Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e07 Episode Script

Keep Your Friends Close

(CHANTS) (CHANTS) Ah! (PANTS) Great timing.
But where did he go? You heard him - Negative Space.
If it wasn't for Ellen, we'd be toast.
Oh, here.
No! I'm fine.
What else do you want me to do? (VOICE DISTORTS) Go there.
(NORMAL VOICE) I've tried to do what you want.
(DISTORTED) Now! The symbols, they match the ones on Zeb's wall.
That's right.
This is the book.
NICCO: Why would Zeb want to send us to Negative Space? He said he wanted to show me something important.
BEN: When we sent those parasites there, there was something there already, like an entity.
They've merged.
ENTITY: They'll keep.
Destroy the talisman.
Eilemaid wit gofyn dun Scrios an drylic Cail go deo! The talisman! We have to go back! LUKE: She's too strong! Eilemaid wit gofyn dun Scrios an drylic Cail go deo! It's not working.
Guess we can add doors to the list of her dislikes.
What? I don't hear anything.
Get them together.
Use their magic against them.
Eliminate the threat once and for all.
Do you think we're too late? We're not going to find out standing here.
Ready? I want to say no.
Too bad.
Let's get this done.
LUKE: That was close.
I think we lost her.
Whatever she is, didn't seem like a standard demon possession.
Not standard at all.
And I think that the creature that I saw in my vision .
I think it's in her.
She's the Entity.
It's like a super-charged demon possession.
We don't stand a chance without the others.
They should be here by now.
We have to find them now.
What is that? I don't know.
I Leave it.
This way.
I It won't move.
We're trapped.
Where's the door ninja when we need him? Come on.
First we find Luke and Ben.
Then we get the talisman back, do a spell, save the day.
Piece of cake.
(CLATTERING) (WHISPERS) What was that? It sounded close.
Jesse? Jesse? Ow! Is this necessary? Ow! Don't be such a baby.
Let's see if your wise and loyal leader will come to get you.
What leader? Luke.
Who said Luke's the leader? Of course he is your leader.
No, no - it's more of an 'everyone's equal' sort of thing.
He's the most powerful.
No, I would really dispute that.
I mean, he's good if you want leaves blown (DISTORTED) Enough! Finally! BEN Oh, good - they're here.
NICCO: We found you.
You OK? Uh Have you guys seen Jesse? No, why? Well, he's gone.
ENTITY/ELLEN: Luke! I've got your fabulous friend! Let's go.
And do what? Aattack? Well, she's got the talisman.
We've still got powers.
Uh, there's a slight problem with that.
I hit her with my full air power.
It did nothing.
ENTITY: Let's trade! Luke for this one.
I'll go.
What would that do? Why does she have such a thing for you? Zeb did too.
I have no idea.
She doesn't like me.
She goes out of her way to avoid me.
No, no, I touched her and I had a vision.
I saw nematodes falling into the Entity.
Yeah, we know this.
No, but yesterday I went to help her.
I reached out and she pulled away.
Because she knew you'd have another vision.
No, I think my power affects the Entity.
Can spirit power do that? It's not like you can use some to drain her battery.
But I can try.
It might save our Ellen too.
ENTITY: I'm waiting! Let's see how she reacts when I go near her.
It's the only way we'll know for sure.
We'll use our powers to distract her.
And we'll get the talisman.
Unless anyone else has a better plan.
JESSE: Hello? Need a bit of rescuing! No rush - just my life being threatened.
I'm here.
Let him go.
Give us the talisman.
(DISTORTED) Come here and it's yours.
Am I supposed to be scared? You've seen what I'm capable of.
Ben, you stay where you are.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Elements of the universe, within and without Unlock the door Turn world about! I've got it.
Do we have a plan? The plan is run.
Works for me.
JESSE: Slow down.
I think we're OK.
(ALL PANT) What are we going to do? I'm not sure.
You OK? Ellen's our friend.
Only covered in monster.
Wait, hang on.
So if we attack Entity Ellen, that means we're attacking our Ellen.
'Fraid so.
So we have to get it out of her.
In theory.
There is a way to do that, right? I can't think of one, not off the top of my head.
There must be.
Come on.
We don't know how long we've got before she's back on the rampage.
No, wait, we need some time to think - a place to lay low.
She'll be looking for us, and she knows everywhere we usually go.
Then we go somewhere else.
Where? The last place she'd look.
Are we sure about this? Ellen said we can use the key to let ourselves in anytime we need.
Ellen's cool with it.
The Entity not so much.
Alright, Ben and I will look for a spell.
Yeah, see if Ellen has left any clues.
There must be something in this place.
And someone needs to keep lookout.
I will.
Uh, can we get someone a little less? Less what? Panicky? Panicky? I'm not panicky.
I'm cool.
As cool as the shade I'm throwing you right now.
Luke, can I talk to you? In private? Yeah, sure.
Come on.
Is this a feng shui thing? It's more of a staying alive thing.
I'll give you a hand.
Are you OK? You know back there with Ellen What? The vision I had.
What was it? I'm not sure.
I could see the multiverse.
Like all these worlds, and something dark pushed into one.
And then I saw this other place, and Zeb was there.
Was it Negative Space? Iit looked different, like another world.
And another time.
And there were heaps of nematodes, filling the sky.
He tried to fight them, but there were so many, and he couldn't.
Zeb was fighting nematodes? I think they destroyed his world.
But he got out, right? I mean, he came to our world.
Zeb said that we'd be friends.
We're on the same side.
That's why he wanted Felix's book.
I think he was trying to find a way to fight this thing.
Then maybe everything in the warehouse could help us.
I took photos of Zeb's wall.
We could go through them.
Oh, gross.
What is that? ENTITY: Destroy! Destroy it all.
(SIGHS) Erase the language.
JESSE: Nematode jam.
This belongs to Zeb.
Can't get my head around the "Zeb wasn't our enemy" thing.
He really needs to work on his team building skills.
What is it? It's just slime.
Whenever the nematodes or the Entity have appeared, so has this.
I saw it in the lair.
Ellen was covered in it when she came back from Negative Space.
And it's all over her bathroom.
But you said this was Zeb's.
I don't I think he was studying it or something.
Then that's what we should do.
How? Haven't got that far.
But if we examine it Wait! I think I saw something move.
We can't be too careful.
Protection spell.
If we're doing this, should we at least use protection? Ready? That's pretty lame, you guys.
It's probably just a face mask.
You know, Zeb has great skin, so Yeah.
Let's get back to the Boss.
Leave you two to your beauty routine.
I just don't get it.
Zeb wouldn't keep this as a trophy.
Did it just What can I say? I guess I'm popular with slime.
(CLATTERING) She's coming, she's coming! (DOG BARKS) Oh, false alarm.
It's just a dog.
Stand down, everyone.
(DOG CONTINUES BARKING) NICCO: Zeb was studying us.
HEATH: There's a comforting thought.
Ooh! Go back, go back! Did you see that? It's warped.
The same thing happened when I tried to take a picture of Felix's spell.
Great, so now we have to go back to Zeb's creepy wall and get the actual spell.
Hey, you guys should both come check this out.
Why are we doing this? It has an elemental attraction.
It's drawn to you and avoids me.
Yeah, I try to avoid you too.
Only you're so clingy.
This stuff behaves the same as Entity Ellen.
So? We can test a binding spell on it.
If we can make it move towards Ben Then we might be able to control it.
Then we can get it out of her.
Elements that knit and bind.
JESSE: (SCOFFS) I know the words for this one.
ALL: (CHANT) Elements that knit and bind Hear my will, join different kinds Unite as one, essence tied Obey my call None will deny.
It worked.
(LAUGHS) It's a start, OK? Yep, OK.
So it's a two-phase attack.
First we use a binding spell.
That can give us a chance to get control of the Entity.
Then what? Then we use a combo healing and protection spell.
A what? It's one of the spells Felix used when their mothers got ill.
How does he know all of that? And all this will get that thing out of Ellen? I hope so.
And, hey, if anything goes wrong, then we can just use an immobilisation spell.
Everyone clear? JESSE: Clear as slime.
I'm just Hey, Kayla? There's something I need you to do.
(SUSPICIOUSLY) Kayla? Where? (SHARPLY) You'd better not be messing with me.
You owe me big time.
She's there? Just got here.
What's her deal, anyway? Never mind.
Is Heath there? Yes, he's here.
'Cause if he is, tell him I said hi, and that if he wants to, you know No, I'm not saying that.
Ellen's at the park.
It's safe to go in.
(DISTORTED) Hello, Kayla.
(GASPS) Where are they? Hmm You said they'd be here.
They're at the warehouse.
You're a terrible sister.
At least Nicco put up a fight.
Now what are we going to do with you? Please don't possess me! Please don't possess me! Please don't possess me! Please don't possess me! (LAUGHS) Why bother? Still Kayla.
Still Kayla.
(SIGHS) Ellen's been here.
Also not a fan of vision boards.
There was definitely something here it didn't want us to see.
No, no, no! This was the key to Zeb's research.
Oh! One less book.
Not necessarily a bad thing.
It was our best shot at translating the language.
We haven't got long.
We should get ready.
Come on.
(BOOK SQUELCHES) (DISTORTED) Where are you? LUKE: She's here.
OK, here we go! (DOOR OPENS) (DISTORTED) Now you've got me cranky.
Got to say .
I am SO sick of you all! Binding spell.
GANG: Elements that knit and bind Hear my will, join different kinds Unite as one, essence tied Obey my call None will deny! NICCO: Careful, Jesse.
Well that worked.
BEN: OK, good.
Sit down.
OK, phase two.
Wait, hang on.
Why did you attack us? You're right.
I should be thanking you - sending the nematodes to Negative Space.
It is your magic that made me more powerful.
I can be in both places at once.
Soon I will be everywhere.
What do you want? Destruction.
All worlds turned to dust.
All of youdust.
We'll never let that happen.
You can't stop me.
Ellen tried.
I am in control now.
I know everything.
I know all about you.
I'm not afraid of you.
You're the one that wants to be famous.
But you're not special.
You're just mediocre.
You done? And Mr Self-Sabotage.
Go on, give it your best shot.
If you don't try anything, you'll never fail, right? BEN: Don't listen to her.
Not trying is failing.
You're a loser, and you'll always be a loser.
You're not telling me anything I don't already know.
Little Miss Perfect.
But you don't believe it.
Deep down you know you're not good enough.
I'll rush right home and read some inspirational quotes to recover.
Nice one, Nicco.
He doesn't know you at all, does he? Not in the way that you want.
That's enough.
And you .
the cry-baby was right.
You're the strongest, but you're no leader.
Everyone can see you're a fake.
Don't listen to her.
She's just trying to mess with us.
These are the first real friends you've ever had.
It'll be so sad when they're gone, won't it? And as for you, you can't stop me.
(FAINT HISSING) That sound Not again.
Nice to know the only thing defending this world is a bunch of insignificant children.
LUKE! Thought we were done with nematodes.
Whoa, this is not good.
It was so last Tuesday.
How is she doing that? Sit down.
Ben, hold her back.
Quick, the spell.
Now! ALL: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Without and within Beneath our human skin Earth, Water, Fire, Air Aid in my quest, I call you forth! Again! Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Without and within Beneath our human skin Earth, Water, Fire, Air Aid in my quest, I call you forth! BEN: It's working (DISTORTED GROANS) (DISTORTED SCREAMS) NICCO: Ellen? Be careful! She's breathing.
Is she OK? (GROANS) (GROANS) Ellen? (NORMAL VOICE) Who else would I be? How do you feel? (SIGHS) Like I've been hit by a truck, reversed over, and then run over again.
We should get her home.
What about the Entity? Who cares? It's gone.
Are you sure you're alright? I'm OK.
I just want to go home.
Look, don't get me wrong - I'm glad that's over, but how do we know it's gone? Heath's right.
It could still be here.
Where, exactly? More like in who? How would we know? We'd know.
Mmm, Ellen still looked like Ellen.
Only evil and super-strength.
Hey, go easy.
I'm feeling fragile.
We shouldn't leave until we're sure it's not in one of us.
Luke's the one who wanted to leave.
It's a creepy old warehouse.
Of course I wanna leave.
Where's the talisman? I've got it.
It's safe.
Can we see it? Good call, Ben.
If the Entity's in one of us, the talisman should light up.
Just show us.
Why not? Because whoever is the Entity will just grab it.
Maybe just give it to me.
No chance! Why not? Unless it's you.
Me? She's the one that just asked for the talisman.
"She"? Yeah, that's pretty suss.
Nicco does have a bad track record with the talisman.
Bit harsh, Ben, and it's not me.
I'm me.
How would you even know? Luke, if it is Luke, would have no trouble handing over the talisman.
Unless it's in you.
Then I'd be handing the talisman straight to the Entity.
Just give it here.
Classic Entity behaviour.
What are you doing? I was just trying to protect us.
Gabh an te sin seilbh It's Jesse! Gabh an te sin seilbh an idir lle.
Do the spell.
Do the spell now! Gabh an te sin seilbh an idir lle.
We can't.
We need Jesse.
We have Ellen! Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Without and within Beneath our human skin Earth, Water, Fire, Air (GROANS) Jesse? You OK? LUKE: Yep, that was just as disturbing the second time.
You OK? ELLEN: OK, bye.
I didn't want to say anything in front of Ellen, because she'd try and talk us out of it.
Out of what? You're not gonna like it.
JESSE: You want us to find the Entity? But we just killed it.
Not killed.
You heard what the Entity said.
It's still in Negative Space.
And that's where you want us to go? Not want - have to.
HEATH: Dude, that's crazy.
This isn't just about our world.
It said it wants to destroy all worlds.
How are we supposed to stop it? We barely got out alive just then.
Yeah, and now you want us to take it on on its home turf.
We need to find Zeb.
What? It's our fault that he's there.
OK, so I feel a little guilty, butthat's a kamikaze mission.
Look, I'm sure he knows more about the Entity than us.
We go to Negative Space, we rescue him, and then we figure out a way to beat it.
And if we don't, it'll be back, and it could be stronger next time.
We're doing this.
This is nuts.
Call your parental units - tell them you're sleeping at mine.
This is going to take a while.
After you.
Ben! He's not here.
He mustn't have made it through the portal.
ELLEN: Why would you want to go to Negative Space? The Entity lives there.
We were thinking we have to help Zeb.
MAN: (GASPS) It's them.
Oh, what? Is it just me, or are we getting a lot of attention? WOMAN: They're coming back! JESSE: No, not OK.
Running, running! MAN: Hey! Hey, stop! (SIREN BLARES) Easy.
Now, I must warn you, any use of magic will be interpreted as a sign of aggression.
Jesse? Over here.
What is going on? Just questioning a traitor.
Traitor? Do you want to take over, buddy? Buddy? Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation