Now and Then (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

A Bad Decision

1 Shit Please, don't say it.
If you know what I'm gonna say, why are you still here? I know we're going to find something.
Sully, please, just give me one more day.
- Oh, my God, you've been here three days.
- I know.
I can't justify any more time with the lieutenant.
Who knows if the cell phone's even out here? Even if it is, who knows if anything's on it? Team two has found something.
Something like? We found the cell phone.
Copy that.
- Notice how I'm not saying anything - Yeah.
out loud? Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much.
Hey, guys! Thank you! You recognize this? It's Alejandro's cell phone.
We found it at the bottom of the lake, just a few miles from the accident.
We're wondering how it got there and whether you had anything to do with it.
Me? Why would I do something like that? "It's time we spoke.
You absolutely can't tell anyone.
Please, don't do this to me.
I need to see you, please.
" Some of those messages were deleted, but we have the technology so we were able to recover part of it.
And we know you sent them.
Let me tell you what this looks like to me.
It looks like you and Alejandro had a little something going on, and it looks like there was proof of that on his phone.
Maybe that's why you would do something like that.
There was a party at the dorm about a few weeks ago.
Alejandro dared me to sneak into the dean's office.
He said it'd be hilarious.
I was drunk, so I did it.
The next morning, I I got really freaked out.
I couldn't remember what I'd done in there, and I knew I could get expelled if someone ratted me out.
That's why I texted him all that stuff.
So he wouldn't say anything.
- Calm down.
Fuck - Son of a bitch! You can't do this to Marcos.
Delete those messages.
I'm not deleting them.
He did this to himself.
- Please, Alejandro.
- Please, what? What's wrong with you? Stop.
- Son of a bitch! Piece of shit! - Hey! Hey! Alejandro! Ale! Guys! Hey! Help! He deleted the messages, and that's it.
Did you take Alejandro's cell phone to get rid of it? No.
Of course not.
Alejandro was my friend.
You're a champion! You know, right? It's not that big a deal, Dad.
Now you just need to make it through that last push.
Right, champ? It's just a month before the semifinals.
And now's not the time to slow down.
I know, Dad.
You are to be number one.
I'm so very proud of you, my son.
Thank you, Dad.
Let's go get a bite.
I'll be waiting upstairs.
I invited the dean.
You never know.
You never know who you might need! Champion! Pedro.
In here.
What are you doing? - Where were you? - Where was I? I was at at the office.
I've been working late.
I didn't want to bother you.
Tell me the truth.
I called you.
I was off working with Ernesto at the office.
- I just wrapped up.
- Yeah, yeah, let's go to bed.
Come on.
Okay I have to go see Gabriela tomorrow.
- Your mom? - It was your idea.
Um, I don't think you need to go see her anymore, okay? I think I'm getting close to resolving all this, so just trust me, okay? I'm so terrified when you say that.
Why? Did you eat a hamburger before you came home? Yeah But I didn't have fries.
Don't cry later that you look fat in the photo for the campaign.
Hi there.
What are you doing borrowing that? That dress is one of Isabel's, isn't it? Have you gone crazy or what? Sofía, please get yourself a new dress.
Go to the mall, take this cash, and go buy yourself some clothes.
Sofía! I don't want you wearing her dress without her permission.
What are you thinking? I want you to leave.
This isn't fair.
And you know it.
I can help you find somewhere to stay.
I'll even pay for your hotel.
Whatever you need.
- Good morning! - You're back, honey? Hello.
- Wow! You look so good.
- Oh! My clothes look better on her than on me.
Thank you, really, for this and for letting me stay in your home.
- Thank you both.
- It's all good.
I booked a table at Nobu for the three of us tonight.
- Do you like Japanese? - Mm-hmm.
- Err Tonight I can't make it.
- What? Why not? - The two of us can go, right? - Sure.
- Babe, can I take your car today? - Of course.
I have to shower.
I have a big meeting.
You know what? I'll move my appointments so we can all go together.
Great! It's just for a few days.
You'll be fine.
- Carmen.
- Morning.
Yes, don't worry.
Tell her we'll be there ASAP.
We have to go to the school to talk with the principal.
About Luis.
Right now.
Come on.
Let me be clear.
We have a zero-tolerance policy against physical violence.
That's why we have decided to suspend both Zoe and Luis for a week starting tomorrow.
- Wait.
Why Why both? - What? Bec I mean, she should be punished.
I mean, she should be expelled.
Cruz, this school has policies, and we need to respect those Respect.
That's an interesting word.
Because that little bigot told my son that I was a fucking immigrant.
- Did you just call my daughter a bigot? - I think you should calm down.
I'll calm down when your daughter apologizes to me and my family.
- For saying all that shit.
- Pedro, stop it.
She called me a fucking immigrant that doesn't deserve anything he has.
And that Brady was gonna destroy me in the election.
- Well, she got that last part right.
- Oh, you mother Hey, everyone, please! We are here to sort things out, not make them worse.
- There's nothing to sort out here.
- Pedro, stop it now.
Cruz, I'm not sure if you are aware what happened exactly.
Luis started this fight.
Didn't you say to hit her if she made fun of me again? So I did like you said.
Yeah, I was teaching him how to defend himself, in theory.
Seriously, Dad? Did you really cancel all my company credit cards? Treat me like this, like I'm a kid, and you're taking my lunch money away.
Do you want me to treat you like an adult? Then act like an adult, or else.
Or else what? Or else what? What will you do? Take my cell phone away? Ground me from going out? Give me a curfew, is that it? What are you trying to do? Take care of your problems.
And get Sofía out of your house.
How do you know about that? Isabel told me.
- Is that so? - Get your life together, Marcos.
If you don't mind, I have two surgeries in the morning.
Shit! Shit! Shit! - Marcos, what's going on? - And Alejandro? - Where is my son? - They haven't told us anything.
- Are you his parents? - Mm-hmm.
All you have to do this time is pay the fine and he can go home, but if we catch him in possession of ketamine again No, officer.
That won't ever happen.
Now that we're this close to the semifinals What were you thinking? Do you know how this will look on your record? Thank you.
Thanks for not saying they were mine, Ale.
Don't you fucking talk to me ever again.
- What did you put in my drink? - Get the fuck off me! - What shit did you put in my drink? - I didn't put anything! Let me go! Let me go, Alejandro! I have no problem with you punishing yourself, but don't get me involved in your shit again! - You hear me? - I didn't put anything! Hello, hello! I'm coming.
Don't you have anything better to do? Why don't you, like, take up fishing? Get a boat or something.
- How was chemo? - Fascinating.
As always.
So, anything new going on with the case? We got some prints.
We'll see if it matches the suspects.
Why is all this up here? Oh, my God.
Don't start, please.
I know what you're gonna say.
Leave it alone.
The case went cold.
The case went cold because we couldn't solve it.
And now there's another death, Daniela Marini.
And I know they're connected, Sully.
I can feel it.
- Hey, hand me that box on my desk.
- Christ.
Guess what these are.
Revenge porn? Nope, these are home videos that were hidden behind a wall in Daniela's house.
One tape is missing.
- Number 35.
- So? It's gotta be the footage of that night on the beach with Alejandro and all of them.
I checked the dates.
Tape 35 was in that house when we collected all of the evidence.
There's a photo to prove it, and now it just disappeared.
It wouldn't be the first time evidence disappeared in police custody.
Yeah, but the exact tape that we need disappears? Come on, old man.
You know better.
It's too much of a coincidence.
Oh, my God.
Listen, I know you hate when I say this, but you're sick.
When you're sick you need rest.
And when you get obsessed like you are right now Look at this stuff.
You don't get rest.
Yep, and you know what? Why don't you take a look at this? Yeah.
She hooked up with the husband.
She was at that funeral because she was guilty, and she fell into his bed because of that guilt.
Thompson, we're very sorry.
We're doing everything we can.
If you have any questions or concerns at all, please just Please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Yeah? What can I do for you? Hello? Hi.
I'm I'm here for the nanny job.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, come on in.
Hold this.
Follow me.
I'm sorry about the mess.
What's his name? Hugo.
I'm Daniela.
- Hey.
- Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.
Have we found out anything about the prints we found in Daniela's house? Yep.
System says we have a match.
- And? - You're gonna love this.
Well, well, well.
What did you expect me to do? I couldn't let that girl keep bullying Luis.
It was No, no, no, no, no.
It wasn't for the best.
You did it for you.
It was about you, again.
"She must apologize to me.
" Are you for real? Serious? Who is the 12-year-old here, you or him? Because I wonder sometimes.
I do.
I hope this is not how you're resolving all of your problems.
The police are coming to investigate the money.
We'll catch the culprit.
Carmen? - Luis, have you seen Carmen? - Nuh-uh.
Luis, did you take something out of the dirty laundry basket? Did you take anything? Yes or no, Luis.
I'm talking to you.
- Did you take something from the - The sheets.
I didn't want you guys to find out I wet the bed again.
- Tell me where you put the sheets.
- I threw them in the trash can outside.
Hey! Wait! I called you six times.
That detective took Sofía for questioning.
Marcos, tell me what's going on.
- Nothing.
- There's something you're not telling me.
I mean, all four of us saw Daniela at the college reunion, and well, it's it's normal for investigators to question all of her contacts, right? Is it normal for the police to have arrested her? Do they think you all had something to do with what happened? They asked me tons of questions.
What are you going to do? Interrogate me as well, or what? Why you didn't tell the police Sofía was staying with us.
I found out Sofía was here after interrogation.
I didn't think they needed to know.
Also, what's wrong with you? Why didn't you want me to know that Sofía's your ex-girlfriend? You've never mentioned her.
Do I really need to find out about this from your dad? That was a long time ago.
Anyway Come here, honey.
Come here, please.
Sit here.
I just want to know if I should be worried about this.
You have nothing to worry about.
I swear.
We found some fingerprints in Daniela Marini's house that matches yours.
So, I have to ask you where were you on the night when Daniela was killed? In my hotel room.
We know you were in Marcos Herrero's car until 1:45 a.
So what'd you do after that? I went to Blue Sunset Motel.
That's where I was staying.
So you were staying at a motel, not a hotel? Why'd you lie to Marcos about that? It's not easy to tell someone you haven't seen in 20 years that things haven't exactly gone your way.
You got into a little trouble, didn't you? Hung around in some not-so-nice clubs in Tampa and got arrested a few times when they were raided.
The morning after the reunion, Daniela invited me over for coffee to catch up.
We had a great time.
We laughed a lot.
Talked about the old days.
You can ask her son if you don't believe me.
Her son.
You know, out of all the babysitting jobs in Miami, I always found it very strange that Daniela ended up taking care of Hugo.
This is Jessica Thompson, the woman who died in the accident of your friend, Alejandro, with her newborn infant, Hugo.
Jessica Thompson's family turned into Daniela's family.
How the hell did that happen? - I don't know.
- You don't know? They had both lost someone.
I guess they were lonely.
And Hugo got a new mother.
One who always loved him.
Let me get this straight, buddy.
You want to look for something in there? Ex Exactly.
My son threw away something in the bins that I need to get back.
- It's important.
- Have a good time.
The garbage from your neighborhood is in cell 14.
- Many thanks.
- Oh, hey.
Aren't you the guy running for mayor? Um I'm asking you for a favor, please don't mention any of this to anyone, okay? Okay? I thought I would die before seeing such a moment.
Don't be so melodramatic, Gabriela.
It's not your style.
Is it so hard to call me "mom"? Of course I'm happy to see you.
You're my little girl.
Even though we haven't spoken in years.
I'm not in the mood to talk about why we're distant.
Ana, I only want to start to fix things.
Start repairing our relationship.
I'm here to discuss something important.
I imagine.
Am I right? Do you need money? It must be a lot, or you wouldn't lower yourself to come to me.
I don't want a bestowal.
I'm here to negotiate.
I want to sell you my share of the inheritance, the house in Holbox, and the plots of land.
It's a bargain.
All we have done, your father and I, we did it for the good of our children.
And we always worked hard to provide for you.
Are you serious? You don't know what it means to work.
I guess we're more alike than you think.
Perfect Anyway, I'll get in touch with your lawyers for the details.
As a payment, may I ask you for something? An embrace before you leave.
I'm excited to meet my grandchildren.
I'm looking forward to Luis' birthday party.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Daniela's cell phone.
A few days before her death, she received a couple of texts.
- Anything good? - I wouldn't be here otherwise.
Alumni reunion.
Be there or I'll tell it all.
Holy shit.
And even though we hadn't been in touch recently, we were the last people to have seen her living.
It's to be expected if they have questions.
I'm sorry you had to go through this.
No, no.
I'm the one that's sorry you had to go through this.
Daniela was your friend and what happened is horrible.
Hopefully they find the people responsible and there'll be closure once and for all.
Let's hope so.
By the way, Marcos was your first boyfriend? We tell each other everything.
- Right, babe? - Mmm.
I told her we dated in college.
It was very It was many moons ago.
It didn't mean anything.
We were kids.
We didn't know what we wanted.
It has been a long time.
It's true.
I'm a little taken off guard, but if it bothers you and you're uncomfortable, I'm happy to get a motel - I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.
- Of course not! - It should've come up - No, for real.
It doesn't matter, Marcos and I talked about it, it's no problem.
- You sure? - You're welcome in our place.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Well, a toast.
- A toast.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Pardon me, okay? A moment.
- Sure.
- Cheers, my love.
- Cheers.
You look gorgeous.
This is some damn good sushi, right? Pricey.
That unagi Yikes.
But with all the money you stole from me, you can afford it now.
You know what I'm not crazy about? You not returning my calls.
I don't have your money right now, Bernie.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Because you're about to be buried up to your neck in shit, my love.
My dad has more money than you can imagine.
Millions that he hasn't laundered yet.
And does he hide it at home? If I can get in his damn safe, we'll have more than enough money to go to Colombia and do whatever we want.
Listen, Marcos, if we're discovered by your father What might he report us? He can't go to the press.
It's dirty cash.
You see, with that amount of money, we go to Colombia, do whatever we want.
And help anyone who is in need.
Just like Robin Hood? That's crazy.
We can't steal Wait.
I can get your money back.
Much more, Bernie.
I swear.
I know exactly how to do it.
Sofía, we ordered sake.
Want some? Oh, great.
Hey, let's go somewhere different to get some more drinks.
Hmm? - Yeah, yeah.
We'd love to.
- Sure.
- Mmm.
- And you? Come on, let's go.
- Coming? - Yes.
- Or maybe to the house? Or what? - No.
Come on.
Let's go clubbing.
- Well, let me go pay the bill.
- Let's go for it! - No, honey, don't worry.
- No, I've got it.
No, don't even think about it.
Where the fuck have you been? I was trying to call you all day.
I had to talk to the police.
They're opening an investigation about the money.
Hey, what's the matter? Pedro.
It's us.
We trust each other.
Speak to me.
- I stole the donations from the campaign.
- You what? I'm in trouble and I needed the money.
Then I tried to get it back, but I couldn't.
Fuck Fuck, Pedro.
But Unbelievable.
- If this sees the light of day - No.
No one can know about any of this.
So why the fuck are you telling me about it? Because I need you, dear friend.
Can I count on you? You can always count on me.
Pedro? What's happening, Pedro? What's happening? Pedro? Are you okay? Pedro? What did I say? Pedro! Hey, wait, Pedro! Wait! Hey, wait! Pedro, what's wrong? Hey, Pedro! Oh my God, I haven't been here in forever.
I know, right? This is so exciting! - We doing a round of shots? - Hell yeah! - Get us tequila! - I'll go and order.
Go, my love.
- Here you go.
- Bottoms up! Cheers! Ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ Tell me why ♪ Ain't nothing but a mistake ♪ Tell me why I never wanna hear you say ♪ I want it that way ♪ Tell me why ♪ Ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ Tell me why ♪ Ain't nothing but a mistake ♪ Tell me why I never wanna hear you say ♪ I want it that way ♪ Oh, I miss this.
- Oh, be careful.
- Let's get going.
I don't want to go home yet! Please! Hold on, hold on, hold on.
You're not sleeping.
We'll get the money back by the end of the week.
My mother will be buying my part of the inheritance.
It's over.
All done.
Give it back and we can forget about this.
Sorry, Mr.
I didn't mean to bother you.
It's no trouble.
Sometimes I come into his room thinking that that he's still going to be here.
You know? I do.
I discovered his diary.
I didn't even know that he had one.
"The semifinals are tomorrow, - and I can't take it anymore.
" - I can't take it anymore.
"I want to shout it to my dad - And the whole world - " that I'm so tired.
" "That I don't want to swim anymore I can't push through any more.
" - that I hate it.
- " that I hate it!" Did you know about this, Pedro? Our boy didn't love swimming? That he did it for me because I asked him to? He loathed it? It breaks my heart.
It's not just that he died so young, damn it.
It's grasping the truth that I didn't know him.
No way I thought you were already sleeping.
I'm not ready to go to sleep yet.
But you know who is already passed out? My poor Isabel.
I told her not to mix drinks.
I haven't had that much fun in a long time, you know? It was like Like going back in time, right? Hmm? Mm-hmm.
We were partying, okay? Celebrating our graduation.
I don't remember anything strange happening that night.
By the way, the lab results came back and stated that Alejandro had taken some ecstasy.
I don't know.
I didn't take anything.
I stopped at alcohol.
Do you know where Alejandro got the drugs? No.
His party went later than ours.
That's all I know.
You will not be permitted to leave the state of Florida until we wrap this investigation.
Is that clear? That goes for your friends too.
What happened to your arm? Did you cut yourself? I I I fell off my bike.
It's just a little scrape.
This is 911.
What's your emergency? Please help me.
They They're not going to help me.
I I need someone now.
Send someone They're not going to help me.
So she didn't die on impact.
She says "they".
"They're not gonna help me".
I knew it, Sully.
I knew it when I saw that back door open.
She and Alejandro weren't the only ones at the accident.

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