Now and Then (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Crossing the Line

1 Hey.
Please tell me your night was better than mine.
Well, Ana got home at 7:00.
Pedro, 10:00.
From then on, they didn't leave the house.
No suspicious movements.
All right.
Well, keep an eye on them, 'cause as soon as we get that warrant to install the microphones, we are going in.
All right.
Found it.
You know it's my day off, right? They were all riding in that car.
We know that Alejandro died before the crash.
And Jessica Thompson told 911, "They're not going to help me.
" So we know there was more than one person there, right? Even though they say they weren't there.
- All right, come in.
- Oh, thank you.
- You want coffee? - Okay.
This is nice.
So, anyway I kept thinking Why is there no trace of this taxi that supposedly drove them all home, right? So I did some digging.
And the good thing about fancy neighborhoods is that they have surveillance cameras everywhere.
That taxi was driving down the street that is right around the corner from Marcos Herrero's house at 4:35 a.
that night.
- I got it.
- No.
- No glass falls by itself.
- Leave me alone.
I can do it.
It's Flora from work.
So, this is the famous Flora? Neruda, this is my wife, Lisa.
Nice to finally meet you, Lisa.
Johnny always talks very highly of you.
Aw, well, he's a great partner.
Oh, don't tell him that.
His ego is big enough as it is.
Yeah, thank you.
We'll blow it up and get the plate number.
Did it.
The taxi driver is waiting for us at the police station right now.
I'm so sorry about your day off.
I'll be right there.
Sorry about this.
- You gonna be okay? - Yeah, I'll be fine.
I won't be long.
I won't be long.
- Nice to meet you, Lisa.
- Nice to meet you.
Detectives, I don't want any problems.
Why would you have any problems? Well, I clipped a ride.
What does that mean? I didn't write it down.
That's why my company doesn't have a record of it.
So I don't pay commissions.
Don't worry.
We don't care about that.
That night Remember who you gave a ride to? It was a group of men and women.
All in their 20s.
They were very serious the entire ride.
That's all I know.
I swear.
- Think you'd be able to recognize them? - Yeah.
Thank you.
You bet.
Happy birthday.
Yeah, what's happy about it? - What is that? - It's a meme, Papa.
Yes, I know it's a I'm a goddamn cartoon now? Yeah, you are.
Okay, calm down.
Maybe not that many people have seen it yet.
It has over two million views.
And there's three social media accounts.
You're viral.
This is bullshit! Forget it, baby.
The important part is that it's your birthday I don't want to celebrate, Mom.
Want to tell me exactly why you were in that dump? I already saw it.
On my way.
Sofía, your cell phone.
You got a phone call.
Who was it? Aren't you going to tell me the truth? I saw that it was Daniela's son calling you.
Why? So now you're buddies, or what? I'm assisting him with a few legal issues.
Oh, really? You? Yes, Marcos, me.
I don't know if you remember, but I studied law.
Her son can't get a lawyer and he doesn't know how to deal with Daniela's inheritance so I thought I'd help him out.
- Is the interrogation over? - No, I don't believe a single word.
- Serious? - I don't believe a thing.
Well, fine, okay.
You will tell me the truth.
Except the truth is, you don't trust me.
You've never trusted me.
Please forgive me, I Sorry.
It's just My head is a fucking mess, and With everything that happened yesterday It was a mistake.
That's what you think, right? That you fucked up.
You haven't changed, Marcos.
And it's my fault, because you're a coward.
And I trusted you again.
You've never cared about what happens to me.
Not now, not then.
That's the problem.
Good morning.
I don't know about you, but I've got a horrible hangover.
But it was worth it.
I had a great time.
We've gotta do it again.
It was unforgettable.
Right? Three million views and climbing.
That's just this one, the original.
There are memes, GIFs Okay, enough.
Please, turn it off.
- Turn it off.
- Just turn it off.
There are even songs.
We have to stop this however we can.
We're tanking in the polls.
We've dropped two points.
I've been talking for months about health care, immigration, and I'll be remembered for this.
It's just not Motherf I don't wanna hear of Francis Marwen! Enough! Because of course Brady is the one behind all this.
He's using the video to his advantage.
Pedro, they've declared war.
We have to fight back.
If you start fighting dirty, there's no going back.
Forget about that video.
Focus on the campaign.
Don't fall into that trap, Pedro.
With all due respect, Ana, Pedro already has a team.
It's our job to figure out what's best for him.
I think that Pedro knows exactly what he needs to do.
I don't I mean No, no, no.
We can't let Brady win.
So let's use anything we've got against him, okay? You heard the man.
Let's get to work.
I want ideas, suggestions, proposals, anything at all to finish off that jerk.
First thing in the afternoon in my office.
We're done playing fair.
You wanted to see me? Yeah, the warrant you requested is denied.
What? No.
How could that be? Willis, I need to install those devices.
I need to know what's being said in those homes.
Why? Marcos Herrero's already been investigated.
His alibi checks out.
He's clean.
No, he's not.
Daniela Marini was blackmailed two nights before she was murdered, okay? We have the texts.
And I have every reason to believe that the suspects, including him, received the same texts.
But you got no probable cause.
It would violate the Fourth Amendment.
I do have probable cause.
What are you talking about? I just don't have conclusive evidence.
That's why I need the surveillance.
If the judge denied the warrant request, he's got his reasons, okay? Okay, then that means that the system is broken, and they're just gonna let the goddamn killers go free! You asked for permission to wire their homes.
The answer's no.
The end.
That's it.
Damn it! I know you're mad at me.
I know that it's because of your friend, that fight, the video thing, but Luis, these things are what can push us apart and that can't happen, okay? I'm really, really sorry.
I'm trying my best.
You're not going to say anything? Luis, I'm What? Do you know how difficult it is to communicate with you when you have this thing stuck in your ear all day? It's because I don't want to talk to you.
Even my gym teacher was watching your video! But it's Hey, Luis, wait for me.
We're trying to fix this situation, okay? We don't want you to feel embarrassed.
Luis, I'm speaking to you.
Surprise! I tell you "no party" and you invite everyone? My sweetheart! It's your birthday! It's an important day.
Trust me, you'll be glad you celebrated.
Look, all your friends came.
Go be with them.
Have fun.
LUIS TURNS 13 Why did you do all this? If you're want to complain, go back to the campaign office, try figuring out ways to destroy Brady, without airing dirty laundry.
You seem to have enough of your own.
Go eat a cupcake.
You look beautiful, daughter.
The dress is perfect as is, but I'm not sure about the headpiece.
- No? - Could we see some more options, please? Thank you.
Isabel, Sergeant Neruda.
I don't know if you remember me, but What are you doing here? We need to talk.
It's very important.
I'm busy.
You need to leave.
Marcos never told you about this, right? This is his friend, Alejandro.
He was killed 20 years ago in this car crash.
I was the investigator.
I interviewed Marcos and Sofía and all of their friends and their connection to it.
What? And Daniela was one of those friends.
And now, she's been murdered.
Strange, no? I don't know what you want from me.
There's a lot they're not telling you.
What did Sofía say to you so that she could stay at your place? She said her credit card had been denied.
That's it? She didn't mention she has a criminal record? And that she doesn't have an alibi for the night Daniela Marini was murdered? Oh, my God.
Do you think she - You think Marcos - I think that they're both lying to us.
As to what, I need to find out.
No, that's impossible.
Marcos could never do that.
Do you trust him? He's your fiancé, right? I mean, you have to, right? Can't have secrets from the get-go.
Don't you think it's strange he never mentioned this to you? Who knows? Maybe he's telling the truth.
Either way, you deserve to know.
Listen I know this is not what you wanna deal with while planning your wedding.
And you look stunning in that dress, by the way.
But here's the deal.
I need to get into your house tonight - to install a couple of microphones.
- No way.
The sooner we do it, the sooner we find the truth.
And then the sooner we can get on with our lives.
I'm not spying on my boyfriend in my own house.
So then you could be getting married to a murderer and we'll just never know.
If Marcos has nothing to hide then there's nothing to worry about, okay? I need everyone out of your house tonight.
Just for one hour, okay? Trust me.
This is the best for everyone.
Just one hour.
Text me when they're all gone, okay? You do look beautiful, by the way.
Sara Castillo? PASSPORT - SPANISH 15-02-1978 - MADRID Take as much time as you need.
Yeah, that's the one.
That's her.
Yeah, that's definitely her.
Her arm was all cut up.
Real bad.
I asked if they wanted me to take her to the hospital, but, uh, they said no.
That's definitely the one.
That's her.
- Belinda.
- Mm-hmm? Green light.
We leave in a half hour.
We got a warrant? But forget about the Cruz house.
- We're only gonna wire Marcos Herrero's.
- Okay.
And make sure that all the equipment is ready.
I don't wanna waste time.
- Got it.
- Hey.
If you're here to take me to lunch, I need a rain check.
I am crazy busy.
About to wire a house.
You look exhausted.
Well, you look old.
Why don't you let Belinda take charge? What? Hell no.
Would you? You used to love this stuff.
You retired too early, Sully.
Yeah, well, it wasn't my choice.
I had a little pressure from the home front.
Oh, come on.
Seriously, I'm worried about you.
You need to take your foot off the pedal.
Get a little rest.
I agree.
But I just can't seem to do it.
- It's too personal.
- Yeah, that's what worries me.
I know they're behind this.
And I'm gonna prove it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
The campaign never rests, huh? Pedro.
I brought him a little elephant.
Pedro told me that he loves them.
He did when he was seven, but thanks.
Ernesto, it's wonderful you could join.
Thank you for the present.
Pardon me.
Hello? I've spoken to the feds.
I think we've bought some time.
But we have to replace the money as soon as possible.
I'm I'm working on that.
Uh - A drink? - Perfect.
I desperately need one.
Oh, hold on.
What do you mean there's a delay? I need that cash now.
These things take time.
I'm doing everything in my power.
- Okay.
- And the kids? Did Luis have a birthday this week? Yes, but he doesn't want a party.
- I'll call you later.
- Whoa! Hey! A little gift.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
What a pleasure! Thank you for coming today.
Where's Marisa? The kids are dying to see you.
Hon, so are we, but with everything we're dealing with, Marisa doesn't even want to leave the house.
What happened? The other night, we were robbed.
Are you okay? Yes, yes.
We were out when they broke in.
It's still hard to sleep at night, but we're okay.
And do they know who it was? They started investigating Alfonso, the gardener.
Twenty years working for us.
We still can't believe he'd do that.
But are they sure that it was him? Well, he says he's innocent.
But they disconnected the alarm, the cameras.
Who else could it have been? I can't believe it.
I'm so sorry.
But I'm glad that you're okay.
Luis, leave that alone.
Now's not time for that yet.
Say hi to Grandpa Rodrigo.
Come here! - Hi, Grandpa.
- Hi! Please tell me that it wasn't you.
Tell me you didn't steal from Alejandro's parents.
We were in a critical situation, Ana.
Okay? And I couldn't let the people at the campaign realize that the money was missing.
No No, no.
Pedro, please.
I hid the money in a bag and I put it here, in the dirty laundry basket.
What? But Luis wet the bed again.
And he put his dirty bedsheets here too, and when I came back the next day, it was gone, there was no money.
The sheets were gone, the money was gone.
There was nothing.
Luis took everything and threw it in the garbage so that we wouldn't realize what had happened.
How is that my fault? Bu but, uh, the feds still don't know anything.
And Ernesto and me are Ernesto On top of that, you told Ernesto.
Mom, they're calling you.
We'll talk about this later.
For now, stay calm.
Let's go.
We're coming.
Um, no.
Not today.
Or maybe Maybe at night.
- Did you bring your bathing suit? - Excuse me.
What are they doing here? I don't complain about your guests, so don't complain about mine.
So that's why you did all this.
It's Luis' birthday.
A party is the least we can do.
But if we can also make it an opportunity to smooth things over with the Marwens Smile, Pedro, smile.
Like you're at one of your rallies.
I get it.
Give me a moment.
You go ahead.
Sorry we're late.
No problem.
Thanks so much for coming.
- Hi, Zoe.
- Hi.
Luis and the others are playing in the pool if you want to join.
- You can stay for a bit, can't you? - Sure.
Francis, I could really use some help with the cake.
Pedro, Shirley needs a drink.
Where are your manners? Feel at home.
Shall we? So glad you came.
Be careful.
It's slippery.
What the hell's going on, Pedro? How are you, Montse? You can't get any more beautiful.
- Arturo.
- How are you? - Good, and you? - Here you are! - So good to see you.
- Very good.
Our guest is punctual.
I thought it was just the three of us.
Who's joining? I invited her and your dad said it was okay.
- Hello.
- Hi, good afternoon.
It's been a while.
Twenty years.
You haven't changed, Arturo.
You have a very good heart.
And very bad eyesight.
- Shall we go to the terrace? - Let's go.
Want to tell me what the hell you're doing here? Your fiancée invited me.
Help me out here.
I don't really know why you and Shirley are insisting on all this kumbaya everybody-be-friends stuff when we know our kids are old enough to figure it out on their own.
I just thought maybe if they saw their parents getting along despite Is that the reason we were invited? Look, if your husband has problems with my column, having us over for cake isn't gonna change My husband didn't know I invited you.
We're not happy with the way our press officer's handling things.
We think the time has come to find a better one.
Is that a job offer? Is Pedro on board with this? Don't worry about that.
Any interest? He won't stop attacking you.
In the debates.
In every news column.
And you invite him to your house? To your son's birthday party? It was Ana, okay? It wasn't my idea.
I already told you.
Why does she do these things without asking? Ana Ana.
What can I do? The fact you're here doesn't make things easier either.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Be right back.
- A little, right? Ever since - It's improved.
Yes, because the one before was a Well No, don't mention it.
Were you looking for something? The bathroom.
It's this door, remember? Yeah.
But since we're both here I wanted to talk to you.
Be right back.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Have a seat.
What do you want? Pardon me? I'm asking you what you want from Marcos.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There's $100,000 here.
If you walk away and don't come back for 20 years, or even 60 years, it's all yours.
You really want to get rid of me.
That's for sure.
What's going on? What happened? $100,000, for real, $100,000 if I walk away.
What? What do you mean, one I had nothing to do with this.
If you want me to leave, just tell me.
- At least say it to my face.
- I had nothing to do with this.
Sofía! Listen to me, Sofía! Son of a bitch.
$100,000, Dad? Really? $100,000 for her to walk away? You left me no other option.
Are you crazy or what? Have you no respect? She had nowhere else to go.
What should I have done? Throw her out on the street? That's not your responsibility, Marcos.
She's a grown woman, right? She can figure out her own life, can't she? She just refused $100,000.
So she's doing fine.
That's called dignity.
Obviously you're not familiar with that.
No, no lessons from you.
Not from you.
You want to throw everything away for a woman who has brought you only trouble, then go ahead.
I will not let you destroy everything I've spent my fucking life building! What are you trying to say, huh? - I'm selling the clinic.
- What? It kills me to say it, but I'm selling the clinic.
Have you lost your mind? You can't do that.
Silvia's already started the paperwork.
But how? Who? You know, for a long time, I actually believed you would measure up.
I swear, I believed it.
What a pity.
Go to fucking hell.
Let's go, honey.
- Now? - Yeah, yeah.
- Why? - I'm tired.
Let's go.
- We just opened a bottle - No, enough.
Let's go.
Want to tell me what happened? Everything with my dad is impossible.
I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to have that fucking dinner.
Fuck me Listen up.
We gotta go.
Are you almost finished in the living room and kitchen? We still gotta do upstairs.
Ten minutes.
You got five.
We gotta go.
I've got a splitting headache.
Can you stop at a drug store? We're not stopping anywhere right now.
We've got everything at home.
Oh, come on, guys.
Come on, come on.
Well, good night.
See you tomorrow.
Are you going to tell me what's wrong? Nothing, honey.
Today was just hard.
Come here.
Let's go to bed.
Now we gotta stir up a hornet's nest.
These rich kids think they can get away with anything.
And where I'm from, it happens a lot.
So what, this is some kind of crusade for you? No.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying, I've seen it over and over.
Scumbags do bad shit.
Nine times out of ten, they get away with it.
Where's this coming from? Doesn't matter.
What's going on? Nothing.
Come on.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
- Hey.
- I'm fine.
Don't lie to me.
- It's just my older brother.
- He He was at this party, and, um one of his classmates, this rich kid he raped this drunk and unconscious girl upstairs.
And She didn't remember anything about the rape 'cause she was drunk.
And the rich kid got all his friends together, and they all lied.
They pinned it on my brother.
And there was There was no DNA, because the fucker used a condom.
They were from a fancy family, and they They hired this fancy lawyer, but we didn't have a pot to piss in.
And They gave my brother 30 years.
And he ended up hanging himself in his cell with his bedsheet.
I know they did it, Sully.
And I'm not gonna let these rich kids get away with it again.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can you come with me? Daniela Marini.
Alejandro? Alejandro! If I needed a lawyer, would you help me? Me? Yeah, you.
You studied law, didn't you? I mean, except if you hate me and you don't want to be my lawyer for obvious reasons.
I don't hate you.
I know you had nothing to do with it.
I've always been a fucking coward.
I think it's time to stand up to my father.
I'm going to need your help.
I'm Pedro Cruz, mayoral candidate.
But above everything else, I am a father.
And when one of my children loses their favorite toy, without which they can't go to sleep, I go out of my way to find it.
Even if that implies climbing mountains of garbage.
Vote for me, and I'll dive headfirst into solving any problem, no matter how dirty it might be, just to make sure that no one in this city loses sleep at night.
I think we got it.
Very good! Yes? Tell her to come up.
Thank you.
Wow, Señor Herrero.
Very nice.
Thank you for seeing me.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Mind if we talk? That depends.
Every time you show up, so do my problems.
I actually came to give you the most recent update on the case.
Daniela Marini was being blackmailed.
They were asking her for a million dollars.
What? A million? What for? Well, it seems like your friend was in a great deal of serious trouble.
And that kind of money is a very good motive for murder, no? But you can relax.
You're not a suspect anymore.
Doesn't look like you need a million dollars.
Meaning we're done with the interrogations and surprise visits? Oh, yeah.
Getting very close to catching the culprit.
Well, I will keep you informed.
- Have a good day.
- Good day.
Just stand right there, please.
All right.
Send in the first group.
Number four.
Number four.
You sure? Um, I'm sorry, uh I'm sorry.
Number two.
- Number two? - Number two.
Number two.
Number two.
- All right.
- Okay.
Can Let's Just wait a minute.
You said that one of the girl's arms were cut pretty badly, right? I think that's what I said.
You "think".
So, you wouldn't mind if we searched your car? I wouldn't mind, except I got a new car.
The old one was so very old.
I sent it straight to the scrapyard.
That's fine.
We're done here.
Send them back.
We're done.
Thank you.
File this for me, Sandoval.
Thank you.
You see them smiling? You know he bought the taxi guy, right? No matter what you do, these people always win.
Um, Detective, the medical examiner called you again.
What do mean "again"? When did he call the first time? Uh, this morning.
I didn't tell you Oh, shoot.
I must have forgotten.
I had a bunch of paperwork.
I was doing files.
And the phone What did she say? Right She said something about the autopsy.
The woman that was in that crash.
Nice work, Willis.
Keep this up.
You'll go far.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
I just got the results of the tissue analysis.
It seems there's something I overlooked.
See this wound here? The one we assumed caused her death? Well, the shard of metal didn't actually reach the carotid artery.
Not at first.
There are two different lines of coagulation.
The first one, as a result of the crash, is much more superficial than we thought.
But there's a second, which is deeper.
One that occurred a few minutes later.
Is that the one that hit the artery, which caused her death? So Jessica Thompson didn't die as a result of the impact.
- Alejandro! - Please This is 911.
What's your emergency? Please help me They're not gonna help me Someone drove that piece of metal deeper into her neck, don't you think? Yeah.
Help me No! You got your wish, rookie.
Our car crash just turned into a homicide.
Ah, no.
What exactly did she say to you? Nothing.
That they knew that they were blackmailing Daniela for a million dollars and that was the motive for killing her.
I think they're gonna arrest someone.
Do they suspect any of us? I don't know.
In theory, not me anymore.
Do they suspect anyone? I don't know.
She didn't say, but I also wasn't going to ask.
Hey there, Hugo.
I screwed up, okay? I'm sorry.
Have you been drinking? You're not driving, are you? Hugo.
Hugo, listen to me.
Are you driving right now? If you are, I need you to pull over right now, okay? I need someone to talk to.
I just wanna tell you everything.
Hugo, listen to me.
That's fine, okay? I need you to just pull over right now, okay? Tell me where you are.
I said tell me where you are, and I'll come and get you.
Hugo? I don't wanna lie anymore.
I don't wanna lie.
What am I doing?
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