Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e12 Episode Script

The Alternate World Is Here

Magic is real! I've got the evidence.
Proof of what you've all been up to.
Brian? Walk, that way.
You trust them, don't you? And you should too.
We just need to know which one of us is the guardian.
Who has the strongest bond to magic? Who feels it the deepest? Luke, isn't it? It's Luke! You'll be able to restore all the worlds.
So we find our element and unlock the altar? I guess that's it.
What happened? Ben! Ben, it's you.
You're the guardian.
Ben, are you OK? I can feel it working.
Zeb! Ben? Is everyone OK? I can't remember what OK is.
Ben's gone.
So we did it.
Well, how do we know? Our magic isn't exactly reliable.
The altar lit up.
I think it worked.
We need some kind of sign.
We're not dead.
The universe is still here.
That's a sign.
(BIRDS CAW) You hear that? What? Those cockatoos.
Oh, they're rosellas.
My point being is that usually when we magic something, the craziness ups to 11.
But all I can hear is the sound of whatever that bird is.
We just levelled Ben up to beast mode and shot him into Negative Space.
So what now? We let Ben take care of The Entity, and we keep an eye on things down here.
We can probably even make it to school for our next class.
From saving the universe to Year 11 English.
What a buzzkill.
Come on, Luke.
NICCO: Hurry up! Who's there? I'm the guardian, the protector of the multiverse and the world between worlds.
Show yourself.
This is your last chance before I unleash my guardian power.
Whatever that is.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Come in, come in.
Whew! Been on edge all morning.
Sorry, I'm not used to having Having me on the team? I know! It's weird! So, report in.
What have you heard? Ah, only that they did it.
Yes! And Ben is the new guardian, overseer of the multiverse.
Ben, eh? Wow, I did not see that coming.
We did it.
Well, obviously theythey did the magic part of it and II ran the interference.
That's a very integral part of the game plan.
Do you reckon that's a sign? Might be.
Give it time.
Smashing the Entity isn't something that just gets done during recess.
Let Ben do superhero, we'll do super-normal.
I'll be doing super-stressed.
There is so much to catch up on before exams.
Exams aren't for weeks.
Exactly! It's called being prepared.
You should try it sometime.
Anyway, I've gotta go return these to the library, so see you in class? Sure.
Yeah, let's continue that riveting conversation later.
Like Nicco said, there's a lot to catch up on.
Hey Darius, wait up! .
do you think Ben was ready? He didn't really have much time to prepare.
Ben will have destroyed the Entity and be sending us inter-dimensional selfies by lunch.
You'll see.
Ben doesn't do selfies.
Oh, there you are! I made you pancakes for breakfast but you'd gone.
Sorry, Mum.
Oh, well, lucky it's been proven that they're even better for lunch, eh? Thank you.
I'm starving.
Well, I bet you are.
You were out before 7:00.
So, what's this secret little thing that you're doin'? What? The project for Mr Bates.
Oh, that? Yeah, it's just something for extra credit.
Mm, Luke, I'm impressed.
I've gotta go.
Divinity of the elements I summon thee! Air, fire, water and earth Aid in my quest I call you forth! You saved my life! Oh Zeb, I've been looking for you everywhere.
What are you doing here? Where's Luke? It's only me.
But we need the guardian.
You're looking at him.
You? Yes.
Really? Yes.
You're sure? Yes! This isn't doing much for my self-esteem.
We need to move.
Put this on.
Soon this place will be crawling with those things.
It'll keep you hidden.
We can't fight them all so we'd better get out of sight.
Any news? Anything weird? Mum's drilling me with questions.
Nothing out of the ordinary there.
Even by normal standards, today is totally normal.
What's normal anyway? Normal Heath response.
Hey! Where is he going? Zara.
Yep, everything's as expected.
Cancan we talk? Yeah, if you can keep up.
So, sorry I've been a bit incommunicado.
Something came up.
Something to do with Nicco? What? Who said anything about Nicco? Oh, please, it's so obvious to, like, everyone.
Well, not to her.
I mean, I don't even know what to say without messing everything up.
Well, you just have to tell her.
You can't worry about looking stupid.
(PHONE BEEPS) Oh, done.
So, science tomorrow? Lunch? For sure.
Hey yourself.
Thought you had tutoring.
Can't study all the time.
I'll make you look bad in the exam.
Yeah, right.
What are they? Kourabiedes.
They're a bit different, though.
You might not like them.
You only live once.
Gotta take a risk.
Have you got anywater? (LAUGHS) Stuck in my mouth.
Think maybe that's enough risks for today? MAN: (OVER PA) Could Miss O'Donnell's field study group please come to the office.
Miss O'Donnell's field study group to the office.
So I know that the hidden room was important to you, and I do feel some responsibility for your having lost it.
Some? You cleared it out and turned it into a crime scene.
Yes, Heath, that's exactly what I'm saying.
I'd like this to be an opportunity for us all.
The start of something new.
To that end Ta-da! A store room? Great, back in the closet.
So it'sit's all yours.
A blank slate.
I know it doesn't quite have the allure of the hidden room, but you can do with it as you wish.
Well, within reason, obviously.
You can't just do anything in here.
But you can use it as a, eras a cool clubroom.
Magic HQ.
Wow, thanks.
Sir, it's Thank you, but It's really cool, but Oh.
Thought you'dyou'd like it.
Look, I just don't think we'll use it that often.
I mean, Ben's in Negative Space and everything should go back to normal.
But what about the thirst for knowledge? Unravelling the secrets of the universe? Our powers have caused just as many problems as they've solved.
Well, that's disappointing.
I didn't know you felt that way.
Um Oh, um, nobody panic! I'm sure we just need to follow the standard earthquake safety procedures That was not a natural kind of disaster.
The Entity.
It's back.
Right, outside.
Outside now! What is that? The cloud.
Just like the other world.
The beginning of the end.
With Ben in Negative Space, there's no guardian here.
Nothing can stop the Entity from breaking through.
Ben, where are you? We need to get everyone inside.
Run! Come on! Run! Move! Move! Get off the oval! Move! They're not gonna make it! Protection spell now! ALL: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Air, fire, water and No! Where'd they go? What's happening? We're too late.
It's just like the other world.
Come on! Inside! Move! You'll be safer in there! Hurry up! (SIREN WAILS) Kayla! (GIRL SCREAMS) Kayla! Nicco, help! I'm here! Are you OK? Yeah.
That thing was way scary.
We need to get her out of here.
Who are you, the third Hemsworth? Aren't there three already? Funny too.
You can walk.
They're always searching, reporting back to the Entity.
How have you survived? Good luck charm.
Come on.
Let's do this.
Destroy the Entity and restore my world.
OK, I'm ready.
What's the plan? Don't be afraid to be too specific.
What? The plan was find a guardian.
You are the plan.
Yes, but what then? I assumed the guardian would know what to do once it got here to Negative Space.
Arghh! The Entity's growing stronger.
We can't wait.
Wwe'll figure this out.
Tell me what you know.
The guardian has more power than anything else in here.
You should have all the elemental powers.
All of them? Yes.
Let's take your fire power out for a test drive.
Stand back a little bit.
Safety first.
Oh Try something simpler.
Don't let Jesse hear you say that.
It's not working.
You're a spirit power, right? Start there.
Wh Really focus.
It doesn't work like that.
I need a trigger or something.
II I knew this wasn't right.
You're not the guardian.
I am! You're just a scared little kid who's in over his head.
Please, can you just give me a chance? What's the point? My world is gone, and your Bremin will be destroyed before you're ready.
You're not good enough.
Take that back.
Then prove me wrong.
I've got something in here that might help.
Something of Luke's.
It's worked before.
What did you see? The forest altar.
The nematodes.
They're back in my world.
The Entity sent them there.
If you are the guardian, there's nothing in your world to stop them.
The sooner your guardian powers are activated, the better.
I need to save my friends.
Argh! What was that? It's getting in your head.
You mustn't let it.
Mum! Luke, come on! Mum, stop! No, we have to get out! Look, no, don't go outside.
It's worse out there.
We have to get out of here.
Don't go outside.
We'll be safe out there.
Look, just stay inside, OK? But How did you do that? I'll explain later.
Luke, what was that? Those kids, they I know, OK? Look, justwhat we need to focus on right now is keeping everybody safe.
Just stay inside, please.
I just need you to trust me.
Luke, I trust you.
You're my son.
But it's my job to worry about you.
I'm gonna fix this, OK? I promise, I'll bring them all back.
Just stay inside.
I love you, Mum.
I love you too, bub.
Stay inside.
(SCREAMING) Claude! Claude, where are you? I'm here! Jesse, are you seeing this? Uh Uh I'm about to do something that might make things a bit weird between us.
Well things couldn't get any weirder.
Jesse? It's OK, I know what I'm doing.
Here you go! Delicious, elemental power! Catch! We are having a long conversation after this.
Let's just make it out first, OK? About time you joined us.
So many people to save, so little time.
Stand back.
ALL: Divinity of the elements, I summon thee Air, fire, water and earth Aid in my quest I call you forth! Inside threat sorted.
Outside threats? I don't wanna know.
All clear for now.
It'll be back.
If the Entity's attacking our world, then what's it done to Ben? We have to help him.
Oh, no.
What is it? It's us, doing magic.
Someone uploaded video.
Air, fire, water and earth Aid in my quest I call you forth They're going to come after us.
We need to leave now.
(HORN HONKS) Best teacher ever.
Jesse, what exactly is going on? Hey, you go right home and stay there.
We'll go fix this.
Take Claude with you.
He's got a few questions about magic.
What about you? And Heath? Seriously? OK.
OK, come on, Claude.
Weird day.
Try being trapped in a demon egg - then we'll talk.
It doesn't look like much, but make yourself at home.
Is it safe here? So far, but But what? What? It's only a matter of time.
The Entity knows you're here.
Then it has to be stopped.
I can't let it destroy my world.
Argh! The Entity.
It's getting inside my head.
It's making me see things.
What exactly? A room.
Floating worlds.
There's not many left now.
It's the Eye, the heart of the multiverse.
There's something else.
From your vision? No, no, no, it's different.
There's something else in here with us.
It's getting closer.
Argh! Ben! How long until Roland shows up to start fitting us all for uniforms? Well, the altar is the safest place.
We're the only ones that know about it.
Hurry up! We have to figure out what's going on in Negative Space.
OK, Luke, we'll contact Zeb.
I'm sure Ben's right there with him.
No, no, no, we have to go there.
Ben is in trouble, I know it.
It's not a good idea, Luke.
It's too dangerous.
Ben is my friend! He's our friend.
And we all know what's gonna happen to this world if we don't do anything.
You're right.
There'll be nothing left.
All I'm saying is, we should be prepared.
Have a plan before we jump.
But how would it even work? Ben is the guardian and even he can't beat the Entity.
What can we do? More than we can do here.
I'm in.
We have to take a risk, right? We all saw what happened in the other world.
What's up? I just I took a risk, like you said.
The altar.
What's happened? It's smashed.
Looks like The Entity beat us to it.
Well, let's put it back together.
(PHONE RINGS) It's Brian.
What's going on? Hello, Brian? Butt dial? Put it on speaker.
I'm sorry.
They know where you are.
Who? The police.
Secret agents.
I don't know.
They must have followed me out here.
We need more time.
I'll hold them off as long as I can.
You do what you need to do.
Testing Ah, Principal Brian Bates.
What a surprise.
Pick up the pace.
Pick up the pace! Oi, Roland! You're back! It's a nice day for Where are they? Uh, who? I don't know This is serious, Brian.
We need to find those kids and fast.
Mm, OK.
Um, I will show you.
It's a long way, though.
Uh, quite a hike.
Hope you all brought your walking shoes.
Well, maybe you can point it out on the map.
Get on with it, Bates.
Keep going.
I'll slow them down.
Ooh! I was sure it was this way.
I'm starting to think you're wasting my time, Brian.
Stopping or hindering a police investigation is a criminal offence.
Come on, Brian.
Which way? Uh, I think it's up this way.
Yeah, I remember you.
This is a bit of overkill, don't you think? Where are those kids, Ellen? Who? The ones that have caused all the chaos at the school, alright? The whole town is going off its tree.
Why don't you just leave them alone? They're just kids.
Ah, but they're not just kids, are they? No, I see the pattern.
They're the same as you and you're friends.
Yeah, OK, we're just trying to keep everyone safe.
This is for their own good.
Yeah, look, as principal of Bremin High, I am responsible for these students so I'd like to Oww! That actually hurts! I know he's a mouth, but this is not one I'm not going to ask you again, Ellen.
What's happening? Don't let her trick you.
Grab her! The last time we did this, we we got sent to the wrong dimension.
Just saying That won't happen.
What makes you so sure? All the other worlds have probably been destroyed.
This could be the last world left.
I feel so much better about this.
We can stay here, wait for Roland and the end of our world, or we can take charge and finish what we started.
I know what my choice is.
So all good? ALL: Elements obey me, heed my call Become the power, the source of all Elements guide me, see the unseen Open the space between.
You're only making this worse for yourself, Ellen.
Argh! Ellen! Ellen! The portal now! Ben! Is everyone alright? Yeah.
Think so.
Who knew the Entity was such a minimalist? We have to find Ben.
And stop the Entity.
Restore the multiverse.
Not to mention, bring back Ellen.
Before it's too late.
No time to lose, then.
Ben? Ben! Ben? Ben? It's the altar.
This one's been destroyed too.
It's over and we have to accept it.
As the life force leaves, that's when we know to say goodbye to Niccolina Pandelis.
Guys, I'm right here.
We were wrong.
About what? You're not the guardian.
You never were.
Only you and do this.
I know.
There has to be a spell here somewhere! Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation