Now and Then (2022) s01e02 Episode Script


1 I can't believe this happened.
I wake up every day wishing this was just a horrible nightmare.
Now I know that he has My mom was always there for me whenever I was sad.
When I was a kid, and I lost my turtle in the park.
Or when I was 16 and had my heart broken for the first time.
But today is the actual worst day of my life, and I don't have my mom here to tell me that it's gonna be okay.
I don't know what I'm gonna do without my mom Did you know that Daniela had a son? - Rest in peace.
- How old is he? Nineteen? Twenty? Why were you at Daniela's house? I wanted to find out why she was blackmailing us.
What about all our money? Don't know.
It wasn't in her house.
Sorry, babe.
That was the office.
I had to answer.
Pedro Cruz.
Isabel, my fiancée.
- Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
His wife, Ana Vargas.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm really sorry for your loss, Hugo.
Thank you.
Did you find out anything yet? I'm working on it.
I will find out who killed your mother.
I promise you that.
Okay? Hmm.
In the meantime, um do you have any other family members that you could stay with? Maybe your dad? No, my dad walked out on us a long time ago.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, it's always just been me and my mom.
Must have been very close.
Yeah, she was the best mom in the world.
It's been a tragedy for all of us.
A real tragedy.
Here comes Sofía.
Sofía, I'd like to introduce you to my fiancée, Isabel.
- Nice to meet you.
- A pleasure.
We had no idea.
Marcos never mentioned you.
Well, since we haven't seen each other for more than 20 years, I didn't have a chance Honey, would you mind going ahead and bringing the car around for us? - Thanks.
- See you all later.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
Now might not be the best time, but did you notice the sergeant? No, it's not the best time, Pedro.
We just buried our friend.
Hey, we're all still mourning her death, okay? But after what she did, I don't know how close of a friend she was.
Maybe we can talk to the son.
Maybe he knows something.
At his the funeral of his own mother and in front of the sergeant? I need to get out of here.
The police have Daniela's videos.
What videos? The videos she was making in college.
They were at her house, now the police have them.
All of them.
Okay, but we got rid of the one from that night.
How do we know? She told us she did.
But we never saw it.
She also blackmailed us.
She lied to us.
- There could be a copy.
- The police have The police might have evidence of what we did 20 years ago? That's right.
I'll drop you off and go, because I have a meeting, babe.
No problem.
Don't worry.
- So, I hear you're a lawyer.
- Yes.
My worst nightmare.
I work at Figueroa.
I spend my time fighting with lawyers every day.
So you already know how it works.
Honestly, I like it.
It's Marcos who's always whining about lawyers.
No, not always.
There are exceptions.
Babe We need to figure out where this phobia comes from.
See that? You're not the only one he doesn't tell things to.
So I see.
That's why I love meeting his friends.
I'm sure there's a ton of information I can use against him.
- Come on.
- I can think of a few things.
At least something positive came out of all this.
You're back in touch, right? Yeah.
It's a shame, really.
We used to be very close.
Really? What happened? 20 years went by.
That's what happened, nothing more.
- Now it feels like we're two strangers.
- Mmm.
- So weird.
- Yeah, right? Do tell! What was this man like when he was in college? I can promise you, he was much more fun than he is now.
He had Well, he still has those eyes that drove all the girls crazy.
- Nah.
- Yeah.
- So he was a player in college? - No.
- That's kind of hot.
- No, I wasn't a player.
I was an idealist A dreamer.
I don't know.
I wanted to make the world better.
But I didn't have a fucking clue about how life worked.
Real life.
Like everyone at that age, right? How are you holding up? Uh, not well.
I'm so sorry, Hugo.
What do you think she's told him, hmm? She was our friend but we didn't know anything about her.
We didn't even know she had a son.
No, and clearly, her financial situation wasn't the best.
Well? - Nothing.
- But of course he knows nothing.
I wouldn't want my kids to know I'm a fucking blackmailer either.
The kid has no idea.
About anything.
Blackmail or the money.
What money? - I knew she'd never agree to it.
- What money? - Now is not the time.
- You paid the blackmail? - That's not important.
- Where That's it, please.
The important thing is to get the money back because it's not here now.
The person who killed her has it, right? Don't you think it's perfect motive? To get back a million dollars and bank another four while you're at it? Honestly, I would've never expected one of us would do anything like that.
We all want the same thing, right? So now, the big question is, where did Daniela get the money? Of course.
Because of the money.
That's how you knew it was her.
Which of you paid the blackmail? So you're saying that "hanging out to party "and catching a cab home" story doesn't check out? Yep.
I mean, there's no taxi company in Miami-Dade that has any record of a ride from Key Largo.
So, yeah.
- You called them all? - Yeah.
I may have underestimated you.
So, what we know is that Alejandro was driving under the influence, and had a heart attack right before the accident.
If they were all in the car with him, why would they leave the scene? Why all the lies? Hey, Sandoval.
- How tall are you? - 6'1".
Could you do me a favor? Could you get into the driver's seat, please? Alejandro's 6'3".
And if he was driving, why didn't he push the seat all the way back? - Can you even drive like that? - No way.
If Alejandro wasn't driving - Oh God.
- What are you doing? Wait.
Lay him on his back.
- Lift him up.
- Okay.
You got him.
Raise him.
Where the hell is his cell phone? Not in the car.
We searched it again.
It has to be there.
I mean, his mother said that she was calling Alejandro all night long, so If it's not in there, somebody's hiding something.
Search it again.
Tear it apart if you have to.
Ana, please.
Can you just listen to me, please? I didn't know what else to do, okay? Believe me, I didn't know how how to get us out of this mess.
Ah! And, according to you, we're out of this mess now.
Or we're in a worse one.
Just tell me.
Where did you get the money from? We don't have that much in savings.
Pedro, where did you get the money from? I took it from the campaign.
Okay? No fucking way.
No fucking way.
You go on about fighting corruption, and look at you now.
I didn't know what else to do.
And what's the plan to return it? - Um - Ah.
They're absolutely going to destroy us.
They'll destroy us.
If this gets out, not only is your career over, they're going to throw you in jail No, because no-one has to find out, okay? Nobody needs to know.
Oh yeah? Tell me your master plan.
Right after I win the election Win the election? What if you lose? - That money, I will get it again.
- How? How? All we have is this house Okay, enough! Enough! What happened, baby? What happened to you? What happened to you? I want you to tell me right now who did this to you.
Luis? Quit eating that garbage, Luis.
You'll get big and fat, and you'll get pimples.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I know that you're going through a difficult stage.
It can be hard.
Okay, Luis? Look, I absolutely get it.
I was 11 once too, you know.
- But - Dad, I'm 12.
Okay, but the point is, this isn't going to get better, I'm telling you.
Because later, you're going to start high school, and after that, it's college.
And once you're there, you'll see how people are much crueler than they are right now.
Okay? And they'll gladly laugh at your glasses and your acne.
And if you get fat, they'll make fun of your weight too.
Therefore, I don't want you to give anyone reasons to mock you.
Just Mmm.
Come on.
I am so sorry I was late.
Please, come in.
I was just talking with Zoe's parents about the incident.
Zoe? A girl? - That little bitch.
- Mrs.
I don't care whether it's a boy or a girl, as long as they stay the hell away from my son.
Zoe's parents have promised to talk to her to make sure she doesn't say any more unkind things about Luis Or about you.
Um, about me? Luis.
- Hey, Luis.
- Enough.
Just forget it.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to know.
Okay? Luis.
Luis, what did she say? She said you're a shitty fucking immigrant.
A loser who doesn't deserve anything that you have.
And that Brady is going to kick your ass in the election.
You satisfied? Hey, kid.
Don't put this crap on people's cars without asking.
Oh, that's very nice.
That's very nice, huh? Whoo! Baldwin! Baldwin! Baldw One of the tapes is missing.
It goes from 34 to 36.
Where's 35? Every tape we recovered in that house is right there.
No, it's not.
Not 35.
It's right here in the crime scene photo.
Maybe it got left in the evidence room.
Let me check.
All right.
Thank you.
Um, retiring means you don't have to come into the office anymore, FYI.
Can it.
I needed a break.
I can't stand my grandkids.
They can't stand you either.
You just happened to be cruising around the neighborhood? You skipped chemo today? Hey.
Come on.
When you gonna go on medical leave? I got too much work to do.
Guess what? Remember our first case together? The car accident.
The one we couldn't solve? There's another body.
All the same suspects.
But this time, Sully, I'm gonna go all the way.
Even if it's the last goddamn thing I do on this planet.
Well, it might be the last thing you do if you don't take some time off.
I'm not an invalid.
I have a job to do.
At what cost? It's not like any of it is gonna bring your brother back.
Sergeant, I have an update.
Let me introduce you to my new partner.
Belinda, this is Sullivan, my very old and very annoying partner.
Hope you know what you're in for, Detective.
- This woman is relentless.
- Excuse me.
So Excuse me.
Thank you, baby.
Did we get the lab results back yet? Should get it this afternoon.
I have an update on Marcos - I need IT to hurry with that cell phone.
- He's working on it.
I have something Listen, no, you gotta call this guy.
You gotta nag him, okay? He's a prick.
Call him every half hour if you have to.
This is top priority.
Marcos Herrero was still in the house when we discovered those tapes, right? Let me look up that.
I'm trying to tell you something about him.
If you'll let me.
Some things don't change.
You asked me to check up on Marcos Herrero's alibi.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, surprise, surprise.
Marcos, I have to ask you a question.
You better think carefully about the answer.
It'll determine where you'll be sleeping for the next 30 years.
Is there something I should know? I've told you everything already.
Actually, now that I think about it Hey.
Why don't I ask you the same thing? When you followed Daniela, did something happen that I should know? Are you insinuating I'm not insinuating anything.
Just asking a question.
Because for all we know, you were the last person to see Daniela alive.
Listen, I'm willing to get you out of all the trouble you get into because your daddy asks me to.
But I wouldn't commit a crime for you or for anyone.
So shut your mouth, and let me do my job.
You lied to us, Mr.
You said that on Friday night, the night of Daniela Marini's murder, you were still working at the clinic, and we know that's not true.
Our records show that you left at What is it? - That's it.
- 5:00 p.
Want to try telling us the truth this time? My client's not gonna answer any questions.
All right.
Well, if you cooperate, I could find it in my heart to ignore the oxycodone I found in Daniela's house.
I assume you wrote yourself that prescription.
All righty then.
- Wait.
- Yes? Marcos.
Please, let me talk.
I'm getting married in two months.
Mazel tov.
If you want my advice, don't do it.
They say marriage kills the spark.
And I'm only telling you so you know why I had to lie.
I wasn't at the clinic.
Yeah, you're right.
I was in my car.
And? And I was with my ex, with Sofía.
And then I took her back to her hotel, and that's it.
- Think Sofía will confirm that? - Yeah.
Why were you at Daniela's house? It wasn't me.
Okay? By the way did you take a videotape out of Daniela's house while we were searching? - A videotape? - Yep.
There's one missing.
Any thoughts? No.
The house was full of police.
I couldn't have done that.
Even if I wanted to.
Even if you wanted to.
Wait here while we check your alibi.
You're an idiot.
Do we let him go? Not yet.
I want to see if he's lying.
There's no record of a Sofía Mendieta staying here.
- Are you sure? - Yes, ma'am.
There's no one under that name on that date.
Could you look a few days back? Sure.
No, I don't see anything.
All right.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Miss, one second.
Could I take a look at your security cam footage for the past three days, please? Uh, I I have to ask my manager that.
Yes, please do it.
I'll wait.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
They're going to accuse us of being opportunists.
- Of politicizing the pandemic.
- Politicizing? I'll just say it.
The way this administration has handled it has been awful.
They've only shown their complete incompetence.
Now, the numbers of deaths are real.
- Yes.
- Right? The financial crisis too.
So did they redesign the healthcare system? No.
Or help small businesses? Even less.
There you have it.
And the immigrants.
Alone, unprotected, per usual.
These are the three pillars of our campaign, yes or no? - Yes.
- No.
You'll have to decide on the risk because it's a controversial issue.
And right now, the polls are very favorable.
Women 30 to 60 love you.
Better not let Ana hear you say that.
Better not let Ana hear what? Your husband, that he's a "sex symbol.
" But I don't think that's an issue.
Or is it? No, of course, that's not an issue.
So then what's the problem? Talking about COVID might lose us a number of votes.
I just think that it could seem opportunistic.
Pedro lost his mother in the pandemic.
I don't think that's opportunistic.
He's another victim Shall we go? It was her idea.
For a change.
Come on, come on out.
What did they say to you exactly? All three banks are asking for the same thing.
At least a month and a half to refinance the mortgage.
- We have to find another way.
- Ana - Your mom - No.
- Your mom could - No, no, no.
No fucking way.
- It's just a suggestion.
- I said no.
Are you fucking kidding me? You live here? Yeah.
Are you sure they won't mind me coming over? Why would they mind? Let's go.
Ana? He would have liked to see you become mayor.
Well, don't get ahead of yourself.
He still has to win the election.
Grandma Marisa says we can drink as much soda as we want, Dad.
- Oh! - Grandma Marisa spoils you too much.
Never mind.
In my house, they can do whatever they want.
Right, mija? - I want you to carry this very carefully.
- No.
No running! Children, my God.
Lunch will be ready soon.
I'll help you, and we'll leave them to fix the world.
So, tell me.
How's that campaign going? I've been reading the latest polls, and Brady is beating you with the youth vote.
Well, Brady spends all day on television and in the press.
How can I compete with that kind of publicity? I can't.
Come on, kid, why not? You're a million times better prepared.
But that has That has nothing to do with it, you know that.
Most of the voters haven't even read the proposals in my platform.
We don't have the resources Brady has, therefore we can't That means votes.
There's no no way to get them.
Come with me.
Uh, no, no, Rodrigo, I No, I didn't mean to say that.
You're talking about funds, resources.
You've given me more than enough.
Don't be silly, kid.
If I can help in some way for you to crush that idiot at the ballot box, I'm gonna do it.
Thank you.
Alejandro! Yeah, I'm coming.
Wait, I'm coming.
Hold on.
Come on, I'm only two minutes late, Dad.
It's not a big deal.
But, son Hey, Pedrito.
You coming or not? I can't.
Why not? - I have to help my mom.
- Right now? - Yeah, with the car.
- No fucking way.
- We have to be faster today, eh? - Yeah.
Let's go.
On your mark.
Go! I told you.
Can I go now? Hang on.
Let me just fast-forward this part because we all know what happens in Act One.
Detective, you've kept us here long enough.
What are you looking for? This.
So, you went home to your fiancée.
She corroborated that.
But your friend Sofía, on the other hand No one seems to know where she was from 1:45 a.
Well, I don't know.
What time did she get back? She didn't.
She was never staying at the hotel.
Any idea where she might be? Fuck.
Silvia told me about the oxycodone.
When did you start using again? I'm not using anything, Dad.
You gotta believe me.
Trust me! How? Explain, how can I trust you? You took my money to pay off a blackmail.
You get yourself detained by the police.
- I don't need the police sniffing around.
- I know.
You continue to be a fuck-up, Marcos! How am I a fuck-up if I've spent my last 20 years doing everything you asked me to! Yes! And in five minutes, it all went to hell.
You know what I hope? That Isabel never finds out what type of man you really are.
I also hope Isabel never in her fucking life finds out the type of man you are What the hell were you thinking? - Can you explain this? - Calm down.
Okay? Okay.
- We We didn't know what to do.
- Who Okay, starting this minute, nobody does anything unless I tell you.
Understand? Only do what I tell you.
And you, Marcos, you're not getting off scot-free, got it? Are we clear? Yes.
Come with me, please.
Let's take a look at that cut.
What's wrong? It was me.
I was the one who gave him the drugs.
- I was calling, babe.
Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Today was complicated, but I wanted to come here and see you.
- How is everything? - Okay.
Did you find out any more from the police? Any suspects? No, not yet.
What is Sofía doing here? They rejected her credit card at her hotel, and they asked her to leave.
- Oh, really? - How rude.
Ah, thank you.
Your lovely fiancée is a saint.
I told her that she can stay here as long as she needs to.
I told her that two days is enough.
I don't want to be a bother.
Don't worry.
It's no bother at all.
I'm going to prepare the guest room, okay? It's not luxury, but the view is amazing.
Thank you so much, Isabel.
I mean it.
Make yourself at home.
Thanks, honey.
What are you trying to pull? Where the hell have you been hiding? I've been calling you for an hour.
You know the police are looking for you, don't you? It's none of your business.
We've been in this fucking problem for 20 years.
Us, together.
Despite all that, you say it's none of my business? Go to hell.
You know what? I think that you have our money.
- Excuse me? - Yeah, you have the money.
You really think that? You honestly think I took the blackmail money? The money disappeared and so did you.
And it turns out that I took you to a hotel where you're not staying, because I saw the video.
- You should know me better than that.
- I have no fucking idea who you are.
Who are you? Why do you lie to me all the time? - You said - Everything all right, babe? Yeah.
Everything's all right, honey.
Just making her feel welcome.
Why don't you tell me the truth? - Hmm? Tell me, Sofía.
- You want to know the truth? - I want to know the truth.
- Fine, okay, fine.
I'm not a successful lawyer.
To pay the blackmail, I had to borrow money from the wrong person.
And they threw me out of the motel because I don't have enough on my card.
And I have nowhere to go.
Satisfied? If that's true, and I don't think it is, why wouldn't you have said so sooner? Because my life didn't turn out how I expected it to, Marcos.
And when I saw you, I remembered who I was when I was with you.
I promise you, I liked that person a lot more than the person I am now.
That's why.
It's been proven.
Above a certain threshold, people aren't happier because they have more money.
You still have to pass the threshold.
Or adapt to live with less, right? I'm thinking about going to Colombia to do humanitarian work when I finish med school.
- Are you making fun of me? - No, no, no.
Because your dad has a plastic surgery clinic, I thought Dad may forget where he came from, but not me.
Money, yeah, it's important.
Especially if you don't have any.
You know what? I'm pretty into arguing with you.
No, Marcos.
Please, that's awful.
God! Tell me you don't do this with all the girls.
- Do what? - That face! Is that how you hook up, with the sad little puppy-dog eyes? That's crazy.
- Hey, guys, guys, guys, guys.
- What? - What's going on? - What? No, no, no, no.
Seriously? You think I'm hitting on you right now? You're hitting on me.
- And you're doing the same thing.
- What? You make fun of people so they don't begin to see you're nervous.
- Am I right? - I'm not getting nervous - Fuck.
- There it is! Finally! It took forever! You've been flirting for months, kids.
You had to use your tongue a different way.
Finally, God! You had us waiting with bated breath.
You can't deal with the fact I get what I deserve.
You did your homework.
Now you need to finish it at the motel, right? - Hey! - There it is! That's it! That's it, that's it! Okay, Luis, uh, look.
I know that my patience with you can get thin, okay? Please will you put that down? Just while we're talking, okay? One second.
That's your dad.
Twelve years old.
What a weirdo.
Yeah, well, I wasn't the most popular guy in school, but, um Well, my damn classmates They had an imagination that was brutal.
Uh, they used it on me all the time.
Uh, calling me all sorts of names.
And that, Luis, made me Made me feel really bad.
Okay? And that made me eat.
Except that it didn't take away my anxiety.
It just made me eat more.
And then, the more I ate, the worse I felt.
And so on and so forth.
And I had a very bad time.
And I don't want that to happen to you.
Okay? That's the reason I act the way I do sometimes.
Because I think it's my fault.
It's not your fault, Papa.
You know you can always talk to me, right? You know, about anything, anytime.
You know that, right? Mm-hmm.
Papa? Hmm? Is everything okay with Mom? Everything's good.
Okay? Listen, you don't worry about any of those things, Luis.
Okay? I'm always going to be here to protect you.
Got it? - Got it.
- All right.
- Hey.
- Pedro.
Do you have a moment? Can you talk? Um, yeah, yeah.
Of course.
What What happened? We have a problem.
Can you come to the office? Uh, okay.
Two million.
They've disappeared.
It couldn't be an accounting error or something? Check the account.
Let's see Did Did you tell anyone? No, only you.
Okay, um We will just leave it as is, okay? Not Not right now.
Ernesto, I have to meet Ana.
Don't worry about it, okay? We'll figure out what happened.
I've missed you.
I know.
It's been complicated.
Ernesto knows about the money.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I only wanted to protect you.
I didn't want What happened? It was me.
I killed him, Pedro.
I put the drugs in Alejandro's drink.
Look at me.
Forgive me.
Please look at me.
We will get through this together.
We've made it this far.
Huh? Hey Everything's going to be all right.
Okay? It's gonna be okay.
Something's not adding up.
Everyone told us Alejandro barely drank.
He didn't do drugs.
And he was just completely focused on his swimming.
No, it's not true.
Alejandro didn't like being on the swim team.
He actually hated the competition.
And his parents put too much pressure on him to be the best.
I mean, he he couldn't take it.
And he just got high sometimes.
I told him I told him he should stop.
That maybe one day he'll go too far and It turned into a serious drug problem.
I mean, if you don't believe me, you should check his record.
He was arrested three months ago for possession.
Pedro was right.
Alejandro was arrested for ketamine.
What do you know.
Well, it all lines up with the medical examiner's report.
Alejandro was high, which caused a heart attack and caused the accident.
Or not.
What? You look elegant.
Shut up.
It's just date night with my boyfriend.
He's taking me out to lobster, even though I'm a vegetarian.
Oh, good.
You guys are here.
Alejandro Vilas's cell phone.
What? They found it? We found the signal.
Someone must have turned it on.
It's in Westlake.
Come on.
Hurry up.
- What about your dinner? - Fuck dinner.

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