Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e10 Episode Script

Attack Of The Nematodes

(ROARS) Our talisman's busted.
Our powers don't work here.
No, no, no! Let them go! And now they have Luke and Nicco.
We'll find a way in.
Are you and Heath still together? You never told him, did you? MAN: Hey, hey.
Doubles, they can't touch.
We have to force them together so they cancel each other out.
OK, what is this? What is going on? He's your double.
You two need to swap.
Your friend's taking a big risk, sneaking inside, pretending to be me.
Where did you get this? A friend on the inside.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) You know, I can barely tell them apart - traitor Jesse and alternate Jesse.
Stop calling him that.
They're both on our side now, and this Jesse knows the facility inside out.
Are we sure about this? Positive.
We'll get them all out before it gets worse.
You're right, we will.
Everything's ready.
So long as you're sure about all this.
Oh, come on, not you too.
Oh, don't worry, alright? You'll totally grow into it.
One day.
It'll work.
Nobody's going to second-guess guards bringing in prisoners.
And all we need to do is get focused on the mission, OK? We go past the security gate, we go in through the entrance and then we get a clear run to the cells.
I don't know, whatever.
Oh, that's all? Then what? Awesome prison break, followed by rad world-saving escapades.
No biggie.
No, it'll be easy, right? Two elemental gangs, double the trouble.
Nice to almost have you back.
Almost? Mm, not quite sick of hearing you apologise yet.
(LAUGHS WEAKLY) Everyone in, come on.
Claude's right.
It is nice.
Nice? No, I'm more than nice.
I'm, like, wonderful, so (GRUNTS) Promise you'll make it back.
I have to.
I mean, karaoke tomorrow, unless you're backing out? No.
I'm in.
(GROANS) Come on.
Eh? What? Yeah, I've got a really good feeling about this.
Look after them, OK? I'm on it.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Not ominous at all.
Let's do this.
(GRUNTS) Look, there's earth, water, fire and air, and then there's that one.
It's not in Felix's book.
But it is in this one.
Hang on, are you looking at the book that got me sent to Negative Space? Not the time for judgement.
Oh! Here, here.
(READS) "The symbol relates to a protector, "a being to keep the multiverse safe.
" So, Zeb came here for a guardian.
To restore his world.
ALL worlds.
And he thought it was one of you? OK, here we go.
Everyone stay cool.
Why does everyone always look at me? I'm cool.
What's the story? I haven't got this vehicle logged out.
Really? Well, that's super-weird.
It was logged out.
We're returning Banda from day release and delivering new prisoner Buckland.
I'll have to call it in.
Well, Control knows we're coming.
Go for it.
If you have to.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Where are you taking me? Main gate requesting visual on prisoner Banda, all units? Riles here.
Jesse Banda is not in his cell.
I repeat, Banda is not in his cell.
(OVER RADIO) Copy that.
What's going on? I'll explain later.
No, what is going on?! Unless you want Roland to make you arm wrestle your double, I suggest you come with me.
My friends.
I have to help them.
We can't just sit here waiting to be rescued.
I can't plot a jailbreak on an empty stomach.
How are you not starving? When was the last time we ate? Let's just make a run for it.
I tried that.
I got caught.
Yeah, but there's two of us.
Power in numbers.
The door opens, we charge the guard, get out, find Jesse.
We'll never make it.
Not without our powers.
Look, we need the other gang.
Too bad we don't have a security pass.
Well, don't blame me for that.
Jesse's the one taking his sweet time.
Look, there is that room with all the computers in it.
The control room.
We could go and try and override the security system, unlock this place.
The second the guard comes, we make a run for it.
Yeah, it's worth a shot.
(OVER RADIO) Confirm, Banda is not in his cell.
Copy that.
Everything OK? Go ahead.
(MUTTERS) OK, so So, OK (GROANS) OK, no, I had it.
(OVER RADIO) All units, please be advised that extra security checks are now in effect.
Look, another elemental.
That was easy.
Yeah, too easy.
Think positive.
That's the way.
Need a hand with them? We got it.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) You know what? I did not miss this place at all.
Yeah? Well, too late to back out now.
Playing up for cameras - nice.
No, it's your pinchy little raptor claws.
Which way now? Uhdon't know.
How do you not know? You had the run of this place.
Which way, Jesse? Down here.
Jesse! Stop.
Captain Murphy? Well done.
Very well done.
Thank you, sir.
New recruit? Yes, sir.
We've captured this one.
These ones.
Thatthis one here.
That's three out of four.
Almost a full set.
Have everyone locked down.
What? No-one leaves their cell until further notice.
But I You heard the Captain.
Move it.
One more, we can sleep easy.
Quick, quick, quick.
In here.
What? In there.
What? I don't like this.
Keep quiet.
OK, the cells are this way.
No, no, no, I was wrong.
This way.
Wait, no, right, left.
We've been down this passageway three times.
Hey, Jake.
Wait, what? Man, is this some kind of trick? The friend on the inside? Exactly.
Look, we haven't got much time.
Roland's trying to wipe out the elementals.
The cells are down there and to the left.
Now, you go free your gang, then I'll lead you out.
OK, we're on it.
You'll need this too.
Hope this one works.
You should have said something.
To Jesse hashtag Banda? Yeah, well, I couldn't.
You, come with me.
Let's go.
Now, now, let's go.
Oh, about time.
It smells like someone's dreams died in there.
Calm your farm.
Look, I gotta go.
Luke and Nicco are in the interrogation room.
You know how to get there? Left, right, left, left, pivot, set, pivot.
Now's not the time to be making jokes.
No, that's right.
That's the way.
For real? My sense of direction? Flawless.
Then the other Jesse needs a software update.
Let's go, come on.
Go, go, go.
Nice to see you, by the way.
(BEEPING) We got another one.
Another what? Elemental.
Yeah, I know.
The Captain wants reinforcements at the front gate.
I'll cover here, you head out.
What do you mean? I was just there.
Great, so you know your way back, then.
I brought a sandwich.
I hope you're not questioning my authority, Stilevski? Stolevski.
What? Stolevski.
It's pronounced Stolevski.
Stolev Get to the front gate.
I just think we should stick to protocols, otherwise things get messy.
You can tell the Captain that yourself, at the front gate.
The Captain's always playing favourites.
Ready? So ready.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You guys? You scared the living About time you showed up.
Didn't think I'd ever.
Oh, how cute.
Let's go home.
Quick, let's try and portal out.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) (KNOCKS) Everything alright? We're gonna get you out.
What's he doing here? Helping.
Come on, Jake.
Come on, come on, come on.
MURPHY: I said everyone on lockdown, but Banda's not in his cell! Come on.
Where is he?! (BEEPING) Luke.
Figured out what side you're on yet, Jesse? OK, about that Apologies later, break-out now.
Put these on now.
Captain, it's Riles.
We have a break-out.
Cell C1.
Repeat, C1, now.
What? Oi! Oi, let melet me out! Let me out.
That is a negative, Captain.
Riles, what is this? Let me out! All units, all units, it's an inside job.
All units to the Control Room.
Except for one unit.
Someone let me out.
All guards to the Control (TURNS OFF RADIO) (WHISTLES) Now.
Passolini, report to C1 now.
Cell C1 now.
ALL: Unlock the door, turn world about.
It was worth a shot.
Was it? I hate to say it, but we need the other gang.
No, we don't.
They're a write-off, trust me.
Yeah, mine was, like, totally self-obsessed.
Yes! And mine was, like, all stubborn.
Not again.
They're getting worse.
(SIRENS BLARE) You never get used to that.
(ALL EXCLAIM) Tell me that was just the quake.
No way.
Uh, is that a No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
How did it get into The talisman.
Move, move, move, move.
Move! Hey, stop! No, wait! (SIREN BLARES) Parasites.
That's all we need.
Open the door.
Open it up, Riles.
Open the door! Riles! (SIREN BLARES) Control Room.
I said open the door! Open the door.
Come on! Riles! (SIREN CONTINUES) Parasite alert.
Protection spell? On stand by.
Right, I got you all.
Just listen for directions.
You are finished, Jake Riles.
Nicco? Open the door! Nicco, go left.
Go left.
Other Nicco.
Other Nicco, go left.
Go left to get out.
Which Nicco, which way? Yes, you.
You, Nicco, go left to get out.
Go left.
Move, move, move, move, move! Riles! You're finished, Riles! Riles! Open up! Go round.
Go round.
The other door.
The other door! Jake.
Open the door! Step away from the controls.
That's an order.
Right, you lot in the hoodies, turn around, go straight ahead.
You're almost there.
Keep going, you're almost there.
Alright, alright.
Alright, alright, all good.
All good.
Yes! Yes.
He's been leading them outside.
(BEEPING) Arghh! This is our chance to eliminate them.
Let me, let me, let me! I'm really missing those powers right now! Do something.
I'm trying! Go harder! (PARASITE ROARS) No, no, no, no, no.
(ALL SIGH) Nice work.
I know, right? A little help, Nicco? Stand back.
Argh! We are going to solve this elemental problem right now! (THUNDER RUMBLES) It's kinda creepy.
I don't know.
I mean, I've always wanted a twin.
I had you pegged as the evil one.
I had to save my friends.
Just doing what it takes.
MURPHY: Take the left! No, no, other left.
We have to keep moving.
Where to? The talisman's full of nematodes.
We're not going home any time soon.
It hasn't worked since we landed.
I I think it got infected.
When we got the entity out of you.
That explains this party weekend.
Well, if it's something to do with the entity, we should try Ellen.
We need help.
I'm thinking.
Element to element communication.
Oh, yeah.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) What about Jake? I don't think he made it out.
You know he risked everything to help us.
BOTH: We split.
Into two groups.
Half of us contact Ellen, the others rescue Jake.
We'll need you.
Ellen's a water element too.
I am used to being in demand.
Either way, we should mix it up.
That way, both gangs have elemental protection.
Then what? We all meet up somewhere.
The altar in the forest? OK, good plan.
Come on.
I think I've found a way out.
Come on, let's go.
I really Uh-huh? I bet we beat you there.
Good luck.
Get the vans.
They can't have gone far.
So, did you bring, like, a memento or something? (GROANS) We need something of Ellen's to power the spell.
Way ahead of you.
Her key - from when we ghostbusted her house.
Trouble really seems to follow your crew.
You can talk.
Officially, they've been gone over 24 hours.
You know what? I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of all of it.
I'm sick of magic, I'm sick of the talisman, I'm sick of your friends.
I'm sick of the entity.
I'm sick Ben! Ellen! I have never been so happy to see anyone in my entire life.
Not part of the plan, Jake.
What do we do? I've got an idea.
Wait, so, how do we fix it? The spell that you used to depossess me might work on the talisman, too.
But you have to get the others to cast it with their talisman.
We're meeting the others at the altar.
We'll do the spell there.
OK, we'll meet you on the other side.
Be careful, Nicco.
And tell them to hurry.
We don't have much time.
The Captain wants you back in the Control Room now.
Move it! The Captain wants you back at the Control Room.
No-one told me.
I'm telling you now.
Let me check.
Well, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Why? Wanna give us a lift? Love to.
What took you so long? You're welcome, buddy.
Is everyone in? Let's go, let's go.
No, this way.
Excuse me? You two are so alike.
Always gotta be right.
Why won't she just say what she wants? She doesn't feel she can.
But how is that my fault? It's pretty clear why she broke up with you.
Stop making her feel like she's out on a limb.
You like her just as much as she likes you.
No, she could never say what she really wanted, or admit to being wrong.
Same as you.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Yes, but what if the spell doesn't work, huh? We need a plan B and a plan C.
We need to figure out this guardian thing as soon as they're back.
If they get back.
My vision wasn't very optimistic.
You're right.
We should just go home.
What? They'll make it.
Now come on.
Come on.
Why aren't they here yet? They'll be here.
They have to be.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) (SIREN WAILS) Over there! I see them! Come on, take the left.
You go right.
We're surrounded.
We're never gonna lose them.
We can if we use our powers.
But that'll just bring another nematode.
Beats being captured again.
Watch my back.
Wait, no.
Hey, Roland! Easy.
Hey! We've gotta get out of here.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Luke, we've gotta go! (ALL CRY OUT) Is it them? It's them.
A little help over here.
Protection spell now! Go, go, go, go! Divinity of the elements Hurry! Divinity of the elements, come on! Hurry up.
Divinity of the elements I summon thee Air, fire, water and earth Aid in my quest I call you forth.
That's how it's done.
I am so sorry I doubted you.
A little tight on the hug game, Mum.
Come on, there'll be more on the way.
OK, first up we depossess our talisman.
ALL: Divinity of the elements I summon thee Without and within, beneath our human skin Second part, quick.
Earth, water, fire, air Aid in my quest I call you forth! It worked.
Good as new.
We've gotta speed this up.
OK, open the portal now.
Don't worry, we got this.
ALL: Elements of the universe Within and without Unlock the door, turn world about Divinity of the elements I summon thee.
(ROARING) Go! You made it! You made it! What? But the others didn't.
We have to do something.
I knew it.
Which one of you wants to explain exactly what is going on? Magic is real.
I've got the evidence.
Proof of what you've all been up to.
Negative space needs a guardian to restore the balance between chaos and order.
And it's one of you.
Which one of us is the guardian? Who has the strongest bond to magic? Luke! It's Luke! Once you're activated, you'll be able to power and restore all the worlds.
But know that once you're here, you can never return home.
Never return.
Think about that for a second.
Nobody would blame you for not going.
If it saves the multiverse, what choice do I have? Hey, hey.
Have you seen Luke? Um, no.
Should we be worried? He wouldn't have gone rogue or done something dangerous, would he? Of course, it's exactly what he'd do.
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