Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e06 Episode Script

Mistaken Id-entity

Zeb? What kind of name is that? He thinks that Zeb put a spell on him.
Zeb knows magic? So there's your firepower.
So Nicco is your earth element, which just leaves water and air.
We're all going on a little journey.
Open the space between! Et asendet quasi ignis.
I look amazing.
You really captured my raw charisma.
Hey, your film clip, it's so good.
Tell your friends.
(KIDS LAUGH) You two OK? Fine.
I've got one spot for tryouts.
You have to compete for it.
Not a problem.
Yeah, no problem.
(GASPS) You know what you have to do.
Get out of my head! ENOUGH! That's better.
Look out! Ellen, behind you! Ellen! Ellen! It's gonna drag her in! Grab her! Hold on! ELLEN: Don't let me go! (SCREAMS) (ROARS) (PANTS) (ROARING) (ROARS) (GROANS) (SCREAMS) Elements obey me Heed my call Become the power Source of all.
Just going on a little trip to Negative Space.
Have your passports ready.
Your talisman's glowing.
Ellen! Great timing.
But where did he go? You heard him.
Negative Space.
We got the book back.
What was that spell, Ellen? Who cares? She saved us.
Our hero.
Why would Zeb want to send us to Negative Space? What did he say? He said he wanted to show me something important.
Didn't anyone ever give you the stranger danger talk? If it wasn't for Ellen, we'd be toast.
Oh, here.
No, I'm fine.
Don't touch me, Ben.
That spell.
What was it? AhI can't remember.
Felix must have told it to me.
But the language.
What were you trying to say? (EERIE VOICE) Isolate air.
Luke, would you like a lift? Yeah, sure.
Sorry, Ben, not you.
That's all I can take.
Someone woke up on the wrong side of Negative Space.
Ben, I'll drop you off first.
Oh, actually, I thought I'd just go to Luke's, if that's OK.
Yeah, sure.
I thought you might need a rest.
We need to find out exactly what just happened.
Who is Zeb, really? Well, he's an elemental, just like us.
Did you see his talisman? Yeah, it was split.
Which means he doesn't need the other elements to do magic.
Ellen, that language that you were speaking Ben, are you sure I can't just drop you home? Yeah, Luke's place is fine.
Your mum might be worried.
I don't think so.
Well, maybe she should be.
Is everything alright? Everything's fine.
(ENGINE STARTS) There was plenty of room.
She did just save our lives.
If she doesn't want to be our chauffeur, I'm happy to let it go.
(PHONE CHIMES) Hollywood calling? Or comments on Ali's video.
This is me ignoring it.
Water off a duck's back.
(PHONE CHIMES) OK, maybe this duck's gonna get a little wet.
I thought it was funny.
But I can see now that it's not.
It makes Ali look bad, not you.
Besides, you can't let other people define who you are.
That's surprisingly good advice.
No charge for the first session.
See you.
Since when were you so wise? It's my new thing.
I'm testing it out.
So, you're not going to quit school then? Dunno.
Maybe I'm not ready for adult life.
Definitely not.
Oh, so now I'm immature? Totally.
I thought you were into my wisdom.
That's not what I'm into.
I just like tall guys.
Ellen was acting a little weird.
Weird? How? Well, she saves us by using a spell, speaking in a strange language that no-one's ever heard of before.
Well, she did spend a whole day in Negative Space.
That's definitely gotta mess you up.
I guess.
If we could just figure out why Zeb wanted this.
I think the answer's in the language.
Ellen knew it, Zeb knew it.
You knew it too.
What? I know you probably don't remember, but you spoke like they did, when you did the spell in the hide-out.
I did? Oh.
Well, it sounded old.
Actually, there was a book in the lair.
That narrows it down.
No, no, I couldn't read it.
The symbols.
OK, we'll go tomorrow.
It's worth a shot.
(PHONE CHIMES) It's Ellen.
What does she want? She wants to meet up.
We just left her.
Sorry! Talk tomorrow.
You had your chance to get the air power.
What else do you want me to do? Go there now.
I've tried to do what you want.
I'm still trying.
Now! I can't.
I'm exhausted.
I just need to sleep.
We're looking for a book, not a compass.
Some help here.
Ah, so it's a book with a brown cover.
Pretty sure.
It's definitely old and chunky.
Wonder what Bates is going to do with all this stuff, anyway.
Probably straight to lost property.
(COUGHS) Allergies.
Is this it? The symbols, they match the ones on Zeb's wall.
That's right.
This is the book.
Yes! Let's go.
We should probably put everything back the way it was.
Before Bates accuses us of evidence tampering.
What? Justwe'll be the last ones to ever know about this place.
I guess.
Come on, let's tidy up.
(SONG PLAYS ON PHONE) What's going on here? Ali, hi.
Don't worry, this won't take long.
I know they say don't feel the trolls, but they don't say anything about not telling their parents.
You did this? Look, this won't happen again.
Thank you.
(EERIE VOICE) Wake up! Why are you so weak? We should get the others to meet us there.
What for? We need more eyes on these translations.
Ben, it's a weekend.
We are the only two nerds that want to do magic on a Saturday.
My powers are useful to the team, right? I mean, I'm having more visions now, so Yes.
If it wasn't for your visions, we'd know nothing about The Entity.
You are Mr Useful.
That's true.
I mean, I think even Heath thinks I'm OK now, so Hey What do you think we should do about the lair? I think the lair's past saving.
That means we don't have a place anymore.
But will we still be a team? We don't need the lair to be a team.
Come on.
Get up! Stop being so useless! Find the air power.
Hey! Really? It doesn't have to be like this.
Yeah, it does.
Hey, Peta.
You excited to try out today? Yeah, same.
I'll get them started, yeah.
OK, girls, bring it in.
As you know, it's down to Peta and Nicco.
So I want to introduce you to Patrick Birmingham.
Patrick is the state team selector, so there's a lot riding on this game.
It's your last chance to make an impression.
Now get out there and show me some hustle.
Peta, pass it to me! OK, come on Peta.
Come on, Nicco.
Do not fail again.
From your English class.
Look, you might have missed it but I sent you a friend request a couple of days ago.
Sorry, I've got a bit of a tight friending policy, especially lately.
I'm the one that commented on your film clip.
Yeah, right.
I like your old stuff too, but this one was beyond exceptional.
Some kids are saying it's a Harry Styles rip off.
Who said that? I need names.
But I think it's brilliant.
Always good to get direct feedback.
Especially when it's good.
My mum liked it too.
I am always trying to win over the mum demographic.
Tell her she has great taste.
I showed her Ali's send-up vid.
She wanted to see the original and she really liked it.
So, anyway, glad she liked it.
My mum works in the music business.
Darius, was it? Yeah.
Do you wanna walk? Pass the ball! Pass the ball! (GIRLS SHOUT) Whoo! I've been thinking, if Zeb has a split talisman, there must be other elementals.
I wonder where they are.
Could be anywhere, even right here.
What if they are right here, waiting for us in the shadows, ready to attack and suck out our brains? What are you doing? I don't know, being a good friend.
What are you doing? I'm just working out all the possible scenarios.
I already did that.
A zombie attack in Bremin is highly improbable.
OK, let's go.
No, wait, wait, wait.
What? A more likely scenario is that Zeb is back.
Well, should we be worried? Not worried, justjust ready.
This is intense.
There must be hundreds of symbols.
It's going to take forever.
(PHONE CAMERA SNAPS) What I don't get is Zeb's air just like me.
Just because you're the same element doesn't mean you're the same.
There's good and bad magic.
If we could just figure out where he's from.
Then we can figure out what he wants.
And how to stop him.
Hey, these are the same.
Ellen? You were meant to call.
Where are you? Uh, with Ben.
Doing what? Just hanging.
Tell me where you are.
Uh, we were thinking about getting a hot chocolate.
Where, Little Gino's? Yeah.
Definitely weird.
We should tell the others.
(PHONE RINGS) Girls, you're both looking good.
Pass, pass, pass, pass! Whoo! Go, Peta! (EERIE VOICE) You are running out of chances.
OK, what's the strategy? I talk to her, she asks me to sign a record deal and we're famous.
What could possibly go wrong? Are you meeting Luke? Good morning.
How are you? You're looking very Not so well.
Let's not lie.
Where's Luke? How would I know? Are you lying? Why would I lie? It's not wash and wear, you know.
What was that about? I have no idea.
OK, drama for another time.
You have a meeting to get to.
It's OK, you're gonna be fine.
(EERIE VOICE) You call that trying? Go back now.
Make him tell you.
What, in front of the whole street? Fine.
Get the talisman.
The girl has it.
It was really nice of Darius to set this up.
You two are friends? Oh, yeah, very close.
Glad to hear it.
He sometimes has trouble making friends.
I find that very hard to believe.
Listen, Jesse, the clip's good.
I think you've got talent.
I know artists are supposed to act all modest, but I don't think I have it in me.
But talent isn't everything.
It's going to be hard work.
And I'm ready for that.
I'm not offering much.
I'll give you half a day in a studio and help you with the mix.
If you come up with something good, we'll keep talking.
I didn't know teachers made house calls.
Nicco's not here.
I know.
Sorry, then why are you here? Homework.
I'm here to pick it up.
Where's her room? Upstairs.
It's the first door on the right.
(EERIE VOICE) It must be here.
Find it.
Keep looking! Did you find it? Bye.
Well done, girls.
Ah, so when are we finding out? Um Oh, it'll be first thing Monday morning.
(GIRLS CHATTER INDISTINCTLY) What kind of weird? She won't stop ringing Luke.
And me.
Why would anyone ring Luke? I try to avoid it.
He said she was acting really strange.
She is a goth.
I'm worried about her.
She spent all that time in Negative Space.
Ellen's tough.
She'll bounce back.
(PHONE RINGS) Kayla? OK, now I'm convinced.
Ellen's acting weird.
Sure was.
Why'd you let her in? She's your teacher.
Not my fault she's nuts.
What did she say? I don't know.
Something about homework, blah, blah, blah.
For the record, this is how a teenager's room should look.
Just saying.
I agree.
With what? With whatever Heath said.
We need to find her.
Shouldn't we let her cool off? Ellen? What are you doing? Helping her.
Are you OK? Do you wanna catch up? (SIGHS) Look, I know your room's a mess but I can help you clean up.
It's not that.
Well, don't worry.
Jesse'll be here soon.
I know.
Alright, what is it, then? I was so focused on making state that I didn't think about anyone else.
I should have noticed that something was up with Ellen.
We all missed it.
She's always here for us and the one time she needed us, we weren't there.
Look, I know that you want to help her, but this is pretty full-on behaviour.
I'm a terrible friend.
Are you kidding? You're like my best friend.
I mean, you're a good friend.
This better be good.
Here he is.
You said it was urgent.
It is.
It's an intervention.
Yeah, but I don't want her to feel like we're ganging up on her.
Which we are, because she's totally unhinged.
She needs help.
She's not well.
She was well enough to redecorate your room.
She's going through something, and I want her to know that we're gonna be here for her.
No offence, Nicco, but this is above our pay grade.
What he means is, we might not be able to help her.
We have to try.
Hi, Ellen.
Give me the talisman.
Why would you Ellen, stop! What are you doing? Where is Luke? Put her down! What is wrong with you? Tell me, where is Luke? He's at the warehouse.
At the warehouse! I have to warn Luke and Ben.
I'll call them.
We have to get the talisman back.
I wonder what this is.
You know how Ellen's acting weird? Yeah? Well she just held Nicco in the air and took the talisman.
I think there's something inside of it.
She what? (THUD!) Did you hear that? Luke? No, notnot you.
It's her, isn't it? Luke? You'd better get over here.
Hello, boys.
Wait! Sorry! I've tried to be reasonable.
But now you're just making me mad! Ellen? Oh, she's not Ellen.
She's possessed.
The creature from Negative Space.
He really is the smart one.
What do you want? I've got plans for this and bigger plans for you.
Me? What do you want with him? Get out of my way.
Run! Fine.
Let's do it the hard way.
Whatever she is, it didn't seem like a standard demon possession.
I think that the creature that I saw in my vision .
I think it's in her.
She's the Entity.
Am I supposed to be scared? You stay where you are.
The vision I had, I could see the multiverse, and then I saw this other place and Zeb was there, and there were heaps of nematodes filling the sky.
Come on! So if we attack Entity Ellen, that means we're attacking our Ellen.
Afraid so.
So we have to get it out of her.
In theory.
What is that? This belongs to Zeb.
What is it? Whenever the nematodes or the Entity have appeared, so has this.
Ellen was covered in it when she came back form Negative Space.
And it's all over her bathroom.
I think he was studying it or something.
Then that's what we should do.
Ready? Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation