Now and Then (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Face to Face

1 "Dear Hugo, I wish I could say all of this to you in person, but I can't.
I never thought I had to tell the person I love more than anyone that I've been lying to him his whole life.
Twenty years ago, my college friends and I did something terrible, Hugo.
We were very young.
I swear I tried every single day of my life to give you everything we took from you to be the best mother I could be, because in my mind, you'll always be my son, Hugo.
But I know I failed.
That's why I tried to make up for it.
Because I love you more than anything in the world.
Please accept this money.
Of course, it could never make up for what we've taken from you, but nothing can.
" Fuck! What are you doing here? Hey there, Hugo.
I screwed up, okay? I'm sorry.
Hugo, have you been drinking? Hugo, listen to me.
Are you driving right now? I don't want to lie anymore.
Come on, guys! Hurry up.
There's less than 24 hours for the debate.
A decent life for all.
That is my campaign slogan.
And that's what we'll fight for, with your support.
Recovering public spaces.
Helping low-income families thrive.
Making sure that everyone has the opportunity for a decent life.
- A future that can - Protectionist policies that basically make people rely on the government more than on their own hard work.
No, no.
These aren't protectionist policies.
These are policies that can help the city flourish.
Let me read you something.
"I want to change what needs to be changed.
I want to create a better standard of living for all.
I want to grow the economy.
I want to create a safer, healthier, happier city for all of us.
" Are those your words? I I can't remember everything I've said in the past.
But, yes, it could be me.
It sounds like me, yes.
- It's Nicolás Maduro.
- Come on.
That's it.
That's a problem, okay? And you just admitted that you sound exactly like Nicolás Maduro.
That That's unfair.
That's unfair.
I mean, it was taken completely out of context.
Thousands of people come into this country.
They stream into this country every day, because they don't have freedom in their own.
What do they find? You, here, peddling the same policies that made them flee in the first place.
Is that what you want to give 'em? Are you gonna let him rehearse his opening remarks or are you just gonna badger him? Believe me, Brady's not gonna let him finish his opening remarks.
Brady's gonna fucking eat him alive.
Marwen knows Brady's campaign better than anyone.
He's just anticipating the attacks.
Do you want to win? You need the Latino vote.
They need somebody to represent them, and you're not doing it.
Helping low-income families is all fine, but you need to find a way to do it so that it doesn't sound like Bolivarian communism.
Otherwise, you don't stand a chance.
You are pushing to change the strategy, and that's my business.
You know how many campaigns I have run? Yeah, and how many of them have you won? Can we continue? Let's try it again.
Everybody, take five, please.
After two years, are we going to change our strategy because of what that guy is saying one day before the debate? Ana thinks this will be good for the team.
Who's the candidate? Ana or you? Marwen helped us with the video mess, and since he joined our team, we've gone up in the polls.
You know this campaign would come tumbling down without you.
And I know it too.
Come on.
The feds are on their way.
They've asked for our account books.
I can't hold them off much longer.
Pedro, I cooked the books for you.
I'll get the money back, and I'll return it, okay? Trust me.
Trust me.
They found a bag of money in his car.
Are you shitting me? - Holy shit.
- They just told me.
Hey, Campbell, make sure nobody gets in there, all right? We know his mother was being blackmailed.
They asked for a million dollars.
That means if her friends were also being blackmailed It would make it five million dollars, which is the exact amount in that bag.
So, is Hugo the blackmailer? The texts did come from his cell phone.
But wait.
That means he blackmailed his own mom.
Daniela wasn't his mother.
His real mother was Jessica Thompson.
That's the woman that died in the car crash 20 years ago.
How does that make any sense? Well, a week after the funeral, Daniela became Hugo's babysitter, and then she became much more.
That's fucked up.
Yes, it is.
And very suspicious.
So, what if Hugo found out and then decided to take the law into his own hands? Do you think he could have killed Daniela? He did call me right before he crashed, saying he wanted to tell me the truth.
Fucking hell.
But she died in the crash, right? That's what I've been saying.
She didn't.
The report says she didn't.
- But if we - Please! - They're going to throw us in jail.
- Everyone calm down! - Fuck, we aren't murderers! Cunt.
- Sofía.
Sofía, you yelling won't change anything.
Someone drove a piece of metal into that woman, okay? It's in the autopsy report.
Someone did it.
You went to check and said she was dead.
Pedro, obviously I was wrong.
Or you stabbed her and now you want to pin it on us.
Are you serious? You're doubting me? Wait, wait, wait.
I mean, I saved everyone's ass.
Don't play dumb.
You're doubting us too.
I'm just saying what the fucking autopsy says! - Hey.
Stop, stop.
- Hey! Fuck! - Sofía.
- What? Are you listening to yourselves? Sof Sofía! Someone killed that woman.
I don't know.
They changed the clause three days ago.
I sent over some notes.
Let's wait for the answer.
Don't worry.
Yes, it's fine.
Send it to me.
I want to have a look first.
Leaving already? And book a table at Il Gabbiano for Thursday.
Thank you.
- You got up early.
- Just like every day.
The only difference is you don't have to go to work.
- Can we talk? - I don't know.
If you want, send me a court order or tell your lawyer to send it to me.
All right.
Honestly, I don't know why you have to antagonize your dad like that.
Well, because he's the one that started all this.
And Sofía says we could win.
And you trust her more than you trust your dad or me? Hey! Don't wait for me until night.
Fucking hell.
This is a joke, right? You put me in this situation.
What did you expect me to do, Dad? I don't know.
Get a real lawyer.
I mean, that's what I thought you do would do.
But I was wrong.
I know enough to know that you can't sell the clinic - without my client's approval.
- Okay.
According to the property records, which I got access to, your late wife owned part of the clinic.
Therefore, after her death, my client, Marcos Herrero, inherited her shares.
Maybe your client should pay closer attention to what he signs, because he transferred those shares to my client years ago.
You don't remember, do you? So, I don't know if the document is clear enough or if you need anything else explained to you.
I'm the sole proprietor.
Let's go.
Thank you.
All right.
You are the sole proprietor, and you can proceed with the sale.
But if an audit revealed bank accounts in tax havens or undeclared millions, all of that would also be only yours, right? My client may sometimes sign without reading.
But he also knows plenty of things about the clinic that he could use in court.
You decide whether or not this will go that far.
The only thing I'm asking is that you stop the sale.
That's it.
No, Marcos.
You don't ask with a court order.
I tried to talk to you nicely many times, Dad.
Yes, I have a terrible habit of not communicating well with people when they are high.
Excuse me.
You're aware that I'm not the only one with things to hide, right? I'm going to recommend you both be much more careful with me.
This time, it's you who should be careful, Arturo.
You were amazing! And I was scared shitless.
My heart was in my mouth like this, and it was like ba-boom, ba-boom, ba-boom, pounding so fast.
The question is, do you think they'll go to trial? No way.
They wouldn't dare.
No, no.
And that ace you had up your sleeve.
They shit themselves when you mentioned the accounts in tax havens.
Of course.
Don't you remember years ago when we planned our escape to Colombia and you told me about how much dirty money your dad had? Or where did you get the blackmail money from? Did you take it out of your own bank account? No.
I figured.
I figured you had asked him.
- Cheers.
- That's right.
That money can't be traced.
There's no way to trace it.
You think of everything.
Your father is that type of person.
- What type? - Who always has an ace up his sleeve.
She just said that they paid the ransom.
- What? - Yeah.
We got 'em.
That's basically a confession.
Only that they paid, not that they killed.
Still good evidence though.
- We should get it to Lieutenant Willis.
- Not yet.
No, this is from before.
I was never good enough for his son.
I just think that we should wait on something more solid.
More solid? No, no.
That's true.
The other thing, I don't know what I would have done if Tell me you got a warrant to wire the house.
Don't be a drama queen.
I already told you that Shit.
- Thanks for everything.
- So, we're spying on them illegally? Don't give them to me.
It's been fun Great.
So now that we finally have the evidence, we can't use it.
And we could both get fired.
You think I'm like him? You're much better, Marcos.
Don't do that.
You're turning me on.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
I'm getting married.
Yes, I know.
You're getting married to a woman named Isabel, and you're going to promise to love and be faithful to her for the rest of your lives.
Are you really going to do it, Marcos? Really? Shit.
What is that? They fucking found it.
We're fucked.
Not necessarily.
They don't know that we don't have the warrant.
They'll find out.
Okay, just hold on.
Let me just fucking think for a minute, please.
We can still use it to our advantage.
- Don't you dare drag me further into this.
- Belinda I had to do it, okay? I couldn't just let them go free because some judge wouldn't sign a paper.
Listen to me.
If we can get them to confess, the mikes become irrelevant.
Okay? It's gonna be okay.
Hello? Yes, this is Marcos Herrero.
Sergeant Neruda, hi.
How are you? Yes, I'm here in my apartment.
Why? This is everything we found on tax breaks for corporations.
What's This is not in my debate.
But it's in Brady's, so you have to study that tonight.
Brady always knew what was in your prep book, so he's always going for your blind spots.
- We're gonna fill in your blind spots.
- Wait.
I have to learn this tonight? Correct.
No, no, no.
I'll go.
I thought Ernesto had given you all the documents.
Not all of them.
I'm sorry.
This campaign has been such a whirlwind.
We can't even find each other half the time.
You are aware that failure to provide all requested documents is obstruction of justice? Officers, we are the ones who desperately want to know who stole the money.
Where's your husband? We need to talk to him.
This is literally the worst day.
The debate's tomorrow.
We've spent the whole campaign preparing for it.
I beg you.
I'll see to it that every document is delivered to you ASAP.
You have two days, or we'll be back with a warrant.
Hello? I'm listening.
There's an update on the case.
That's why I asked you to come in.
Did you find out who did this? Daniela's son, Hugo, was in a car accident.
He's in a coma.
What? When did this happen? Is he gonna be okay? Well, the doctors don't know.
They say he has about a 50% chance of pulling through.
Which hospital? I want to see him.
We're gonna talk first.
We found a duffel bag in Hugo's car with five million dollars in it.
That's a lot of money.
Yes, it is.
Any idea how it got there? Wh-Why would I know? So you didn't put it there? I don't have that kind of money.
Alumni reunion.
Be there or I'll tell it all.
One million dollars each.
At midnight on Friday, I'll send you instructions on where to bring the money.
" Did you receive these messages? We know that because Hugo sent it to you, among others.
You paid, didn't you? What? No.
You're making a huge mistake.
Really? I don't think so.
We found the money, and we know that you received the texts.
So? I also get texts about miracle diets.
Or from a Kenyan prince who wants to donate his inheritance to me.
I ignore them.
You didn't take the blackmail seriously? Why would we? We haven't done anything wrong.
There's nothing to tell, because there's nothing to hide.
The truth? I thought it was a damn joke.
We all did a lot of stupid things in college.
I think that the blackmail has to do with what happened 20 years ago when your friend, Alejandro, and Jessica Thompson were killed.
That's what I think.
Look, I don't know what you want from us, but we had nothing to do with what happened then.
And we have nothing to do with what's going on now.
So, if I take a look at your bank accounts, will I find anything? I told you, I don't know anything about that money.
So I have five million dollars in my office, and it belongs to no one? Incredible.
You can go now.
Thank you for your time.
Son of a bitch.
- Son of a bitch! - Enough, Pedro.
- Forget about it.
- What? Why? How? - How can I forget about it? - Hey, Pedro.
Ana's right.
The money is gone, okay? And if we try to get it back, we'll end up connected to the blackmail, - to Daniela, to that kid, everything.
- No, no, no.
Because no no one has any kind of evidence against us.
Give me the keys.
I wouldn't be so sure about that, okay? We're fucked.
We found bugs in my apartment.
What? What? Was it the police? Pedro, no.
It was for a reality show.
Of course it was the police.
What if they've been spying on us too? - Pedro, we don't know that.
- We don't know that, but that that sergeant has been on our heels, hasn't she? Shit.
I have to get ready for the debate tomorrow, and besides I knew it.
Okay? I knew that son of a bitch was involved in all this.
I knew it.
- He might even have killed Daniela.
Right? - You're crazy.
- How could you say that? - What? How am I crazy? - What's wrong with saying it? - Sofía.
Sofía, he had the money.
He ran without saying anything.
So Maybe they're right.
We don't know anything about him or his relationship with Daniela.
What's more, a few days ago, we didn't even know he existed.
Yes or no? Or did any of you know him? Let's go.
One, two, three.
Blow, blow.
Come on, Hugo.
Good job! - Good job! - Happy birthday.
Good job, sweetheart.
- I'm gonna get Hugo's present, okay? - Okay.
Hey, good job.
- Mom.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look You two look great together.
- I'm really happy.
- Mom.
What's wrong? What's wrong? Sofí I don't deserve all this.
You have a beautiful family, and they're really lucky to have you.
Come on, repeat after me.
Repeat after me.
- They're really lucky to have me? - Louder.
They're really lucky to have me.
Open your mouth.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
We'll get rid of those calories later.
If Neruda cross-checks information with the feds, I am so fucked.
Pedro, you're too nervous.
Focus on the debate.
I'll take care of everything else.
You also said your mom was going to give us money, and we haven't seen a dime.
I'm working on it, but I'm not God.
The feds want to see the account books, okay? If they realize Ernesto doctored the numbers Pedro, are you okay? Pedro, breathe.
Breathe, please.
Calm down.
Pedro, calm down.
- What is it? What's wrong? - Ana.
Pedro, wait.
Wait, breathe.
Breathe, breathe.
Calm down.
- Alejandro? - Is he dead? Why are you eating so fast, Son? She's She's dead.
She's dead.
You're not feeling well, Son.
What happened to Alejandro wasn't anybody's fault.
And what if it was? What if someone is to blame for the accident? Pedro.
What's going on? Nothing.
It's okay.
I raised you to be a good man.
If there's something you're not telling me about what happened that night If it has to do with what happened to Alejandro, then do the right thing, Son.
If you don't want to tell me, then you should tell the police.
Good morning.
I overslept.
I need to prepare.
You don't need to prepare anything.
I wrote a summary for you.
If you're not sure, you can look at it.
How long have you been awake? I went to have breakfast with my mom.
She wanted to give us Luis's gift.
She said she's really sorry for the delay.
Money? Go have breakfast.
It's going to be a great day.
And don't forget.
Eye contact.
Okay? There's no way I'm wearing this! You're going to wear that for three reasons.
One, because I said so.
Two, because you have to dress up.
And three, because your siblings are wearing the same thing.
And why do we have to dress the same? It's not like we're minions.
Hey, Mom.
Don't you ever get tired of pretending we're perfect? What? What "what"? - What "what"? - What? So, you're leaving for a whole year.
One year! One year.
- And you think that's okay? - Yes.
You think it's okay to leave your boyfriend for a year? What am I going to do without you now? What am I going to do without you? Is somebody telling me he wants to quit swimming one month before nationals - Really? - and come with me? That sounds much better.
- You're joking, right? - Joking? Picture the two of us together, me going with you.
Well, well, let's see.
I love you - Really? - but not that much.
What do you mean, "not that much"? Look.
Look, you're going to win all your competitions.
Yeah, we all know that.
- And I am going to get a job at the UN - What about you? Yeah? and then we'll travel a ton.
And we'll keep traveling.
And we'll meet again.
And we'll do this a thousand and one times.
Fortunately, they know you're my son.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be allowed through the door with those shoes.
I was supposed to meet Silvia.
I should have known you'd be here.
She and I were supposed to talk alone.
You called my lawyer.
I thought it might be about me.
What happened? We're in big trouble.
I found this at my place.
Who knows how many more may be hidden around the house.
We don't know what they know, what they've heard.
What I do know is they have the blackmail money.
Silvia turned that money in.
And if this blows up, it'll blow up in our faces.
You're fighting on too many fronts, Marcos.
And I'm not your enemy.
You aren't? No.
The real enemy right now is at the police station, thinking about how to get you to spend the rest of your life in prison.
And from what we've seen, she's getting close.
I can help you get out of this.
Really? What do you want in return? For me to drop the lawsuit? Drop the lawsuit, and get the person who fucked everything up out of your life.
Settle down, Marcos.
I'll be there for you, just like every time you've needed me.
I wanna hear the recordings.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
Otherwise, I'll tell Marcos everything.
Don't threaten me.
He already knows.
He heard.
Okay? He found one of the microphones.
I helped you.
Don't do that.
You're turning me on.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
I'm getting married.
Yes, I know.
You're getting married to a woman named Isabel, and you're going to promise to love and be faithful to her for the rest of your lives.
Are you really going to do it, Marcos? Really? Belinda, please don't say anything about the mikes yet.
Just hang on a little bit longer for me.
I'd appreciate it.
Okay? Yeah? Hi.
- This is Ana.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Mr.
- Nice to meet you.
Follow me, please.
How is this happening right now? Okay.
All right.
What happened? You have to stay calm and focus.
Look, I'm sure Brady knows, okay? It's all over the fucking news.
- And he will use it against him - What happened? It's Ernesto.
The feds are investigating him - for misappropriation of campaign funds.
- What? - Did you know about this? - Of course not.
You know what? We've got just a few minutes before the debate.
So, everybody, just take a deep breath right now, okay? Thank you.
- Was he arrested? - Come on.
It's okay.
Candidates to the set, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I need you to calm down.
Pedro, listen to me.
Here's the plan, okay? If they use Ernesto against you, you know nothing.
You just found out, okay? And you will completely cooperate - with the authorities.
- Is everything okay? It's time.
We are ready.
Good evening, and welcome to tonight's debate between Miami-Dade's two mayoral candidates.
I made some calls.
They bugged his house from top to bottom.
- Okay.
- As mayor But that surveillance is illegal.
They went in without a warrant.
So they can't use any of it.
Thank you.
to small businesses in order for them to recover.
The unemployment records here show that Those figures can tell two completely different stories, depending on who's reading them.
Now, Miami-Dade residents are more interested in knowing how - we're going to stimulate the economy - This is not going well.
- create more jobs - I hope he finds a way to counterattack.
Well, he better.
Because Brady is eating him alive.
- We also have an incentive plan - Come on.
to attract major companies to come to Miami-Dade, which will potentially create thousands of new employment opportunities.
Hear any specifics? I'm afraid you sell a lot of What are we doing here? Weren't we going to eat something? I don't believe you have a solid plan for the good people of We need to confess, Ana.
Pedro, no.
Have you considered what will happen if we say something? You'll fuck up your life, and while you do, you'll fuck up Marcos, Daniela, and Sofía's lives, and mine too, goddamn it.
What life? I just can't do it anymore, Ana.
And besides, how do you expect the good people of Miami to trust you when your own right-hand man is in police custody as we speak? Wait a minute.
I am as shocked as any And it does not seem like he is acting alone.
Personally, I wouldn't be able to trust a mayor's judgment if this is who he chooses to run his campaign.
And I don't think the good people of Miami would trust you either.
Or are you asking us to believe that you were on the sidelines? Two people fucking died, Ana.
Pedro, no.
I know it hurts.
I know it's hard.
I don't have the strength either.
I suppose the easiest thing would be to say that this wasn't a big blow for me.
But that would be a lie, and I don't lie.
You have no idea how guilty I feel about what we did.
But we have to be strong.
Hey, look at me.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can, Pedro.
Because you helped me, and I'm going to help you, but you have to trust me, okay? I need you by my side.
I don't want to lose anyone else, okay? I My mother brought me up to be an honest man.
And to believe that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
And to let the justice system work before passing judgment on anyone.
I believe that many of our viewers know the consequences of being judged too hastily.
And I'm not about to do that myself.
Am I devastated? Heartbroken? But we will come out of this, and we'll be stronger, just like this great city did after all those years of out-of-control crime.
Would you say Miami was a bad place to live because of those years? I wouldn't.
And I know that Miamians, united, can and will build a place where people can feel safe.
Ordinary, humble people like my mother.
My mother, may she rest in peace, was blessed with phenomenal health care only because her son could afford it.
But there are so many people in this city who cannot afford it, whose lives are in danger every time they get sick.
And that's why I want all Miamians to have access to universal health care.
I want all Miamians to feel safe on the streets.
I want all Miamians to have the best education possible for their kids, because I believe in the people of Miami.
And I will never, ever stop fighting for you.
How was it? Not bad.
But I'm not going to be in the photo anyway.
And I thought Brady was going to be the hardest on you, right? It was you.
Your mom didn't give you the money.
I just gave them the documents they asked for.
Isabel? Mr.
Marcos Herrero doesn't answer.
Then let me go up.
Without his permission, I can't let you go up.
I don't know what to do, really.
I have thousands of bills to pay.
What about your pension? My disability pension isn't enough.
If I don't pay rent by the end of this month, we'll be out on the street.
- Does Hugo know? - He suspects something.
He's not stupid.
I try to not worry him, because I can't stand the thought that he could end up on the street - after everything he's been through.
- Dani, that's not going to happen.
Hey, look at me.
I won't let that happen.
Okay? You and I have a shitty life.
And it's not fair.
What happened that night fucked up our life, and it fucked it up good.
You have me.
Yes, yes.
Until you get arrested again? You need to quit that job, Sofía.
- It's not that easy.
- You deserve better.
Bernie bailed me out.
You know I owe him, Dani.
I think we've paid more than enough for what we did.
Don't you agree? But on the other hand, look at Pedro, Marcos, Ana, right? They're doing well.
Too well.
What are we going to do? In two months, there's an alumni party.
That's the right time, don't you think? The right time for what? To make them pay, once and for all.

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