Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e11 Episode Script

The Chosen One

(ON VIDEO) Four teenagers with super-human abilities have been captured on film.
So? We were heroes.
At first, then the attacks started.
So, where exactly are they taking, or have they taken, Nicco and Luke? The Facility.
That's where our friends are.
Our versions of you.
You're back! OK! Darius, he's not your Jesse.
His Jesse? Darius has a Jesse? Promise you'll make it back.
Are you and Heath still together? I don't know what you mean.
Why won't she just say what she wants? It's pretty clear why she broke up with you.
Look! Here, here.
"The symbol relates to a protector, "a being to keep the multiverse safe.
" Zeb came here for a guardian? To restore his world.
Or worlds.
And he thought it was one of you.
Open the portal now.
We got this.
Go! You made it! But the others didn't.
I knew it! Which one of you wants to explain exactly what is going on? Hey! Youyou can't do that! Magic is real.
I've got the evidence.
Proof of what you've all been up to.
Hey! This can't get out! Give that back! Don't make me you call your mother! Enough! Everyone calm down.
You have to delete it Hey, get it together, Luke.
I know you've been freaking out about what happened, we all are, but After all they did to save us and then to see them Gone.
Another world ended.
It's speeding up.
The Entity is breaking down the multiverse.
Negative Space needs a guardian to restore the balance between chaos and order.
And it's one of you.
And that's why Zeb came here.
He had a plan to restore his world.
All the worlds.
So, what do we do? We install the Guardian in Negative Space.
Except we're not exactly sure how to do that.
Well, uh, sorry, just go back to the restoring worlds bit.
I missed that.
OK, well, basically what happens is that Sorry, sir, we don't have time.
Well, make time! I need to know everything, whatever's going on here, whatever this is.
You don't understand.
This is life-and-death stuff.
Well, then, we need to alert the authorities! We've all seen how well involving the authorities turns out.
It's not as reassuring as you'd think.
You're just a bunch of children.
What, and? I'm afraid I have to insist.
Oh, fine.
Don't! Stop! Luke! Calm down.
Calm down, Luke.
What on earth?! Nope, that was air.
Nicco's earth.
Hold it together, yeah? What, so the world is ending and we're supposed to hit pause just to get our principal up to speed? Look, I don't think so.
Uh, sorry, wait? Uhum, the world is ending? Yeah, we've said it four times! Unless we can fix it.
OK, I'm I'm just gonna need a minute here.
No, we can't take him with us.
That smile.
I like this plan already.
Binding spell.
Uh, Ellen, what's going on? Aren't you on my side? Elements that knit and bind Hear my will Join different kinds What are you doing? Unite as one, essence tied Obey my call None will deny No, you can't do this.
Ellen! Bryan, walk that way.
What? My legs! What'shappening? He's fighting the spell.
Sorry, but you didn't give us much of a choice.
They seem to have a will of their own.
(LAUGHS) My will, actually.
Bryan, turn.
So, that's what having no rhythm looks like.
It's time to go.
Faster now.
Go home.
Help! Help me! Ellen! Some people just can't handle their magic.
You're a teacher! You have responsibilities! There's a chain of command! I feel bad for him.
Ellen! Really? Me neither.
I'll look out for him.
Find Zeb.
He's our best hope of figuring this out.
Communication spell.
We need something of Zeb's to power the spell.
His spells.
They'll work.
Zeb! Zeb, Zeb, are you there? Luke! Luke, can you hear me? Yep! Are you OK? The Entity.
I don't know how much longer I can last.
It's getting in my head! Zeb, we're going to get you out of there.
We just need to know which one of us is the Guardian.
Isn't it obvious? Not to us! Who has the strongest bond to magic? Who feels it the deepest? Luke! Luke, isn't it? It's Luke! No, no, no, it can't be me.
I'm nowhere near powerful enough to be the Guardian.
Yes, you are! You can be.
Once you're activated.
You'll beyou'll be able to power and restore all the worlds.
I will? But know that once you're here, you can never return home.
What do you mean? Zeb! It's getting closer! Tell us how to do the spell.
It didn't work last time.
Something's blocking the spell.
Zeb! The altar! The altar! Use the altar! It's the key! Zeb! Luke, you don't have to do this.
If it saves the multiverse, what choice do I have? "Never return".
Think about that for a second.
Nobody would blame you for not going.
It'd be forever.
I won't allow it.
Look, Zeb said the altar is key.
That's where we start.
This is outrageous.
All you have to do is promise to keep magic a secret.
As soon as I get back to town, I am reporting this, and you.
Do you really think Roberts will believe you this time? There is a protocol here, Ellen, and quite frankly Walk to tree.
Stop! I'm disappointed that you're not following procedure.
Now what are you doing? The magical equivalent of the naughty step.
We need you on our side, Bryan.
No, we need to have a serious discussion about your future, Ellen.
What did Luke mean, the world's ending? Yes, there's a dark force that will eventually destroy us, and what the kids have been fighting.
That's the point, isn't it? They're just kids.
They shouldn't have to shoulder this on their own.
They're not just kids.
They fought the Atridax and the Mega-Demon and they even saved you in the Empty World, too.
What? I don't remember any of that! That's because they risked everything so that you wouldn't have to.
You trust them, don't you? Yes.
And you should too.
Do you think you can do that? No.
If you do this for them, then maybe they'll let you in on a little of their magic.
Really? Alright.
24 hours, but that's it.
Let's hope that's enough.
Some introduction to magic.
OK, we've just got to find it.
We don't even know what we're looking for.
When has that ever stopped us? We must be missing something.
Uh, we need to look harder.
That's it.
OK, when are we going to deal with it, right? The elephant in the room.
Not now, Jesse.
No, why is everyone so OK with sending Luke somewhere so dangerous? He's got a point.
Even Ellen and Zeb are scared of Negative Space.
What about everything here? What about your mum and dad? What about us? Don't you see? This is what it's all been about.
This is the reason why we have magic.
It's a pretty big sacrifice.
Yeah, but I say we slow down.
Figure out a proper plan.
This is the plan.
There's no point going on about it, unless you want The Entity to overrun us too.
The key's here somewhere.
That's what we focus on.
How much longer? Zeb's diagram.
He drew five circles.
Representing what? The Guardian? Surrounded by four elements? Well, that could be the key Zeb meant.
Yeah, let's try that.
Come on.
Come on! Nothing's happening.
Is it supposed to? OK, no, that didn't work.
Maybe you're in the wrong order.
Will this day ever end? I wish.
I'm spent.
Come on, please, just a little bit longer.
We'll figure it out, I promise.
Can't think.
Need food.
Hungry! Yeah, and it's gonna be dark soon.
Maybe we should just pack it in for the night.
Zeb facing off The Entity, our doubles wiped out.
Wewe have to keep going! Sure, but maybe we should regroup first.
And eat.
It's been a huge few days.
Try again in the morning.
First thing, Luke.
We check in at school and then we head straight back here, OK? Looks like I'm out-voted.
Luke and I will go over everything we have.
Yeah, all night if we have to.
I'll help, as long as there's snacks.
What? I can be helpful.
Don't work all night, yeah? There's so much to do.
Luke, he means because, you know, well Um, well, if .
if If it is your last night, maybe you'll want to spend it with your mum or something.
Yeah, mylast night.
Glad to be home.
Yep, me too.
I should probably get going.
Yeah, me too.
Mum loves to worry.
For sure.
No, I was just going to say Yep? If it was me who had to be the Guardian, you know, give everything up, I'd be freaking out.
You'd be a great Guardian.
Total boss.
Think so? You know it.
I just hope Luke's as OK with it as he says he is.
So do I.
See ya.
Nicco? Hmm? 'Night.
So, the positions around the altar must mean something.
Yeah, but how does it all come together? Oh, look.
The elemental symbols Zeb wrote out.
Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
Each element has a point on the talisman.
Maybe they match up with the altar, too.
(HUMS) So glad he came to help.
What is he looking at? Jesse! Hey, what are you doing? Question is what are you doing? Darius, huh? No, OK, no, no, this isn't about Hmm.
It's I'm I have to go.
I'll see you in the AM.
But, uh, have a good night, yeah? Yeah.
About that Seriously, not again.
It's a big deal.
Why aren't you scared? I'm scared for you.
Why does everyone need me to talk about my feelings? They're MY feelings.
Who cares about feelings anyway? It just won't be the same without you.
That's kinda nice to hear.
I mean, sure, the timing stinks.
All the moving around, changing schools and as soon as I make some awesome friends, but It's all good, though.
How many people get to be the chosen one? The all-powerful Guardian.
I know, right? We'll find a way to see each other again.
Yeah, and all we need is another air element and then we can use something of yours and we can just do a, um spell, yeah.
Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Ben didn't want to stay for dinner? He had stuff to do, and I thought that we could hang out.
Are you OK? No fever? Blurred vision at all? What, I can't hang out with my mum? Usually, you can't get out the door fast enough.
Something's up.
Look, I know that sometimes, I can be I expect a lot from you.
A lot? I thought that maybe we could watch a movie.
I can't spend one more minute in the Marvel universe.
Plus, I have all this budget stuff to do, honey.
No superheroes, I promise.
You can choose.
Whatever you like.
Even a rom-com? We can even do Dirty Dancing! Yes! (LAUGHS) Alright! I'll go get the popcorn.
But I'm not doing the lift.
Luke?! Breakfast! Luke? Luke? Ben, hi.
Hi, Ms Jarra.
Is he up yet? Uh, wait, I thought he was with you.
Oh, he's not here? Right.
Wait Ben? What's going on? Why would something be going on? Because he watched Dirty Dancing with me.
All the way through.
Do you know why? Because I refused to watch it with him.
Or he has a guilty conscience.
Or he wanted to do something nice.
'Cause he knows you worry.
And if there's something going on, he'dhe'd talk to you, so I'll tell him you're looking for him.
So, if this one's water, then (PHONE RINGS) .
then maybe air goes here.
Oh! (ROCK CLATTERS) Great, Luke.
Big day.
You said it.
So, you gonna talk to him? What? No Just because other Jesse liked other Darius, it doesn't mean that Ohh, kick his tyres, Jesse Banda.
Have him kick yours.
That is the most bromantic thing I've ever heard.
What have you got to lose? This, from you, who is doing nothing about Nicco.
Kick some tyres, Heath Buckland.
I will if you will.
OK, you're on.
But not right now.
I've gotta go.
Hey, hey! Have you seen Luke? Uh, no.
Should we be worried? He wouldn't have gone rogue or done something dangerous, would he? Of course, that's exactly what he'd do.
Let's get the others.
(CRACKLES) Aah! This is the key.
Where were you? I was trying to call you all day yesterday.
I was away for the weekend.
No reception.
Yeah, well you still could have told me.
It's not like it was the end of the world.
You'd be surprised.
(PHONE RINGS) Meet me behind the Lair.
What for? Justcan you do it? I'm here.
What's Jesse, hey.
Heath said you wanted to talk to me.
Heath said what? See you later.
So, um How's your Mum? She's good.
Isthat what you wanted to talk about? Year 11 Chem is a killer, but Darius is ace at it.
Great, 'cause Jesse is totally failing.
Darius would love to help.
Heath out.
Maybe after school? Sure, I'd I'd like that.
Jesse! Uh, Nicco, not a good time.
Have you guys seen Luke? Yeah, well we've been busy.
Doing what? Kicking tyres.
(PHONE RINGS) Luke? Luke, where are you? See ya.
Luke thinks he knows how to unlock the altar.
Do you want me to come with you? Yeah, look II'm really not feeling very comfortable about this.
You promised - 24 hours.
Oh, I've already lied to her once today.
Can you run interference? Leave it with us.
With us? Has anyone seen Luke? Yes, he's doing some field research for me.
Isn't that right, Ms O'Donnell? Yes! Uh, Mr Bates had him working since sun up.
The early bird catches the worm.
These morning people! Ugh! What can you do?! Shouldn't you lot be in class? Yes, Miss.
Yes, Miss.
We should.
Walk with me.
Let's talk stationery.
How did you figure it out? Let's just say I had a lucky break.
So, how does it work? Well, I have a theory.
Knew he'd have a theory.
I think each one of these rock stacks represents an element.
OK, so, we find our element and unlock the altar? Yes.
We match our positions with what's on the talisman.
If air is here, then I think, Nicco, earth is .
Try your powers.
There's mine.
You two.
Try your powers.
Done and done.
Mine too.
Why don't I ever get to do anything cool? I know, but just look at the pattern.
It's exactly like the diagram.
Yeah, it's definitely a match.
Well, that did something.
We got there.
We ready to do this? Are you sure you're ready, Luke? I'll be fine.
You'll see.
We brought you some things.
In case there's no vending machine in Negative Space.
I got you this.
Actually, it's Claude's, but don't tell him.
Wait, you won't be able to from Negative Space.
Thanks, Jesse.
We, um, we put some photos on here, so you won't forget us.
Yeah, it's fully charged.
Got eight hours left, so don't leave it on overnight.
Thought you might want this too.
It's your compass.
Thanks, Ben.
Right, the spell.
Let's do it.
So, find Zeb, become the Guardian, destroy The Entity.
ALL: Elements obey me Heed my call Become the power The source of all Elements guide me See the unseen Open the space between.
I guess that's it.
Aaaagh! Luke, you OK? We have to do something! Help him! Ben! Ben, how did you do that? Are you OK? Quick, tell me.
How many fingers am I holding up? I don't know.
Huge success.
Luke nearly melted and Ben's got a concussion.
No, I mean I can't see.
Wait, wait a minute.
I can see.
I can see.
I don't need my glasses.
How is that even possible? I don't know.
It's you.
It's me? What do you mean? You're the Guardian.
Not Luke? But Zeb said that I mean, no offence, but Ben? It's me.
It's me.
Oh, that makes sense.
I felt it.
Oh! Yeah, it's me.
We have to get into our positions again.
What, thethe scary, burny light thingy? This is a big deal, Ben.
Yeah, do you want to take a moment? Yes, maybe this is a bit of a shock to me.
Didn't even get to watch Dirty Dancing.
I think you might need this.
Ben, are you OK? I'm more than OK.
I can feel it working.
(GRUNTS) Hello? (ECHOES) Zeb? (ECHOES) Zeb! (ECHOES) Find Zeb.
Become Guardian.
Destroy The Entity.
Ben? We just levelled Ben up to beast mode and shot him into Negative Space.
Report in.
What have you heard? Ben is the new Guardian, overseer of the multiverse.
ZEB: What are you doing here? Where's Luke? It's only me.
But we need the Guardian! You're looking at him.
Is it safe here? It's only a matter of time.
The Entity knows you're here.
And it has to be stopped.
Nobody panic.
That was not a natural kind of disaster.
LUKE: The Entity.
It's back.
What is that?! The clouds.
Just like the other world.
The beginning of the end! Captions by Red Bee media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation