NYPD Blue s01e07 Episode Script


NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: - He's unreasonable.
- He's upset about his partner.
Kill him.
My problem is, you approached me because Marino told you to, right? We went to bed because I wanted to.
- I wanna believe that.
- Believe it.
You've been in my dreams lately.
Who do you belong to? You got a husband? My social life isn't relevant to what's going on here.
What I've been dreaming about, believe me, it's relevant.
[SNIFFS] - I need to see Detective Kelly.
- He's busy, Lou.
Take a seat there.
- Cuff me to the bench? - I can't unnecessarily restrain you.
- Unnecessarily? - I don't wanna hear it.
You wanna see a werewolf in a blood rage? Take a seat.
I'm doing this for your own good.
We could be talking nicely, next thing I've got your windpipe in my fangs.
I'm a cop.
I'm paid to live with danger.
I'm a werewolf.
I gotta be locked up by 5:00 tonight or else.
Lou! Sit! Sit! Sit! [PANTS] Detective Kelly.
KELLY: I can get a few hours, but I can't ensure you'll be alone.
I can't be jailed in a group.
It would be a smorgasbord.
- That's the best I can do.
- Bellevue has padded kennels.
Give them a howl.
They'll lock you down.
You think I'm crazy? I'm not crazy.
I'm a werewolf.
You could be a crazy werewolf.
You ought to have it checked out.
I come here to protect society, and you humiliate me? We're getting heat about these protective lockups.
Try the hospital.
I feel anger.
I feel anger.
Well, you'll get over it, Louie.
I better get out before I commit an outrage.
SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, okay, anything you say.
I don't want to take you away from the fun.
SlPOWlCZ: What do you got? - You wanna check the report? [KELLY CLEARS THROAT] Sure.
- Hey, Andy.
- Can I speak to you for a minute? Yeah, sure.
Remember my partner, John Kelly? - Yeah.
- Nice to see you again.
How you doing? - Want some coffee or a soda? - No, thanks.
It's been a while, huh? You look good.
I keep meaning to get over to Jersey.
How's your mother? She's okay.
How you doing? I'm good.
I'm fine.
You want to sit down? No, it's okay.
I came to tell you that I've been seeing this girl for three months and it's pretty serious, and we're getting married.
You're still my father.
I figured you'd want to know.
Yeah, sure I want to know.
You're 18 years old.
So, tell me about the girl.
How old is she? Twenty.
What does this 20- year- old do? She sells sports cars.
Checkered Flag motorcars in Fort Lee.
I'm trying to think of what makes this car saleswoman different.
Why you want to drag the state and church into things all of a sudden.
I'd like to borrow 700 bucks.
I can pay you back 40 a week.
You know, Andy, when a girl gets knocked up a man's first impulse might be to-- Forget about the money.
I'll forget about feeding my wedding guests.
And as far as fatherhood, I don't want to hear what you think.
I'm trying to look out for you.
Don't! You haven't got the right.
I haven't seen you for three years.
Where you hiding your liquor these days? I was 12 before I realized that wasn't what my bike's saddlebags were for.
I stopped drinking.
You should go back to it.
You might get better at it.
Hey, Andy! Andy! Andy, come here.
Listen to me, now.
You know, everybody's life has twists and tensions.
Don't you assume you know all the answers.
Don't assume that you ever will.
All right, you gonna charge me, or you gonna let me go? NYPD Lou - I'll go first so nobody gets excited.
- Bet everyone in Jersey banged her.
Let's not jump to an answer.
- I'd rather find I'm mistaken.
- Let me work on this.
- Three reasons I should? - One, two, three.
- Morning.
- How you doing? - Can I help you? - We want to see your manager.
- Could I tell him what it's about? - Do you know? You can find Mr.
Stipley in there.
KELLY: Thanks.
Stipley? Detective Kelly, Detective Sipowicz.
New York City Police.
Sit down, detectives.
And feel free to be completely candid.
I'm a lieutenant with the Paramus P.
That'll make things easier.
What I'm about to tell you is confidential.
I understand.
During a criminal investigation our phone surveillance monitored a call from your switchboard.
It was a young woman.
Based on the substance of the call we came to feel she and the man she called-- - The one you're interested in.
- That they were sexually involved.
You're looking to ascertain the identity of the female caller seeking to develop her as a potential corroborating witness? I can't confirm or deny.
Do you have any idea who might have made the call? Well, can't be Ellen.
She hates men, and her tits point to China.
So it's gotta be Patty Constance.
Do you think she's relatively attractive, early 20s? She's around 20.
Or around 30, depending on how you look at it.
That's her.
Second from the right.
You might have seen her when you came in.
She's on a test drive now.
- She married? - No.
She got plans, to some poor dumb teenager.
You know, she's one of my best salespeople.
I don't want to judge, but man, you got the missile, she has the silo.
Kevin says she goes to work on the wires.
- Kevin? - Salesman you met.
- Married guy.
Patty's seeing him too.
- Besides the teenager? [PAGER BEEPS] - Got a phone I could use? - Yeah, around the corner.
Why would she want to marry a kid? You want me to speculate, detective? A teenager like that? Probably puts the wood to her when she wants picks up VCR tapes, brings her coffee, washes her car.
He's a household convenience.
It won't stop her from shopping for a better deal.
Andy? We got a missing kid.
Fancy wants to get on it.
Lieutenant, thank you.
SlPOWlCZ: What is it? - A missing 9- year- old.
We've been looking since about 11 last night.
Detective Kelly, Detective Sipowicz.
I'm Rudolf Wentz.
My son is missing.
All right, let's go inside and talk about it.
My neighbor Mrs.
Johnson says children in America sometimes disappear for days, and that is common.
- But these children come back.
KELLY: That usually happens.
- Rudy has never run away.
- No.
He is 9.
Just 9.
Had you argued with him? Was he angry? We moved from the Katowice in Poland.
Coming to a strange country made us much closer.
We don't fight so much.
- Was he upset about anything? - No, no.
He was lonely.
We spent time with him, both of us.
We go restaurants, the movies, anywhere, we take Rudy.
And you know, detective, it's no trouble.
It's fun for all of us.
We love him.
But still, he was lonely.
Your description said he was wearing red shorts and a white T- shirt.
INGA: When he asked to go to the store, I said: "Put on a jacket and pants, it's cold.
" His father-- It was to the store, one block.
He was coming right back.
KELLY: Well, it's warm for this time of year, anyway.
Here's a picture.
- This one don't turn out good.
- Could be okay.
Family like that? That kid didn't run away.
I hate it when you know it.
Hey, kid.
Let me ask you a question.
What's your name? - Albert.
- Albert, you know what I am? - A cop.
- Yeah, that's it.
I'm a detective.
Listen, this kid here, he didn't come home last night.
His name is Rudy Wentz.
He has a foreign accent.
You seen him around? Ask Freddy.
He knows all the kids here.
Freddy? Who's Freddy? I don't know his last name.
He's skinny.
Yellow pants.
He wears yellow pants every day? Every day.
- How old's this guy, Freddy? - Pretty old.
Maybe 30.
- You know where he stays at? - No.
I think he's homeless.
All right, listen, you see Freddy or this kid Rudy call the number on this card.
Do that for me? - Sure.
- All right.
You know what? Freddy stays in this empty place six blocks that way.
Guys get in on a rope they drop from a window.
- Yeah? Show me the place.
- It's six blocks, man.
Want me to jerk you up in the air like a bug so your arms and legs whip around? - No.
- No? Then come on, show me the way.
- Good morning.
- You look terrific.
Ready for the big day? Your star witness is ready, but sit down a second.
I wanna discuss something in confidence.
I'd really like to go over your trial testimony.
"Did you sell heroin in volume to Augusto Reyes?" "Yes, I did.
" "Did Reyes tell you that the Colon brothers ripped him off for product?" "Correct.
" "Did he threaten the Colon brothers?" "Several times he threatened to kill them.
" "After the Colon brothers were killed, did Reyes talk about the deaths?" "Yeah, he said, 'I whacked both those sons of bitches.
'" "Thank you, Mr.
Giardella, you're excused.
" That's very good.
You gotta look at your watch? I hope Jimmy Craig gets lost in the elevator.
Why? It's our last time together.
After I testify, the Feds take me.
But before I go, I have to give you something to remember us by.
What's this? The keys to my Cadillac.
This year's.
A 24- month lease all paid for, all the forms signed.
It's all yours.
I can't accept a car from you, Alfonse.
It's not a car.
It's a Cadillac.
If you look at the papers, it's from Stellamonte Concrete.
Which is completely above- board and untraceable anyway.
- I have a car, Alfonse.
- You got four doors and a windshield.
I'm trying to tell you how high a value I place on our relationship.
I'm trying to signify something to you.
- Will you excuse me for a moment? - Yeah, sure.
Gotta go to the bathroom? You know where it is.
It's right over there.
Just help yourself.
You know, if I come back, we could drive wherever.
Maybe one of them breakfast- and- board places in them quaint areas.
You know, one of them places with quilts on the bed and those pictures of the whaling guys.
One day, all this bouncing around like a cue ball is gonna stop.
I'll get myself set up.
Out West maybe.
Can you hear me, Laura? - You fall in? LAURA: I'll be right out.
I'll leave my past behind.
Most of it anyway.
If we can get along, Laura, and I think we will-- Oh, my God! COP: What a mess.
- He got away through the roof.
Excuse us, please.
- You okay? - I think so.
- Okay.
Did you see anything? - I saw the window washer.
- I'll have to testify? - Don't jump ahead.
- I was the only one here.
- The guy is gone.
He got away.
- I'll have to testify against him? - Promise to take it easy.
I'm gonna be right back.
You're gonna be fine.
Okay? Would you stay with her, please? I'll be right back.
lnitial here and here at the cross- outs, and sign at the bottom.
Go ahead.
- Is it urgent? - Yeah.
Go home, they can get more later.
- Yeah, okay.
- Here we go.
Laura! Hey, Laura.
- So, how you feeling now? - I'm okay.
- John Kelly, James Craig.
- How you doing, detective? So, look, I notified the judge about Giardella.
We've moved Perez up to testify, but.
I'll go now, unless you want me to stay.
- No, I'm okay.
- You sure? Look, I'm sorry this happened.
I'm sorry you had to be there.
- Good seeing you.
- Yeah, take it easy.
- I gotta talk to you! KELLY: Not now.
- I can't be responsible.
- Look out for yourself.
I'm going full- on wolf.
I am.
My human nature's seeping out of me.
KELLY: I need a ride for her too.
Something terrible will happen.
I'm begging for preventative detention.
Lou thinks he's a werewolf.
He's harmless.
- I'm gonna-- - Excuse me.
I'm gonna get you a ride, okay? A child's body's been found.
Sipowicz and Martinez are on their way.
I've got a lot going right now.
You got my beeper, right? - Yeah, I've got it.
- Okay.
If you get into trouble, give me a call.
- I think I'll be okay.
- You feel okay now, you may not later.
Point taken, okay? So, you got the beeper.
This is your man.
And use it later if you need to, okay? I'll be around, all right? Take care.
- How's she doing? - We'll have to see.
- It's awful she had to see that.
- Yeah.
I gotta go get my jacket.
They found a kid.
Will I see you tonight? I don't know if tonight will be good.
Last night was pretty good.
Here's your gloves.
- Gloves? - Thanks.
- What have we got? COP: Sexual assault, strangulation.
Oh, God, I knew it.
I knew it.
He could see his house.
Look at that, John.
The kid died looking at his house.
- Detectives.
- Could we come in, Mr.
Wentz? - Please.
- Go ahead.
- Do you have news for us? KELLY: Yeah.
I wish there was a way to say this that wouldn't hurt you.
We found a body similar to the description of your son.
We'd like you to come with us to the medical examiner's office.
- Is it Rudy? Our boy? KELLY: We're not sure.
That's why we need you to come with us.
[SPEAKING lN POLISH] When I knock on the glass, the blind will open.
All you'll see is the face.
- But it may not be my boy.
- It may not be.
But prepare for the possibility that it is.
You said yourselves that many boys many children run away.
Is that not so? Are you ready, Mr.
Wentz? FANCY: Tell them I'm on my way.
MAN: Okay, lieutenant.
- This guy, Freddy.
SlPOWlCZ: What have you got? Two sightings at the bus terminal.
Port Authority cops checked, he's not there now.
- Anyone see him get on a bus? - No.
But cops will wait at every destination for buses that left during that period.
KELLY: Where you going? - To look for him.
I can't stay here.
- But the neighborhood's blanketed.
- He's not climbing any of these ropes.
He knows he did a bad thing.
- Where you gonna look? - I'll help Port Authority.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
I thought when Giardella got his, it would be a happy day.
So far, I'm not laughing.
Lon Chaney Jr.
Why can't I make you understand? I understand.
You did it.
Jimmy Hoffa.
Malcolm X.
Sonny Corleone.
You're guilty.
You did it.
I still got no room.
LOU: I didn't do any of those things.
I committed a crime under the bridge.
Please, you have to listen to me.
It really happened.
KELLY: What's going on, Lou? - Murder.
I did it.
Okay, I'll listen to him.
Let's go upstairs, Lou.
I was denned up.
Then I caught this aggressive smell coming off of this guy.
What happened? Oh, God.
It's all mixed up.
When I'm a werewolf, I don't think I have a temper.
I'm beast.
I'm fury.
I smelled this guy.
Next thing I know, I'm on top of him.
He had no chance.
Did you put a name to this guy? Yeah, they call him C- Note.
He was a nickel piece dealer.
And the day before, I told him, I said,"Stay off my turf!" And he defied me.
- So, God help me, I cut him down.
- And he was killed? Yeah.
Wait, you'll see the report.
You'll see the pictures.
Where's the body, Lou? It's under the bridge.
I brought the murder weapon.
I want you to know, I regret my deeds, and I'm ashamed of what's inside me.
- That the murder weapon? - Yeah.
Lou, you're describing a vicious murder.
I'm terrified by my own capacities.
Why use the weapon and not your teeth? I came and admitted what I did, okay? Don't make me go over it again.
I can't think about it all the time.
Let me just ask you a couple more questions, okay? Did this guy try and protect himself? - Huh, Lou? - He tried.
But you kept slashing his clothes, his flesh, his tendons.
Was he screaming? There must have been a lot of blood.
Soaking his clothes.
Was it spilling on you? - Was he begging for his life? - Yes.
I think we're talking about two drug dealers fighting.
One stabbed the other.
You didn't do it, but you saw it, right? Lou, look at me.
Look at me! Come on, Lou.
You are a rough wolf, but a man did this.
Lou, a man who needs to be in jail.
Am I right? Lou.
Talk to me, Lou.
- Lou! - I saw it.
There were two dealers there too.
And the one guy said to the other guy: "You better have the money by 5:00, or I'll.
" He didn't have the money today and before he knew it, the guy was stabbing him.
I knew something was gonna happen.
I tried to tell you but I was too crazy.
I didn't.
You did the best you could.
Think you could identify him in a picture? Yeah, and his smell too.
I'll help you however I can, however I can.
I know.
Good boy.
Good boy, Lou.
Voucher this, get it to the lab and get him to Narcotics.
Have him look at some photographs.
You know his story? - Yeah, I've seen him.
- I'm going to his place by the bridge.
Work with Officer Martinez.
I'll talk to you later, all right? Come on, let's go upstairs.
So, what do I call you? Mr.
Wolf? SlPOWlCZ: The door was open.
- You're in the wrong room, stupid.
- You probably think I'm a lookie- loo.
- Just leave.
- I came to see her.
- I don't know you.
I'm Andy's father.
Should I have called first? See, it's been a lousy day.
I thought I'd brighten it up - by calling on my son's fiancée.
PATTY: Oh, my God.
Sipowicz, I can imagine what you're thinking.
I was thinking you might want to put some panties on.
I've been so looking forward to meeting you.
Andy's told me so much about you.
- This looks bad.
SlPOWlCZ: Do you generally wear a bra? This is not what it looks like on the surface.
It was our last meeting.
Say goodbye forever.
Patty was crying.
I was crying.
I held her-- See, what we had, Kevin and I, it's over.
You see, I've come to realize just how much I love your son.
My loneliness and my affection for Kevin brought us together, but it can't keep us together.
- Not alongside how I feel about Andy.
- I think it might be best if I left.
Look, I don't know if you rent this room by the hour but what I gotta say won't take long.
It's getting late, I should be getting home anyway.
You better stick around.
Patty's engagement just broke up.
She might need a more experienced guy to comfort her when she faces unfamiliar emotions.
I've had a pretty unhappy life, and I've made some mistakes.
This may be one of the biggest.
Try to understand.
Once Andy and I get settled, I know I'll be a good wife to him.
This part of my life is over.
I'm four months pregnant.
You've seen Andy for three months.
Let's pretend we're grown up.
- Is that so important? - Yeah, it is.
You're gonna tell Andy you need to cut him loose.
- You don't know what you're asking-- - I'm not asking! It's how it is.
Or I'll see your parents, and I'll see his wife.
And if that doesn't work, I'll get serious.
- Let's be rational about this-- - Shut up.
I'm gonna need some money.
I made plans.
Here's 700 bucks.
I don't wanna hear how you're gonna spend it.
Sarge, we picked this guy up off a bus from Hackensack.
Your detective squad wants to talk to him.
Give me Sipowicz.
- You wanna help me, Freddy, don't you? - Yes.
Put yourself in the parents' place.
lmagine how they feel.
Kids around there say you hang out with them.
I'm just friends with a lot of them, you know.
We're gonna take your fingerprints and compare them with the fingerprints we took off that boy's body.
- If they match, it's all over for you.
- I'm just friends with them.
Were you drinking yesterday, Freddy? I drank some beer.
- Do you get urges when you drink? - I'm just friends.
Freddy, did you have sex on that boy, and then you didn't want him to talk? Is that what happened yesterday? We only talked about Poland.
He's from Poland, you know.
I wanted him to drink some beer, but he didn't like it.
And I told him you never like it at first.
Did you make him drink it? I only made him drink it until he passed out and his eyes closed.
I know this has gotta be tearing you up inside.
But you're gonna feel a lot better if you tell the truth.
Did you have sex on him? Yeah.
Yeah, um, I.
He opened his eyes, and he started crying and then he started screaming.
I put my hands on his neck to keep him from screaming.
That's when I knew that he was gonna tell.
I know I got a problem.
I should get treatment, huh? MARTINEZ: The lineup's set, detective.
- Get him.
COP: Right.
KELLY: Lou, there's six guys in there with numbers on.
I want you to look in there.
If you recognize anybody, tell me his number.
Go ahead.
You recognize anybody, Lou? - Number one.
- Where do you know number one from? Under the bridge.
He's the guy that killed the other guy.
You're certain? You'll say this on a stand if this should come to trial? Go ahead, Lou.
- We have an eyewitness and the weapon.
- We can try and dig up - a drug connection with the victim.
- I am still a little concerned.
- In the area of? - My witness thinks he's a carnivore.
- Lou has his ways, but down deep-- - He's a standup wolf.
You got the housing authorization? Thank you.
- It's gonna be safer under the bridge.
- Go to the Y and get cleaned up.
Go to a store and get new clothes.
You know the Collingwood Arms? - The DA is gonna have you stay there.
- A big wolf gratitude.
Your own lair, Lou.
Go ahead, take him.
- You all right, man? - Yeah, Freddy signed.
- You want me to tell the parents? - We'll go together.
Give me a minute? - I called your house last night.
- I was with my ex- wife.
- That's what I figured.
- Anything else you want to ask me? - Did you sleep with her? - No.
It is over between me and her.
All right.
- But I'd like to see you tonight.
- All right.
Call you later.
- Hello, detective.
- Hi, Mr.
We arrested someone for what they did to your son - and we got a full confession.
- Rudolf, show them.
- Detectives, please come.
- Would you mind? She's been there all day.
She's very upset.
[THUNDERING] On top of the building.
Do you see that? - See what, Mrs.
Wentz? - That white bird.
It came to us yesterday, the day that Rudy died.
Do you see it? KELLY: Yes.
- It hasn't left the building.
It just stays there.
Do you see a light from it? There is something there, maybe.
Do you see it too? KELLY: It's a beautiful bird.
We believe, lnga and I that it is Rudy's spirit.
That he is staying with us, you see? He's come as a bird to let us know that he is all right in his soul.
I think there is a light there, coming out of him.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Wanna beer? - Yeah.
You know what, wait a while on that.
Wait on that.
- Are we square on last night? - Yeah.
Yeah, we're square.
All right, because I wanna put in whatever we have to on this.
You know, the two of us? Take this as far as we can.
- Okay.
- You up for that? Yeah.
I wanna try.
Yeah? Good.
You wanna pin me? Give me a lavaliere or something? Guess we're tied, huh? Yeah.
Come here.
- What do you want? - I wanna talk to you.
Patty told me it wasn't my baby, that she was getting an abortion.
She's not gonna marry me.
She didn't call me a fool, but she was being polite.
You're not a fool.
You think you did me a favor, don't you? Well, I loved her.
You don't know what would have happened.
And now I'm never gonna know either.
I've been a lousy father, Andy.
But I always loved you, and when I could, I tried to look out for you.
You threw a damn grenade into my life.
Is that the best you can come up with? I don't know.
There's no rules in being a father.
I hate you, Dad.
Better you hate me than screw up your life.
You've got things to do yet.
I want you to do them better than me.
- I want you to be a better father.
- I'm pretty confident about that.
I am too.
I wish I would have prepared you better, Andy.
I wish I could have thought of a better way to handle this.
I know that I love you and that I do the best I can.
I gotta pray that that's gonna be good enough.
I'll see you around, huh?