Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e08 Episode Script

Off The Map

Elements of the universe, within and without, unlock the door, turn world about.
The vision I had, Zeb was there.
And there were heaps of nematodes filling the sky.
He tried to fight them, but there were so many and he couldn't.
Zeb was fighting nematodes? We're on the same side.
I think it's in her.
She's the Entity.
ALL: Earth, water, fire, air, aid in my quest - I call you forth.
Ellen? Who else would I be? We need to find Zeb.
We go into Negative Space, we rescue him and then we figure out a way to beat it.
Nailed the landing.
What happened? Itit didn't work.
We definitely went through.
Yeah, well, then we wouldn't still be here, would we? Where's Ben? Ellen.
Ben! He's not here.
Yeah, der.
Well, he must have made it through the portal.
So he's in Negative Space, alone? Whoa, look, come on.
Before we hit the panic button, let's just try again, OK? Everyone ready? ALL: Elements of the universe, within and without It's not glowing.
Yeah, that'll fix it.
What, you got any better ideas? Someone's cranky.
Try again.
Elements of the universe, within and without It's not working.
What is it, jammed? Yeah, 'cause that's a thing - jammed magic.
How do we fix it? Ellen'll know.
We have one weird relationship with our teacher.
Hey, isn't that Ellen's car.
Who's that, a love interest? Excuse me? Um, hi.
Is Ellen with you? MAN: Who? Ellen.
I don't know any Ellen.
Are you sure? Because this is her car.
Don't I know you from somewhere? Ah, don't think so.
You look familiar.
Look, we just need to speak to Ellen real quick, so All good with me 'cause I don't know who she is anyway.
That's really weird.
I wouldn't have picked him as her type.
Yeah, that's the weird bit.
Whose genius plan was that? Why would you want to go to Negative Space? What were you thinking? The Entity lives there.
We were thinking we have to help Zeb.
Someone sent him there, remember? Possessed, remember? By the evil demon that you all decide to visit for afternoon tea.
II justI don't get it.
I don't get it.
Why was I the only one who didn't go through? Was I too slow? I wasn't that far behind, either.
I mean, surely a portal can sense when a person is going through it.
Like supermarket doors do it every single day Oi.
We have to get them out of there.
Before The Entity destroys them.
So I can destroy them myself.
Maybe Zeb left us a clue.
To get to him or to them? Both.
Well, if only you hadn't gone all you know It was a demon possession, Ben.
You can't just turn it on and off.
I have before photos.
We can use them to piece it back together.
Yes, yes, uhtop left corner.
A centimetre to the left.
We wanna get it right, don't we? Oh, what? "Keep Bremin Safe"? "Hands Down"? MAN: I thought they were in jail.
What is this, District Twelve? Is anyone else have flashbacks? To Empty World? Fully.
What are they doing here? Is it just me or are we getting a lot of attention? MAN: Who let them out? My clip did go viral, so Viral? 700 hits, it's barely a sneeze.
And these people don't look like fans, Jesse.
Don't move.
I'm calling the NSF.
Is she talking to us? (BUZZING) Good to know that not everything has changed.
Fans love it when you play the hits.
They're coming back.
Protection spell? With a broken talisman? No, no.
Running, running, running.
I think we've lost them.
Yeah, yeah, for now.
I'm calling Ellen.
Oh, forgot.
No reception.
Not our world.
Oh, this can't be Empty World.
Yeah? What gave that away, the heaps and heaps of people? Yeah, and Empty World never had nematodes.
And Heath wasn't Australia's Most Wanted.
This is really on brand for you.
Just let me read it.
"Heath Buckland has been arrested "and charged with the crime of magic"? That can't be right.
"With the last of the four Elementals finally captured, "the residents of Bremin can rest easy"? Magic's a crime? Since when was magic outlawed? Wait, so everyone knows about magic? Um, uh Go, go, go.
MAN: Hey.
Hey, stop.
Go, go, go, go, go.
(SIREN WAILS) Come on, it's not a backyard make over.
Where are we even going? We have to portal out of here right now.
Yeah, how? With a busted talisman? We didn't know we were in another world then.
Dimensional Return spell.
ALL: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Please, please.
No, don't Don't run.
Give yourselves up.
Alright, let's do this.
You want to fight the cops? Well, we don't have many other options, so power up.
Now I must warn you, any use of magic will be interpreted as a sign of aggression.
Don't come any closer.
Put your hands down, son.
Don't you mean up? Jesse.
Just back off.
OK, we'rewe're standing down.
We don't want harm.
We're standing down.
Heath? Mum? Stand back.
I've got this.
Mum? How did you escape? You're a cop? Just givegive it up, son.
Please, Heath, you need to do as we say.
She's right.
No point in fighting us.
We only want to help you.
All of you.
What? Maybe less jazz hands? Our powers, they don't work in other worlds.
Could have said a few minutes ago.
I just remembered.
OK, don'tdon't move.
I'm out.
Whoa, back here.
Go, go, go.
Heath! MAN: Get up there, go, go.
Stop! Stop! Heath.
Get em, quick.
They've gone around here.
Heath, where are you? Please talk to me.
We'll search over there.
Back-up required in Trenerry Crescent.
All units respond.
I told you, no powers.
So that's it, we're just back to normal? I can't deal with normal.
Heath, your Mum.
What's the deal? I don't know, midlife crisis? WOMAN: Back up units are en route.
ETA is six minutes.
They're coming.
I don't get it.
How did we even cross if it's not Here, give me a look.
Yes, let Heath fix it.
He has a Masters in Talisman repair.
Is there ever a universe where you're not a total pain? Heath.
It's for your own good.
The talisman.
What? Where is it? We'll come back for it later.
Come on.
Give me the talisman.
Listen to him.
We just want to help.
Get off me! Calm down! Let them go! No, no, no.
No, no! Too risky.
Too risky, come on.
(SIREN WAILS) Who knew there'd be a downside to fame.
I'm about ready to go home.
We have to go back for them.
With the cops after us andand no talisman? Where are you going? To find Luke and Nicco.
Can this day get any worse? Argh.
Whoever you are, be warned, right, I know Kendo.
What are you doing here? Losing at Kendo, if you have it your way.
It sounded better in my head.
Yeah, well, maybe you should keep it there.
What's with the 'tude? Like you don't know.
OK, I know things were a bit tense between us Tense? You think? OK, mental note.
We're not friends in this world.
But side note, I love what you've done with the place.
Where are the others? Luke and Nicco? They got arrested.
Yeah, we know.
But how did you get out? Out of where? Did you have a lobotomy for lunch? OK, ease up on the hostility.
Where is he? Heath.
Jesse? Over here.
What is going on? Just questioning the traitor.
Traitor? Do you wanna take over, buddy? Buddy? Let me get you some water.
No, I'mI'm fine.
I just wanna know what's going on.
Hello, hi.
Little parched over here.
(COUGHS) I can't believe it's really you.
Yeah, well, it is.
Itit is me.
How did you escape? Escape from where? The facility.
We've been trying to bust in there for weeks.
I'll be back.
Keep an eye on him.
Why does he have to keep an eye on me? Mr Popularity, hey? What are you doing? Waking myself up.
Alright, there is no world in which you are more popular than me.
OK, I know I can be temperamental sometimes, but that's called being an artist.
No, that's called being Don't even.
A diva.
Ben? You did make it through.
No, that's not our Ben.
He's looking all Bieber, before the tattoos.
Tell me what's going on.
He sounds different, too.
I said sit.
We didn't do anything wrong.
Please, you don't understand.
We're not who you think we are.
If we could just explain.
We're not from here.
We're a different Heath and Jesse.
But probably really similar to yours.
Unless your Jesse is a social reject, then not similar at all.
No reports of an escape.
OFFICER: You're clones? Not clones.
From an alternate universe.
Because I'm Han Solo from Star Trek.
Where are the others? So you believe in teenagers with superpowers but not in alternate universes? Ahh.
So you admit it.
You do have powers.
I think you're missing the point.
You're doppelgangers.
How dare you.
I'm not some cheap knock-off.
We're more like the originals.
If I were to believe you, and I'm not suggesting for a second that I do, are there more of you? More versions? Theoretically, yes.
How many more? Well, I don't know exactly.
Well, justjust roughly.
Sayfive? 10? 20? It better not be 20.
It's not 20.
It's more like an infinite number.
(ALARM SOUNDS) Take your seats.
Hey, can we go outside, where there's more open space and less heavy objects that could fall on my head? Nice try.
All we want to do is go home, back to our world Oh, I'm sure you do.
As soon as you and your clone army destroy mine.
I will not let it happen.
Honestly, I would have expected a better reception.
Yeah, well, this was from two months ago.
In news just in, four teenagers with superhuman abilities have been captured on film, as they battled an unidentified creature rampaging through the small Victorian town of Bremin.
The teen heroes have been identified as Luke Hamill, Niccolina Pandelis, Heath Buckland and Jesse Banda.
So? We were heroes.
At first.
Then the attacks started.
Nematodes? Nemawhat? BOTH: Todes.
Big, black, snaky things.
BOTH: Parasites.
They got worse and worse.
Everyone turned on you.
Said your magic was causing it.
And they made magic illegal.
What, so they locked up the only people that could stop the attacks? Mm.
That's crazy.
Yeah, and now they have Luke and Nicco.
He may not be your Heath, but he's just as dangerous.
We need to find him, and his talisman.
To protect Bremin.
That's why I joined.
Then bring him in.
There's no other way? Who knows a son better than his own mother? What do you think they're going to do with us? Nothing good.
(DOOR OPENS) You're Jake Riles.
You're one of the Bremin Four.
You're one of the Bremin Four.
Awesome rescue party.
Luke? Yeah? He's not here to help us.
He's with them.
Your powers are destroying the world.
If we still had them.
Our powers are the only thing that'll save this world.
Magic is causing these attacks.
You need to give it up.
How can you say that? What about Felix and the others? What do they think? This has nothing to do with Felix.
This is about you.
You need to stop using your powers now.
Here? Yeah.
Now we just have to decipher Zeb's random thought patterns.
Let's start at the top and work our way through.
JESSE: Figures your crew would settle here.
What else is different in your world? CLAUDIA: Well, they're a little less prisony about magic.
So where exactly are they taking or have they taken Nicco and Luke? The facility.
That's where our friends are.
Our versions of you.
We have to bust them out.
You're right.
Why didn't we think of that? We should totally do that.
We've tried.
Many times.
Then we have to get the talisman.
And get it working.
Then what? Then once we're all together, we can We can get out of here.
And what do we get in return for helping you? Maybe we can make a deal.
You help our friends, we'll help yours.
I'm sure it was here.
No, it's gone.
It's gone.
The NSF.
They must have taken it.
The who now? National Security Force.
If they've picked it up, we should probably get out of here.
Give us one more minute.
We should go.
Well, you guys go.
We'll catch up.
Hey, don't be long, alright? This is exactly how horror movies start.
You are so right.
About time we lost those guys.
That's my mum, I think.
It feels like a trap.
Well, soon find out.
I wish I could say this isn't your worst idea, but it is.
Yep, totally is.
Well, you say stay here then.
(DOOR OPENS) I knew you'd be back.
You know I can't give it to you.
You gonna turn me in? Well, you're not my son.
I'm exactly the same.
And I'm guessing you're just like my mum.
I came here to bring you in.
I know you don't want to.
They say your magic is what's causing the attacks and that if we don't lock you up, then they'll continue.
Do you believe them? I don't know.
But they won't .
they won't let me in to see him.
The attacks won't stop on their own.
Then what are we supposed to do? Fight them.
That's what we're doing in my world.
Yeah, but fighting them is what landed my son in there.
I just want you to be safe.
You know, I joined the Task Force to get you out.
I mean .
him out.
So, what are we like in your world? We're close.
You're definitely not a cop.
And how's my cooking? (CHUCKLES) Terrible.
You have Little Gino's on speed dial.
Yeah, sounds about right.
And do I try to stop you using your power? Well, in my world, you don't know about my power.
But I think if you did, you'd trust me to know what I was doing.
You're a good mum, whichever world you're in.
If I'm such a good mum .
why is my son locked up? I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I can fix this.
All of it.
Just help me break him out.
Take them to their cells.
Keep moving.
Heath? It's not him.
It's me.
How long have they been here? What are you doing with them? Keep moving.
Come on.
Where's Jesse? Hamill there.
Pandelis here.
Don't get too comfortable.
Some time in the cells should get them talking, sir.
It better.
We need to find those other two and fast.
The longer they're out there on the run, the worse these attacks are going to get.
So what do you think we should do? Put out an alert.
Circulate their photo.
Whatever it takes, I want them found.
Yes, Captain.
It's basically a fortress.
Yeah, I'm not seeing many welcome mats.
Security points there, there and there.
And cameras.
Lots of cameras everywhere.
No excuses.
We find a way in.
This might sting a bit.
I couldn't have done it without the love and support from all of my fans.
That explains all the side eye around here.
Well, it wasn't you.
Wasn't it? Sensational day for learning.
Ooh, love what you've done with the uniform.
What did you see? There were two Lukes.
Doubles? They're in danger.
They can't touch.
They'll eliminate each other.
So what we have to do is get the Niccos to high five, and the Lukes to shake hands? Nicco, meet Nicco.
Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation