NYPD Blue s01e06 Episode Script

Personal Foul

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - I killed Marino.
- Don't tell me this.
In time, you will forgive me.
I know all about Marino's business.
Cops on the take.
Alfonse, I'm James Craig.
This is Laura Michaels.
Let's start with your relationship to Augusto Reyes.
- I got others.
- Talk to other prosecutors.
But I like working with you.
I feel comfortable.
And you're the most attractive DA.
I've ever seen.
NATHAN: All right, watch it.
- Watch the pick! JERRY: I got it.
NATHAN: Go through.
- I got it, I got it.
- Johnny! Get down there.
I got the moves! No basket! - What? - You were out- of- bounds.
- Great eyes! - We play by the rules.
- I gave him a double dribble.
- Fine, no basket.
- Don't call with a magnifying glass.
- A rule is enforced or it isn't.
KELLY: Take the ball out, Larry.
Here we go.
I love that look, Nathan.
That big, toothy grin.
- White boy has to call a ticky- tack.
- Hey, you said it.
You want affirmative action here too.
Different rules for you.
Shut your mouth, take the ball out.
- What's the problem today? NATHAN: Check.
DOWNEY: Let's go.
NATHAN: It's your ball.
Let's go.
He ain't got nothing! I got the jump.
- Foul! NATHAN: Foul? Oh, man! DR.
JERRY: That was clean, Larry.
- Sure.
I made 130, 000 bucks last year.
How much did you make delivering mail? Just because a brother got made partner instead of you-- - You think that's what this is about? - I don't know.
- Let's shut our mouths.
- Or what, Nathan'll gum up my mailbox? - Get out of my face.
- Or what? I'll show you! I ain't playing.
All you're good for is playing.
- What're you doing? - Larry? You all right? - I can't believe I did that.
- Larry! What's going on? We need an ambulance.
In my bag, there's a phone.
- The red one? DR.
JERRY: Yeah, the red one.
KELLY: This is Detective John Kelly.
I need an EMS for a possible cardiac at the 63rd Street YMCA basketball court.
What's going on? Personal Foul Nothing.
Is he dead, Jerry? He's dead, isn't he? Yeah.
He's dead.
- Oh, God.
- Put this over his head.
Kohnstam was a bachelor.
Does anyone know his folks? I do.
What's that? The area code.
They live in Seattle.
What did he go off on me for? I don't know, man.
I don't know.
Come on.
He just started jumping me.
What was wrong with him? I'm gonna have to take you downtown.
For what? - They'll want to talk to you.
- Why? You saw what happened! I know, but they'll want to talk.
NATHAN: I'm not going to that station.
KELLY: Don't put me in a bad position.
- What? Am I under arrest? - Put your voice down, will you? Let's go in there, and we'll take care of it.
No, you arrest me.
You arrest me.
You arrest me in front of our friends.
KELLY: All right.
You're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, a lawyer will be supplied for you.
Do you understand what I just said? Do you understand me? Yeah.
I understand.
[SIRENS WAlLlNG] Assistant DA Craig called.
He'll be a few minutes late.
- Hey, look who's here.
- Mr.
I was about to fine you 25 cents for failing to use my first name.
Fruit? No, thank you.
So the DA's gonna be late? Did you talk to him too? Yeah, I talk to Jimmy a lot.
I'll make sure he makes a jump on everybody in his office.
You too.
I'll make sure everybody looks good.
Craig feels your information's been productive.
I got another confession.
Why don't we wait until Mr.
Craig gets here? No, this is personal.
You've been in my dreams.
Who do you belong to? You got a husband? My social life isn't really relevant.
Believe me, what I've been dreaming about, it's relevant.
- Good morning.
Sorry I'm late.
- Me and Laura figured you were early.
Shall we get started? Give me a second to powder my nose.
To be continued.
- Where were you? - Got stuck in traffic.
I didn't.
- What do you mean? - It's the third time this week.
If you have something to say, say it.
I'm being dangled in front of Giardella like a piece of meat.
Am I upset that this guy has half a crush on you? No.
But I am not pimping you out to him.
I'm not showing up late as part of some plan to put your virtue at risk.
And you're making another mistake if you think I'm pleased we're arguing.
You asked me.
I'm telling you how I feel.
What? Am I sensing a tension in the atmosphere here? We're fine.
Let's go work.
Here you go, man.
Sit down.
SHAPIRO: Room 5, Detective Shapiro.
- What's this? - You got a minute? I play basketball with this guy twice a week.
He's a buddy of mine.
He and another guy got into a beef.
The other guy was a jerk.
Getting in his face, pushing.
Nathan tried to walk.
The guy wouldn't give him room.
Finally, Nathan takes a slug at him, and he goes down, dead.
- His story? - He's a good guy.
Some trouble when he was a kid.
It was a marijuana charge.
I think he did six months, but he's clean.
He's a mail carrier.
He's a good guy, a family man.
So, I read him his rights, but somebody else should be assigned.
- Medavoy's up.
- I just need a minute with him.
I can't, John.
I can't go to jail.
I'll make it easy, but we gotta take a few steps.
A DA will look into this.
This is Detective Medavoy.
He's handling the case because I'm a witness.
Give your statement to him.
I'm not gonna make any statement.
- I need a statement.
- What about me? You'll be here a while until the DA decides what to do.
- I'll put you in an interview room.
- You gonna lock me up? In an interview room.
- Can he change his clothes in there? MEDAVOY: Sure.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You gonna lock me up? - I gotta, man.
I gotta lock you up.
Go ahead.
KELLY: I'll talk to you later.
NATHAN: Sure you will.
John, we got a homicide on FDR at Pearl Street.
Want me to grab Martinez? KELLY: Let me just get some clothes.
Listen, did you get squared away on your buddy? Yeah, I gave it to Medavoy.
Look at this.
I'm ankle- deep in water.
It's full of hair.
Somebody's hair keeps clogging up the drain.
I guess that rules you out as a suspect.
Boy, that's really funny.
I'm Detective Kelly, this is Detective Sipowicz.
I know this is hard.
- She never hurt anyone.
- Can you answer any questions? We were just driving, just talking.
Then I heard a noise.
Must've been the gunshot.
I turn and Joan's bleeding all over her face.
I lost control and crashed the car.
She say anything? No.
Half her head's gone.
- You just heard the one shot? - I think so.
I don't know.
SlPOWlCZ: Did you notice any other cars? Makes? Drivers? No.
- Anybody driving erratically? - No.
KELLY: Where were you headed? To my mother- in- law's to pick up the baby.
God, what am I going to say to her? She have any dispute at work? A promotion? Raise? ZIMMER: She's on maternity leave.
How about you? Anybody mad at you? No.
SlPOWlCZ: What's your business? - Electronic services.
She's dead.
She's dead.
KELLY: Let's go get your baby.
Come on, we'll get you a ride.
Take your time.
SlPOWlCZ: One bullet, right side of her head.
Pieces of a hollow- point, and one bullet found in the front seat.
- It was a flat trajectory.
- Got to have come from another car.
- And the husband? - We're checking.
They okayed a canvass of the motorists off that exit ramp.
Highway patrol will help, and you can use Martinez.
- That kid makes an okay cop.
- Yeah.
Don't give him any bad habits.
I'm gonna make Nathan's arraignment.
- It's postponed till this afternoon.
- The arraignment? How come? Your friend punched a guard and tried to run.
- They're filing supplementary charges.
- Is the guard hurt? They said some stitches next to the eye.
- Thanks for keeping me posted.
- Sure.
- Judy.
- Why'd they postpone the arraignment? Evidently there was some altercation with a guard.
- Between Nathan and a guard? - Evidently.
- You didn't get my messages? - I got them.
The DA said that they're going to charge him with homicide.
That's just the category they use.
Once the medical report is in-- Is that supposed to reassure me? I can't be at the late arraignment, but I'll see Nathan later.
If you talk to him in court, tell him to calm down because it only makes it worse.
He left yesterday morning to go play basketball.
I know.
I'm sorry.
- For God's sake! Let's get it moving! - Morning.
- Were you in this area yesterday? - I'm from Phoenix.
- Were you here yesterday? - No, I was in lndianapolis.
HARVEY: Come on! MARTINEZ: Were you here yesterday? You see a shooting or an accident? No? Thanks.
[HORN HONKS] SlPOWlCZ: The guy with the horn's a pain in the ass.
How about you just relax, pal? We just want to ask a few questions.
The answer's no! Go suck on some doughnuts and get out of my way! KELLY: Hey, Andy! - Come here! - Andy, let him go.
We'll radio ahead.
- Hands on the wheel! - Why are you chasing me? - Step out of the vehicle! - What is this? Get over there! Give me your license and registration.
Let's see your hands.
We're gonna talk about that finger.
The one in the middle.
What was that all about? You had traffic all screwed up.
So you were trying to help? You were pointing at something you thought would clear up traffic? - Then say so.
"I was trying to help.
" - I was trying to help.
I'll ask you a few questions about a shooting and then maybe we'll go have some coffee and suck on a doughnut.
- I was in Brooklyn yesterday.
- I didn't even ask you that yet.
We have to start over again.
You do want to help, don't you? - Say,"I want to help.
" - I want to help.
Now relax.
This shouldn't take any more than 10, Mr.
- You think I did it? - Hold on.
Take it easy.
Am I a suspect? You called my friends, my relatives.
We're eliminating things.
We're looking into every possibility.
I think you'd want that.
Nobody's singling you out.
We're looking for witnesses.
- Any progress? - We'll let you know.
- I hope at least you've ruled me out.
- We'll keep you posted.
I see my wife murdered in front of me.
I've got a three- month- old daughter.
I gotta go through getting hounded and persecuted by you people? That's a natural reaction, right? So how come I make this guy a jerk? Kelly, Sipowicz, give me a minute.
Kelly and Sipowicz, you know Licalsi and Lucas.
They were working Street Conditions.
They busted two dealers, who gave the address of a heroin- cutting room.
- We're going for it.
- When would that be? The mechanics and baggers should be there at 10:00.
- Can everyone make 10 work? - Sure.
There goes my Wednesday glee club.
I didn't ask for you.
We just-- - I got no problem working with you.
- You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
OFFICER: Cell 804 to visitors.
Unhook him.
He went after one of our guys.
He wears iron as long as he's here.
Here, I went by Vitello's.
What you want here, man? I'm your friend, Nathan.
Yeah, you've been a big help so far.
I'm also a cop.
So is this about you walking that line? No, it's about you gotta stop acting like an asshole.
I'm acting like an asshole? You're sucking fresh air, and you tell me how to behave? Somebody's got to.
Now, why did you slug this guard? - He put his hands on me.
- That's stupid, acting like a con.
If you had hit Larry, would you be in here now? If I was your brother, would I? I did what I thought I had to do on the basketball court.
But even if I did let you down, why throw away the rest of your life? - My life's already taken away.
- You never meant to hurt Larry.
You were provoked.
A grand jury will probably see that.
And Larry was a loud- mouthed douche bag, rest in peace.
And I'm gonna reach out to the guard, and maybe he will cut you some slack.
- You think there's a chance of that? - How bad was it between you two? I hit him.
He got cut.
You know, man.
The last 13 years have been like a dream, man.
Judy and my babies, the steady gig.
That's no dream, Nathan.
I want them back, man.
I want them back.
Then stop messing up in here.
You understand me? Yeah.
You all right? You want the food? Um.
Just do me a favor, man.
Get me out of here.
This is the police! We have a warrant! You have 10 seconds! Eight, nine, 10.
Hit it! Freeze! Police! Get on the floor! John! On the ground! On the ground! The shooting technique employed by Detective Kelly isn't taught on the range.
I developed it personally.
This technique is known as "immobilization patterning.
" It requires complete control of your weapon.
You peg shots around the body perimeter of the perpetrator causing him to freeze up and become immobile.
It came from watching hatchet- throwers at carnivals when I was a kid.
All right, I gotta make a trip.
My round.
- I'm out.
- No.
Yeah? My wife gets off shift at the hospital.
SlPOWlCZ: Okay, next time.
- Hey, good work tonight, man.
Boy, you eat a lot of spinach, huh? - Night.
LlCALSl: See you later.
So, what do you say? - Two more.
- Couple beers and another club soda.
I've been leaving you alone like you asked me to.
- And I appreciate it.
- But I've thought about you a lot.
I've been thinking about you too.
I've been thinking we should talk.
That's been my inclination for a while too.
My marriage is over.
I've been alone too much, and it would be nice - to have somebody to talk to.
- I know.
But with Marino and the other dead guy aside, my problem is you approached me because he told you to.
- We got in bed because I wanted to.
- I want to believe that.
Believe it.
- What about the two dead guys? - They told me to kill you.
I felt I had to do what I did.
I knew that there were other ways to go but with the situation with my dad, I didn't feel I could turn them in.
- I've gone over and over this, John.
- All right, enough.
I hear you.
I guess I could take forever to make my mind up about us.
Meanwhile, our lives are going by.
Take as much time as you need, John.
I'm not going anywhere.
MAN: Nice collar, Sipowicz.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, thanks.
Hey, Andy.
Bring them on.
SlPOWlCZ: Here you go.
Lieutenant, canvass of motorists.
You know about it? - No progress? - No.
Follow- up canvass completed.
No witnesses there either.
Zimmer's got decent credit, no money problems.
If anything, he's underinsured.
He had a policy on himself for $200, 000 and $35, 000 on his wife, took those out in May.
How would you proceed? I'd say it was a random shot from another vehicle.
I'd put up flyers in the neighborhood.
I don't know what else to do.
Work up the flyers.
Have uniform force distribute them twice a week.
All right.
Put yourself back on the wheel.
Start catching new cases.
- Thanks, Martinez.
- No problem.
- I'm going over to Nathan's hearing.
- I hope that works out.
Martinez, you got that workup on the husband? Yeah, I'll take care of it.
- I want to agitate this guy a little.
- What're you thinking? I don't know.
Rubs me the wrong way.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
Zimmer, Detective Sipowicz, Yeah, how you doing? I wish I could say there's a breakthrough.
We're following up on a few things.
Listen, we saw that you recently took out an insurance policy on your wife.
I wanted to ask you, was there a particular-- ? Mr.
Zimmer, you want to ease off on the profanity? I didn't say that.
No one is accusing you of anything.
We took notice because you took out that policy on her pretty recently.
Uh- huh.
As a rider on your own policy, virtually a freebie? I see.
I suppose that might explain it.
I'm talking in a respectful way, and I have legitimate inquiries.
I don't know why you're getting excited.
You don't have anything to hide, do you? You fly off the handle anytime anybody wants to talk to you.
I didn't say you had anything to hide.
I said if you don't, I wonder why you're so irritable.
All right, well, I'm sorry you feel harassed.
MARTINEZ: Here you go.
I'll say goodbye now.
Yeah, I'll be in touch.
We were playing in a three- on- three basketball game.
Most of us are close friends, and we've played for years.
This day, there was a dispute over some calls.
The deceased began pushing Mr.
Foster and became verbally abusive to him.
When Mr.
Foster tried to walk away, the decedent continued to push.
Finally, Mr.
Foster punched him in the face once.
He went down to the floor and immediately into arrest.
He was dead 20 minutes later.
Did you see the decedent threaten Mr.
Foster in any way before Foster hit him? He was making racial remarks and repeatedly pushing him.
Did it appear to you that Mr.
Foster was at risk or felt at risk because of this pushing? That he was defending himself? I don't think he was at risk.
He was attempting to fend off-- I didn't ask that.
I asked if he was defending himself.
I want to be clear, because I don't want to cause any more undue grief.
This wasn't a violent or vicious confrontation.
A man was being verbally provoked and pushed.
He struck a blow in response to that.
The result was not the intent.
I made the arrest because it's my job, not because I saw a homicide.
But in answer to my specific question your opinion is that the blow, although provoked by anger was not struck in self- defense? Detective? I suppose you could say that.
Excused, officer.
Hey, guys.
- How'd it go in there? - We'll see.
- You send the wreath to Seattle? - Yeah, they got it.
- What was on the card? - "He always had a big mouth.
" - We just put,"With sympathy.
" - Where's Curly? - He said he'd come.
- Is Nathan there? He'll be at the arraignment.
I'm gonna find this guard.
Call Curly.
We need him.
He'll be here, John.
He'll be here.
- Call him again.
- All right.
Zimmer, what's going on? You're going to stop badgering me.
You'll put an end to the subtle accusations and innuendo.
Great vocabulary you got there.
What's on your mind? I've taken a lie- detector test.
I'm giving you the results.
I ask that you leave me alone.
- Norman Holmgren gave you the test? - You use him often.
Yeah, we do.
He's a good examiner.
- Come on upstairs a minute.
- We've finished our business.
Come on, we can have a cup of coffee while I look this over.
Come on, we'll be more comfortable up there, all right? - You passed with flying colors.
- Yes, I did.
Needles didn't budge.
"Did you kill your wife? No.
Subject answered truthfully.
Did you fire a gun? No.
Did you plan to kill your wife? No.
Did you intend to kill her? No.
" - "Subject answered truthfully.
" - That's right.
- Can I go now? - You're free to go whenever you want.
If I set up a test now, could you go downtown with me? - What kind? - Another lie- detector test.
Did you write out the questions on this test? It was administered by a reputable polygraphist.
You still insist on harassing me? I'd ask,"Do you know more about her death than you've told the police?" Read the report! I was not involved! What is tearing you up inside? What do you need to tell me? I don't need to tell you anything! I'm not here to judge you.
Maybe you were fooling around on your wife.
Did you have a mistress, and you didn't know what she planned? That'd give you the clear polygraph, and make you feel terrible.
My God.
I did it! I killed her! - You have the right to an attorney.
- You don't understand.
If you don't want an attorney, I have to hear you decline.
I decline an attorney.
I decline.
- Tell me how you killed her.
- She begged me to stop.
- I still killed her.
- What did you do? - A man passed me.
He cut me off.
- This is on the FDR? The son of a bitch cut me off and got in front.
I came up on the inside, and I cut in front of him.
I cut him off the way he cut me off.
Then this kept on for a while.
He tried to pass me.
I sped up and trapped him inside another car.
He got behind me.
I slowed down and trapped him again.
He's making obscene gestures she's screaming at me to stop.
I lost my temper.
He came up on the inside, and I sped up to trap him.
The next thing I knew.
You know the last thing she said to me? "Your wife and the mother of your child is in this car.
Please stop.
" Then I heard a gunshot and my wife's face is covered with.
Can you help us with the guy? Yes, I saw him.
I got the license plate.
I was too ashamed to tell you.
Thanks a lot.
- Is that the shooter? - And the gun.
How'd you make out with Nathan? Grand jury didn't indict.
Coroner found a dissecting aneurysm.
What's that? In English? His aorta blew up.
Could've died coughing.
- So he's off the hook? - Except for the assault on the guard.
Okay, I'll be right there.
I'll be back.
- You Kelly? - Yeah.
Hardwick, Corrections.
What is it? - How's the eye? - Couple stitches.
Been there before.
- I wanted to talk about that.
- Why? It's in the 5th Precinct.
I know.
I spoke to Detective Lugo, and he knows I reached out to you.
- Nathan Foster is my friend.
- The guy who hit me? I wanted to explain things to you.
Like what? He's sorry? He won't do it again? He's a postal worker, a family man.
- He's living a clean life.
- I got all those things too.
- Does that mean I can hit you? - You're pissed off, I understand.
- This guy's been in jail before.
- As a teenager.
My point is, he's no virgin.
He knew how it works.
He broke the big one, he hit "the man.
" I'm not here to be hit or damaged.
- I know that, and he does too.
- You know what's in this guy's mind? He was looking at his whole life going down the drain.
He went off for a second.
The charges have been dropped.
Can you find it in your heart to cut him a break? See you in court.
Zimmer, whenever you're ready.
If you recognize him, say his number.
Number four.
How do you know this man? - He's the man who shot my wife.
- You're sure? I'm sure.
Get a DA.
Start the paperwork.
Hell of a job.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Let's go, Mr.
- Just let me have a minute.
- You okay? ZIMMER: You killed my wife! SlPOWlCZ: Mr.
Zimmer! - You shot her! - You should've let me pass! - I got a right to the road too! - Up yours! Son of a bitch! I'll get two kiddie- car steering wheels and you can go at it again! Is that what you want? Do you swear to the truth of the affidavit? I do.
- Charges are assault and escape.
- The People drop the charge of escape.
- As to the assault? - We proceed as a felony.
- Objection.
- Hearing will be late next week.
- Bail is 20, 000.
Can you make that? - No, I cannot, Your Honor.
Can I say something, Your Honor? I'll give you a minute.
Any statements are for the record.
Thank you, Your Honor.
I was involved in a fight with a friend a few days ago, and he died.
You face no charge but assault on a prison guard.
I know that, and as much as I would like, I can't relive that day or bring that person back even though the grand jury found it wasn't my fault.
Then the guard, who was just doing his job, I understand that was putting me back into a life I felt I'd earned my way out of.
I got very scared and I tried to get away.
I should never have hit him, and for that I'm deeply sorry.
I apologize.
But Your Honor, I'm asking can I have my family back? Can I have my life back? I've tried very hard to make a life.
The People are willing to reduce the charge to misdemeanor assault.
They have no objection to parole.
Paroled, pending a hearing or plea.
- Thanks so much for your help.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been five weeks since I confessed.
PRIEST: For your good and God's glory, you should get in here more often.
This situation that you're familiar with I'm glad it's resolved.
Starting off with a death was terrible enough.
It didn't need to get any worse.
I wanted to talk to you about something else.
I know the church still regards me as married, and I've been working on it, you know that.
- But it's not going to work out.
- You're interested in someone else? I'm not sure.
I mean, yeah, I am.
The doctrine is to work on your marriage.
And I have been.
But Laura and I know that it's not going to work.
Your involvement with this other woman, is it-- ? In terms of my romantic interest, I don't want to talk about that now.
In what terms, then? Well, she's a good person but she's ended up doing something that most people would think it's wrong.
Do you think it's wrong? - Yeah, I do.
- Does she? She seems okay with it.
If she's a good person, she can't be okay with it.
- I don't know that.
- I think that's why you're here.
- What exactly did she do? - I don't want to talk about that.
- A mortal sin? - I can't say.
- I'm your priest.
What do you mean? - I can't say.
Come back when you're ready to stop acting like a tube steak.
I expressed myself inappropriately, and I regret it.
Because you're my friend, you have a special way of pissing me off.
I know.
See, in there, I'm God's priest and intermediary.
When you come to confession with God you come with an open heart.
Which I know you can do.
- I'll keep working on it.
- I know you will.
- Hello, Father.
- Ladies, hi.
I do believe I have a special vocation for the game.
Curly, I think you have a special vocation for everything you do.
Might as well start two- on- two.
Nathan won't show.
Let's wait a while.
He will be here.
- What makes you think so? - Because I think so.
We'll still need a sixth.
We'll never find the right guy.
Let me ask you, you ever have a positive thought? - Cancer specialists aren't optimists.
- Look who's here, guys.
- Nathan, good to see you.
- You too, man.
- What's happening, man? - Good to see you.
What's up, boss? - Whose side you on? - Against you.
For a little while.
We need a sixth man.
- Hey, fella, you play? - No, not very well.
But that never stopped you guys.
- Come on.
DOWNEY: He's gonna be hurting.
We'll take him.
He'll fit right in.
Check it out.
Give it back.
Give it back.
One more time.
One more check.