laid her off six months ago.
So, she lied, and she won't answer questions about Jason.
What else is she hiding? Man: Ready? [Carousel music playing] How'd you know she'd be here? When we were kids, Dax and Chloe's mom used to take us to this park.
We still hang out here sometimes.
Hi, Chloe.
What are you doing here? I know you haven't worked at the diner for months.
Why'd you lie to me? I got fired from my job.
I'm looking for something that pays enough to cover rent, but, in the meantime, I've been dancing at a club.
I was there all night.
You can ask any of the other girls.
Why didn't you tell me? My mom's mental, my brother sells drugs, and I work at a strip club.
It's not a pretty picture.
What about that voicemail? Your brother sounded pretty angry.
Jason has always had a crush on me.
One night, he came to the club with a bunch of his football buddies.
They were drunk.
He wanted a lap dance, and I said no.
He got angry, got physical, and a bouncer tossed him out.
When I went home, I told Dax, and that's when he made that call, but it blew over.
- [Cellphone rings] - Sorry.
Yeah? Yeah, okay.
Chloe, your brother got in a fight.
He's in the jail infirmary.
Oh, God.
Come on.
I'll drive you.
All right.
Over here, Levi.
How you doing, SweetVicki? Get out.
Levi, did you kill Sarah Keaton? Huh? Levi's getting a lot of attention.
Uh, Levi is a creep who betrayed his best friend.
Did you visit Dax? Is he okay? Broken rib, black eye.
We got to get him out of lockup.
Any luck corroborating his alibi? No.
I went all over campus, but nobody wants to admit to buying drugs.
I guess that shouldn't surprise me.
The thing is, they don't want to talk about Jason, either.
They've totally closed ranks.
Yeah, but they're all too happy to gossip about it on Tell Me a Secret.
You're right.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking I need to figure out a way to use this app to our advantage.
[Cellphone vibrates] Hey.
I was just getting ready for our date.
Change of plans.
Instead of dinner, how do you feel about an afternoon stakeout? Hey.
How'd it go with the app creator? Uh, I threatened the kid with a defamation lawsuit, but the little cockroach called my bluff.
He won't give us the name of the user who started the thread and named Dax as the killer.
There must be some way to force his hand.
Well, the only precedent is eminent threat.
Then a judge could issue an order and make him give us the user's identity.
And Dax is facing the death penalty.
You're right, and I've been on the phone with every federal judge we know.
So far, no luck.
There may be one other federal judge who might help us.
Does he owe you a favor? No, not me.
Forget it, Jake.
I can't even believe you're asking me.
Would you just hear me out? Eric cheated on me.
I'm not asking him for a favor.
You know what? You are right.
I hate him for what he did.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have asked.
[Sighs] As long as you're here, I should tell you that the network wants the coach back on for an hour tonight.
You have got to be kidding me! I think the guy's an arrogant jerk, but America loves him.
He's trending on Twitter.
#CoachTellsltLikeltls Do me a favor, and just try to keep it balanced.
What is your thing with this kid? We grew up in the same neighborhood.
When I was in high school, we had a kid just like Dax.
He got picked on every day.
Let me guess.
His name was Jake Gregorian? Nice try.
I'm not buying it.
That's not what I was saying.
You were the bully? Worse.
I was the guy that could've stopped the bully but didn't.
I'm sorry I blindsided your client's sister.
You could make it up to her by helping her brother.
You'll talk to Eric? Fine.
I'll think about it.
I know you.
That's a yes.
You really expect me to issue a court order when the First Amendment's at play? I shouldn't have come.
[Sighs] It'll be uploaded to the ECF by the end of the day.
How do I say no to you? Today, of all days.
What do you mean? Well, it would've been our one-year anniversary.
We were supposed to go to Medora for dinner.
- Right.
- You know, I don't think I canceled that reservation.
We could still go.
We're not getting back together.
Oh, Julia.
Look, I know that what I did was unforgivable.
I'm in therapy now, and I know that it's gonna be a while before I'm healthy enough to be with you or anyone else.
But I want you in my life.
And maybe someday, you'll see that I'm a changed man.
So, what do you say? Will you have dinner with me? Just dinner.
[Marching band playing] - [Cheering] - Young man: Let's get in! - Thanks for coming.
- Are you kidding me? French fries and a college pep rally totally my jam.
- [Laughs] - So, you like football? A bunch of meatheads slamming into each other? I'll pass.
Hey, I was once one of those meatheads in high school.
Oh, that explains a lot.
What were you? Let me guess You were the hot mathlete? I didn't have what you would call a normal high school experience.
What? Were you, like, homeschooled or something? [Laughs] Oh, my God.
You were.
That's hilarious.
This is exactly why I don't tell people.
They think it's weird.
I think it's cool.
I mean, I went to an expensive private school, and now, I'm running errands for a living.
You got homeschooled, and you're a successful lawyer.
You tell me what's weird.
So, it looks like everyone's inside.
We've got the bulk of the student body in one place.
Let's tell them a secret.
Did it come through? [Cellphone beeps] "Dax Edwards was just released from custody because the cops have identified the real killer.
They're on their way to the pep rally to make an arrest.
" Homeschooled or not, you're a genius.
Let's go.
[Engine revs, tires squeal] Hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell?! We need to talk.
Move, lady! We're in a hurry.
I'm an attorney, and if you know something about Jason Moore, it's in your best interest to come clean.
We don't know anything about anything.
Dude, we know exactly what happened.
Either you talk to us, or we call the cops.
Up to you.
Okay, fine, then.
Wait! We didn't mean to kill Jason.
We swear.
Thank you for helping me, but I need you to keep this between us.
Are you kidding? You know I've been looking for a way to make my bones with Julia.
[Chuckling] Fine.
I'll keep my mouth shut.
That look is very effective.
I'll call you.
We saw Jason coming out of a frat party.
He was drunk off his ass.
We decided to have a little fun with him.
We tied a T-shirt around his eyes, like a blindfold.
Then we threw him in my trunk and drove him to the dam.
Then what happened? If we didn't intend to kill him I mean, if it was an accident You could still be looking at murder charges.
I can't represent you, but if you tell us everything, I promise I'll get you the best possible defense.
You have my word.
I had my old helmet.
We put it on and took turns tackling him like a practice dummy.
What did you have against Jason? Nothing.
He was a solid freshman.
They were hazing him.
Isn't that right? Only it went too far, and when you realized you'd killed him, you took off.
He was alive when we left.
That's how it works.
The freshmen take their licks, and then they find their own way home.
They did it to me, they did it to him.
It's a tradition.
Louise: Welcome back.
We've been taking your calls tonight on LHL.
Once again, our guest is Coach Phil Ryder, the man who insists he's telling it like it is.
[Chuckles] Lenny, from Amarillo, you're on.
Lenny: Coach, I was at that game against Cleveland in '94 when you had three touchdowns.
What's your question, Lenny? Hey, you ever think about running for office? I would sure vote for you.
Well, never say never, right, Lenny? [Chuckles] I'm serious.
America needs a leader like you.
You're a straight talker, and that's what we've been Does anyone have a good question? Every caller wants to kiss this guy's ass.
It used to be, the point of college was to prepare our kids for the real world.
All we've done is create this generation of snowflakes.
And you know how we did it? We started handing out awards just for showing up.
We've created a monster.
In fact, Louise, can I tell it like it is? Why stop now? Hey, Jake.
We're live.
What's going on? I'm on my way up.
I have reason to believe Jason Moore died after being hazed by his teammates.
Are you serious? Yeah.
And there's more.
This is why sports are so important.
Louise, check your pocket screen.
They're an anecdote to a culture of false achievements.
Win or lose, it is my job to toughen my players up.
Does that include hazing them? [Scoffs] I do I don't know what you're talking about.
Come on, Coach.
It's a well-known part of being on a sports team.
- You better be right about this.
- I've got a source.
Tell her that we know he authorized two of his players to haze Jason Moore.
- Who's your source? - Just ask him if it's true.
Julia, I promise, it'll be good TV.
Louise: but not on your team? Ask the coach if he authorized hazing by two of his players.
Is it true you authorized two of your players to haze Jason? Nope.
No, that's That's not accurate.
Did you know about your football team's hazing culture? Finn, get in here.
Okay, Louise, what you're talking about, I wouldn't call hazing.
This is all in good fun, okay? It's towel fights, hiding another guy's jock strap.
This is nothing like what happened to Jason.
A week before he died, did you pull two of your captains aside and tell them that the new freshmen were "too soft" and they needed to toughen them up? [Sighs] Look, that's not what I So, that's not what you meant, but isn't it possible that your players took your instructions a bit too far and they killed Jason Moore? Dax Edwards killed Jason Moore.
Coach, you were trying to make your athletes better, tougher men.
Here's what I want to know Could this all be your fault? Listen, if these idiots pushed it too far and they killed Jason, that is on them, not me! Finally.
There you have it.
Thanks for telling it like it is.
We'll be right back.
Man: And we're clear.
What did I tell you? - Good TV.
- Good TV.
Where are you going? [Exhales deeply] Get my client out of jail.
[Siren wailing] Jake, that was quite a show tonight.
Ryder's coaching career is over.
I'm here to retrieve Dax Edwards.
Open up the gates.
Yeah, well, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Lozowski and Sanchez admitting to hitting Jason with their helmets.
Bruises on the body correspond with that kind of blunt object, but according to the coroner, the fatal head wound was caused by a sharp object, probably a rock.
That could've happened while they were tackling him.
Yeah, maybe, but they said they left Jason at 12:30, and we have security footage of them downing chili dogs at Tommy's 15 minutes later.
So what? [Sighs] Jason's phone records just came in.
There's a call from his cellphone at 1:07.
Jason called Dax.
Look, we're charging the football players with felony hazing, but your guy looks good for the murder.
Julia: My heart's still racing from the show.
After all this time, I still get that buzz.
We took down an obnoxious bully.
We earned dessert.
I think I'll pass.
Trust me.
You're gonna want it.
Flaming cherries jubilee.
Here you are, Miss Louise.
Thank you, Marco.
Just leave the whiskey and the lighter.
Of course.
What's this? All your sad Eric crap.
It's time to purge.
You went in my office? In my drawers? I did.
Because I'm a good friend.
I thought he was the one.
I know, hon, but he wasn't.
Now [Chuckles] I know it's a bit cliche, but it works.
To letting go.
[Sighs] I don't understand.
The football players admitted to beating the crap out of Jason.
Yeah, but I checked the timeline, Ella.
Detective Matthews is right.
Jake, the court order against Tell Me a Secret just came through.
Tell me they'll comply.
We need that name.
When I showed the kid the court order, he panicked.
Said if his users found out that their secrets weren't actually anonymous, they'd ditch his app and he'd wind up like Friendster.
So I agreed to tear up the order if he gave us what we wanted.
You know who accused Dax? I never could keep a secret.
That's crazy.
Why would I accuse my best friend of murder? That's a good question.
You want to answer, or should I? Finn? Jason did get hazed that night, but when the football players left, he was still alive.
And he had to find a way home.
So who did he call? He called his old friends Dax and Finn.
In fact, he called the landline here, and records show that that call was answered.
FiFinn was the only one home.
You drove out to pick him up.
Isn't that right? What happened when you got there? He was a mess Drunk, bleeding.
He said those football players kicked his ass.
I thought for sure he was gonna quit the team, but he was happy Happy they beat the crap out of him.
He said it was a tradition, that he finally felt a part of something that he had real friends.
Real friends.
That would've pissed me off, too.
I couldn't believe it.
I drove out there in the middle of the night.
I was his friend.
I told him that he was being a jerk, and he laughed at me.
Said that I was a loser.
Then he tried to get in my car.
Finn, what did you do? I was angry.
And I just I picked up a rock, and I threw it at him.
I swear I didn't mean to kill him.
I just I hit him in the head, and he dropped.
Oh, God.
You blamed it on Dax.
Why? Because I knew everyone would believe it.
Got your text.
What are we doing here? I felt bad I had to cut our date short.
Well, I like your way of apologizing.
Are we paying by the hour? I live here.
In a motel? You know how I told you I was homeschooled? Mm-hmm.
Well, truth is, we never really had a home.
It was always just my mom and I, on the move, skipping out on rents, dodging my mom's crazy ex-boyfriends.
So, when I passed the Bar and started working, I got an apartment like you're supposed to.
But I could never bring myself to buy furniture.
It just felt so permanent.
It never felt like home, and this did, so I moved in, and that was three years ago.
Three years? You're the only one I've ever told.
Why me? [Chuckles] Because you could've told Julia about the football players, and you didn't.
And I trust you.
Someone is ringing a bell Mm.
Hey, you seem like someone who likes to take things slow.
Take off your clothes.
That once was my vision of birth Now is my vessel and curse Heat from a tall lamp Melting the outer wax Sometimes my hands, they don't feel like my own I need someone to love I need someone to hold Sometimes my hands, they don't feel like my own I need someone to love I need someone to hold Hold Hold Hold [Indistinct talking] Hey, boss.
How was dinner? It was, um cathartic.
Can I have the overtime spreadsheets? There's a budget meeting in the morning.
This message is for Julia George.
You think I wanted to hurt Oscar? I just wanted to protect him.
[Scoffs] Sarah was bad for him, and I was the only one who could see it.
I only wanted him to be happy.
But you and Jake Gregorian You twisted everything.
You made me the enemy.
If you want the truth, come and get it.
You got the story all wrong.
Here you go.
Can you get me Levi Young's address? Yeah, of course.
Text it to me.
I'll be in the car.
[Insects chirping] Levi? What took you so long? You said I got the story wrong.
I sent those photos so Oscar would know the truth.
Why didn't you just tell him the truth? And tell him I've been watching over him [Scoffs] taking pictures? That makes me look crazy.
But Oscar needed to know Jake couldn't be trusted, that Sarah would've used the abuse against him.
I got ahead of that.
For him.
But you also sent me a photo of Oscar cheating on Sarah.
How does that help him? You wanted to make sure Sarah never took Oscar back.
You have feelings for him.
What? Most of the photos They're of the two of you.
Oscar said he could talk to SweetVicki about all areas of his life.
By pretending to be her, you could have the relationship with him you always wanted.
You're in love with him.
That's crazy.
I know what it's like to have all your hopes and dreams wrapped up in one person and realize there's no future with them.
- Trust me.
I I understand.
- [Exhales deeply] But Oscar never would.
He might not, but at least you could let him know you never intended to hurt him.
I would never hurt him.
I would never hurt Sarah.
I'm not that kind of person.
I believe you.
I got the story wrong.
But you have the chance to set it right.
Please put down the gun.
Tell Oscar I'm sorry.