Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Stranger Danger

1 And you want to help me, don't you? For a start, I'll take Felix Ferne's book.
NICCO: You gave him the Book of Shadows? Why would you do that? Well, I didn't mean to! I know you know things.
You are going to tell me what happened.
I've had it up to here with all of you.
Unless you tell me what I want to know, there will be consequences.
There are things I can do, you know? Things that can make your lives a little less pleasant.
Perhaps sending you back to Year 10.
Why do you keep ditching me? I thought we were friends.
I thought we were gonna do this together.
We are.
So what if someone's gay? What difference does that make to anyone? I'm the one who gets to say what I am, no-one else.
Yeah, but at least I'm brave enough to own who I am.
Magic is tearing the multiverse apart.
Where is it? Who's been in my office? Brianna! Who's been in my office? What does he want with Felix's book? I don't He could be a cop.
He didn't look like one.
Maybe an undercover cop pretending to be a teenager.
This isn't 21 Jump Street.
He's not a cop.
OK, what else do we know about him? Well, he's got Bates wrapped around his little finger.
Heath's still ignoring me.
Obviously! Do you really think he'd just give up Felix's book? There's got to be more to it.
We don't even know the guy's name.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, hi.
Hi, Ms Jarra.
Luke, a word.
What did you do? Can you be a little bit more specific? I just had a staff meeting with Mr Bates.
He said you and your friends stole a book from his office.
Stealing a book? Yeah, we're so hungry for knowledge.
I don't know, but Bryan was very upset.
He's been upset quite a lot lately.
Is he OK? Maybe he should have a chat with a counsellor.
I mean, there's no shame in asking for help.
So, you didn't go into his office? Take this book? No, I swear.
Mr Bates wants to see you first thing tomorrow.
You can clear this up with him then.
Sure thing.
Bates is accusing us of grand theft notebook.
Just what we need.
You were outside Bates's office longer than us.
Did you hear anything, or? Maybe his name, where he works, his favourite place to hang on a Thursday afternoon.
I didn't hear anything.
MS JARRA: Luke! Dinner in five! We need to talk to Heath.
What do you think I've been trying to do? Someone needs to go over to his house.
I'd offer, but I kinda like my head still attached to my body.
I'll go in the morning.
Oh, Nicco.
Um, is Heath here? He's staying home today.
Oh, is he sick? He said he felt a bit off-colour, but I don't know.
It seemed like something more.
He didn't eat his dinner last night.
Not hungry.
Yeah, that doesn't sound like Heath.
Mysteries of teenage boys.
Just head in if you like.
Lucky I've had my tetanus booster.
Eww! Wakey-wakey! (HEATH GROANS) Good morning! You wagging school? Not wagging, I'm quitting.
You can't quit school.
That's stupid.
Actually, I can.
Quitting and stupidity are my superpowers.
Well, then, what are you going to do? I don't know - get a job, pay taxes, watch murder mysteries, complain about young people.
Whatever adults do.
That sounds terrible.
He's gonna make me go back to Year 10.
Bates? I'm so sick of it, Nicco.
I feel like everyone else knows the rules of the game and I'm still stuck on square one.
Probably because I can't read the instructions.
Is everyone still mad about the book? Hmm I didn't want to give it to him.
But then, suddenly, I just .
well, I did.
What do you mean? It's like I wasn't in control.
I just handed it over.
He used magic! Why didn't you say anything? When? Before, during or after all my friends were yelling at me? Yeah, sorry about that.
We need you back.
We need your smarts to find this guy.
Things must really be desperate.
We can't do it without you.
Do you remember anything that could help? LUKE: Zeb? What kind of name is that? Short for Zebediah or Zebedee.
Says here Zebedee was a fisherman who left his boat Can we save the fun facts for another time? OK.
Um, so Zeb.
There can't be too many of them around, right? Well, actually there's Zeb the Pug, who has two million followers.
There's a zero calorie ice-cream called Zebalicious Listen, Heath thinks that Zeb put a spell on him - forced him to hand over the book.
Zeb knows magic? Oh, that's convenient.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, it gets Heath off the hook.
Magic ate my homework.
Maybe because he deserves to be off the hook.
OK, it doesn't matter what Heath did.
If we find Zeb, we find the book.
Zeb emailed Bates.
) The following students report to the principal's office.
Niccolina Pandelis, Luke Hamil Come on, let's go.
Ben Ripley, Heath Buckland and Jesse Banda.
We need a plan.
If Zeb contacted Bates by email, that means his address is still on the school server.
How do we access that? There you are.
So, where's Buckland? He's sick, sir.
Well, frankly, I know how he feels because I am sickened by the utter contempt that you five have shown for authority.
I'm sorry, I'm justnot following you.
Don't give me that! You were in my office, the book was in my office, and then you weren't in my office and the book wasn't in my office! That's circumstantial, sir.
Yes! The circumstance being that you stole the book from my office! No, we didn't.
You are facing suspension .
even expulsion.
Expulsion? Well, that's a bit extreme.
What about the Zeb guy? Mr Cool.
How do you know he didn't take the book? Yeah, he was around all afternoon.
Who was he anyway? I am willing to give you one last chance, if - and ONLY if - the item in question is back on my desk by the end of the day.
Get to class.
Now! All we have to do is gain access to Bremin High's mainframe.
Yeah, 'cause that's super easy.
It's doable.
But tricky.
It could take a while to figure it all out.
Can't you get access to the staff emails through your Mum? Oh, yeah.
Hey, Mum, can I just have your email password? Have you ever met my mother? Let's get to class.
We'll sort it out at lunch.
So, you know how I'm an all-singing, all-dancing triple threat? Wellwell, with that level of drama comes a sprinkling of There's a chance I overreacted.
A chance? OK, I overreacted.
It's just I know you've got a lot going on, but you're so good at dealing with it all, unlike me.
(SIGHS) Let me get this straight.
You're saying it's my fault you overreacted because I'm emotionally stable? I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
You know, for someone so bright and shiny, I can sometimes be a little dim.
You really can.
Forgot my chemistry book.
So mature.
You know what, Nicco? Peta.
I need a word.
You two OK? Yeah, fine.
Here's the deal.
I've got one spot for try-outs.
You have to compete for it.
Not a problem.
Yeah, no problem.
BATES: A dull roar, please! As you can see, I'm not Ms O'Donnell.
She is unwellagain.
(LOUD CHATTER AND LAUGHTER) People, come on! You're in Year 11 now.
You should be capable of self-starting.
Get on with it! Hand those out! Shouldn't you be in class? Probably.
Well? Uhyou know that guy, Zeb, who was here yesterday, with the topknot? I may have noticed him.
Actually, I'd better get to class No, no, wait! Wait.
Did he? Just What were you gonna say? Um, well, I think his bike's parked out front.
He's back? I don't know, I just saw his bike.
I'd better make sure he signs in as a visitor.
I should do that.
You should get to class.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Sorry, Coach Jane wanted to see me.
(WHISPERS) Zeb better have the book or we're expelled.
About time.
Mum would kill me if she knew we emailed a stranger.
He replied.
"I've been waiting to hear from you.
" That's kind of creepy.
Or sweet, depending on the context.
OK, maybe not in this context.
(PHONE CHIMES) Ooh, but maybe in this one.
SONG: # But you're so very young You live in an empire (LAUGHTER NEARBY) # At the mercy of men (PHONES CHIME) (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) And do it again and again and again Hey, Jesse? JESSE: I can't believe Ali did this.
BEN: He's got the book and he wants to meet up.
When and where? He knows magic, remember? This could be a trap.
Then we meet him somewhere public.
Like Little Gino's.
I'll go.
I'll meet up with him.
We should all go.
This is dangerous.
Well, then, we need Heath, in case we need to do a spell.
Start practising your apologies.
Heath We need you.
Luke's meeting Zeb and That sounds like a terrible idea.
That guy's trouble.
It's the only way to get Felix's book back.
Meeting him where? Little Gino's, after school.
You need to come.
Yeah, and what do the others think? Do they want me there? Let me check.
Guys, do you want Heath there? Yes, we do.
Yes, I suppose.
Mm, sure.
Hear that? Hear what? Just sounds like mumbling.
BOTH: Sorry, Heath.
I'll think about it.
Well? I don't know.
Why are you knocking? I showed you where the spare key is.
Sorry, it's just I know you're really, really sick but we need your help.
What's happened? (PHONE CHIMES) Nicco's on her way with Ellen.
It's show time.
Can I sit here? You sure, Luke? I wouldn't want to block your friends' view.
Huh? Let's keep this simple.
So, how have you been? I'm kidding.
I don't care.
Did you bring the book? Never leave home without it.
It's too valuable to lose.
I'll watch the back exit.
Ugh! It's like single-origin drain water.
Sure you don't want something? The book.
I want it back.
We need it.
You're very intense.
I thought you were the laid-back one who liked video games and comic books.
How do you know that? What are they doing? Luke's trying to get the book back, I hope.
But you didn't mention one of your interests.
If you don't have the book, then I'm out.
No, you're not.
Elements that knit and bind, Hear my will, join different kind Something's wrong.
How can you tell? You're gonna do exactly what I tell you.
I think we should get out of here.
What do you reckon? It would be better if you said it.
Yeah, let's get out of here.
Great idea.
Waiting for a free meal? Meat lovers and pineapple? And barbecue sauce.
Glad you're back.
What are you doing here? Heavy lifting.
Fire power.
Smouldering good looks.
Whatever you need.
Don't worry, I've got the good looks covered.
So, what'd I miss? Where are they? What? They were just here.
They were just here! Don't panic.
Maybe Ellen saw something? Ellen?! NICCO: Ellen, did you see them? BEN: Which way did they go? Luke just drove past.
He seemed fine.
You don't look so good.
Maybe I should drive.
(SIGHS) Some time today! Why would Luke go off with Zeb? Maybe he used the same spell he used on Heath.
So, now you believe me.
Zeb could be responsible for the nematodes.
He could use them to attack us.
Which way's it coming from? That way.
Get in, get in! NICCO: Getting in! BEN: Quick, quick, they're getting away.
JESSE: Left, left, left, left, turn left! HEATH: Nobody likes a backseat driver, Jesse.
NICCO: You're sure they went this way? We lost them.
Can't have! It's like they just disappeared.
There, follow them! Quick! Sit.
My friends'll come for me.
I'm counting on it.
You saw how many laps around the block I had to do before they followed me.
JESSE: There's the bike.
NICCO: They're here.
Hey, you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
You should stay here.
I'm fine, really.
You never know - we might need to make a quick getaway.
ELLEN: Be careful.
Let's go! (CHUCKLES) That'll be them now.
Brave but predictable.
(GRUNTS) Allow me.
I loosened it for you.
BEN: I did too.
So, there's your firepower.
This is almost too easy.
You know about elementals? That's why you stole our book.
HEATH: Whoa.
JESSE: This place is huge.
I like what he's done with it.
He's gone for the industrial look.
Can we get on with it? OK, I say we make a sweep, cover the area methodically.
A man with a plan.
Man with a plan.
Why are you doing this? We're not your enemy.
I know.
I'd say we're gonna be pals in the long run.
It's a funny way to treat your pals.
There'll be plenty of time to talk about this, but not now.
Yeah, but Shh! (MUFFLED) Mmm Don't want to miss the good bit.
Mmmmm! I'm ready for my close-up.
There's something in the way.
You're the door ninja.
After you.
Heaps of them.
Can you move them? What do you think? (RUMBLING) So, Nicco is your earth element, which just leaves water and air.
Aside from me, of course.
Don't mean to brag, but air is the best.
ZEB: Come in! Don't be shy.
We've been waiting for you.
Should have bought pastries.
NICCO: Luke, are you OK? He's not in a very chatty mood.
Elements that knit and bind, Hear my will, join different kinds It's a binding spell! Let's just get you lined up.
That's better.
Now we can talk.
Well, I'll talk, you listen.
Here's what's going to happen.
I need your help in negative space, so we're all going on a little journey.
Elements obey me.
Heed my call.
Become the power, Source of all.
Elements guide me, See the unseen.
Open the space between.
(GASPS) EERIE VOICE: (ECHOES) It's time, Ellen.
What's going on? You know what you have to do.
No, I don't.
Get out of my head! Let's not fight.
It will be easier on you.
You know what I'm saying is true.
(GROANS) What do you want me to do? Find the elementals.
It's the air power we need.
He's the most powerful.
He must be the one.
Get him.
I'm not doing it.
I don't want to hurt anyone Enough! That's better.
Let's go.
Ellen Don't scare the children.
Just going on a little trip to negative space.
(BOTH SHOUT SPELL) What was that? We need to find out exactly what just happened.
Who is Zeb, really? Well, he's an elemental, just like us.
If we could just figure out where he's from.
Then we can figure out what he wants.
Ellen was acting a little weird.
Weird? How? Well, she saves us by using a spell, speaking in a strange language that no-one's ever heard of before.
Good morning.
How are you? Where's Luke? How would I know? Are you lying? Why would I lie? Is everything alright? Everything's fine.
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