NYPD Blue s01e08 Episode Script

Tempest in a C-Cup

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: You think that was a hummer bust? You saying I queered his tire? I'd say,"Res ipsa loquitur," if I thought you knew what it meant.
Hey!"lpsa" this! Andy, would you keep an eye on Luther again? What am I, a kennel service? We could drive wherever.
Maybe one of them breakfast- and- board places? Someday all this bouncing around's gonna stop.
- Hernandez's apartment faces the rear.
- Cover the rear.
Martinez, grab this.
Cuff him.
"You're under arrest for robbery.
" Nothing about the shooting.
Nothing how a fireman working two jobs to make ends meet gets shot for $ 12.
You know who his son is? A cop.
- Yeah, Donny.
He's a good cop.
- Okay, here we go.
Police! Hit it.
Police! Don't move! Let me see your hands.
- Hands! Slowly.
Get them up.
SlPOWlCZ: Check the bedroom! - What's this, man? MARTINEZ: We can talk at the station.
- Can I get my robe? - What's the charge? - Go ahead, Martinez.
- You're under arrest for armed robbery.
KELLY: Watch her! FELlClA: Luis! Luis! SlPOWlCZ: Come here! Come here! KELLY: Right there.
Freeze! Let's go! SlPOWlCZ: Let me drop- kick this asshole out the window.
By the numbers, Andy.
By the numbers.
Lucky for you, dickhead.
Otherwise your nuts would be saying, "Goodbye, Johnson.
Hello, eyeballs.
" Let's go, nature boy.
Tempest in a C- Cup - James.
MARTINEZ: Yeah, detective? Next time, don't give up the charge until you got the guy cuffed.
He hears "armed robbery," he's thinking,"I should get out of here.
" - Right.
It won't happen again.
- All right.
- John? - Hey, Donny.
- You got the guy who shot my dad? - Yeah, we got a suspect.
- That's him? - Yeah.
You want a confession? Give me five minutes with him.
I know what you're thinking.
I'd be feeling the same way.
Donny? You've had your look.
Now let me do my job, okay? - I'm gonna take care of this.
- Yeah.
- All right, go ahead.
- Okay.
Kelly, you and Sipowicz.
Is that the guy on the Simmons shooting? Yeah.
Luis Hernandez, the illustrated man.
All he thinks we want him on are the four robberies.
If I get him for the robberies, I can tie him to the Roberts case.
And that'll give you the same M.
as the Simmons homicide.
What about the topless bar undercover? - I thought I'd reassign it.
- You think that's necessary? Kelly's gonna work interrogation with Conklin, Roberts and Martinez.
I'd just be a fifth wheel.
You want to stay on the topless assignment? That's the most bang for our law- enforcement buck.
Manpower- wise.
- Take Medavoy.
- Yes, sir.
We patronize.
We see if the girls are offering anything not on the menu.
Kind of like a busman's holiday for me.
Objective's to squeeze the owner who's laundering money.
Listen, Andy-- Yes, you will be seeing naked broads.
Got a problem? No.
I just-- I wanted to tell you I'm glad we have this opportunity to work together.
Let's go.
- There's something we have to discuss.
- What's that? I've been talking to a physician.
Actually, he's a shrink.
About my-- Today, Medavoy.
I wanna work with you, Andy.
It's just, you make me feel very anxious.
Yeah, how? How do I make you feel anxious? That.
Just like that.
You invade my critical distance.
Your critical distance? My doctor says that every animal species, if you get too close they feel threatened.
For humans, our critical distance is 18 inches.
So, what do we do, Medavoy? Send faxes to each other? No.
I think that now we realize the problem.
Yeah, okay, sure.
We'll work on it.
- How do you pronounce your name? - Abandando.
- Abandando.
- Right.
Well, Donna, we're delighted you're here.
We've been waiting three months.
Me too.
I've been temping so I could start when the funding came through.
Are you familiar with the origins of the Safe Streets Program? It brings in people to relieve cops of a lot of their clerical load.
Yes, I know.
It sounds like such a smart idea.
[CLATTERING] It's a very important job.
Someone like you can really uplift morale.
That'd make me feel great.
Donna, working in this environment, you've got no problem with that? - What do you mean? - Well, it's predominantly male.
And I guess that's what I'm talking about, that it's predominantly male.
- I know that.
- That won't be a distraction? No, I don't think so.
All right.
All right then, let me show you to your desk.
You'll be across from the catching bench.
You know what that is? Where civilians wait to speak with detectives about their cases.
Very good.
What happened to Comiskey? - A squad- room traffic accident.
- What happened? He seems to have fractured his nose, sir.
That's yours.
See Connie lmperial downstairs for your materials.
Is there a policy on displaying personal collectibles? Plants, memorabilia in your desk area, that's fine.
Connie will show you where to put your things after your shift.
I'd hate to lose this.
Do you like hockey? I'm not a huge fan.
This is autographed by Brian Leetch and Mark Messier.
That's great.
Anyway, Donna, welcome aboard.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided.
Understand? I don't need to, since I didn't do anything.
Luis, listen.
It's important.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
Understand? Do you agree to be questioned without an attorney present? Sure.
I got nothing to hide.
You may request an attorney at any time.
Understand? How many times you gonna ask? You think I'm stupid? If we can all get along, we can come out of this okay.
There's nothing to come out of.
I didn't do anything.
MARTINEZ: You understand your rights? - Yeah.
Read this statement and sign.
It lists all your rights and states that you were not coerced into waiving those rights.
Take your time.
Your photograph has been identified by a Nigerian robbed on October 14.
He identified you as the perpetrator.
You guys ain't listening.
I'm not a thief.
I'm a baker's assistant.
I work at Rego Park Bakery.
He picked you out of a mug book that thick.
We can have him back to pick you out of a lineup.
But, between his lD and the fact that the gloves were in your apartment believe me, that one you're going away on.
You wanna tell me about the other cab robberies? KELLY: Luis, we know the truth.
The only question is how difficult you're gonna make it.
Now, you make it easy, we can show you some consideration.
We know you committed these four robberies.
We've talked and obviously you're an intelligent guy.
You have nothing on your record.
Let me tell you how it'll go.
You'll like my offer.
What's that? A paid trip to Puerto Rico? You confess to four robberies, they become one.
That saves us time.
Time on the investigation, time on the paperwork, lineups.
You save us a few days, I'll save you a few years.
Wait a minute.
I'm supposed to trust you guys? Facts are facts, right? One arrest equals one conviction equals one bit in the joint.
I can tell the DA and the judge you cooperated.
You cop to all of these robberies, and I promise this will all happen.
- You still have to prove I did them.
KELLY: Have I insulted you yet? Don't insult me, okay? You know you did them and we know you did them.
If you don't do this, you get tried four times and serve four sentences.
KELLY: These are cab robberies.
There's no violence.
There's nothing heavy- duty.
- Go for these four and that's it.
- That's it? That's it.
Over and out.
Done deal.
- Okay, I'll go for the four robberies.
- Okay.
Set up the videotape, call the DA.
Halfway to Puerto Rico.
Step one.
Detective, we got three witnesses who put Hernandez at the shooting.
Why not charge him with the murder now? Our witnesses place him in the vicinity.
That's not gonna cut it.
By trial time, witnesses disappear, they forget what they saw.
We want the confession.
We get the confession, they never go away.
- I'll see you in there.
- All right, see you.
Time is 11:18 a.
My name is Randall Williams, assistant DA, county of New York.
Also present are Detective Kelly, Detective Conklin and Officer Martinez.
Would you state your name and shield number? Detective John Kelly, shield 3118.
Detective Mike Conklin, shield 1708.
Police Officer James Martinez, shield number 2205.
WlLLlAMS: Also present are videotape technician Greg Wing - and Mr.
Luis Hernandez.
Correct? - Yes, sir.
- State your age, please.
- 28.
- Where do you live? - 635 Linden Blvd.
You've agreed to tell us about several cab robberies.
I'd like to direct your attention to the events of October 14 your dealings with a cab driver named Christian Mfume.
Take your time.
Tell me everything that happened.
- I got off work-- - What time was that? Noon.
I called the Liberty Cab Company from the employee locker room.
I told them to send one to Green and Booker.
KELLY: The location of your bakery? - Yeah, a few blocks away.
When the cab got there, I told him to go to Reed Street.
- I told him how to get there.
Mfume, the driver? Yes.
He didn't know directions much being that he's African or something.
WlLLlAMS: Then what happened? - Uh.
We got to Elmore Street.
I told him to pull into the alley.
But he didn't want to, so I showed him my gun.
KELLY: What kind of a gun was it? - .
I showed him the gun, he drove into the alley.
I said,"Give me your money or I'll kill you.
" The gun was just to scare him.
Then he gave me the money.
WlLLlAMS: How much money did he give you? Seventy- two dollars.
I told him to stay there.
"Don't call anybody because I'll be watching.
" Then I ran to the subway.
There was a stop near there.
WlLLlAMS: Now direct your attention to events on or about October 18 regarding a cab driver named Wendell McCoy.
- Hey, Laura! Welcome back.
- Thanks.
- Are you ready to be here? - I need to get back to work.
It's your call, Laura.
I mean that.
I know.
Thank you.
So they dropped the Reyes case.
So ends my uninterrupted ascent up the prosecutorial ladder.
Giardella gets wasted and our other witness has a memory lapse.
- Who do you think got to Perez? - Probably kidnapped a relative in Lima.
The truth is, outside the DA's office, no one cares.
Read the paper.
"Four dead coke- mules from Peru.
" They've got no faces.
Giardella had us in the game, stuff he was giving us.
You get to prosecute a guy like Tommy Linardi that's profile, that's got some future.
It's too bad Giardella's dead.
How long were you alone with him, before he died? - Till the marshal came in.
- How long? The marshal was down the hall.
He was checking the maid's cleaning cart.
You were alone with Giardella Why, Jimmy? If he accused his killer as he was dying that's an exclusion to the hearsay rule.
That's admissible in court.
Except Giardella didn't say anything.
He crawled to the door and then he died.
We know who was responsible for that murder.
"If anything happens, Linardi gave the order.
" Giardella told us that.
We have that on tape, but it's not admissible.
- A dying accusation is.
- Giardella didn't accuse anyone.
People would understand why you didn't tell the police.
There were cops allegedly on mob payroll.
You even hesitated to tell me.
- Jimmy-- - You were married to a cop six years.
I can't believe your ex- husband never told you about helping a case.
When you didn't have a warrant, saying the perp asked you in saying you didn't beat him to make him confess.
No, Johnny never talked to me about that.
Maybe it's time someone paid you the compliment of treating you like an adult.
Obviously, it's your decision.
You were the one alone with the guy.
You're the only one who knows what happened.
Why don't we talk later? [MUSIC PLAYS] What do you want? Did I give your kid cerebral palsy? No.
Then his medical bills have nothing to do with what you owe me.
Cherry soda.
He ain't drinking? I want 30 on his tab or you're fired.
BARTENDER: Here you go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Monique.
What's your name? - Andy.
Hi, I'm lngrid.
Can I do a private dance for you? Yeah, sure.
A- plus in the tit department, Monique.
Would you like to have a touching party? SlPOWlCZ: I could get up for any kind of a party.
Really? How about a licking party? An "everything goes" party? How much would that cost me? I'll tell you in the back.
- Do you like me? - Oh, yes.
Do you like these? Yes.
Yes! Okay.
I can touch you for 50, I can lick you for 100.
- Licking sounds good.
There you go.
- Okay.
All right, baby, let's see it.
You don't know how sorry I am to tell you this, Monique, but you're busted.
- Asshole, come here! - What's going on? You're under arrest for promoting prostitution.
You got nothing on me.
I'm talking to my lawyer.
- What do you got? - Solicitation, double billing for soda.
I can't believe you're a cop.
Why don't you do something useful? There are muggings going on.
- If you had anything to do with-- - Are you threatening her? You wanna be charged with obstructing governmental administration too? Get her some clothes.
Call in and shut this place down.
Come on, asshole.
I thought we were done.
I'm Detective Roberts.
I'm investigating a cab robbery last October 24.
The driver was robbed, then his cab was taken and abandoned on Fletcher.
You know anything about that? - I thought we were done.
KELLY: Me too.
But then Detective Roberts shows me this new cab robbery file.
What's going on, Luis? This is you.
- I don't know.
That ain't me.
- Same cab company, same pickup area.
I ain't going for this.
We had a deal.
This won't work unless you are candid with me.
I asked about all the cab robberies.
Now I've got new ones.
I didn't do this one.
I'm done! This is definitely you.
Take a look at it.
This is absolutely you.
KELLY: Luis, I'm trying to give you another chance.
You think I should have a lawyer in here now? That's your call.
I'll get you an attorney.
He'll tell you to shut up.
Then things will become adversarial.
The deal's gone.
Forget it.
Is that what you want? Us against you? Knowing what I know about you, you want me against you? I don't think so.
I want a cigarette.
Do you want an attorney present? No, I just want a cigarette.
Get the man a cigarette.
Get him a few.
Hi, Jimmy.
- You're driving me back to smoking.
- I don't need that on my conscience.
Yeah, I'm having a few problems in that area myself.
I hope you didn't get the wrong impression this morning.
No, I didn't get the wrong impression.
It's to help a case we're sure about.
We know Linardi killed Giardella.
Underneath all the party wrapping, you're still asking me to lie.
You wouldn't be taping this, would you? No, I'm not taping this.
- Wanna search me? - Sorry.
I haven't said that I wouldn't help, but I need to know the terms.
If you were to remember that, before he died, Giardella accused Linardi that'd get us to a grand jury.
You held back because you didn't know who to trust.
Once a grand jury indicts, we'd have subpoena power.
We could use our taped conversations with Giardella.
Talk to me about what happens if I don't cooperate.
- We're friends.
We'd work it out.
- Tell me how.
If you're more comfortable not working for me, that's okay.
It may look awkward because you changed jobs recently.
Yes, it would.
It would look like Laura's Job- of- the- Month Club.
You don't wanna give people the impression of instability.
Let me see if I get the picture here.
If I want to stay, I have to remember Giardella accused Linardi, even though I know that's a lie.
Otherwise, you'll transfer me and spread rumors that I'm unstable.
You're putting it in a harsh light.
But accurate.
Do you really need to succeed that much? What I don't need is psychoanalysis from you.
Okay, food for thought.
Which is no substitute for lunch.
Come on.
No, thanks.
I need to figure this out.
Let me know what you decide.
I hate what I'm doing.
I hate this.
I want to stop.
My experience is, the feeling will pass as soon as you make bail.
You wanna sit down here? Do you know why I started working at the club? Paying for college? Happens to be the truth.
At first, I thought it was just gonna be for a while, but.
Would it kill you to believe me? To give me a break? I got no beef with you.
But if I let you walk, your boss walks too.
Think of yourself as the friendly dolphin caught in the shark net.
- Current address? - 700 West 29th.
How about if I help you nail Frankie? I'd say,"Hooray," Monique.
But you'd be buying yourself some grief.
Doesn't make sense, does it? Just to beat a $200 fine? Maybe I really do wanna get out, huh? Yeah, maybe you do.
All right, ball's in your court.
We're a cash business.
Do you think he declares all that cash? Probably not.
I know where his safety deposit boxes are.
I can tell you the banks.
Surprise, surprise, huh, detective? - Let's get it right.
- I told you, I only did the four.
Did we or did we not talk about the good you were doing for yourself? The four crimes combined, the positive recommendation.
Remember your whole support system? Remember? Bye- bye! All the details you gave us, they put you in the middle of this thing.
You are taking your chances on this one, buddy because if I pop you on this, this is a separate deal.
This is a whole new trial.
More time.
Put them together.
I didn't do that one.
I want you to listen to me, okay? You got the one robbery, put it with the other four then you have an umbrella under which to place all five crimes.
- No additional time, no new charges.
- Cops are like anybody else.
Make it easier for us, we'll make it easier for you.
KELLY: Hear about prison overcrowding? Anything under 5 years, they want to send you home.
Anything over, they'll find a place for you.
So put them together.
I'll tell you what'll happen if you don't cooperate.
My lieutenant will have me look into all the cab robberies and who do you think he'll want me to connect them to? Who do you think? It'll take me three or four days, but I'll do it.
No, that don't make sense.
You probably feel like you're being jerked around, and I feel responsible.
I should have looked into more files.
So I'll make it up to you.
I'll sweeten the pot.
Tell me how you feel about the crimes you committed.
I feel bad.
Hearing you say that, I believe you're sincere.
So when you make the second confession on tape at the end, I'll allow you to make a statement of remorse to the judge.
That's important.
They want remorse.
You got money problems, you're desperate, you can't make your rent.
Right? That make sense? Think about it.
WlLLlAMS: After you bound his wrists with duct tape and made him leave the cab, then what'd you do? I drove to 24th Street, because I knew there was a subway stop near there.
I counted the money.
There was 55-- No, 58 dollars.
Then I just left the cab.
WlLLlAMS: You took the subway home? - Yeah.
- Now? KELLY: Yeah, go ahead.
I just wanna say I'm very sorry for doing these robberies.
I know that they were wrong.
I didn't use the money for drugs or any illegal things.
These are the only crimes I've ever done.
- You're the man.
- Nice job.
Detective Sipowicz.
You can embarrass yourself, but don't embarrass me.
I'm not sure I'm taking your drift.
I've just interviewed your arrestee, Frank Cantor.
His words in regard to you are "asshole" and "entrapment.
" What did he say? That you solicited a sex act from his employee.
That you offered to pay her $ 100 and never identified yourself as a police officer until you had "taken her for a test drive.
" First, ADA Costas, that was a by- the- numbers bust.
What happened to this concept that we're supposed to be a team? Why would you take the word of some scumbag like Frankie Cantor over mine? You don't have credibility with me.
Is this about having to prosecute the thing with Giardella's cigarettes? - With you as my sole witness.
- I don't drink anymore.
Stumbling through testimony, grabbing your crotch, calling me a bitch.
I apologize for my bad behavior.
All I'm asking, how about you interview that dancer, Monique? I am going to interview her.
If she says you got your rocks off, I'm dropping it.
What if she says Cantor's pimping out his dancers and laundering mob money? Which Monique is prepared to testify to.
Don't say anything you shouldn't, Monique.
- Up yours, Frankie.
- Careful, bitch.
Shut up, Frankie! If Monique says that, you gonna cut me some slack? We'll see what she says.
We got another problem, Luis.
No way, man.
There's something else I gotta talk to you about.
- You said we were through! - That's right, I did.
But we got another cab robbery.
Only, this time, the driver got killed.
- They said I'd be having a meal now.
- Forget it.
Forget the meals, Luis.
Forget sleeping.
You're here because you did this.
And you're gonna be in here with me until you admit it to me.
We had a deal.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Everything that I've said to you, forget.
Look at me.
Look at me, Luis, because now we're gonna get serious.
Now we're gonna talk about what this is really about.
You killed this guy and we'll be in here for as long as it takes for you to tell me that.
You know, you tell me it's over and then it's not over.
And then you tell me it's over again, and then it's not over.
Forget it.
You ain't jerking me around anymore.
In number five, you said you used electrical tape.
We found the same tape in the dead driver's cab.
Same M.
I didn't kill anybody and you ain't sticking me with no murder! When you called the cab, they got your voice on tape.
We can match it to your other calls.
So every cab crime now, I did it, huh? Yeah, well, I ain't going for it.
You know what I was wondering? Did the driver have a gun? Was it self- defense? I didn't do it.
Now, I'd like my meal now.
Luis, there's an easy way and there's a hard way.
What's it gonna be? I didn't kill anybody and I don't know anything about any shooting.
Okay, Luis.
LAURA: Sorry it took me so long.
- That's okay.
I wanted to make sure the recorder worked.
CRAIG ON TAPE: l hope you didn't get the wrong impression this morning.
LAURA ON TAPE: No, I didn't-- - You said you didn't record it.
- I know.
You're a liar.
Jimmy, please, you'll make me cry.
Listen, you son of a bitch I won't bring you up on charges or report you.
- What are you going to do? - I'm transferring out.
I don't want to work with you, and if I hear one word about those rumors-- - Forget it.
That won't happen.
- It better not.
It better not.
Laura, listen to me.
It isn't gonna happen.
Anything I can do to get that? Once you can't trust someone, it gets complicated.
- How do you know there aren't copies? - Point.
Yeah, asshole.
I'll have my desk cleared by 5.
Gotta hand it to you.
You're tougher than I thought.
You can mention that in the glowing recommendation you're going to write.
- Now or never, Medavoy.
- Andy, wait a minute.
I'm Detective Sipowicz.
I'm the new detectives' administrative aide, Donna Abandando.
- Do I have to say that 3 times fast? - I know.
Those two together, they're quite a mouthful.
Amen to that.
You mind if I stick with Donna? Not at all.
Any typing or filing you want done, that's why I'm here.
SlPOWlCZ: That's the best news I've heard all day.
Is he okay? - I'm sorry.
This is Detective Medavoy.
- Pleased to meet you.
Medavoy has taken a vow of silence till they sort out the mess in Bosnia.
Well, it's been nice meeting you.
Don't worry, if he wants anything, he'll leave a note.
- Leave us alone for a minute, James.
- Sure.
I want you to take this with you, okay? Lock the door on the way out, will you? What's this? You gotta understand something.
The man you killed? I knew him.
Hey, man, I didn't kill nobody! He worked 32 years pulling scumbags like you out of burning buildings.
He worked some side jobs to make it easy on his family.
His son's a cop.
He works here in the 15, right in this building.
And you took this man's life for $ 12.
I can't let it go, Luis.
I didn't kill nobody.
No more talking.
You're gonna tell me the truth right now.
Or what? - What's the hardest you ever been hit? - Come on, man, get out of my face.
Because I promise you, unless you tell me the truth I am gonna give you the beating of your life in this room.
- You can't do that.
- I can do anything I want in here.
Nobody's gonna hear it.
It's my word against your word.
I will beat you, Luis, until you wish you were dead.
So you have 10 seconds to start telling me the truth.
Nine, eight-- - What if he had a gun? - So he had a gun.
It was self- defense? - Yeah, he had a gun.
- Six, five-- - I'm telling you! - You're lying.
You are still lying.
I searched that cab, every inch.
There was no gun.
Four, three-- He was trying to grab my gun.
He was gonna shoot me.
Tell me exactly what happened.
It was like the others.
I showed him the gun, told him to give me the money.
He wouldn't do it.
So I pointed the gun at him.
I taped his wrists so I could take the money.
All of a sudden, he tries to grab the gun.
I was just trying to scare him.
But there was nothing else I could do.
- So you shot him? - Yeah, but he didn't give me no choice.
Okay, Luis, okay.
I'm gonna ask those people to come back.
I'm warning you, I better not have to send them out again.
- Do I get to do this on tape? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'll have the camera brought in.
What about at the end, when I say how I feel? We can do that too.
You see, Luis? I told you we'd come out of this okay, didn't I? KELLY: James.
- Yeah? - We're ready.
- Okay.
It was like you said.
And her testimony will make our case.
So I guess I owe you an apology.
I don't know.
I may still owe you for that time outside the court.
Maybe I could work some more off with dinner? - Let me decipher that locution-- - Don't start that Latin crap again.
- Did you just invite me out to dinner? - Yeah.
Why would I want to have dinner with you? I don't know, you do or you don't.
Yeah, I do.
- Good.
- Good.
I was trying to tape his wrists.
He grabbed my gun, so I shot him.
Where'd you shoot him, Mr.
Hernandez? Where on his body? In the face, I think.
WlLLlAMS: And then what'd you do? I jumped out, I ran to the subway and I went home.
WlLLlAMS: Where's the gun you used? - It's at my girlfriend's house.
- Okay, that'll do it.
Let's get a warrant for the gun.
What about the other thing, the remorse? - Tell them how sorry you are.
- I'm really sorry-- Good work.
- How's that Kiev? - It's good.
Yeah, they do a nice job here.
Sorry, I sweat when I eat.
You remind me of my father.
Is that a plus or a minus? Plus.
He's an enthusiastic eater too.
He has four brothers.
They come over every Sunday.
They eat a ton and drink even more.
They end up in fistfights and they think it's fun.
Yeah, when I was drinking.
It will change your idea about fun.
Don't get the wrong idea.
That's not all my dad.
He's the kindest, most decent man I've ever known.
He took a second job to pay my tuition.
He said he wanted me to concentrate on my studies.
And when I graduated, he was so proud.
He sat in the front row with my uncles.
They were all wearing these gigantic red carnations.
And when I walked by, they were shouting,"There she is! There's our Sylvia!" Sounds like a good man.
And he sweats when he eats.
- I like fish.
- How come you ordered steak? I was telling you about me.
You told me about you, I'm telling you about me.
I like fish.
I got an aquarium.
Really? Saltwater tropical.
You give them half a chance, people can surprise you.
So, you wanna maybe do this again? Yeah, I would.
MARTINEZ: You doing the DD5's? KELLY: I'm done.
I appreciate you showing me the ropes.
I feel like I'm learning from the best.
What's on your mind? I wanted to ask you, when you sent me out with your gun and so forth.
I wanted to ask you what happened in there, why the guy gave it up.
- You mean, did I beat it out of him? - If that's why he confessed.
- I didn't beat him.
- Then why? Because he's guilty, and he knew I was willing to beat it out of him.
So if it came to it, you would have beaten him? Let me put it to you like this: I never raise my hand to a guy if I think he's guilty.
But if I'm sure he's guilty and the case will walk, I do what I gotta do.
- Even though you're breaking the law? - Do I believe in the Constitution? Yes, I do, and I hang on to that as long as I can.
But in the case of a murderer who will walk I leave my gun outside, along with the Constitution.
- And if you're wrong about this guy? - Well, then God forgive me.
If you want, I can make something up prettier than that.
- But that's the way it is.
- Okay.
- Good night.
- Good night.